Америкэн Макги: Алиса чит-файл №2

Village of the Doomed

The first world that Alice will encounter on her journey is the underground
Village of the Doomed. She stumbles upon this poor place after once again giving
chase to the White Rabbit. Throughout this level (and the entire game for that
matter), the Cheshire Cat will appear to give you advice as only he could.


When you first arrive here, you will be in a mineshaft. The only way you can go
is right, which will take you into a larger area of the village. It appears as
the bridge that leads across the small pool has been destroyed, so the only way
across is to use the air current to hover into the air and float across.

Once across you will speak to another little miner, and then continue down the
hall where you will find your first small Meta-Essence capsule. These little red
and blue items will fill both your health and weapon energy bars a small bit.
Turn right and run forward a little bit to find your first weapon, the Vorpal

Run down the ramp and you'll see the White Rabbit shrink and run into a hole.
Unfortunately, you do not have a shrinking potion yet, but you will soon travel
to the place where you can get one. After you see the little cut scene, a Club
Guard will appear and you'll have to do your first battle.

The Card Guards are weak in the back, so if you are able to circle around you
strike them in the back without much trouble. Since you are still early in the
game, these enemies aren't extremely tough so they can be taken down in two or
three hits.

After the battle, walk forward and then turn right. The cat will appear and give
you another cryptic clue. Look to the left and pull yourself up onto the ledge
where the cat was. Run along the plank to the right, and then run up the one to
the left. If you look down you will see a ledge with a sign that says "Yur
Jump down to that ledge and go through the door to enter the next area.


After passing through the door, you will encounter your first lesson in swinging
on ropes. You need to get to the small ledge on the right wall. To swing on the
rope, jump towards it and Alice will automatically grab onto it. To climb up
press ENTER, F climbs down, and by pressing forward or backwards you can swing
those directions. Once you have enough momentum, jump to the ledge on the wall,
and then walk to your right to meet the Mayor.

He will tell Alice that he knows how to make her small, but he needs her to
retrieve a key for him that is located in the Card Guard's Compound. Run through
the archway behind him, turn to the left, and then run up the ramp. At the top
you will run into a mine cart, so jump on top of it and watch the cut scene as
Alice speeds through the tracks.

Once off the cart, you'll encounter another Club Guard. Run forward and you will
come to a large wooden door, with the Cards Toy floating in a corner. Grab the
cards, and go through the door to enter the compound.

As soon as you enter the compound, you will be attacked by two Club Guards and
one Diamond Guard. Wipe out the tougher Diamond Guard first, and then turn your
attention to the two Clubs. After they are defeated, run forward and you will
find the key that you are looking for on a small table. Once you pick it up, a
door to the left will open and you will be able to get back to the first room of
this area.

As you enter this room, you will notice that there are two Diamond Guards. If
are fast, you can simply jump into the water, take some damage, run to the
and pull yourself up to the portal and continue on to the Fortress of Doors. If
you rather take is safe, you can use your new Card Toy to take out the two
before crossing the room.

Once you complete that, you can enter the green portal to continue on to
of Doors.

Fortress of Doors

The next destination in Alice's quest is where things start to resemble a real
Wonderland. Rooms change before your eyes, and you'll even have to use flying
books to cross some gaps…

The Mayor will drop you off right outside the walls of the area. Walk forward
turn right into the little hole in the wall. Turn right again and walk forward
through the doorway. As soon as you enter this room, two Boojum's will attack
you. Instead of running into the room to fight them (the room will split in two
as soon as you get to the middle), fight them near the entrance. The Card Toy
do a little damage to them, but two hits with the tossed Vorpal Blade is enough
to take down one Boojum.

After you defeat them, run through the room, and watch out as it splits in two.
Run up the stairs on the opposite side of the room, and jump across to the large
Z-shaped walkway. This walkway will teeter as you walk along it, so quickly run
across it and jump to the opposite ledge where you are able to pass through a
portal on to the next area.

Beyond the Wall

After you pass through the portal in the previous room, you will arrive in what
looks like a maze of walls with many patrolling Card Guards. In the center of
this room is a rage box. Quickly run to it so Alice can become powered up, and
then you can use your Vorpal Blade to slash through each guard with only one

Once you have taken care of all of the guards, you can find some Meta-Essence
Vial of Will container tucked into the corners of the room. Then go through the
door that is past the platform where you got the Rage Box, go through three more
doors, and you will enter the first room with a very strange way of crossing the

Four pieces of floor will head towards you. Jump onto them, and move onto the
farthest piece. One from the rear will appear in front of you. Move your cursor
onto it so that you see the feet. Use that cursor to jump across to it, and then
repeat that process to get all the way to the portal.

Pass through the portal to encounter yet another puzzle. When you enter the room
you'll see a scene of multiple doors closing. In front of you will be a switch
that closes the doors that you just passed through, and two Boojums will attack
you. Take care of the ghosts, then run down the stairs that are to the left of
the way you came. There you will find three switches that must be pulled in a
specific order to open the locked doors on the other side of the gap.

Correct order is: Right, Left, Middle.

Once those are pulled, the doors will open. Stand on the checkered square that
hanging over the gap, and you will see one appear directly in front of you. Use
those squares to reach the other side where both a Club and Diamond guard wait
for you. You can either fight them or ignore them and then run through the doors
to another portal.

The next room has a puzzle that at first looks very tricky, but it is actually
extremely simple if use the cursor to jump from platform to platform. As soon as
you enter the room, it will transform and there will be multiple moving
platforms. Some are going slow, while others are moving quickly. Use the cursor
to make the feet icon appear, and then use that to jump onto each platform all
the way to the portal.

After you pass through the portal, you'll find yourself on the upper level of
room where you used the Rage Box. You'll see three doors, one of which opens to
reveal a green portal. Before you pass through it, you must defeat two more
Boojum's. Once you do that, you can pass through the portal (it usually is on
center walkway) to find yourself on the upper wall of the first Fortress of

On this wall walkway you'll need to defeat two Diamond Guards followed by two
Boojum's. What they stand in the way of is a small window on the far side of the
teetering house. When the window is closest to the walkway, you need to make a
leap of faith into it so you can enter the Scholl Daze area.

Scool Daze

Alice is now ready to begin looking for the ingredients for the shrinking potion
that will allow her to continue her pursuit of the White Rabbit.

As soon as you enter this room, a Diamond Guard will run towards you. Defeat
and then run up the staircase and turn left to fight another guard and find a
Toy. On the ledge directly across from you is the Croquet Mallet, which will
become your most useful weapon for the next couple levels. Jump across to get it
and then drop down and enter the door directly below the ledge.

When you enter, you will see a cut-scene of Alice speaking to the Mayor. After
that two Diamond Guard will storm in, and give you the perfect chance to play
with that new toy of yours. You can hit them at a distance using the secondary
attack, or you can rush in and club them using the primary attack. Once they are
down, exit the room, run up the staircase, and enter the first doorway that you
come to.

Use your new Toy once again to wipe out the two Club Cards that appear when you
pass through the door, then go through the next door and take a left. There will
be another Club in the left alcove, and then a Diamond will come to attack you.
Take a left after the Diamond Guard, and you'll enter the Library.

Once inside, you need to locate four blue books. The first one is on this level,
head to the left and KO the Club Guard and simply touch the book. It will fly
towards the top floor and sit there waiting. Then head to the large pole near
where you came in to be attacked by two Boojums, and then take the platform to
the second level.

