Америкэн Макги: Алиса чит-файл №2

Walkthrough version 0.80

All right. Ask and you shall receive… well… a rushed version that is. A
lot of people seemed to want a walkthrough to be available, so I decided to
release a preliminary version so that at least those who need it will have
something to work with until the final product is done. The in-depth
walkthrough still needs to be ironed out, and I'm now working on the maps and
a shorter version of what you see here. I hope this helps.
Here's the big part. I am doing this for you guys, so I want to know
what you think. Any questions or comments you may have are very welcome. If
you have a tip or secret I have overlooked you can send it and I will give you
credit if it is included. E-mail me at: EllipsusD@aol.com.
Special thanks to katbird and IGN.com for their contributions.

I. Version History
II. Controls.
a. Screen Elements.
b. Basic Controls.
c. Jumping.
d. Swimming.
e. Floating.
f. Climbing.
g. Saving.
III. Items.
IV. Weapons.
V. Enemies.
VI. In-depth Walkthrough
VII. Extra
a. Idle Hands.
b. Codes.
VIII. Copyright.

I. Version
The first release, version 0.80 was started on 12/15/2000 and completed
on 1/9/2001. It is the version you have now. To see what it includes, look
to the table of contents. I'll make this more informative when the next
version is released.

A bit of advice I usually tell people: never play a game without reading
the manual. It's as simple as that. If someone can't read a simple manual,
then I have no respect for them when they complain about not being able to
control the game. With Alice, the Case Book is a second piece of literature I
suggest you read. It has some information, but otherwise helps the story. If
you haven't read these, please read them now.
II. a. Screen Elements
The first thing you need is to understand the basic elements of the
The red meter on the left side of the screen is your 'sanity' meter.
Since this all takes place in Alice's mind, you are surviving on sanity (the
hope of getting better), and not life.
The blue meter on the right side of the screen is your 'will' meter (also
referred to as power or energy). The only way that you can get better is to
have the will power to do so, and this is just a symbolization of that. Think
of it as an all occasion ammunition.
The box under the red meter hold your current weapon. There are a total
of ten weapons, and each has its own uses (as specified below). A note of
interest, it seems your weapons get stronger when you pick up more of the same
The box that sometimes appears under the blue meter shows any special
items you may have. The box slowly gets smaller the longer you have the item,
and each item has different 'lengths'.
Alice is in the lower middle of the screen. Think of this game as a
first person shooter with a different camera angle.
Now that all of that is taken care of, we'll get to the Settings menu.
There are four sections of the head diagram, each referring to a different
attribute that you can customize. Section one is video, section two is audio,
section three is control, and section four is game options. Make sure that
you customize all four of these areas to your liking before you start playing.

II. b. Basic Controls
Once again, this is coming right from the Gameplay Guide. These are the
set key configurations for Alice. If you are not used to this type of game,
then I suggest you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with them. If
you don't know the controls, you won't get very far.

Look: Mouse
Move forward: W
Move backward: S
Strafe left: A
Strafe right: D
Jump/swim up/jump off vines: [Spacebar]
Turn left: [Left Arrow]
Turn right: [Right Arrow]
Climb down vines: F
Camera look: [Tab]
Walk: Hold [Shift] while
Use: [Enter]
Summon Cheshire Cat: C
Pause to main: [Esc]
Pause: [Pause]
Quickload: [F1]
Quicksave: [F4]
Primary attack: Left mouse button
Secondary attack: Right mouse button
Cycle toys forward: [
Cycle toys backward: ]
Vorpal Blade: 1
Cards: 2
Mallet: 3
Jackbomb: 4
Icewand: 5
Jacks: 6
Demon Dice: 7
Eyestaff: 8
Blunderbuss: 9
Deadtime Watch: 0

If you don't like this configuration, that's fine by me. Go to Settings
and the Controls and you can change the keys up however you want to. But know
where the keys that do specific things are. If you can't remember something
like that, you shouldn't be playing a game like this.

II. c. Jumping
Jumping puzzles are seemingly the easiest to incorporate into a game.
There really isn't that much thinking involved, just control over the
character. If you don't know how to jump, then you had better learn. You
will be jumping, and jumping a lot.
The first thing you should know is that, when you are jumping to certain
areas, a pair of footprints will appear on the ground to show you where you
will land. When you are not jumping long distances, this will help a lot.
Test it in the first level so you can get a feel for how far you jump.
Next you should get used to the running jump. You can get almost twice
as much distance by running before pressing the jump button. The problem with
doing this is the uncertainty of your landing position. Only practice will
help you here.
Ledges will help you on areas where you cannot jump high enough, or far
enough. As long as the ledge had a sharp angle and your hands can get above
the level of the ledge, you will grab on. From here you can move to the side
or climb up by pressing forward. You will use this more than once.
Unlike in real life, you can control your movement in air. What does
this mean to you? You can reach distances in-between the running jump
distance and the standing jump distance. You can even jump to the side by
pressing strafe right before you jump. Practice this as well.
Bouncy mushrooms seem to be a large problem for some people. True, the
risk is much greater when you are high in the air, but you can still control
your jumping in almost the same way. Realize that the area of the mushroom
you step on will determine the direction you jump in. Try to jump facing the
area you want to land at/grab on to. There are only four mushrooms in the
game that you have to jump on, so don't worry.

II. d. Swimming
The only problem people have more than jumping is swimming. The only way
to do something is to try it. That is part of gaming. Swimming is just like
walking,; the only difference is the added z-axis movement.
Now, to swim in any direction, look in that direction and press forward.
To move backwards, press backwards from this position. Strafing works the
same too. So what's so hard? Air supply.
You at no time in the game have an infinite air supply. Never assume you
do. The only way you can survive underwater is to find bubbles or the surface
and get a breath of air. I estimate that you have about twenty seconds of air
before you die. During this time you will 'glug' once. At this point, it is
imperative that you seek air immediately. If not, you will die.
Attacking underwater does, however, present a problem. The only weapon
you can use is the knife. The only enemy you will see is the Snark. But
remember, Snarks always hunt in packs. It's best to isolate them.
You really shouldn't have too much trouble in the water. It doesn't take
much to get used to it, and you won't spend much time in it. If you simply
can't get the hang of this, just grin and bear it (and never play Decent).

II. e. Floating
There really isn't much to say here. You will know if you can float or
not by the bursts of white steam coming from the ground. Jump on top of it
and Alice's dress will puff outwards as it fills with air. This will help
propel you upwards. You can hover in place and use the directions to move in
almost any way you want. When coming off a vent, make sure you were not
dropping down of the steam jet when you do, you will fall sharply right off
the bat. Come off while the air is still pushing you upwards.

II. f. Climbing
This really shouldn't be a problem if you read the manual. The only
problems I hear with this are simply not knowing what you can do on the rope.
When you jump towards a rope, release the jump button before you catch it. If
you don't, you will grab it and immediately jump back off. While you are
holding a rope, use the movement keys to swing in various directions. Also
note that pressing [Enter] will allow you to climb higher on the rope, while
[F] will have you climb down. Put all of this together to greatly add to your

II. g. Saving
This really isn't imperative, but I thought it would help. Quickloading
and quicksaving will drastically help you through the tougher areas of the
game by making it so you can afford to make mistakes without restarting the
level. Not being afraid may take some atmosphere from the game, but it allows
you to explore more extensively your surroundings. The default keys are [F1]
to quicksave and [F4] to quickload.

There are a number of items to be found in Alice, though must of them are
just upgrades versions of each other.
Health: Red amulets that restore a small amount of health.
Large Health: A larger amulet that restores a medium amount of health.
Energy: Small blue vials that restore a small amount of power.
Large Energy: A larger vial that restores a medium amount of energy.
Triangle Meta-Essence: A small triangle that restores a small amount of
energy and health.
Diamond Meta-Essence: A diamond twice as big as the triangle and twice as
Heart Meta-Essence: A large heart that restores a large amount of energy and
The following three items are 'special' items. They are not found very
often, and the give Alice powers that she would not normally have. It usually
pays to pick these up.
Demon Vial: This gives Alice increased strength for about fifteen seconds.
Think Quad Damage.
Mirror of Invisibility: As the name states, Alice becomes invisible for about
twenty seconds.
Cricket Tea: This will increase Alice's speed and jumping ability for about
fifteen seconds.

Weapons in this game are called 'toys' and rightfully so. Like
everything else in Alice's mind, these simple toys have become quite deadly.
There are ten toys that Alice can find, and only three of them do not have a
secondary fire. In essence, you have seventeen ways of attacking in the game.
To make things even more interesting, picking up two or more of the same
weapon will increase the strength of that weapon.

Vorpal Blade: This weapon is named after the blade used to kill the
Jabberwock in the original poem. It will be used throughout the entire game.
Primary Attack: Slash.
Secondary Attack: Throw.

Cards: A fairly weak toy, use this only when you have no other choice.
Primary Attack: Two card throw.
Secondary Attack: Sixteen card blast.

Croquet Mallet: This has longer reach than the knife, and is better for
knocking back enemies.
Primary Attack: Bash.
Secondary Attack: Electrified croquet ball.

Jack Bomb: Best used at a distance, this explosive device will be used often.
Primary Attack: Explosion.
Secondary Attack: Flame-thrower / explosion.

Ice Wand: The Ice Wand will suck will power like nothing else, but it is the
weapon to use for some bosses.
Primary Attack: Ice beam.
Secondary Attack: Wall of ice.

Jacks: This will soon replace the knife as your most used weapon. It gets
quite powerful.
Primary Attack: Jack barrage.
Secondary Attack: Jack throw.

Demon Dice: There are three types of demons that can be summoned, with this
group destroying weapon.
Dud: No demon appears.
Small Demon: Uses ј will meter. Small, and winged, and
has a mild electric beam.
Medium Demon: Uses Ѕ will meter. Snake-like, with both
slashing and flame attacks.
Large Demon: Uses ѕ will meter. Large and mean, has
electric and pounding attacks.

Jabberwock's Eye Staff: It takes time to charge, and drains like the Ice
Wand, so use it sparingly.
Primary Attack: Eye beam.
Secondary Attack: Meteor shower.

Blunderbuss: This most powerful toy in the game, it takes a full will meter
to use. Drills through enemies.
Attack: Burst of will.

Deadtime Watch: This watch will freeze time about once per level, giving you
twenty seconds of freedom.
Attack: Time freeze.

In the eyes of a number of people, the enemies make the game. Without
good foes, no amount of level design can save a game. Take Unreal for
example. Beautiful levels, but many people did not like the enemy AI, and
therefore the game suffered. Alice boasts a cast of original and interesting
enemies. Though the AI is slightly lacking, these guys will give Alice a hard
time in her quest. The following are their descriptions and tactics you
can/should use to beat them. They are in order of appearance.
NOTE: All 'hits' are based off using the knife.
NOTE: All of the Life counts are based on the Nightmare difficulty setting.
Enemies may be easier.

Club Card Guards: The weakest and most basic of all the card army. This
doesn't mean that they are pushovers though. When you face them, your weapons
will be just as weak. Take them out from a distance, otherwise you will get
Attack: Various types of blade slashes.
Life: Three hits.
Meta: Diamond.

Diamond Card Guard: This guy's only upgrade is that he can attack you from a
distance. He is just as deadly at close range, so distance is still the
advantage. The knife works best here as well.
Attack 1: Various types of blade slashes.
Attack 2: Laser diamond. It's easy to dodge.
Life: Three hits.
Meta: Diamond.

Boojum: Many people hate Boojum's because they are usually in groups, and
they can deal a lot of damage in the time it takes to beat them. The knife is
best until you get the Ice Wand, which is best until you get the Jacks. The
knife is the only weapon that will give the Boojum much of a chance to hurt
you, so run under him if possible to avoid damage after throwing the knife.
It's funny to think that these were supposed to be passive. Looks like
someone botched the AI.
Attack: Scream. It can throw you distances, so be
Life: Three hits.
Meta: Heart.

