Commandos: Strike Force чит-файл №1


Open the config folder in your commandos directory, then open the file
JuegoVer.cfg (with something like wordpad) and change these lines:

.resolution ( 1280.000000 1024.000000 )
.resolutionNTSC ( 1280.000000 1024.000000 )

Those are originally set to 800 and 600, change them to your desired resolution.
While you are at it you can change these as well:

.bMarketingWhenExit 0
.bLoadSaveEnable 1

.bMenusExtrasActivo 1

Their use is quite self explanatory.

Additionally if you want to another difficulty make sure you have
bLoadSaveEnable set to 1. That way you can create a profile (this way your
settings in the options menu will be stored in a profile as well). If you want
an extra difficulty level go to "my documents" there's a folder called CSF_data,
open profile with wordpad then change this line COMMANDO_DIF or smth by setting
it to 1.