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Читы для Blue Heat

Чит-файл для Blue Heat

Blue Heat

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
1996 Adventure Game  by  Orion  Interactive,  a  Division  of  MGM  Studios
Copyright 1998 by Jeanne Muse, all rights reserved. (email: jwmuse@csi.com)


Special thanks to Bill Goza who suggested that I play Blue Heat  and  write
this file. I am also thankful to my husband, Alan, for his patience while I
took notes and played scenes repeatedly for the proper results.  Thank  you
to Ken Dula who played  the  game  using  this  Walkthrough  to  check  its


Blue Heat is an adventure game which contains  adult  language  and  sexual
content and is rated for Mature Audiences Only.  This Walkthrough, however,
is rated PG, since it contains no offensive material or language.

The fine acting, excellent video and music combine to  make  Blue  Heat  an
intriguing and exciting game.  The suspense holds true  to  the  very  last

If you would prefer "Hints" rather than a full  Walkthrough,  see  my  Blue
Heat UHS Hint File.

There are two Walkthroughs contained on this page. The Complete Walkthrough
contains everything you need to do for the most enjoyment of the game.  The
Short Walkthrough provides the fastest way to get through the game.


Your character is an under cover female cop whose assignment  is  to  solve
the murders of several cover  girl  models.  Acting  mostly  in  the  first
person, you will  search  crime  scenes  and  gather  evidence  which  will
establish motives and alibis for the numerous suspects.  Your investigation
will involve conversing with  suspects,  researching  police  records,  lab
evidence reports and surveillance tapes in a  similar  style  to  the  game
Spycraft.  Your objective is to narrow down the suspects to the six persons
required to accomplish a sting at Pandora's nightclub.


1.As in any adventure game, save your game often!  Save  especially  before
you begin ANY conversations, as important  clues  and  information  may  be
missed. I found it easiest to alphabetize my save files so they would be in
order for easy restoring. I will indicate some suggested save points.
2.As you play, take notes. Blue Heat is very linear (you must take one step
before something else can be done).  If you follow  this  Walkthrough,  you
will be able to complete the game successfully.  If you wish to  skip  over
any of the automatic videos, click on the video while viewing it.
3.While playing the game, point your cursor to the top right-hand corner of
the video screen, where you will see 4 buttons. (Read the  manual  for  the
description of each if you don't know what they represent.) Choose the  PDA
button to open it.  It is a good idea to get acquainted with your PDA ,  so
see what it contains.  On each  screen  is  a  "Help"  button  which  gives
valuable information on how to use your PDA device.
4.Move around each screen with your cursor. The arrow will change its shape
when you find a "hot spot", where you can left click.
5.For the most enjoyment of the game, listen  carefully  to  what  the  lab
technician, Victor, says and follow his instructions.
6.To send evidence to your pending list of  items,  right  click  when  the
"bubbling beaker" appears.
7.There are multiple places to find motives  for  the  suspects,  so  don't
worry if you miss the first opportunity. I'll give you the other instances,
if there are any. While you are establishing motives and alibis, it is VERY
important that you catch them at the right moment.  The  moment  you  hear,
read or see something that  could  implicate  a  suspect  (even  remotely),
immediately open up Motives and Alibis (M & A button) and attempt to submit
the motive/alibi.
8.Several game bugs caused the game to "dump" to my  desktop  unexpectedly.
The "readme" file on CD#1 contained some suggestions  for  troubleshooting,
but I was unable  to  solve  the  problems  using  the  suggestions  there.
However, I was able to choose another avenue to finish  the  game.  I  will
advise you where the problems happened in my game and how I  worked  around


INDEX Sunday, April 1 Monday, April 2 Tuesday, April 3 Wednesday,  April  4
Thursday, April 5 Friday, April 6 Saturday, April 7
Sunday, April 1 A map of the city appears.  Click on the flashing building.
At the Police Station,  you  find  an  announcement  about  Logan  Collins'
opening at 8 pm this evening.  Pick up your ID  and  keys.  Click  on  your
computer and look at each of the video cassettes on your desk.