Mechanical Ladybug: One of the more annoying creatures in the game, this
Ladybug (no, it's not a beetle), will have you pulling your hair out if you
don't get out of it's way. You can hear it coming, and it can be killed
before it does any damage to you. The knife is about the only thing you'll
have that works.
Attack: Explosive acorn drop. Just run as soon as
it's overhead to avoid it.
Life: Two hits.
Meta: Diamond.

Army Ant Soldier: Again, it pays for you to take out your enemies at a
distance, but it would be better if you found some cover while doing this.
Strafe in and out of cover and use the knife, or Jack Bomb when you have it.
Attack 1: Rifle shot.
Attack 2: Bayonet slash.
Attack 3: Pincer toss.
Life: Five hits.
Meta: Diamond.

Snark: Snarks are by far the most annoying creatures in the game. The only
way you can beat them in the water is with the knife, and if you are lucky
enough to be on land, you're still not safe. I strongly recommend that you
take these guys on one at a time, and in the water if possible.
Attack 1: Bite.
Attack 2: Tongue whip that will pull you into the
Attack 3: Poison spit.
Life: Two hits.
Meta: Diamond.

Army Ant General: The General is more deadly than his troops, and keep that
in mind. I can't overemphasize the importance of getting this guy one on one,
and make sure you have cover. They are almost always found with other troops,
so be wary of that as well. The knife, and Jack Bomb are the recommended
Attack 1: Poison grenade.
Attack 2: Sword slash.
Attack 3: Pincer toss.
Life: Ten hits.
Meta: Heart.

Mushroom: You can't hurt them until they 'activate', and they won't do that
until you get close. Once close they will pull you in, so press backward and
strafe to get away. Once they get you… it's about over. They aren't too much
trouble one at a time, but you will see them in groups also. Use the knife,
the Jack Bomb, or avoid them entirely.
Attack 1: Inhale/bite.
Attack 2: Toxic mist.
Life: Eight hits.
Meta: Heart.

Pink Rose: The only rule here is to seek cover. If you don't then be ready
to do some strafing. The knife works best.
Attack: Multiple dart toss.
Life: Three hits.
Meta: Diamond.

Antlion: Ugly doesn't describe it. They are fairly dangerous, but not very
mobile. If you find some high land, you can cut them up with the knife.
Attack 1: Bite/gash.
Attack 2: Dig underground and re-appear.
Life: Five hits.
Meta: Diamond.

Fire Imp: Not really much trouble alone, but if you find them in a group,
things may be a little harder. Fortunately they are weak, and finding cover
isn't a big deal.
Attack: Pitchfork poke.
Life: Two hits.
Meta: Triangle.

Lava Man: Fighting these guys is not much fun. They seem to be taken from
Dhalsim from Street Fighter 2, and they are quite resilient. Make sure you
are at a good distance when you start attacking. Burning is not worth the
mistake. The knife or Jacks work best.
Attack 1: Fireball spit.
Attack 2: Extended arm punch.
Life: Nine hits.
Meta: Heart.

Phantasmagoria: I would award this guy the title of most-frightening-enemy-
upon-first-glance. He is creepy at first, but he does no physical damage to
you. To top that off, he is a wimp and you will be glad to see him when you
are low on health because of the reward for killing him. Strafe to the side
when his cloak opens, and attack with the knife or Jacks.
Attack 1: Ice beam.
Attack 2: Will drain.
Life: Nine hits.
Meta: Heart.

Spade Card Guard: I would rather see these than a heart any day, but that
doesn't mean that they are a highly welcoming thing. They carry explosive
blasts, so strafing is a must. As with all cards, distance is needed. Use
the knife, Jack Bomb, or Jacks.
Attack 1: Explosive spade dart.
Attack 2: Various types of blade slashes.
Life: Five hits.
Meta: Diamond.

Heart Card Guard: These guys are just plain mean. The blasts they shoot are
homing, so you will need to find cover when fighting them. Distance, and
cover. Kill them as you would any other card, and remind yourself that it's
only a game… there's no reason to get mad.
Attack 1: Explosive homing heart darts.
Attack 2: Various types of blade slashes.
Life: Nine hits.
Meta: Heart.

Red Pawn: They may seem weak, but if they hit you once, they will usually hit
you twice. Head for the high ground and hit them with the knife or the Jack
Bomb. As long as they can't touch you, there is no need to isolate them.
Attack: Jump into you.
Life: Five hits.
Meta: Triangle.

Red Knight: These guys move fast, so it definitely pays to keep the high
ground. They rarely appear alone as well, so the prime weapon is the Jack
Bomb. It can burn several of them at once.
Attack 1: Jump into you.
Attack 2: Sword slash.
Life: Seven hits.
Meta: Heart.

Red Rook: Rooks are tough, and they like to get in your face. Once you see
them, you may not have time to find high ground, but doing so is imperative if
you want to survive. The Jack Bomb is a good choice if you can get it into
the middle of the rook's path.
Attack 1: Run into you.
Attack 2: Punch.
Life: Ten hits.
Meta: Heart.

Red Bishop: More powerful than the other chess pieces, but weaker in life,
the bishop is the only piece you will need to find cover to fight. He will
try to take you out at a distance, so be careful. If you see him, he can
attack you. Again, the remoteness of the Jack Bomb makes it ideal.
Attack 1: Cane hit.
Attack 2: Laser beams.
Life: Six hits.
Meta: Diamond.

Clockwork Guard: Well, they are the most durable of all enemies. Until you
get the Jacks, you will have your hands full taking care of these, though
throwing the knife while running backwards will conserve the most will. Stay
back. Far back. It's rocket hands are deadly, and homing, so you'll need to
be far enough away to find a corner to hide behind.
Attack 1: Arm swing.
Attack 2: Steam blast.
Attack 3: Explosive homing arm rockets.
Life: Sixteen hits.
Meta: Heart.

Lantern Spider: You'll see them hanging on the wall long before they attack,
but they will attack, and violently. Don't only avoid, but just seek a hiding
place from these guys. The Jack Bomb works best, but anything that keeps them
at bay will do.
Attack 1: Slash.
Attack 2: Poison bite.
Attack 3: Poison spit.
Attack 4: Web-string escape.
Life: Seven hits.
Meta: Diamond.

Fire Snarks: The only thing worse than a snark, is a fire snark. Not only
are they vicious, but they have good aim, and will set you on fire at the
worst possible moment. It pays to move quickly and just avoid these, because
they are hard to see, and harder to hit in the lava. If you must fight, the
Jack Bomb and Jacks work best.
Attack 1: Fire spit.
Attack 2: Tongue whip into the lava.
Life: Eight hits.
Meta: Diamond.

Jabberspawn: I really don't see the resemblance here to the Jabberwock, but I
guess it must be there… somewhere. Anyway, always take cover when fighting
Jabberspawn. They are wicked up close, and still strong at a distance; top
that off with the fact that they usually appear in groups of two or more, so
be careful. The two best weapons are the Jacks or the Jack Bomb.
Attack 1: Pounce.
Attack 2: Bite.
Attack 3: Electric burst.
Life: Eleven hits.
Meta: Diamond.

VI. In-Depth
I assume that you have read or have knowledge of Chapter 2 of this
walkthrough before starting. Choose a difficulty setting you feel comfortable
with and get ready.
The game starts off with a cinema of Dinah (Alice's cat) inadvertently
knocking over a gas lamp. The liquid gas hits the embers from the fireplace
and a fire starts which kills Alice's parents. Being the only survivor, and
heavily injured Alice is sent to a mental institution (read the journal).
Village of the Doomed 2 levels
You find yourself falling, only to land on the ground surrounded by a few
mushrooms. After a few words from the WHITE RABBIT and CHESHIRE CAT you
This level is basically introductory. You will get the hang of Alice's
controls and you'll begin to learn of Wonderland's peril. The map is fairly
self-explanatory. Follow the tunnels until you reach the area marked 'wind'
on the map. Notice, as you jump over it, that your dress fills with air
allowing you to glide over the gap. You will need to be able to control this
later. Soon you will get the knife, and, after another cutscene, you will be
able to use it on the one and only enemy in the level: a CLUB CARD-GUARD.
After dealing with him, follow the upper route to the mine entrance. Thus
ends level 1.

X = cutscene
t = triangle meta
O = weapon
CG = Club Card Guard
& = health
/ \ start
\ /
| |
| |
_______ | |
| _____|________________| |
|_| X__________________/
| X |____________
|_________________ t|
|O| __________
_| |_ |_ _| ____ ___
| |_______|t| |t|____| |_| |
| ____________________ CG |door
|_____| |__ ___|
| | _
_____|_|_| |
|X____|_|_ &|
| | | |_|_|
| | | |
| | |_ |
| |___ |_ |

|____&| | |
______ |_|
to mine |__|

In pandemonium your task is to find the ELDERLY MAN and get from him the
potion which will make you small enough to follow the rabbit through his door.
Ropes will meet you as you start out. To grab onto them simply 'jump' at
NOTE: holding 'jump' will cause you to let go of the rope as soon as you
catch it OR you won't grab it at all.
You can climb up and down ropes and pressing forward and backward will
cause you to swing in that respective direction. 'Jump' releases.
After crossing the acid water, you will speak to the OLD MAN who will
tell you to find a key for him. Move forward to the mine cart and enjoy the

X = cutscene
t = triangle meta
* = rope
| |__/
* | |
__ *
| |_________ ___
| | |_________| |
__|__| ____________t|
| __ X |
| | | /
|__| |_ ______/
| |
| |___________
|_____________|mine cart to A

After the ride is over you will be confronted with a guard. Kill him and
move to the deck of cards beside the door. Enter and kill the guards,
including new DIAMOND CARD GUARDS. Get the key and enter the portal in the
newly opened doorway.

t = triangle meta
d = diamond meta
h = heart meta
O = weapon
CG = Club Card Guard
DG = Diamond Card Guard
A__ |
|t |
| |_
| d|
_____| |
/ ____| |
__| |__ |O__|
| |
|h CG |
| CG |
| DG |
_|_ _|_
|_ | |
|_|_key__|DG|to B

You are back in the area you started. Kill the guards and cross the acid
to enter the door the OLD MAN opened. Once inside you will be carried via
balloon to the next area.

t = triangle meta
CG = Club Card Guard
DG = Diamond Card Guard
* = rope
* | | B
__ *
| |_________ ___
| to C |_________|HG |
__|__| ____________t|
| __ |
| | | /
|__| |_ ______/

Fortress of Doors 4 levels
Fortress of Doors part 1
From here on out, the game starts getting progressively tougher. After
the intro in which you jump off of the balloon to the side of the castle, you
will spent most of your time trying to get into the school. Easier said than
done. The only entrance is an open window overlooking one of the upper walks
of the castle. Again, getting up there is easier said than done.
As you start, you should be at full sanity and power. If not, you can go
around the castle perimeter to get several items, but they are guarded by 2
Once your power is full, you will find an opening by the area you
started. This takes you inside the castle walls. There really isn't that
much to do here. You can't get into the school here, a clip brush has made
sure of that, so all that is available is a doorway on the wall.

