Final Fantasy VIII

by Dragon Fogel([email protected])

v 1.0

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GameFAQs -

1. Revision History
2. Triple Triad Guide
3. Walkthrough
-Trial By Fire
-Final Exam
-Talk About Your Long Days...
-Forest Owls
-Obligatory Fetch Quest
-The Sorceress
-It's Laguna Again...
-Fisherman's Horizon
-Checking Up on Things
-Warring Gardens
-Setting Up The Rest Of The Plot
-Esthar Ho!
-Out Of This World!
-Down To Earth
-The Time Is Nigh
-Kurse All SeeDs!
4. Side Quests
-Rare Card Locations
-Timber Maniacs Locations
-Dollet revisited
-Shumi Village
-Chocobo Forests
-Centra Ruins
-Jumbo Cactaur
-UFO Chase
-Lake Obel
-Deep Sea Research Center
-CC Group
-Queen of Cards
-Omega Weapon
-Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks
-Beginning of a series of long lists-
5. SeeD Written Test Answers
6. Character Info
7. Spell List
8. Junction List
9. GF List
10. Abilities List
11. Learning List
12. Card List
13. Shop/Refinement List
14. Item List
15. Monster List (very incomplete)
16. Disclaimer
17. Credits

Version 1.0

First version; walkthrough and side quests sections more or less
complete, as well as several lists. However, there is still a lot of
work to be done; any help with the following would be greatly
-Items dropped by bosses if you don't Mug them
-Draw Point locations, particularly on the overworld
-Selling prices of items
-Just about anything for the monster list (like suggestions on how to do it. =P)
Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide information.


I suppose you're wondering why I decided to write this FAQ when there
are already so many FF8 FAQs out there. Well, there are three major
reasons. The first, and most important, is that while there are many FF8
FAQs out there, there are very few _good_ FAQs. I won't mention any
names here, but I find that most of the guides on GameFAQs are either
poorly organized or incomplete. The second reason is that I want to
write a FAQ at least once, just for the experience. The third, and least
important reason, is that I can sneak some spam in. =P And here it is: Okay, that's it for the spam, and it will not be
mentioned any more. Now read the FAQ.


-Section under construction-

I decided to put this in here so those of you who want to know about
Triple Triad can look right at the beginning of the FAQ, instead of
scrolling through the walkthrough section and possibly seeing some
spoilers. This section has a description of the various rules, and some
(hopefully) useful tips for playing this addictive - and sometimes
frustrating - minigame.

I won't mention the basic rules, since you can see them in the Tutorial
and they're pretty easy to understand, but I'll discuss the various
special rules here.

Open - You can see your opponent's hand, and they can see yours. I don't
know if it affects the computer's strategy much, or at all, but it's
definitely to your advantage. I recommend spreading it to every region
you can.

Same - When at least two sides of a card match in numbers with two
adjacent cards, (at least one of which is an opposing card) both cards
will be turned over.

Plus - This is a bit tricky to explain. I'll use a diagram to illustrate
3 8
5 (6+1) 5
4 2
2 A

6 + 1 = 7, 4 + 3 = 7. These add up to the same number, so Plus is
activated and the (8152) and (32A7) cards are turned over. (For the
record, I made up the card numbers, and have no idea if there are
actually cards with those configurations.) This rule can be very
annoying, especially without Open...

Combo - Some people have trouble understanding this rule, but it's
actually pretty simple. It works with the Same and Plus rules. It's
easiest to illustrate, so here goes...

3 7
4 4 4 3
5 6
5 | 2
3 1 | 4 3
2 | 6

The (3445) card has just been placed. The "Same" rule is in effect. The
(3445) card turns over the two adjacent cards. Now, here's where Combo
comes into play. One of the cards affected with Same is the (7436) card.
The 6 on the bottom beats the 2 on the top of the card below, so the
(2436) card is turned over. (Again, I'm just making up these numbers.)

In other words, a card taken with Same or Plus is treated like it's just
been placed in a game without Same/Plus. If it beats an adjacent card of
the opponent's, that card is turned over, and can take other adjacent
cards. One side effect of this is that when one player gets a combo, the
other player has a good setup for making a combo of their own...

Same Wall - Used with the "Same" rule. The border of the playing field
is considered to consist of "A"s for the purposes of using Same.

Elemental - Some squares have elemental symbols on them. The squares and
symbols seem to be chosen at random. If an elemental card is placed on a
square with the same element, the value the numbers on each side of the
card is raised by 1 for the purposes of normal matches. If a non-
elemental card or a card of the wrong element is placed on an elemental
square, the numbers on each side drop in value by 1.

Sudden Death - If there's a draw, each player takes the cards they've
won and the game restarts, with elemental squares moved if that rule is
in effect. This continues until one player wins. This can work to your
advantage if you've got a good hand, as you're pretty much guaranteed to
win in the end, but it can be annoying to play through over and over.

Random - Each player's hand is chosen at random. One of the most-
despised rules in the game.

Trade Rules:

One - Choose one card from the opponent's hand.

Diff - Choose a number of cards from the opponent's hand equal to the
number of cards you won by.

Direct - Keep the cards you turned over, lose cards turned over by the
opponent. The most hated of the trade rules.

All - Win all of the opponent's cards.

Affecting the rules:

Adding a rule to a region is easy. Just play in a region that has the
rule you want to add, then go to the region that you want to add the
rule to. Play cards with someone, and they'll usually ask you if you
want to add in the rules from the other region. Accept, and the rule may
be added after the game. Removing rules is done in pretty much the same
way, but it's rarer to see a rule removed. To make it easier, first
choose "Yes" when they ask you to play, then, when the screen with the
current rules pops up, select "Quit". The rules can be changed this way
as well, and rules seem to be removed more often. Also, sometimes rules
will be added and removed at random after a game. If you're having
trouble in a region, try messing with the rules.

Rule sets:

Balamb - Open

Galbadia - Same

Dollet - Random, Elemental

FH - Elemental, Sudden Death

Trabia - Random, Plus

Centra - Random, Same, Plus

Esthar - Elemental

Lunar - Open, Random, Same, Plus, Same Wall, Elemental, Sudden Death

Strategies for playing:

The first trick to winning at cards is to get a good hand. Since you
start with only Level 1 cards, this won't be easy. So, the first order
of business is to get good cards from the main game. There are two ways
of doing this; the first is to defeat GFs for their cards. You can get 4
GF cards this way before the end of Disc 1, all of them strong corner
cards. The second way of getting good cards without playing Triple Triad
is to learn the Card ability and use it to turn enemies into cards. Most
of the time, enemies turn into their own cards, but sometimes they'll
get turned into Boss cards instead. If you want a _real_ easy time with
the card game early on, wander around the grass areas of Balamb and use
Card on Glacial Eyes until you have 5 Jumbo Cactaur cards. It takes a
while, but once you have them, the only players you have to worry about
are the ones with rare cards.

Okay, so you've got some good cards. Now what? Now you need to know how
to use them. Personally, I play defensively. I get strong corner cards
(ones with two adjacent sides with a value of 8 or higher) and always
put them where only the strong sides are showing. Playing offensively is
also an option, but it doesn't work too well in Sudden Death. The other
important thing to do is alter the rules if at all possible. This is
especially important in Dollet, as the Random rule makes the Queen of
Cards side quest rather tricky. I'll try to have more strategies in a
future update.


Before I get into the actual walkthrough, there are two useful functions
that aren't described in the manual or the tutorial. First, to undo
Junctioned spells, use the Magic Junction option, select the spell you
want to un-Junction, and push the Square button. (or whatever button you
assigned to Play Cards) Second, to discard unwanted spells, go to the
Magic menu, select either Use or Exchange, move the cursor on the spell
you want to get rid of, and push Square. You'll be asked if you want to
discard the spell. These are useful features, remember them.

Also, I personally found the default control layout awkward; I recommend
changing it as soon as you can. I personally use Circle to talk, X to
walk, Triangle for the menu, and Square to play cards. Of course, you
may prefer another layout.

Another thing: the titles for sections (which look something like this:
| TRIAL BY FIRE |, and are typically followed by a sarcastic comment in
parentheses) are my own names. Therefore, I assume full responsibility
for how dumb, uncreative, etc. they sound.

Finally, a note on Draw Points. When I list Draw Points in an area, I
put an "r" in brackets next to the Draw Point if it recharges after a
while. If I have a question mark after the "r", it means I'm not sure if
the Draw Point recharges. Hopefully, I'll be able to eliminate most of
the question marks by the next version.

-Disc One

(I warned you. I'm bad at coming up with titles. Hey, I can be even less
creative that this.)

-Balamb Garden
Draw Points: Cure(r), Esuna, Blizzard(r)
Rare Cards: Quistis, MiniMog
Rule Set: Balamb
GFs: Quezacotl, Shiva

After an impressive FMV, sequence, you'll see Squall wake up in the
infirmary. Dr. Kadowaki will ask Squall how he is, and you'll be given a
choice. I'm not sure if the choice you make affects anything. Then
you'll be asked to name Squall. Change his name if you want. After some
more dialogue, Dr. Kadowaki will call Squall's instructor, Quistis. Then
you'll see a mysterious girl talk to Squall through the window... she'll
prove to be an important figure in the game. Then Quistis will come to
take Squall back to class.

Walk down the hallway with Quistis; there will be some dialogue along
the way. After a while, you won't have to walk. There will be a short
FMV, then the scene will shift to the classroom.

Quistis will talk to the class briefly about the field exam in the
afternoon, then tell Seifer he should be more careful not to injure his
partner in training. After she dismisses the class, she'll tell Squall
that he hasn't gone through the Fire Cave yet, and won't be able to go
on the field exam until he has. Quistis tells you to meet her at the
front gate, and says that you should review the study panel if you have
any questions.

Note: After completing the field exam, Squall's rank will be determined
by what he did prior to and during the exam. You'll gain and lose points
for various actions; I'm not sure how points are determined, though, so
I can only give small suggestions in this version. Hopefully, I'll have
a more thorough breakdown of how to get points later on.

Go to the study panel and select Tutorial; you'll receive two GFs.

GF Quezacotl's Stats:

Level 1
Starts with Mag-J, GF, Draw, Magic, Item

GF Shiva's Stats:

Level 1
Starts with Spr-J, GF, Draw, Magic, Item

Note that if you don't get Quezacotl and Shiva from the study panel,
you'll get them automatically when you talk to Quistis at the front
gate. You may lose points for this, though; I'm not sure.

Anyways, after getting your GFs (or not), leave the classroom. You'll
literally run into another student; after some dialogue, she'll ask you
to take her on a tour. Personally, I agreed; I'm not sure how this
affects your points later, though.

On the next screen, talk to the guy near the elevator to get 7 Triple
Triad cards. It may not be a good idea to start playing just yet; you'll
find it much easier to win the card game once you've gotten the Ifrit
Card in the Fire Cavern. However, there are two rare cards you can win
by playing cards here; the MiniMog card, from a little kid running
around on the first floor (he doesn't use it often, though), and the
Quistis card, which can be one from any of the Trepies. The one in the
cafeteria uses it the most, though. (When you get asked which one you
want to talk to, choose the one in the back. You'll understand when you
do it.) Note that the Trepies only have one Quistis card between them.

Anyways, once you take the elevator, you'll show the student the
directory if you agreed to give her a tour. Head to the front gate to
meet Quistis, who'll give you a tutorial on how to use GFs, then join
your party. If you want to skip the tutorial, hit the Cancel button;
this may cause you to lose points, though. Also, Squall will ask who the
girl at the infirmary was; Quistis will say she didn't see anyone.

Note that there's a Draw Point with Cure on the screen before the front
gate; just remember, you need the Draw command set in order to use Draw
Points. There's also a Draw Point with Esuna in the library (walk near
the bookcase and you'll come to a new screen with the Draw Point clearly
visible) one with Blizzard in the Training center. I'll say some more
about the Training Center later, when you have to go there.

Anyways, after Quistis joins, leave the Garden. Now you'll want to
Junction GFs; I recommend giving Quezacotl to Squall and Shiva to
Quistis. Next, set your command abilities; since you don't have any
spells now besides a handful of Cures from the Draw Point, choose GF,
Draw, and Item for both characters. Have both GFs work on learning Boost
first; it only takes 10 AP to learn and is quite useful when you're
summoning. After that, I suggest HP-J and then Card for Quezacotl and I
Mag-RF, then Str-J for Shiva. After getting those abilities, get
whatever other ones you want.

Before going to Fire Cavern, it's a good idea to fight enemies in the
surrounding area to stock up on spells. In the plains, you'll find lots
of Bite Bugs; you can Draw Fire and Scan from them. The latter isn't
that necessary, so you can skip it if you want. You'll also occasionally
run into Glacial Eyes; you can draw Blizzard, Cure, and Scan from them.

In the forests, you'll frequently find Caterchipillars; you can Draw
Cure and Thunder from them, and they occasionally drop Spider Webs. If
you get one, use it to teach Quistis the Ultra Waves skill. Also, you'll
sometimes find T-Rexaurs in the forest. If you do, RUN. They're REALLY
strong and have over 10000 HP, so they're quite a pain to kill right
now. They don't have anything special to Draw either. If you'd prefer
not to run, try to Card it; its card is pretty good.

Finally, on the beach you'll find a lot of Fastitocalon-Fs. You can Draw
Blizzard, Scan, and Sleep spells from them (the latter is a good
Junction for Magic at this point) and you get 3 AP for each one. Since
you always fight 2, that's an easy 6 AP. I recommend fighting them until
Shiva learns I Mag-RF, then using that to turn the Fish Fins you'll be
winning almost constantly into Water spells. Water is the best Junction
you can get at this point without playing cards. After getting 100 of
all the spells you want for both characters, (some extra Fish Fins and
M-Stone Pieces would be good, too) head to the Fire Cavern.


-Fire Cavern
Draw Points: Fire(r)
Rare Cards: Ifrit
GFs: Ifrit

When you reach the Fire Cavern, Quistis will give you a tutorial about
Junctions, (again, you can skip it with the Cancel button) and then
offer to give you a refresher about your Gunblade. If this is your first
game, you might as well accept. After that, head to the entrance.

At the entrance, you'll be asked to choose a time limit; go with 20
minutes, you'll easily finish in that time. If you're replaying, though,
go ahead and choose 10 minutes. Choosing a shorter time limit will
affect your points later on. (I don't know exactly how, though.)

The path through the Fire Cavern is fairly straightforward; there's one
intersection a few screens in. Go straight to reach the boss; there's a
Draw Point with Fire on the right and a dead end on the left, neither of
which is very helpful. You can fight or run from enemies on the way,
depending on how you're doing for time. At the center of the cave,
you'll find Ifrit...


Absorb Fire
Weak against Ice, Water

This is fairly easy; have Quistis summon Shiva while Squall casts
Blizzard spells. (They'll do a little more damage than Water does.) The
timer stops after you win, so don't worry about not having time to get
out afterwards. When you win, you'll get 20 AP, a bunch of G-Returners,
the Ifrit Card, and the Ifrit GF.


GF Ifrit's Stats:

Level 1
Starts with Str-J, Elem Atk-J, (Elem Def-J?), GF, Draw, Magic, Item

Quistis will give you a tutorial on how to use Elem Atk-J and Elem Def-J
once you win. Since Quezacotl and Shiva are probably at a higher level
than Ifrit, have both of them equipped on one person and Ifrit on the
other so that the GFs level up more evenly. Ifrit should learn Boost
first, then HP-J. After that, it doesn't matter much.

Leave the cave, then return to Garden.

(Told you. This one isn't even mildly creative.)

-Balamb Garden
New Items: Occult Fan I

Quistis will leave. If you want, go to the Library and check the
bookshelves for Occult Fan I. Then, head to the Dormitory; go to
Squall's room and change into your SeeD uniform. Now head over to where
the Directory is and Headmaster Cid will brief you on your mission.
You'll then drive out of Garden in a car. Take the car to the nearby
town (Balamb) and then watch the short scene where you drive to the
docks. Get in the ship; there will be a short scene. After a while,
Seifer tells you to look outside; agree. (you'll probably lose points
otherwise) Leave the small area you're in, and watch the FMV. Then
you'll land on the beach in...


Draw Points: Blind(r)
GFs: Siren

Cool music, huh? Anyways, at the moment you've got Squall, Zell, and
Seifer in your party. (Seifer's not following you around, but he _is_ in
your battle party.) Give each character one GF, and give all of Quistis'
magic to Zell. If you've got some spare Fish Fins like I recommended,
make some Water spells for Seifer. Give everyone the Draw command; this
way, you can Draw from the Galbadian soldiers when you need healing.
Don't talk to any of the other students; I think you lose points for
this. Head up the stairs to find a Save Point, then move towards the
next screen. You'll fight two Galbadian soldiers. They're easy to beat,
but it's a good idea to have Seifer Draw some spells for himself before
doing so. Keep going; after a while, you'll fight two more Galbadian
soldiers. If Seifer still needs some spells, Draw some here, too. When
you come to the fountain, you'll have to fight one G-Soldier; no
problem. Then Seifer will tell you to scout the area for enemies. Head
to the northeast section of the screen, and a G-Soldier will attack.

After defeating the Galbadian Soldier, the rest should be
straightforward. Take the northwest exit off the screen, then just keep
going forward. After a while, an injured Dollet soldier will warn you
about monsters, then...



Actually, the Anacondaur isn't even a real boss. It is, however, quite
strong compared to the other enemies you've fought. It has around 1200
HP; if you've got some good Strength Junctions, though, it shouldn't be
a problem. Seifer will tell you to let him finish off the Anacondaur;
doing so may affect your points later.


After defeating the Anacondaur, keep going some more. The path is
completely straightforward. After two more screens, Seifer will run
ahead and leave your party; then Selphie (the girl Squall gave a tour to
earlier) will appear and jump down the cliff. You can do this too, but
it may cost you points; instead, head east and walk. When you reach
Selphie, she'll join; she inherits Seifer's spells, but just in case
you're paranoid, you might want to Junction Exchange Seifer with Quistis
before he leaves, then Quistis with Selphie.

Anyways, after Selphie joins up, head into the communications tower.
(that's the building right ahead of you, in case you weren't paying
attention) There's a Save Point here, as well as a Draw Point with
Blind. Save, then go up the elevator...

There's a short scene with a Galbadian commander, Biggs, talking to a
soldier named Wedge. Then there's an FMV of the communications tower
activating. (looks more like a big gun than a communications tower...)
Then, Biggs notices you and tries to get away, but Seifer stops him.
Cornered, Biggs attacks.


Weak against Poison

Wedge (appears after some time)
Weak against Poison

So easy you don't need a strategy. If you want, draw some Esuna spells
from Biggs. When you do enough damage to one of them, they'll be blown
away by some wind and you'll have to fight...

Flying Monster

This can be a long battle. There are two notes here; first, you can Draw
the Siren GF from the boss. Second, you can Draw Double spells, which
are good for Junctions and allow you to cast two spells in one turn. The
quickest way to beat Elvoret is to have everyone summon their GFs; when
Boosted to around 125%, they'll do around 300 damage to it. When you
win, you'll get some Cottages or Elixirs, some G-Returners, and the
March Issue of Weapons Monthly, as well as Siren if you Drew it.


GF Siren's Stats:

Level 3
Starts with Mag-J, ST Atk-J, ST Def-J, GF, Draw, Magic, Item

After you defeat Elvoret, Selphie says that you have to get back to the
shore by 1800 hours. Seifer says that leaves only 30 minutes, and a
timer counts down. You can equip Siren if you want, but I don't
recommend it, as the clock's ticking. Go down the elevator, save if you
want (I _highly_ recommend using a separate file) and then leave the
tower. However, Biggs sends a huge spider-like robot to attack you...


Weak against Thunder

If you've got Str-J on, you can probably knock it out quickly. Once it's
down, run away.

Head to the right quickly. On the next screen, you'll see the robot
shortly; move quickly. When the screen fades, hold left and the control
pad IMMEDIATELY. If you don't move immediately, the robot will catch up
to you and you'll have to fight it again. On the next screen, WALK when
you come to about the middle. Otherwise, the ground will shake and
you'll be forced to fight X-ATM092 again. Next screen... no problem. The
bridge is after that. After you move far enough to the right, the robot
will jump over you; immediately turn around until you hear it jump
again, _then_ run to the right and off the screen. This lets you avoid
another battle with it. From here, it should be easy to make it to the
shore, and when you do, you'll see an FMV of Quistis blasting the robot
with a gatling gun.

Note: Apparently, it's possible to destroy X-ATM092. I'll have a
strategy for that once I do it.

(Be warned. My titles are going to get worse.)

-Balamb Garden
New Rare Cards: Zell

You'll arrive in the town of Balamb. With Zell in the party, you can
play cards with his mother; she has the Zell card. Leave town and save
before trying it, though. Win the card (or don't) and go back to Garden.
You can get into a few fights before you go, though. If you're going to
build up Siren, I suggest Boost first, then L Mag-RF, then Tool-RF, and
pretty much whatever you want after that.

When you go back to Garden, Zell and Selphie will leave. Head to the
main lobby; Cid, Xu, and Quistis are standing in front of the directory.
Talk to them if you want, then head to the right and talk to Seifer.
After a brief scene, head to the elevator; I don't remember exactly
when, but at some point you'll be told to go to the 2nd floor hallway.
Go there and wait; after a while, one of the Garden Faculty will tell
Squall and Zell they've been chosen as SeeDs. You'll automatically go to
Headmaster Cid's office and receive your SeeD Rank report; in addition
to Squall and Zell, Selphie and another student have been chosen as
SeeDs. (You'll later find out that the fourth SeeD's name is Nida.)
After regaining control, talk to Cid and he'll add a "Battle Meter" to
the tutorial. You may have to talk to him again to play cards with him
later; I'm not sure.

After talking to Cid, leave the room. You'll automatically take the
elevator to the second floor walkway. Talk to the others, then head to
the hallway. After a short scene, your SeeD Rank Report will be
displayed. I'll have a full explanation in a future update, provided
someone gives me the information.

Now you're in the Dormitory; Selphie tells Squall to go to his room and
get his SeeD uniform. Do so, then leave the room and go to the dance. At
the dance, Zell and Selphie will talk to you; Selphie asks if you'll
join the Garden Festival committee. Answer either way, then she'll
leave; then, a girl in a white dress asks Squall to dance. After some
more dialogue, you'll get to see a rather amusing FMV of the dance. =)
After the dance, the girl leaves... but you'll be meeting her again soon

Quistis then appears and compliments Squall on his dance, then tells him
about the "secret area" at the Training Center. She tells Squall to
change into his regular clothes, then meet her at the Training center;
leave the screen and you'll automatically be in Squall's dormitory. Go
into Squall's room and change. Now leave and head to the Training
Center. Quistis will give you a Tutorial about Status Junctions, and
tell you that Junctioning Sleep on your weapon will make it easier to
defeat T-Rexaurs.

In the Training Center, you'll mostly encounter Grats; you can Draw
Sleep and Silence from them. You should have plenty of the former, but
the latter are good to have too. Draw 100, because there's going to be a
Boss that uses Silence soon, and you'll want them for status defense.

You'll also find T-Rexaurs occasionally; you can run, or you can be
prepared by giving Squall Ifrit and Siren, with 100 Blizzards on Elem
Atk (T-Rexaur is weak against Ice) and 100 Sleeps on ST Atk, as well as
a good Strength junction (like Water). Quistis should summon Shiva and
use Boost. You can also try Carding T-Rexaur once its HP drops below
about half. You won't get any Exp that way, but you will get 10 AP.

At any rate, getting through the Training center is fairly simple. Go
either left or right; there's a Draw Point with Blizzard on the right
path. Also, a man sometimes appears here and sells you items, but I'm
not sure when he firsts shows up. Anyways, the "secret area" is near the
save point. At the secret area, Quistis explains that she's been demoted
from an instructor to a normal SeeD; Squall doesn't care. This scene
pretty much tells you what to expect of Squall for much of the game...

After the scene, save, then head out of the Training Center. When you
try to leave, you'll see the girl from the infirmary being attacked by a
huge insect; she'll recognize Squall and Quistis, then the monster
attacks you.


Flying Monster


This battle is EASY. Draw Sleep from Granaldo and cast it on him; it
works rather often. The Raldos won't attack, Granaldo will just whack
you with them. Kill two of them, (they only have a couple hundred HP)
then Draw Protects from the last one, putting Granaldo back to sleep
when necessary. You can also draw Shell and Blind from Granaldo; you
don't need a lot of Blinds, but Shell will be quite useful. Once you've
got all the spells you want, kill the last Raldo, then kill Granaldo
with your strongest attacks. You'll win a bunch of Wizard Stones.


After the battle, some strange troops will take the girl with them, and
Squall and Quistis will wonder who she was...

I suggest turning the Wizard Stones into Curagas with L Mag-RF, then
Junctioning those to HP. Anyways, once you leave the Training Center,
Quistis will talk to Squall briefly and then leave. Head back to the
Dormitory; when you go there, Zell tells you that as a Seed, you've got
a new room. Squall will head off to sleep, thereby ending one of the
longest days in RPG history.

(Yes, I believe I've already told you about my amazingly creative

-Balamb Garden
New Rare Cards: Seifer, Diablos (See Side Quests)
New GFs: Diablos (See Side Quests)
Items: Magic Lamp, Pet Pals Vol.1, Weapons Mon Apr

You'll wake up in Squall's new room the next day. Check the desk for a
Weapons Monthly issue. Then head out of the Garden; Cid and a Garden
Faculty will tell you about your first mission; to go to Timber and meet
with a resistance organization. After the scene, talk to Cid and he'll
give you a Magic Lamp; even if you don't talk to him, he'll give you the
Lamp when you try to leave. The Magic Lamp will allow you to challenge
Diablos; see Side Quests for more information.

Before heading to Timber, there's one more rare card you can get; head
back into Garden and go to the elevator. You'll be allowed to take the
elevator to the third floor, where Cid's office is. Here, you can play
cards with him; he has the Seifer card, a VERY good card. Try to win it
now if possible.

Anyways, to get to Timber, you'll have to go to the train station in
Balamb. To get there, go to Balamb, and go left at the second screen.
The Queen of Cards is at the station; see the Side Quests section for
more about her. Even if you don't want to do that side quest just yet,
you can still play her to get a better trade rule, like Diff or All.
This will make your future card games more rewarding; be careful of the
Direct rule, though.

You'll have to pay 3000 gil for a train ticket. Do so, then get on the
train. There's a short scene; when it's over, follow Zell into your
cabin. Zell gives you a Pet Pals magazine; (more on those later) then
Selphie comes in, and everybody falls asleep...