Open your PDA.  Go into files and then suspects. Read all of the records on
each of your current suspects.  Read the autopsy reports  on  the  murdered
girls. Make note of the dates and times of death.

Choose the Map button to leave the Police Station  and  travel  to  Holly's
Safe House, your apartment.  Open your mailbox and get your mail. Go inside
the door and look  around.  Turn  on  the  VCR  and  select  your  language
(English) and notice the VCR needs a Minus Code.  The TV  Guide  from  your
mail is sitting on top of the VCR.  Click on it, open  it  and  notice  the
bottom left of the first page.  Turn the VCR back on, select your  language
and enter in 4321 as the VCR Minus Code. Leave and go to the Titus Gallery.

At the Titus Gallery, look at Logan Collins' photography and click on  some
of the people standing about. In the second room, click either to the right
of your screen or on the wall  sign.  Your  first  opportunity  to  have  a
conversation is now, so a game save is  suggested  before  talking  to  the
bartender. Remember that you need to find motives for suspects. If you hear
anything that sounds like a motive for murder, go immediately to the M &  A
button and submit the motive.

Talk to Dermot O'Connor, the bartender, carefully. Don't blow your cover by
asking point-blank questions! Tell him you'll "..try  anything  once."  Ask
him his theory on the murders and who he thinks the  killer  is.  Prod  him
about his vocation, Candi's whereabouts and Logan's  wife.  When  you  give
your opinion that Logan is a  successful  photographer,  Dermot's  response
gives you a motive for Logan. Finish the conversation, attempting to get as
much information as possible.  Leave the Titus Gallery and end the  day  by
clicking on the flashing moon.

Monday, April 2 Another girl was murdered last night, Candi Jefferson. Read
her autopsy report in your PDA.  Victor, your trusty lab  technician,  will
give you valuable advice about evidence, motives and alibis.  Heed what  he
tells you.

At Holly's Safe House, listen to the phone message from your boss about the
photo shoot. At the Police Station, view the Polly Entwistle videotape. She
is now on your suspect list so review her records in your PDA. According to
her credit report, she was not in town when one of the girls was  murdered.
Therefore, you have discovered an alibi for Polly Entwistle.

Proceed to Candi's Apartment and search the  crime  scene  very  carefully.
Start with the bed.  Two pieces of evidence are on the floor near the bed -
a romance novel and the heel of a shoe. (Right  click  when  the  "bubbling
beaker" appears to add them to your evidence list.) Next to the  bed  is  a
nightstand with her phone, some drinking glasses and a postcard  under  the
lamp.  Get the glasses as evidence and listen to her phone messages. Andre'
left her a threatening message, which sounds like a good motive.  Click  on
another part of the phone to move it out  of  the  way.  Those  photographs
certainly establish a motive for Bruno.  The table on which the phone rests
is actually a chest that can be opened.  Open it and pick up  the  roll  of
bills. Read the New Covenant of Enlil meeting announcement.

Move to the right of the room where another table sits.  Open  the  jewelry
box and pick up the charm as evidence.  Notice  the  tiny  piece  of  paper
sticking out from under the table cloth? Click on it and  you  may  hear  a
tone signifying the number has been added to your PDA  phone  list.  (Note:
Later in the game, there is no sound heard  on  some  of  the  numbers  you
find.) You can dial it now from your PDA if you wish. There is something at
the bottom of this small table.  Clicking on the pile of clothing reveals a
briefcase.  The  combination  clue  was  contained  on  the  Enlil  meeting
announcement.  Open the briefcase with the combination 333 and look at  the
contents of the briefcase.  Dermot O'Connor is the executor of Candi's will
-- a really good motive  for  murder!  Eddie  owes  Candi  money  (was  she
blackmailing him?) -- another good motive for murder! There is a box behind
the briefcase. Open it and select the contents for lab analysis.

Leave Candi's Apartment and go to Logan  Collins'  Studio  for  your  photo

Arriving at Logan Collins' Studio, you can freely  search  the  area,  even
though Logan is watching. Search the work table in front of you.

