Ace Combat: Assault Horizon чит-файл №1

Aerial Sniper (Bronze)
Objective: Used DFM to destroy 10 airborne enemies in competitive online.

Bail Out (Bronze)
Objective: Ejected from a damaged aircraft.

Berserker (Bronze)
Objective: Destroyed the air defense system, opening the way for allied pilots.

Bomber Master (Bronze)
Objective: Defeated a large number of enemies while flying a bomber.

Checking In (Bronze)
Objective: Flew through the big hotel's gates.

Defender of World Heritage (Bronze)
Objective: Prevented enemy from using Trinity to destroy Derbent.

Diverse Strikes (Bronze)
Objective: Defeated hostiles with all 3 of the gunship's weapons.

Eagle Eye (Bronze)
Objective: Successfully focused on 3 targets.

Emergency (Bronze)
Objective: Attempted an emergency landing in a damaged aircraft.

Fearsome Guardian (Bronze)
Objective: Protected your allies using the gunship, and led a successful attack
on the base.

Fire Hazard (Bronze)
Objective: Removed enemy presence from the oil field and the base.

Ground Pounder (Bronze)
Objective: Used ASM to destroy 30 ground enemies in competitive online.

Gun Master (Bronze)
Objective: Took out a large number of hostiles as the door gunner.

Guns Guns Guns (Bronze)
Objective: Destroyed 5 hostile vehicles from the air as the door gunner.

Hard Strike (Bronze)
Objective: Wiped out hostile ground forces with ASM.

Hot Pit (Bronze)
Objective: Successfully took off to protect allies amid heavy hostile fire.

Interceptor (Bronze)
Objective: Used an attack helicopter and destroyed 10 missiles or bombs in
competitive online.

Life Saver (Bronze)
Objective: Rescued Major Illich from enemy captivity.

Limbo (Bronze)
Objective: Flew beneath a falling chimney.

Machine Gun Faithful (Bronze)
Objective: Destroyed an enemy aircraft using only the standard machine gun while
piloting an aircraft.

Nice Assist (Bronze)
Objective: Used DFM support or ASM support to join a flight member.

Nice Save (Bronze)
Objective: Saved an ally being targeted by hostile players in DFM in competitive

Nick of Time (Bronze)
Objective: Destroyed the ICBMs.

One Million Tons of Scrap Metal (Bronze)
Objective: Sank the enemy fleet and saved the Russian Prime Minister.

Pursuit Master (Bronze)
Objective: Successfully pursued 3 enemies with counter maneuvers.

Shot Master (Bronze)
Objective: Took down 5 hostiles with a direct shot.

Speed Demon (Bronze)
Objective: Destroyed all radar missile defense systems in a short period of

Stay On Target (Bronze)
Objective: Obtained and destroyed 10 enemies in a helicopter.

Steel Hunter (Bronze)
Objective: Eliminated enemy threat from the Suez Canal.

Successive Kill (Bronze)
Objective: Took down 3 hostiles in a row with an assault chain.

The Collector (Bronze)
Objective: Piloted all aircraft in the game.

Total Annihilation (Bronze)
Objective: Disintegrated enemy bombers in mid-air, keeping damage to the city to
a minimum.

Welcome to Mission Co-Op (Bronze)
Objective: Cleared 1 level in mission co-op.

Ace of Aces (Silver)
Objective: Obtained an A rank for every mission (free mission).

All Rounder (Silver)
Objective: Obtained all MVPs.

Chain Master (Silver)
Objective: Took down 5 hostiles in a row with an assault chain.

Critical Hit (Silver)
Objective: Took down a hostile fighter with a charged homing missile.

Formation Attack (Silver)
Objective: Joined the same DFM with two others and shot down a hostile (mission

Nice Kill (Silver)
Objective: Shot down a large number of hostile players in competitive online.

Smooth Flight (Silver)
Objective: Managed to get Sova 1 to land safely.

Switch Master (Silver)
Objective: Successfully switched from defense to offense 10 times with counter

Veteran Pilot (Silver)
Objective: Sortied for 50 hours in competitive online or mission co-op.

World Tour (Silver)
Objective: Played on all maps in competitive online.

Warwolf 1 (Gold)
Objective: Cleared all missions.

Warwolf Squadron (Gold)
Objective: Cleared all levels in mission co-op.

Secret Trophies

Calamity (Bronze)
Objective: Used Trinity to wipe out the enemy (free mission).

Category 5 (Bronze)
Objective: Pursued the enemy and shot down Major Illich.

Friendly Fire (Bronze)
Objective: Alleviated the attack on Miami and helped Guts bail out.

Guardian (Bronze)
Objective: Protected Washington D.C. from the threat of Trinity, and returned

Patriot (Bronze)
Objective: Protected Moscow from destruction, freeing it from enemy control.

Sierra Hotel (Platinum)
Objective: Obtained all Trophies.