-Laguna Flashback 1
Draw Points: Cure(r), Water(r)

You're probably wondering what the heck just happened. You're now in
control of three Galbadian soldiers named Laguna, Kiros, and Ward.
You'll notice that your items and abilities have been transferred to
these guys; Laguna has Squall's abilities, Kiros has Zell's, and Ward
has Selphie's. Their Limit Breaks are different, though. Anyways, just
follow the path; it's completely straightforward, but you'll see some
grayed-out text in the dialogue boxes... those are Squall's thoughts.
You'll be fighting Funguars and Geezards here; they don't pose much of a
threat. Once you reach the car at the end, you'll arrive in Deling City

Laguna parks the car in the middle of the street, despite Kiros'
protests; then he offers to take Kiros and Ward for a drink. Head to the
right, then up one screen. You'll come to the Hotel. Use the Save Point
if you want. Now, go downstairs; the waitress will offer to show you to
your table. Pick the greyed-out choice a few times for some laughs;
eventually, you'll want to accept. Once Laguna, Kiros, and Ward are
sitting down, Julia will come on to play the piano; Kiros and Ward will
tell Laguna to go and wave to her. Walk towards Julia. After some
dialogue, Julia will come to Laguna's table and sit down; she'll then
invite him to her room to talk. (I said to talk, you sickos.) Talk to
people if you want, then head upstairs. Talk to the guy at the front
desk and pick the option refering to Julia. You'll be taken up there;
Julia will offer Laguna a seat. After you regain control, talk to Julia
for some more dialogue. The scene ends with Kiros telling Laguna they
have a new assignment...

After that, Squall, Zell, and Selphie wake up. Selphie said she had a
great dream, then mentions Laguna's name; Zell says there was a Laguna
in HIS dream too, and then they realize that the three of them must have
had the same dream. After some more dialogue, the train will arrive in


-Timber: Forest Owls' Base
Rare Cards: Angelo
Items: Pet Pals Vol.2

When you get off the train, you'll be met by somebody. If you payed any
attention at all to the mission briefing, you know that the correct
response is "But the owls are still around". Pick the wrong one and
you'll see a rather amusing scene. ^_^ However, if you pick the wrong
one, I think you'll only gain 1 SeeD rank from successfully completing
the upcoming mission. Anyways, the man will lead you to a train. This
train is the base of the Forest Owls, one of many resistance groups
dedicated to the independence of Timber. On the train, another man
introduces himself as Zone, leader of the Forest Owls, and introduces
the guy who brought you here as Watts. They'll tell Squall to go and
wake up "the princess". Note: You can play cards with Watts. He has the
Angelo card. If you're wondering "Who's Angelo?", you'll see soon

Anyways, head up the stairs. On the next screen, there's a Save Point in
the room to your left; be sure to make full use of it during this part.
Head up one more screen and into the next room to find the "princess".
It turns out that the "princess" is the girl from the dance; you'll
quickly find that she's very enthusiastic (to say the least) about
having SeeD helping the Forest Owls. She'll leave, then realize she
forgot to tell you her name; you'll be able to name her. Rinoa is the
default. She'll then introduce you to her dog, who you can also name;
the default name is Angelo. Then you'll get a Tutorial about how to use
Rinoa's Limit Breaks. You have a Pet Pals magazine, so read it and
you'll be able to have Rinoa learn Angelo Strike. Anyways, head to the
meeting room for your mission briefing.

Rinoa, Zone, and Watts will go over the plan. The explanation is long,
but what you actually have to do is fairly simple. BTW, if you don't
understand how to enter the codes, you have to push the appropriate
buttons on the controller. Anyways, after the briefing's done, save.
(Sidenote: You can look at the dummy president in the Save Point room
and talk to the Forest Owls in the room for more details about it.)
Also, head to Rinoa's room and you can find Pet Pals Vol.2, which
teaches Angelo Recover. When you're ready to start the mission, talk to
Watts and tell him you're ready.

You'll now start on top of the Forest Owl's train. (Note: This is some
pretty cool music.) Move left and talk to Rinoa. The President's train
will show up, and a timer will appear. Rinoa jumps over to the other
train; do the same by pressing the X button. I'm not sure if you can
mess up the timing on this one, or what happens if you do. Anyways, on
the next car you'll have to deal with the sensors. This isn't that
tricky; if you move quickly, you don't have to worry about the sensors
at all. However, if you _do_ have to worry, in case you don't remember
your briefing, stay still if the blue guard is below you; if it's the
red, move.

Once you're on the next screen, you'll meet up with Rinoa. The timer
disappears and freezes during this part. After a scene showing what's
happening in the President's car, you'll be on the 1st escort car. Zell
and Selphie will keep an eye on the guards for you; you can also take a
look for yourself with the L1 button. Anyways, Rinoa asks if you
remember how to enter the codes; the timer's stopped, so there's no time
penalty for hearing it again. (It might affect the rank increase later,
though.) Just go down, (note: the timer starts up again when you're able
to go down) and when Rinoa calls out the codes, enter them quickly. You
can _probably_ enter all 3 codes before the guards reach you, but play
it safe and stop after the second if you need to. After entering all the
codes, you'll automatically climb back up. Head to the right. After
another scene, you'll be uncoupling the 2nd escort car. This one takes 5
codes, and you won't have Zell and Selphie watching the guards, so it's
a bit trickier and you'll _have_ to climb back up at least once. I
suggest climbing up after entering the second code, waiting for the
guards to pass, then entering the last 3 codes all at once. After
entering all the codes, you're done; head to the left.

Note: If you get caught by the guards, you'll have two choices. The
first choice is something along the lines of "No big deal". The second
is "It's all over...". If you pick the first choice, you'll start back
at the section you were at with about an extra minute. However, you
won't get the rank increase. If you pick the second choice, you'll get a
Game Over.

You'll now be back on the Forest Owls' train. If you did everytyhing
correctly on the train and gave the correct password when you met Watts,
your SeeD rank will go up by two; if you did everything right on the
train but gave the wrong password, your rank will only go up by one. (As
far as I can tell, anyways.) Anyways, Rinoa will say that she's going to
enter "serious negotiations" with the President. You'll go to the menu
screen to re-equip GFs; Zell's and Selphie's have been unjunctioned, so
make sure to set them up again. I suggest putting 100 Silences on ST Def
for the character with Siren; it'll be quite helpful.

Save, then talk to Rinoa and tell her you're ready. You'll go into the
President's car, only to find you kidnapped a fake. Then the fake
attacks you.


Fake President

This is easy. The Fake President attacks you, but he doesn't do much
damage. Draw Cure spells if you need to restock. After taking some
damage, he turns into...

Undead monster
Very weak against Holy
Weak against Water, Ice
Immune to Poison

(You knew he was going to turn into a monster. Admit it.)

If you didn't get a whole bunch of Esunas and Doubles from the battle at
the Dollet Communications Tower, now would be a good time to Stock them.
Gerogero mainly uses status ailments on you; Berserk, Slow, and Silence
are the major worries. If he casts one of these on you, Draw Esuna from
him and cast it on the afflicted member. (The reason I suggested putting
Silence on Status Defense was to prevent Silence on one character, which
may make the battle go faster.) He also hits you with Blind and Curse,
but these are less of a problem. Heal when you need it. In addition to
Esuna and Double, you can Draw Zombie and Berserk from him; however,
these aren't very useful for now, so you can go without if you want.
After you're satisfied with your spell stock, you can kill him quickly;
just Draw Double from him, cast it on yourselves, and cast two Cure
spells on him every turn. Since he's undead, Cure will damage him, and
with 100 Waters on Magic, it will hit him for about 400 HP each time. No
problem. You'll win some Zombie Powders and 20 AP.


After defeating Gerogero, you'll be back in the briefing room. Watts
will come in with some new information. It seem that Deling is in Timber
to make a broadcast from their old TV station, which seems to be why
they fixed up the Dollet Communications Tower. After some more talking,
you'll gain control of Squall. Talk to Rinoa. After some more dialogue,
you'll make a party with Rinoa in it to go to the TV station. When you
want to get off the train, talk to Watts and tell him you're ready.
Note: This is your LAST chance to get the Angelo card and Pet Pals Vol.2
for quite a while, so be sure you have them before getting off the

There will be a short scene, then you'll be in Timber.


Note: Most of the following section (after the first three-and-a-half
paragraphs) was written by Matt Hobbs, since I was past Timber and
didn't feel like replaying it. However, he missed a couple of things, so
I've added in my own notes. I've also tried to fix most of his typos.

Draw Points: Cure(r), Scan(r)
Hidden Draw Points: Blizzaga
Items: Girl Next Door, [Buel Card], [Tonberry Card] or [Forbidden Card]
Enemies: G-Soldier, Elite Soldier

Head back towards the train station. Here, you'll find a Pet Shop. This
sells some useful items, such as Amnesia Greens (make a GF forget an
ability, allowing you to teach it a different one) and two Pet Pals
magazines, which teach Invincible Moon and Angelo Reverse.

BIG TIP! The Pet Store sells GF, Draw, Magic, and Item Scrolls. The
purpose of these scrolls is to reteach the appropriate ability to your
GFs if you used Amnesia Greens to forget it. However, they have another
use; with Siren's Tool-RF, each scroll can be made into 10 Wizard
Stones! That's 50 3rd-level spells. This will be especially useful to
keep in mind once you get the Call Shop ability later on.

Anyways, the train's not running now, so you can't go back to Balamb.
You also can't leave Timber; if you head to the gate, you'll see a pair
of Galbadian soldiers harrassing two guards and you'll get into a fight.
The guards will be grateful if you defeat the soldiers, but they won't
be able to let you through. You also can't stay at the hotel (the owner
warns Rinoa that there are Galbadians staying there), but there's a Save
Point in there, so be sure to use it. Next to the inn is a junk shop
where you can remodel your weapons if you have the parts. Since you
probably don't (unless you've been playing a lot of cards), just ignore

Anyways, head back to where the Forest Owls' train was and leave the
screen by the Northeast exit. You'll see the Timber Maniacs building
right ahead of you; go inside. Examine the magazines in the first room;
in one pile, you'll find the "Girl Next Door" magazine. Hold on to this;
it'll let you get the Shiva card later on. (DF's Note: Here's where
Matt's part of the walkthrough begins.) That yellow magazine laying on
floor in the back room is an old issue of "Timber Maniacs" (the
magazine); get it. In this same room, you can talk to the man in the far
back for some rather amusing scenes. (No matter which option you pick,
the guy starts rambling on about nothing, and Squall gets angry. ^_^)
Before leaving, go in the small 'closet' left of the front desk. You
can't see it (even with Move-Find set), but there's a Blizzaga draw
point somewhere behind the shelves; just feel around for it, you're
bound to find it eventually. Unfortunatly, this particular draw point
never recharges... Once you've gotten everything, leave Timber Maniacs.

The house next door isn't of any real importance. Talk to the lady
wearing the apron to learn that you can get to the TV Station by way of
the back alley behind the pub. She says you can see the alley from the
window upstairs, and suggests you take a look. Might as well... Well,
it's not much of a sight, but it gives you an idea of what to do next.
Oh, and despite what the kids say, you don't lose any money. Speaking of
those kids... Notice how they seem to be speaking in "AOL" language? =P
(It's not r kitty u know!)

Back in the city, head right. The pub that you're headed for is
downstairs, but go into the tunnel to the right first. At the entrance
is some strange girl who's willing to give you 'secret information'.
It's not at all useful, though, so you can just ignore her and go right
into the tunnel. You'll come out on some train tracks in a back part of
the city. Climb the stairs and go into the small house. Talk to the old
man sitting on the couch, and he'll ask if you like beverages; say yes,
and he'll allow you to drink some water from the tap on the opposite
wall. This seems rather pointless at first, but try taking him up on his
offer and having a drink. This is no ordinary water, but rather the
"Owl's Tears" that Watts spoke of. Your HP will be restored to full. Oh
yeah... Should you wanna be a heartless jerk, you can steal 500 Gil from
the old man by repeatedly examining the cupboard below the mirror. If
you do this, however, you lose access to the Owl's Tears...

Anyway, across the bridge just outside the house is a save point. Use it
if you need to, but don't waste time taking either of the lower roads
here, as they just lead to pointless dead ends; go back through the
tunnel you came from, and head downstairs.

Just outside the pub, you'll hear two Galbadia Soldiers gloating over a
card they swiped from one of the town citizens, and when they spot you,
they attack. After beating them, you'll get the card they stole: a Buel
card. In the area near the pub are two points of interest: an item shop
and a 'Cure' draw point. Buy stuff if you want, then enter the pub.

There's some drunk here ranting about the town's situation, who mentions
that some soldiers stole his card. Well, that door behind him that he's
convienient blocking is the way to the back alley, so you might as well
talk to him... You have two options here.

(DF's Note: Matt hadn't tried buying him a drink, so I've altered this
part a bit.)

1) You can offer to buy him a drink for 100 gil, at which point you'll
get 6 choices for what drink to give him. If you give him the right
drink, he'll move; if you give him the wrong one, you've just wasted 100
gil. If you want to do it this way, talk to the other customer in the
pub to find out what color bottles the drinks are in, and which ones are
"sweet" and "bitter". Then, look at the drunk to see what color bottle
he's holding, then to the waitress to find out whether he likes "sweet"
or "bitter" drinks. (Though I think the waitress has it wrong.) Give him
the right drink and he'll move out of the way, as well as giving you a
Forbidden card.

2) Alternatively, you can offer to give the card you won outside back to
him. In thanks, he lets you keep it, and gives you a Tonberry card as
well. He then asks the owner to move him out of the way, clearing the
path to the back door.

Two things here: A save point, and a 'Scan' draw point. (For some
reason, though, it doesn't always seem to be here, and it's not hidden.)
Use them if you'd like, then head left and go up the long staircase. At
the top, you'll be stopped by Watts, who says that the whole TV station
is under heavy guard, and that it'd be a bad idea to just bust in. Rinoa
hesitates a bit, then decides to change her plan. At this point, Squall
gets angry at the Timber Owls' general lack of organization, and starts
yelling at Rinoa... Upset, she runs off, and Selphie shows up to take
her place. There's now a scene where President Deling makes his live
broadcast -- the first one in 17 years. Unfortunatly, he's not
announcing Timber's independance as Rinoa had hoped... Instead, he
speaks of 'peace talks', using his new ambassador, the Sorceress... His
'noble' speech is cut short, however, by a rather untimely visit from
Seifer and Quistis. Seifer, in his usual nature, tears the place
up, cutting off the broadcast, but not before Quistis orders Squall's
group to assist them. The team then dashes up the stairs. Make your way
to the TV station now, and you'll witness a long chain of scenes, which
results in Zell accidentally revealing to Galbadia that they're from
Balamb Garden, and the Sorceress making her grand appearance, then
disappearing with Seifer...

After the events have played out, you'll end up back outside the TV
station. Head back down the stairs, where Rinoa and Quistis are waiting.
Rinoa reveals that their base was found by Galbadia and was totally
destroyed. Fortunately, Zone and Watts managed to escape. After
informing you of this, the women run down the stairs. At the bottom of
the staircase, Rinoa will suggest that they get out of Timber for a
while, and runs off again. You'll meet up with Rinoa yet again at the
bar, where a woman suggests that the team hide out at her house for a
while. To get there, just follow the girls, and enter the house next to
the Timber Maniacs building. After a short discussion about the fate of
Seifer, the woman comes back upstairs and tells you that the Galbadia
Soldiers are withdrawing from town. The team then decides the next plan
of action. The Garden code states that after a mission, if the main
Garden is unavailable, report to the nearest Garden. In this case,
Galbadia Garden. (Excuse me? "Galbadia" Garden? Aren't we trying
to get *away* from Galbadia? ^_^) After forming a team (which can now
include Quistis), head back out into town. Before leaving, however, the
woman gives you a Potion, a Phoenix Down, a Soft, an Antidote, and a

Back in town, you'll notice a lone Galbadia soldier roaming around...
Though it may not seem like the most intelligent thing to do given the
situation, go over and talk to him. Turns out it's not a soldier at all,
just your old friend Watts in disguise. He says that the trains are out
of service, but that one last train will be heading out of town shortly.
Now head right, and you'll be stopped by a "Mystery Man", who turns out
to be Zone. He tells you thst all the tickets to the last train out of
town are gone, but that he managed to get the last five... He and Watts
remain in town, allowing your team to escape via train... Head into the
tunnel, and cross the bridge and head south. This is the train station.
Board the train, and ride it out of town.

You've finished the main stuff here, but there's still some stuff to get
should you wish to return to Timber. The inn is now opened, and you can
find another issue of "Timber Maniacs" in the hotel room. (DF's Note:
Too cheap to pay for the inn, but still want the magazine? There's a way
to get into the hotel room for free, although you can only do it once.
First, go to the railway bridge near the "Owl's Tears" house. You'll see
a girl stuck on the tracks, and hear a train. Talk to the girl a few
times and the screen will flash white, then you'll be in the room and
can get the magazine. My, that was a long note.)

Also, a man standing on the bridge overlooking the three railways will
give you a free Potion if Quistis is on the team (or maybe you just need
a female; I'll check). (DF's note: In my old game, he always mentioned
Rinoa... strange.) He'll run off, but he'll return later, so basically,
you can get an endless number of potions from him. Also, there's a man
outside the Timber Maniacs building who says that he's starting to think
he should give up. Tell him "No way", and he'll reward you with a Pet
Nametag later. Finally, if you wanted that 500 Gil from the man in the
"Owl's Tears" house, but didn't want to lose the healing feature, go
ahead and do it now. You don't need it anymore now that the inn is
opened. Still, this is a rather stupid act, and it may lower your SeeD

(This is about the least creative title yet...)

-After Timber...

If you want, you can stay on the train and get off near Dollet. See Side
Quests for things you can do there.

At any rate, your goal is a small forest near the East Academy station.
Before going in, make sure Squall, Quistis, and Selphie are well-
junctioned. Inside the forest, you'll meet up with your other two
teammates and there'll be some dialogue, where Squall is his usual
charming self. =P After a while, Squall, Selphie, and Quistis will fall
down... Rinoa will ask what happened, and Zell will say he thinks they
went to the 'dream world'...

-Laguna Flashback 2
Draw Points: Sleep(r), Confuse(r), Cure(r)
Hidden Draw Points: ?

Laguna time again. Squall is Laguna (he always is), Selphie is Kiros,
and Quistis is Ward.

Laguna, Ward, and Kiros will talk for a bit, then you'll gain control.
On the next screen, there's a Draw Point with Sleep; use it if you need
to. Head across the walkway, and you'll be attacked. In the first
battle, you'll be back-attacked by one Esthar Soldier; then you'll fight
three. Not a major problem. You'll probably get a few Potions from
defeating them.

A few comments before I continue with this walkthrough. Considerably
later in the game, you'll be able to explore this place again, and the
things Laguna does here will affect what items you can get when you do.
Follow this walkthrough and you should (hopefully) be able to get all
the items later. Also, a note on enemies. There are 4 kinds of enemies
you'll fight in this place. You've dealt with the standard Esthar
Soldiers already, and you'll be fighting more of them. There are also
cyborg Esthar Soldiers; they're somewhat stronger than the normal ones.
There are two ways to tell them apart; by color, or if you're not sure
about the color, see what they have to Draw. If there's no Cure spell of
any level, it's a cyborg. Neither type of Esthar Soldier can be Carded.
The other two enemies are Elastoids and Gespers. You can draw Dispel
from the Elastoids, and make their cards into Steel Pipes. The Gespers
have Shell and Protect spells to Draw, and Float if they're at a high
enough level. They also frequently drop Black Holes, which teach Quistis
Degenerator, and can be made into Demi spells with Diablos' Time Mag-RF.
If you have the time, get 100 Demi spells for each character and
Junction them to your Magic stat. You can Card the Gespers and make
their cards into Black Holes as well.

That said, head inside the excavation site; there are two entrances on
this screen. One is a door, the other is just a ladder. If you go down
the ladder, Laguna will get a leg cramp; I'm not sure if this affects
anything. However, I suggest going down the ladder first, if only to
save a little bit of time.

Head up one screen and left one screen, then examine the rubble near the
bottom of the new screen. Laguna will pick up an old key, but it will
fall out of his back pocket. Go left three screens and examine the
rubble on the left side of the screen; Laguna will find another key, and
put it in his shirt pocket. However, he sneezes, and loses the key
again. (I don't know if getting the keys affects anything, but I don't
think it hurts.) The ladder here will lead to the other entrance to the
facility; ignore it for now and go back one screen.

There are 3 panels here; when you walk across the one in the middle,
you'll hear a clicking sound. There's a lever on the panel; examine it.
(It's near the top of the screen.) Laguna will notice that the lever is
loose, and suggest loosening it all the way to set a trap for the Esthar
soldiers. Kiros and Ward are skeptical; after the brief dialogue, you'll
have the option to either tamper with the lever or ignore it; tamper
with it. You won't be able to cross the panel after tampering with it,
but do it anyway. Leave the screen, and an Esthar Soldier will walk over
the panel, which will open under him and make him plummet. Go back to
the ladder where you came in; climb up and you'll be back outside the
place. Go in through the door. There's a walkway here, and you have
three paths you can take. The left path leads quickly to a dead end; the
right path leads to a Draw Point with Confuse. Use it if you want, then
take the middle path. This leads to a ladder; climb down.

This screen should look familiar. Go down and you'll be back on the
screen with the panels. You can only access the leftmost panel; you'll
notice it clicks when you walk on it. Examine the lever and you'll be
given the choice to tamper with it again. Do so; Kiros and Ward will
stop you, pointing out that if you _do_ mess with it, you'll be stuck
there. However, once you've triggered this event, you can open that
panel another way...

Retrace your steps to the other side of this screen, then examine the
lever on the rightmost panel. Again, choose to tamper with it; it's
stuck, but again, you can open the panel by another means...

Go back to the screen where you found (and lost) the first key. From
there, go up two screens. You'll see a small, black object on the
ground; examine it. As the ensuing dialogue reveals, it's a detonator.
You'll have the option of using it to move either the nearby boulder or
the one further down; first, choose to move the one further down. There
will be a short scene where you see an Esthar Soldier run away from the
boulder; also, if you tried to tamper with the leftmost panel, you'll
see it fall open now. Use the detonator again, on the nearby boulder
now. Laguna and company will run away, and you'll see the boulder roll
down, scaring away some Esthar soldiers. If you messed with the
rightmost panel, it'll fly open at this point, too. Laguna, Kiros, and
Ward will come back onscreen and make some comments, then you'll be back
in control. Leave the same way they did, and continue for a couple of
screens until you see a boulder. Examine the boulder, and Laguna will
push it, taking care of another Esthar soldier. You'll also be able to
use the Draw Point, which has Cure. Yay. On the next screen is a much-
needed Save Point. Use it, then use the exit on the top of the screen.
(the path on the right just loops back to where you've been) If you
didn't trigger the traps, you'll have to fight a whole bunch of battles
with Esthar soldiers; if you _did_ trigger them, however, you'll only
have to fight one battle against two cyborgs. When you defeat the second
one, he'll use an attack called Soul Crush, knocking Kiros and Ward down
to 1 HP...

After the battle, there'll be some more dialogue, and the flashback will
end. Squall, Quistis, and Selphie will wake up in the forest, there will
be some more dialogue, then you'll leave. Note that the forest will just
be an ordinary forest if you go back. Also, Quistis and Selphie are now
at 1 HP; if you don't want to bother healing them, just switch Zell and
Rinoa in. Head to the nearby structure; this is Galbadia Garden.


-Galbadia Garden
Draw Points: Shell(r), Life(r)
Hidden Draw Points: Haste, Double(r?)

When you enter the Garden, you'll be treated to a short FMV. After you
regain control, just head through the next two screens. There will be a
short dialogue sequence when you reach the gates. Go through the gates
to reach the main hall. There will be an announcement over the PA asking
you to head to the 2F reception room. To get there, go straight ahead
(check the beam of light for a hidden Draw Point with Haste) until you
come to a room with some stairs. (Note: If you keep going straight at
this point, you'll find a Draw Point with Shell after a couple of
screens. Also, if you go left from the main hall, you can get to the ice
rink; you can't get the Draw Point _in_ the rink yet, but you can head
left to the locker room and a Draw Point with Life.) Go up the stairs,
and the reception room is behind the door at the bottom of the screen.
Inside, the party splits, and you control Squall. Talk to Rinoa and
Selphie if you want; when you talk to Zell, Quistis will come in. In the
ensuing dialogue, Quistis says that Seifer has been executed by the
Galbadian government... When you regain control, talk to Rinoa, then
Quistis. Squall will get frustrated. Head towards the door, and he'll
suddenly snap at everyone, then run out the door. Note: If you head
right from this screen, you'll reach a circular walkway above the main
hall. This leads to an auditorium where you can find a hidden Draw Point
with Double.

Go down the stairs (Zell's doing push-ups... heh.) and head back towards
the main hall. Just as you leave the screen, Fujin and Raijin will come
and talk to Squall. When Squall tells them that Seifer is reportedly
dead, they won't believe it. After they leave, there will be an
announcement telling you to go to the front gate. Go there and
Headmaster Martine will appear when you talk to Rinoa. (Note that Rinoa
has a bit of trouble with the salute... heh.) Martine will talk for a
while about your mission, then hand Squall the orders. Squall will
comment that the orders call for a sniper, and nobody on the team has
that skill. Martine says not to worry, and introduces Irvine, a
sharpshooter from Galbadia Garden. Irvine now joins the party, and you
have all the main characters. Now, talk to Selphie and Squall will
explain the orders. Your mission is to assassinate the sorceress.

After Squall explains the orders, Irvine will say it's time to choose a
party. The screen will fade; when it comes back, Irvine will be standing
between Rinoa and Selphie, and ask how this party is. If you choose to
accept, you'll see a rather funny scene and be left with a party of
Squall, Zell, and Quistis. If you don't, the party selection screen will
come up. Either way, Squall will give a tutorial on how to switch
members, then you'll leave Galbadia Garden. You can head to Deling City
now; if that's what you want to do, head to the clearly visible train.

However, you may want to take this opportunity to get some Level 6
cards. If so, go back into the Garden. Take the northeast exit from the
main hall, then take the door on the right on the next screen. There's
three students here, all of whom are card players. The girl (who says
something like, "We're too old for cards") uses all the Level 6 cards.
Keep playing her until you have whatever cards you want, then leave the
Garden and head to the train. Go up the stairs, and pay 3000 gil to
board the train.

Once you're on the train, head to the door you came in by and the other
team members will arrive. Selphie will head to the hall, and Irvine will
follow her; go after them to see a short scene. After that, head back to
the others. There will be another short scene, then you'll arrive in
Deling City.

By the way, now that you have Irvine, this might be a good time to start
learning Ifrit's Ammo-RF.

(Amazingly, it's the only one....)

-Deling City
Draw Points: Thundara(r)
Hidden Draw Points: ?
Rare Cards: Kiros (see Queen of Cards side quest)

Leave the train station by the south side of the screen. Then go up the
stairs. After a brief FMV, your other two team members will be visible,
but Squall won't; move up and he'll appear on the screen eventually.
Talk to either team member and Squall explains that you're supposed to
meet with General Caraway. On the next screen, there will be a man
standing by the road; when you see the bus arrive, talk to the man to
get on. This bus will go right to Caraway's Mansion. Get off and talk to
the guard. He explains that before you can meet with General Caraway,
you have to go to the Tomb of the Unknown King and find an ID number to
prove you were there. (The ID number is different in every game, so you
basically have to go to the tomb.) Then he gives you a map of the tomb,
and explains how to use it. (hold Select when in the tomb; when the map
is up, you can leave by pressing the Triangle button, but your SeeD rank
will drop) After that, you'll be given several choices:

-Ready to answer
Pretty much self-explanatory. Don't bother with this until you've found
the ID, though.

-Buy a hint for 3000 Gil
If you choose this, the guard tells you that there's a GF inside the
tomb, and recommends you buy the location displayer if you're going to
try and find it. Not worth the price.