The second book is to the left as soon as you get off of the lift. Be careful in
that area, as there are two Club Cards and a Diamond Card. After you activate
book, run up the ramp that the Cheshire Cat created when you first entered the
room. You can find the third book on this floor, and then take the elevator to
the fourth floor where you can locate the final blue book.

Now that you have all of them activated, you can use them to hop across to the
small alcove where Alice will find the book that gives the instructions for
creating a shrinking potion. To get to the next area, you simply need to jump
from your high perch down to the book. Since a cut scene will begin the instant
you land on the book, you will not take any falling damage.

Skool's Out

This next area will not only get Alice the shrinking potion that she needs, but
also get her the first set of Demon Dice.

When you first enter this area, two Boojums will attack you. Use your Mallet's
secondary attack to kill them. You'll also notice two doors. The one to the left
is a door with white light, while on the right there is a door with red light.
you pass through the left door, you'll have to fight two Boojums, and then you
can jump to a small ledge where you can get the first set of Demon Dice.

The red door is your real destination. Go through it to enter the gym. To your
left will be a stage with two alcoves with one of them having a lever. Pull the
lever and the bleachers will expand out, creating a staircase that you can use
get up to the rafters.

Carefully move along the rafters while avoiding the swinging pendulums and run
to the Mayor in the back, who will give you the first ingredient for the potion.
As soon as he does that, a couple of Boojums will appear. Thankfully there is a
Rage Box in the center of the rafters that will allow you to slaughter all of
ghosts very quickly.

Return to the entrance room, and go up to the second floor where you will run
into a couple of Guards. Take them out and then go through the 2nd Grayd door.
soon as you enter there will be two Club Guards to take care of before you can
continue forward through another door.

When you enter the room, there will be two guards attacking the Mayor. Kill
and then he will tell you that he has everything he needs to make the potion,
except for poppy seeds. A vial of Jumbo Grow will appear in a cabinet toward the
back of the room. Collect the bottle, and then return to the hallway. Go through
either the left or right door, and then enter the 3rd Grayd door. Run up to the
Poppy Sign, and Alice will use the Jumbo Grow to make the seeds appear. Take the
seeds back to the Mayor, and he will disappear leaving you a star and a bottle
that says "Drink Me" (the shrinking potion). Collect both the star and bottle
(they are crucial items), and then enter the green portal.

You will find yourself in the entry room from School Daze, and you need to
to the library. So go back up the center staircase, and through the door to the
right as before. When you arrive back in the library, run up the left ramp and
you'll see the Observatory Door that has a star on it. That is where the star
picked up will be used.

Go through the door to encounter a couple of enemies, including Diamond guards.
Run to the back of the room, and climb up the broken staircase and run towards
the telescope. As soon as Alice approaches it, a cut scene will begin where the
globe in the center of the room opens and Alice shrinks down small enough to
enter the portal to get to the Vale of Tears area.

The Vale of Tears

Now that Alice has drunk the shrinking potion, she is able to follow the White
Rabbit through the giant garden. Her first journey will be through the watery
Pool area…

Pool of Tears

The first area in the Vale of Tears is the Pool of Tears. Alice will start at
foot of a very large cliff, with two Army Ant Soldiers at the top tossing rocks
down on top of her. Run to the left side of the cliff, and you will be able to
jump across to the walkway. As you walk up, you will see cut scenes of the Ants
tossing the giant boulders in your direction, and these things can kill you in
one hit.

For the first rock, as soon as you have control after the cinema, duck behind
waterfall to the left. If you need health, there will be a large Meta-Essence
canister inside. Once the coast is clear, you can continue your ascent up the
mountain. When you see the second boulder tossed at you, do not move until you
see it pass out of the way on the walkway ahead of you. After the coast is clear
again you can safely climb to the top of the cliff by running along the

At the top, you'll have to do battle with two Army Ant Soldiers, which are best
defeated using the secondary attack on the Croquet Mallet, which will be able to
hit them from a distance as their melee skills are deadly. The other thing you
have to worry about are the flying beetles that toss exploding grenades at you.
They can be killed by the Croquet Mallet's ranged attack, but are best avoided
all together.

Follow the stream to a large pool where you will find the Mock Turtle crying.
Talk to him and he will tell you if you get his shell back from the Duchess, he
will tell you where you can locate the Caterpillar.

After you are done talking with the Turtle, a leaf will fall from the sky and
land in the water. If you stand on this you'll be able to ride it pretty safely
down most of the river. After you pass out of this pool area, and are still on
the leaf, it will pass under some logs where you'll have to jump off the leaf,
and then back on when it comes back into view.

Stay on the leaf, and then it will fall down one waterfall followed by another.
Right after the second waterfall, jump onto the shore to the left where you'll
have to fight two Army Ant Soldiers. As soon as you are done with them, there
will be another leaf waiting for you in the water. Ride the leaf down the river
some more and once you start to hear falls coming up, get ready to jump to the
right where you can see a small walkway (it's right before the falls – you can
see it via the dark soil).

From your high vantage point, you can see that there is a leaf down in the water
waiting for you, so get down on it and once again continue your journey down the
river. When you see the Mock Turtle run across a small bridge, that is your cue
to get ready to jump to some rocks on the left at the very last minute before
end of the ride. There is also a vine here that you can grab onto, but that is
easier to miss and will cause you to fall down into the spikes, so jumping to
left onto the rocks is much safer. Climb up the rocks and then run down the path
to find the Turtle on another leaf, and a leaf waiting for Alice. Board that
leaf, and ride down the river once again to view a cut-scene that leads to the
next area.

Hollow Hideaway

When you recover from your large drop from the top of the waterfall, you will
find yourself on dry ground for a moment. Run around the corner to the right to
find two more Army Ant Soldiers who can once again be quickly taken out by using
two Croquet Balls. Then use the two lily pads to get onto the large tree trunk
the right. From there, follow the path around to find a new leaf that you once
again must ride on.

As you ride down the river once again, you must be careful to strafe left and
right to avoid the thorns that are on the logs that you pass under. If one hits
you, you may be knocked off the leaf, which is something you do not want to
happen, as there is a very large fish that will swallow Alice whole if she falls
into the water. There is nothing you can do to avoid the fish, so if you fall
into the water, you are basically dead. The thorns are the only things you need
to worry about, as this trip down the river is much slower than the previous

Ride the leaf until it comes to a stop near a small shore, and then jump off and
run up the shore onto a small plain. You'll find Mushrooms, Red Roses, and Army
Ant Commanders up here. You can kill both the Commanders and Roses using the
ranged attack of your Croquet Mallet, but the Mushrooms are best avoided for the
time being. The Mallet doesn't do too much damage against them, and you don't
have a more powerful weapon yet (although you will be getting one soon), so keep
your distance from them and they won't even wake up to attempt to attack you.

Run up the hill where you will find an Army Ant Soldier and Red Rose. Since the
Rose will toss thorns at you, try to take it out first by using the secondary
attack of the Mallet while strafing to the left and right to avoid the flying
thorns, and then turn your attention to the Soldier. By now, the Soldiers will
no problem for you to defeat, so continue along the path until you find another

This journey down the river will be extremely short. After a minute or two,
you'll see a group of Army Ants standing near some torches. When the leaf gets
near a large log, jump across and run up towards at Ants. If you want to fight
them you can, but it is really just as waste of life and energy as you will have
a boss fight coming up in just a second. Run past the group of Ants and head to
the doorway of the house.

