Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 чит-файл №1

Abyss - Hunt 20 animals by opening the trapdoor in the Trap Door
Maneater level in single player.
Adrenaline Junkie - Hunt 5 predators in less than 5 seconds in single player.
Always Fresh - Don't empty the whole stamina bar during one Story Mode
Ambulance-man - Pick up 50 health packs in Story Mode.
Booom! - In Maneater single player, blow up 10 TNT crates.
Brave or Crazy? - Use only a pistol to hunt a hippopotamus in the Keep Moving
Story Mode level.
Bullet-man - Pick up 500 rounds of any ammunition in Story Mode.
Collector - Pick up all Collectibles in Story Mode.
Combo Wizard - In Single Player Arcade Plus, keep the 2x Damage Hunter
from the first checkpoint to the end.
Dare-devil - Take all the dangerous paths in all Arcade Plus levels in
Dodge This - Dodge an animal attack 30 times in Story Mode.
Double Fun - Hunt 25 elite animals with the double barrel shotgun in
player Maneater levels.
Eagle Eye - Hunt a bird or bat using a crossbow in any Story Mode level.
Reflex Master - Win any Reflex Shooting Gallery hunting all animals in order
single player.
Repeating Fun - Finish one Maneater level in single player only using the
Run Piggie, Run! - Shoot 75 warthogs in Reflex Plus galleries in single player.
Scratchless - Pass any Story Mode level except the Take the Shot level
taking damage.
Untouchable - Pass round 1 to 5 of any Maneater level in single player
receiving a single hit.