-Buy a location displayer for 5000 gil
If you buy this, you can see where you are in the tomb when you look at
the map. However, it's not too hard to find your way around in the tomb,
so don't bother with this unless you have a _really_ bad sense of

The guard repeats what you're supposed to do and where the tomb is.

-Ask him to escort us out of town
The guard takes you to the entrance to the town, and suggests you rent a

After talking to the guard, head out of town and to the tomb. If you're
having trouble finding it, look at the world map. There's a place just
northeast of Deling City where two small peninsulas almost meet; the
Tomb is at the edge of the peninsula on the west side. If you don't
understand those directions, just head northeast from Deling City and
you'll get to the tomb soon enough.


-Tomb of the Unknown King

Draw Points: Protect, Float
Hidden Draw Points: Cura
Rare Cards: Sacred, Minotaur (see Side Quests)
GFs: Brothers (see Side Quests)

When you reach the tomb, you'll see two Garden students run out. There's
a Save Point here, and a Draw Point with Protect. Use them if you want,
then head inside the tomb.

The ID number is on a sword in the second screen inside the tomb. You
might want to write it down. That's all you have to do here, but it's a
good idea to get the Brothers GF before going back. See the Side Quests
section for more details.

(I suppose that title works...)

-Deling City: Parade
New Draw Points: Esuna(r), Zombie(r)
New Hidden Draw Points: Bio (r)
GFs: Carbuncle
Items: Weapons Mon May

After finishing your business at the tomb, go back to Deling City. Go to
Caraway's Mansion and give the guard the ID number. (Note: You give the
ones digit first, then the tens digit, then the hundreds digit.) Now you
can go to the mansion.

When you approach the doors, Squall will start wondering why both
Gardens are working with General Caraway, then decide it's not his place
to think about it. There's a Save Point by the doors; use it if you want
before going inside. (there's no real need right now, though) You'll
find yourself in the waiting room, and your teammates are getting
impatient. Talk to Rinoa, and she'll go to talk to Caraway, mentioning
that this is her house. After she leaves the room, Carway comes in;
you'll learn that he's Rinoa's father and the two of them don't get
along. He says he's decided that she should stay out of the operation
since she hasn't received the same type of training as the SeeDs. After
a brief dialogue, Caraway will lead you around the town, explaining the
plan along the way. Don't get too caught up with the details of the
plan; the actual sequence will be much less complex. After finishing,
Caraway says to meet him back at his mansion when you're ready. Note
that Rinoa is unavailable at the moment. Also, after this point, you're
going to be using the Junction Exchange option a _lot_...

Back at the mansion, Caraway will decide on the teams. Squall and Irvine
will form the sniper team, while Quistis, Zell, and Selphie will handle
the gate. You're in control of Quistis now; head for the door and Rinoa
will rush in, knocking Quistis back. Rinoa wants to help with the plan
by using something called an Odine Bangle to supress the sorceress'
powers, but Quistis says there's no time to make a plan, then leaves
Rinoa behind on her own. (Quistis is acting like Squall here. =P) Then
you'll leave the mansion; this would be a good time to save. Follow
Caraway; Squall and Irvine will have a brief conversation. (With Irvine
doing most of the talking. =P) There's a Draw Point with Thundara on the

Once you reach the gateway, talk to General Caraway. (he's a bit hard to
see; he's standing between Zell and Quistis, except he's further up the
screen.) After he finishes talking, follow him. There will be an
automatic event and Caraway will head back to his mansion; then, Quistis
will decide to go and apologize to Rinoa. You're in control of Quistis'
team now; return to Caraway's mansion. When you go inside, you'll see a
short scene with Caraway and Rinoa, then Caraway will try to lock Rinoa
in. Rinoa rushes out before the door closes... and then Quistis' team
runs in just as it locks.

The scene shifts to Rinoa. There's a Save Point near where you come on
to the screen, and a manhole on the Northeast side of the screen. You
don't have to go down the manhole, but you can find the May issue of
Weapons Monthly if you head left a few screens down there. There are
enemies there, so Junction Rinoa properly. You'll have a chance to go
down there with Squall and Irvine in a little bit. Anyways, what you
have to do is climb the huge pile of crates and such, which isn't too
hard. On the next screen, climb the ladder, then move right about one
step. You can then climb the wall, and Rinoa will arrive in Sorceress
Edea's chamber. Once you regain control, approach the sorceress; Rinoa
will get blasted back. There will be an FMV of Edea walking to the
terrace with Rinoa being dragged behind her, then things start to get
really weird...

Squall and Irvine notice Rinoa up with the sorceress, then Edea gives an
unusual speech. President Deling wonders what she's doing and approaches
her, only to get zapped and tossed aside. Edea finishes her speech, then
walks away, mentions a "sacrifice", then raises her hand. There's an FMV
of a lizard-like statue coming to life and then running through the
streets, accompanied by an identical creature... The monsters jump to
the terrace and attack Rinoa, an action which does not go unnoticed by
Squall and Irvine. Unfortunately, the gate isn't open yet, so they can't
get in to help her.

The scene shifts to Quistis' team. Zell and Selphie start searching the
room; what you have to do is examine the shelves next to the door to
find a cup. Then, go the the statue in the upper-left corner of the room
and examine it to reveal a hidden door. This leads to a stairwell.
There's a Save Point here, which you should use. Go down the stairwell
and you'll find a ladder which leads to the sewers. Navigating through
here can be tough at first, so I'll try to give exact directions. Note:
In both the stairwell and the sewer itself, you'll fight shadowy enemies
called Creeps. You can draw Life spells from them. Anyways, from the
entrance to the sewers, head left, walk to the middle of the ladder
going across the water, and examine the waterwheel. You'll get on it and
be taken to another part of the screen. Head straight up. When you reach
the end of the next screen, Zell will hear the parade starting...

The scene shifts above ground with an FMV of the parade. The gate's
open, so Irvine rushes for it, then tells Squall to hurry up. Follow
Irvine, see another FMV, follow Irvine again, see another FMV... huh?
Seifer's on the Sorceress' float? No time to think about that now.
Follow Irvine for the last stretch and you'll make it through the gate.

You're now where Rinoa was earlier in the scenario. If you didn't get
the Weapons Monthly magazine before, get it now, since you won't get
another chance to find this one until Disc 3. Also, be sure to Junction
Squall and Irvine, as they've got a boss to fight soon. Climb the
structure like you did with Rinoa, then head left, climb the ladder,
then climb the wall. Now head left and climb another wall. Move forward
a bit and you'll come to the next screen; you're on the terrace now,
near Deling's body. Head to the back of the screen. Keep going, and
you'll find the two monsters attacking Rinoa...


Iguion*2 (Most likely, that's short for Iguana-Lion)
Weak against Earth/Holy
Immune to Fire/Poison

Be sure to draw Carbuncle from one of these guys; otherwise, you won't
have another chance to get it until near the end of the game. Besides,
they have a Reflect spell up until you get Carbuncle. You can also draw
Break spells from them if you want, but kill one of them first. Their
Magma Breath can petrify you in addition to doing a fair amount of
damage, and they have a powerful combo attack called Resonance. However,
their physical attacks aren't that strong. Since they're weak against
Earth, summon the Brothers GF if you got them. Otherwise, just focus on
one lizard at a time. After the battle, you'll get some G-Returners (You
can also Mug them during the battle, but then you won't get them
afterwards; not a big difference) and 20 AP.


GF Carbuncle's stats:
Starting level: 16
Starts with Vit-J, Ability*3, Magic, GF, Draw, Item

I recommend learning Recov Med-RF first. It's only 30 AP, and it lets
you make Mega-Potions. Mega-Potions heal everyone for 1000 HP and can be
sold for a nice amount of money. After that, Counter, ST-Def-J and
Vit+20% are good ones to look at.

Head back one screen and open the hatch to get to the carousel clock.
Inside, pick up the sniper rifle just to the left of where you come in.
After some talking, it's back to Quistis' team. Go forward and open the
gate in front of you, then go to the upper-left corner and open the gate
there. You'll se a ladder; when you touch it, you'll knock it down and
can cross the water with it. Follow this path to reach a Draw Point with
Esuna. Now retrace your steps and go back across the ladder, then head
left. Go through the next gate, go forward, cross the next ladder, and
go through the gate on your right. You'll see a Draw Point on the other
side of the water in this screen; get to it from the next screen. It
contains Zombie. After getting it, (if you want it) go back to the right
and examine the waterwheel; then go right and examine the next
waterwheel to get to the other side. Go down, examine the next
waterwheel, go down again, examine the waterwheel again, and go down

You're now on the screen where you entered the sewers. Knock down the
ladder nearby and cross it. This will let you get back to the Save Point
in the stairwell. Do so, then go back to where you knocked over the
ladder and head right. Use the next waterwheel, and you'll come to
another Save Point shortly. Climb the nearby ladder; you're almost done!
When you get off the ladder, examine it again and choose to go up. Zell
will say that you're just in time; go over to where he is and watch the
FMV. Once it's done, head over to the switch and use it.

The scene shifts to Squall and Irvine arguing. Irvine can't bring
himself to shoot, and Squall convinces him to try it, if only as a
signal. Irvine aims, and fires... but Edea blocks the shot with a
forcefield. Squall gets ready to attack head on, and the menu screen
somes up; be _sure_ to Junction Squall, Irvine, and Rinoa. After
preparing everyone, exit the menu screen. There will be a FMV where
Squall jumps from the roof, makes his way to the gate, and squeezes
through the bars. (why couldn't Edea do that and escape?) Then he'll
talk briefly with Seifer, and the battle begins...


Weak against Poison

You've just got Squall in this fight. (Note: His HP is full at the start
of the battle.) There's no special strategy; just make sure you've got
good Junctions, or it's going to be a long fight. Not a hard one,
however; Seifer's physical attacks do only about 70 damage _without_
Vit-J. He gets the occasional critical, but even that's nothing to worry
about. Seifer's spells are the bigger threat, doing 200+ damage; if
you've got Carbuncle on Squall, try summoning it to reflect them.
Otherwise, just attack, healing when you need it. He'll go down easily
enough; in fact, just before writing this I managed to beat him without
any Junctions. (accidentally closed the menu screen too soon...) You
won't get anything for winning, but you can use Mug to steal a Hero
(sometimes even a Holy War) from him during the battle.


Immediately after you defeat Seifer, you'll fight Edea. Luckily, Rinoa
and Irvine show up to help you at the start of the battle.



Pretty cool music here, huh? Anyways, Edea's spells are nasty, doing
around 400 damage. You have a couple of choices here; either summon
Carbuncle, which will cause her to cast Dispel on you instead of other
spells, or draw Cura from her when you need to heal. She also has a very
weak attack called Astral Punch; it does about 30 damage with Vit-J.
Note: You can Mug her for an Elixir. Actually, you don't need to win
here; the battle ends automatically after Edea says something like "Time
has run out, SeeDs!" After the battle, you'll get 20 AP.


After the battle, there will be an FMV of Edea shooting a huge ice spear
at Squall, then the scene fades out and you get a prompt to save...



-Disc Two

(Have I mentioned enough times how bad I am at coming up with titles?)

-Laguna Flashback 3
Draw Points: Dispel(r), Drain(r)
Hidden Draw Points: Curaga, Reflect(r)

Yep, it's another Laguna sequence. This time, there's no setup, you're
just thrust into it. Anyways, as the scene opens, a little girl named
Ellone tells Laguna that someone's come to see him and is waiting at the
pub. After you regain control, use the save point, then search near the
door for a hidden Curaga Draw Point. Go downstairs and talk to Ellone,
then leave the house and head to the pub next door. Laguna will call
Ellone over, then you can go inside. Note: You may get into random
encounters when wandering around outside. These fights are easy, just
Bite Bugs and Caterchipillars. Anyways, inside the pub, you'll talk to
Raine, then Kiros will show up and greet you. Talk to him. After a
while, you'll be given some choices of things to ask Kiros about; ask if
you want, but when you're done, pick "Let's talk later...". Kiros will
join up with you, and you'll go off to fight some monsters. Be sure to
re-Junction Kiros; note that he has Irvine's stats in this sequence.
Leave the pub. In the southeast section of the area you're in, you can
find a Draw Point with Dispel, but it's not really needed. Head south
from the pub entrance to find a wooden bridge. When you go to the
bridge, Laguna and Kiros will have a short talk. After that's over, head
south. On the next screen, you'll see a Draw Point with Drain. Use it if
you want, then head south, or east for a hidden Draw Point with Reflect.
Basically, just keep heading south until you reach the town entrance.
(Buy stuff in the nearby shop if you want.) Then head back to the pub
and go upstairs. Raine and Ellone will be talking; Laguna wants to
leave, but Kiros makes him eavesdrop. =P After Ellone and Raine's
conversation, you'll regain control. Talk to Raine and you'll tell her
how many monsters you've defeated on your patrol. Raine tells you to
head to your room and get some rest. Go back to where the flashback
started, (if you forgot, it's upstairs in the house next to the pub)
save if you want, (probably a good idea, as there's a _long_ sequence to
go through before you can save again) and rest in the bed. That's it for
this flashback...


-Desert Prison

Draw Points: Berserk(r?)
Hidden Draw Points: Thundaga(r?)
Items: Tent, Pet House, Pet Nametag, Str Up, Combat King 001, Cottage, Rename

After the flashback, Zell wakes up in a prison cell with Selphie,
Quistis, and Rinoa. Quistis asks if he was in the "dream world" again,
and Selphie asks about Laguna. Zell says he was Ward and was working in
some sort of prison. Now you'll be in control of Zell. Talk to Rinoa
twice and she'll ask if Zell recognizes this room. He'll realize that
Ward was working in the prison they're now in...

After some more dialogue, the scene shifts to Squall. He'll try to think
about what happened, then there's an FMV of an elevator carrying him
up... Now it's back to Zell and the others. Some guards come in,
threaten you, beat Zell up, and take Rinoa away. Back to Squall; the
elevator stops, then Seifer walks in and tells two small red creatures
(Moombas) to take Squall away. In the next scene, Squall is hooked up to
a torture device. Seifer tries to get Squall to tell him what the secret
of SeeD is, but Squall isn't aware that there _is_ one. Seifer gloats
for a while, and the scene fades out...

Back to Zell... (getting tired of this yet? =P) Selphie tries to cast a
healing spell on him, but it doesn't work very well due to some sort of
anti-magic field. A Moomba comes in with some food and trips, then the
guard comes in again and threatens the Moomba. You have the choice to
help the Moomba or not; help it. You'll scare the guard away, and
Selphie will try to heal the Moomba. Choose to help.

Now it's Squall again. Seifer gloats some more, then leaves and tells a
guard to continue the interrogation. After a while, you'll be given a
choice between "...Just let me die" and "...I'll lie... I" Choose the first option to save yourself a little
trouble later on in the prison. Either way, the scene will shift back to
Zell. Talk to Quistis and you'll start planning how to escape. Zell
decides that, since he uses his fists as weapons, he'll go and get the
other characters' weapons back. Zell gets the guard out of the way, then
leaves the cell with the Moomba following him. First, re-Junction Zell,
then go downstairs for a Save Point. (About time!) Then go up to Floor 8
to find the guards with your weapons. Head towards them and they'll
comment on the weapons. Get closer and they'll spot you, then attack.
They're pretty easy to beat, even though you only have one character.
They can cast Sleep on you, but that's about it. After you win, Zell
will reclaim the weapons.

Now it's back to Squall. Some Moombas will call him Laguna, then let him
down from the torture device... Then the scene shifts to Zell, Quistis
and Selphie. They've got their weapons back now, and the menu screen
comes up so you can Junction them. After you exit the menu, you'll hear
some guards talking... Biggs and Wedge come in and recognize Zell and
Selphie. After some rather funny dialogue, they attack you.



Yep, them again. And they're just as easy as before. You may want to
draw some spells from them, since they're so easy; Wedge has Reflect,
and Biggs has Regen. (As well as Haste and Slow, but you should be able
to refine those easily.) Reflect is a good Junction for Spirit, and
Regen is good for HP. Mug Wedge for a Strength Love, and Biggs for a
Regen Ring. If you didn't Mug them, you'll win some Remedies and


After beating Wedge and Biggs, leave the cell; another Moomba will come
down the stairs and say "Laguna" to your Moomba. They'll get excited and
run up the stairs. Then an alarm will sound. Now would be a good time to
save. A note: You can enter some of the doors in the prison. Walk up to
them and slide open. You should go down first and check the doors there,
as this is your only chance; here's what you'll find.

The Save Point is on Floor 6. Neither door on that floor has anything;
going down from Floor 6, the doors have:

Floor 5, Right Side: A prisoner who'll charge you 500 gil for a game of
cards. Win to get an item.
Floor 4, Left Side: Item box with a Tent.
Floor 3, Right Side: Item box with a Pet House.
Floor 2, Left Side: Item box with a Pet Nametag.
Floor 2, Right Side: Item box with a Str Up.
Floor 1, Left Side: Hidden Save Point. You need Move-Find set in order
to use it.
Floor 1, Right Side: It's hard to spot, but there's a yellow object on
the floor. Examine it to find Combat King 001. Read it to teach Zell his
Dolphin Blow Limit.

Moving up from floor 6:

Floor 7, Left Side: The cell you came out of.
Floor 8, Left Side: A guy from Garden running an item shop.
Floor 9, Right Side: Draw Point with Berserk.
Floor 10, Right Side: Another card player. He charges 300 Gil per game,
and will upgrade your Battle Meter the first time you win. The upgrade
lets you see how many enemies each character has killed and how many
times they've been knocked out. However, he doesn't give you any items.
Floor 10, Left Side: Save Point.
Floor 11, Right Side: Hidden Draw Point with Thundaga.
Floor 11, Left Side: Another card player, who charges 200 gil per game.
This one gives you items.
Nothing on Floor 12.

On Floor 13, you'll find Squall... and a LOT of Moombas if you decided
not to give in during the torture. Once you find Squall, you'll be in
control of him. Talk to the nearby Moombas; they'll offer to make a
shortcut on one floor of the prison. One gives you the choice of making
a shortcut on Floor 2, 3, or 4; choose Floor 4, as you won't be going
through the others. Choose whichever floors you want for the other two.
Now head out of the room. Zell will say that they should probably go
down, and Quistis will comment that it would be a pain with all the
monsters there. Squall will mention the elevator they used to bring him
up. After some more talking, Zell stays behind to operate the elevator
while the others go down. Don't bother re-Junctioning at this point.
Inside the elevator, Zell tells you to push the red button on the main
panel. Walk up to the center control and examine it to push the button.
You'll wind up on the bottom floor. On the next screen, you'll a huge
door; examine it and sand will pour out of it. Then you'll hear gunfire
and automatically rush out.

Now you're in control of Zell, who's being chased by guards. If a guard
catches up to you, you'll have to fight, which isn't much of a problem.
You _will_ have to start at the beginning of the screen, but it's still
not too tough. On the next screen, the Warden will catch Zell, but
Squall will come and and take care of him. Then Selphie and Quistis will
run in, and the guards will start shooting at you. It looks bad, but
then Irvine shows up and takes out a couple of guards. Rinoa's come
back, too. After some dialogue, Irvine will tell you to head up. You
have to make a party of Squall, Rinoa, and one other character. You're
now on Floor 9. Head up until Floor 13, and the scene will shift back to

One of the party members remaining with Irvine will suggest using the
elevator to get out, since going up doesn't seem to be an option. Re-
Junction yourselves and start heading down. Stop by the item shop if you
want, though. Then head down until you reach Floor 3, and the scene will
shift back to Squall. Move your Junctions around, then talk to the
nearby Moombas for a Cottage and a Rename Card. On the next screen, head
up the stairs. There's a hidden Save Point here. Head up the next set of
stairs to find a control room. Head out and an alarm will sound, and
you'll be attacked.


Elite Soldier

The Elite Soldier will cast boosting spells on the two robots. Take him
out first and this will be easier. The robots have a Micro Missiles
attack that halves your HP; just heal after this. Not too tough, all in


After the fight, you'll hear Irvine over the communications console in
the control room. Irvine will tell you to take the elevator up. Go back
down and use the Save Point. Now go back up and head back to where the
battle happened. Cross the bridge. The prison will start to move
underground; Rinoa and the third character will make it across, but
Squall won't. Once you regain control, you'll have to move Squall to
safety; just keep moving to the right, and you shouldn't have any
trouble. After the screen fades out, everyone will have found their way
back. You'll take two Galbadian military vehicles and drive away.

(...I don't need to give a sarcastic comment here.)


Draw Points: Aero(r?)
Rare Cards: Rinoa

In the next scene, you stop both cars and Irvine will say that Galbadia
is going to fire missiles at Balamb and Trabia Gardens. Squall will want
to warn the students at Garden; Selphie wants to stop the missiles.
You'll regain control now. Grab the nearby Aero Draw Point if you want,
then talk to everyone. When you talk to Selphie, you'll see some
missiles fire into the air... Irvine will say that he heard Trabia was
going to be the first one hit. Talk to Selphie again and you'll be asked
to choose Squall's team. You'll be using this team for quite a while, so
make sure it's a good one. You'll have a choice to change the team
assignments now; do it if you're not sure. Otherwise, pick "Go with it".
The two teams head off once your choice is finalized.

First, you'll have a short section with Squall's team. Head off the left
side of the screen and head to the control room. Watch the Galbadian
Soldier try to follow you, then you'll be in control of Selphie's team.
Note: At this point, you can go to Deling City and challenge General
Caraway to a game of cards. Lose the Ifrit card to him, (You can win it
back from Martine in FH) then ask him about cards and play again. He'll
probably use the Rinoa card now, and you can win it. You can also do
this later. Anyways, after doing any stuff you need to in Deling, drive
the car to the Missile Base; you may want to save before going in. Drive
the car in; if you go in without it, you'll see a funny scene, then have
to leave. So, get in the car and drive in...


-Missile Base

Draw Points: Blind(r), Blizzara(r)
Hidden Draw Points: Full-life(r)

Once you're in, Selphie will park the car and you'll get off. Go into
the nearby door. There's a Save Point here; use it if you want, then
examine the panel by the door on the left. One of your party members
will give you an ID card that was in the car. Selphie will use it to
open the door.

In the next room, you'll find a guard. You'll have three choices as to
how to get by him; I don't think it matters which one you choose, he
just says different (and funny) things. =P Head through the next screen;
there's another Save Point on the screen after. Go _straight_ down from
the Save Point (on the left side of the stairs you came down) to find an
easy-to-miss room. There's a Draw Point with Blind in here; more
importantly, there's two Galbadian Soldiers. Talk to the top one and
they'll tell you to deliver a message. Go back to the room you were just
in, and go through the door at the top of the screen. This is the
missile launcher room. Look just below the launcher on the left side of
the screen for a hidden Draw Point with Full-life; this Draw Point
recharges, so keep checking back. Anyways, talk to the soldier standing
next to the missile launcher and you'll give him the message. You'll be
given a choice of what to tell him the message was; it's "To go on
ahead", but it doesn't seem to matter what you tell him. Either way,
he'll ask you to tell them he's not done yet. Go back to where the
soldiers who gave you the message were and talk to them. They'll tell
you to do the inspection for them, since everyone else is too busy. Go
back to the guard you had to get past earlier and talk to him. He
leaves, and tells you to go ahead with the inspection. Go into the door

There's a Draw Point with Blizzara here. Use it if you want, then
approach the control panel. You'll have a choice of "Ahh, just hit
whatever!" or "Hit a few buttons here and there..." Either way, nothing
will happen. After that, you'll have a choice of hitting more buttons or
banging on the console. Bang on it. You'll be told to press the Square
button repeatedly; do so and the lights will go out after a while. Leave
the room quickly; the maintenance team will show up right outside.
You'll have a choice of fighting them or talking your way out; talk your
way out and tell them that you were just going to go call on them.
They'll run in, then you'll run in after them and beat them up. =P Go
back to the screen leading to the launcher room; as you arrive, a
soldier will call the guards in to help. Head to the door; the guard
will walk out and you'll be given a few choices. First choose "Play it
cool", then "Help out". Go inside and talk to the soldier standing
alone; he'll ask you to help push the launcher in. Walk between the two
soldiers already pushing on it, and you'll automatically get into
position. Now hit the Square button repeatedly to push it. Talk to the
soldier standing alone again, and he'll tell you to set the coordinates
on the control panel.

Go to the control panel and examine it. You'll have a few choices;
Target, Equipment, Simulation, and Exit. If you go to Equipment and hit
Left, one of your characters will comment that you may be able to get it
to miss by setting the Error Ratio to Maximum. Go to Target, and you'll
have several other choices; Set Target, Set Error Ratio, Data Upload,
and Exit. You don't have the authorization to Set Target, so go to Set
Error Ratio. Hold Right and set the Error Ratio to Maximum. Now chooce
Data Upload. Go to Check Equipment and Simulation if you want, then
Exit. (Note: On the Check Equipment screen, hold the Card and Cancel
buttons and press Up to see the specs of a Galbadian Officer. =P) After
that, Save and talk to the guard by the right-hand stairway. Once you
get inside, however, a Galbadian Officer will see you and immediately
realize you're intruders.


Base Leader
Base Soldier*2

This is a pretty standard fight with Galbadian Soldiers. They're a
little stronger than most, but not too tough. The only thing of note is
that all three enemies have Confuse to Draw.


After defeating the guards, examine the left-hand console. Selphie will
do... something. Examine the other two consoles in the room, then leave
through the North door. (Save first if you want) Examine the console and
you'll be asked to set a time. Set whatever time limit you feel
comfortable with; if you set 30 or 40 minutes, you'll have to go the
long way out of the base. Set 10 or 20 minutes for a quick exit. One of
the soldiers in the other room will do something at the console as you
leave... Just as you're on the way out of the base, you'll feel some
shaking. Then there will be a scene with some Galbadian Soldiers running
away. Once you regain control, head towards the gate... A Galbadian
Captain will be there, along with a large machine...


BGH251F2 (Iron Clad)

The timer's running in this battle, so be quick. Just keep hitting it
with your strongest attacks. It does a lot of damage, but if you have a
good HP Junction, you won't need to heal. As the battle goes on, several
of the Iron Clad's turrets will get blown off. Eventually, it will short
out, and the troops inside will run out to attack. Note: The Iron Clad
doesn't have anything to Mug.

Elite Soldier

You won't have any trouble with these guys. =P When you win, you'll get
the June issue of Weapons Monthly and some common items.


After the fight, head towards the fence in the back. After some
dialogue, there will be an FMV of the Missile Base blowing up...

(Note: If you did everything right here, you'll go up two SeeD ranks.)


-Balamb Garden

Hidden Draw Points: Demi(r?)
New Items: Mega-Potion, Gysahl Greens, X-Potion, Elixir, Remedy*2, Tent

The scene shifts to Squall's team. Before doing anything else, I
recommend going out and saving; it's going to be a _long_ time before
you can see the World Map again. Then go to the Switch menu and exchange
your Junctions. Also, it might not be a bad idea to stop by the Junk
Shop in Balamb to upgrade weapons. When you're ready, go back to Garden.
As soon as you get in, you'll see students running around, and a Garden
Faculty will be telling them to seize the Headmaster... And after a
while, you'll find there are random enemies around, too! Head further
in; at one point, a Garden Faculty will ask which side you're on. If you
say "I don't get it", he'll send a Grat and Caterchipillar to attack
you. It's an easy fight. If you say you're with the Garden Master, he
won't attack you. Either way, keep going. At the turnstile, talk to the
student on the ground twice to get a Mega-Potion. On the next screen,
you'll meet up with Fujin and Raijin, who apparently don't know much
more about the situation than you do. You'll tell them about the missile
attack, and they'll go off to warn everyone.