As soon as you approach the door, Bill McGill will appear and a cut scene will
begin. Alice will learn that she has arrived at the Duchess's house, and the
will open and suck her into the house.

Boss Fight: The Duchess

Alice's first battle against a boss in the game isn't as tough as it could have
been, as you receive a brand new weapon right before the fight begins.

When you first enter the area, you will be in a narrow hall. Run down the slope
to enter a large room with Meta-Essence capsules lining the walls, and the
Jackbomb weapon floating on one of the center tables. Jump onto the table to
collect the weapon (and then arm it), then you'll view a cut-scene of the
arriving to do battle with you.

The best way to take out the Duchess is to use the Jackbomb's secondary attack.
Back away, and toss the Jackbomb in the direction that the Duchess is running,
and she will get caught in the flames. Repeat that attack a couple of times, and
she will die. If you happen to get low on life or weapon energy, you can collect
the Meta-Essence that is on the wall shelves.

After you defeat the Duchess, the Mock Turtle will appear and congratulate you
retrieving his shell. He will then lead you through an underwater tunnel to the
next area of the game, that journey can be found below.

Wholly Morel Ground

The trip through the underwater tunnel isn't too long, but it is not without
dangers. Mock Turtle will swim just ahead of you, and leave a trail of bubbles
that will supply you with air. You'll want to stay relatively close to him so
won't run out of oxygen, but you'll still want to be on your toes.

You're first real danger in the area will be objects falling from the ceiling.
Whenever you see dust falling, that means that something big and heavy is about
to drop on your head. When you see that, stop for a second and wait for it to
fall before continuing on. This is also the most crucial thing to avoid, as most
slabs of rock can kill you in one hit.

The next obstacle will be air vents that will try to blow you into spikes
from the ceiling. These are easily avoided by swimming around to the right or

When the Turtle leads you through a temple, you'll also have to look out for
small fish who want to take a bite out of you. As with all other fish, these can
be killed by one swipe of your Vorpal blade, but if you swim quick enough you
be able to avoid them.

The final major obstacle in the swim is right after the room with the falling
columns. The Turtle will swim through a door, and immediately after that a giant
fish will leap out of the ground and try to swallow Alice whole. Wait for him to
get back into the hole he came out of, and then continue with the swim, which
will end with the Turtle smashing through a wall.

Wonderland Woods

Alice's tiny adventures continue in the Wonderland Woods area. In these next
levels, there will be many platforming areas, more vines to swing on, a new
weapon or two to get, as well as another boss fight.

Dry Landing

The first area of the woods you'll have to journey through is Dry Landing. At
very start, you can grab some Meta-Essence on some ledges to your right. Also,
directly behind you (in the air) will be a couple of flying beetles. If you want
to take them out now by using the Croquet Mallet, you won't have to deal with
them later when you are trying to climb up some ledges.

Walk toward the pool that is ahead of you to encounter two Amy Ant Soldiers. As
always, use your Croquet mallet to turn them into bug chow, and then pause a
second before diving into the pool. There is another Ant on the far shore –
exactly where you want to go. Get him targeted and lob Croquet balls over to him
until he is dead, then jump down onto one of the lily pads that are in the pool.

Before you go any further, jump in the water and use your knife to slash the few
fish that are there. They can pull you into the water from the lily pad, so if
you kill them while underwater they won’t be able to do you much trouble.

From the lily pads, swing onto the shore and follow the path up around the
waterfall. You’ll come to a sheer cliff with a couple of ledges. Climb up to the
highest one you can get to, and then jump over to the mushroom that is at your
right. When you jump on it, you will be bounced into the air, where you can grab
onto a vine, which you can use to climb up to the top of the cliff.

Once at the top, run forward and the jump down onto the ledge that is on the
ahead. Jump down one more time to another ledge and pause for a second. There is
an Ant on a ledge ahead of you, so again toss some Croquet balls his way to
him out before using the vine to swing over there. When you land you’ll have to
deal with a Red Rose, followed by an Army Ant Soldier and Commander further down
the path.

Further ahead you will come to what appears to be a very long drop that will
certainly kill you instantly. Instead of committing suicide, look closely into
the hole and you will see some mushrooms not to far down. Drop down to the
mushrooms, and you can bounce on them and use the ledges to reach the two vines
to reach the inside of the hollowed-out tree. Right after the entrance to the
tree (and after you pass a Red Rose), you will find a vine. Use that to swing to
the mushroom, and you can use that mushroom to reach the exit.

Once outside of the tree, you will soon come to an intersection. Turn left, and
you'll come to a bridge. The instant Alice gets close to the bridge, it will
collapse. Thankfully, there are some bouncy mushrooms nearby that you can use to
cross the large gap. Then follow the trail uphill to reach a large tree with a
platform in the distance.

Use the vine directly in front of you to reach the small ledge against the tree,
then jump to the next one. From there, you can grab another vine, which will
you to a ledge with an Army Ant Commander if you climb up the vine. After
slaughtering the commander as usual, you can follow the small path to a stream.
Hope from rock to rock to reach the far shore and the next area.

Herbaceous Border

As Alice is entering this area, you will see a cut-scene of the White Rabbit
being stepped on and killed by a giant. You'll later learn that this murderer is
actually the Mad Hatter, but there is still nothing you can do for the poor
rabbit now that he is a pancake.

Look around for a path with mushrooms, as that is the way you need to go. Walk
down the path and jump into the hole in the ground to enter a large underground
area. Run through the tunnel and use the steam vents to float over to the ledge
run to the intersection and take a left, which will lead you into a large room.

As soon as you enter this room, the Hatter will stomp on the ground causing the
bridges to give out and leaving you with no apparent way to cross. Look around
find some bouncy mushrooms that will allow you to reach a high ledge connected
a bridge. On the other side of the bridge, you will see a floating weapon on a
platform. It happens to be a Croquet Mallet, which you should have by now, but
you collect it your weapon energy will be completely filled.

There will be a passageway right behind that platform, which will lead you
another long bridge and into another large room. Once you get into this room,
the steam vent to float up tot he vine, and then use that vine to reach another
one, which will allow you to access some ledges with card guards on them.
Eliminate the guards, and then run up the ramp to find yourself on the surface
once again.

Follow the path outside until you come to a vine. Use that to swing towards the
left side of the giant tree root and you can then drop down into another hole
that will lead to the next area of this world.

Rolling Stones

After passing through the last couple of areas and killing countless beetles, it
appears as if Alice has made them a little mad. In an attempt to squash Alice
once and for all, the beetles get a giant marble and toss it down a hole. In
next area, Alice will be playing Indiana Jones as the giant boulder-like marble
chases after her.

NOTE: Throughout the first section of this level, it is extremely important that
you keep moving at all times. The giant marble can crush you in one hit.

The first part of the area is pretty easy. Run forward (DO NOT stop to look
it can slow you down), and stay along the left side of the room (it really is
only side you can be on). After that ledge ends, you'll arrive in a room with
mushrooms and platforms. You use the first mushroom to reach the first platform
and from there the other mushroom, which can propel you into the next tunnel.

In the next tunnel, you'll find a large bridge that looks like it was once the
ribcage of some giant animal – possibly a mouse or rat (remember, you are tiny
this point in the game). Quickly run along the bridge and into the next tunnel
that will lead you down to a frozen pool, which just happens to be located
directly under the ribcage. Do not stop running, and speed across the ice as
as possible since the weight of the marble will begin to make it crack and
eventually shatter completely.

