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Walkthrough by WITCHEN =O)
Revision 1.0 - May 2000
"Somewhere out there among the stars, lives another race of people. We know
this because, just weeks ago, our radio telescopes accidentally intercepted
one of their interplanetary communications. When we were able to decode it,
this is what we read:
"Danger: Ozgar has been defeated but not destroyed. Suralon is sinking.
Return to Arkonia. Abandon all colonies at once."
Who were the Arkonians? And who or what is Ozgar? "
Only days later, a gigantic alien spaceship deploys powerful satellites
around the earth. All kinds of upheavals occur in the next two days:
devastating earthquakes, critical weather shifts, and drastic gravitational
changes. Ozgar is coming after us.
You, a hypership test pilot, are relatively safe in the polar research
station, where the world's first hypership is being constructed. After
scientists successfully pinpoint the origin of the Arkonian signal, you are
chosen as the last hope; savior of the planet. Your mission? Find the
Arkonians and defeat the evil Ozgar.
Now on with the game!
When you land in the hypership, pan around and check out the control panels.
(Critical: write those numbers down immediately and any other numbers,
symbols or light patterns you find during the game.) Turn around and exit
through the air lock behind you. Turn left in the antichamber and walk
outside into the sunshine. Go straight ahead between the rocks, up the vague
path to a grayish flat building you can just see up in the trees.
Walk up to the door of what appears to be some kind of gatehouse. Enter by
using the hand icon on the door handle. Once inside, go to your right and
check out the dilapidated tapestry hanging on the wall. It appears to have
one point of interest, besides all the holes, an image of an open book at the
bottom left edge of the tapestry.
Turn around and walk back to the center of the room. Turn slightly to the
right and use the cursor hot spot to enter the room to the left of the main
chamber. Once inside the room, turn left and click on the base of the torch
on the wall. Click on the base again to open a secret panel in the rock
wall. Turn right. Pick up the four books in the panel that has slid out
from the wall.
Turn right and go to the standing reddish urn in the corner of the room.
Click on the scrolls. Pick up the only one you are able to and look at it.
Click on it to roll it up. The scroll will be transferred to your back pack
in the left corner of your screen.
Exit the urn, turn right and reenter the main chamber. Turn around and go
forward to the table between the two torches at the end of the chamber. Tip
your back pack inventory over and click on the scroll at the right side. It
will begin to pulse. (When an inventory item is pulsing, you need only click
on the area of the screen where you want to use it. You don't need to pick
it up.) Click on the table. The scroll will unroll and you will see new
markings not earlier visible. Note the symbols on the right margin. Write
them down. Do they look familiar? And, doesn't this chart look like a floor
plan of the Gatehouse? Looks like there might be two floors, each with a
gray circular object at the lower right side. That just might be a
staircase. Let's find it.
Back out of the scroll, turn right, and go forward to the room on the
opposite side of the chamber. Turn right and click on the torch on the far
wall. Turn to your left and notice the new doorway and staircase. Go down
the staircase. At the bottom of the stairway, turn right, go forward, and
pan left to see an indentation, or niche, in the wall. It looks like there
might be a concealed doorway.
Turn around and go forward to return up the staircase. In the small room,
turn right, go forward two steps and turn toward the small shelf mounted on
the rock wall, to the lower left of the window.
Spill your back pack and place the correct books, in order, on the book
shelf. The first, second, third and fifth books shown in your inventory. (To
remove a misplaced book, just click on the shelf with no book pulsing in your
When all four of the books have been correctly placed, you will hear a low
rumbling sound. Back out of the bookshelf scene. Turn right, forward and
left to go back down the staircase. Turn right and descend the second
staircase that has opened behind the concealed door. Once in the lower room,
turn right and approach the table or console device against the wall. Look
down to see another book sitting to the left, and a joystick device to the
right. Click on the joystick to see the very last hologram entered to Arla's
diary. Arla is the daughter of the Arkonian gatekeeper, who lived at the
Gatehouse. She is a custodian of the crystal key.
When you have completed viewing Arla's message, click on the book laying on
the console. Then click on the right edge of the cover to open the book.
You will see a graphic of a compartment with a box inside. On top of the box
are five buttons. There are five lines of indecipherable code appearing
under the graphic. The lines are meaningful to you only because of their
length; long, short, short, long and medium.