Now you can go all over Garden and fight off the Garden Master's troops.
At each of the various sections of Garden, you'll meet up with a Garden
Faculty who'll send monsters after you. You'll get items from each of
the areas except the Dormitory. I recommend you start by heading to the
Dormitory; you can rest and save there. You'll just have to fight a
Caterchipillar, which shouldn't be a problem. Here are the battles in
the other areas of Garden:

Cafeteria - A Bomb. It's rather high-level, actually; you can sometimes
Draw Firaga and Meltdown from it. Do that if you want, but it's not a
big deal. Once you're in the Cafeteria, talk to one of the students to
get some Gysahl Greens. Also, there's a hidden Draw Point with Demi that
only seems to appear during this sequence.

Quad - Bomb and Glacial Eye. No problem. When you meet up with the
students, tell them either answer, then talk to one for an X-Potion.

Infirmary - Here, the Garden Faculty is threatening some other students.
You have the choice of "Help them" or "Let them handle it". If you
choose to help, you'll fight a Granaldo. (the boss from the Training
Center) If you have Mug, you can steal a few Wizard Stones from it; it's
not too hard, though. Afterwards, talk to Dr. Kadowaki for an Elixir.

Library - A Grat. Inside the library, talk to one of the students for a

Training Center - As with the Infirmary, you have a choice of whether or
not to help out here. If you do, you'll have to fight a T-Rexaur; it's
strong, but you should be able to beat it. Talk to the student who was
being attacked to get another Remedy.

Parking Lot - You'll fight a Grendel here; again, nothing too tough.
After beating it, you'll see what looks like the Headmaster, but it's
actually just a hologram. Talk to one of the students for a Tent.

In the Cafeteria, you'll hear that this was Xu's plan; once you've found
this out, head towards the elevator and you'll see Xu go in. Follow her.
(you can fight the rest of the Garden Faculty's monsters first if you
want) She'll show up at the end of the hall on Floor 2. Squall warns her
about the missiles, and Xu tells you to go with her to Cid's office,
where he's been all along. =P

In Cid's office, he'll tell you to help with the evacuation, while he
tries something. After you regain control, talk to Cid; Squall will
volunteer to help with whatever he's planning. After a while, Cid
agrees, and gives you a key that will let you access the MD level where
you may find something... Talk to Cid again and he'll tell you to get
prepared. The menu screen will come up, but you really don't need to do
anything. (Though you can save.)


-Balamb Garden: MD Level

Draw Points: Full-life(r?)

Head back to the elevator... You'll see an FMV of the missiles in the
air, then it shifts back to the elevator, which stops suddenly...
Examine the hatch in the floor and you'll open it and climb in. Climb
down the ladder you find yourself on; at the end, you'll be on the MD
Level. You won't be able to get back for now, though. Examine the hatch
nearby; Squall will open it and you'll automatically go down. He'll
suggest you Junction Fire to your Elemental Attack in this section. It's
not really necessary, though. On the next screen, go down the ladder.
Then go through the door and examine the valve. You'll have 10 seconds
to push the Square button repeatedly in order to turn the valve; if you
don't succeed the first time, a second party member will help and you'll
repeat it, and the third will help if you failed the first two times.
It's not too hard.

Go out; you'll find that turning the valve has let you access a ladder
going down. Once you've climbed down, you can get a Draw Point with
Full-life. Head past it to find a ladder. You'll make a choice about who
investigates it. (I don't think it matters) Climb up. When you get high
enough, the ladder will and you'll crash through a window into a control
room. Examine the control panel nearby, then go back to the ladder. When
you get down, examine the blinking light nearby; it's a gate. You'll
open it and be able to reach _another_ ladder. Climb down to find a Save

Near the Save Point is a switch. Examine it, and you'll use it to open a
huge door in the distance. Head there, and you'll get attacked by two
huge monsters on the way...


Weak against Fire
Immune to Water

Their "Sonic Wave" attack can Curse you, and their Oil Shot can Blind
you; however, they have Esuna in their Draw lists, so just cast it when
you get hit by status ailments. They still hit hard, though; however,
with a good Strength junction and Fira on Elem-Atk, the fight should be
over quickly. Also, they're vulnerable to Sleep; use this to get some
breathing room. After you do enough damage to one, it'll use a _very_
strong Oil Blast attack; try to finish it off quickly at this point. You
can steal Fuels from them, but you'll get Wizard Stones after the battle
if you don't steal. You'll also get 20 AP.


After beating the Oilboyles, go to the door in the distance. Behind it
you'll find yet _another_ ladder going down. Start climbing, and you'll
see another FMV of the missiles on their way... Finish climbing down,
then head left to find a huge machine. Examine the nearby conolse;
you'll now activate the machine, which makes a platform rise straight
through Cid's office. There will be an FMV of Balamb Garden lifting out
of the ground and hovering away, barely avoiding the missiles. The scene
shifts to what's now become the bridge. After a while, one of your
characters will take the elevator down; talk to Cid and tell him you'll
investigate, then go to the end of the Floor 2 hallway and open the door
there. Go back in and you'll automatically return to the bridge; the
controls aren't responding and you're heading straight for Balamb.
Squall will hit buttons furiously, and the Garden will change course.
There will be an FMV of Garden dropping into the ocean, then the scene
shifts to Squall's room, where he ponders the recent events, then goes
to sleep.

(Wow... another title that's actually decent. I must be slipping.)

-Balamb Garden
New Hidden Draw Points: Bio(r)

At this point, if you have Rinoa, she'll wake up Squall and ask for a
tour of the Garden. Go into each of the various sections to see some
rather funny scenes. =P If you don't have Rinoa, you'll wake up; I
forget just what happens in that case, so for now I'll write the
walkthrough for what happens if you _do_ have Rinoa in this team. Either
way, when you get to the screen with the Directory, a Garden Faculty
tells you that the Garden Master wants to see you and tells you to take
the elevator to Floor B1. Do so; you'll overhear Cid talking to the
Garden Master, and your third party member will come down the elevator.
(Note: If you're worried, go back to Squall's room and save before
talking to Cid.) When you regain control, talk to Cid. Then head off the
left side of the screen to meet NORG, a strange-looking creature. (Later
you'll find out he's a member of the Shumi Tribe.) He'll start ranting
and raving about your attempt to assassinate the sorceress, saying it
made her angry. Then he'll start getting more and more upset, and
eventually attack.


Strong against Thunder
Poison has no effect

Left Orb
Immune to all elements

Right Orb
Immune to all elements

At first, NORG is hiding in his "shell". Attack the main pod while being
sure to keep hitting the side orbs; you can't destroy them, since they
just regenerate all their HP when you attack, but if you don't attack
them, they'll change colors. When they turn red, they'll cast a _lot_ of
spells. You can draw Bio spells from the Left Orb (but it's probably
easier to just refine them if you have Diablos) and you can steal a Mag
Up from it. The Right Orb has a Spr Up to steal. The pod has nothing.
Once you do enough damage to the pod, it explodes, revealing NORG.

Weak against Wind
Immune to Poison

Once NORG's exposed, draw Leviathan from him. You can also Mug him for a
Circlet. You may find it useful to summon Carbuncle here to deflect some
of NORG's spells, though they're not a major problem with a good HP
junction. He'll still be able to use his Psycho Blast attack on you,
though; it's fairly strong, but not much to worry about if your HP's
high. If you happen to have some Tornado spells, use them for some
serious damage; otherwise, just use whatever your usual boss-fighting
tactics are. He can cast Protect and Shell on himself; just use Dispel
when that happens. You'll get 20 AP when you win.


GF Leviathan's Stats:
Starting level: 17
Starts with Spr-J, Elem-Def*2, Magic, GF, Draw, Item

As always, Boost is a good ability to start with. Other good abilities
are Supt Mag-RF, Recover, Auto-Potion, and Spr+20%. (which starts you on
the road to getting Spr Bonus)

Examine NORG's pod to find a hidden Draw Point with Bio. Leave the
screen and go back to the elevator. Head to the infirmirary to find Cid.
You'll get several choices of things to talk to him about. Talk to him
about all of them for some information, then leave.

Now head towards the Directory; Xu will run in and ask if you've seen
the Headmaster. She'll tell you that a ship is headed this way, and tell
you to go to the deck to see it. Do so and the ship will arrive. You'll
later find out that it's the White SeeD ship. They've come in peace,
then tell Cid that they've come for Ellone. Squall will recognize that
as the name of the little girl he saw in the Laguna flashback. Cid tells
Squall to get her; she's in the east side of the library. Go there, and
Squall will ask her what she knows about the "dream world". She'll say
it's hard to explain, but she's showing them the past... After more
explanation, Squall will get upset, then Xu will come in and take Ellone
to the White SeeDs. You'll see Ellone leaving while Squall's thoughts
flash by. Then you'll see a brief flashback to Squall's youth.

If you have Rinoa, she'll come in again and ask you to go for a walk
with her. Shortly after you leave the dorm, Cid will start talking over
the intercom, then suddenly sound surprised... The scene shifts to a
fisherman on a dock who comments on having a slow day, then there's an
FMV of the Garden floating straight towards him... =P

Back inside Garden, Squall heads to the bridge at Cid's request. Cid
tells you to go to Fisherman's Horizon, which is where you are. Note: If
you didn't win the Seifer Card from Cid earlier, you can do so now. He
also has some Level 6 cards now. Take the elevator down and your other
two characters will rejoin. Go to the deck and you'll arrive in...


-Fisherman's Horizon

Draw Points: Regen(r), Shell(r), Full-life
Hidden Draw Points: Ultima
Rare Cards: Irvine (see Queen of Cards side quest), Quezacotl
Items: Occult Fan III, Megalixir

As you enter the town, some fishermen warn you they don't want any
violence in here. After you agree, they'll tell you to see the Mayor,
whose house is in the center of town. Keep going for a couple of
screens; on the second, there's a hard-to-see ladder. Climb down it,
then head up the screen to find another ladder. Climb up that ladder and
head left to _another_ ladder. Head left to come to another screen, and
the Master Fisherman. Talk to him and you'll have a choice of things to
say to him; choose either and you'll get Occult Fan III. Remember where
he is; you'll want to come back later.

Now head to Mayor Dobe's house. (Note: If you walk past the Mayor's
house, you'll find Martine, the former Garden Master of Galbadia Garden.
You can play cards with him to win Level 7 Boss Cards, but he plays
_really_ slowly. Also, if you lost the Ifrit card to General Caraway
earlier, you can get it back now.) When you head upstairs to the Mayor's
house, he makes it quite clear that he wants you out of there as soon as
possible. After some more talking, you'll be asked to head back to
Garden. However, you may want to play cards first; Mayor Dobe has
Quezacotl's card, and his wife will have Irvine's card if you're far
enough on the Queen of Cards side quest. (See Side Quests for more
details.) Both are good corner cards. Also, both of them seem to have a
good supply of Level 6 cards. Note: If Dobe isn't using Quezacotl, try
getting all the common cards before playing him. He seems to use it more
often if you do. Finally, there's a hidden Draw Point with Ultima in
this room. Unfortunately, it doesn't recharge.

Head back to Garden. Just as you're heading back, you'll hear someone
screaming about Galbadian Soldiers. Head back towards the Mayor's house.
You'll see an FH citizen warning them about the Galbadians at the
station. Head back up; Flo will tell you that since the Galbadians are
probably here because of you, it's your responsibility. However, Mayor
Dobe will want to try reasoning with them and will head towards the
station on his own. Bad move. Follow Dobe. The next screen has a Save
Point and a Draw Point with Regen. The Inn/Item Shop is on the next
screen, but you don't need to head there just yet. You'll find the Mayor
on the screen after. BTW, there are random encounters here for the
moment. One new monster is the SAM08G; you may be able to either Mug or
win a Running Fire from it. You can also Card it and turn its card into
a Running Fire. This teaches Quistis the Blue Magic Gatling Gun, and can
be refined into 20 Demolition Ammo.

When you catch up with the Mayor, you'll listen in on him talking with a
Galbadian Soldier. You'll hear Ellone mentioned, and the Soldier will
threaten to torch the town... The Mayor pleads, but it's no good. You
have the choice to help now, or listen a bit longer. If you choose to
listen a bit longer, your other party members will force you to help.
Head towards the Soldier and the Mayor, and you'll be attacked by an
Elite Soldier and two G-Soldiers; a routine battle. After that, the huge
machine from the Missile Base will appear...


BGH251F2 (Iron Clad)
Weak against Water, Earth, Thunder

If you want Stop spells, the Iron Clad has them, and now's a good time
to Draw, since there's no timer. Still, they're not hard to refine, so
if you're in a hurry, don't bother. Mug the Iron Clad to get a valuable
Adamantine. Again. the Iron Clad isn't particularly tough if you've got
a good HP Junction. You'll get 20 AP after the battle.


After you defeat the Iron Clad, it will slide away into the water, then
Selphie and her team will climb up... They escaped from the Missile Base
by climbing inside the Iron Clad. Now everyone will leave except Squall
and Rinoa. Talk to Rinoa for a short scene, then head back towards
Garden. On the way back, stop by the docks (East of the screen where the
Inn/Item Shop is) to meet up with the Master Fisherman's pupil and talk
with him a while for some funny scenes. =P If you've beaten the Iron
Clad, the kid will make one last attempt and actually get his line in
the water. Note: The man nearby runs a Junk Shop, and there's a Draw
Point near him with Shell. Then resume your trip back to Garden. You'll
meet Irvine on the way back; he'll talk to you for a bit, then he'll
join your current party. Now go and see the Master Fisherman again; the
ladder leading to him is just past where you met Irvine. You'll tell him
about his pupil's success, then start to leave. He'll stop you and ask
you to meet him at the Inn. Head there and he'll tell you about Mayor
Dobe. Then he'll ask if you want to talk some more; say yes and head
outside. Follow him to the docks, then talk to the shopkeeper. After a
rather long dialogue, talk to the Master Fisherman for a Megalixir.
He'll then leave, but you haven't seen the last of him...

Now, go back to the station. There's a house nearby; go inside to find a
Galbadian Officer yelling at a mechanic. Head towards them. The officer
is trying to get the Grease Monkey to fix the Iron Clad. Squall tells
the officer to step outside. (Note: There's an issue of Timber Maniacs
nearby.) After that, go outside and come back. Talk to the Grease Monkey
and he'll tell you that the officer escaped through the window. =P The
Grease Monkey will give you a Mega Phoenix as a reward. Now, go back to
where the Master Fisherman was to find a Full-life Draw Point. It
doesn't recharge, unfortunately. Finally, head back to Garden.

As you head back, Irvine will tell you to talk to Selphie, who's at the
stage in the quad. Go there and Cid will call Squall to the bridge, then
Irvine and Selphie will talk. The scene will shift to the bridge; Squall
will make a report, and Cid will decide that it's time to take action.
He'll announce that Garden is going to battle the Sorceress, then
appoint Squall as commander... much to Squall's surprise and

Squall will be laying in bed, mulling over this turn of events, then the
scene will shift to the others. Selphie and Irvine are going to get them
to play in the concert. =P You'll be asked to decide what instrument
Zell should play; he'll start playing it, and you'll be in control of

First, leave the stage and head back to Grease Monkey. The Galbadian
Officer is back, and he'll demand that you step outside. Leave and go
back in, and you'll find the officer lying on the floor, barely
conscious. =P Talk to the Grease Monkey for a Phoenix Down. (Yay.) Then
examine the Officer for 5 Fast Ammo, 5 AP Ammo, and 5 Pulse Ammo.

Now, go back to the stage. Pick the instruments for each of the 4
characters. (As far as I know, your choices here don't have any major
impact, but if you pick the Electric Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar, and
Saxophone, the scene between Squall and Rinoa will be slightly
different.) When you do, the scene will shift to nightfall. Squall will
wake up. Leave his room; on the next screen, you'll meet up with Rinoa.
She'll ask you to come to the concert; you can try to refuse, but she'll
eventually force you to come along. Now, talk to Irvine twice, then head
down to the stage. Irvine, Selphie, Zell, and Quistis will play the
instruments you chose for them before. You can press Square to shift the
angle you see the stage from, but it's not really important. Leave the
screen and you'll find a magazine; examine it, and Squall and Rinoa will
start talking. (I thought this was a pretty funny scene. =P) After the
scene fades, Squall will be mulling things over in bed again; he seems
to do this a lot. =P The intercom will crackle, and Squall will be
called to the bridge.

(Okay, now I can insult my skills at coming up with titles some more.)

-Miscellaneous Errands

Rare Cards: Carbuncle, Leviathan, Gilgamesh, (see CC Group side quest),
Chicobo (see Chocobo Forests side quest), ChubbyChocobo (see Queen of
Cards side quest), Odin, (see Centra Ruins side quest)
Items: Pet Nametag

On the bridge, Quistis and Xu will suggest going to Balamb, and that you
let Selphie rest for a while. You'll then be in control of Garden!
Before heading to Balamb, though, there are some side events to do. At
this point, you can go to Winhill, Shumi Village, the various Chocobo
Forests, and the Centra Ruins to do side quests; you can also stop by
Timber, Dollet and Deling City to get some things you missed. Also, in
Timber I highly recommend buying Scrolls from the Pet Shop and refining
them into Wizard Stones; you should be at a point where 5000 gil isn't
too hard to get, especially with Recov Med-RF. Get 100 Firagas,
Blizzagas, Thundagas, and Curagas for everyone, as well as Bios, Stops,
and Dispels if you want them. While you're in Timber, talk to the guy
outside Timber Maniacs for a Pet Nametag if you encouraged him earlier.
At this point, the following Junctions are recommended:

HP - Regen (or Tornado if you can get it)
Str - Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga
Vit - Curaga
Mag - Demi
Spr - Reflect

Note: If you fight Odin and Draw plenty of Triple spells, go ahead and
put those on a stat to give it a BIG boost.

Once you've done everything you want to do for now, put Zell in your
team and go to Balamb.


New Rare Cards: Pandemona
New GFs: Pandemona
Items: Combat King 003 (later)

You won't be able to enter Balamb unless Zell is in your team. If he is,
talk to the Galbadian Soldier blocking your way into town. Then, move
away from the soldier and walk towards him. Squall will convince the
guard to let you in. Then, you'll be asked to make a party with Zell in
it; also, Selphie now becomes selectable again.

You'll have to do several things to get through this section. First, go
to Zell's house and go into the room on the right to find Ma Dincht.
She'll tell you about the situation. Next, go to the Hotel and talk to
the guards in front. They'll tell you to talk to the captain. Next, go
to the docks and you'll find out that the captain caught some fish and
said he was going to cook them. Go to Zell's house; Ma Dincht will say
that a man came in and cooked some fish, and the stench was horrible.
Finally, go back to the docks and talk to the dog. He'll start barking
like crazy and run off. Follow him to the train station; when you get
there, you'll see him run into the train and chase Raijin away. =P

Note: If you want, you can leave town. First, talk to the Big Bad Rascal
in Zell's house. He'll run off. At some point, he'll show up in the
house next door, consoling the Hotel Owner's daughter by offering to
check up on her parents. Go to the town entrance and talk to the guard.
Leave the dialogue box open until you see the Hotel Owner talk to Big
Bad Rascal; then, go back into town and talk to the Rascal. He'll offer
to help you leave town. If you accept, you'll be asked to make a party,
but you can't put Selphie in. Also, after doing the event at the town
entrance, you can play cards with the Hotel Owner's daughter to get the
Pandemona card; you can also get it from the Hotel Owner once you've
finished this section.

Whether you do that or not, go to the Hotel once you've woken up Raijin.
Fujin will kick Raijin straight out of the Hotel, then Raijin will
notice you and attack.


Absorbs Thunder
Weak against Poison

G. Soldier*2
Weak against Poison

Pretty easy. Raijin's attacks don't do too much damage, and you can draw
Protect from him to reduce it. The soldiers, not surprisingly, are
wimps. Mug Raijin for two Str Ups, then just finish him off; an easy
task if you Junction 100 Bios to Elem-Atk. You'll get 12 AP for the


Once you win here, you'll automatically go into the hotel and confront
Fujin. Then Raijin comes in (he sure recovered fast!) and you'll have to
fight both of them.


Absorbs Wind
Weak against Poison

Asbsorbs Thunder
Weak against Poison

This is a pretty tough battle if you're a beginner. Fujin's fairly
harmless; she'll cast Tornado at the start, but she can't use it after
you Draw Pandemona from her. So, do that right away. At this point,
she'll mainly use her Zan attack, which isn't too strong. However, she
sometimes uses Sai to drop a character to 1 HP. Raijin, on the other
hand, will start using his powerful Raijin Special attack when he takes
enough damage. Cast Protect (you can Draw it from Raijin if you want) to
reduce the damage. Use your best attacks on Raijin. Fujin has less HP
than Raijin, but a higher defense; most attcks do half damage to her.
The best way to damage her is with good Strength junctions and 100 Bios
on Elem-Atk. If you need healing, you can Draw Cura from Fujin. Once
again, mug Raijin for two Str Ups; Fujin has a Megalixir, but you'll get
that whether you Mug her or not. After the battle, you'll get Combat
King 002 and 20 AP.


GF Pandemona's Stats:
Starting level: 19
Starts with Str-J, Spd-J, Elem-Atk-J, Elem-Def-J, Magic, GF, Draw, Item

After you win, you'll talk with them for a bit, then the scene will fade
to the bridge of Balamb Garden. Selphie will come in and ask you to go
to Trabia Garden.

Note: Come back here sometime during Disc 3. If you've got Zell in the
party, a girl at the entrance will tell him that a pigtailed girl was at
his house. Go to Zell's house, and Ma Dincht willl say she hasn't seen
anyone. Now, stay at the Hotel. In the morning, Zell will be gone; go
downstairs and you'll see him talking to the pigtailed girl. She'll give
him a book and walk away. You'll get Combat King 003. Also, you can find
an issue of Timber Maniacs in the Hotel Room.

-Trabia Garden
Draw Points: Thundaga(r?)
Hidden Draw Points: Zombie(r?), Aura
Rare Cards: Selphie
Items: Weapons Mon Aug

Once you arrive, Selphie will rush in (if she's not in your party
already) and climb the fence to get into Trabia Garden. Follow her, and
your other party members will show up on the next screen. After that,
you'll find Selphie talking to an old friend of hers. (There's a Draw
Point with Thundaga near them.) Talk to them; Selphie will tell you that
there's a basketball court in the back, and she'll meet you there. If
you take the right exit from this area, you'll come to a cemetery;
there's a hidden Zombie Draw Point and an issue of Timber Maniacs here.
Go back to where Selphie was and take the left exit from the area. Go
right if you want to talk to some people, otherwise just go left to find
a stage with a missile lodged in it. Examine the missile to find a
hidden (non-recharging) Draw Point with Aura. Now go left one more
screen to find the basketball court. Talk to your other party members,
and go to the upper right; a basketball will roll in, then Selphie will
arrive. There's now a long scene where you find out about the
characters' pasts; you'll have to move and talk to people from time to
time, but there's nothing special or complicated to do here.

When the scene's over, you'll be piloting Balamb Garden. Save, then go
back to Trabia Garden and challenge Selphie's friend to a card game. She
has the Selphie card. However, this region uses the Random and Plus
rules, so it'll be tough to win. Also, you can get the August issue of
Weapons Monthly nearby. (Weird that you can get the August issue now,
but you can't get the July issue until Disc 3...) Now, head to southwest
Centra and find the small building by a lighthouse; this is the
Orphanage. You can't go in, but you'll notice Galbadia Garden hovering
in the nearby forest. Pilot Balamb Garden near it...

(...there is something just _wrong_ with that one, but I can't quite
place it.)

-Balamb Garden: Under Attack

Items: Cottage

As soon as you approach the forest, the scene will shift to the bridge.
Squall and Nida will see Galbadia Garden approaching, then you'll be
given a list of orders to give the Garden students. I don't think it
matters what orders you give. After that, go down the elvator to find
your other party members. Choose a party, then take the next elevator
down. There will be an FMV of Galbadia Garden approaching. Talk to the
students in the hall to send them to their positions, then go to the
next screen. Talk to the Junior Classman for a Cottage. Now, go back to
the elevator and go to the first floor. Go to the quad to find Zell.
Talk to him; your other party members will show up, then Nida will call
you to the bridge.

The scene automatically shifts to the bridge. There's an FMV of Galbadia
Garden coming, and another one of Galbadian Soldiers charging into
Balamb Garden on motorcycles... by riding them off ramps straight into
the air. (These soldiers are crazy. =P) The scene shifts to Zell's team
in the quad. Equip them with GFs, then head left.

When you get all the way to end, there's an FMV of Galbadia Garden
crashing up against Balamb Garden; Zell and your third party members
will make it to safety, but Rinoa won't; she'll be desperately clinging
to the very bottom of Garden. Head out and go to the front gate. Squall
will be there. After some dialogue, you'll be prompted to choose two
party members out of Selphie, Quistis, and Irvine. The character left
out will help Xu; Squall's team will go to the classroom on Floor 2; and
Zell will help Rinoa. As you leave, Galbadia Garden will ram you. Re-
equip your GFs and head to the elevator. There will be an FMV of
Galbadian paratroopers storming Garden, then you'll have to fight...


Weak against Poison

These guys are stronger than most Galbadian Soldiers, but still aren't
much of a threat. Easy.


After fighting off the Paratroopers, you'll be called to the bridge. As
you head to the elevator, you'll get rammed again. Keep going; when you
reach Cid's old office, you'll meet up with Dr. Kadowaki. After some
talk, you'll decide to ram Galbadia Garden to get inside. Zell will come
in and say he couldn't get to the quad to help Rinoa. Things are looking
bad... Everyone will try to get Squall to save her, but he'll be
reluctant... then, Dr. Kadowaki will stand on the elevator. Go there,
and she'll tell you to encourage the troops. After some hesitation,
Squall will get on the PA and tell everyone what's going on. Then, Nida
will ram Galbadia Garden, allowing the Balamb troops to get in.

After that, you'll be in control of Squall. Go to the second floor and
head towards the deck. Talk to the Junior Classman and you'll tell him
to go to the elevator. Then, an energy meter will appear on the bottom
of the screen and a Galbadian soldier in a flying mech will ram Squall
right up against the emergency exit. Press the Confirm button and you'll
be given several choices; choose to "Look around for another option",
then press the button again and choose to press the button for the
emergency exit.

You'll now have a battle with the Galbadian Soldier; this is tricky,
especially since you start out at a health disadvantage. If you lose,
you'll be able to try again, try again with an extra 200 HP, or declare
it "Game Over". I don't recommend the third, as you haven't had a chance
to save for a while... Should you choose to try again, you'll get some
hints that may help you win. I can't really offer much help here.
Anyways, once you do enough damage to the Galbadian Soldier, you'll
knock him off and use his mech to help you save Rinoa. You'll then land
at Galbadia Garden; head left through the chaos to reach the entrance.

Squall and Rinoa will talk for a while, then you'll be asked to name the
lion on Squall's ring. (The default name is Griever.) This won't have
much significance right now. Anyways, after you regain control, head

-Galbadia Garden
New Draw Points: Protect(r)
Rare Cards: Cerberus
GFs: Cerberus, Alexander

Once you're inside, you'll meet up with your other party members. After
choosing a team, head to the save point; you haven't had a chance to
save for a while.

