Америкэн Макги: Алиса чит-файл №1

Hints on defeating several bosses

The first Boss you will have to defeat in the game is the Duchess. A wicked and
foul wench indeed.
She will attack you using her pepper shaker to fire a cloud of deadly spices and
hurls small pigs in Alice's direction with malicious intent.
She can also turn invisible and make very quick dashes to the other side of the
room. Making it hard to keep track of where she is.
When you enter the room grab the Jackbomb on the table to trigger her entrance
and make ready for battle. I suggest using the alternate attack of the Jackbomb.
Do your best and try to lead her into the Jackbombs fire. Use the circle in the
room to hide behind and regenerate your willpower. Burn that nasty beast to a
cinder and do your best to dodge her lunges.

The second Boss you will have to defeat in the game is the Centipede. He will
make you wish you had brought a big can of Raid to Wonderland with you.
The Centipede is just as nasty as he looks. He will spit green acid at you and
will hatch small but deadly babies to try and attack you also. Remember to pick
up the Meta-essence the babies leave when you kill them.
I suggest using the primary attack of the Icewand for this oversized insect. He
has a soft spot just underneath his belly, the hard part is getting to it.
Get in front of him and while backing up give him a quick shot in the stomach.
This will cause him to rise up, and in turn expose his week spot. Let him have
with the Icewand until he comes back down then run away and try again. Repeat
this move until the big bug falls.

The Mad Hatter
Anyone for tea? aye? This guy can be a real pain in the ass sometimes.
when he nails you with some of that acid tea he is serving out from the top of
his hat.
When you first enter the area, walk up and grab the staff in the center to
trigger the Hatters entrance. My weapons of choice for this very tall hatted
fiend was a pair of Jacks. The primary attack of the Jacks and the secondary
attack of the Jackbomb seem to work quite well together.
First off, place a Jackbomb at the top of the clock in the floor just before he
comes out right after the cat disappears. Then start running :). Don't stand
still for a second, keep moving at all times. Keep switching from the Jackbombs
to the jacks.
When you use the secondary attack from the Jackbomb it will take a second for it
to regenerate so switch to the Jacks and fire those, then go back to the
Jackbomb. This should work well and if you are lucky it will be over fairly
quick. If not, after a while he will disappear and two big robots will appear.
Just run and fight them the best you can. The Jacks and Jackbombs combo seem to
work well on them also. Remember to pick up the Essence left after their sweet
demise. With any luck you will get past this bunny stomping freak in no time. I
hope this little guide helps.

The Jabberwocky
The first time you meet up with the Jabberwocky will be to get the last piece
the Eyestaff. From what I could tell, as long as you can stay alive until the
Gryphon comes, you don't really need to fight him. The second meeting with this
dismal beast will not be so easy.
Start off with a blast from the Blunderbuss, this will drain your Will power but
is very effective. Quickly switch to your Jacks and run, run, run. Grab whatever
essence you can find. Keep tossing Jacks at him as soon as you have enough
essences to do so. Use the primary attack for the Jacks. I tried all the weapons
on him quite a few times. This combo seemed to work best for me.
This fight can take a while so be patient, keep firing Jacks and try to stay
from his breath of fire. At times he will land and try to chase you on foot.
would be a good time to toss a jackbomb for good measure. Use the secondary
attack and set him on fire.
You have almost reached the endgame. Find the Queen and set her straight, bring
Wonderland back to its original strange state and give Alice back her sanity.
Will I make a guide for the Queen? It will depend on how many request I receive.
I hope these Boss Guides are helpful.