Companions of Xanth чит-файл №2

Solution File
Written by Mike Marcelais
([email protected])
Another Fourth Bryan Production

Scoring Ranks:
0- 99 Rank Amatuer
100-199 Never Been Nothing
200-299 Nearly Neophyte
300-399 Daring Dabbler
400-499 Master of None
500-599 Master Mundane
600-699 Puzzle Master
700-799 Adventuring Brute
800-899 Dungeon Wrangler
900-999 True Believer
1000 Hintbook Reader

[5] indicates points obtained through an action.

Maps are given at the beginning of each section. Each room is indicated
by a two letter abbreviation. The abbreviation names are given below
the map. Directions are the eight normal directions, including up
and down. Up is signaled by a caret (^) and down by a 'v'.

In each section, the total number of points available in that section
is given, along with a total of all points scored up through this

The walkthrough comes first, then a summary of all the points scored
in the game.

Items Never Used (and taken into Xanth)
Cherry Bomb

Scene I: Earth (31/31)


CR Computer Room
FD Front Door
KI Kitchen

You start in your computer room with a letter on the desk.
Get, open, and read the letter. [5] It seems that your girl-
friend Pia has dumped you. Oh well. Also get the post-it note
and read it.

Go to the Front Door and turn on the light. The switch is by the
door. Head to the Kitchen.

Answer the phone (when it starts ringing.) It's your friend Edsel
with a new computer game. Agree to his dare. [15] Try calling
Pia and the weather information. Get the teabag from the table and
the mustard and sandwitch from the icebox.

Head to the front door and open it when the doorbell rings. Get the
package [2] and open it. Open the Xanth box. Go to the computer

Open the CD-Rom drive. Insert the disk. Close the drive. (Do
a similar thing with the floppy disk if you have the floppy version.)
Put on the 3D glasses. Turn on the computer. [9]
Look at the screen and talk to the golem. He will explain the game
to you. When you choose a companion, select Nada Naga. All of the
other companions will get you killed in the first room.

Scene II: Isthmus Village (169/200)

/ /
/ \ | /

BR Barren Road
CD Censor-ship deck
CL Cliffs
CR Crossroads
CS Censor-ship
CV Cave
DO Dock
ES Eye Screen
FN Fairy Nuff's Booth
FR Forst
GR Golf Green
IV Isthmus Village
MD Meadows
RD Road
TE Golf Tee
VD To the void

Wait for Nada to correctly open the right door. (Other companions
will pick incorrectly, and you will die!) When the door is open
go North. [9]

Talk to Nada about her talent and about where to start. She will
mention to head to the Good Magician Humphry.

Go to the forest and look in the spring to see how Kim is doing.

Go to the village and talk to the headsman there. Agree to get
rid of the Censor-ship. [5] Get the rock. Unlock and open the gate.
Go through the gate.

Get the sailcloth from the deck. Ask Nada to check the rope. She
will return with an anchor and the rope. [8]

Go to the Meadow and talk to the pail. Throw the rock at it. Darn,
it runs away. Return to the Crossroads.

Tie the rope to the anchor (to get a grapling hook). Use the hook
to pry a log from the log jam. [10] Return to the Village.

Give the log to the headsman. Wait for him to turn it into a
board. [9] Go to the barren road and put to board on the boulder. [15]
Put the rock on the board. Have Nada hit the catapult with
her tail. [8] The rock will land in the pail.

Go to the meadow. Get the pail. [7] Go past the cliffs to the Eye

Open the mailbox and read the letter. Return the letter to the
mailbox. Talk to the screen. Tell the screen you want to poke his
eye. Ask to see Fairy Nuff beyond the door. [12] Open the screen and
the door.

Get the tee from the fairway. [3] Get the egg from the green. [2] Go to
Fairy Nuff's Booth. Ask him to help with the censor-ship. (The ship
has two censors, by the way). Recieve a recipie. [8] Read it.

Return to the Eye Screen and put two dashes of Eye Scream into the pail.

Return to the Forst and ask Nada about the bush. Ask Nada to get two
cough drops for you.

Get a buttercup. [5] Empty it. [3] Put the butter in the pail. Get a
cherry bomb while your at it. You can also talk to the cherry bomb
tree. Catch a firefly with the buttercup. [8] Add water to the pail
three times. Then add the cough drops, the firefly, the egg and the
sailcloth. [25]

Return to the village and get the two street lamp covers. [1 each]

Return to the Fairy Nuff and get him to divide the solutions.

Return to the ship and douse the first sensor. [15] Head east and
douse the other sensor. [15]

Return to the Fairy's Booth. (You'll talk with the headman as you
pass by and get the sword.) Ask him about the path to the void.
Follow it.