Open the book and read the page about Enlil.  The warning note  written  in
red is signed by S.H.  Select M & A and see that Sandi  Hills  is  on  your
suspect list. She has a motive.

Get the scissors from the table drawer, 3 slides from the  wire  trash  can
and a tube of lipstick from the fire hydrant.  Click on the trash can  near
the motorcycle for a response from Logan. The other things that can be done
in the studio are all optional and simply add to the story line.

Save your game before talking to Logan.  Make  friendly  conversation  and,
again, do not blow your cover! Try to prod him for  information  and  coyly
work on his ego. Eventually ask about the 3 murdered girls.

If you ask what he knows about Dermot O'Connor, his reply will give  you  a
motive for Dermot.

Asking  Logan  about  Sandi  Hills  and  then  "Which  models  have    been
involved...", is another opportunity to get a motive for Sandi.

When Logan mentions that they all went to the same gynecologist,  you  have
another motive (Dr. Alphonse Reo).

When the conversation ends, go into the Dressing Room to get ready for  the
shoot.  When you exit, turn around and talk to Logan again. Select all  six
of the sets as many times as you like. When you have seen them all, you can
leave anytime you wish. (Logan gives no indication that the shoot is over.)

Sometime during the day, Victor will advise that you must have all  motives
approved by the end of tomorrow.  At this point  you  should  have  motives
established for Andre, Bruno, Dermot, Eddie, Logan, Dr.  Alphonse  Reo  and
Sandy Hills.  Polly Entwistle is the only one on your list with an alibi so

Before you end the day, review your evidence list. According to what Victor
advised, only 6 items per day can be sent in as evidence.  You should  have
too many. (Items deleted from  the  list  will  return  to  their  original
location for retrieval later, if desired.) Items you think might  point  to
the killer's identity should stay on the list. Delete the romance novel and
the wad of bills from Candi's and everything except the  tube  of  lipstick
from Logan's Studio for now. End the day.

Tuesday, April 3 Victor pops in to give you the results of the evidence you
sent in yesterday.  Review all of the results for clues. Go to Holly's Safe
House and check your mailbox. Enter your apartment and listen to your phone
messages.  If you haven't had a chance to review background reports on  Dr.
Alphonse Reo, look at those now.  Vernon Breen's name may  also  be  listed
there, so read his reports too.  You have three new places  to  visit  now.
They can be done in any order.

At Vernon Breen's Apartment, save your game at his front door.  Immediately
the conversation begins with Vernon. (Note:  During  my  conversation  with
Vernon, the videos acted strangely.  Clicking on the video  screen,  I  was
able to move  the  conversation  along,  although  I  missed  some  of  his
responses.) Establish a motive for Polly by following the path "Who was the
one exception?" and then "Who was Miss February?"  followed  by  "Where  is
Miss February now?".

When you end your talk he gets a phone call.  Quickly search his  apartment
before his phone call ends.  Several things will upset Vernon and  end  his
phone call prematurely: Picking up the phone  and  listening  to  his  tape
recorder are at least two instances.  For the best results, as soon as  you
are able to search the room find the manuscript of his  book  tucked  under
the bed's mattress (top right corner of the bed). This establishes a motive
for Vernon. While viewing the manuscript, open M & A and enter his motive.

Proceed to the Solloway Agency. Save your game before talking to the pretty
blonde in the reception area.  Talk to Lakey in a  friendly  manner,  again
with the object of gaining information.  While questioning  her,  you  have
another opportunity to submit a motive for Dr.  Reo. After  finishing  with
Lakey, turn to your right to find the reception desk.

Save your game again before talking with the receptionist.  Talk to Dmitri.
Even though he is rude to you, try and be friendly to get information  from

Asking Dmitri about the "coincidence" between the murdered  girls  and  the
Solloway Agency, his response provides you another opportunity to submit  a
motive for Andre.

After your conversation, notice the notepad on his desk (get  an  important
phone number).  There is also an piece of evidence on the floor in front of
his station (bottom left corner of the screen)  --  pick  up  the  lipstick
tube. Go in for your appointment by clicking the right door.