After you make it across the ice, you will arrive in a large cavern where you
will get to take a short break from being chased by the marble.

Icy Reception

In this giant ice cavern, you'll be able to find one of the most useful items in
the game – the Ice Wand. Also, towards the end, you will be re-introduced to the
giant marble.

Once you get out into the open, head to the right and climb up the small ledges.
From the highest ledge, you can drop down to a below platform, and from there
can jump across to reach the Ice Wand that is on the center platform. As soon as
you get onto the platform, more rocks will fall form the ceiling and once again
destroy a bridge. From the platform where you picked up the weapon, you can jump
back across to the ledges and reach the exit.

Shortly after you go through the exit, the marble will return and you will have
to run once again. The only things you need to worry about during this chase
(besides getting squashed) are some falling rocks near the end. They will fall
front of you and smash through a wall, creating an exit. Once the exit is open,
step to the side and wait for the marble to come out, or else it can slam into
you – killing Alice in one hit.

From there, follow the path along to the right until you arrive at some more
vents. Hover on the vents until your get up to the very high ledge, and then
forward to meet the Caterpillar and enter the next area.

Fungiferous Area

As soon as you enter this area, you will notice multiple evil mushrooms ahead of
you. Since you now have the Jackbomb, they can be easily defeated once they are
awakened. Run forward, get the attention of the 'shrooms, and then back up and
toss a jackbomb into their area to watch them cook.

TIP: If you want to avoid a lot of combat early on in the area, you can find a
Darkened Looking Glass to the left of the spot where you start off. The item
make you invisible so you can run right past all of the sleeping mushrooms.

Run past the first mushrooms to find another one in the hall, and then a couple
more at the end of the hall. If you are invisible, you can run right past them,
if you are not you can use the Jackbomb to fry them. Past the mushrooms, you
run into a couple Ant Lions. Use the Ice Staff to freeze them until they die,
then continue forward.

Move forward until you see a large tree trunk to the left. Under that is a
puddle, which Alice needs to swim through to reach the next part of the area. In
the water are several fish, which you need to slash at with your knife.

When you get out of the water, you'll have to deal with another mushroom before
continuing up the path. Follow that path, and after a little while, you will see
the second set of Demon Dice in an alcove to your left. Soon, you will come to a
dead end with the only way to go is through a hole in a tree. Inside, you will
arrive in the Army Ant's base, and Alice will be quickly captured.

Centipede's Sanctum (Boss Fight)

Alice's capture will trigger a cut-scene where she is tossed into the lair of
Centipede, who is the next boss. As with previous bosses, there are Meta-Essence
canisters scattered along the surrounding area.

The centipede himself only has one weak point. When he rears up to attack, there
will be a red area on his belly that is where you are able to damage him. One of
the good weapons to use here is the Ice Wand, which will hit him in the
vulnerable spot.

Mr. Centipede will also toss little baby bugs after Alice. If they make contact
with her, they will attach themselves to her face until they die, but they will
still do damage to you. There is no way to get them off of you once they attack,
so just keep running backwards away from the centipede until they detach. If you
use the Ice Wand, you may be able to kill them before they get on you.

Continue to lure the Centipede around the arena as he exposes his soft spot,
shoot it with the Ice Wand whenever you get the chance, and eventually he will
finally be defeated, and you will be able to continue on to the next area.

Caterpillar's Plot

The next, and final, area of Wonderland Woods isn't even in the forest at all.
Alice will be deposited into a rocky area with many pools of lava, as well as a
couple new types of enemies.

Right at the start, the small Fire Imps will attack you. These small demons are
especially weak against Ice, so use the Ice Wand to take them down very quickly.
They are even quite slow, so you'll have no problem hosing them down with the
frozen stream of air.

Once you have them taken care of, you'll notice a Toy floating on a platform in
the center of a small lava pool. It is absolutely necessary that you pick up
weapon, as it is the first part of the Jabberwock Eyestaff, which is needed to
actually access some of the final areas of the game. There are two more pieces
the staff to collect, which you will find as the game progresses.

In this area, there are three different paths that you can take. The left path
leads to the Oracle, who will give you some advice. The right one leads to an
area where you will eventually use the Jabberwock Eyestaff to open a path to the
final areas of the game (in other words, do not worry about it right now).
Finally, the middle path leads you to The Pale Realm in Looking Glass Land.

You'll want to go see the Oracle before heading to Looking Glass Land (the
will be closed until you do), so head toward the left most path. In a small lava
pool to the right of the entrance a Lava monster will begin to crawl out. While
they are a little tougher than the Fire Imps are, they are still weak against
Ice Wand, which is what you'll want to use against them. Just keep your distance
and spray them with the ice.

After you exit the tunnel, some Phantasmagorias will attack. The big dangers
this guy are the phantom chains that it fires at you. They can freeze Alice in
place, and while it really won't attack you while frozen, other enemies in the
area can. So when you see the monster open its wings, strafe to the left or
to dodge the chains, and then attack it while it recovers from the attack. You
will also encounter more fire imps, Card Guards, and Boojums along the path to
meet the Oracle. Keep following the path, and at the dead end, you'll encounter
the Oracle who will tell Alice that she needs to find the last two pieces of the
Jabberwock Eyestaff, the first of which she can find in The Pale Realm.

Go back to the main part of the area, and start down the middle path to make it
to the Pale Realm. As you go down the checkerboard path, you'll encounter the
first of the Chess Pieces form of enemies. Using the Ice Wand can easily kill
red pawns. They are almost as weak towards it as the Fire Imps, so it won't take
too much weapon energy to down each one. Continue forward along the path, and
then turn left and you'll see a large castle with the swirling portal that will
lead you to Looking Glass Land and the Pale Realm.

Looking Glass Land

Alice has now reached what is about the final quarter of the game. Looking Glass
Land is just as it sounds. You'll be running around many familiar Alice in
Wonderland type environments that have been twisted into an evil form. It is
here where the game gets very surreal…

The Pale Realm

The first taste of Looking Glass Land that Alice will receive is the black and
white area of the Pale Realm. Everything here is in grayscale colors, as this
part of Looking Glass Land is the residence of the White Chess Pieces who are
being attacked and tormented by the Red Chess Pieces.

As soon as you arrive here, Alice will approach a White Bishop, and be
transformed into one herself. While in this form, you are only able to move as
the actual chess piece can on a board. That means that you can only move at a
diagonal angle. Simply move through the first area by using the arrows to show
what squares you can move to and what ones you cannot. If you see that you are
about to move into a square that has a spike that can kill you, backtrack and go
a different direction.

After you pass through that first experience as a chess piece, you will enter a
large courtyard where you will have to do battle with tow pawns and one knight.
You've dealt with the pawns before, but the knight is a new enemy. The horse is
little tougher than the pawns, and can take a little more damage, but once again
you should use your Ice Wand to defeat them. When you do, they will drop a large
Meta-Essence capsule.

Once you have defeated the three enemies, you can pick up the Croquet Mallet on
the platform to completely fill your weapon energy, and then enter the large
ornate White Doors that are near where you came into this courtyard.

Inside the building, ride the elevator and then go through the door to your
right. Follow the hall until you come to an area where you see spikes shooting
out of the ground. The way to get past here is to follow the spikes as they
the end of the step, and then run past them and head to the right where you will
enter a courtyard with two Red Bishops. These guys are a little stronger than
Knights, and they can also fire an energy attack at you. As with previous chess
pieces, the Ice Wand works well, and the energy beam attack is easily avoided by
sidestepping to the left or right.