Scene III: The Void (20/220)



You stray into the void while following the path. [5] Try walking in
different directions. You'll eventually start seeing a shimmering door.
Talk to Nada about it. Eventually (after much waiting and talking) the
door will remain solid. [10] Open the door. [3] Enter the door. [2]

Scene IV: The Region of Earth (70/290)

| | | | | | | |
| | | | |
| | |
| | | | |
| | | | | | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | |

BD Barrow Door
BR Barrow Room (all are identical)
DN Dungeon
IW Ironwood Tree
FI Region of Fire
LS Love Spring
MR Mirror Room
MT Mortar Room
PE Pestle Room
PL Plate in room (teleport between the two)
PQ Plaque Room
RD Road near a barrow
SW Switch Room

A Green gem will appear on the sword.

Try to open the door to the barrow (to the north). It won't open.
Head toward the love spring. You'll meet Metria. Don't drink the water
and don't do anything 'interesting' with Metria. Eventually, Metria will
give up. [10] The barrow is now open.

Start wandering around in the barrow. Eventually everything will turn
dark, and you'll lose Nada. When you find her, she will drag you off
to the love spring. Don't drink the water. Nada is really Metria in
disguise. When Metria gives up, she gives you a homing device. [10]
The device is next to useless. Return to the barrow.

Go to the switch room. Flip all the switches (there are 16). Then
flip them all again. Then push the button and descend.

Go down the stairs. Don't look at Nada. Ask the manacles to let go
of Nada. [12]

Go to the mirror room. Look in the mirror. [5]

Go to the plaque room. Touch the plaque. You feel the work 'Mack'

Go to the pestle room. Get the stone pestle. [2]

Go to the plate room. Stand on the metal pad. [5]

Go to the Mortar room. Get the stone mortar. [3]

Go to the Ironwood Tree. Get a jar. [8]

Return to the dungeon and get some Blue Agony Moss. [7]

Return to the Ironwood Tree and use the moss on the tree. [8]

Scene V: The Region of Fire (103/393)

| \ /

FW Firewall
HO Hole in ceiling
IL In Lava Lake
IW Ironwood Tree (from Region of Earth)
LL Lava Lake
TN Lava Tunnel

A blue gem appears on the Sword [5].

Head into the lake. A Fireman and a hot dog appear.
Ask Nada to put her hair into a bun. Put mustard on the bun. [15]
The dog will leave. Talk to the fireman. Find out about Mack. [10]

Go to the firewall and get the piece of charcoal. [5]

Return to the plaque room in the Region of Earth. Flatten the paper
(from the game you were mailed.) Put the paper on the plaque. [10] Rub
the charcoal on the paper [10] and then read the paper. [5]

Return to the Lava lake with the fireman. Put the flower (flour)
and the firewater (whiskey) into the morter. Grind them with the
pestle and put it in the oven until golden brown. Get the pestle
and recieve the cracker [10]. The fireman leaves. [10]
Convince the fire gangster to leave. [3]

Go to the firewall, light the cracker [3] and use it on the firewall [2].
The cracker will explode and put out the fire. [10]

Go to the hole and use the grapling hook to get out. [5]

Scene VI: The Region of Water (72/465)


CP Com-Pewter
CR Crossroads
LR Livingroom
PN Peninsula
TB Troll Bridge
WR Workroom

A violet gem appears in the sword. [2]

Talk to the troll at the bridge. Agree to find his key. [5]

Turn off the water and get the hose from the crossroads. [5]

Enter the Troll's house and go to the workroom. Look in the well.
It's the key! Push the blue button. Turn on the faucet. Put
the hose in the water [10] and watch it fill the well. [20].
Swim in the water to get the key [10]. Return the key to the troll. [5]

You now have to solve one of three puzzles. The blocks puzzle involves
moving blocks around a grid to achieve a certain result. The pentomenoes
puzzle requires you to fill one of 5 grids with the 12 pentamenoes. The
matchsticks puzzle requires you to move matchsticks to achieve a given
number of squares. Here are the solutions to the first three matchstick

- - - - -
| | | | | | |
- - - - -
| | | | |
- - -

Solve the puzzles. [5] You can also solve the other two puzzles, even
though the troll only asks you to solve one of them. [5 each.]
Leave his house and go to the path. All routes will be blocked except
the 'short cut' to Com-Pewter's Lair.

A large aquamarine gem appears on the sword.

Scene VII: Com-Pewter (55/520)


CE Cave Entrance
CP Com-Pewter
CR Crossroads (from Region of Water)

Walk up to the cave. Listen to Nada's warning about the Com-Pewter. [5]

Enter his lair. Agree to play his game. To win a question, select a
letter from the tray which when added to the given word and re-shuffled
will spell the answer to the clue. All of the answers can be looked up
in the Xanth Com-pendium.