Be nice while talking to Andre.  After he leaves you alone,  click  on  the
left door to enter his private office.  Luckily you can take your  time  so
search this area thoroughly.  There are quite a few things you can do  here
in addition to what is most important.  Desk drawers  can  be  opened.  The
credenza behind his desk can also be opened.

Be sure and find the tiny piece of paper tucked into the right side of  his
desk blotter.  Notice the date for the opera tickets. He was at  the  opera
when Candi's murder took place! Submit an alibi for Andre while viewing the
opera tickets.

Also very important is the  discovery  of  a  key  underneath  one  of  the
credenza snow globes.

Otherwise, find a phone number under his blotter and four phone numbers  in
his rolodex (credenza cabinet).  Try calling his  personal  extension  now.
Listen to the voice of Lakey calling him "slave". Look at his entertainment
unit and view the security tape.  Pick up as many  items  as  you  can  for
evidence.  I found an envelope with the word SLAVE (under doberman statue),
a paddle (behind  a  picture  to  the  left  of  the  credenza),  and  some

Once finished at the Solloway Agency, leave and see that the Logan  Collins
Studio is available.  Using the key you found at Andre's, unlock  the  door
and go inside.  Since Logan is not here, check out the trash can  near  the
motorcycle for  some  interesting  information  about  Logan  and  Audrey's
marriage.  Anything else you failed to pick up earlier can be gathered  for
evidence including the scissors, slides from  the  wire  trashcan  and  the

The red light is not flashing at the other door so  you  can  enter  there.
Save your game before clicking on the door.  As you  start  to  go  inside,
Polly Entwistle appears. While many conversation paths will be interesting,
you will be able to establish a motive for another person while talking  to
Polly. Ask Polly about the sinners and then who she thinks the murderer is.
She implicates Jeanette (a motive).

After she leaves, go into the dark room.  Here, find a phone number beneath
one of the hanging photos.  Move to the table top and develop two photos by
clicking on the empty trays.  Move further left to  the  paper  cutter  and
click on it as well as a letter to Audrey about her husband. The letter can
be used to establish a motive for Audrey.

Note: To check someone else's  messages  you  must  first  dial  the  phone
number, then their personal extension  and  immediately  their  voice  code

Go to Dr.  Alphonse Reo's Office where, again, you should save your game at
his door.  You have limited time to search while the doctor  finishes  with
his other patient.  Try to find at least one piece of evidence to  send  to
the lab. Don't worry that you cannot get it all now. You will be back again
later for a more thorough search.

During your conversation with the good doctor, be sure and  ask  him  about
"blow".  Also ask him who he thinks  is  responsible  for  the  Cover  Girl
Murders. When he gives you the proper reply you will be able to establish a
motive for Lakey Snow.

If you earlier asked Dmitri about his  girlfriend,  Dmitri  and  Jeanette's
Apartment should be available for a visit.  Going there,  again  save  your
game before knocking on the door. (Notice the mat can be moved in front  of
the door.) This can be a tricky conversation.  Start with "Is Dmitri Home?"
and follow with "My name is Dee. ..".  Follow the question about  "breaking
into the modelling scene" can lead to a motive for Vernon  Breen.  Ask  her
who she thinks is responsible, and then "What's spooky about  it?"  to  get

If you tell her you would like to meet her photographer,  followed  by  the
fact that you don't feel comfortable around Logan Collins, her  reply  here
that she "hates them all" is a motive for Jeanette.

If you followed my directions carefully up until now,  you  should  have  a
motive for everyone on your list (except Dmitri), and alibis for both Andre
and Polly.  Cull down your evidence list to 6 pieces that you feel are most
important.  If you haven't reviewed the records on new  suspects,  do  that
now. End the day.

Wednesday, April 4 As your day begins, read the results of the evidence you
sent in yesterday.  Travel to Holly's Safe House. You  have  mail  in  your
mailbox from Dmitri inviting you to  his  apartment.  (I  believe  this  is
another chance to visit Jeanette if you made a mistake  talking  to  Dmitri

Save before going inside your apartment because you have visitors  -  Lakey
and Brandi.  You can say a variety of things to Brandi, but don't upset her
by pushing a subject she objects to.  Be sure and ask her about  Lakey.  If
you have not established a motive for Lakey by this time, this  is  another
opportunity by following the "psychopath" line of  questioning.  Once  they
leave, check your phone messages.