Turn away from the console and go up one flight of stairs to the room where
the spiral staircase ends. You will come to a stop directly under and a
little to the left of the spiral staircase. Look for a hot spot on the wall
under the protruding underside of the staircase. Click on the hotspot and
you will get a close up of a door with a ring latch. Click on the ring. The
door will open to reveal a safe compartment. This is the real version of the
graphic you saw in the book at the console downstairs. Push and drag the
square buttons to coincide with the length of the coded lines in the book,
high , low, low, high, middle. The box will open to reveal a mirrored, red
velvet compartment. And, inside it, the blue and gold crystal key. Click on
the key to move it into your back pack.
Turn around. Go back down the stairway to the room with the console and the
lighted globes. Go straight forward to the circular archway on the opposite
wall. Turn slightly left to see a panel mounted on the stone wall. Click on
the panel to access it. See that interestingly shaped hole in the base of
the panel? Looks like a good fit for your newly acquired crystal key. Use
the crystal key on the panel. The screen will display a set of six cylinders
and two small blue lights at the bottom. This is the control panel for the
transporter portal. The display represents the Gatehouse World, where you
are now. So, clicking on the cylinders on the screen, will not be
effective. Instead, click on the lower right blue light. the cylinder image
will be replaced by a gold volcano or bowl-like image.
Click on the gold image to activate the portal. The crystal key will return
to your back pack and the portal will open to show a bright, desert and
mountain scene. Click on the portal to be transported to the Desert World.
You're positioned to be looking between two sheer, black granite cliffs.
Turn right to see what appears to be some sort of antenna device. Turn right
again to see two tall black, engraved columns to your rear. Looks like an
entrance way. Turn right again to see a metallic building, apparently
damaged extensively by laser fire sometime in the past. Ozgar's work, no
doubt. Turn back to your left, toward the tall black columns, and exit out
between the columns. You will see a vast desert plain, blazing in the heat.
Turn right and pan down to see a stairway, of sorts, cut into the rock.
Descend the stairway and go right forward where you see a cave in a black
rock, with some kind of grayish looking all terrain vehicle parked inside.
Go forward to the cave. Look around at the barrels, red tool box
accessories, and take the battery cables off the center gray rack.
Get into the vehicle and click to go forward. The control panel will immerge
and establish itself for operation. And, you will be propelled automatically
to the right, across the desert. You arrive at what looks like an abandoned
Arkonian power station. Exit your vehicle by clicking on the windshield.
Turn to your left. Go forward, right , into the power station. Climb the
stairway to examine the control room and various control panels. There is a
panel with three large levers to the far right. Try the levers to find them
inoperable. You need something else first, before you can operate these
levers to turn on the power. Leave the control platform. Go down the stairs
and out into the desert. Turn left and go forward, two times. You are now
standing on the right side of the power station. Turn left to see two
pipelines entering the power station structure. Click on the large pipe for
a close up of the area where the pipelines enter the building. Just to the
left, below the smaller pipeline, there's a metal shelf with something laying
on top of it. Find it with the hot spot and pick it up. It looks like some
sort of electronic tool. The tool will automatically go into your back pack.
Turn around and take one step forward toward the desert. Turn to your left
and go forward once more, along the large pipeline. Turn left. you will see
a black metal bar resting against the pipeline. Take the metal bar.
Turn around and go back into the front of the power station and up the
stairway to the control room. Walk over to the far right control panel with
the three levers. Click on the switches for the correct view. Notice the
bright metal holes in each of the three lever handles. Select the black
metal bar from your back pack. When it is pulsing, click on the hole in the
first lever to your left. The bar will position itself and lower the three
levers to turn on the power.
Turn around and leave the power station. Get back into your vehicle. Lower
your cursor and click on the dashboard (not the windshield). The vehicle
will take you back to its original position in the desert cave. You will see
and hear a brief sand storm, caused by a landing space ship; followed by a
surprise laser attack by one Ozgar's guards. Apparently, your actions at the
power station have alerted Ozgar. The laser will stun you temporarily, and
you will be taken hostage and whisked away to Ozgar's mothership.