Round 1: REAPS + 'S' = SPEARS [3]
SEAT + 'D' = DATES [3]
CANES + 'P' = PECANS [3]
REST + 'E' = STEER [3]
MAIL + 'A' = LAMIA [3]
Round 2: SOME + 'O' = MOOSE [3]
OCRA + 'B' = COBRA [3]
SEAL + 'F' = FLEAS [3]

To complete the last word, place the golf tee in the chamber, not one
of the tiles.

Com-Pewter will now force the player to resign.

Talk with Grundy. He has a virus. After a while, he will tell you
that Com-Pewter unfairly kicked you out of the game and you will be
placed back in his lair. You must still defeat Com-Pewter. You catch
Grundy's virus.

Give the virus to Com-Pewter. [10] Escape from Com-Pewter's Lair. [3]

Scene VIII: Valley (146/661)

ST^ vST^ vST^ vST
/ \
\ /

CF Cottage Front
GP To the Gap
GY Geyser
IS Inside Cottage
MB Mountain Base
MP Mountain Path
OH Ogress' Home
ST Staircase

Enter the cottage you see before you. Talk to the old woman. Agree to
help her become pretty. [5] Get the Wind Sock [7]

Head toward the an Ogress' Home. Agree to help her get uglier. [10]

Head toward the ogre boy playing. Cover the geyser with the wind sock.
The boy will thank you. [12]

Return to the cottage. Attach the wheel to the cart. [12] Push the
cart. [10] Get the sail under the cart. [5]

Go to the mountain path and get the windbag. [7]

Go to the cave. Attach the sail to the boat. [5] Remove the line. [5]
Open the windbag. [13]

Answer the riddles given by the guard:
1) Error 6) Windbag
2) Airedale 7) Airplane
3) Window 8) Airbag
4) Air Conditioning 9) Windmill
5) Errand 10) Breeze [7]

Go to the top of the stairs and get the 'mountain closed' sign. [8]

Return to the cottage and give the sign to the old lady. [20]

Give the potion to the Ogress to make her more ugly. [20]

Scene IX: The Gap (59/725)

\ /

DF Deerfly before the gap
EG Edge of the gap
GP Gap
OH Ogress' house from the valley
SN Snake before the gap
YK Yak before the gap

A large purple gem appears on the sword. [4]

Head toward the gap edge, talking to all the animals in your way. [10]
Nada will refuse to enter the gap. Jenny, Kim, and Sammy Cat will
wander by. Agree to Jenny's plan to switch companions. [5]

Talk to Cumulo Fracto Nimbus, five times, enraging him, until he
dumps a snowstorm onto the dragon. [6 each] Che resuces you in the
nick of time. [10]

Scene X: Humphry's Castle (125/850)

ME----------MW SW-TN^
\ /
\\ FD //
\ |/

DB Drawbridge
DR Drain
FD Front Door
GA Gate
ME Moat east
MW Moat west
SW Switches
TN Tunnel

Che drops you off outside the castle. [15]

Have Sammy find the best way through the gate. Look for a loose stone
near where Sammy petted the wall. Push the stone [8] and
flip the switch. [5]

Get in front of the drawbridge and Draw the Bridge on the path. Do this
for the left [4], right [4], and middle [4], section of the drawbridge.

Go to the front door and talk to the eye. Talk twice. Listen to the
key phrase 'For one to...' --} 412

Go to the east moat and catch the cricket with the glass jar. [10] The
dragon will go to sleep.

Go to the west moat and climb over the dragon. [10] Get the Loc Pic.
Open the drain with the crowbar. [10] Go down. [5]

Go to the platform with the switches. [5] Flip switches 4, 1, and 2. [15]

Talk to the magician. [15] Use the gourd. [15]

Scene XI: Inside the Gourd (150/1000)

\ |
/ |

AA Attic Access
AT Attic
CD Cellar door
CE Cellar
FR Front of the house
GO Entrance to the gourd
LI Library
ST Stairs

Go to the cellar door. [5] Unlock the lock with the Loc Pic. [10]
Open the cellar and go down. [5]

Look (in the dark) for and get a key [10] and twine [10].
Unlock the door. [10] Open the door and go through it.

Go up the stairs. Didn't work, did it? Tie the twine to the lever. [15]

Push the red button. You'll fall down to the library.
Get the pills [5]. Read the book on the mantle of the fireplace. [15]
You're back at the stairs.

Use the pain-be-gone on the glass pane. [10] Get the cane. [10]

At the attic access, use the cane to lower the attic stairs. [15] Go
into the attic.

A large red gem appears in the sword. [5]

Throw the sword at the prise. [25]

Scene XII: Back Home (0/1000)

(map located in Scene I)

Turn off the computer. Answer the phone.