S = start
& = health
% = power
DG = Diamond Card Guard
____ ____
| | | _______________ | | |
| | | | || | |
| | | | || | |
| | | | || | |
| | | |_______________|| | |
| |_|_ _| | |
|S _ |______________| | | |
| | |_ | | |
| | |_|_____ to A______| | |
| |____DG_________DG_____| |
|_______DG__DG ______| |_|
|___| |_| __
__ |__|
|__| __
__ |%_|

A room in the void. You will almost immediately be confronted with 2
BOOJUMS. After they are dead you may need to get the heart energy hidden in
the area near where you entered. Cross the floor (which will open underneath
your feet, climb the stairs and cross the tilting angular walkway. Just make
sure that you hurry across or the end facing the top of the exit platform will
be too low to make the jump. Enter the portal to exit the level.

h = heart meta
BJ = Boojum

bottom top
__________ __________
|A ||h | | to B |
| | |__________|
|__________| _
BJ | |________
__________ |________ |
| | BJ |_|
|__ | __________
| | | | |
|__|_______| |__________|

Beyond the Wall
You start off in a large room with towering walls and a number of CLUB
GUARDS. Use the cover to your advantage and lure the cards to their doom one
at a time. On the raised circular platform is a DEMON VIAL. Drinking it will
allow you to kill the guards with one hit each… but it will also summon at
least four more guards to deal with. The choice is yours.
You will see several CLUB GUARDS on the upper level. Don't worry about
them unless they jump down.

S = start
d = diamond meta
% = power
^ = demon vial
CG = Club Card Guard
| _________________|S|_ |
| |____%_cg_ _________| |
| _________| |_________ |
| |cg__ _CG ______CG_| |
| ___d| |^| |_________ |
| |cg_______ __CG_____| |
| _________|cg_________ |
| |_ CG__________d_cg_| |
|___| |___________________|
| |
| |
to A

After passing through a series of doors you will be confronted with
another void. All you have to do here is get to the other side of the
expanse, but to do this you will have to keep up with the four puzzle pieces
that constantly build a path to guide your way. The BOOJUM won't attack until
you reach the other side, and you should be able to enter the portal before it
can even reach you.

d = diamond meta
BJ = Boojum

____| |____
\ /


| _____ |
|___|to B |___|

The first real puzzle of the game. Quickly kill the three BOOJUMS that
attack you (preferably from the safety of the lower level). The point of this
puzzle is to pull the switches in the order that their sounds played when you
entered the area. The switch on the top level resets the bottom switches in
case you make a mistake. The correct order is 3-1-2.
Take care of the guards from the safety of the top level and cross on the
puzzle pieces, which move with you this time. Follow the hallway, killing the
guard at the end to reach the portal.

d = diamond meta
CG = Club Card Guard
DG = Diamond Card Guard
BJ = Boojum

top bottom
_________ _________
| B |\ | 3d2 1 |
|____)____| \ |__)_)_)X|
_ | | \
BJ |_| _/ \__/

| DG CG |
|___ ___|
| |
| |
| |
to C

This is the second to last part of the level and the least difficult.
When you enter the room the ground will flip, break apart, and turn into steps
so you can climb to the portal. The map below shows the order to follow. If
a number is shown twice, it means you have a choice.

| _ _ _ |
| |2|1|2| |
| |4|3|4| |
| |6|5|4| |
| |7|7|8| |
| |8|9|9| |
| |_|_|_| |
| _____ |
|_| to D|_|

Back to the first area, this time on the upper level. But not for long.
You will soon be assaulted by four BOOJUMS. Not very good odds. The easiest
way to deal with them is to jump down quickly and take them two (or less) at a
time. It's no use trying to run. You can't progress until you beat them.
The circular platform will lift you back to the top level, and the middle door
will be your exit.

d = diamond energy
h = heart meta
& = health
% = power
BJ = Boojum

|% _____________________ |
| |____%____ _________| |
| _________| |_________ |
| |____ _ _________| |
| ___d| |_| |_end_____ D|
| |_________ _________| |
| _________| |_________ |
| |_ ____________d____| |
|___| |__________________%|
| |
BJ | | BJ BJ

Fortress of Doors part 2
This short little area is hardly worth the load time, but it adds
continuity. You are now at the top of the castle wall. Kill the two DIAMOND
GUARDS and the two BOOJUMS (using the cover of the room you start in) and
proceed to the open school house window. Jump in to end the level.
NOTE: Falling off the edge will have you repeating all these tasks over again
NOTE: The BOOJUMS won't appear until you cross the first corner of the castle
wall. Kill the guards before you do this.

S = start
& = health
% = power
DG = Diamond Card Guard
BJ = Boojum
____ ____
| |S| _______________ | | |
| | | | || | |
| | | | || | |
| | | | |exit|
| | | |_______________||BJ |
| | |_ _| | |
| | | |______________| |BJ |
| | |_ | | |
| | |_|________________| | |
| |____DG_________DG_____| |
|___________ ______| |_|
|___| |_| __
__ |__|
|__| __
__ |%_|

Skool Daze part 1
This is another level that you will have to visit twice, one of 3 in the
entire game. You start out in the room that you jumped into, except that the
window is gone and a door is in its place. Oh, well. It's not like this
level could possibly fit into that little school house from the previous
Enter the next room and kill the guards. Before entering any of the
doors, go upstairs and grab the CROQUET MALLET sitting on the platform next to
the fireplace. You can't jump from one platform to the next, so jump on the
fireplace and then on to the platform.

S = start
O = weapon
DG = Diamond Card Guard
@ = insane child
| S|
| @|
| |__ |O||aduitorium
| | | DG _||
| | | __ | |
| |__| | | | |
|____|__|____| |
library DG|____|__|____|DG|
|__|_____ _____|__|
| |

Go in the lower door to go to the auditorium. Inside you will find the
OLD MAN. He will tell you of a book that contains the ingredients for the
potion. Talking to him will also cause two DIAMOND GUARDS to enter the room
and attack you. Kill them. After they hit the floor, you will see the OLD
MAN pull a book that opens the way to the library. To get there take the
upper door.
NOTE: The swinging doors in this level and the next will never open. It's
just there for looks.

X = cutscene
DG = Diamond Card Guard
@ = insane child
main X |@ |
| | | | | @|
|dg | | | | | |
|dg | | | | |@ |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | |@ |

There isn't much to do in the area before the library, but I suggest you
kill the CLUB GUARD in the book-filled walkway while you have the chance. He
won't hesitate to call his friends into battle.

CG = Club Card Guard
@ = insane child
|@ |
| |_________
| | CG
| |_CG______
| |
|---|-opens after auditorium
| |
| |___
| CG |
| ___|
| |
_| |
to A |

The library itself is four stories high. Each story has a large blue
book that will act as a stepping stone to the book of ingredients once
'activated'. These books are marked with numbers on the map. Use the stairs
to get to the second story, the right bookcase to get to the third story
(remember that the book is on the left side of the second story), and the
elevator to get to the fourth story. Jump across the books to get to the
package looking object. It's the book of ingredients.
Once you push the book off the wall, make you way down to the second
story. The only way down from here is to jump. To avoid getting hurt, jump
so as to land on the fallen book. Your fall will be interrupted with a

X = cutscene
CG = Club Card Guard
DG = Diamond Card Guard
__________ ______________
| | | CG | | CG |
| _ | |____ | | ____|
_| || | |____ | | ____|
| || | |____|| ||____|bookcases
|1 || | |_CG_ | | _DG_|
| || | | |__| |
|CG DG DG| |2 |
|___ _____A |______ X_____|
|__|stairs |__|stairs
__ book
______________ _____|__|_____
| CG | | DG| | 1 |
|____ | | ____| | 2 |
|____ | | ____| | 3 |
|____|| ||____|bookcases |_____ ___4_|
|___DG| | __DG| |____ | | ____|
| | | 3| | | | 4 |
| ___|__|___ _| |_____|__|_DG__|
observ. |_|elevator |_|elevator

Skool's Out
In this level you must search three the school's three stories to find
the four ingredients (mushrooms, poppies, sugar, and spice). You will also be
confronted with a new concept: for every good thing you do, something even
worse will be there to greet you because of it.
You start out in a large circular room. Kill the BOOJUM and the two
guards. At this point you are presented with a number of choices. Seemingly,
that is. You can go into either of the two lower doors first. This
walkthrough, however, will start with the room on the right.
In side this room is mainly void. But you can get the DEMON DICE here.
I say can, because it isn't necessary. You'll end up summoning seven enemies
if you choose to take the bait, but I suggest you take on the challenge.
Jump over to the platform holding the dice and turn to face the way you
came BEFORE you grab the dice. Trust me, the three BOOJUM that appear will
easily blow you off the platform if you don't get back to the other side as
soon as you can. Besides, you are much safer with the staircase blocking you
than anywhere else.
After you enter the main room again, you will be attacked by four CLUB
GUARDS. Use the dice and save yourself some trouble.

Go to the second doorway on the first story. It leads to the gym. Pull
the lever to the left of the entrance to extend the bleachers. Climb the
bleachers to jump into the rafters. Make your way across, avoiding the
swinging balls, and talk to the OLD MAN. He gives you the MUSHROOMS, but
leaves you to three BOOJUM. Grab the DEMON VIAL to get increased strength.
You should be able to kill two BOOJUM by throwing your knife before the effect
wears off. Going back into the main room also leaves you with two more

There is only one door on the third story. It leads to Second Grayd.

Enter second grayd and save the OLD MAN to get the SUGAR-SPICE DROPS and
NOTE: You can only meet the old man AFTER you have seen him in the GYM.
Go back into the hall and enter one of the doors on the side. It doesn't
matter which, they both lead to the same place. You can go out to the third
story here, or the third grayd room.

Third grayd contains seven guards and two BOOJUM, as well as your second
chance to get the CROQUET MALLET and the POPPY in the last room. Be sure to
actually pick up the POPPY LOLLIPOP. Simply creating it won't count.

Now that you have gathered everything, go back to the lab in second
grayd. Pick up the FINISHED POTION and the STAR to open the portal back to
Skool Daze.
Skool Daze part 2
Kill the guards and make your way back to the library.

S = start
h = heart energy
CG = Club Card Guard
| |
| |
| |__ |h||aduitorium
| | | _||
| | | __ | |
| |__| | | | |
|____|__|____| |
library |_CG_|__|CG__| |
|__|_____ _____|__|
| S|

Don't rush in. Learn here the advantage of the 3rd person view the game
provides. You can see the three BOOJUM in the library, but they can't see
you. Use the DEMON DICE to keep them company. You will have to give the
demon a hand in order to kill all three. The level one demon isn't all that

CG = Club Card Guard
DG = Diamond Card Guard
BJ = Boojum
__________ ______________
| BJ BJ | | DG | | |
| _ BJ | |____ | | ____|
_| || | |____ | | ____|
| || | |____|| ||____|bookcases
|_ || | |___DG| | __ |
| || | | | | |
|CG | | ___|__|___ _|
|___ _____A observ. |_|elevator

The entrance to the observatory is on the left side of the third story.

& = health
% = power
CG = Club Card Guard
DG = Diamond Card Guard
| % %CG% __|
| / \ |__|
| | |DG |__|
| \ _ / | |
|_________________| |
|_| | | | DG |

The star will allow you entrance to the observatory elevator. Enter the
observatory and fight the three guards. Jump over the gap in the stairs and
walk up to the telescope to start a cutscene that will take you to the next

Vale of Tears 4 levels
Pool of Tears
As you start out, you will see the WHITE RABBIT dash into a cave just as
a boulder blocks the way for you to follow him in. It seems you have to take
the long way around.
Jump across the pit on the left most side to begin your ascent, and make
your way to the boulder and over to the edge of the waterfall. As you jump to
the second platform a scene will play where an ARMY ANT pushes a boulder off
the edge. Stay where you are till it passes.
Continue upward until right before the waterfall the second time. The
same thing will happen, but this time you must rush behind the waterfall to
avoid being crushed. There is a heart back there so don't it will pay off.
Continue upward (to the left when exiting) until you get to the switch-back.
You will be attacked by two MECHANICAL LADYBUGS. After they are gone, it's up
to the top. This map is from the side.