Wandering around the Garden, you'll come across several locked doors. To
open them, you'll need to get the keycards from Galbadian students
hiding in various rooms. To find the first student, go east from the
Save Point, then go through the doorway on the East side. Climb the
stairs; you'll find Fujin and Raijin here, but they won't fight you. Go
past them and head left. Go through the door on the right to find the
first student. Talk to him for Card Key 1.

Now that you have the first key, you can unlock some of the doors.
Retrace your path to the Save Point and go left. The first door on the
left can now be unlocked. This leads to the ice rink; there's a Draw
Point with Protect by the net. Note: The random enemies here are hockey
players called Slappers. They're worth 3 AP each, as well as pretty good
Exp, and fight in groups of 3 or 4, so this is a decent place to gain
levels and abilities while you're stuck in Galbadia Garden. Anyways,
once you're through the rink, leave through the door to the right and
you'll come out in another hall. The second student is in the door to
the right. He'll give you Card Key 2.

Go back to the hall you were just in and leave through the south exit.
You'll now be in the hall just west of the Save Point. Make your way
back to the stairs and go to the top. The second key will let you open
the door, which leads to the roof. Go down the nearby stairs and you'll
arrive on a small ledge overlooking the basketball court. Go to the
edge, and you'll jump down to the basketball court. Turn around to open
the door behind you, which leads back to the Save Point. Now go back
through the basketball court. Head straight to reach the main hall.

You'll see a large creature in the beam of light in the hall; walk
around it to find a Save Point. Now examine the creature and you'll
fight it...


Absorbs Thunder
Immune to Wind

While you don't _have_ to fight Cerberus, this is your only chance to
get him (and his card) until Disc 4, so I'm putting this in the
walkthrough. Cerberus can be quite tough if this is your first time
playing; he likes to cast Tornado a lot, as well as the occasional
Quake, and his physical attacks are fairly strong, too. Also, he likes
to cast Triple on himself; if he does, cast Dispel ASAP. If you're well-
Junctioned, this won't be too hard, actually, especially if you have
abilities like Recover and Darkside available. You can Mug him for a
Spd-J Scroll, and can Draw Quake spells from him, possibly even Triples.
Do that if you want. If you're really having trouble winning, go to the
ice rink or the top of the nearby stairs and build up a bit, and try
putting Aero (or Tornado, if possible) on your elemental defense. Win,
and you'll get 30 AP, as well as the Cerberus Card and GF.


GF Cerberus' Stats:

Starting Level: 23
Starts with Str-J, Hit-J, Ability*3, Magic, GF, Draw, Item

Start by learning either Spd-J (which will ultimately lead to Auto-
Haste) or Spr-J (which ultimately leads to ST-Def-J*4).

Now that you've got Cerberus, it's time to look for the last student.
Head west from the main hall, then go through the door on the left side.
The third student is here; talk to her for Card Key 3. Now, make your
way back to the main hall and take the Northwest exit. When you reach
the hallway with the stairs, go up. At the top of the stairs, you can
fight plenty of Tri-Faces; they're worth 8 AP each, so this might be a
good place to build up abilities. Head left to find an elevator. With
the Card Key, you can use it; it takes you to the third floor, where
there's a Save Point... as well as Seifer and Edea. Use the Save point,
then approach Seifer. He'll talk for a while, then you'll fight.


Weak against Poison

He's not that hard, if your HP is high. If you could beat Cerberus,
Seifer will be a cinch. Mug him to get 8 Mega-Phoenixes; otherwise,
you'll get 8 Mega-Potions after the battle. The only thing of note is
that his physical attack sometimes hits twice. Seifer's worth 20 AP.


After the fight, Edea disappears through the floor... To find her, first
take the elevator down. On the screen with the stairs, go right to reach
a round walkway above the main hall. Circle around and go in the door on
the far right; it's the Auditorium. Rinoa will run in if she's not
already in your party, then Edea will come crashing through the ceiling,
and Seifer will walk in. The battle begins..


Weak against Poison

At the start, Seifer is protecting Edea, and you can't hit her. It's
kind of funny, actually; you can summon a GF like Brothers that tears up
the landscape, and Edea will just stand there. =P Anyways, Seifer is
actually easier than he was before; his HP is lower, his physical attack
is weaker, and he can't hit twice. Mug him for a Hero/Holy war; you
shouldn't have any trouble winning.


Immediately after you defeat Seifer, Edea will use Maelstrom on you.
This attack halves your HP and causes Curse status. The Curse isn't much
of a problem, since you can Draw Esuna from her to remove it. Edea has
the Alexander GF. Be _sure_ to Draw it; you'll need its Med Level Up
ability to get the extremely useful Doomtrain GF. More on that in the
Side Quests section. Edea will use various support spells, like Dispel,
Silence, Slow, Death, and Reflect; deal with them as needed. She also
has attack spells, of course. Mug her for a Royal Crown, then hit her
with everything you've got. When you win you'll get 50(!) AP.


GF Alexander's Stats:
Starting level: 25
Starts with Spr-J, Elem-Def*2, Ability*3, Magic, GF, Draw, Item

Good abilities to start with are High Mag-RF and Med Data.

After the battle, Edea will spout some strange mist, then the screen
gets blurry... You'll see Rinoa help Seifer up, then faint... Edea will
start talking, and say how proud she is of all of you, then the scene
will fade out... You'll be prompted to save and Disc 3 will begin.

-Disc Three

(What? That's what it is...)

Disc 3 opens with Squall mulling over things in bed again. He'll get up
and go to the infirmary, where Rinoa is still unconscious. Then Quistis
will call him over the intercom and tell him to go to Edea's house. Go
to the bridge so you're flying the Garden, then head to the small
structure nearby... this is Edea's house.

-Edea's House
Draw Points: Curaga(r?)
Rare Cards: Edea
Items: Weapons Mon Jul

Your other party members will be waiting at the entrance, and Cid will
show up when you go inside. Talk to him, and he'll congratulate you, as
well as apologize for disappearing. Pick up the Timber Maniacs issue
nearby, then follow him to the beach. Also, if you head through the
nearby doorway, you can find a Draw Point with Curaga.

On the beach, you'll find Edea. She'll apologize for what happened; talk
to her to find out that she was posessed by Ultimecia, a sorceress from
the far future. As you try to leave, Squall will ask if they can think
of any way to help Rinoa, but they can't. The screen will turn black,
and the others will be talking in the background, while Squall is
thinking to himself. After the scene, Squall will make an announcement
over the Garden intercom, then you'll regain control.

Go back to Edea's house and play cards with her to get the Edea card.
It's an excellent corner card. Also, if you didn't win the Seifer card
from Cid before, do so now. It's tough, though, since they play with the
Random and Plus rules here. Or you can wait until later to do that.

To proceed, you have to go to the Infirmary; however, if you go to the
Training Center, you can find the July issue of Weapons Monthly. Take
the left path at the start and look for a small yellow object near the
fallen log. That's the magazine.

At any rate, save, then go to the Infirmary. Rinoa is still
unconscious... Squall will get upset, then a "Party Junction" screen
will come up, where you decide which characters to attach to Kiros and
Ward. (Squall is automatically attached to Laguna) Pick characters who
already have some magic on. Note: If you got the Timber Maniacs issue in
Shumi Village, Ward will not be in this scenario. This doesn't have a
big effect in terms of the story, since Ward doesn't say much anyways;
however, the battles will be easier if you've got Ward.

-Laguna Flashback 4

This is a rather pointless Laguna scenario, but it's also a rather funny
one. =P Laguna and his team have been hired to work on a movie. After
Kiros and Ward berate Laguna for losing all their money, the scene
shifts to the actual movie site. The director tells Kiros and Ward to
put on the dragon costume, then Laguna walks off. There's a roar in the

The director starts the scene. He calls for the dragon, but it doesn't
show up at first. Then a HUGE dragon walks on... and it's real.

Laguna now has to fight the dragon in a sequence that's kind of like the
one against the Galbadian Soldier near the end of Disc 2. While this one
is easier, (at least, that's what I think) the dragon can do twice as
much damage as Laguna. Always be ready to block. However, the dragon
doesn't attack very often, which makes this easier.

After beating the dragon, (for now, anyways) Laguna will run off.
However, the dragon stops him at the exit to the mountains... Kiros and
Ward will arrive now. You'll have the choice to fight the dragon now or
to run off for the moment; it's best to run, as Kiros and Ward aren't
Junctioned. Set your junctions, use the nearby Save Point, then go and
attack the dragon. You can also fight random battles here; the main
enemies are Mesmerizes.


Ruby Dragon
Weak against Water/Ice
Absorbs Fire/Wind

The dragon has high HP, but it's pretty low-level, so its attacks aren't
that strong. Put Blizzaga or Water on Elem-Atk, and this fight should be
easy. This isn't actually a boss; Ruby Dragons are normal enemies. If
you have the Tonberry GF, try using LV Up on the dragon to Draw Meteor
and Flare spells; however, this is somewhat risky. Winning this battle
nets you a fair bit of Exp, as well as 14 AP.


After you defeat the dragon, Laguna will see something in the

Now, Ellone will start talking and explain that she can't stop using her
power at the moment, and you'll see a scene with Laguna talking to Edea
at the orphanage. When that scene's done, Ellone will tell you a bit
about what happened in the past, and Squall will decide to look for
Ellone in an attempt to help Rinoa. He decides to start by asking Edea
about the White SeeD ship...

-White SeeD Ship
Draw Points: Holy(r?)
Rare Cards: Shiva
Items: Sorceress'Letter, Rename Card

Back at Edea's house, talk to her and she'll say that the White SeeD
ship may be at an inlet in the Centra region, and give you the
Sorceress'Letter. Now you have to _find_ the ship, which can be quite a
time-consuming task if you don't know where to look. Head a little North
from Edea's house to find the right inlet. Circle around the perimeter
to find the ship.

When you first arrive on the ship, the White SeeDs won't believe you.
Head towards the upper edge of the screen. You'll find Watts and Zone,
from the Forest Owls. You;ll talk to them for a while, and then Zone
will run off. If you didn't win the Angelo card from Watts before, you
can do that now; he plays by Galbadia's rules, so it should be fairly

Also, go up the stairs Zone left by to find him. Talk to him a few
times; if you have the Girl Next Door magazine, he'll ask for it. You
can choose to give it to him for free, for 25500 gil, or not at all.
Give it to him for free and he'll give you a Rename Card and the Shiva
card. Look near him for an issue of Timber Maniacs.

Go back down the stairs, then go down another set of stairs near Watts.
The leader is here, and you'll show him Edea's letter. After you finish
talking for the first time, go to the nearby Draw Point for some Holy
spells. Then talk to the leader again. He'll tell you that Ellone got on
an Esthar ship. So, you'll have to go to Esthar to find her. The scene
shifts to the bridge of Balamb Garden, and Squall will tell Nida they're
heading for Esthar. To get there, pilot the Garden into FH.

(Don't ask. Please. Don't ask.)

When you arrive in FH, Squall will decide, in typical Squall fashion, to
do things on his own. He'll carry Rinoa out of Garden on his back. Keep
going right; the screen will get darker as you go further to the right.
Eventually, it fades completely, and the scene shifts to Squall walking
along the bridge to Esthar.

At the end of the bridge, Quistis and Zell are already there. =P They've
brought Edea with them; talk to her and she'll explain why she's come
here. The scene will fade, and Irvine and Selphie will show up. You'll
be asked to make a party... and you can put Edea in it! She won't be
with you for very long, though. Try her out for a bit; it's pretty neat
having the sorceress in your team. =P Anyways, go east to find...

-Great Salt Lake
Draw Points: Thundaga

The party will talk for a while at the entrance, then you'll have a
chance to make a party again. Just head in.

On the next screen, walk onto the dinosaur skull; this will let you
reach the upper level of this area. On the next screen, walk across the
long bone to reach a Draw Point with Thundaga. (Joy.) Jump off the
cliff; you've saved yourself about two screens of walking. Go north to a

Head right for a Save Point, then go left from the cliff. As you head
towards the top of the screen, a huge skeletal creature will attack


Undead Monster
Weak against Fire, Holy

Not too tough, all in all. Mug it for a Power Wrist; otherwise, you'll
win 10 Flare Stones. The only trick here is that when it rears up to its
full height, its physical and magic defenses are massively increased. At
this point, use _only_ healing moves on it, as nothing else is very
effective. Recover is especially good; it'll do 9999 damage, or
instantly kill it if it has less than 9999 HP. You'll get 40 AP for


After defeating the Abadon, go north. You'll see the sky blink. Examine
the blinking area, and a hole will appear. Climb into it along an
invisible ladder to find yourself in a mysterious building. (Note: Give
any spells Edea has to another character.) Head along the walkway; at
the end, you'll reach an elevator. As soon as you step on it, it starts
moving. When it stops, head out; another elevator will take you to
Esthar. Then you'll hear a familiar buzzing...

-Laguna Flashback 5
Draw Points: Death(r?), Double
Hidden Draw Points: Flare
Items: Weapons Mon 1st

The same Party Junction screen that showed up before the last Laguna
scenario shows up here, too. Pick whoever you want, then get ready.

Laguna, Kiros, and Ward are prisoners. A guard tells Kiros and Ward to
leave, and Laguna is left on his own. Talk to the two guards, and the
scene will fade. When it returns, talk to the guards again. Then, talk
to the Moomba twice. A guard will tell you to go up and tell the others
there's an emergency. However, Laguna will stay and talk to the other
prisoner and the Moomba for a while. The guard comes back, and attacks.

You'll have to fight one Esthar Soldier with just Laguna. No problem.
The elevator will come down, and another guard will show up. Laguna will
ram him against the wall, allowing the others to show up. Kiros and Ward
will run in now, followed by another guard. You'll have a chance to go
to the menu and set Junctions; do so. Then it's time to fight. You're up
against a normal Esthar Soldier, a cyborg soldier, and a Gesper. Nothing
too hard. Now, go up the elevator. You'll overhear Dr. Odine talking to
his assistant. After a while, you'll run out of the lab. When you regain
control, use the nearby Save Point and Death Draw Point, then go back
into the lab. Pick up the magazine (it's the first issue of Weapons
Monthly) and go down the elevator. You'll find Dr. Odine here. As you
approach him, another group of security guards will show up...

This is much like the last fight with security guards, except the Gesper
is replaced with an Elastoid. It's still pretty easy; you might want to
Mug the Elastoid for a Laser Cannon, though. After the fight, you'll
confront Dr. Odine, but he'll run away. Head out of the lab and he'll
tell you that Ellone is in his laboratory. You'll automatically go
there; soon after, you'll be attacked by a couple of normal Esthar
Soldiers. Examine the nearby Draw Point for Double; there's also a
hidden Save Point here that you may want to use. Then, go to the weird
object in the middle of the room; it's an elevator. Choose to sit down
on it, then when you arrive on the next floor, look to the left of the
door for a hidden Draw Point with Flare. Go in the door for one more
battle, against two cyborg Esthar Soldiers. Then examine the nearby
control panel to open the door on the lower level. You can also look in
on Ellone from the window here. Go back down and through the door to end
this sequence.

Draw Points: Blizzard(r?), Tornado(r?), Curaga(r?), Quake(r?)
Rare Cards: Ward
Items: Occult Fan IV, Rosetta Stone

You'll be back in Esthar now. A vehicle will come and take you to the
Presidential Palace. You'll be taken to the waiting room, where Dr.
Odine will meet with you. He'll give you permission to see Ellone; after
you regain control, play cards with him to get the Ward card. Talk to
the Presidential Aide, and he'll tell you to go to the Lunar Gate when
you're ready.

Now, leave the palace. There's a Blizzard Draw Point nearby, but you
definitely don't need it. Head left and examine the lift; take it to the
Airstation and get off. Talk to the Presidential Aide here, then go back
to the palace. Just outside of the room where you met Odine, there's a
Presidential Secretary. Talk to him, then examine the spot where he was
standing for Occult Fan IV.

Before leaving the city, pay a visit to the Shopping Center. Visit all
the shops. Johnny's Shop is usually closed, but keep trying to go there,
and it'll eventually be open. You can buy some strong healing items
there if you have the Familiar ability, and нf you just visit it once,
you can use Call Shop to go there anytime. Cheryl's Shop is always
closed, but if you keep trying to visit it, you'll get a Rosetta Stone
eventually. It's probably the most valuable item in the game, as it
teaches a GF Ability*4. Also, there's a Tornado Draw Point in the
shopping center. There's also a Curaga Draw Point on a screen near the
city entrance, and a Quake Draw Point outside Dr. Odine's lab. Also,
head two screens west from the Curaga Draw Point and talk to the soldier
here; this will let you get Combat King 004 later. Once you're done
here, leave the city. Your next destination is Lunar Gate, but you can
also go to Tears' Point... see the Doomtrain side quest for what you can
do there.


-Lunar Gate

Go inside the building. An attendant will greet you; walk over to her
and Rinoa's dog will rush in. Then, you'll get taken to another room.
Now, nobody has explicitly mentioned this before now, but you're going
out into space. A staff member will ask if you're sure about this; say
yes, since you don't really have a choice. You'll be told to bring one
other character with you; Edea will stay behind, and Zell will ask to
stay and protect her. It doesn't matter what you choose here. Now you
have to pick one of the remaining 3 characters to go to the Lunar Base
with you; there will be _no_ battles on the Lunar Base, (well, unless
you decide to fight Diablos there...) so take that into account when you
make your decision. Get in the capsule, and there will be an FMV of the

After you get launched into space, the scene will shift to Zell. As you
leave the Lunar Gate building, the ground will shake... Go outside, and
you'll see an FMV of a huge monolith moving towards the city of
Esthar... Choose your third party member and head over there.

(I can't believe I just did that...)

-Esthar: Lunatic Pandora
Items: Combat King 004

Once you're in Esthar, first head to the soldier I mentioned before.
Talk to him; another soldier will walk onscreen and give you Combat King
004. Now, go to Dr. Odine's laboratory. The doctor will tell you that
the huge monolith is the Lunatic Pandora. Then, he'll explain where you
can try to get inside to stop it. It'll take 20 minutes for it to pass
through, and you can board it only during certain intervals. Also, the
later you try to board it, the harder a battle you'll have to fight to
get in... If you've gotten Odin, you should definitely use Enc-None to
save time. The timer starts as soon as you leave the lab, so head
straight for the first contact point; it's the screen west of the Curaga
Draw Point. You can board the Lunatic Pandora here when there's 12 - 15
minutes left. You'll have to fight an Elite Soldier and a G-Soldier; not
a problem.

Now you're inside the Lunatic Pandora.

(Note: You don't actually _have_ to get on the Lunatic Pandora. If you
run out of time, the scene shifts to the one after you get kicked out.)


-Lunatic Pandora
Draw Points: Meteor(r), Curaga(r), Confuse(r?), Silence(r?), Ultima(r?),
Items: LuvLuvG, Power Generator, Phoenix Pinion, Combat King 5

There's a Meteor Draw Point near you, and it recharges rather
frequently. Take advantage of this while you're here. Go up the stairs
to find three elevators and a Curaga Draw Point. Take the elevator
marked 03; it turns out that this is the place where the second Laguna
scenario occured! You'll get items here based on what you did in there,
so if you followed my walkthrough for that area, you'll be able to get
the items listed here. The enemies here are just wimpy Galbadians, so
you shouldn't have trouble with them. Head southeast to a stairway, then
climb down the nearby ladder, and enter the alcove nearby. Keep looking
to find a LuvLuvG. The nearby Draw Point has Confuse. Now, head left.
You'll come to three doors; they're the hatches from Laguna's second
scenario. If you opened them there, they'll be open here. Go inside the
right-hand one for a Power Generator, the center one for a Draw Point
with Silence, and the left-hand one for a Phoenix Pinion. Head left to
find Combat King 5, and go into the door to find a Draw Point with

Go back to the main elevator room. Go up the elevator marked 01; there's
nothing up the 02 one. Head left for a non-recharging Draw Point with
Holy. Go up from here for a hidden Save Point. Head north from here, and
a strange robot will toss you out of the Pandora.

You'll see the Lunatic Pandora move into position over Tears' Point,
then the scene shifts to Squall...


-Lunar Base
Rare Cards: Alexander, Laguna

There will be a short scene in the control room, then your capsule will
arrive. Talk to the man in white, (Piet) then go over to where Rinoa is.
Follow Piet to the Med Lab; there's a Save Point here. Use it, then
challenge Piet to a card game. He has the Alexander card, but be warned:
The Lunar Base uses ALL the rules. If you can't win it here, you'll have
another chance later.

Go to the next room, and you'll leave Rinoa there. Piet will head to the
bridge. Save; there's another rare card to be gotten here, and if you
don't get it now, you won't be able to until Disc 4. (And I haven't even
gotten it _then_.) Leave the med lab, and go up the stairs when you
reach them. Follow the hall to the end to find Ellone's room. You can
win Laguna's card from her, but you'd better be patient, since it may
take a while to win and you won't get another chance. It's worth the
trouble, though, as the Laguna card can be refined into 100 Heros! If
you're not a big fan of cards, though, you may as well skip this one.
Talk to Ellone normally, then leave the room; she'll follow you.

Now head to the bridge. (It's a good idea to save at the med lab first,
though.) Examine the monitor beside your other party member to get a
look at the moon. The operator will tell you that the Lunar Cry is
starting. Leave the bridge and head to the med lab...

As you head towards the med lab, sirens start going off... Go towards
the lab and you'll see the medical technician get tosed out, and Rinoa
staggering strangely. You can try to approach her, but you'll just get
tossed away... Something strange is going on here... Just head to the
bridge. No matter how fast you get there, Rinoa is there ahead of you.
She deactivates one of the seals on Adel's Tomb... Aprroach her, and
she'll stagger out... Your second party member will run over to the
monitor. Head there, and you'll see that the monsters on the moon are
going crazy... Go to the upper level... you'll see an FMV of the Lunar
Cry... Pretty creepy-looking.

Now, head towards the nearby glowing doorway. This takes you to the
locker room; approach the glass window, and you'll see Rinoa go through.
Examine the spacesuit in one of the lockers to put it on, then go after
her. You'll come to the airlock; Rinoa will go through, but you won't be
able to make it, so you'll have to head back. As you do, Squall will
realize that this must be Ultimecia's doing...

As you leave the locker room, two aides drag the President (in a space
suit) away. Head to the bridge and talk to Piet to see Rinoa break the
manual seal on Adel, who falls to earth with the monsters... You have to
leave now. Talk to Ellone, then follow the others to the escape pod. Go
down... You'll see an FMV of the Lunar Cry reaching earth, then you'll
be in the escape pod. There's a Save Point here; use it.

Go through the door on the right to reach the next room. Talk to Ellone,
then go to your place in the pod. Watch the Lunar Base crash, then
Ellone will send you into Rinoa's past. There's nothing to do here, just
watch the scenes. When it's done, Squall will go into space...

Now comes a tricky minigame. You have roughly a minute and a half to
catch Rinoa as she floats towards you, and you don't get directions
unless you fail. If you do, choose to start over. Once you succeed,
Squall will grab Rinoa, then you'll float over to a dragon-shaped


Draw Points: Life(r)
Hidden Draw Points: Full-life

When you come in, you'll see a Save Point. Use it. Then, head towards
the next room; Squall will close the airlock. In the next room, you'll
take off your space suits, since you don't need them now. Head to the
next room; you'll see a strange creature on the lower level. You've got
no choice but to head there...

The creature is an alien called a Propagator. There are 8 of them on the
ship. Now, it's important to kill the Propagators in the correct order.
You have to first fight one Propagator, then fight another one of the
same color. If you don't, they'll revive each other. I'll use the room
names to help you find the Propagators of the correct colors.

Purple: 1. Hangar (this is where the first Propagator you see is)
2. Entrance (go through the big door in the Hangar, then go
through the door on your left)
Red: 1. Aisle (go through the big door in the Hangar)
2. Aisle (upstairs from the Hangar; I think it only appears once
you've gone through the door on the Aisle with the elevator) Note:
There's a Draw Point with Life here.
Green: 1. Passenger Seat (go through the door in the back of the Aisle
with the elevator) Note: A computer here tells you how to kill
the Propagators.
2. Air Room (head back towards where you entered the Ragnarok)
Black: 1. Hangar (go through the small door in the main room of the
Hangar) Note: There's a Save Point here, and a hidden Draw Point
with Full-life.
2. Aisle (go through the left-hand door in the Entrance) Note:
The elevator here will take you to the bridge once you've beaten
all 8 aliens.

Also, a sidenote: Rinoa can't use her Angelo Limit Breaks here, since
Angelo's not here. However, she has a new Limit Break, Angel Wing. This
is essentially a variation of Berserk; you can't control Rinoa, but
she'll cast spells when her turn comes up, and they'll do more damage.
It's not that great, but try it if you want.



Fighting the Propagators is the easy part. They have quite low HP, and
can even be killed by Odin on occasion. Their attacks are a bit strong,
and they use status spells, but if you have Recover and Treatment,
they're not a big threat. They also drop various Stones (Death, Flare,
Ultima, etc.) when defeated. Alternatively, you can Mug them for Wizard
Stones. Each Propagator is worth 5 AP, making this a decent place to
learn GF abilities. (Though there are better.)


Once you defeat all the aliens, head to the bridge and watch the ensuing
scene. You'll return to earth!

(Ha. I funny.)

-Spaceship Landing Zone

When you return, some Esthar officials will be on the scene and take
Rinoa away, since she's a sorceress and they have to seal her powers.
Squall will protest, but Rinoa will go anyways...

Go back to the Ragnarok and head to the Passenger Seat. Your other team
members will come in, starting with whoever went to Lunar Base with you.
However, Edea's no longer a member. After a while, Quistis and Zell will
make you go and find Rinoa. As you head out of the room, the ship takes
off... You're flying!

Go to the bridge to find Selphie and Irvine. You can now fly around the
world in the Ragnarok. One useful feature is the auto-pilot; bring up
the big world map while you're flying the Ragnarok, and select any town
on it. You'll fly straight there. You may want to explore the world
right now, but first, get Rinoa back. Head to the Esthar Sorceress

Note: If you missed the Alexander card in the Lunar Base, you still have
a chance to get it now. On the Abadan Plains south of Esthar, there's a
peninsula; if you wander around on the peninsula, you'll find a crashed
space pod. (It's invisible on the map.) Piet is here, and you can win
Alexander's card from him if you didn't already; also, be sure to
remember where this place is...


-Sorceress Memorial
Draw Points: Stop(r)

Use the Stop Draw Point at the entrance, then approach the guards.
They'll let you in to see Rinoa. Inside, you'll chase away the
researchers; head left, and you'll find Rinoa. You'll automatically head
out; some soldiers will stop you, but a large man will appear and
silently motion them to let you through. Leave, and Squall will seem to
recognize him. I think you can guess who he is.

Back on the Ragnarok, you'll decide to head to Edea's orphanage...


-Edea's House

The events here will be a bit different depending on whether Rinoa is in
your current party or not.

If she's not in the party, you'll see Angelo when you come in. He'll run
off; follow him to find a flower field. Your party members will run off;
now talk to Angelo, and Rinoa will walk in.