After those two Bishops, you'll run into a Red Knight that is trying to hurt a
poor little white pawn. Run up the stairs nearby to find a switch on a balcony
that opens up a close door. Return to the area where the door is and go through

Eventually, you'll come to an area where Alice will be transformed into a White
Knight. This part is almost exactly like where you where turned into a Bishop,
only that you must move in the "L" motion that a Knight does in chess. As
when you see that you are getting close to a spike, you can back up until you
find a safe path.

One you get past that final obstacle, follow the pathway around to the right to
find what looks like to be a dead end. If you look to the right, you'll see a
small door with light coming out, which just so happens to be unlocked. As you
enter the room, it will once again look as if it is a dead end. Run up the
to the upper level and you'll see a section of the wall that is cracked. Equip a
Jackbomb and toss it towards the crack using the primary firing mode. The bomb
will explode and reveal a new opening that you can safely pass through. Outside,
you'll find a large energy power-up, and after you collect that return inside.

On the same upper level, you can pass through another door to find a bridge that
leads to an area with a switch. By pulling the switch, the water level in the
whole area will rise, and you'll be able to reach the next area of this level.


As soon as you enter this area, you will see one of the most impressive sights
the entire game. A giant castle that extends far into the air will confront
Alice, as she has reached the home of the White Chess Pieces.

Enter the castle fight through the front doors and you will run right into a
fight between the White and Red. Defend the White against their enemies, and
climb the staircase. Go through the door to the right, and then right again
through another door. Climb the next set of stairs and go left upstairs to large
double doors, which will lead you to the throne room.

Inside the White King will tell you that the Red has kidnapped the Queen. He
give you a pawn that will help you out, and then you will need to follow two
Rooks to the portal that will take you to the Red Realm.

Checkmate in Red

When you arrive in the Red Realm, you'll be hit by a strange sense of Dйjа vu,
the area looks exactly like the Pale Realm, but it is a very disturbing shade of

This area is very short, and it simply leads you to the next boss fight, which
against the Red King. To get there, jump into the water left of the bridge, and
you'll see a small alcove in the wall. If you swim to that, you'll find a rope
that you can use to climb to the upper level.

At the top, you'll need to cross two bridges and then go through a red door.
Inside, you'll find the final set of Demon Dice, and then continue through each
door until you see a cut-scene of the White Queen being killed by the Red.
the hall, turn left at the first chance you get and then go through the large
double doors and drop down a hole to encounter the boss fight against the Red

Boss Fight – Red King

The Red King's attacks are like a combination of all of the other chess pieces,
as well as some Card Guard attacks thrown in for good measure.

As with the other chess pieces that you have fought, the Ice Wand works very
here. Keep you distance from him, since his melee attack can do quite a bit of
damage, and keep the frozen stream of air targeted on him at all times. If you
get low on energy, capsules will appear around the arena just as in other boss
fights. By using the Ice Wand, he won't last long, and then you'll be able to
continue onto the next area of Looking Glass Land, which is quite a bit more
challenging simply due to a new enemy that you will encounter…

Mirror Mirror

Alice will awake and find that she is lying on a bed, which just happens to be
hanging on a wall. She will also notice that things have become even more
bizarre. In addition to be sleeping on a wall, strange little insane children
hobbling around the area as little mindless automatons.

When you have control, Alice will drop to the floor and then be able to enter
main part of this area, which is what looks like a maze of mirrors. This section
isn't too tricky to find your way through, as it is mainly a straight path with
few alcoves. The hard part comes in the form of the newest enemy that you will
run into. The Clockwork Automatons in this level are a real pain. They smash out
of glass walls and can toss powerful explosives.

To defeat these guys, the secondary attack on the Jackbomb is probably the most
damaging force that you can use. Run backwards while tossing the weapon and the
enemy will be caught in the fire, which should take them out. If they survive
flames, you can toss a second one, which will definitely kill them. Also, you
will be able to find an extremely useful item called the Jacks in this area,
which are right in the open as you explore, and they are also very useful
the enemies here.

The way you get out of this area is after all of the enemies have smashed open
the glass and you have killed everything you can, you will find one of the
shattered walls leads to an area with pipes and a spinning gear. If you run
the pipes to the opposite end where you'll find a clock high up on the wall. Use
your Cards weapon to shoot the clock and that will cause a door to open, which
leads to a spinning tunnel.

Enter the tunnel, and after it finishes spinning you'll see two different
hallways. Go into each hall, and there will be doors that you are able to enter
(some are locked, so there are only a set number that you can actually go
inside). Inside each door is another clock that you need to shoot. It doesn't
really matter what order you destroy the clocks in, but they all must be
shattered to reach the next area.

Passing through the far hallway and going through the double doors begins your
trip to the next area. You'll find yourself on tilting platforms that are
affected by Alice's weight. If you stand in one place too long, the platform
tilt too far up and you will fall to your death. The goal here is to work your
way up to the top platform by running along staircase to the right of the first
platform (if it is to the left go back through the other hall to find the
area). Once at the top, you'll see a set of doors. Run across and jump to them,
then pull yourself up the ledge and go inside to reach a large mechanical area.

You'll immediately be greeted by another one of the Clockwork Automatons, so use
a Jackbomb or Jacks to take him out and then run down to the center of the room
where you'll find three swinging tubes. Jumping through these to the far
would be fine, if it wasn't for yet another annoying robot on the other side.
Since you cannot toss a Jackbomb over there, you need to rely on the Jacks to
whittle him down. It can take anywhere from three to four attacks to kill him,
but once he does simply jump from wheel to wheel to reach the far platform and
into the doorway, where you will encounter the final boss of Looking Glass Land:
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Boss Fight – Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

The twins actually look a lot more intimidating than they actually are. They
bounce around the room and spawn more and more tiny little versions of
themselves. You're key to defeating them is the secondary attack on the
Run along the outside of the room, and toss the flaming boxes into the center of
the room, which will hurt both the small and large versions of the twins. Circle
the room, and toss Jackbomb after Jackbomb into the center and after a while,
Alice will win and you will be able to continue on to the next world.

Behind the Looking Glass

This world (and the one after it) are both rather short compared to the previous
few, and are among the final few areas of the game that you will have to clear.
Behind the Looking Glass is probably one of the most bizarre areas in the entire
game, with stairs that are made out cards, floating clocks that are used as step
stones, and a very twisted lab where the poor March Hare and Dormouse are found
badly disfigured.

Crazed Clockwork

In the first area of the level, you need to first find two switches to continue
farther in. Go through the door, and then go under the large clock to enter a
room. Both switches that you need to pull are located here, and once they are
activated a platform will rise from the water, giving you access to a hall. If
you go left at the end of the hall, you can enter a door that leads to a small

You will find rows of clocks floating in water, but do not jump on them yet. If
you look in the mirror on the wall, you will see that only some of the clocks
actually being reflected back. Those that you can see in the mirror are safe to
jump on, while the others will sink into the water the instant you step on them.
Use the mirror to tell which ones are safe to step on and then cross the water
and pull the switch. Return across the clocks, turn left, and jump across the
remaining clocks to reach a small ledge.

Follow the hallways (make note of the giant key near a locked door that you pass

you will need to return here later) and eventually you will come to the lab
where you encounter the unfortunate March Hare and Dormouse. Pull the nearby
switch, and that giant key that you passed will unlock the locked door, which
now need to return to and pass through.