Go to Dmitri and Jeanette's Apartment.  Knock on the door. Hmm, no one home
and the door is locked.  Look under the mat for their key. (If you  noticed
Andre's calendar and remember what Jeanette told you, they are on  vacation
today.) Go inside and snoop around.  Several  pieces  of  evidence  can  be
gathered here including a wig (wardrobe shelf) and glue (chair cushion). On
the left side of the wardrobe look at the small phone book  (a  number  for
Eddie).  Look inside the desk and notice that only one person purchased  an
airplane ticket. Listen to their phone messages. The most important item to
get from here is inside the chest of drawers. Get Vernon's key from the top

Back in Vernon's Apartment, you can search more thoroughly now that  he  is
not home.  He has four files on the models hidden in various places  around
his apartment.  Check under the phone table, on the stereo at the  foot  of
the bed, inside the wall kitchen cabinet and in the  oven.  Listen  to  the
tape player on top of the filing cabinet and  search  the  filing  cabinet.
Look inside his freezer.

You start your job at Pandora's tonight.  There is alot to see  and  do  at
Pandora's. Save your game before talking to Eddie. Ask him again about your
pay and eventually get around to inquiring about Logan Collins' involvement
with the murders.  This is another place you  can  submit  Logan's  motive.
Although he gives you his opinion of Dmitri, you cannot  get  a  motive  or
alibi approved for him here, nor for Jeanette.  And if you ask Eddie  where
he was when Candi was killed, his  alibi  is  not  concrete  enough  to  be

Two other doors lead to other areas of the club.  Through the black door is
the shower booth.  Go now through the red door toward  the  dressing  room,
another booth and restrooms.  Save your game. Inside the star dressing room
you finally meet Sandi Hills.  As you talk  to  her,  the  opportunity  for
several more motives can be established if you still  need  them.  You  can
submit motives for Audrey and Andre if you ask the right questions.

You find Bruno inside  the  men's  room.  While  talking  with  Bruno,  you
eventually get around to asking him who you should watch  out  for  at  the
club.  Asking him "Anyone else..." and he will  give  you  his  opinion  of
Brandi. Put in a motive for Brandi now.

Go back to the main part of the club and enter the black  door  to  perform
your act.  Once finished, Victor will advise you it is time to select  some
suspects for surveillance. You can choose only three - and those three must
have approved motives.  Choose carefully. I  had  success  choosing  Bruno,
Sandi and Vernon. Click on the Finish button to process your request.

Note: Once processed, you cannot change  the  surveillance  requests  until
Victor tells you to.

Before ending today, review your evidence list.  You can travel to  any  of
the other locations to pick up items you have not submitted thus  far.  End
the day.

Thursday, April 5  At  Holly's  Safe  House,  check  your  mail  and  phone
messages. Look at the results of yesterday's evidence.

Travel to Pandora's and go to the back rooms.

Inside the star dressing room, watch the fight between Lakey and Brandi.

Inside the men's room, watch Dr. Reo and Bruno. After the two men leave the
men's room, go back in.  On top of the towel  dispenser  is  Eddie's  voice
code.  Under the plunger find a note with a key  which  unlocks  Dr.  Reo's

You will be taking Lakey's place tonight, who was on  pole  duty.  Find  an
empty pole and click on it to dance.

Travel to Dr. Alphonse Reo's Office and pick up as much evidence as you can
find (including champagne glasses, drugs from all of his desk  drawers  and
doctor's bag and test tubes).

Review your evidence list to send in no more than six items. End the day.

Friday, April 6 This is the day to find alibis for everyone you can.

Your PDA pops  up  showing  the  results  of  the  stake-outs  last  night.
Immediately read Brandi's autopsy report. Notice that her time of death was
10:00 p.m.  and that Lakey found  her  at  1:30  a.m.  Now  return  to  the
surveillance results and begin reviewing them  one  by  one.  As  you  find
alibis, immediately go to the Motive & Alibi list and submit them.