___to A
_ |________
|_| _
|_| _________ _______ 2LB
|_________| |______ |
__ |_|
__ ____ |__|
______X|__| |____|
__ |______|
| |___ _X ________
|______| |_| |________| ____

Once at the top you will have to deal with four ARMY ANT SOLDIERS. Take
them out one at a time from the safety of the slanted piece of land you walked
to the top on. Following the path will lead you to the pool of tears. As you
enter (and before you can do much else) the MOCK TURTLE will tell you his
woes. He will then jump on a leaf, leaving you to follow him.

to B
| | _________
| L |____ |AS AS|__A______
| \ \___ AS _\
| |_ \ _AS_____/
| \__ | |
| | | |
| | | |
| ___ X \__/ /
\___/ \___/\______/

During this trip you will be bombarded with bombs from the MECHANICAL
LADYBUGS at every worst moment. Get over it. If they drop their load while
you are on the leaf, you will not get hit. If you are unfortunate enough to
run into them on dry land, all I can tell you is to run.
The waters also hold an abundance of SNARKS. Seeing as you should only be in
the water once (and no more) this will not be as big a problem. There are
only two more ants in the level, so don't get excited over that either.
Stay on the leaf. You will be changing leaves 3 times during this level,
so it would do you good to stay on. I'm going to tell you when to jump and
when to strafe, so there are no excuses for falling in the water. If you are
so unlucky as to fall in the water, you might want to know how to swim. All
you do is jump. You won't have unlimited air for another four levels, so get
used to going up for air.
Let's begin.
Follow the river until you see the sharp left turn. The leaf will go
under some roots here, so jump on them, get the health, and get back on the
leaf. If you miss the leaf, another will come so don't sweat it.

| |
| |
\ \_
\_ \
| |
/ /
/ /
/ | 2LB
/ \___
| ___to C
| _ /

Continue on till you hit the waterfall. Jump to the left as much as you
can to minimize your time in the water. Kill the ants and get on the second

__|_|_ _____
/ ___ \_/_/_2AS\
| | \__ |SN P\__
| | \| P_L to D
___/ / \__3SN__/

Soon there will be a branch. Either stay to the left or jump and get the
diamond meta. The stream will go through a log and around under it. Refill
your life with the heart on the shore behind the log before you continue.

___ __
/ _ \ / \
D / \//SN /\_ \
\ \3LB/ /h| |
\ \_/\/____/
\___/ to E

Another waterfall. This time jump to the land on the right before you go
over the edge. Head down and jump to the third leaf.

to F
/ |
/__ \
/ _ | |
/|| || |
|___ |
|___| |
| 4SN L |_
| |___/
| |
| \____

Stay to the right of the first branch you come to, jump onto the second
(with the heart on top), and continue till you see the bridge. Here lies the
third falls, and if you fall in, you die. Jump to the left or onto the vine
before you go over.

/ \
| * |
_|_||__|/ |
to G____ |
| |\_|
| |
/ /_
/ /__
| |
\ \
\/ \
| |
|_ |4LB
| |

Follow the path to get to the fourth leaf. Strafe right, left, then
right again to avoid falling. And the level ends.

/ __G
/ |
| L \____
|3SN_____ \
\ \___________

Hollow Hideaway
This level is fairly short, but a pain in the neck none-the-less. There
will be two groups of ARMY ANT GENERAL, 2 ARMY ANT SOLDIER combinations. Kill
the one at a time, and get to the lily pads near the second trio. A word of
warning… you can't swim here. It doesn't help that two ladybugs are here to
welcome you. A fish will swallow you whole is you stay in the water too long.
Go from the lily pads to the root to the leaf near the lower, smaller root.

You won't stay on the leaf long. Ride it to the end and get ready to
followed by another general, 2 soldier, a MUSHROOM, and a flower. Take out
the ants from behind the ledge you landed at, then the first flower, the
second general, then the shroom. Go down to the other side of the hill to
kill the remaining enemies. A new leaf awaits you.

Sail onward until you get to the next root. Jump on it as soon as you
can. Kill the two guarding ARMY ANT GENERALS one at a time, and approach the
house to view the cutscene. End level.

Just Desserts
Wow, the first boss… ready? Here you will fight the Duchess herself. As
you walk into the room you will see a JACK BOMB on the table. Get it. The
room will expand into a giant pentagon and the Duchess will come out of the
chimney. Diamond meta appears on all of the walls except for the one with the

Weapons to use: The jack bombs secondary fire works well, as does the knife.
Duchess's health: Ten gasps.
Attacks: Pepper- mildly dangerous, but worth avoiding.
Pepper Bomb- a direct hit is fatal
Shaker Hit- you'll get conked on the head if you get too
close- mildly dangerous
Bite- close range as well- takes off Ѕ of your life.
Pepper Teleport- annoying but not directly harmful.
Strategy: Run around the smaller table that you picked up the JACK BOMB from.
It blocks her attacks. If using the knife, sidestep around the table and
throw. If using the bombs, throw onto the ground near the direction she's
walking to set her on fire. Fire can get up to five gasps in one attack, but
it hurts you. The knife is slow and steady.
When done: A cutscene where you and the MOCK TURTLE enter the next area.
Wholly Morel Ground
There isn't much I can tell you here, other than you need to follow the
turtle. Keeping up with him has been difficult for some people, but there are
shortcuts you can take, and you can stay out of the bubbles for almost 20
seconds and not die.
The first 2 areas have tall weeds near the top of them (to the right in
the first, and to the left in the second). If you need to, use that to keep
up with the turtle.

The next three areas have collapsing pillars, the in the first on both
sides of the middle, none in the second, and in the third one near the end on
the left. Avoid the clams and the air vents as much as possible and don't be
afraid to cut corners. The area after this is empty.

The next area is tricky. It contains a SNARK and a collapsing ceiling.
Stay near the middle of the room as much as possible if you can't keep up,
momentarily swimming into the bubbles. The exit is opposite of the way you
came in.

This area isn't much better with two collapsing pillars (go around the
other way) and another SNARK added to the chase. Again the exit is across
from the entrance. The next area is empty except for any SNARKS you bring
with you.

The last area has a heart. Grab it and take heart that it's almost over.
The turtle will break through the wall to the left of the entrance ending the

Wonderland Woods 7 levels
Dry Landing
If you haven't hated being small yet, you will now. Wonderland Wood has
more enemies than you can shake a stick at. At to that that the next few
levels are very maze-like, finding your way won't be tougher until you get to
Queen of Hearts Land, but that isn't for a while yet.
In Dry Landing, you start off by getting a turtle's shell. This
drastically increases the amount of time you can stay underwater. Follow the
path until you see two white fungus growing on the side of a tree. The
topmost one has a triangle meta on it, and it provides a nice area to take out
the ARMY ANT SOLDIER waiting below.
Next you will be by a stream. SNARKS just got a lot more difficult as
they will spit poison at you if you don't go in the water and kill them. I
highly suggest you kill them in the water, then the soldier waiting at the
area above the vine. Climb the vine, follow the path and kill the PINK ROSE.
Climb the rocks until you are level with the bouncy mushroom.
A lot of people have trouble getting from the mushroom to the vine. To
do this, face the vine and have the mushroom directly to your left. Strafe-
jump onto the mushroom and let it throw you to the vine. Climb it and swing
to meet the rabbit on the ledge.

Welcome to the big tree. You will see this guy again as you will travel
in the four compass directions from it. Consider yourself to be at the south
end. You need to get to the east end. You can easily jump onto the white
fungus from the edge you are on, and from there you can dispense with the ARMY
ANT SOLDIER. Use the vine to get over to the area the ant was standing, go
forward until you hear the buzzing of the MECHANICAL LADYBUGS, then go back to
the big tree and seek shelter under the large branch near the vine. Kill all
three of the pests from here and use the vine to get back to the east side.

After you kill the PINK ROSE, you should notice that you are just above
where you started. Don't fall off the edge. Kill the second flower and the
ARMY ANT GENERAL and go into the next 'room'. This room has two vines, 4
mushrooms (all of which are unnecessary) , an ARMY ANT SOLDIER, and another
PINK ROSE. Stay to the left, killing the flower first, and use the vines to
get from platform to platform. Swing from one vine to the next to get to the
platform the ant was on. Head into the tree trunk.

People also seem to have trouble getting to the upper ledge in the tree
trunk. Just climb the vine, jump onto the trippy mushroom, and bounce
backwards onto the fungus. From here you can jump to the exit ledge. If you
want to risk injury, there is a DEMON VIAL on a fungus farther up. Drop down
from the fungus, onto the trippy mushroom, and grab the closest ledge of the
fungus to pull yourself up. Simply drop down onto the exit ledge to minimize

Again you are above where you have already been, so don't fall. This
time it would be fatal. Make your way around the loops, being careful of the
four MECHANICAL LADYBUGS that will attack you.

As you enter the next area, the bridge leading to the other side of the
gap will fall out. To get across, bounce from the near trippy mushroom, to
the far one, to the edge of the bridge. A PINK ROSE and a MUSHROOM await your
arrival, and the guard a JACK BOMB. Follow the trail to the far right.

Welcome back to the giant tree. You are at the north side. Head west.
Use the vine to get to the fungus, and climb the second vine for a dangerous
face-off with an ARMY ANT GENERAL. Notice that there is an arrival-end portal
here. This is for if you get swept down the rapids. Take out the 2 PINK
ROSES, and avoid the MECHANICAL LADYBUGS. Jump from the second of the three
aligned stepping stones onto the rock where the second flower was. Run to
avoid being hit by the SNARKS, and enter the cave to end the level.

Herbaceous Border
This is a headache level, pure and simple. It will be a long while
before you come to another level this non-linear. I could spend the next
three pages describing this entire level in detail, but I'm not going to. I'm
going to tell you the easiest and shortest path to the end of the level, and
then provide you with the maps to go explore if you truly insist.
You will start by saying goodbye to a friend in the opening cutscene, and
then you will be left to figure out where you are trying to go, with only the
knowledge that you must eventually find the CATERPILLER.
There are three tunnels for you to choose from. The third, hardest to find
will be the one we will be taking. Go straight forward until you see the
stone steps leading up to the two triangle meta. When you get to the top,
turn right and go until you see two vines to the right again. Kill the PINK
ROSE, and cross the vines to the ledge and a hole in the ground. Go inside.

Fight the MUSHROOM and then the ARMY ANT GENERAL just a little ways

You will find yourself in a large area with a number of walkways. The
one you are on has to possible exits. Stay to the right. IT IS HIGHLY
IMPORTANT that you do not touch the center of this walkway. The three
walkways will crumble leaving you stranded in the center. Jump when you get
close to the middle, and land safely on the right handed walkway to continue.

You are in another simpler room, still without enemies. Walk over to the
vent to lift yourself to the first of the two vines. Go to the second vine
from the first, and climb/jump to the ledge above the two fungus. Jump to the
ledge with the cards, and follow the path out of the tunnel.

Kill the PINK ROSES, and jump down by the blue POWER VIAL. Follow the
ledge around, killing the flowers and ladybugs you come across. Ignore the
first vine, and jump over the root to face the two ANTLIONS. Just past them
is another tunnel… the exit.

Rolling Stones
Just one more reason to hate the MECHANICAL LADYBUGS. This time they
have dropped a marble (enormous at your size) down the tunnel after you. Get
ready to run.
This level is incredibly straightforward. Just make sure to be running
full speed and you won't have any problems.
Run down the looping path until you get to the room with the broken path.
Jump from the mushroom to the right (automatically guided, but you still need
to press forward), to the central platform, to the mushroom on the left, and
the trail. Keep running.