With that door open, you can now pass through the final part of the level, which
leads to a small portal. When you go through the portal, you arrive on a giant
table laid out for a tea party. There are four cups with sugar cubes in them.
These cubes act like switches, so you need to step on each one, and then a
will appear that will take you to the boss fight against the Mad Hatter.

Boss Fight – Mad Hatter (About Face)

The Hatter is one of the first battles where the Jacks show their true power. By
using them you can quickly decimate the tall psycho, but not before he pulls a
couple tricks out of his hat. He likes to toss bombs at you, which are easily

Another one of his attacks is to disappear while two Automatons appear and wreck
havoc on you. You can switch to the Jackbomb to deal with them, or stay with the
Jacks as they use up less weapon energy. Once they are destroyed, the Hatter
return and you will be able to continue your attacks. If you are unable to beat
him, he will disappear again and two more Automatons will appear, and you will
have to take them out once again.

Just continually shoot the Jacks at him and eventually his big hat will blow up,
and the Clock towards the back of the arena will come to life. Jump on the
weight, and you'll find one of the final weapons at the top level, which is the
Dead Time Watch. Then exit to arrive at the Land of Fire and Brimstone.

Land of Fire and Brimstone

Alice's journey through the harsh and fiery part of Wonderland will re-introduce
here to the Fire Imps and Card Guards, as well as bring the Jabberspawn into the
game. As with the previous area, this one isn't too long, but it does lead you
to the final two areas of the game.

Burning Curiosity

This area is pretty straightforward. For about the first half, the only thing
need to worry about are Fire Imps. The first part of the area has you hopping
from rock to rock across molten pools of lava. Be sure to NOT fall in as you
instantly die from the scalding heat. One of the ways to prevent that is to use
the jump cursor whenever you can, which will allow you to safely make a jump.
Also, it's very helpful to hit the quick save key every time you successfully
cross a stretch of lava.

Soon you will come to a cave where you will encounter two Jabberspawns on a
ledge. Going toe to toe with these things can be suicide, and as there are two
using the Jacks will take too much time. Instead, toss a Jackbomb up there using
the secondary attack and the flames will scorch them as you stand safely below.
If one Jackbomb isn't enough, toss a second one up there to complete the job.

Continue fighting your way forward, and eventually you'll come to a clearing
a large house in the distance. Climb up to the house by jumping along the ledges
to the right of it's giant platform, and then enter the portal that is found
right through the front door to be taken to the next boss fight – The

Boss Fight – Jabberwock's Lair

This is the first of two times in which you will do battle with this evil winged
beast, and you do not have to completely defeat him this time around. Equip the
Ice Wand and strafe around him when he fires off his deadly fire breath at you.
Whenever you get a clear shot, fire off the wand at his head/chest area.

After you do a bit of damage to him, the Griffon will appear and you will view a
cut-scene of him and the Jabberwock doing battle, after which the Griffon will
injured and fly away. As he flees, his eye falls to the ground and Alice is able
to finally complete the Jabberwock Eyestaff, which is now used to access the
final two areas of the game.

Caterpillar's Plot

As soon as you arrive here, you will once again be struck by a sense of Dйjа vu.
Since you now have the Jabberwock Eyestaff completed; you can access the Queen
Hearts Land area by going through the far right passage. But first, you can get
very powerful weapon here, which is hidden in a small passage in the left-most

To open up the alcove, locate Humpty Dumpty against the wall (he is to the left
of the entrance to the tunnel), and there will be a brick that you can push into
the wall. Then run into the tunnel to find an open alcove, which contains the

Once you have that weapon, head to the right passageway (it is the only one open
now), and do battle with a couple of Card Guards. Then run up to the big, slimy,
and purple wall and equip the Eyestaff. Charge up the weapon and unleash a blast
of energy at the wall, which will shatter and give you access to the Queen of
Hearts Land.

Queen of Hearts Land

You’re almost there, all you need to do is pass through this area of Wonderland
and then you will arrive at Queensland where you will finally do battle with the
Red Queen and discover exactly what has happened to Wonderland.

Majestic Maze

The Majestic Maze is a twisted version of the Hedge Maze that you would expect
see in Alice in Wonderland. Throughout the maze you will run into Card Guards
Jabberspawn, so use the same tactics and toys that you did throughout the game
deal with them as you run into them.

To get through this maze, turn left just as you enter and you will need to run
a small slope. Turn left at the next two opportunities, and then go right twice.
Next go right again, and then left one more time. Follow the arches to what
like a dead end.

The way to open the grate is actually pretty easy if you use a form of attack on
one of the weapons that really hasn’t had many uses yet. The switch on the left
side of the room needs to be depressed to open the grate, so equip the Ice Wand
and fire off it’s secondary attack at the switch and the Ice Wall will be
which will hold down the switch and open the gate. Go through the gate to enter
portal that leads to the next area.

Airborne Terror

This next part of the Queen of Hearts Land is perfectly named, as it has you
floating high in the air over lava by using air vents to hover from platform to

The beginning is pretty easy, and not much different than the other steam vents
that you used earlier in the game. You just need to hover across a couple to a
small platform that leads to even more steam vents. Once you leave that
however, things get a little more challenging. There will be facemasks on the
walls that will spew steam at you, which can knock you to your death. When you
see one of these, wait until it is done firing the steam before attempting to
move past.

After the first section, you will get a small break in the form of a platform
that leads to yet another room full of steam vents. Now would be a good time to
save your game, as you will be hovering along a very big stretch of vents and it
is quite easy to die. You need to follow the path of vents to the right, while
avoiding the horizontal air streams, and then you will reach a platform. Hover
the last couple vents and you’ll arrive at a doorway that leads to the portal.

Mystifying Madness

After a short break, you will return to the hedge maze, but this visit will be
quite different from the last. As before, you will be encountering Card Guards,
Jabberspawn, as well as some Phantasmagoria and even some fish.

To get to your first goal in the level, take the first two rights from where you
start. The place you are looking for is a small clearing with a square opening
the ground, which is filled with water. Dive into the water, and swim straight-
ahead. Continue swimming and you will arrive in a large cave opening, where you
will be able to get up on dry land.

From there, you need to jump to a far ledge and pull yourself up. Then follow
path to find a stone tunnel with a man-made floor, which is very different from
the caves that you just left. At the end of the first hall, you'll find a switch
that you need to pull to access the rest of the level. Pull that switch and then
continue farther into the tunnel, down a set of stairs, and across a pipe.

Eventually, you will arrive at another pool of water. Dive in once again and
through the underwater tunnel. When you arrive back on the surface, you will be
back in the hedge maze again, so take a left and then a right, then left, right,
left and then finally right again. You'll run into a switch that opens up the
gate to the portal, but you cannot reach the exit from here. Simply backtrack to
a place where you can jump down and you'll then be able to run to the portal.

Water Logged

If you thought you have done some swimming in past levels, you have not seen
anything yet. This area makes you really glad that you have the Mock Turtle
shell, as you will be spending a lot of time in the water.

In this area there are several large cylinders that are capped by lids that open
when the water rises above them. So you need to find a way to raise the water
high enough to reach the portal, which is hidden in one of these cylinders.

To make the water rise the first time, simply locate a small hanging platform
that you can step onto from a ledge. The weight of Alice will cause it to go
down, which will cause the water to rise, and the first cylinder to open.