The results you have depend entirely  upon  your  earlier  instructions  on
surveillance.  Audio tapes of phone conversations may lead you to the phone
records of various suspects to determine the date and  time  of  the  phone
calls. Video tapes have the date and time shown. Look for anything with the
date of April 5 and the time of around 10:00 p.m.  Submit  any  alibis  you

Listen carefully to the taped phone message from Dmitri to Vernon.  By  now
you should have come to the conclusion that Dmitri  and  Jeanette  are  the
same person.  This establishes an alibi for "Jeanette". So far so good. You
should only need one more alibi.

Victor will ask you if you want to change your stake out selections. Change
them to new people.  This time select Andre, Audrey  and  Dr.  Reo.  Choose
Finish and exit your PDA.

Go to Brandi and Lakey's Apartment.  More surveillance tapes dump in  while
you are inside their apartment! Open up your PDA once again and review them
the same way you did yesterday.

With the information you have now, you should be able to prove that:  Andre
and Lakey were together Logan  and  Sandi  were  together  Jeanette  called
Vernon Audrey was at the Solloway Agency. (See below if you cannot get this
one.) Polly was out of town (You may have submitted this  earlier.)  Brandi
is no longer a suspect.

Searching the apartment will reveal quite a few  pieces  of  evidence.  You
will find a blonde wig, a red wig, cigarettes in two separate ashtrays, and
a tray with vegetables.

Most importantly, find a tape player on their shelf  unit.  Listen  to  the
tape. Doesn't that music sound familiar? Confirm your suspicions by opening
up your PDA and listening again to the surveillance tape of Dmitri's  phone
call to Vernon.  The music is the same! Look  at  Brandi's  phone  records.
Someone used her phone to call Vernon on April 5th at 10:04 pm  --  only  4
minutes after her death -- her murderer! With  the  music  playing  in  the
background to simulate Club  Nylon,  Dmitri  called  Vernon  from  Brandi's
phone.  Vernon's answer machine message tells where Vernon has gone. Dmitri
was simply trying to give himself an alibi.  (Other  evidence  pointing  to
Dmitri -- the lipstick found on the glasses from Candi's apartment  matches
the tube found near Dmitri's reception desk.) Once you have listened to the
tape, remove it for lab analysis.

Find a security card in a purse in the kitchen  and  listen  to  the  phone
messages.  Go to the Solloway Agency. Click on the security panel  slot  to
open the  door.  Review  the  security  tape  from  April  5th.  This  also
establishes an alibi for Audrey if you need it.

Before ending the day, review your evidence list to narrow it down to  only
6 pieces. Go to Day 7.

Saturday, April 7 Lakey comes to you very upset and needing  a  friend.  It
would make sense to let her stay with you as any good  friend  would.  But,
due to a possible game bug, I could not get past the  ending  scene.  (Each
time the game dumped back to my desktop!) If this happens to you too,  work
around the problem by making Lakey mad.  She will leave and you can  go  on
with the game.

Look at yesterday's evidence and any new surveillance tapes.  You can go to
your apartment, if you wish, and check your mail and see if  you  have  any
messages. (By the way, I never figured out a way to watch the show I  taped
on the VCR.  I think the police will find  it  after  this  case  has  been
solved.) Leave and go to the Library, which is flashing on the map screen.

You leave the library automatically. SAVE YOUR GAME HERE! This is your LAST
save opportunity. If you have successfully established alibis for ALL BUT 6
SUSPECTS, you can now go to Pandora's.

Once inside the booth, all 6 of your suspects will appear one by  one  (the
order in which they appear changes with each game): Bruno, Dermot,  Dmitri,
Eddie, Dr.  Reo and Vernon. If you do not choose, your boss will  tell  you
that you must.  When Dmitri dressed as Jeanette appears,  press  the  panic

Once you are alone with Dmitri, your conversation choices are critical.  If
you choose incorrectly, you will die. Several conversation paths will work.
Just remember that he has been a very bad boy and  needs  to  be  punished.
Here is what worked for me:

Lie Keep Lying I'm not a cop! ..  Please I'll do anything you ask! You look
beautiful in this light.  You're pretty stunning yourself.  They  made  you
angry and jealous.  You didn't really want to kill them, did you? Offer  to
tie him up. Punish Punish him more



Don't want to bother picking up evidence? Want to just watch the videos and
play a simpler version of the game? Then this method is for you!

