Dungeon Siege 2 чит-файл №2

While playing a game, press [Enter] and type [Plus] followed by one of the
following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. To disable a code,
type [Minus] followed by the code.

Effect - Code
Display version - version
Invincibility - drlife
Instant kill - quwhba
Less chunky - krisrox-lzjlcoj
More chunky - superchunky
Record a movie - movie
Silver ring - iraqsux-eszaryz
Silver ring, weapon, garment - luvtana-aeviyaa
Teleport - bushsux-oluaowr

While playing a game, press [Enter] and type:

+bushsux-oluaowr teleport (*)
+iraqsux-eszaryz silver ring
+luvtana-aeviyaa silver ring + weapon + garment
+krisrox-lzjlcoj less chunky
+superchunky more chunky
+quwhba instant kill (*)
+drlife invincibility
-drlife vulnerability
+movie record a movie
-movie stop recording
+version display version