If she _is_ in the party, talk to Edea. Then you'll see Angelo run off
as you exit the orphanage. Your third character will run out.

Either way, Squall and Rinoa will talk for a while, then Zell will run
in and tell you that someone sent a transmission to you from the Esthar
Presidential Palace... namely, Kiros. Sounds like you'd better go
there... Edea will talk to you briefly as you leave.


Rare cards: Squall, Phoenix (see Queen of Cards side quest)

Here's something convenient; you can land the Ragnarok at the Esthar
Airstation. There are random encounters here, so be ready. You can Mug
and win some good items from the enemies here, though. One particular
place to keep in mind: From the Save Point, go southeast, then head
north using the path next to the lifter chute. Go to the east section of
the screen. Here, talk to the shadowy figure on the railing and you'll
fight an Elnoyle. Leave the screen and come back, and the shadowy figure
will be back, allowing you to fight Elnoyles any time. Quite handy for
getting Energy Crystals. Anyways, head to the Presidential Palace.
You're now allowed into the President's office.

When you enter the office, Squall will recognize the two aides as Kiros
and Ward... So, guess who the President is. =P Walk over to them and
Laguna will start talking to you. Now talk to him; you can also play
cards with him to get Squall's card. There are several topics you can
ask about; if you ask about what he's doing here, you can find out more
about what happened after the last Laguna scenario. What you need to do,
though is ask for the mission briefing. Then, talk to Laguna again and
agree to do the mission. You'll automatically go to the Ragnarok. Laguna
will stay in the Passenger Seat, so you can win Squall's card from him
any time.

Now that you have the Ragnarok, this is a good time to do some of the
side quests. Do whatever ones you want, then pilot the Ragnarok to
Tears' Point to find...


-Lunatic Pandora

You'll ram through the Lunatic Pandora's shields with the Ragnarok. Talk
to the pilot (who varies depending on who's in your current team) if you
want to leave; otherwise, head to the Entrance and walk out. Fujin and
Raijin will show up and attack.


Absorbs Wind
Weak against Poison

Absorbs Thunder
Weak against Poison

They've learned a few new spells, but if you use strong Poison-elemental
attacks, the battle will be over so soon that you won't have to worry.
If you Mug Raijin, you'll get a Hyper Wrist; otherwise, you'll get two
Str Ups after the battle. You'll get a Megalixir from Fujin whether you
Mug or not. The only thing of note is that you may be able to draw Full-
Life from Fujin if she's at a high enough level. They're worth 20 AP.


After beating those two, hed to the next screen. Wedge and Biggs are in
the lower-right corner; talk to them for a laugh. Go through the nearby
door. Don't worry about the enemies here; they're all Level 1. The
Behemoths are still pretty strong, though. If you didn't get in here
with Zell, refer to that section for where to get the items. The only
difference is that the Save Point is clearly visible now. Aside from
that, just make your way to where the robot kicked you out before...
this time, instead of throwing you out, it attacks.


Mobile Type 8
Weak against Thunder

Left Probe

Right Probe

This robot has two modes. In the first mode, if you hit the main body,
the two side cannons will counterattack for a fair bit of damage. In the
second mode, the side cannons will fly off the main body, and will
counterattack if you hit them. The robot isn't much of a threat in the
first mode; it'll just use a weak attack on you occasionally. In this
mode, try to Mug the two side cannons. The left one gives you 4 Vit Ups,
while the right one gives you 2 Str Ups. The second mode is much more
dangerous; shortly after shifting into this mode, it uses a Corona
attack that drops your entire team's HP to 1. Heal up quickly after
this; just before it shifts modes again, it'll use a powerful Megido
Flare attack on your whole team. Do NOT use GFs in this battle; they'll
just trigger its counterattacks, and probably won't survive Corona. Use
single-target attacks on the main body; also, Counterattack is good, as
it'll let you do some damage against the first mode. Like the Orbs in
the battle with NORG, the side cannons can't be destroyed. The main body
can be Mugged for a Laser Cannon, but don't bother Mugging it, as you'll
get two after the battle if you don't. You'll get 40 AP after the fight.


After beating Mobile Type 8, you may want to go back and save. After
that, go to the room past Mobile Type 8 and watch the scene play out,
then Seifer will attack you.


Weak against Poison

This shouldn't be too tricky. Mug Seifer for another Hero (of course,
you'll probably win one afterwards anyways) and Draw Aura spells from
him if you don't already have a good supply. You'll get 40 AP.

Also, if you got Odin before this battle, he'll try to Zantetsuken
Seifer, but it will backfire. After you defeat Seifer, or enough time
passes, Gilgamesh will appear and blow Seifer away. Now Gilgamesh will
appear randomly during battles, and Odin won't; actually, Gilgamesh is
even _more_ annoying than Odin when you don't want him.


Seifer will run off, and if Rinoa's not in your party someone will run
in and tell you that Seifer grabbed her. You'll be asked to make a
party, then you'll see Seifer taking Rinoa to Adel... Now you'll be
asked to save. It is now ESSENTIAL that you save in a separate slot,
especially if you have side quests left to do, since you won't be able
to go to any towns after this. Now, Disc 4 will begin...

-Disc Four

(Don't worry. You won't have to suffer through my titles much longer.)

-Lunatic Pandora: Save Rinoa!
Draw Points: Break

You can't leave the Lunatic Pandora now. All there is to do is go and
find where Seifer took Rinoa. Go back to the room where you fought
Mobile Type 8; there's now a "bridge" over to the structure on the
right. Climb the first ladder; then, climb the second one to find a Draw
Point with Break. (It's hard to see.) Climb back down, then walk over to
the slanted beam; walk up it. You'll soon come to Seifer and Rinoa. Just
as you get there, Adel wakes up and grabs Rinoa...



Rinoa (Keep her alive!)

Those of you who rely on GFs are toast now. You _need_ to have good
Junctions in order to win this battle. If Rinoa dies, you lose, and Adel
will keep draining her. (Note: I don't think Junctioning will affect
Rinoa's stats in this battle.) The Recover command will be useful here;
always have one person ready to use it on Rinoa, since Adel will keep
draining her. Basically, keep Rinoa healed while hitting Adel with your
strongest single-target attacks. If you plan to use Limits, Squall's is
a bit risky, as Fated Circle and Blasting Zone hit all the enemies, and
Selphie's picks targets randomly, but everyone else's Limits are fine.
If you haven't gotten the hang of Junctioning yet, this will be a tough
battle; if you have, however, it's quite easy. Mug Adel for a Samantha
Soul; you can also Mug Rinoa for 8 Megalixirs, but make sure the
character trying that has a _low_ Strength. You won't get anything after
the battle.


Once you defeat Adel, Ellone will send Rinoa into the past, allowing
Ultimecia to acheive time compression. Now you have to make it through
the time compression to defeat her.

Draw Points: Triple
Hidden Draw Points: Flare(r?)

Watch the FMV of time getting compressed. When it's over, you'll be in a
room with a save point. Suddenly, a whole bunch of Save Points appear.
Save, then continue to the next room. Someone who looks like Edea will
be there, then a battle will begin...



A simple, although strange, battle. There are a number of "Sorceresses"
who will attack; the first few will be weak, the next few will be a bit
stronger, and the last Sorceress will be quite strong. Also, every time
another Sorceress appears,, the battlefield shifts to a different scene.
You can Mug them for various stones, and you'll probably get some when
you win. The only one you really need to worry about is the last one,
and even she's not that hard. When you hit her, she'll counterattack,
but it only does about 1000 damage. Also, if you have Counter on, you'll
counter her counterattacks! =P After a while, she starts counting down
from 5; when she finishes, she'll use Ultima. You'll probably kill her
before then, though. You'll get a whopping 55 AP for winning.


After defeating the "Sorceress", you'll appear in Edea's house... Head
to the beach. As you walk further on, dead SeeDs will materialize, and
you'll see an FMV of a creepy-looking castle... This place is weird.
Keep going until you reach a chain. (You'll find a Draw Point with
Triple just before.)

There are three doorways beside the chain; stand near them and press the
Confirm button to jump over to them. They'll lead to various places in
the overworld. However, you can't enter towns on the overworld. You
_can_ play cards, though; go through the topmost doorway to reach the
Chocobo Shrine, then ride a Chocobo to the Centra continent and wander
around until you find the Ragnarok. On the Ragnarok, you'll find all the
CC members if you beat them before; you'll also find Joker regardless of
whether you beat him or not. If you use Card Mod on rare cards, you can
win them back from the CC members, which is pretty handy. You can also
find the Queen of Cards at the crashed escape pod, where Piet was
before. The CC members use rules from various regions, a different
region for each member, while the Queen uses all the rules except Open,
and you can't alter them. I recommend challenging the CC members. =P

Anyways, getting on with the walkthrough... Climb up the chain to reach
a Save Point and a hidden Draw Point with Flare, then head towards
Ultimecia's castle.

(There. No more of my titles. Happy now?)

-Ultimecia Castle
Draw Points: I'll list these in the next version.
Hidden Draw Points: See above note.
GFs: Siren, Carbuncle, Leviathan, Pandemona, Cerberus, Alexander, Eden
(if you missed them before)
Items: Rosetta Stone

When you enter the castle, you'll be told that your abilities have been
sealed by Ultimecia's servants. The following abilities will be
unavailable while you're in the castle:

Item - Cannot use items in or out of battle
Magic - Cannot cast spells in or out of battle
GF - Cannot summon GFs or use their Menu Abilities
Draw - Cannot use the Draw command
Command Ability - Cannot use special commands besides Draw, Magic, GF,
and Item
Limit Breaks - Cannot use Limit Breaks
Ressurection - Cannot revive characters, even if the appropriate ability
is unsealed
Save - Cannot save inside the castle

You can remove the seals on these abilities by defeating the various
sub-bosses inside the castle. When you defeat a sub-boss, you'll be
asked which seal you want to remove. Save is probably the least
important ability to unseal; you can always go outside the castle to
save. So unseal the other abilities first. Also, if you've missed Siren,
Carbuncle, Leviathan, Pandemona, Cerberus, Alexander, or Eden, you'll be
able to Draw them from the sub-bosses. If you've missed any of those
GFs, I highly recommend unsealing Draw first. Aside from that, which
abilities you unseal depends on your style of play. You _can_ make it to
Ultimecia without unsealing any abilities, but you probably won't be
able to defeat her.

One last note: You have two parties in this castle, and can switch
between them at the green glowing spots. Also, if you have both teams on
the same spot, you can switch members between them.

Now, for the castle itself. You'll probably notice a creature on the
stairs in front of you; that's one of the sub-bosses. I think you have
to fight it before you can fight any of the others, but I'm not
positive. Note that this is just one way to get through the castle; if
you want, you can fight the bosses in a different order. Also, if you're
having trouble with a sub-boss, you can run from most of them.



Just attack it. Like you have a choice. A high Strength is a good idea
here. After you do enough damage, it takes off its mask and becomes...


Again, just attack. The Sphinxara will summon a Jelleye to help it;
ignore the Jelleye or you'll have to deal with more dangerous monsters
after you kill it. Just focus on the Sphinxara. It should die quickly,
and you'll get 2 Megalixirs and 30 AP as your prize.


After defeating Sphinxaur, you'll be given a choice of which ability you
want to unseal; I recommend Draw. You can also explore the area it was
guarding. First, go into the door right behind the Sphinxaur. Inside,
there's a chandelier; when you walk on it, it drops to the floor. On the
floor, there's a hatch leading to the wine cellar; open it. (You can get
to this area before fighting Sphinxaur, but there's a latch on the
door.) In the wine cellar, there's another sub-boss...



He'll counterattack with Mega Spark, a Thunder attack. Just Junction 100
Thundagas to Elemental Defense, and you'll get healed every time you hit
him, making this an easy battle. If you missed the Siren GF, you can
Draw it from him. You'll win a Rocket Engine and 30 AP from him.


I recommend unsealing the GF ability after this fight. Now, go back
upstairs. There's a party switch point; step on it, and the chandelier
will stay in place. Switch to the other party, Junction them if need be,
and walk across the chandelier. Go through the next door and you'll find
another sub-boss...



You can draw Carbuncle from him if you missed it before. He'll use a
strong counterattack on you, but you can avoid it by hitting him with
GFs. Make sure your HP are high, though; Krysta will cast Ultima on you
when he dies. He probably won't get in more than one other attack,
though. You'll win an Elem Guard and 30 AP.


Unseal the Magic or Item ability next. Also, this might be a good time
to go outside the castle and save.

To find the next boss, go East from Sphinxaur. You may notice a bell
with a pull-rope and a party swithc point on the next screen; ignore it
for now. The bell is used to make the Omega Weapon appear, and you're
not ready for that fight now. See Side Quests for more details. Anyways,
go through the door to the Gallery.

In the Gallery, there's a clock on the floor and a bunch of portraits.
Look at all the portraits; the title on one of them will be faded and
then a list of the titles of all the other portraits you've looked at
will be shown. This is a very devious puzzle. If you're stumped, the
solution is below.

If you're wondering, the names of the portraits are Ignus, Inandantia,
Iudicium, Intervigilium, Venus, Viator, Vigil, Vividarium, Inaudax,
Xystus, Xerampelinae, and Xiphias. If you can figure out why I listed
them in that order, you're on a good start to solving it.


Notice how all the portraits have names starting with I, V, or X? The
titles are actually code words for the Roman Numerals from 1 to 12. From
the South side of the balcony above the room, you can see the clock face
clearly; the hour hand is pointing at VIII, the minute hand at IIII, and
the second hand at VI. So, the answer is Vividarium, Intervigilium,


Once you've solved the puzzle, black-green smoke will appear. Back in
the actual room, there's a new boss to fight...




You can Draw Leviathan if you missed it. You can also draw Meltdown; I
like to cast it on him and then hit him with physical attacks. This boss
will summon weaker Dromas; ignore them or kill them as you see fit. Note
that Drain works on Trauma. After it loses a certain amount of HP,
Trauma will drain from the Dromas every time you hit it. This isn't a
big deal, though. All in all, this is an easy battle. Your prize is an
Elem Atk and 30 AP.


Unseal whichever of the Item and Magic commands you didn't already, then
move on. There's a party switch point, and a set of stairs just past it.
Go down the stairs to find two doors. The one on the right is locked, so
go through the one on the left. The door closes behind you; examine the
statue in the corner for a key. As you grab it, though, a huge monster
attacks you...


Red Giant

The Red Giant takes little damage from most attacks, but he does have a
weakness... Demi. You can Draw this from him, so he shouldn't be too
hard. If you missed Pandemona, you can get it here. He also doesn't like
Diablos much, and Cactuar will do normal damage to him... even so, he
says "THat GF is a waste of tiME!" after being hit by Cactaur. =P Pretty
easy, if you know how, although he's got some strong physical attacks.
When you beat him, he'll disintegrate rather spectacularly and you'll
get a Diamond Armor and 30 AP.


I recommend unsealing Ressurection at this point. Now, unlock the door
with the prison key. You can't open the other door here just yet.

To reach the next boss, go up the stairs and use the party switch point.
Go through the door north of where you fell off the chandelier to find a
fountain; examine it for the Treasury Key. This isn't the key you need,
but you may as well get it while you're here. Go into the next room,
then climb the stairs. You'll come to a bridge with an object in the
middle of it; that's the key you need. You can either walk towards it
and pick it up, or run; if you run, the key falls in the water. Don't
worry, it winds up right by the door you need to use it on.

Switch to the other party and use the key to open the door. Inside,
you'll see a face on the ground...



These are just ordinary enemies; you shouldn't have any problems.
However, once you defeat them, a stronger monster appears...


He'll use Counter Twist if you hit him with physical attacks, so use GFs
or spells. If nothing else, you can Draw Quake spells and cast them back
at him. Be careful; he can cast Berserk. You can Draw Cerberus from him
if you missed it before. Once he's beaten, you'll get a Magic Armlet and
42 AP.


Unseal either Command Ability or Limit Break, then go back to the party
switch point. Go back to where Sphinxaur was and go left. You'll come to
a door; the Treasury Key will open it. Inside are four coffins. You'll
have to solve a simple puzzle to get them all open; when you do, a large
Behemoth-like creature will appear.


Absorbs Thunder
Weak against Earth/Water

Draw Alexander from him if you missed it before. The only trick about
him is that he casts Meteor when he dies. You'll get a Status Atk and 30


Unseal whatever's left besides Save.

At this point, you can get a Rosetta Stone if you want. If you don't
want it, skip this whole paragraph. Otherwise, go back to the hallway,
head north, and stand on the switch point. Switch to the other party and
go up the nearby stairs, then head west. You'll be in the same room as
the other party, but on the higher level. Now, step on the switch point
nearby. If the characters on the higher level have more total weight
than the ones on the lower level, (the male characters are heavier, so
just having more males in that team will do it) the elevator will shoot
up. Switch parties now and go left; the door here leads to a room with
the Floodgate Key. Switch to the other party; they'll get off, and the
other side will fall down. Now, stand on the switch point and put your
best party together. Go back to the room where the prison is; just
outside it is a lever with a lock on it. With the Floodgate Key, you can
unlock it and use it. Now, head back to the fountain. In the room to the
north, you'll find an organ; hit _all_ the keys at once. (A bit tricky,
considering the controller layout.) Back in the fountain room, take the
path on the upper-right to find a barred gate. If you hit all the keys
at once on the organ, it'll be open and you can go through. After a
short walk, you'll find a Rosetta Stone; also, the nearby door opens
into the prison.

Whether you get the Rosetta Stone or not, go past the bridge where the
Armory Key was to find a tower. There's a hidden Save Point on the first
screen; if you haven't unsealed Save, it won't do you much good, but
remember where it is if you want to fight Omega Weapon. As you climb,
you'll see a swinging pendulum. Get close to it, then hit Confirm to
jump onto it and you'll swing to the other side. Go through the door,
and you'll see a huge flying dragon...


Flying Moster
Immune to Wind
Strong against Fire/Thunder

You can draw Eden if you don't have it. Tiamat will prepare a powerful
Dark Flare attack by spelling Dark Flare one letter at a time; (in other
words, first the message "D" appears, then "Da", all the way up to "Dark
Flare") cast Shell to reduce the damage. Tiamat has considerably higher
HP than the other bosses, which is why I recommend fighting him last.
Still, he shouldn't be too tough; just use whatever your normal boss
strategy is. The key is to either survive Dark Flare, or kill him before
he uses it. You'll get a Status Guard and 30 AP after the battle.


Unseal Save; you're almost done. Go back to the tower and keep climbing.
The path is fairly straightforward at this point; just keep going and
you'll find a Save Point. Use it, set your characters up, (I've got a
section on that after the battle strategy) and then go through the
nearby door to find Ultimecia...



Your party is picked randomly for this battle; however, if a character
dies, they will disappear if you don't revive them quickly, and be
replaced by another character if any are left. You can deal with this in
two ways: either give everyone good Junctions so that no matter who
you've got, they should be able to handle themselves; or, have three
strong characters and kill the others off until you have your preferred
team. I've tried both methods, and they're both very effective; do
whichever one suits you. Anyways, this part of the battle isn't too
hard; Ultimecia can use Maelstrom on you, but her other attacks aren't
that dangerous. I recommend having 100 Pains on ST-Def to avoid its
Curse effect. If you're going to kill off characters, do it now. The
basic strategy for the entire battle is pretty basic: hit hard, and heal
when needed. After you defeat her, she'll summon "the strongest GF"...


This is where it starts to get tricky. From here on, the enemy can
sometimes remove your entire stock of a spell, which can be a big
problem if it's Junctioned to something. Also, in this particular part
of the battle, Griever will Draw spells from you and cast them. He also
uses Gravija. Stay healthy, as Griever will cast Shockwave Pulsar when
defeated, and there's still a ways to go...


Now Ultimecia fuses with Griever to become a very strange-looking
creature. Not much to comment on here. Ultimecia will sometimes create a
Helix monster, but I don't know what they do. After enough damage,
you'll knock off her lower half. This part of the fight isn't too rough,
but эou'll still get your spells blown away at times, so watch out.
Defeat her this time, and she'll change again...


At this point, Ultimecia will start using "Hell's Judgement", which
drops everyone's HP to 1. Chances are that your GFs won't survive this,
so don't bother with them. Just heal after being hit by it. After enough
damage, Ultimecia's lower half will be available as a target; she'll
Draw Apocalypse from it and cast it, doing about 3000 damage to the
whole party. However, you can Draw it as well. Eventually, Ultimecia
will start saying things after every hit; at this point, just keep
hitting her, and you'll soon win. Now sit back and watch the ending


-Setting up for the last battle

Those of you who want to kill off all but your best three characters
should have no trouble getting set up. However, if you want to set
everyone up to be ready, it'll take some effort. Here's some tips:
(which also apply if you're going to use the "best team" strategy)

-Make sure everyone has a GF with Ability*3 or Ability*4.
-Also make sure everyone can Junction to all five basic stats, and as
many characters as possible can Junction to Speed. Tonberry's Call Shop
will help with this.
-Revive and Recover are useful, though optional.
-Be sure to have plenty of Aura and Meltdown spells in stock.
-Auto-Haste and Spd+40% will help a lot; being able to get more turns in
will make the battle a lot easier.
-Make sure several people have the Item command, since you may need that
as a backup in case your healing spells get blown away.
-If you've got Call Shop, and you've visited Johnny's Shop in Esthar,
buy a lot of X-Potions. A few Megalixirs would be good, too.

These tips are just a starting point, but they should help you be
prepared no matter who's on your team. Of course, the real fun is in
finding your own setup. Good luck, and enjoy!


-Rare Card Locations

Here's a list of where to find all the rare cards in the game and what
you can get from them with Card Mod.


PuPu Complete the UFO Chase, and give PuPu Elixirs when you
meet him. Refines into a Hungry Cookpot.
ChubbyChocobo Lose the Chicobo card to the Queen of Cards. Later, win
this card from the student on the bench near the library
in Balamb Garden. Refines into 100 LuvLuvGs.
Angelo Win it from Watts on the Timber Owls' train or the White
SeeD Ship. Refines into 100 Elixirs.
Gilgamesh Win it from the CC Member King. Refines into 10 Holy
MiniMog Win it from the kid jogging around near the directory in
Balamb Garden. Refines into 100 Pet Houses.
Chicobo Get the Stones in all 6 Chocobo Forests, then go to the
Sacred Chocobo Forest. Refines into 100 Gysahl Greens.
Quezacotl Win it from Mayor Dobe in FH. Refines into 100 Dynamo
Shiva Give Zone the "Girl Next Door" magazine. Refines into 100
North Winds.
Ifrit Defeat Ifrit in the Fire Cavern. You can't miss this
card. Refines into 3 Elem Atks.
Siren Win it from the pub owner in Dollet. Refines into 3
Status Atks.
Sacred Defeat Sacred and Minotaur in the Tomb of the Unknown
King. Refines into 100 Dino Bones.
Minotaur Defeat Sacred and Minotaur in the Tomb of the Unknown
King. Refines into 10 Adamantines.
Carbuncle Win it from the CC member Heart. Refines into 3 Glow
Diablos Defeat Diablos by calling him with the Magic Lamp.
Refines into 100 Black Holes
Leviathan Win it from the CC member Joker. Refines into 3 Doc's
Odin Defeat Odin in the Centra Ruins. Refines into 100 Dead
Pandemona Win it from the Hotel Owner in Balamb after finishing the
scenario there, or from his daughter during the scenario.
Refines into 100 Windmills.
Cerberus Defeat Cerberus in Galbadia Garden. Refines into 100
Alexander Win it from Piet at the Lunar Base or the crashed landing
pod. Refines into 3 Moon Curtains.
Phoenix Lose the Doomtrain card to the Queen of Cards. Later, win
this card from a Presidential Aide in Esthar. Refines
into 3 Phoenix Spirits.
Bahamut Defeat Bahamut in the Deep Sea Research Center. Refines
into 100 Megalixirs.
Doomtrain Lose the Alexander card to the Queen of Cards. Later, win
this card from the pub owner in Timber. Refines into 3
Status Guards.
Eden Defeat Ultima Weapon in the Deep Sea Research Center.
Refines into 3 Monk's Codes.
Ward Win it from Dr. Odine in Esthar. Refines into 3 Gaea's
Kiros Lose the MiniMog card to the Queen of Cards. Later, win
this card from someone in Deling City's Shopping Center.
Refines into 3 Accelerators.
Laguna Win it from Ellone at the Lunar Base; _very_ hard to get.
Refines into 100 Heros.
Selphie Win it from her friend at Trabia Garden. Refines into 3
Elem Guards.
Quistis Win it from one of the Trepies in Balamb Garden. Refines
into 3 Samantha Souls.
Irvine Lose the Sacred card to the Queen of Cards. Later, win
this card from Flo in FH. Refines into 3 Rocket Engines.
Zell Win it from Ma Dincht in Balamb. Refines into 3 Hyper
Rinoa Lose the Ifrit card to General Caraway in Deling City,
then play him again to win the Rinoa card. Win the Ifrit
card back from Martine in FH. Refines into 3 Magic
Edea Win it from Edea at her house. Refines into 3 Royal
Seifer Win it from Headmaster Cid; the earliest point you can do
this is just before leaving for Timber. Refines into 3
Diamond Armors.
Squall Win it from Laguna on the lower deck of the Ragnarok.
Refines into 3 Three Stars.

-Timber Maniacs Locations

*Will be added later*


To obtain the Diablos GF, use the Magical Lamp and you'll fight him. The
earliest point you can do this is before heading to Timber. If you want,
you can try and fight him at that point. If you have trouble there,
though, try fighting him during the Laguna sequence. Laguna, Ward, and
Kiros all have strong Limit Breaks, so you might find it easier this


Flying Monster

He's fairly tough; he casts Demi and sometimes uses a spell called
Gravija that lowers your HP to critcial. The trick here is to give
everyone the Draw and Magic commands. Draw Demi from him, then cast it
from your stock. He'll cast Curaga on you if you do! Also, since none of
his spells can kill you, try casting Blind on him so his physical
attacks don't pose as much of a threat. If you can, stock up on Demis,
but it's pretty tough at this point.


GF Diablos' Stats:
Starting Level: 9
Starts with Mag-J, Ability*3, Magic, GF, Draw, Item

Learn HP-J first if you did this early on; that way, everyone in the
party can have increased HP. Then, go with Time Mag-RF and ST Mag-RF so
you can get some nice spells. After that, work on either Mug or Enc-
Half. Once you've learned Enc-Half, work on learning Enc-None.


-Dollet revisited
Rare Cards: Siren
Items: Potion/X-Potion, Phoenix Down/Mega-Potion, Soft/Elixir,
Occult Fan II

After escaping from Timber, you can head North from the train station to
reach Dollet again. There's two things of note here. First of all, you
can win the Siren Card from the pub owner. After you defeat him once,
he'll move to another room and start using Siren's card. Be sure to get
it. Also, talk to him normally to get a whole bunch of weak cards. You
can also search the pile of magazines near the door to get various
items; after getting three items, you won't find anything unless you
leave the room and come back. (Note that you can still get some items
after getting the "There's nothing of interest here" message; but after
the third item, you won't find anything.) If you keep searching the
pile, you'll get Occult Fan II.

The other thing you can do is the "Find-The-Dog" subquest. Go through
the town until you find a dog, and a boy standing next to a door. Talk
to the boy, and he'll go inside. Follow him.