In a few seconds you will be in another room. Stay on the ribs and
follow the tunnel to the ice underneath. Don't stop running until you get
past the ice. It will crack open, and if you're on it, you'll fall. Walk
through the icy tunnel until the ground breaks, taking you to the next level.

Icy Reception
Another relatively easy level. The only enemies you will find will be
three MECHANICAL LADYBUGS at the very end. Don't be surprised to see and here
ants and SNARKS… they are trapped in the ice and can't harm you.
At the start, head down the icy slope, but be careful not to fall off the
ledge. Head to the right, keeping along the wall. Jump from the highest
ledge to the ICE WAND below. A walkway behind you will crumble. And that is
the way you need to go. You'll have to go back around to the far left in
order to go right again. Follow the remaining walkways, and jump onto the
steps by the frozen ARMY AND SOLDIER. Head back to the wall, and start to the
right side of the room. When you get to the right-most ledge, jump into the
tunnel's opening.

Upon doing this you will trigger the marble to resume it's chase. Follow
the tunnel until you get to the last icy room before the inferno. You'll know
it when you see it. Run to the left side of the room and wait for the marble
to pass.

Kill the ladybugs, grab the JACK BOMB to the left, the head along the
path to the right. When you see the two air vents, use them to boost yourself
up to the ledge high above. A short distance away is the CATERPILLAR
(finally). He will tell you to seek the mushroom guarded by the CENTIPEDE,
and will summon a portal to send you there.

Fungiferous Flora
Magically you appear in a cave… surrounded by MUSHROOMS. It isn't worth
trying to kill them, so grab the MIRROR OF INVISIBILITY to your left (behind
the pillar). Switch to the JACK BOMB and run out of the cave. You will
notice an ARMY ANT SOLDIER and 2 ANTLIONS. Throw a bomb using the secondary
fire and run back into the cave. The fire will take out these three while you
knife the MUSHROOM guarding the cave's entrance. Kill the PINK ROSE and the
second ant that follow.

Four more MUSHROOMS await you. Stay as far right as you can and throw
another JACK BOMB at the group of ants to quickly end their days. Beware the
3 SNARK that infest the nearby pool, you'll have to swim through it to

The next area holds a MUSHROOM, 2 ANTLIONS, a PINK ROSE, and then 2 more
MUSHROOMS. But the bounty is sweet, indeed. In a cave on top of the rocks
you will find the second DEMON DICE location. Grab them. When you fall into
the mouth of the tunnel after the 2 MUSHROOMS, get your JACK BOMB ready again.
Throw in before you enter the larger cave so that it burns the ants during the
cutscene. Run forward until the level ends.

Centipede's Sanctum
You have been taken captive and are thrown into the pit of the CENTIPEDE

Weapons to use: The newly found ice wand is the only weapon worth using.
Centipede's health: Six 'gasps'.
Attacks: Claws- if you get too close the claws will mildly drain your
Ram- moderate to heavily damaging- strafe to avoid if
Poison- heavily damaging, but easily avoided.
Thump- hard to get hit by this, but it reveals weak spot.
Babies- more like face huggers- drain health- jump to shake
Bite- don't get too close- moderate to heavy damage.
Strategy: This is why it pays to read the CASEBOOK. 1 June 1874 – "…note the
Centipede has a tender underbelly…". Now that you know where to hit him, I'll
tell you how. Stay at a moderate distance from the Centipede (trial and error
will tell you what this is), and wait for the centipede to raise up to do his
thump attack. You'll see a red light under him when he's about to do this.
Hurry and blast the red area with the ice wand until he scream. Continue
until he dies.
NOTE: If you kill the centipede in the area to the left (when you enter) and
front of the pillar with the mushroom on it, the falling stalactites will
impale him.
When done: Jump from the fallen stalactites to the area with the mushroom.
You'll eat it and grow big.
Caterpillar's Plot
Only one path to endgame? What's that all about? Oh, yeah, you have to
take all the other paths to open that 'one path'. Hmm… for a second there, I
almost thought there was some non-linearity. Oh, well.
You might as well kill the FIRE IMPS… they get in the way otherwise. While
you're at it kill the PHANTASMAGORIA (near the entrance to the ORACLE'S path)
and the two LAVA MAN (in the lava pools) as they will get in your way
otherwise. Go to the center pillar in the lava and take the first piece of
the JABBERWOCK'S EYE STAFF. With this done you will open the way to the

The path to the ORACLE is filled with BOOJUMS. Take advantage of your
level 2 DEMON DICE to help you get rid of them. Once you get to the large
open area you will be interrupted by a cut scene. The ORACLE will tell you
that you can't kill the QUEEN until you kill the JABBERWOCK which you can't do
until you get the remaining pieces of the JABBERWOCK'S EYE STAFF. In order to
complete the staff you must journey to the PALE REALM (which has now been
opened to you). Do not stray any farther into the open area unless you want
three BOOJUM to greet you. As it is, you will have to fight 3 BOOJUM, 5 FIRE
IMPS and a PHANTASMAGORIA. Make you way back to the central area and take the
path directly to your left.

The path to the PALE REALM starts off with three BOOJUM. Kill them as
well as the RED PAWNS that hop around the chess area. Underneath the ramp of
chess board is a diamond meta and a MIRROR OF INVISIBILITY. Take the mirror
and kill the DIAMOND CARD GUARD and the SPADE CARD GUARD just ahead.
NOTE: There is a secret area behind the cards. Climb up to where they stood
and drop down where you see the RED PAWN. Under that is a tunnel leading to
10 triangle meta. Climb the steps and jump back towards the ledge to get out.
It looks as though there may be a path under the steps, but I can't get to it.
If you know what this is mail me and let me know.
The path from here is very self-explanatory. Beware the DIAMOND CARD
GUARD on the upper ledge to the left when you enter the final room and enter
the portal.

NOTE: It is possible to enter the path to the MAJESTIC MAZE, though you can't
get past the colorful wall at this point. A bug in the game at this point, if
you go back through this area twice, you can see the area in the wall that you
destroy later missing from the wall. You can't go through it, but it is

Looking Glass Land 4 levels
Pale Realm
Welcome to the land of chess pieces. Take notice in the opening sequence
where the WHITE ROOK is standing. You will need to go through this door
Start of by going over to the WHITE BISHOP. He will move out of the way
and change you into a bishop to complete the first chess piece challenge. I'm
not going to map this area, as it would be a waste to do so, but here is the
path you follow: U = up, D = down, L = left, R = right. Since you move
diagonally, each move has two directions. U-L, U-R, U-R, U-L, U-L, U-L, U-R,
U-R, D-R, U-R, D-R, D-R, D-L, D-R, D-R, U-R, U-R, U-L, U-R, U-L, U-L.

You are now in the court yard. After grabbing the CROQUET MALLET from
atop the pedestal, you will face a total of 2 RED PAWNS and 3 RED KNIGHTS.
There is only one door open-able at this point. Go through it. After killing
the RED PAWN and the RED ROOK, use the elevator and take the door closest to
the entrance to this room.

At the end of the hall, there will be a trap. A number of spikes will
come up from the ground at intervals. Be sure not to get poked. You will
next be confronted by 2 RED BISHOPS and a RED KNIGHT. Kill them, enter the
door across the bridge, kill the next knight, get the cards, and go out the
door at the end of the hall. Pull the switch to open the door guarded by the
WHITE ROOK. Jump down here and enter the door.

Another large open area awaits you. Help the WHITE ROOK kill the RED
BISHOP, then kill the RED KNIGHT hiding on the ramp to the right further down.
Simply follow the path around the second tower to meet up with the WHITE
KNIGHT for the second chess piece challenge. In chess, knights move in an 'L'
shape, so use these directions to get through the obstacles: U, L, U, U, R, R,
U, D, R, D, D, D, D.

Kill the RED BISHOP, head up the ramp to the right, and enter the smaller
door. Throw a flaming JACK BOMB around the corner inside the building to take
care of the three RED PAWNS. At the top of the stars is a JACK BOMB.
NOTE: Notice the cracked wall behind the barrels? An explosion will destroy
it, allowing you access to the out-of-reach sanity power up you may have seen
Head out the door to get to the two guard towers The switch in the
second tower will turn on the water wheel, raising the water level. This
allows you to get to the area to the left of you (as you head out of the
tower) Swim to it and hurry through the doors to get to the next level.

This level is nice and short. All you have to do is get to the WHITE
KING to ask him about the second piece of the JABBERWOCK'S EYE STAFF.
The courtyard you start in is empty until you get too close to the castle
door. You will see the WHITE QUEEN being taken away by some RED BISHOPS. You
are left to fight 2 RED PAWNS and 2 RED KNIGHTS.

Upon entering the castle, you will see a WHITE KNIGHT and a WHITE BISHOP
fighting a RED BISHOP, a RED ROOK, and a RED PAWN. Give them a hand. Enter
the door on either side that is farthest away from the entrance.
NOTE: Take a second to look at the paintings on the wall. There are six
different ones from past and recent interpretations of Alice in Wonderland.

The path following the door leads to a second room, and a second battle.
Kill the reds and go into the larger door.

In the king's chamber simply walk up to the WHITE KING to start a
cutscene. The king will tell you that is the WHITE QUEEN dies, the (chess)
game will be over. He gives you a pawn and tells you that stopping the red
pieces will help you both, and it is the only way to the second staff piece.
Follow the WHITE ROOKS (one of them at least) out to the exit.

Checkmate in Red
This level is almost exactly like it's white counterpart, but you will
not have to see as much of it to get to the end. You start already in the
open area with the two guard towers, and that is where you will be going
Kill the RED PAWNS at the start, and jump into the water to your left.
Turn around and head toward the two triangle meta.

Climb the vine and take out the RED BISHOP directly in front of you, as
well as the three pawns ahead. Enter the room to get, *gasp*, the third DEMON
DICE. If you've collected every one so far, you will have the fully upgraded
dice at this point (seeing the fully upgraded demon will take trial and error,
though). As you head through the next door you will see a cutscene of the
WHITE QUEEN being beheaded.

Follow the looping halls, dispatching any enemies that come your way,
until you get to the two RED KNIGHTS.
NOTE: To kill the two rooks, lure them out into a flaming JACK BOMB, and use
the knife from the safety of the top of the two-high barrel.
Enter the door and drop down the hole at the end of the hall.

It's time to face the RED KING in order to save the white pieces.

Weapons to use: Primarily use the ice want. Nothing else is as effective.
Red King's health: Nine gasps.
Attacks: Bat- moderately damaging attack for if you get to close.
Beam- mildly damaging attack- about the same at the diamond
Multi-beam- moderately damaging attack using a number of
beams- replaces the beam several hits
Strategy: Start out by emptying you ice wand into the kings face. You may
not notice more than one gasp. Keep in mind that the king doesn't show his
damage very evenly… just keep blasting. Run around constantly, avoiding what
you can until your energy meter is full for another ice attack. You will
constantly be taking damage, but don't worry, you'll be able to beat the king
without much trouble.
NOTE: If you use the croquet mallet when the king is low on health and near
the edge, you can knock him off.
When done: The end-of-the-board platform will come down, allowing the pawn to
change into a queen. But as this happens a number of strong red pieces will
enter. Before you can help the queen, the Mad Hatter clubs you from behind
and you blank out. You awake to see his portrait.

Mirror Image
This level isn't that long, but it is terrible aggravating. In the intro
cutscene you see a clock breaking. This is your clue on how to get through
the level.
You can start by going in either direction. Heading left, however, is
the shorter route. Breaking mirrors will greet you the whole way, and they
usually contain CLOCKWORK GUARDS. From the left route, go into the curved
tunnel (beware the breaking glass), then go right directly after the second
tunnel (beware breaking glass). To the left at the end of the hall is an
opening with two pipes, a gear, and a clock. Break the clock.