Jump into the water and swim into the cylinder, where you will find an
tunnel and be introduced to one of the few dangers here. Through the tunnel
you'll run into fans, when you get near one of these, quickly tap the jump
so you will not get sucked in. Once you resurface, pull yourself up onto the
ledge to step onto another hanging platform and make the water rise again.

From there, you can access another water tunnel. This one has a couple fans that
can be problems for you. One is to your right as you are swimming down the tube,
and another one is on the floor immediately after the previous. Again, tap the
jump button repeatedly to get past those. Toward the end of the swim, you'll
to go up the tube, and avoid a spinning propeller by passing through the opening
that its broken blade makes.

Once on the surface again, you need to climb up a few ledges to find the final
hanging platform. When you step on it, the water will rise for the last time,
you will be able to swim into the final cylinder to reach the portal to the next

Labyrinthine Revenge

From your starting position, go to the left and hop down the ledges that look
like the spokes of a gear. Then jump on to the slowly spinning razorblade and
from that, jump to the large gear-like structure in the water. Jump from that
to the smaller one, and then to the large one on the left side of the wall. Kill
the Card guard, and run along the ledge to encounter two Boojums. At the end of
the ledge, jump down to the spoke, and jump across to the opposite one where you
can pull yourself up the ledge.

Run along this opposite ledge and you'll enter a room with a large rotating
wheel. It is a good idea to save your game before attempting to jump on it as
may fall through and take a swim into the lava below. Follow the hall that leads
into a room where there will be another rotating wheel. This one actually blocks
your path and you need to wait for a hole to rotate into position so you can run
through it. After that will be another wheel will block your path and you'll
to once again wait for it to pass by.

Continue running through the halls, and eventually you will find yourself in the
cursed maze once again, but this time there are no branching paths and you only
have to run down one narrow trail. One thing you need to be careful about at
part is there are two Jabberspawn waiting for you around one of the corner. When
you run into them, back up and toss a flaming Jackbomb their way and repeat that
if necessary until they are dead and you have a clear path.

Your next obstacle comes after you get back inside form the maze. You'll enter a
room with giant gears blocking the path. You need to wait until there is a space
between the teeth of the gears to pass by, and you need to take it slowly, as
there are more horizontal airflows that can knock you off the path.

Not too long after that room, you'll arrive in an area with a large gear
rotating. You need to jump on the gear and ride it to the steam vent. That will
raise you up to the next level. There you will find another couple vents that
lead to another gear, which will allow you to exit the room. The next giant gear
that you come to in the level intersects with a wall. To get past this part, you
need to right on the teeth of the gear to reach a ledge with a door that will
lead you out to the Maze.

Once outside once again, you will notice that this section of the maze is a lot
like the previous as that there are no branches, only one long path. Towards the
end, you will run into two sections of "traps" where giant metal spades will
block your path and try to chop you up. Simply time your movements until there
an opening and then run through.

Next, you will run into three large steam pipes that lead up to the final
of the level. Right before the portal will be another path blocked by gears, and
you pass them just as you did the earlier once by waiting until there is an
opening in between the teeth.


Machinations is the ultimate test of platforming prowess in the game, but
thankfully it is a little forgiving on you. If you happen to fall off one of the
platforms to the depths below, you don't die, but rather just restart right at
the beginning of the area you were trying to get past.

From the start, jump across to the giant slow-moving gear. Then jump to the gear
to the right, and then forward from that gear. The one that you land on has two
gears connecting to it, but jump to the right one first, and then from that one
you can get to the final small gear to the large double gear that connects to

In the next room, you'll be presented with rotating petals, as well as a large
wheel in the distance, and then a giant gear near the exit. You need to jump
pedal to pedal, and eventually get on the lower part of the double gear that is
next to the wheel. From there, jump inside the wheel, onto the pedal on the
opposite side of it, then you can get to the top of the wheel, onto the top of
the double gear, and then to the giant gear and the hall.

The final room has a giant ticking saw in the middle with a smaller saw rotating
the bottom of the room. Wait at the entrance, and then jump down to the gear
is moving up and down in front of you. Ride it down, and jump on the small buzz
saw, and then run along its arm to the other side of the room. From there jump
from each seesaw to the large gear, all the way to the top where you are able to
jump to the middle buzz saw of the giant one in the center. From there you can
jump to a large gear that will take you up to the spokes. Ride them between the
gap in the arm, and then jump on top of that and run up to the portal to end


This is it, the final stretch. You only have three short (five if you count boss
fights) levels to speed through before the final confrontation with the Red
Queen. So grab your toys and get ready to leave this twisted Wonderland once and
for all…

Royal Rage – Final Jabberwock Battle

After your last battle with the Jabberwock, he is naturally kind of ticked off.
Really, if a giant griffon flew by and ripped out your eyeball, you'd be pretty
miffed as well. Thankfully, since Alice retrieved his eye, she was able to
complete the Jabberwock Eyestaff, which is what your primary weapon should be
this fight.

Whatever you do in this battle, DO NOT stop moving. Run, circle strafe and keep
your distance as the Jabberwock will continually fire off his fire attack at
Equip the Jabberwock Eyestaff and fire off the powerful beam of energy at the
weak spot on his chest. The Jabberwock doesn't necessarily have more health this
time around, but he does move faster and attack more often, which makes the
much tougher. As always, if you need energy or health capsules will appear
the arena for you to pick up

Once you have done a lot of damage to the beast, he will stop flying around and
result to using ground attacks to try to kill you once and for all. Since he is
on the ground he will be much easier to hit by using the energy attack of the
staff. Just continue to fire the energy beam at him, keep moving, and eventually
he will die and a drawbridge will fall that gives you access to the rest of the

Battle Royal

As Alice arrives in this area, the bridge collapses basically trapping her here.
This level is the final stand of the Queen's forces before you get to the
Wave after wave of Card Guards will arrive to do battle with Alice, but
thankfully you are armed to the teeth.

The easiest way through this level is actually the slowest, but if you use this
strategy you have a much better chance of surviving. Your key weapon will be the
Jackbomb and it's secondary rate of fire, which is able to fry multiple enemies
at once.

At the first corner a large group of Card Guards will drop down. Toss a flaming
Jackbomb into their mix and sit back as you watch the barbecue. If the first
doesn't wipe them all out, toss a second one and then creep forward to make sure
that no more guards appear. Once the coast is clear, walk forward to the next
corner and repeat the process.

This time you will encounter a couple Magma Men in addition to the guards, but
the Jackbomb still works its magic perfectly. Just toss it in, and back up while
the enemies are toasted to perfection. After they are charred and blackened
enough to die, continue down the path to another corner where a very large
of Card Guards will appear to mess with you.

Initially, only a couple will jump down to do battle with you, and you can again
toss a Jackbomb their way. Once they are dead, and you get a little closer, more
will appear, and you'll have to back up and throw more fire their way.

At the very end of the path, you'll arrive at a cave opening marked by two giant
pillars that stretch far into the sky, as well as two Heart Card Guards ready to
rip you apart. You can either stick with the Jackbomb, or switch to the primary
attack of the Jacks as they will automatically lock on. Or, you can simply risk
it and run past them because as soon as you pass by the arches and into the cave
you will instantly be transported to the next area.


This is the final area that you must pass through before you get inside the
castle of the Red Queen. Alice will start off to the far left of the castle
gates, with no apparent way to get in. The only way she can arrive at her
destination is to find a way inside the giant walls that surround the castle,
sneak her way to the bridge leading to the gates.