Look around to view your meager, dirty accommodations. Try the hot spot on
the door. No luck. Click on the triangular shaped metal panel to the upper
left of the cell door for a close up. Boy, good thing the guard threw you in
here with your back pack, huh? Click on the electronic tool you got at the
power station. Click on the panel. The tool will position itself at the
panel. Click on the front of the switch device on the top of the tool. A
lighted torch will appear. Click on any one of the three rivets on the
panel. The torch will immediately remove all three rivets to display the
locking mechanism for the cell door. Click on the upper circuit board to get
a close up. The tool will position itself to the right of your screen. You
will see a circular lever to your left and a vertical sliding bar to the
upper left. By placing your cursor at the vertical slot, so that it changes
to an open hand, drag down and to the right. Try dragging the lower lever
over to the right you will discover the locking pin at the base of the panel,
just above the circular lever. However, if you can see the circular dial and
the locking pin jutting out from the center of it,below the circuit board,
you don't need to drag the lever at this point. Click on your tool in back
of the top switch, this time, to use the tool's metal cutters. Click on the
locking pin to sheer it off.
Click to get a close up again. Click and slowly drag on the lower left
lever, over to your right. The cell door will open automatically.
You are looking out into the the mothership's passageway. Go forward into
the passageway. Turn to your left to see another long passageway. Go
forward. At the junction, you are given the choice to go right or left. Go
left. You will come to another junction. Go right. Click on the ladder to
go up. At the yellow lit grill, turn left and go forward down the
passageway. Go forward up the ramp to the door of the the mothership's
control room. Click on the window. You will see a side view of Ozgar
abusing one of his guards.
Turn around from the window and quickly go down the ramp, turn left and go
into the little alcove ahead of you. Ozgar will come levitating down the
ramp and will turn left in the passageway beyond your position. Whew! That
was close.
Go forward to follow Ozgar's path down the passageway. When you stop, the
yellow lit grill is on your left. Go forward again. you will go around a
curve to the left and stop near another door. Go forward once more to stop
in front of the door. Click on the window to get a quick peek at Ozgar's
private domain.
Time to get off this mothership. You've escaped and have done enough
sleuthing for the time being.
Turn around and click forward twice, where you see the red lights on the
floor of the passageway. You will go back around the curve to the right.
When you stop, the yellow lit grill should be to your immediate right. Turn
left. Go forward to descend the ladder to the level where your cell is
located. Turn around and look at the ladder. Click down at the bottom of
the ladder view to go down another level. You will see a door directly in
front of you.
Turn slightly to the right and click forward. You should see a large blue
pipe in front of you and to the right. Turn slightly left and go forward to
a junction. Turn right to descend another ramp. You will enter the ship's
air lock and open a second spiral door to the mothership's docking bay. Turn
slightly right and go forward toward the ship. You will find yourself on an
elevator platform. Look down right to see the handle that operates the
platform. Click on the button you see at the top. Turn around at the top
and enter the ship. Ahead of you is the bow of the ship, where the green and
orange lights are.
Go forward twice to enter the ship's cockpit area. Turn around and click on
one of the crew chairs to be seated at the ship's controls. The control
panel will appear in front of you. The coordinates you will key into the
yellow keypad are the same ones displayed on the control panel of your
hypership when you landed at the gatehouse 285 016 909. (The keypad is
numbered left to right 1-9, with the zero appearing at the bottom.) Write
down the numeric equivalent of the orange numbers appearing on the control
panel, the mothership's location code: 327 845 483. You will need the code
later. Now, key in the 285 016 909 numeric code for the gatehouse location
and you are on your way back to the Gatehouse World.

Back in the Gatehouse World, click on the down arrow at the lower edge of the
control panel to stow it away. Turn slightly right and go forward up the
ramp. Go forward down the passageway to the exit off to your right. (Don't
go through any of the red neon doorways, unless you want to take a tour.)
Use the lever on the platform to lower yourself to the ground. Turn slightly
right and click on the green hills. You will be transported back to the spot
where you originally landed, just below the gatehouse. Turn left.
Now, if all has gone well, you can proceed up to the gatehouse. Go back
through the gatehouse, down both the spiral and lower staircases, to the
transporter portal room. Go to the control panel and use the blue crystal
key from your back pack to activate the panel. Click on the right lower blue
light to bring up the gold volcano image. Click on the image. Pass through
the portal and back into the desert.

