BIT.TRIP BEAT чит-файл №2

Steam achievements:

Achievement Description
Adept - Achieved a multiplier of 50 in Normal difficulty.
Beat.master - Block 10,000 Beats.
Beginning - Watched the hidden cutscene.
Bit.tripper - Register a high score on the leaderboards.
Challenge.master - Block all Beats in all Challenges.
Descent.complete - Beat Descent in Normal difficulty.
Endurance.gamer - Beat the game in one sitting without getting a Game Over. - Miss a Beat with an extended Paddle.
Flawless.descent - Got a PERFECT score in Descent.
Flawless.growth - Got a PERFECT score in Growth.
Gifted - Achieved a multiplier of 100 in Normal difficulty.
Growth.complete - Beat Growth in Normal difficulty.
Juggle.master - Chained 500 Beats.
Juggler - Chained 100 Beats.
Multi.tasker - Chained 200 Beats. - Escaped nether mode.
Progress - Beat the game on Normal.
Sixth.sense - Beat a level using the Razer Sixense Controller.