Follow the right side of the hall this time, and go through the two
tunnels to come face to face with the wall (or lack thereof) that opened.
Before you enter this next area, go to the end of the hall behind you. The
glass will break revealing 2 CLOCKWORK GUARDS and the JACKS. Now jump into
the tunnel from the opening.

There is a PHANTASMAGORIA in the middle of the tunnel, and once you reach
the middle, the tunnel will spin 90 degrees clockwise.
NOTE: At the 45 degree point there is a MIRROR OF INVISIBILITY outside the
tunnel. Jump out to get it and use the teleporter to get back.
On either side of the newly turned tunnel is a hall, and each tunnel has
four open-able rooms, each room containing a clock that you must break. Avoid
the LANTERN SPIDERS and break the clocks.

The doors at the end of either hall lead to large open areas with
platforms that rotate when you step on them. You need to get to the door way
located at second-level height at the opposite end of the room. It is easiest
to do this from the left side. The bottom turning plank is actually three
planks, the first and third tilting forward and back ward, the middle tilting
from left to right. At the third platform, stay on the end further back until
the frontward end lifts above being level with the ground in front of the
door. Run and jump when you are near the edge and you will grab on. Pull
yourself up, enter the door and dispatch the PHANTASMAGORIA and the CLOCKWORK
NOTE: The tops of the clocks with the children inside hold a heat meta and a
DEMON VIAL. To get to these, make your way up to the asylum room across from
the clock, then jump to the roman numeral 10, the 3, the 5, and then onto the

This last loops area has three statues that suck in air (and you if you
aren't careful). Avoid them, the CLOCKWORK GUARDS, and the 3 BOOJUM that
inhabit this area. Head to the walkway extending from the middle. It leads
to three swinging pieces of pipe. The easiest way to get rid of the CLOCKWORK
GUARD at the end of the pipes is to hurry through and jump onto the ledge near
the ground past him. From here 16 hits with the knife will take him out of
the game. Use the vine to get back to the walkway and enter the door.
NOTE: A BOOJUM resides in the middle pipe. If you're lucky he'll 'scream'
you across to the door.

Get ready to face another boss. This time it's TWEEDLE DEE (large) and
TWEEDLE DUM (small).

Weapons to use: The jack bomb works best to Dum, while the ice wand will
finish off Dee.
Dee's and Dum's health: It really is hard to say. I estimate eight gasps a
Attacks: Wooden Swords- mild attack if you get too close.
Gas Bomb (Dum)- a moderately damaging distance attack.
Ground Thump (Dee)- moderate to heavily damaging attack the
has a 'blast radius'.
Mini Dee/Dum- these miniature bosses will pop out of their
respective 'parents' stomach.
Strategy: Run around the room avoiding what attacks you can while throwing
flaming jack bombs by Tweedle Dum's feet. Before too long he'll bite it.
Collect his heart meta and switch to the ice wand. Whenever Tweedle Dee gets
too close, blast him. This fight with one of the games easiest bosses will
soon be over.
When done: The Mad Hatter will speak to you, telling you he's your friend.
Before long the ground will crumble beneath you leading to the next level.

Behind the Looking Glass 2 levels
Crazed Clockwork
You begin in your asylum room facing towards a giant clock out the open
door in front of you. There is only a single BOOJUM in this first area, and
he can be taken care of without much difficulty. Make your way to the doorway
to the right.

The walkway of stone cards will lead you to a semi-circular room. Each
side of the walkway has a switch, and both must be activated in order for you
to continue. The first starts the gear, while the second lowers in and opens
the door behind it. Use the gear as a bridge. Once through the door, it will
close and stay closed.

The next area is reached by crossing another bridge of stone cards. If
you drop down onto the platform near the water, you can grab the CRICKET TEA
under the last step. A lift will raise you back to the top of the steps. Use
the boosted jump the tea gives you in order to jump over the scalding water
and pull the switch. It will open the door in this same room. Follow the
CHESHIRE CAT'S advice and look in the mirror to see which clocks are safe to
jump on and make your way to the next room.

Your choices are very limited here. There is nothing open to the hall to
your right, and the opening to the far left only holds a PHANTASMAGORIA and a
locked door (which will soon be opened). Go all the way down the hall and to
the right. There will be an open area to the right in the middle of the hall,
and that room will have a hole in the bottom. The room below has two LANTERN
SPIDERS. A JACK BOMB is the best way to deal with them. The only way you can
go here is to through the hall behind where you landed. Go through the door
to view a cutscene. The lab you are in turns the INSANE CHILDREN into
CLOCKWORK GUARDS (at least there is some way to get rid of those brats). It
also holds the DOOR MOUSE and MARCH HARE. Pull the switch in this room to
open the gate at the top of the stairs (from the previous room), open all the
doors without bars (which contain CLOCKWORK GUARDS), and will cause the MAD
HATTER to hit the key in front of the locked door causing it to open. Make
your way to this door.

The next area is filled with LANTERN SPIDERS. The only one that won't
attack you instantly is the one over the door across the first stone card
bridge (he waits till you come out the door). Make your way over the bridge
to this door. Inside you will view another cutscene, with the GRYPHON this
time. He will tell you of the Hatters twisted plans, and you learn that the
hatter will appear at six sharp. On either side of the walkway in this room
are items: a heart meta to the left, and the fourth DEMON DICE location to the
Exit this room and take the bridge you the right to reach the newly
opened door.
NOTE: In order to reach the DEMON VIAL on the ledge above, jump onto the
smaller gear until it is almost completely submerged. Jump, and the gear will
raise above the level of the ledge with your prize. Jump down to collect it.

Following the hall will lead you to the bridge that was to your left when
you first entered the building at the levels start. Go through the door at
the end to come back to the portal on the side of the clock (which is now
open). Go in.

You appear on a large table with four cups of tea and four chairs. Each
chair has a LANTERN SPIDER on it, so take care of them first. The end of the
table has a clock floating in the air which contains a portal. The only way
to get the clock down to your level is to bounce off the seat of the chairs
and land on the sugar cube inside the tea. The tea is hot, and the sugar will
sink, so be careful, but once you dunk them all, you will be able to go
through the portal.

Once again you are near the large clock. Enter it and pull the switch to
set the clock to 6'. Enter the second opening in the clock and go through the

About Face
Enter the room by crossing the bridge. Notice the setup of the large
clock. You'll need it later. In the middle of the arena is the second piece
NOTE: The Hatter can be seen watching you from above the entrance to the

Weapons to use: The jacks work best, but the jack bombs fire is also
Mad Hatter's health: Nineteen gasps with the jacks, and twenty four gasps
with the jack bomb
Attacks: Swat- moderate attack used when you are in range.
Cane Swat- has the same damage as a normal swat.
Tea Bomb- heavily damaging attack that has a 'splash' radius.
Finger Rocket- a moderate to heavily damaging attack that
poisons you.
Clockwork Guards- two of them will appear at a time- avoiding
works best.
Tea Drop- only kills the guards, so don't worry.
Strategy: As the clock on the ground spins it will 'dong' every three
'hours'. Every 'round' consists of: two 'dongs' Hatter, one 'dong' guards,
one 'dong' rest. This means that every time the clock strikes '6', the Hatter
will appear (and in the same place too). Run around avoiding attacks, and
using either of the suggested weapons. For the jack bomb: throw the secondary
fire into the middle of the room and run past it before the flames reach you
so that the Hatter walks through it. For the jacks: throw and run. If you
don't get good results, run back wards to make sure the jacks focus on the
Hatter. Near the end of the second set of 'hours', make sure that you are
near the clock. When the Hatter vanishes at '12', hide behind the 'cord' of
the left pendulum. The 'cord' will help block the blasts from the guard's
hand rockets. When the clock 'dongs' the guards die. Collect their meta-
essence and wait for the Hatter to reappear.
NOTE: The diamond meta will appear only once per 'round'.
When done: Hop on one of the pendulums for a ride to the top of the clock.
Collect the dead-time watch and exit through the portal. You will free the
Griffin and he will tell you that he'll gather the forces against the Queen
while you challenge the Jabberwock.

Land of Fire and Brimstone 2 levels
Burning Curiosity
The GRYPHON will give you a ride to the path leading to the JABBERWOCK'S
lair. And lucky for you, this is one of the most annoying levels in the game.
If you fall into the lava, you die instantly, and, luckily, you'll be spending
a lot of time near the lava. The lava might not be as bad if it were not
inhabited by more FIRE SNARKS than you would ever want to see in your life.
If you thought the MECHANICAL LADYBUGS were bad, you haven't seen anything
yet. Get ready for the FIRE IMPS as well. They'll try to gang up on you.
You start in a large canyon. Make your way to the cliff side,
dispatching any imps that get in the way. There are two ways to climb the
cliff: one is the slanted side to the right, and the other is the stone filled
side to the left. The choice is yours.

At the top of the cliff you will find two JABBER SPAWN, a DEMON VIAL, and
more FIRE IMPS. Head down into the cave. Be care full as you run around
corners, three BOOJUM await you. When you get to the room filled with lava,
hurry as fast as you can to get to the top of the rocks and take out the FIRE
IMPS and JABBER SPAWN that appear.

The fire area isn't over yet. It's just started. When you get to the
ledge, climb up the left side and take the left side (again) of the pillar.
Use the stones to make your way to the JACKS sitting on the rock on the right
side of the room. From here use the stepping stones to go forward to the left
wall. Unless you have a death wish, I suggest you stay on your toes. Follow
the wall and use the stones at the end to climb up to the next area.

If things weren't already difficult enough, it's time for more jumping.
Start on the left side, and stay against the wall until you find a group of
stepping stones that will allow you to jump across to the right corner where
two FIRE IMPS are running. Beware the FIRE SNARK that rests by these stones,
he could cut your journey short. Hurry and ignore all enemies. You will end
up better off if you just press onwards as fast as you can and make it to the
shore on the far right.

This cave starts with three BOOJUM, and you will soon come face to face
(to face to face to face…) with two PHANTASMAGORIA and four FIRE IMPS. After
you get rid of them, you will enter a cutscene where you find the ORACLE'S
true identity to be… I'll let you figure it out. Climb the rocks past the
ORACLE to enter the final part of this level.

If all the lava here were water… add a few trees for shade… it would
make a wonderful place to go boulder jumping. Too bad that it is lava. Head
to the far right until you can go no further. Above you is a ledge the same
color as the wall. The only way you will be able to notice it (unless you
know where it is already) is to see the triangle meta sitting on it. Jump up
and grab onto the ledge to get on top of it. Hop from ledge to ledge to get
up to top of the cliff side. You've made it up to… Alice's house. Three
JABBER SPAWN await you here, as well as two last FIRE IMPS. Enter the house
to end the level.
NOTE: at any time during this level you may choose to use the DEAD TIME WATCH
to ease the trouble.

Jabberwock's Lair
The Jabberwock is easily the most wicked of all the bosses you will
fight. He is seemingly guilt incarnate. But as such, he is rather
intelligent, and will put up a good fight.

Weapons to use: Jacks.
Jabberwock's health: Non existent (two Jabber Spawn)
Attacks: Swat- moderately damaging and will sometimes knock you down.
Fire Breath- moderate to heavy damage- stay back to avoid
Eye Beam- heavily damaging attack that is slightly weaker than
the Eye Staff's beam.
Jump- not directly painful, but will prevent you from avoiding
his swats.
Jabber Spawn- two of these guys will appear during the battle,
and they are the key to victory.
Strategy: The secret to the Jabberwock is that only the Eye Staff can beat
him. He's unstoppable at this point. But the Jabber Spawn aren't. Avoid the
Jabberwock's attacks as much as possible and kill the two Jabber Spawn when
they appear by using the jacks. Once they die the battle ends.
When done: The Griffin will enter and tear out one of the Jabberwock's eyes.
The one-eyed beast will escape and the eye will be waiting for you to pick it
up and complete the Eye Staff.