Inside the house, there's a short scene. After the scene, look at the
painting and Squall will say he's seen that place before. Go outside,
and you'll notice that the dog has disappeared. Go to the fountain (it's
what the painting was of) and look on the right side to find the dog.
Talk to him, and you'll have a choice of whether to look under his bone
or not. Do it. You'll find a Potion if you do this early on, an X-Potion
if you do it on Disc 3.

Now, go back to the boy's house; there's another scene. Look at the
painting again, then go outside and head up one screen to the pub. Just
North of the pub's door is the dog. Look under his bone again for a
Phoenix Down. (Mega-Potion if you do this later)

Go to the house for a third time; there will be another scene. Look at
the painting again, then go outside to find the dog. Look under his bone
for a Soft. (or an Elixir) The old man will go back into the house and
you'll overhear a conversation. That's it.

Note: The boy is the Queen of Cards' son. He'll prove important in
another sidequest... See the Queen of Cards side quest for more

Also, if you want, you can get into the mountain area by talking to the
Dollet Soldier guarding it twice, but there's nothing much there.


Draw Points: Float
Hidden Draw Points: Cura
Rare Cards: Sacred, Minotaur
GFs: Brothers

The Brothers, Sacred and Minotaur, are found in the Tomb of the Unknown
King. You have to go to the Tomb to get into Caraway's Mansion, but you
don't have to go in very far. The toughest enemies in the tomb are
probably the Blobras and Armadodos; the Blobras are very resistant to
physical attacks, and each one has a different elemental weakness.
Either Scan them and then cast the appropriate elemental spell, or just
summon GFs. The Armadodos aren't particularly strong on the offensive,
but they'll take a few rounds to kill. Anyways, to get the new GF, first
make your way into the room furthest East. Approach the pedestal, and
Sacred will attack.


Weak against Wind, Water
Immune to Earth

He'll regenerate HP regularly as long as he's on the ground. So, cast
Float on him. His attacks are fairly strong, so make sure you have
strong HP and Vit junctions. Other than that, there's nothing special
about this battle; just hit him with your best attacks, and Draw a few
Life spells if you can get away with it.


After defeating Sacred, go outside and save. You can reach the
Northernmost and Westernmost rooms now. (There were stone tablets in the
way before.) Each of those rooms has a switch. (The Northernmost room
has a Draw Point with Float, and the Westernmost has a hidden DP with
Cura.) After pushing both switches, head to the center of the tomb from
the South side. There will be a bridge leading across; cross it and
you'll find Sacred again. This time, his older (but smaller) brother
Minotaur joins in the fight.


Weak against Wind, Water
Immune to Earth

Absorbs Earth
Weak against Wind, Water

Both brothers will regenerate HP unless you cast Float on them. Cast it
right away, and recast it if you need to. Individually, they're not too
tough; Sacred's the same as before, and Minotaur's attacks do about the
same damage as Sacred, though he sometimes gets a critical. He can also
pound the ground, damaging you whole team with earth damage. Also, the
two of them have a combo attack, Mad Cow Special, which does a LOT of
damage. Avoid it with Float. Use your best attacks on Minotaur, as he
poses a bigger threat than Sacred. Once Sacred's alone, it should be
easy. Your rewards are some G-Hi Potions and G-Returners, the Sacred
Card, a whopping 40 AP, and the Brothers GF.


After the fight, the Brothers join you as a GF. Also, the tomb flies
open and the king gives you the Minotaur Card. The Sacred and Minotaur
cards are very good; use them whenever possible.

GF Brothers' Stats:
Starting level: 7
Starts with HP-J, Magic, GF, Draw, Item, HP+20%

Learn Boost first. After that, go with Str-J and then Spr-J, so that you
can have more party members with those abilities.



There's one mildly rewarding side quest you can do here. To start the
subquest, go to the large manor in the town square. Talk to the guy on
the stairs, and he'll tell you about the vase. What you have to do now
is find the 4 pieces of the broken vase. Here's where to find them:

1) Examine the suit of armor on the left side of the manor. Then try to
move away from it. It starts moving, then collapses and a Chicobo comes
out and drops a Vase Piece. Pick it up.

2) Go south from the town square. You'll see an old woman go into her
house. Go inside and examine the flowers. The first time, the old woman
asks you if you like flowers; the second time, you'll find a Vase Piece.

3) Go south from the old woman's house. You'll see a Chicobo crossing
the road. Stand in the right place and talk to the Chicobo as it crosses
the road; it'll jump in the air and come down, and a Vase Piece will
float down afterwards. You can do this a second time for Gysahl Greens,
and a third for a Phoenix Pinion. (It says Phoenix Down when you get it,
but it's actually a Pinion. See the Shumi Village section for info on
what it does.)

4) This vase piece is harder to find than it should be. Go to Raine's
old house and go upstairs. Talk to the woman there until she mentions
flowers, then go downstairs and examine the flowers on the table in the
lower-right corner. Raine's ghost will appear; talk to it and a cat will
appear in its place. Talk to the cat for the last Vase Piece.

After you give all the vase pieces to the man, he'll reward you with a
Holy Stone. Nothing much, but then, you didn't do much.


-Shumi Village
Draw Points: Ultima(r), Firaga, Blizzaga
Items: Phoenix Pinion, Status Guard

Like the broken vase side quest in Winhill, this one can be frustrating
and annoying. Go to Shumi Village, near the top center of the map. You
can get there once you have the mobile Garden. Once you're inside,
you'll find a Shumi who offers to let you use the Draw Point for 5000
gil. It's worth it; the Draw Point contains Ultima, a great spell for
Junctioning. It regenerates after a while, so make it a point to come
back here every so often.

Anyways, to start the side quest, take the elevator to the lower part of
Shumi Village. A hologram will greet you. Once you reach the bottom, go
into the building on the far left side of the village and examine the
statue. Squall will recognize it as Laguna, and the nearby Shumi,
Sculptor, will overhear him. Pleased that you know Laguna, he tells you
to see the Elder. Agree, then search behind the statue to find a Draw
Point with Firaga. Leave Sculptor's building and head east to the next
screen. The Moomba that was blocking the entrance to the building there
will have moved. You can now enter the building, as well as reach the
nearby Blizzaga Draw Point. Go inside. After talking with the Elder for
a while, try to leave and he'll ask Squall to see Sculptor and help with
the statue.

When you talk to Sculptor, he'll ask you to find several stones. Agree.
If you talk to Specialist, the Shumi near the entrance, he'll give you
hints about where to find the stones. First, sculptor will ask for the
blue stone. You can go crazy looking for this; it's just to the left of
the statue. Sculptor already had it. =P

Next, Sculptor asks for wind stones. This is also pretty easy; head back
towards the elevator. You'll notice a rock beside a building you can't
enter; examine it for the wind stone.

Take the wind stone back to Sculptor, and he'll ask for life stone. You
really can't miss this; head back towards the elevator, and Squall will
notice something when you head right from Elder's house. Examine the
area to get the life stone.

After you give the life stone to Sculptor, he'll ask for shadow stone.
This is on the surface. Take the elevator up, then examine the shadowy
splotch for the stone. Go back to Sculptor.

Finally, Sculptor wants water stone. Squall will notice something when
you pass by the pond, but that's a red herring. Instead, go into the
house nearby. This is home to a Shumi named Artisan. On the bed, there's
an issue of Timber Maniacs, but _don't_ read it yet. Look near Artisan's
sink for the water stone. Squall will ask to borrow it, and Artisan will
agree. Take the stone to Sculptor, and talk to him again to find out
_why_ you went gathering stones. Then visit Elder again. It looks like
you get nothing, but when you try to leave, his Attendant will give you
a Phoenix Pinion. If you use this in battle, the Phoenix GF will
randomly come to your aid in future battles. Nice. =) After a brief
scene, where Elder tells Attendant to help with the statue, you'll
regain control, and can leave the village.

However, there's more to this side quest. Leave the village and come
back in. Talk to Sculptor and he'll tell you that the statue isn't
getting any easier to make. Then talk to Attendant, who's standing off
in the corner. After that, go to Elder's house and talk to him. He'll
ask you to talk to the Moomba outside. Do so, and the Moomba will get up
and head to Sculptor's workshop. Go there, and you'll see a brief scene
where the Moomba convinces Attendant to take the statue more seriously.

Report back to Elder on the progress of the statue; a short dialogue
sequence will occur. After it's done, go back to the workshop and talk
to Attendant. He'll say that it would be much easier if Artisan helped
out. Go to Artisan's house and talk to him; he'll refuse to work on the
statue. You can talk to Elder, but he won't have any information.

The game is rather vague on what to do next. What you have to do is go
to Fisherman's Horizon and visit the Grease Monkey. (see the Fisherman's
Horizon section of the walkthrough for details on where to find him)
When you walk into his house, a Moomba doll will great you, and the
Grease Monkey will explain that it reacts to people who've been to Shumi
Village. Talk to Grease Monkey and you'll tell him about the problem; he
gives you the Moomba Doll and asks you to take it to Artisan. Do so.

After a short scene, the Moomba Doll will relay a message to Artisan;
leave his house and you'll find the Master Fisherman if you met him
earlier. Whether or not the Master Fisherman is there, Artisan will walk
out of his house and agree to help out. Now that Artisan's working on
the statue, talk to Elder and he'll reward your efforts with a Status
Guard. (teaches a GF ST Def-J*4)

You can return after you have the Ragnarok to see the completed statue.
If you met the Master Fisherman before, he'll play the song you
performed in FH after you've seen the statue. Also, as you leave, you'll
see a scene with the Elder and Attendant.


-Chocobo Forests

Rare Cards: Chicobo
Items: Aura Stone, Protect Stone, Shell Stone, Holy Stone*2, Flare
Stone*2, Meteor Stone*3, Ultima Stone*2

This is a rather time-consuming sidequest, and if you're not interested
in a complete card collection and don't have a Pocketstation, it doesn't
have much to reward you with. Anyways, there are 6 Chocobo Forests that
you can get to with Garden or Ragnarok. You'll recognize them easily by
their round shape. Their locations are:

1. (Beginner) "The Beginner's Forest". Right next to Shumi Village.
2. (Beginner) "The Basics Forest". A little south of the first forest.
3. (Intermediate) "The Roaming Forest". Northwest of Trabia Garden, on
the other side of the mountains.
4. (Intermediate) "Forest of Solitude". A bit Northwest of the Centra
Ruins. If you're in Garden, you'll have to get out and walk to get
around the mountains.
5. (Expert) "Forest of Fun." In southwest Centra, near the lighthouse.
6. (Expert) "Enclosed Forest". This is the hardest forest to reach
without the Ragnarok. In southeast Centra, there's a beach that laeds to
a narrow mountain path. Get out of Garden and go through the mountains,
then head west to reach the forest.

(Note: The Chocoboy will tell you the forest's name if you buy a hint
from him.)

The first time you enter one of the forests, the Chocoboy will explain
how to catch a Chocobo for 1000 gil. You can't catch Chocobos until you
hear the explanation, so pay. I'll skip the full details, since you can
get them from the in-game explanation; basically, what you have to do is
get only one Chicobo on the screen, then talk to it to get the mother
Chocobo to appear. Also, once the mother appears you can find items if
you use the Ziner in the right spot. When you do this, you've officially
"solved" that forest. Also, the first time you catch a Chocobo, the
Chocoboy will give you a Chicobo (which you can name; its default name
is Boko) and you'll be able to play the "Chocobo World" minigame if you
have a Pocketstation. I don't have a Pocketstation, so I can't provide
any details on this, but you can get some good items.

Anyways, here are the solutions to the Chocobo Forest puzzles:

1. Chocobo: Just head to the top-center area of the screen. Use the
Sonar to find the right spot, then use the Ziner to get one Chicobo
to fall. There's a spot further south where three will fall; ignore
Stone: Search the far-right area of the screen and use the Ziner.
You'll get an Aura Stone.

2. Chocobo: Use the Sonar in the upper area to find a good spot. Use the
Ziner here and three Chicobos will fall. Use the Sonar near the lower
two and use the Ziner in a good spot; this will cause them to go back
up, leaving only one Chicobo on the screen.
Stone: Search near the left side of the screen for a Flare Stone.

3. Chocobo: Two Chicobos are on the ground at the start. Use the Ziner
once in the right place and a third will drop down; then they'll all
go back up. Now head towards the entrance and use the Sonar; when you
hear the beep, use the Ziner and a lone Chicobo will drop down. Talk
to it to get the Chocobo to appear.
Stone: Go up as far as you can and search to find a Shell Stone and a
Holy Stone.

4. Chocobo: This is tough, since the Sonar beeps everywhere. Select the
Sonar, and hold down the button. Walk straight up and a little to the
left from Chocoboy; keep walking until your Sonar beeps louder than
usual. (Trust me, you'll notice.) Make sure you're in the right spot,
then use the Ziner to get the lone Chicobo.
Stone: The trickiest-to find Stone. After getting the Chocobo,
challenge Chocoboy to a card game. Don't accept, just tell him to
move. Then, use the Ziner on the spot where he was standing to get
a Protect Stone and a Meteor Stone.

5. Chocobo: First, use the Ziner in the lower-right area (checking it
with the Sonar first, of course) to get 3 Chicobos to drop down. Now,
stand up and to the left of the Chicobo that landed closest to you
and use the Ziner in the right spot. A fourth will drop. Stand near
the Chocoboy and use the Ziner to get a fifth chocobo. Use the Ziner
again and the fifth Chocobo will run through the other four, sending
them back up. Now he's alone, so talk to him to find the mother.
Stone: In the upper-right area of the forest. You'll get a Meteor
Stone, Flare Stone, and Ultima Stone.

6. Chocobo: First, get two Chicobos to fall down. There are a lot of
places where you can do this. Now, head to the entrance and use the
Ziner in the right spot; one Chicobo will go up and another will fall
down. Use the Ziner near the big rock up and to the right of Chocoboy
and the one that went up should fall back down. Use the Ziner in the
upper-right area and a fourth Chicobo will appear. Now, use the Ziner
in the middle area. The four Chicobos will go up, and a fifth will
fall down by itself.
Stone: Use the Ziner in the upper-right area for a Meteor Stone,
Holy Stone, and Ultima Stone.

Note: When you're looking for the stones, your Ziner won't be stolen if
you use it in the wrong place. So you can just hold down the button and
walk around, and you'll get the item eventually. Of course, this won't
work with Forest 4. However, it's quite useful in Forests 5 and 6.

Once you've got a Chocobo, you can ride it to the completely forested
area south of Trabia. There's a 7th Chocobo Forest here; it's the
Chocobo Shrine. If you've solved all six forests, you'll see some
Chocobos doing a dance, and a Chicobo will fall down; talk to it for the
Chicobo card. This is one of the cards you need for the Queen of Cards
side quest. Talk to the Chicobo again to get Gysahl Greens for 600 gil;
same price as the Chocoboy charged you. Talk to Chocoboy and he'll get a
Chocobo for you to ride out on, then leave.


-Centra Ruins

Draw Points: Aero
Hidden Draw Points: Drain, Pain(r)

There are two quests here. The first is obtaining Odin. To do this, you
must reach and defeat him in 20 minutes. Enc-None will help here. The
path is pretty straightforward at first; the only thing of note is a
hidden Draw Point with Drain on the third screen in. When you come to a
room with a platform, stand on the platform; it's an elevator that takes
you to the next section of the ruins. When it stops, you'll be on a
screen with two ladders; take the left one, as the one on the right only
leads to a Draw Point with Aero. At the top, you'll come to a second
ladder; climb it to reach a door. Go inside and examine the panel. Now
climb all the way back down and examine the blue panel between the
ladders to make a stairway. Go up the stairs until you come to a
platform. Climb the nearby ladder and examine the gargoyle. You'll be
asked if you want to take out its left eye; agree. Now climb back down
the ladder and go up the nearby stairs. There's a hidden Draw Point with
Pain here, as well as another ladder; examine the ladder and you'll
automatically climb to the top of the ruins. There's another gargoyle;
put the left eye in and don't take the right eye. You'll be given a 5-
digit code number; it varies, so be _sure_ to remember it. Now take both
eyes out and go back to the first gargoyle. Put both eyes in, and input
the code you got before. The door below you will open... go inside...



Odin won't actually _do_ anything, so you can just sit there and Draw
from him for a while. Just be sure to beat him before time runs out. You
should have about 15 minutes to fight if you used Enc-None to get
through the ruins; that's plenty of time. The most notable spell to Draw
is Triple; the others are fairly easy to refine. Also, Mug him to get a
Luck-J Scroll. When it comes to actually attacking him, he's got a high
defense, but not that much HP. After winning, you'll get the Odin Card
and 20 AP.


Now that you've beaten Odin, he'll randomly appear at the start of a
battle and kill all the enemies. Pretty handy, though it can get a bit
annoying, and even dangerous in timed sequences.

The second side quest you can do here is obtaining the Tonberry GF. To
get this, keep fighting the Tonberrys that appear in the lower part of
the ruins. After defeating about 20 Tonberrys, the Tonberry King will
appear immediately after you beat one of them.


Tonberry King

He's _really_ strong, with high HP and attack called It's Sharp! that
does major damage. However, his regular attack is laughably weak, and
his Junk attack isn't that strong either. Cast Protect on everyone ASAP,
(Haste helps, too) and stay healed while hitting him with everything
you've got. Don't bother Mugging, since he's got nothing, or Drawing,
since he doesn't have anything that can't be refined easily enough. The
battle may take a while, but it shouldn't be too hard. You'll get a
Royal Crown and 20 AP.


Once you defeat Tonberry King, he'll shrink and become the Tonberry GF.

GF Tonberry's Stats:
Starting Level: 30
Starts with Magic, GF, Draw, Item, LV Down, LV Up, Eva+30%, Luck+50%

He's got a _lot_ of expensive abilities to learn, but they're worth it.
Don't bother learning his GF abilities at first, as you're probably not
going to summon him much. His Menu Abilities are probably his best, so
learn those first.



To get the Doomtrain GF, first go to Tears' Point near Esthar.

-Tears' Point
Draw Points: Life(r?), Reflect(r?)
Items: Solomon Ring

Near the entrance, you'll find a Draw Point with Life. Go all the way in
to find another Draw Point with Reflect, and the Solomon Ring. This is
the key item.

6 Steel Pipes - Mug Wendigos for them, or make them from Elastoid cards.
6 Remedies+ - Make each one from 10 Remedies with Alexander's Med-LV Up.
6 Malboro Tentacles - Mug/win from Malboros, (the hard way) or make one
Tentacle from 4 Malboro cards. (time-consuming, but easier than

Once you have the above items, use Solomon's Ring. That's it! No fight,
just name Doomtrain.

GF Doomtrain's Stats:
Starting level: 28
Starts with Elem-Atk-J, ST-Atk-J, Magic, GF, Draw, Item, Junk Shop

Good abilities to start with include Elem-Def*4, ST-Def-J*4, Darkside,
and Forbid Med-RF.


-Jumbo Cactaur

Once you have the Ragnarok, you'll be able to land on a small island
near Centra with a desert and a strange dark object popping up from time
to time. That island is Cactaur Island, and the dark object is Jumbo
Cactaur. Run into it when it pops up for a fight.


Jumbo Cactaur
Weak against Water

Its physical attack is fairly strong, and its Ker Plunk hits all
targets, but the real danger here is its 10000 Needles attack, which
does 10000 damage regardless of your defense; in other words, a
guaranteed kill. Put Water on Elem-Atk to do more damage. You can Mug
him for Cactus Thorns, but you're probably better off with the Gaea's
Ring you get for winning. After you do enough damage, Jumbo Cactur will
prepare to run off... Kill him _quickly_, or you'll have to fight him
all over again. As a sidenote, use Squall's Limit Break on him for a
laugh. =P You'll get 20 AP when you win.


Once you win, you'll get the Cactaur GF.

GF Cactaur's Stats:
Starting level: 20
Starts with Magic, GF, Draw, Item, HP Bonus, Str Bonus, Vit Bonus, Mag
Bonus, Spr Bonus

A pretty good GF. Be sure to have him and Tonberry on different
characters, as they share a number of abilities.

Also, a note about Cactaur Island: _Every_ enemy here is a Cactaur!
They're worth 20 AP each, so this is a _great_ place to learn GF
abilities. The tricky part is that they have a high evade and run away.
To overcome this problem, put Selphie in the party with her best weapon;
it has a perfect hit rate. Set the Initiative ability on both her and
Squall, and you're pretty much guaranteed to get two per battle.


-UFO Chase
Rare Cards: PuPu

You'll sometimes see a strange object in random battles on the overworld
which just flies on and off the battlefield; that's the UFO, and you can
encounter it in four places.

-Winhill area
-Mandy Beach near Timber
-Kashkabald Desert in Centra
-Heath Peninsula near Trabia

You have to encounter it in all four places for this side quest. (Note:
You can still "fight" it with Enc-None on.) After you've done that, land
the Ragnarok on the cliffs in the Grandidi Forest northeast of Esthar.
Here you'll find the UFO again, and this time, it attacks...



This fight is really easy. The UFO doesn't have that much HP, and I
don't think I've seen it actually attack. When you defeat the UFO, it
explodes and you'll see something go flying off into the distance. Your
prize is an Aegis Amulet; you don't get any AP.


After fighting the UFO, head to the crater where Balamb Garden used to
be. Walk around it until you get another random battle; this time,
you'll meet the UFO's pilot.



He'll ask for Elixirs. If you give enough of them to him, you'll win the
PuPu card. If you kill him, (which is easy; he only has 10 HP, even at
Level 100) you'll win an Accelerator. It's your choice which one you
want, but the card can be Card Modded to make a Hungry Cookpot, which
can be made into a valuable Shaman Stone. Of course, if you want a
complete card collection, you'll definitely want to go for the card.



-Lake Obel
Items: Three Stars, Luck-J Scroll

Near Timber, there's a small mass of land that juts out into a lake.
(Obel Lake) Go to the edge of the land and examine the water; you'll get
two options. You can throw a rock, or try humming. Try humming; you'll
be given the same options again. A creature will talk to you and ask for
a favor. Accept; the creature asks you to find Mr. Monkey. To find him,
go to the forest near Dollet. Wander around for a while, and eventually
you'll get a message saying you ran into him. After that, go back to
Obel Lake and you'll tell the shadow where Mr. Monkey is.

Now that you've done that, talk to the shadow a few times. It will give
you several clues which lead you to items. One set of clues tells you
where to find four rocks with letters on them. Here are their locations:
(which you can't find until you get the clue from the shadow)

1. The shadow will probably mention the beach near Balamb first. Walk
along the shoreline there and keep examining the ground until you find a
rock with letters. There's a lot of dummy rocks, though.

2. After getting a rock, talk to the shadow and it will tell you that
Mr. Monkey had a rock. Throw rocks into the lake until one skips "many
many times", then go back to the forest near Dollet and try to run into
Mr. Monkey again. He'll throw the second rock at you.

3. The shadow will mention an island east of Timber. Land on the narrow
island without a beach and start looking. It's on the eastern end of the

4. The shadow will mention a mountain with a lake and a cavern. Head
west from Obel Lake to find a waterfall. Land the Ragnarok on the
mountain where the waterfall comes out of and start looking. Search near
the top of the waterfall, and you'll get a message that a bird is
warming an egg. Choose "Check it out", and you'll get in a fight with
two Thrustaevises. Defeat them and you'll find the rock.

Go back to the shadow once you've found all the rocks. Put together, the
letters will spell out:


Read the letters down each column, starting from the right, to get the
message "Mordred Plains has treasure". Mordred Plains is just north of
Esthar; land the Ragnarok there and examine the ground. You'll come
across a bunch of talking rocks; they'll give you a bunch of directions.
Don't go in whatever direction they tell you to. If you keep looking,
eventually you'll find a rock that says "The treasure's not here!".
Examine that spot again to find a Three Stars.

In addition to the stones, the shadow will tell you to "take some time
off at Eldbeak Peninsula". Eldbeak Peninsula is northeast of Dollet.
Look there and you'll find a pillar with writing on it:


Take the words "TIME" and "OFF" out of there to get the message
"Treasure at Minde Isle". This is an island south of Esthar. Land there
and look around to find a Luck-J Scroll. That's it for this side quest.


-Deep Sea Research Center
Draw Points: Dispel(r?), Esuna(r?), Triple(r?)
Hidden Draw Points: Ultima(r?)
Rare Cards: Bahamut, Eden
GFs: Bahamut, Eden

Near the southeast corner of the map, there's a small metal object. Land
the Ragnarok there, then go in. There's a glowing blue reactor here. A
voice tells you to turn back. This place is tricky. If you move when the
light is glowing, you'll get into a battle, even if you have Enc-None
on. Move when the light turns off; eventually, you'll reach the reactor.
When you do, you'll have one choice to select. After you do, you'll
fight a Ruby Dragon. Defeat it, and you'll get another two choices. Pick
the second one, and you'll fight another Ruby Dragon in a Back Attack.
Defeat it, and you'll have two more choices. Move the cursor down from
the second choice to find a hidden third choice. Select it, and you'll
fight Bahamut.


Flying Monster
Strong against Poison
Immune to Thunder, Wind

His physical attacks do a _lot_ of damage, so be sure to have Recover.
Also be sure to watch out for his Mega Flare attack. Aside from those,
he'll just cast Thundaga, and it won't do much damage. Just stay
healthy, and it should be easy. Mug him for a Hyper Wrist. You'll get
the Bahamut card and 40 AP.


Once you defeat Bahamut, you'll get him as a GF.

GF Bahamut's stats:

Starting Level: 35
Starts with: Ability*4. Magic, GF, Draw, Item, Str+60%, Mag+60%, Forbid

He's got a _lot_ of expensive abilities to learn. Try learning Rare Item
to start with. Also, take advantage of the abilities he starts with;
Forbid Mag-RF lets you make Meteor and Ultima spells, which are great
for Junctioning.

A voice will tell you that "another path to your destiny awaits". The
energy core is now gone. There's a path, but you can't cross it right
away; go to the bridge of the Ragnarok, then return. You'll see a Save
Point and can now go to the second level.

On this level, you'll find a Draw Point with Dispel. Examine the
terminal to open up the path to the next level. (Note: If you mess up in
the upcoming section, come back here to reset everything.) Go down the
stairs, and examine the terminal by the bottom; you'll be asked whether
you want to use 1, 2, or 4 units to open the next path. There are two
ways to get through here.

Method #1: (the easy way) On Level 2, choose to use 2 units of steam. On
the next level, examine the machine to the left of the stairs. You'll be
given the choice to open the door on the left; do so. Inside, get the
Esuna Draw Point, then examine the machine. You'll get 7 extra units of
steam! Go back to the console on this floor and use 1 unit of steam,
then 1 unit on each of the next two floors. When you come to the machine
on Floor 6, you'll automatically use 4 units of steam to open the door.
That leaves you with 10, which you'll need at the bottom. If you use
this method, you can use Enc-None and avoid all the enemies on the way
to the bottom.

Method #2: (the hard way, but also more rewarding) Put Zell in the
party. Use only 1 unit of steam in each room you come to; you'll use 4
total to reach Level 6. Here, examine the machine and ask Zell to help
with it. This will open the door without using extra steam. However,
you'll get into unavoidable encounters with rather strong enemies this
way. This can be advantageous, though, as the enemies you'll face have
good items, and you can fight them again if you leave the screen...