Go forward and then right to the cave under the right black cliff. Pan down
and around until you see a lighted tunnel. Go forward once. When you come
to a stop at the bottom, turn left and go forward. You will be standing in
front of a battered blue hatch. Press the lighted button on the left hatch
frame to open the door. Go down the stairway to the platform you can see off
to your right. Just click on the platform. Pan down and pull the lever on
the control panel in front of you. You will see that the control panel
operates a switching device that closes a suspended track in front of you.
The light on the control panel turns green.
Click just to the left of the panel to go down the stairway. Go forward
again, down a second set of stairs to arrive inside a huge open freight car.
Turn left and click on the lever to the right of the freight car's control
panel. The light turns green and off you go. At the end of your ride, turn
right and click to enjoy a dizzyingly quick trip down the stairway.
Turn right and click on the ladder to climb atop a huge generator. You will
see two switches in front of you. Drag each switch, one at a time, slowly to
the top and let go. You should hear the sound of a starting engine. If you
hear buzzing, try again.
Back down off the generator. Go left forward to what looks like a
submersible vehicle. Go forward up the ladder to get inside. Click on the
circular control switch in front of you. the glass hatch will close and you
will be submerged to pick up several rock samples. The rocks will be stowed
in your back pack. You automatically leave the submersible. Turn around and
go back up the stairway to the freight car. Turn left to use the control
lever and you will return up the tram way. Turn right to exit the freight
car and go up the stairway. When you stop, turn right and go forward twice,
out through the blue hatchway. Go forward up the lighted tunnel stairway and
back out into the desert sun.
When you come to a stop, go slightly right and forward. Turn around, past
the cave with the desert vehicle you borrowed earlier, to the stone stairs
directly behind you. Climb the stairs. Turn left and go forward to the
aluminum looking building damaged by laser fire.
Turn left and enter the building. Go into the room off to the right of your
screen. Go left and forward to the control panel. Up and slightly to the
left, you will see a round basin-like appliance. Click on it to see that is
some kind of loading receptacle. Get the rock samples out of your back pack
and place them in the receptacle.
Look down at the control panel and click on it for a close up. Click on the
vertical gray strip in the circular dial to start the machinery. At the end
of the noisy refining process, you will be rewarded with a gold coin or disc.
Leave the building. Walk forward twice. Turn left and go forward between
the two black cliffs, three times, to the area where you see a crater with a
suspension bridge leading to it. Cross the bridge. Pan down to look at the
standing potholes of water in the crater's center.
Find the pothole that doesn't make a splash when you throw rocks in the water
from your back pack. (Don't worry, you have plenty of rocks.) To find the
pothole that doesn't splash when you throw a rock in it, go left from the end
of the bridge. Then go left forward to the sandy spot. Turn immediately
(not far) left and go forward to the right of the brown mound. Pan down.
You will see a pond with the tip of a mountain reflected in it. Go forward
and throw a rock in the pond. The rock disappears and makes no splash.
Throw you gold coin from the refining process into the pond. The metallic
qualities of the coin will short out the deliberately placed hologram.
Hmmm. There's a stone stairway under there. Go down the stairway and turn
around to view a huge metal door. Try the lever on the door. No luck. Turn
around so your are facing the white rock under the staircase. Pan down to
see a hologram imager instrument attached to the white rock. Click on it for
a close up. Back out and turn around to the door again.
Pan down to see the electrical cord for this imager plugged into an outlet at
the base of the rock wall. Click on the plug at the end of the cord. Click
and drag the plug out of the socket. Click on the socket for a close up.
Plug the battery cables from your back pack into the socket. Click on the
other end of the battery cables. Click and drag this end of the battery
cables to the door handle. The door will be blown open immediately. Turn
around and pick up the battery cables.
Go through the doorway into a dimly lit cave. Go straight ahead toward the
light on the opposite wall. Click on the wall and another door will open. Go
forward to the platform. Looks like another portal installation.. Go
forward once. Turn left and click on the hologram instrument on the table.
The speaker is a scientist; an Arkonian geological researcher forced into
hiding by Ozgar's men. He tells you of the Arkonians desperate plight where
their only means to preserve the secrecy of their location was to "throw away
the last location crystal." Turn left and go back down the stairway. Look
ahead of you into the rocks to see a small v-shaped formation. Click to move
forward to the rock formation. Take your battery cables and throw them
through the center of the v-shape. Go forward to climb down into the water.