While using this Shortcut Walkthrough, you can view all of the  videos  and
do much more than listed here.  It will not be as easy to  figure  out  the
murderer's identity, but you will be able to solve the  game.  Consult  the
Complete Walkthrough for more information.

To finish the game, these things are still necessary:
1) Talk to everyone.
2) Listen to your answer machine messages.
3) Get your mail.
4) Establish motives for three people only.
5) Put surveillance on those three people.
6) Submit alibis for all but 6 suspects.
7) Complete the Pandora sting.

Sunday, April 1 (For more information on what  can  be  done  today,  click

1.Police Station - Pick up ID, Keys, Collins' Opening Invitation
2.Home - Get mail
3.Titus Gallery - Talk to bartender

Monday, April 2 (For more information on what  can  be  done  today,  click

1.Candi's Apartment - no necessary actions
2.Police Station - no necessary actions
3.Home - Check messages
4.Logan Collins' Studio - Talk to Logan

Tuesday, April 3 (For more information on what can  be  done  today,  click

1.Home - Get Mail; Check messages
2.Solloway Agency - Talk to Lakey, Dmitri and Andre; Inside Andre's private
office - play with snow globes on credenza (get key).
3.Dr. Reo's office - Talk to the doctor
4.Vernon Breen's Apartment - Talk to Vernon
5.Dmitri and Jeanette's Apartment - Talk to Jeanette

Wednesday, April 4 (For more information on what can be done  today,  click

1.Logan Collins' Studio - Find darkroom door; Talk to  Polly;  Look  inside
2.Home - Check mail; Talk to Brandi; Check messages
3.Dmitri and Jeanette's Apartment - Search chest of drawers (get key).
4.Vernon Breen's Apartment - no necessary actions
5.Pandora's - Talk to Eddie - submit motive for Logan Collins;  (red  door)
Talk to Sandi Hills (star  dressing  room)  -  submit  motives  for  Audrey
Collins and Andre Solloway; Talk to Bruno - submit motive for Brandi.  Find
Shower Booth (black door); Dance.

Thursday, April 5 (For more information on what can be  done  today,  click

1.Choose stake-outs for Andre,  Audry,  and  Logan.  Click  on  the  Finish
2.Home - Check mail; Check messages
3.Pandora's - Back rooms (red door) click on  star  door;  click  on  men's
room; go back inside men's room; move plunger (get key); Dance at the empty
4.Dr. Reo's office - no necessary actions
5.Follow these steps in this exact order: Do  NOT  exit  your  PDA;  Go  to
Files-Autopsies and READ  BRANDI'S  AUTOPSY;  Go  to  Lab-Surveillance  and
review all surveillance tapes; Go to Lab-Motives & Alibis - try  submitting
alibis for everyone on the list.
6.Exit PDA. No changes to stake-outs (unless you have more motives). Choose
Finish. Exit PDA again.

Friday, April 6 (For more information on what  can  be  done  today,  click

1.Brandi and Lakey's Apartment - Go to kitchen (get  security  card);  Open
PDA - look and listen  to  new  stake-out  audio  and  video  tapes  -  try
submitting alibis for the rest on your list.
2.Solloway Agency - Entertainment unit - view security tape for April  5th;
If needed, submit alibi for Audrey.

Saturday, April 7 (For more information on what can be  done  today,  click

1.Talk to Lakey
2.Home (optional) - Check mail; Check messages
3.Library - watch video (automatic exit)
4.Suggested: Save Game
5.Go to Pandora's - Press panic button when Jeanette appears.
6.Talk to Jeanette/Dmitri (Lie three times;  Cooperate;  Compliment  twice;
Sympathize; Analyze; Bondage; Punish twice).


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