Caterpillar's Plot (part 2)
Once again you are at this, the last hub of the game. All enemy
locations are the same as the first time you were here, and, this time, the
paths to the ORACLE and to Pale Realm are closed. Make your way to the end of
the Majestic Maze path and use the eye staff on the wall of souls to blast it
up. Fire the beam just above your head until the wall shatters (or at least
part of it will). Go through the gates to enter the next area.
NOTE: Humpty Dumpty? Yeah he's here. You can find him outside the tunnel
leading to the ORACLE. If you jump on his head and step in the right place
you will hear him scream, but it only works once.
NOTE: So what's Humpty doing in the game? Showing you the way to a switch,
of coarse. To the eggs right is a stone that can be pushed in. What does
this do? Thanks to katbird for pointing this out. If you go down to where
the gate is blocking the way to the ORACLE and turn left you will see a hole
in the wall. Follow it to the end it find the BLUNDERBUSS. You normally
wouldn't find this until the last boss, so this is quite a discovery.

Queen of Hearts Land 6 levels
Majestic Maze
If you look at the in-game map picture of Queen of Hearts Land, you will
see the location of the progression of the next six levels. Three towers
separated by hedge mazes. Such a headache, but if you know what to do, you
can minimize the pain.
You start out in the first hedge maze. Take a left and kill the two
HEART CARD GUARDS that appear. When the path splits again, take a right past
the JABBERSPAWN and the two SPADE CARD GUARDS. Near the end of the next path
is a DEMON VIAL. It will help you with the upcoming JABBERSPAWN, BOOJUM and

Take another right here and follow the path to the wall, but be careful
of all BOOJUM and guards that will be there and in the following room. Follow
the brick wall around until you see the portal. A child will run away closing
the gate in front of the portal. It is many people's first response to give
chase, but don't. The child was stepping on a switch that opens the gate.
The problem is that the gate closes whenever you leave the switch. Freeze
this moment in time with the DEADTIME WATCH in order to keep the door open.
NOTE: Going through the portal after the child will cause every enemy in the
level to come back to life.

Airborne Terror
This is the first tower, the tower of air. Steam, to be precise. The
only enemies you will meet here will be BOOJUM, so have your JACKS or ICE WAND
ready. The only trick here is to ride the drafts from one area to the next,
circling the level, trying to get to the portal high above.
The only trouble you should have with this level are the stone faces on the
wall. As you ride from vent to vent, realize that you are hovering in the
air. You can control this hovering and don't always have to go forward.
These stone faces will blow air at you when you get close. To get past this,
hover just before the face until the blowing stops, and hurry past before it
starts up again.
Other than this, the level is very straight forward, so you shouldn't have
mush trouble with it. If you get lost, just float on the next vent you
haven't used before.

Mystifying Madness
Welcome to hedge maze two. The puzzle here is that you need to venture
where you least want to: in the water. When you get to the first open grate,
you can ignore the lower hedge area almost entirely. And I suggest you do so.
It's getting to the point in the game where enemies by sheer number will be
used instead of puzzles. To do this a SPAWNING BRUSH is used. A BRUSH is a
'wall' area inside of a level. If it is built using the level editor and is
not an item/enemy, it is usually a BRUSH. Certain BRUSHES are used so that
when you cross them (they are invisible and have no 'substance'), you will
cause an enemy to appear. Since this is the case, you can never fully rid
this level of enemies.
Start by going up the steps and following the path until you find the fork in
the road. Take the path to the right and go into the tunnel (just don't rush
into the three SPADE GUARDS waiting there). The next room will have an
opening in the ground. Jump in it. You are now in the water tunnels.

Even if you have the TURTLE SHELL, you still don't have unlimited air.
Keep an eye open for bubbles coming up from the ground, or an opening in the
ceiling so you can get some air. Upon jumping into the tunnel, turn right and
swim into the cave-like tunnel. Air will come up from the ground here, so
stop for a breath after taking care of the SNARKS.

You will soon be in a large room where the water level doesn't meet the
ceiling. There will be a fairly large number of SNARKS here, so hurry onto
land by going into the area to the right and climbing onto the shore. Follow
the land around and jump to the ledge to the far end of the room (from
entrance). Looking around you will see an area with two guards.

Jump over to this area and run to the far end of the hall to find a
switch. This switch opens a locked area in the water tunnel under this
building. It will also open two doors in the hall behind you, each containing
a CLOCKWORK GUARD. There was a turn to the left when you were running down
the hall the first time, and that is where you will need to go since your way
in is now blocked. Two HEART CARD GUARDS await you at the end of this hall.
Climb the spiral staircase in this room and follow the walkway until the path

Go to the right and climb over the pipe to get past the first drop into
the water. The next room has a heart meta and another drop into the water.
Drop in here as it will put you jut before the cave-room with the tunnel you

Enter the tunnel under the building and follow it to it's end. There
will be another heart meta here, as well as a few SNARKS. Swim up the tunnel
to get to the top level of the hedge maze.

Card guards and PHANTASMAGORIA abound in this area. It is short, but
you'll be in for a fight. When the path splits, kill the SPADE CARD GUARD to
the right and head to the left. The next right turn will take you past some
guards and to another switch.
NOTE: If you go past the right turn you will find a MIRROR OF INVISIBILITY.
This switch will open the gate blocking the exit. You will now want to
drop down in from the opening to the left of you. The problem is, you haven't
killed all the enemies in this area yet. Use the DEADTIME WATCH before you
drop to keep yourself from being hurt, and enter the portal.
NOTE: In these outdoor levels, you can see the tower you were just in near
the start, and the tower you are heading to near the exit. Use this if you
ever get lost.

Water Logged
This is the second tower, and it's (you guessed it) the tower of water.
There are nothing but SNARKS in this level. At least you have the advantage
of being able to make sure that some of them don't ever appear.
In room one that you start in, there are two SNARKS; in room two, there are
four. Go into room two and swim under the platform at the far end. This will
lead you up to the first water switch. It will raise the water level and open
the stopper on the lowest of the three pipes. It also adds three SNARKS to
the room you are in.
Head to room one by using the same way you entered. The pipe in this
room will now be open, so enter it and follow the tunnel around to the exit
(which will be just to the left of where you enter). This will take you to
the second water switch. The water will raise high enough for you to get to
the back part of the first room, but it will also put four SNARKS in that
area. This matters because the second pipe is also in the newly accessible
area. Ignore the SNARKS and swim into the pipe's opening.
Kill the one or two SNARKS that follow you, and take the tunnel to the
fork, get some air on the left, and get ready to avoid some fans. Start by
swimming near the upper left corner to avoid the fan on the right and on the
bottom, then swim as far left as you can to avoid the one to the front. Look
up to see a fan on the ceiling with a broken blade. Swim up through this and
get back on dry land.
You are now near the third switch. Climb up to it, avoiding the SNARK
spit (there should now be about seven of them in the first room), and step on
it to raise the water to it's final level. Use the DEADTIME WATCH to stop the
SNARKS to you can get to room two safely. Use the tunnel you did originally,
and ignore the heart meta towards your front unless you absolutely have to (it
causes SNARKS to spawn in the next room). Swim into the last pipe in room two
and enter the portal.

Labyrinthine Revenge
The last maze level takes place outside as well as inside. Just be glad
it's the last one.
You start on a large gear surrounded by lava. Head down to the left and
cross the gears over to the right. A SPADE CARD GUARD awaits you near the
last gear, so take him out from a distance.

Follow the twisting land and gear teeth to the two BOOJUM. Use the last
two gear teeth to get from one side of the lava to the other, and follow the
path to the doorway.

Follow the hall until you get to a spinning gear. Cross over it to get
to the next hallway and a heart meta. The next room has vertical gears near
the entrance and exit. Jump through the opening in them to get past. The
middle of the room has a CLOCKWORK GUARD, but he can be taken care of without
much trouble. The room at the end of the next hall has two more of these
guards. A rope by the second one leads up to a heart meta. Enter the door.

You will soon be in a room full of water. Don't try to swim in it. The
exit of this room leads outside to a hedge maze area. Enemies will never be
just one, there will always be an ambush. So use the secondary fire on the
JACK BOMB to take out the enemies at the first turn, behind the fourth turn,
and near the seventh turn. You will soon be near a heart meta, and will be
back inside.

The next room has another vertical gear, this one facing you. Run
between the teeth so as not to get crushed, and don't let the bellows blow you
into the lava below. Follow the next hallway to the room full of vents and
gears. Use the vents to climb the gears, and take out the BOOJUM. Jump onto
the edge of the hallway that overlaps the gear's track. The will be another
BOOJUM and a CLOCKWORK GUARD at the end of this hall. Beyond the door, two
gears intertwine. Ride the horizontal one around to get to the next hallway
(which is guarded by a SPADE CARD GUARD). You will now be in the next outdoor

This area really isn't that bad. Follow the path past the two guards and
kill the JABBERSPAWN that appear in the area by the CHESHIRE CAT'S statue.
Two more guards await you once you get past the falling heart spikes, so
thrown a flaming JACK BOMB to take care of them. The hearts swing in the next
area, but you get past them the same way. You will next be in a large area
with three vents (from above the water area) leading up to a building. Ride
them up. Go to the right and be ready to face 2-3 BOOJUM in the next area.
Run between the teeth of the next three gears and go into the exit at the end
of the hall.

Finally, a break! This level has no enemies, and all you have to do is
jump from gear to gear to get to the exit. Welcome to tower three, the tower
of time.
Jump from the start, to the slanted gear, to the large gear to its right, to
the first of the four gears in front of that. Make your way to the farthest
gear, to the gear that is moving up and down, and into the hallway.

This second room has a number of pedals that are spinning instead of
gears. Jump from the start to the right side to the first pedal, to the
second pedal, to the ledge with the triangle meta, to the swinging pedal, to
the second ledge, to the right side of the third full pedal, to the rising
gear, to the middle of the 'barred' gear, to the fourth pedal, to the top of
the barred gear, to the top of the rising gear, to the next hall.

This last room is the most interesting, but it is easiest for you to
fall. Jump from the start to the first gear, to the spinning gear on the
track. Go to the end of the pivot bar and jump to the ledge, to the first
rising gear, across the platform, to the second rising gear, to the second
platform, to the top of the first rising gear, to the huge gear with the empty
middle. Ride it until you get to the third rising gear, and rid it to the
huge horizontal gear. Jump on one of the teeth and ride it up in the notch of
the large metal bar. Run up on one of the bar's slats and you will end up by
the exit portal. Enter it.
NOTE: Behind the exit portal is the area you started at.

Qeensland 5 levels
Royal Rage
Upon entering the last area in the game, you will bear witness to the
battle between the GRYPHON and the JABBERWOCK. You can guess who loses. The
bridge behind you burns and you are left to face an angry JABBERWOCK.