Go across the water and pick up the last piece of the crystal key. Turn
around. Go back across the water and climb up the battery cables. Go back
to the portal platform. Click on the control panel for the portal just to
the right. Insert the key from your back pack. Press the right button two
times until you see a green leaf. Click on the leaf image. The portal will
activate, displaying a jungle scene. Go forward into the Jungle World.

Turn slightly to the left to find the hot spot. Click on it . When you come
to a stop, turn slightly right and you will see a stand of trees with very
dark areas on either side. Go to the dark area on the right side. Go toward
what looks like a small green meadow ahead of you. Turn slightly right to go
forward again. Click up and left to go to the edge of a cliff. Click down
between the rocks to go down the embankment. Wow, another crashed ship! It
probably is Arkonian, as opposed to one of Ozgar's. Go forward to walk
around the ship. Go forward again and look at the three dark spots on the
side of the ship. Go forward against the ship's hull and pan up left to gain
a view of the three dark spots. Click on either of the lower two to open the
hatch and enter down the stairway. Pan right to see a shuttle vehicle on a
track. Click on the switch on the floor to the right of the shuttle. Click
on the switch again to release the lines securing the shuttle. Click on the
shuttle to release the rear hatch and enter the shuttle.
Once inside, pan down right and open the storage locker to remove a red
screwdriver. Go forward twice to sit in the pilot's chair. Press the two
blue circular buttons on the lower right of the console to fire the shuttle's
engines. The shuttle will automatically reposition and take off to fly you
on a scenic journey out of the jungle. You will arrive at a sunken city
complex, Suralon, part of which still protrudes from the water.

Once the shuttle comes to rest, exit via the rear hatch. You will see the
shuttle automatically restart, hover briefly, and fly off into the distance.
Pan around until you see the green dome of a building in the distance. Go
forward across the bridge. Turn left and go around the building until you
come to the door of the dome. Turn right and enter. Go forward to see a
desk. Play the hologram on the machine to the left of the desk as you are
standing behind it. The governor, leader of all Arkonian colonies and
chairman of the Counsel of Suralon, delivers his last message before the
remaining colonies flee Ozgar for their home planet.
Go back to the governor's desk and click on the colored triangular object on
his desk. You must match the patterns displayed to those shown on the middle
(green, orange and violet) painting behind you. Match the three middle,
intersecting, triangles with the painting; green, orange and violet. (To
quickly solve this puzzle, just press the lower left colored panel five times
in succession.) Back out of the close up. The desk will open to display a
CD. Pick it up. A handy portable portal is also your reward for solving
this color puzzle.
Leave the governor's office. Walk around the dome by going left and forward
once. Turn right and go forward over the sky bridge to the opposite roof
top, where you landed in the shuttle. On your right is a dark glass tower.
On your left are three huge solar panels. Find the hot spot to the left and
go to the platform beneath the solar panels. Pan down and click on the joy
stick. Whoops! Must have been extremely rusty. The stress of your pulling
on it has broken it off. Let's see. What have you got in your back pack the
would work here?
Get out your screwdriver and use it as a makeshift joy stick. Move the
screwdriver handle to your right to see a circle of reflected light appear on
the dark tower ahead of you. Move the light circle up to the circular window
at the top of the dark tower. Push the screwdriver forward to do this.
Leave the light on the circular window until you hear a power burst. Go
forward to the dark tower. Press the button to the left of the door and
enter the tower. Turn left and look down to see a shiny object beside the
elevator door. Pick it up. Its a radio.
Click the blue button on the left to open the elevator doors and enter.
Click the only activated button on the control panel, the fifth one down on
the left side. Once the elevator stops, you will hear a tone. Open the
door. Wow! Looks like a monorail station. Go forward, look down and jump
onto the monorail tracks. Go forward twice down the empty track toward the
blue glass tube. At the next station, turn left, jump up over the wall and
onto the platform. Go up the stairway ahead of you and out through the
revolving glass door.
Go straight across the plaza to the double metal doors across the way. Click
on them to enter. Go down the stairway. Once inside, turn left and go up
the stairway. Look down at the control panel. Turn around and look at the
four storage units behind you. Click on the second one from the right. That
object looks like another fin for the crystal key. You can't take it,
though, because there is a thick glass face on the storage unit.