Scoring Summary

Pts Tot Action

Scene I: Earth
5 5 Read Pia's letter
15 20 Agree to Ed's dare
2 22 Get the package
9 31 Turn on the computer

Scene II: Isthmus Village
9 40 Nada picks correct door.
5 45 Agree to get rid of the censor-ship
8 53 Get anchor and rope
10 63 Get log from jam
9 72 Turn log into board
15 87 Put board on boulder
8 95 Nada hits board with tail
7 102 Get pail
12 114 Get past screening door
3 117 Get the tee
2 119 Get the egg
8 127 Get the recipie from Fairy Nuff
5 132 Get buttercup
3 135 Empty buttercup
8 143 Catch firefly with buttercup
25 168 Mix recipie
1 169 Get lamp cover
1 170 Get lamp cover
15 185 Douse Censors
15 200 Douse Censors

Scene III: The Void
5 205 Enter the Void
10 215 Door remains solid
3 218 Open the door
2 220 Enter the door

Scene IV: Region of Earth
10 230 Ignoring Metria
10 240 Getting homing device
12 252 Release Nada
5 257 Look in mirror
2 259 Get pestle
5 264 Use the metal plate
3 267 Get mortar
8 275 Get a jar
7 282 Get Blue Agony Moss
8 290 Use moss on Ironwood tree

Scene V: The Region of Fire
5 295 Blue Gem in sword
15 310 Put mustard on bun
10 320 Talk to fireman about Mack
5 325 Get charcoal
10 335 Put paper on plaque
10 345 Rub charcoal on paper
5 350 Read paper
10 360 Get cracker
10 370 Get rid of fireman
3 373 Get rid of gangster
3 376 Light cracker
2 378 Put cracker in firewall.
10 388 Firewall is extinguished
5 393 Use grappling hook

Scene VI: The Region of Water
2 395 Voilet gem appears in sword
5 400 Agree to find Troll's Key
5 405 Get hose
10 415 Put hose in water
20 435 Fill well
10 445 Swim and get the key
5 450 Give key to troll
5 455 Solve troll's puzzle
5 460 Solve second troll puzzle
5 465 Solve third troll puzzle

Scene VII: Com-Pewter
5 470 Listen to Nada warning
3 473 Answer 1st Riddle
3 476 Answer 2nd Riddle
3 479 Answer 3rd Riddle
3 482 Answer 4th Riddle
3 485 Answer 5th Riddle
3 488 Answer 6th Riddle
3 491 Answer 7th Riddle
3 494 Answer 8th Riddle
3 497 Answer 9th Riddle
10 507 Answer 10th Riddle
10 517 Give Com-Pewter a virus
3 520 Leave Pewter's lair

Scene VIII: Valley
5 525 Help lady become pretty
7 532 Get Wind Sock
10 542 Help ogress become uglier
12 554 Use wind sock on geyser
12 566 Attack wheel to cart
10 576 Push cart
5 581 Get sail under cart
7 588 Get windbag
5 593 Attack sail to boat
5 598 Remove line
13 611 Open windbag
7 618 Answer Riddles
8 626 Get Sign
20 646 Give sign to old lady
20 666 Give potion to ogress

Scene IX: The Gap
4 670 Purple gem appears on sword
10 680 Arrive at the gap edge
5 685 Switch companions
6 691 Taunt Cumulo Fracto Nimbus
6 697 Taunt Cumulo Fracto Nimbus
6 703 Taunt Cumulo Fracto Nimbus
6 709 Taunt Cumulo Fracto Nimbus
6 715 Taunt Cumulo Fracto Nimbus
10 725 Che rescues you.

Scene X: Humphry's Castle
15 740 Arrive at the castle
8 748 Push the secret stone
5 753 Flip the switch
4 757 Draw left third of drawbridge
4 761 Draw center third of drawbridge
4 765 Draw right third of drawbridge
10 775 Catch cricket
10 785 Climb over dragon
10 795 Open drain cover
5 800 Descend into the drain
5 805 Go to the platform with the switches
15 820 Flip switches 4, 1, and 2
15 835 Talk to Humphry
15 850 Use a hypnogourd

Scene XI: Inside the Gourd
5 855 Go to the cellar door
10 865 Unlock cellar lock
5 870 Enter cellar
10 880 Get key
10 890 Get twine
10 900 Unlock the door
15 915 Tie twine to lever
5 920 Get pills
15 935 Pull book on mantle
10 945 Use pills on pane
10 955 Get cane
15 970 Use cane on attic stairs
5 975 Gem appears on sword
25 1000 Throw sword at prise

Scoring by Scenes:
31 31 Earth
169 200 Isthmus Village
20 220 The Void
70 290 The Region of Earth
103 393 The Region of Fire
72 465 The Region of Water
55 520 Com-Pewter
146 666 Valley
59 725 The Gap
125 850 Humphry's Castle
150 1000 Inside the Gourd