From the start of the area head forward and follow the path that are you on
it ends. Jump over the lava pool to the continuation of that path. Jump up the
ledge and follow it around to the right. You'll encounter two Card Guards that
you can use the Jacks or Jackbomb to dispose of, then run across to there they
were and run up the metal beam that is to the left. Run along the beam and then
jump to another one nearby. Continue up that one and at the end there will be a
very small opening in the brain-covered wall to the right.

Go down into the little whole, and it will lead you to another ribcage bridge
similar to the one that you saw in when the giant marble was chasing you. At the
far end will be a solo Card Guard that you can easily mow down using the Jacks
Ice Wand. Cross the bridge, dispose of the guard, and then turn left to climb up
a ledge to access another metal beam outside. Run along this beam and jump
to the ledges on the far wall.

Follow this ledge to the left where you will come to a cave entrance guarded by
Fire Imps, a Jabberspawn, and a couple Boojums. Since there is not much room for
you to safely use a Jackbomb and not be damaged, the Ice Wand is a good bet as
does plenty of damage (especially against the imps). It also has a wide enough
range of attack, that you can safely wave it around and definitely hit an enemy

Run into the small passage and head forward. You'll come to the steam flow that
will allow you to float up to the upper level where you'll then need to jump and
climb along little bricks that are sticking out of the walls. Hop and jump along
those bricks until you come to an opening, which leads to a far drop down to the
bridge that connects to the castle gates.

You're almost there, but one more surprise awaits you as you open up the large
double doors of the castle. There are Card Guards right inside, on both sides of
the doors (which you can't really see once you open them) in front of you, and
the back of the room. To live past this last stand of guards, open the door and
toss in a Jackbomb to either the left or right to hopefully take out one of the
guards that are to the side of the doors. As soon as you toss the weapon, back
out of the room so the fire won't hit you, and the guards won't be able to
you as you wait for the weapon to do its job.

Once the guard of your choice is taken care of, repeat the process by throwing
another Jackbomb inside the doors to the opposite direction of the one you just
tossed and once again back out and allow the doors to close. Then rush inside
toss some Jacks at the one in the center, and then run right past the one in the
back to board a round platform that will raise you up inside the castle. Inside,
you will have one small puzzle to solve before doing battle with the Red Queen.

Castle Keep

When the elevator comes to a rest, the Cheshire Cat will appear and give you
another cryptic message about his desire to see the Queen dethroned. I think
you'd probably share that thought, so run forward through the doors directly

You'll enter a large room with thee Card Guards, a large mirror in the center,
and two walkways leading up to a large set of double doors that are locked at
moment. Dispose of the guards however you want, but the faster you do it the
quicker you can get to this small puzzle and then on to the final battle.

In front of the double doors is a lever that rotates the giant mirror below. If
you look at the mirror, it will be facing one of the portraits on the wall, but
the reflection will be showing a Spade, Diamond, or Club. Pull the switch once
notice that it is reflecting a Club where there was once a painting of
Tweedledee. Return to the room where the elevator is, and run to the back where
you will find a steam vent to lift you up to a higher level.

You will arrive in a hall with three doors to match the three different symbols
that the mirror reflects. Go forward into the Club door and run to the center of
the platform in front of you. As soon as you step into the spotlight, the entire
area will light up and three paintings matching the portraits will appear. Since
you are in the Club room, and the Tweedledee portrait shows up as a Club in the
mirror, use your Card Toy or Vorpal Blade to shoot the hanging picture of

Return to the room with the large locked door and the mirror, and pull the
once again to make the mirror reflect the Jabberwock painting. Jump down and
into the mirror to see a Diamond reflected. Go back to the upper level and go
into the Diamond room. Once again as you enter the spotlight, three paintings
will appear. Since you are in the Diamond room, and the Jabberwock portrait
up as a Diamond in the mirror, use your Card Toy or Vorpal Blade to shoot the
hanging picture of the Jabberwock.

With those two taken care of, there is only one portrait left in the mirror
and it is of the Mad Hatter. Repeat the process by turning the mirror with the
lever, and then run to the upper level to get into the Spade room. Shoot the
painting of the Mad Hatter, and the large double doors will finally be unlocked
and you will gain access to the final battle against the Red Queen!

Heart of Darkness – The Final Battle

After fighting her way through the hell that was the Dark Wonderland, Alice has
finally reached the throne room of the evil Red Queen.

As soon as you enter the room, run towards the throne, and after a very short
scene showing her true form, the Queen will attack you. Immediately sidestep to
the left or right and take cover behind the pillars that are right next to the
entrance. These will be your saviors throughout this battle, as only one of the
Queens attacks will be able to harm you behind here. Also, a small life/energy
power-up will spawn behind each pillar, so if you continue to run between the
you will always have life and weapon energy. The best weapon to use against her
is the Jabberwock Eyestaff due to how precise it's attack is. Keep the beam
focused on her chest and head area as you dodge back and forth.

The Queen will toss green energy blasts at you that you can sidestep, as well as
very slow moving frost balls. Occasionally, she will fire three laser beams from
her tentacles, and these are easily avoided by hiding behind one of the pillars.
Also, she tends to thrust a tentacle into the ground that will come back up and
attempt to skewer you, and those are also avoided by being behind a pillar or
moving quickly.

One of her most dangerous attacks is a force attack that can toss you into a
wall, or pull you into her where she will bite and tear at you. Both attacks do
lot of damage, but you can avoid them if you have the sound up while you are
playing. The attack can be noticed by a high pitch chime sound accompanied by a
glowing blue cloud of particles. When you head this sound or see the cloud, move
immediately or else you will be trapped in a cloud of orange particles and
to escape until the damage has been done.

After you have done a bit of damage to her, some of the tentacles will break off
and her attacks will change slightly. She will thrust a tentacle into a ground
more often, and fire more off more lasers at you, but by this point she is
dead. A few more seconds of the Eyestaff attack will do here in, and you'll view
a cut-scene. Even though it looks as if the Queen has been defeated, you are not
done yet.

Alice will be transported to a very dark place in her subconscious where she
confront and kill the inner demon that has transformed Wonderland into the dark
and twisted place that it is.

Once again, the Eyestaff comes to use here, but if you want a more challenging
battle you can use the Blunderbuss. With the Eyestaff, you won't be using up as
much weapon energy and you'll have a slightly easier time that way. On the other
hand, the Blunderbuss uses up an entire bar of energy, which means that you will
have to run around more as you wait for a weapon/health power-up to spawn. The
good news is that two giant life/energy power-ups spawn on opposite sides of the
ring, both of which can keep you in the battle.

The demon doesn't move much, but it has several very damaging attacks. For one,
it can breath the same current of air that the Boojums do, which can knock you
off one of the small platforms that you will be using. Also, it fires gas
to some of the other enemies in the game, and missiles that can knock you off
platforms. The good news is that all of these are easily avoided, as the demon
won't really move to face you once he starts firing. So when he pops up from
hiding to say "hello" you can jump and move to another platform to avoid the

Whenever you have a clear shot, let him have it with the Eyestaff (or
if you are going the harder route), and then jump around the ring to collect the
health and energy when the demon ducks out of the way. That's the pattern to
him. Fire when he pops up, and then run around the ring to avoid his attacks and
collect the health/energy hearts.

Eventually, the demon will start to shake and then stop moving completely. The
beast will explode into little tiny bits and the ending will play out.
will be restored, Alice will be released from the mental institution, and
everyone will live happily ever after.