Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon чит-файл №3

First when you get out of the ship go down once and then to the
right a couple of screens. Stand next to the thing carrying dirt up
and once it brings you to the top 'stand' and 'jump'. Once your on
the beam walk to the left until the little grabber thing is right
under you, climb down and go to the left and make a u-turn. On the
next screen stop the grabber and push the button, make sure the
claw lands on the little round thing and brings it up. Take the
round thing right until you make another u-turn. Right after the u-
turn stop and push the button again, this will lower the motivator
into the ship. Now bring the grabber back were you got it from and
get off on the ramp and fall down the chute. Look at the left wall
you will see a hole, get the reactor from inside the hole and go up
the ladder. Now go up a screen and right until your in a tube, grab
the wires to your left. When I went through this i got attacked by
a rat if he attacks you go back to were you climbed up the ladder
and go down, your stuff should be in the hole were the reactor was.
Go back up the ladder and once your up take the ladder now go back
through the tube and climb in the eye of the robot in the screen
after the tube. When you get down go to the right side of the large
ship in the corner between the wing and the side use the ladder.
Climb on top and go in the hatch, once inside type 'install
reactor' and then 'attach wire', then go to the pilots seat. Look
at the screen, the first thing you do is turn on radar then start
engine then take off, when your in the air go to weapons, put your
front shield up and fire once. Your ship will be forced out of the

Now use the navigation map and scan until you find a planet up
and to the right of you (not the burger place). Go there at light
speed and this guy will follow you. Once at the planet land, get
out and go one screen to the left. You should see this weird black
thing on the roof of the cave, don't get to close or he'll eat you.
Now go up one screen and then left until you see a big robot in the
distance, go toward the robot (look out for the little bugs on the
ground). Once your at the robot go in the shop and show the guy
your gem. He'll want to buy it, you can sell it for 425. After he
buys the gem buy everything he tries to sell and leave. When you
get outside the guy that followed you will catch you, he will give
you to the count of 10 to get in your ship and leave. As soon as he
drops you head to the screen with the black thing on the roof of
the cave. Killing the terminator can be done two ways: (1) when
your on the right screen go around the overhang and wait on the
opposite side of the black thing, you will see the guys
footprints and if you did it right he should be eaten by the
black thing. Now with the orat on a stick that you bought in the
shop grab the belt that fell out of the black thing, you have
to be on the left side of it, or (2) when outside of the shop, go
to the left one screen and enter the cave. Go up the elevator.
When you reach the top, go up the stairs and go next to the pulley
near the rail (make sure you stay near the rail, or the gears will
kill you). Now wait for the terminator to come up. When he comes
up the stairs and nears the rail, push the pulley. This will knock
him into the gears and destroy him. Now go down and get the
invisibility belt. The store owner will come up and escort you
down. Now go back to the ship and take off. Now you can go to
the burger place and play Astro-Chicken until you can't get
anymore points. It will eventually give you a message put their by
the "two guys from Andromena".

Now go to the deserted planet on the lower right of the map.
Once there land and put on your thermoweave underwear you bought
from the shop. Go to your left twice and then down until you see a
bridge of land, go over the bridge in the middle or you'll fall off
when it starts to shake. Now go down one screen and wait for the
two guys to leave. After they leave go get the pole and the thermo
detonators that are in the crate. Now go right twice and climb the
volcano. Once you get in the crater go down the stairs and to your
right, then climb the ladder to the top. Go to the edge and drop
the detonator in. Now go back as fast as possible the way you came.
When you get to were the bridge was you'll have to use the pole to
jump across the part of the bridge that was gone. Now get in your
ship and take off. Scan for planets again, you should find one
right next to were you are. Fly there and land.

Get out of your ship, make sure your wearing the invisibility
belt, then go in any direction it doesn't matter. You should see
the opening to an underground base, when you get a chance turn on
the belt and 'go in scumsoft', go down the stairs push the button
and get in the elevator. At the bottom of the elevator go either
way and keep going until you see another door on the left of the
screen. Go in this is a janitor's closet, look around closet then
leave. Now keep going until you see a door to the right of the
screen that doesn't need a keycard to enter. Go in and use the
vaporizer that you found in the closet on any trash cans. Be
careful some guys get angry if you don't get their trash and call
security. Now walk around in here until you find the bosses office,
get his trash then if he is there leave and come back, he should be
gone then. Now get the card on the corner of his desk and leave his
office. Now you have to find a picture of the boss, it's to the
left at the bottom of the screen. When you find it take it and copy
it in the photo-copier to the left. Put the real picture back and
go out the door you came in. Keep walking until you find the door
on your right that needs a keycard to open. Put in the card and
hold up the picture. Once the door opens go in and type 'push
button' to get the bridge to go across the crevice. Get right in
front of the two guys in the jello and use the vaporizer on them.
Once they're free you'll find out this was a trap, you will be
taken to a giant battlebot. Use the controls and force your
opponent back to the edge of the arena now kick his ass. Once he
falls down you'll run to your ship and take off.
Once you get in the air look at the screen and go to battle
speed. Now go to the pilots view and wait until it says the enemies
are coming. Now go to battle view. Put your back shield up when
they attack form behind and your front shield up when they attack
from the front. When they attack from behind get your aimer locked
on to them and fire. This part is pretty hard because you have to
kill enough fighters before your shield goes down and you die but
after you kill enough the game goes by itself from there.