Get your radio out of your back pack. Press the only visible button on the
radio until the dial begins moving. The dial will show red each time it
reaches one of the five frequencies that once were active Arkonian radio
stations. Let the radio remain on the station you find just parallel to the
radio dial (which has the most irritating sound) until the vibrations it
causes become intense enough to break the glass in the key storage unit. The
key fin will assemble itself with the crystal key and reposition in your back
pack. You now have all four fins on the crystal key and four options for
travel; the gatehouse, the desert, the jungle and the sun. (The sun is where
the Arkonians disposed of their garbage collected from the colonies.)
Place the crystal key in the lock on the control panel behind you. You will
see the image for the gatehouse, desert, jungle and sun. Use the white
button on the right side to select the green leaf to return to the Jungle
World. Click on the green leaf image. You will immediately be transported
down to the monorail tracks. The portal will appear in the tunnel straight
ahead of you. Click on the portal to arrive back in the jungle.

Now to find the enemy ship from where you are standing when you arrive back
in The Jungle World.
Turn left.
Go forward.
Turn slightly right.
Go forward.
Turn slightly left.
Go forward toward the bright green spot.
Turn right.
Go forward between two big rocks.
Go forward to the extreme right.
Go left of the big rock, slightly off to your left.
Go extreme right.
Click on the dim circle you see behind the rock ahead of you.
Turn right.
Go forward to the hull of the enemy ship.
Click on the little circle left screen.
Solve the puzzle.
This is a light coded combination lock. There is no sound to this puzzle.
But, you must match the light pattern with the one you first saw when you
entered Ozgar's mothership. Don't remember? Just light the two larger blue
outer half-rings and step back. When you are transported inside, turn and go
left. Click on the light lock to the left of the spiral door. When you have
a close up, choose the small yellow half-ring on the left side, and the large
blue half-ring on the right. (This combination is the same as the enemy ship
in the hangar.)
Step back and the spiral door will be opened. Go forward. You are in the
communications office of the enemy ship. Put your CD in the communications
console in front of you. The CD you found in the governor's office is secret
decoder disc and it will translate the alien symbols for you. Carefully,
draw these symbols on your notes! Click the lower button to hear the alien
translation of the symbols, "Abandon Ship!".
Immediately turn and use the portable portal from your back pack. Use the
button at the left to display the correct image (gold volcano) to go back to
the desert.

When you arrive in the desert, go forward to the potholes area and go across
the bridge to the crater. Go left. Go forward to the sandy area. Turn
immediately left before the big brown mound and go forward. Look down. Go
down the stairway. Look down. Click on the imager (not the extreme close
up). Use your screwdriver to unscrew the imager from its base. Use the
screwdriver on the right side. The imager will dismount and position itself
in your back pack. Get out your portable portal, set it up and key in the
coordinates for Ozgar's mothership 327 845 483.
From the elevator, find the ladder and go right again at the yellow lit
grill. You will find yourself outside the door to Ozgar's private domain.
Don't go clear up to the door. Instead, turn right and look at the
communication units (yellow lights) in the alcove off to your right. See the
rod the communications unit is mounted on? Follow it down to the floor to
see a plug in at the base. Plug your imager into the socket. The imager
will position itself in the passageway.
(NOTE: If you haven't gone back up the corridor, the ramp, and to Ozgar's
control room door, to peek in an see him abusing his guard...you will not be
able to plug in the imager.)
Place your portable portal directly behind the imager in the passageway.
Click on the imager for a close up. Press the down button to take a picture
of the empty passageway. Press the up button to project the image of the
empty passageway toward Ozgar's door. You must see the image displayed to be
certain it is working properly.
Click on the portable portal and select the "sun" image. Don't forget to
press the sun image on the screen!
Quickly, turn around and go forward to the communications unit and key in the
four symbols from the enemy ship in the jungle; the code for "Abandon
Ship!". They are the first four symbols, left to right, on the bottom row.
You will hear the alarms go off to alert the crew to abandon the mother ship,
Ozgar leaves his domain to find out what is going on. He quickly meets his
well deserved doom, as he rushes into the portal and is whisked off to the
blazing Arkonian garbage dump! Ozgar the invincible telepathic is now
nothing but a charred cinder.........hurray!
END GAME ! Congratulations! You are a hero for freeing your people!

This document may be freely distributed only with permission of the author,
Witchen =O), email [email protected]