Weapons to use: It is said that only the eye staff may kill the Jabberwock,
but the blunderbuss is better.
Jabberwock's health: Sixteen gasps with the eye staff, and four blasts of the
Attacks: Fire (air/land)- heavily damaging attack that is hard to avoid.
Swoop (air)- moderately damaging if he lands on you.
Eye Beam (air)- heavily damaging, be glad it isn't used often.
Swat (land)- moderately damaging attack for if you get too
Jump (land)- used to get closer, but will trap you if you are
landed on.
Fire Blast (land)- heavily damaging explosion of fire that is
hard to avoid.
Mouth Beam (land)- extreme attack that is almost always fatal.
It will throw you across the arena
Strategy: With the eye staff: Blast him from behind when he swoops down at
you. His flight pack is his weakness. After eight hits he'll revert to using
the ground. With the Griffin as a shield from his attacks, hit him in the
head eight more times. With the blunderbuss: When the Jabberwock swoops
down, blast him in the chest area. Two blasts should have him on the ground.
Run around, using the Griffin to block attacks until you have enough energy to
use the gun again. Two blasts to the head on land should win you the battle.
When done: The Jabberwock is dead, but the Griffin isn't much better off.
The drawbridge will drop, leading you to the next level.
NOTE: On a cliff to the left side of the arena, and back towards the
collapsed bridge, is a flaming item that looks like the level of an explosive
fuse (detonation) box. If anybody knows what this is, let me know.
Battle Royale
This is nothing but a 'run' level. There is very little time to think,
as unlimited enemies will meet you toward the end of the level. You start off
running along a bridge to see that the white chess pieces are fighting the
wicked cards.
At the first corner you will fight a HEART CARD GUARD and four SPADE CARD
GUARDS. Use a flaming JACK BOMB to stop them. The second corner has two LAVA
MEN. Use the JACKS on them. The third, fourth, and fifth corners have no
enemies, but get ready to start running. Then next two corners on the right
side have seemingly unlimited enemies, while the corners on the right side
have heart meta to refill your life.

Run as fast as you can, but you will still be surrounded by SPADE CARD
GUARDS when you get to each corner. Jump through them, and strafe/jump to
avoid their blasts. When you get to the last corner before the HEART CARD
GUARDS, get the heart meta and use the DEADTIME WATCH. This will freeze
everyone just long enough for you to get in the cave/exit behind the guards.

It's a short level… but the hardest in the game. Forget the spades, you
are stuck with overwhelming numbers of HEART CARD GUARDS. As tempting as it
is, you must wait till the end of the level to use the DEADTIME WATCH. Trust
me and wait.
Start out by walking along the edge, and going to the right side of the
first pillar. Do NOT get the meta essence on the rock across the lava. It
will only summon two more HEART CARD GUARDS. Run along the steel walkway near
the spot of coal, and climb up the ledge in front of the pillar. Hurry and
hide behind it, using it as cover for the two HEART CARD GUARDS on the ledge
you were just under. When they are dead, make your way over to them. By the
second one is a tunnel. Jump in.

This tunnel will lead to a ribcage/bridge and three guards. Beyond that
is a number of FIRE IMPS. Kill them and use the walkway to the left to get to
the land area across the lava. Two more FIRE IMPS await you here, as well as
a JABBERSPAWN and three BOOJUM at the mouth of the cave to your left. Go in
the cave.

The first of three rooms in the cave has three FIRE IMPS and a
PHANTASMAGORIA. Kill them and climb up to the vent. Don't go on the vent
just yet as there is a HEART CARD GUARD above and to the right. Kill him and
use the vent to get to the second room. This room leads to another vent, but
it is guarded from above and below by HEART CARD GUARDS. Dispense with them
to use the vent to get to the third room. There are a number of life power
ups here. Get them and follow the tunnel to the large bridge. Jump down.

The only enemies on this bridge are two HEART CARD GUARDS. Kill them
before they deal too much damage. The doors at the end of the bridge lead
into the Queen's castle, but there is a large ambush waiting for you here. As
soon as the doors open use the DEADTIME WATCH. Up and to the left, there will
be a CRICKET TEA. Grab it. Now climb past all of the guards and drop down in
the area behind them. The tea will have worn off by now, but the timer
stopped counting down on the clock when you go the tea, so you will have
plenty of time to jump into the elevator to end the level.

Castle Keep
Another short level, your only task here is to open the heart door at the
end of the second room. But doing so will have you going back and forth
several times.
Start by entering the door in front of you and kill the five guards. You
will see three portraits on the wall; of the HATTER, the JABBERWOCK, and
TWEEDLE DEE. There is also a mirror in the middle of the room, and a switch
above the paintings. Pull the switch. It will point to a portrait revealing
a card suite behind it.

Go back into the first room and go to the area behind the wall near the
two HEART CARD GUARDS. There is a vent here leading to another area and
another guard.

This area contains three doors, one for each suite of cards: spades,
clubs, and diamonds. You can only go into the door that the mirror was
pointing to. Upon entering the room, the three portraits will appear. Throw
the knife at the portrait corresponding to the card suite you are in to
complete the room. A wrong answer will send you back to the portrait/mirror
room… and five guards. The order of level pulls/portrait/suite is:
One, TWEEDLE DEE, club.
Two, JABBERWOCK, diamond.
Three, HATTER, spade.
Every time you complete a room and come back, two more HEART CARD GUARDS
will appear in the main room. When all three rooms are done, the heart door
will open.
NOTE: If you are ever in a room and don't know which portrait to pick, choose
the one closest to the light source.

The heart room has nothing but a cutscene with the CHESHIRE CAT, and the
exit to the last level.

Heart of Darkness
There are two phases of the final boss.
Phase one: This takes place in the throne room. Walk up to the Queen to
start the battle. Diamond meta appear behind the back two pillars.

Weapons to use: The blunderbuss if you have it, otherwise the eye staff.
Queen's health: Six blasts of the blunderbuss, twenty one gasps with the eye
Attacks: Psychic Throw- heavy damaging attack. Run from the sparkles that
Ice Beam- moderate damage, but easy to avoid.
Claw- very heavily damaging, so keep moving.
Tri-Beam- moderately damaging.
Gold Beam Grab- little if any damage to you.
Green Blast- more deadly than the Jabberwock's blast.
Strategy: With the blunderbuss: Stay safe by running around the back two
pillars while getting energy for the beam, then run close and blast the Queen
head on. Repeat this five more times until the Queen is dead.
With the eye staff: The first twelve hits are hard to connect simply because
the beam from the staff, though hitting the face, is not actually connecting
with the face because the queen is moving so much. After number twelve she
slows down and you can get in 4 hits with each fully charged beam without much
When done: The Queen you fought was just a puppet. The after you are given a
golden body shielding, the true Queen's head will burst through the wall. In
her mouth is the Mad Hatter's head, and in his mouth is Alice's head. You are
warned to go back and stop the futile fight.

Phase two: Instead of leaving you choose to stick it out and fight the Queen.
The blunderbuss can be found under the large platform to your right. Get it
even if you already have it.

Weapons to use: The secondary function of the eye staff to start out, and the
blunderbuss to finish.
Queen's health: Four staff bursts and two to six blunderbuss blasts
(depending on if you got it earlier).
Attack's: Either Left Arm- Bash- heavily damaging, and almost unavoidable.
Upper Right Arm- Rockets- moderately damaging, and easy to
Acid- moderate to heavily
damaging, but easy to avoid.
Blue Eye Beams- moderate to
heavily damaging.
Jabberwock's Mouth Bursts- nearly
fatal, but easy to avoid.
Stomach- Scream- heavily damaging.
Green Blast- nearly fatal, but easy to avoid.
Heart/Spade barrage- nearly fatal if direct,
heavy damage if partial.
Strategy: You will be using the secondary fire of the eye staff. Yes, there is
a secondary fire, and I didn't know about it myself until I stumbled upon it
by accident. Wait until the Queen lowers out of view and then charge the
secondary fire until about 3/4 of your blue meter is gone and release. All you
will see happen is that some purple gas-like orbs fly into the air. About the
same time the Queen rises, these BOMBs will fall onto her killing a tentacle.
But you MUST BE LOOKING AT HER FOR THIS TO WORK. The bombs fall in front of
you even if you aren't facing the queen, and they tend to backfire this way.
Four times, four tentacles. Lower right, lower left, upper right, and upper
left. Now the tentacles are gone and only the body remains. From this point on
you will use the blunderbuss and nothing else. Wait till the Queen rises and
fires the first wave of attack before you use this, as you won't move for a
few seconds afterwards. Try for the head.
When done: DON'T MOVE when the Queen dies. For some people, this will stop
the end cinema from running. It's short but sweet, predictable, and badly
decompressed. But it's the end. Congratulations.

There are a number of bonuses in Alice. A few of them are listed here.
________VII a. Idle Hands
Have you ever left Alice standing still for a long period of time? If
so, you will have noticed that you will do some entertaining things with her
toys. Here are some examples:

Vorpal Blade: Spin on fingertip.
Clean nails.
Toss into the air and catch.
Test the edge of the knife on her thumb.
Cards: Pick a card and look at it.
Perform a disappearing card trick.
Toss a card into the air and catch it.
Toss a card into the air, and it lands in Alice's head.
Croquet Mallet: Knock against her shoes to clean them.
Toss into the air and catch.
Toss into the air and drop.
Hit herself in the head.
Jack Bomb: Put on the ground and stand on for a better view.
Peek inside the lid.
Drop on her foot.
Ice Wand: Pretend to blast in front of her.
Hold near ground then slip and fall.
Check her nails while a blast of ice goes out behind her.
Jacks: Spin and toss into the air.
Loose grip and drop.
Bounce the ball from her foot into her pocket.
Demon Dice: Balance on her foot.
Spin of fingertip.
Toss into the air and catch.
Jabberwock's Eye Staff: Hit against the palm of her hand in a threatening
Lean on.
Poke at the eye and wipe goo on dress.
Blunderbuss: Aim the weapon at something.
Inspect the weapon.
Go through a series of military attention stances.
Look down the barrel of the gun while holding the
Deadtime Watch: Kick the ground.
Knock shoes together to clean them off.
Check nails.

VII a. Cheats.
The purpose of cheats is to help the developer get an uninhibited view of
a level, to make sure that it is correct from all angles. But when those
codes are left in, people will be there to use them. There are two reasons
people cheat in a game. The first reason is that they need to cheat in order
to beat a game. The second reason is that they just want to play around and
experience the game in a different way. I personally can't abide cheating in
order to beat a game. But because some people will be using these codes for
other reasons, I will include them.
To enter these cheats, you first need to activate the console. To do
this, go into the settings menu and click on options (the front of the head).
There will be a box you need to place a check in if you want the console
activated. Once that is done, and you are in the game, press the tilde key
(~) in order to access the console. Type in a cheat and press enter to
activate it. If it can be turned off, enter it again to do so. Here are the

God mode: 'god'
All weapons: 'give all' or 'wuss'
No Clipping: 'noclip'
Health: 'health #' # is how much you want.
Enemies don't move: 'notarget'
Frame rate: 'fps'
First person: 'cg_cameradist –45'
Third person: 'cg_cameradist128'
Get an item: 'give #' where # is one of: _knife.tik,
w_cards.tik, w_mallet.tik, w_jackbomb.tik,

w_icewand.tik, w_jacks.tik, w_demondice.tik,

w_eyestaff.tik, w_ blunderbuss.tik, w_watch.tik, and the

curious w_ragebox.tik
Go to level: 'map #' where # is one of: centipede1,
centipede2, facade, fortress1, fortress2,
funhouse, garden1, garden2, garden3,
garden4, grounds1,

grounds2, gvillage, hedge1, hedge2, hedge3, jlair1, jlair2,

keep, pandemonium, potears1, potears2, potears3, qlair,

rchess, skool, skool2, tower1, tower2, tower3, utemple,

wchess1, whchess2, wforest

As you can probably guess, I didn't get these codes by my own intellect.
These were taken from www.IGN.com. They have some great codes there, so you
should check them out.


This document is Copyright 2001 Daniel Ortosky (D).
So how can this be distributed? You may distribute this document as
freely as you want PROVIDED that you give credit to the author (myself), and
to everyone I give credit to for helping out. If you wish to post this
walkthrough on an internet site or widely distribute it, you first need my
written permission. Chances are that I will give it, but I would like to keep
up with this file, and I'm sure you would like the updates I make to it. I
can be contacted at EllipsusD@aol.com. Thank you.