The best way to get through here is as follows. First, use the second
method and fight enemies until you have all the items you want. Then, go
back to the terminal on Level 1 and reset the steam levels. Now follow
the steps under Method #1, and you won't have to fight the fixed
encounters on the way down.

If you're using the second method, you'll have 3 fixed encounters on
each floor of the deposit, against the following enemies:

First floor: 1 Tri-Face (This is a GREAT place to get Curse Spikes.)
Second floor: 1 Grendel and 1 Imp (Nothing great here)
Third floor: 1 Behemoth (Mug them for Barriers to learn Quistis' Mighty
Guard ability)
Fourth floor: 1 Ruby Dragon (Mug them for Inferno Fangs to make Flare
Fifth floor: 2 Iron Giants (Mug them for Star Fragments, then refine
those into Meteor spells)

Make sure one character has LV Down or Card to make the battles go
faster. There are also random encounters in addition to the fixed ones.

Also, there's a Save Point on the first floor, a Draw Point with Triple
on the third, a hidden Draw Point with Ultima on the fifth, and a hidden
Save Point at the bottom. Use the hidden Save Point, then examine the
machine nearby. You'll only be able to activate it if you have 10 or
more units of steam left. When you do, an alarm will go off and you'll
be attacked...


Ultima Weapon

This thing is STRONG. First of all, be sure to draw the Eden GF from it;
no sense fighting this hard battle for nothing! Second, cast Meltdown on
it so you can do more damage; then cast Aura and hit it with strong
Limits. That's the best you can do on offense. Ultima Weapon's physical
attacks are fairly strong, doing about 1500-2000 damage; it also uses
Meteor, Diablos' Gravija attack, a special attack called Light Pillar
that does 9999 damage, and Quake. Be sure to Junction 100 Quakes to
Elemental Defense, so that it's got _one_ attack you don't need to worry
about. Meteor is also fairly weak, but it can wipe you out if you're low
on HP. Also, be sure to have plenty of Full-life spells; if you get
killed, you can't afford to be at low HP or you're liable to get killed
again. However, at some point in the battle, Ultima Weapon will start
using Light Pillar like crazy. When this happens, just use Life or
Phoenix Down on the character who gets hit by it and use your Limits to
attack. This is a _very_ tough battle; if you can manage to win,
however, you'll get 100 Ultima Stones, (or you can use Mug to get a
Three Stars instead; it seems that you only get the Ultima Stones if you
have all three characters alive at the end of the battle, though) the
Eden card, and a whopping 100 AP. And, of course, the Eden GF if you
remembered to Draw it.


GF Eden's stats:
Starting level: 30
Starts with Spd-J, Eva-J, Hit-J, Magic, GF, Draw, Item, Devour

Start by learning GFAbl Med-RF; it only costs 30 AP to learn, and lets
you make some _very_ useful items. After that, learn whatever you want.

A note: After you defeat Ultima Weapon, there don't seem to be any
encounters on most floors. However, there are still random encounters on
Level 2 of the complex, and you can fight Tri-Faces there sometimes, so
this is still a pretty good place to go for Curse Spikes.


-CC Group

In Balamb Garden, you can challenge various members of the CC group to
cards. Defeat them and you'll be able to challenge other members. The
first CC member is Jack. He's walking around near the Directory. Talk to
him, and he'll introduce himself and tell you to challenge him to cards.
Defeat him, and he'll tell you about the other members. You can
challenge Joker at any time after beating Jack, but the Suits have to be
beaten in order before you can face King. Here's where the Suits are, in

Club: Walking around in the back hallway, usually near the cafeteria.
Beat him and you can challenge Diamond.

Diamond: The two girls who walk up to the directory. Win against her to
challenge Spade.

Spade: Near the 2nd floor elevator. After winning against him, you can
face Heart.

Heart: Heart is actually Xu. Go to the bridge and challenge her. She has
the Carbuncle card.

Once you've beaten Xu, talk to Dr. Kadowaki to hear about King. Then go
to Squall's dorm room and rest in the bed. When you wake up, King (who's
someone you know) will appear and challenge you. King has the Gilgamesh

As for Joker, who has the Leviathan card, you'll find him in the
Training Center. Take the right path at the start; you may see Joker. If
you don't, leave and reenter the screen. You can challenge Joker, and
you can also buy items from him; this is quite useful if you need to
restock on items before the fight with NORG. (Though I'm not sure if
Joker appears at that point.) If you got the Battle Meter, Joker will
upgrade it after the first time you win a game with him.


-Queen of Cards

The Queen of Cards appears in various places around the world. She
starts out in Balamb, in front of the train station; however, if you
lose a rare card to her or win one back, she'll move to another
location. Here's a partial list of her locations:

Balamb: In front of the train station.
Galbadia: In the Hotel in Deling City.
Dollet: Upstairs in the Pub.
FH: Next to the Save Point.
(I'll try to add more places in the next version.)

Anyways, to proceed with this side quest, you'll need to lose certain
rare cards to her, and make sure she has them when she goes to Dollet.
In Dollet, if she has the right rare cards she'll give them to her son
and you can win them back from him. (See the Dollet Revisited section
for more details.) Also, her father will make a new rare card that will
pop up somewhere. Here's the cards you lose and what cards you get from

MiniMog Kiros
Sacred Irvine
Chicobo Chubby Chocobo
Alexander Doomtrain
Doomtrain Phoenix

For quick references, the cards are located in the following places:

MiniMog: Win from the kid running around in the main hall of Balamb

Kiros: Win from somebody in the Deling City shopping center.

Sacred: Get it after the fight with Sacred and Minotaur in the Tomb of
the Unknown King.

Irvine: Win from Flo in the Mayor's house in FH.

Chicobo: Get it after completing the Chocobo Forest sidequest.

Chubby Chocobo: Win it from the student on the bench outside Balamb
Garden's library.

Alexander: Win from Piet on the Lunar Base. If you didn't get the card
before completing the Lunar Base scenario, you can find Piet at the site
of the crashed space pod and win it there.

Doomtrain: Win from the pub owner in Timber.

Phoenix: Win from the Presidential Aide in Esthar.


-Omega Weapon

The Omega Weapon is an optional boss in the last dungeon. It's a
pallette-swapped version of the Ultima Weapon. I suggest saving at the
hidden Save Point at the base of the Clock Tower, since it's the closest
one to Omega Weapon. To fight it, first go to the room just south of the
Gallery. There's a pull-rope here; examine it, and a bell will start
ringing, and a timer with 1 minute on it will start counting down. You
have that long to reach Omega Weapon, who's in the room with the organ.
Fortunately, there's a party switch point in the room with the pull-
rope, so just move the other party to the fountain before trying this,
and you'll reach Omega without any trouble. Defeating him won't be so
easy, though...


Omega Weapon

This thing is TOUGH. Among its nastier attacks are L5 Death (easy to
avoid; just Junction 100 Deaths to ST-Def), Megido Flame (does 9998
damage; ouch!), and Terra Break (hits a LOT of times, 4000+ damage each
time; forget Megido Flame!). It also uses Meteor and Gravija. Needless
to say, this is _not_ an easy battle. The easy way to win here is to
Card Mod the Gilgamesh card for 10 Holy Wars. These will make you
invincible; just cast Aura or be in cirtical status before using them,
as only multi-hit Limits are particularly effective. This should make it
easy to win. If that sounds too cheap, well, your only other option is
to kill him before he can use Terra Break... and that's assuming you can
manage to survive Megido Flame. I'll try to come up with a better
strategy for the next version. When you win, you'll get a Three Stars,
(kinda lousy) 250 AP, (kind of a waste, considering it only gets you one
ability per GF...) and a Proof of Omega screen in the Information
section of the tutorial. Nothing great, considering how tough he is.



-Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks

These aren't really "side quests", but I figured they fit in this
section better than any other.

-Hard-to-find items

It's not easy to get the items needed to make the characters' best
weapons, or powerful spells to Junction, or to teach Quistis Blue Magic,
or just to make nifty items. Here's where to look. Note: If you don't
see an item listed here, that's probably because you can easily get it
from common enemies or by refining easily obtained items.

Adamantine: You'll need these to make some of the best weapons. Go to
Long Horn Island near Dollet; you can occasionally fight Adamantoises on
the beaches there, and they'll drop Adamantines fairly often.

Aura Stone: Learn Tonberry's Familiar ability. Then buy Power Wrists or
Hypno Crowns from the Esthar Pet Shop and use Tool-RF to make them into
Aura Stones.

Barrier: Mug Behemoths.

Cactus Thorns: Frequently won from Cactaurs.

Curse Spike: You'll need 100 of these to make a Dark Matter. They can be
stolen from Tri-Faces, and occasionally won from Forbiddens, Malboros,
Tri-Faces, Imps, Creeps, and Grand Mantises.

Dark Matter: This can be refined into some useful items. Get Siren up to
Level 100, then get 100 Curse Spikes and use Tool-RF on them.

Dino Bone: Mug T-Rexaurs to get these.

Dragon Fang: Needed for the Lionheart. Blue Dragons drop them more often
than other enemies; you can find them on the Island Closest to Hell and
the forests of Trabia.

Dragon Fin: Mug Grendels.

Dragon Skin: Anacondaurs drop them fairly often.

Energy Crystal: You'll be using quite a number of these if you're trying
to make everyone's best weapons. Fight the regenerating Elnoyle in
Esthar to get all you need.

Fury Fragment: Mug Blue Dragons to get it.

Inferno Fang: Mug Ruby Dragons.

Laser Cannon: Mug high-level Elastoids or the Mobile Type 8 boss.

Lightweights: You can win them from Vysages.

Malboro Tentacle: Defeat or Mug Malboros.

Moon Stone: Mug the regenerating Elnoyle for these.

Power Generator: Occasionally obtained by Mugging high-level Blitzes.

Red Fang: Mug Hexadragons.

Star Fragment: Mug Iron Giants. A number of enemies on the Island
Closest to Hell drop them, too.

Whisper: Mug Adamantoises.

Wizard Stones: Buy Magic, GF, Draw, or Item Scrolls from the Timber Pet
Shop and use Tool-RF to make them into 10 Wizard Stones each.

Other items will be added to this list if requested.


-Islands Closest to Hell/Heaven

These two islands are home to incredibly powerful monsters and lots of
hidden Draw Points. Good places to build levels. The Hell island is near
Winhill, towards the west end of the map, and the Heaven island is found
near the Chocobo Shrine. Land on each island and check your location on
the status screen. If it says "Island Closest to Hell" (or Heaven,
depending on which one you want), you've found the place.


-Quick Money

This trick works best with the Tonberry GF, because you can use his
Haggle, Sell-High, and Call Shop commands to make this go really fast.
Anyways, here's how it works. You'll need Carbuncle's Recov Med-RF for
this trick. Buy Tents and refine 4 of them into 1 Mega-Potion. Sell the
Mega-Potion. If you have Haggle and Sell-High, you'll make 4500 gil for
every Mega-Potion! Buy and sell as many as you can at a time and you'll
make a ton of money before you know it.


-Raising Stats

You may know that Doomtrain's Forbid Med-RF can be used to make stat-
boosting items. The trouble is, where do you get the items needed to
make them? With Tonberry's Familiar command and Eden's GFAbl Med-RF, you
can buy items to make HP, Str, Vit, Mag, and Spr Ups from the Esthar Pet
Shop; see the following chart for more details.

10 Giant's Rings -> 1 Gaea's Ring -> 1 HP Up
100 Power Wrists -> 10 Hyper Wrists -> 1 Str Up
500 Vit-J Scrolls -> 50 Orihalcons -> 5 Adamantines -> 1 Vit Up
100 Hypno Crowns -> 10 Royal Crowns -> 1 Mag Up
100 Force Armlets -> 10 Magic Armlets -> 1 Spr Up

Getting enough money for the items is time-consuming, but not hard; just
use the Quick Money trick above. If you have a lot of patience, you can
max out all the main stats without Junctions.

But what about Speed/Luck Ups? You can make those as follows.

100 Cactus Thorns -> 1 Hundred Needles -> 1 Spd Up
100 Curse Spikes -> 1 Dark Matter -> 1 Luck-J Scroll -> 1 Luck Up

Cactus Thorns can be won from Cactaurs. Use GFAbl Med-RF to turn 100
Cactus Thorns into a Hundred Needles, then use Forbid Med-RF to make
that into a Speed up.

Curse Spikes are tough to stock up on. Tri-Faces are the easiest enemies
to get them from, but they're rare. Anyways, use Tool-RF to make 100 of
them into a Dark Matter; Siren must be Level 100 to do this. Then use
GFAbl Med-RF to make the Dark Matter into a Luck-J scroll, and finally a
Luck Up with Forbid Med-RF.

You can also raise stats by Devouring certain enemies. I'll try to get a
list by the next version.


Note: The remainder of this FAQ is a set of several _long_ lists. If you
don't want answers to SeeD Written Tests, or information on Limit
Breaks, weapons, spells, Junctions, GFs, abilities and ways to learn
them, items, monsters, cards, or refinement, just skip the rest of the
FAQ. If you _are_ interested in any of those things, however, go ahead
and look at whatever lists you want.


This section gives the answers to all the SeeD Written Tests. Look here
if you're too lazy to figure out the answers on your own. =P

This section would be too long if I included the questions, so I'll just
make a chart with the answers. The # column indicates the test number,
columns 1-10 indicate question number. "Y" means Yes, "N" means No.
Simple enough.

# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Y N Y Y Y N N Y N N
2 Y N Y Y Y N Y Y N N
3 N N Y N Y Y Y N Y N
4 N Y Y Y N N Y Y N N
5 N N N Y Y N N Y Y Y
6 Y N Y Y N N Y Y N Y
7 Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y N
8 N Y N N Y Y N N Y N
9 N Y N N N N N N Y Y
10 Y N N N N N N N Y N
11 Y Y N Y Y N Y N N Y
12 N Y N N Y N Y N Y N
13 Y N N N Y N N N N N
14 Y Y Y Y N Y Y N Y N
15 Y Y N N N N N Y N Y
16 Y N N Y N Y N N Y N
17 Y N N N Y N N Y N N
18 Y N N N Y N N N N N
19 Y N N Y N N N N N Y
20 Y Y N Y N Y Y Y N N
21 Y Y Y Y N N Y Y Y N
22 N N N Y N N N Y Y N
23 Y N N N N Y Y Y Y Y
24 Y Y N N Y Y N N N Y
25 Y N Y Y Y N N Y N N
26 Y Y N Y N Y N Y N N
27 N Y N N N N Y N Y N
28 Y N N Y Y Y N Y N N
29 N N N Y Y N N N Y N
30 N Y N N N N Y N N N


NOTE: This section contains possible spoilers as to who joins your
party. Be forewarned.

Main characters:


Limit Break: Renzokuken
To use Squall's Renzokuken Limit Break, hit the trigger (R1) when you
see the indicator at the bottom of the screen flash. (You'll understand
when you see it.) When you hit the button at the right time, it
registers as a hit. Also, sometimes a finishing move will be
automatically executed after the normal part; this is random. This Limit
Break can be very powerful if you raise Squall's Strength enough.

Finishing moves:
Rough Divide Hits one enemy Any
Fated Circle Hits all enemies Shear Trigger or stronger
Blasting Zone Hits all enemies Flame Saber or stronger
Lionheart Hits one enemy many times Lionheart

Revolver +0 255% 75 M-Stone Piece*6
Shear Trigger +5 255% 150 Steel Pipe*1
Cutting Trigger +12 255% 300 Mesmerize Blade*1
Flame Saber +15 255% 450 Betrayal Sword*1
Turtle Shell*1
Twin Lance +18 255% 600 Dino Bone*1
Red Fang*2
Punishment +21 255% 750 Chef's Knife*1
Star Fragment*2
Turtle Shell*1
Lionheart +31 255% 1500 Adamantine*1
Dragon Fang*4
Pulse Ammo*12

Note: All of Squall's weapons will do a critical hit if you press the R1
button just as he hits the enemy. Very useful.



Limit Break: Blue Magic
Quistis' Blue Magic abilities are the same as attacks used by certain
enemies. In previous Final Fantasy games, Blue Magic spells were learned
when the enemies used them against you; this time, however, you learn
them by finding various items and using them. (except for Laser Eye,
which Quistis starts with) As with all FF games that have them, some of
the Blue Magic spells are really useful, and some are about as useful as
my section titles are good. (Mwa ha ha ha! I insulted my titles yet
again!) However, there's no harm in getting them all.

Acid Mystery Fluid Various statuses on one enemy
Aqua Breath Water Crystal Water attack on all enemies
Bad Breath Malboro Tentacle Various statuses on all enemies
Degenerator Black Hole Kill one enemy*
Electrocute Coral Fragment Thunder damage on all enemies
Fire Breath Inferno Fang Fire damage on all enemies
Gatling Gun Running Fire Strong physical attack on one enemy
Homing Laser Laser Cannon Magic attack on one enemy
L? Death Curse Spike Kill enemies with certain levels
Laser Eye None (Start) Magic attack on one enemy
Mighty Guard Barrier Positive statuses on all allies
Micro Missiles Missile Damage based on enemy's current HP
Raybomb Power Generator Magic attack on all enemies
Shockwave Pulsar Dark Matter VERY strong attack on all enemies
Ultra Waves Spider Web Damages all enemies, may Berserk
White Wind Whisper Heals all allies**

* Degenerator always works, unless the enemy is immune to it. The only
non-boss enemies I know of that it doesn't work on are Tonberrys.

** White Wind heals by Quistis' Max HP - Current HP. However, I think
when the enemy Adamantoises use it, it heals by their current HP like it
does in previous games. Not completely sure of this, though.

Chain Whip +0 +0 75 M-Stone Piece*2
Spider Web*1
Slaying Tail +3 +1 150 Magic Stone*2
Sharp Spike*1
Red Scorpion +8 +2 300 Ochu Tentacle*2
Dragon Skin*2
Save the Queen +13 +4 600 Malboro Tentacle*2
Sharp Spike*4
Energy Crystal*4



Limit Break: Duel
If you've played FF3, (6 in Japan) Zell's Duel attacks will probably
remind you of Sabin's Blitzes. Both types of abilities are activated
with specific button presses, though Zell's are probably a bit simpler.
When you use this Limit Break, a window will appear on the bottom of the
screen with a few of the moves you've learned. You can only use those
moves, so quickly input the required buttons. After Zell executes the
move, another window will appear. While the windows are onscreen, a
timer will count down; when it runs out, no more Limit. Also, some moves
are "finishers"; once you use them, the Duel will stop automatically.
Those moves are marked with a "*" in the list. Learn to use Zell's moves
effectively, and he can be quite a powerful character. Actually, the
best way to use his Limit is probably to just use Punch Rush and Booya
repeatedly, since you can do several of those per second... Zell starts
with a few moves, and can learn more when you read Combat King

Button key - O = Circle button U = Up L1 = L1
X = X button D = Down R1 = R1
S = Square button R = Right
T = Triangle button L = Left

Duel moves:
Punch Rush O-X Damage one enemy
Booya R-L Damage one enemy
Heel Drop U-D Damage one enemy
Mach Kick L-L-O Damage one enemy
Dolphin Blow L1-R1-L1-R1 Damage one enemy
Meteor Strike D-O-U-O Damage based on target's current HP
Burning Rave* D-D-D-D-O Damage all enemies
Meteor Barret* U-X-D-T-O Damage one enemy
Different Beat* T-S-X-O-U Damage one enemy
My Final Heaven* U-R-D-L-T Damage all enemies

Metal Knuckle +0 +0 75 Fish Fin*1
M-Stone Piece*4
Maverick +4 +1 150 Dragon Fin*1
Spider Web*1
Gauntlet +11 +3 300 Dragon Skin*1
Fury Fragment*1
Ehrgeiz +18 +5 600 Adamantine*1
Dragon Skin*4
Fury Fragment*1



Limit Break: Slot
Selphie's Limit is a bit unusual. When you use it, the name of a spell
and a number appear. The number indicates how many times that spell will
be cast. If you don't like the result, choose "Do over" to get another
one. Be warned, the battle will continue on while you're selecting
slots... Most of the Slots are normal spells, but there are a few
special ones. These ones are never cast multiple times, and will appear
on Selphie's limit list in her status screen after you use them once.

Special Slots:
Full Cure - Restores HP and status to all allies
Wall - Casts Protect and Shell on all allies
Rapture - Kill one enemy. Doesn't work on bosses.
The End - Kill all enemies. Even works on bosses.
Percent* - Drops enemies' HP to critical levels.
Catastrophe* - Heavy damage on all enemies.

*Percent and Catastrophe cannot be obtained normally. You need a
GameShark or similar device to use them.

Flail +0 +0 75 M-Stone Piece*2
Bomb Fragment*1
Morning Star +3 +1 150 Steel Orb*2
Sharp Spike*2
Crescent Wish +8 +2 300 Inferno Fang*1
Life Ring*1
Sharp Spike*4
Strange Vision +13 255% 600 Adamantine*1
Star Fragment*3
Curse Spike*2



Limit Break: Combine
Rinoa is the only character with two different Limit Breaks. The first
Limit Break involves her calling on her dog, Angelo, (you can change his
name) for help. The second is Angel Wing, which puts her in a special
status. See below for more details on each.

Angelo abilities:

Angelo starts with the Angelo Rush and Angelo Cannon abilities. His
other abilities are obtained by reading the various Pet Pals magazines.
After reading the magazine, go to Rinoa's status screen and look at her
Limit Breaks. Choose the ability you want to learn, then walk around
with Rinoa in your party. After a while, you'll hear a noise; this
indicates that you've learned the ability.

Angelo's abilities are of two types. The first type are the actual Limit
Breaks. When Rinoa gets a Limit Break in battle, select "Angelo" from
the list and one of the Angelo abilities you have will be chosen at
random, then used. The abilities used this way are Angelo Strike, Angelo
Cannon, Invincible Moon, and Wishing Star.

The second type of Angelo abilities are used randomly during a battle.
These abilities are Angelo Rush, Angelo Recover, Angelo Reverse, and
Angelo Search. Angelo Rush is only used when Rinoa is attacked; Angelo
Recover can be used anytime when a character is in critical condition;
Angelo Reverse can be used anytime a character is knocked out; and
Angelo Search can be used any time whatsoever.

The effects of the Angelo abilities are:

Angelo Cannon - Attacks all enemies
Angelo Strike - Attacks one enemy
Invincible Moon - Makes all allies temporalily invincible
Wishing Star - Repeatedly attacks all enemies
Angelo Rush - Attacks enemy when Rinoa is hit
Angelo Recover - Heals a character in critical condition
Angelo Reverse - Revives a dead character
Angelo Search - Looks for items during a battle

Angel Wing:

Rinoa's Angel Wing Limit Break can only be used after a certain point in
the story. This Limit Break puts her in a special status similar to
Berserk; Rinoa is uncontrollable, and will only cast spells. However,
the effects of the spells are greatly increased. From what I've heard,
Rinoa can only cast spells in her stock, but she doesn't actually use up
the spells. I haven't used this much.

Pinwheel +0 +0 75 M-Stone Piece*3
Valkyrie +3 +2 150 Shear Feather*1
Magic Stone*1
Rising Sun +7 +4 300 Saw Blade*1
Cardinal +13 +5 600 Cockatrice Pinion*1
Mesmerize Blade*1
Sharp Spike*1
Shooting Star +17 +8 750 Windmill*2
Regen Ring*1
Force Armlet*1
Energy Crystal*2



Limit Break: Shot
Irvine's Limit Break allows him to shoot special kinds of ammo. This is
what Ifrit's Ammo-RF ability is used for. When you activate this Limit,
first choose a type of ammo, then a time meter and an ammo indicator
will appear at the bottom of the screen. Their functions should be
fairly obvious; the time meter gets shorter and shorter, and when it
runs out, you can't shoot anymore. The ammo indicator indicates how much
of the specified ammo you have left; if it runs out, you can't shoot.
Hit the R1 button to shoot. If an enemy takes 0 damage from a shot, it's
dead, so don't bother shooting it anymore.

Normal Shot Normal Physical attack on one enemy
Scatter Shot Shotgun Physical attack on all enemies
Dark Shot Dark Status ailments on one enemy
Flame Shot Fire Fire attack on all enemies

Canister Shot Demolition Strong attack on one enemy
Quick Shot Fast Weak, but very fast, attack on one enemy
Armor Shot AP Defense-ignoring attack on one enemy
Hyper Shot Pulse Powerful attack on one enemy

Valiant +0 +0 75 Steel Pipe*1
Ulysses +3 +3 150 Steel Pipe*1
Bomb Fragment*1
Bismarck +8 +5 300 Steel Pipe*2
Dynamo Stone*4
Exeter +13 +10 600 Dino Bone*2
Moon Stone*1
Star Fragment*2


Other characters:
For all other characters, the Limit Breaks are used in exactly the same
way. They only have one Limit. When their Limit comes up in battle,
select their Limit command as usual, then select their one ability.
Nothing special. Also, since they only have one weapon, no details are
given on it.


Limit Break: Fire Cross
No Mercy - Hits all enemies

Weapon: Hyperion


Limit Break: Limit
Desperado - Hits all enemies

Weapon: Machine Gun


Limit Break: Limit
Massive Anchor - Hits all enemies

Weapon: Harpoon


Limit Break: Limit
Blood Pain - Repeatedly hits one enemy

Weapon: Katal


Limit Break: Sorcery
Ice Strike - Hits one enemy

Weapon: None


"Spell Name" and "Effect" are pretty much self-explanatory. "Ability"
tells which refinement ability you can use to make it, leaving off the
"Mag-RF" part of the ability name. Also, spells that can be made with
the same refinement ability are listed together.

Thunder T Thunder attack (weak)
Thundara T, Mid Thunder attack (medium)
Thundaga T, High Thunder attack (strong)
Aero T Wind attack (weak)
Tornado T, High Wind attack (medium), hits all enemies

Blizzard I Ice attack (weak)
Blizzara I, Mid Ice attack (medium)
Blizzaga I, High Ice attack (strong)
Water I Water attack (weak)

Fire F Fire attack (weak)
Fira F, Mid Fire attack (medium)
Firaga F, High Fire attack (strong)
Flare F Non-elemental attack (strong)

Cure L Restore HP, damage undead (low)
Cura L, Mid Restore HP, damage undead (medium)
Curaga L, High Restore HP, damage undead (high)
Death L Kill target
Full-life L Restores dead character with full HP
Holy L Holy attack (strong)
Life L Restores dead character with some HP
Regen L Target gradually recovers HP
Zombie L Makes target undead

Berserk ST Auto attack, Strength up
Bio ST Poison attack (weak), poisons target
Blind ST Target's hit rate down
Break ST Target turns to stone
Confuse ST Target moves randomly
Drain ST Take HP from enemy
Meltdown ST Non-elemental attack, lowers defense
Pain ST Causes Poison, Darkness, Silence
Silence ST Can't cast spells
Sleep ST Fall asleep; wake up when attacked

Demi Time Takes off portion of enemy's current HP
Double Time Cast same spell twice in one turn
Quake Time Earth attack (medium), hits all enemies
Slow Time Time gauge fills more slowly
Stop Time Time gauge stops
Triple Time, High Cast same spell 3 times in one turn

Aura Supt Higher chance of getting Limit Breaks
Dispel Supt Remove positive status
Esuna Supt Restore most status ailments
Protect Supt Reduces damage from physical attacks
Reflect Supt Reflects spells cast on target
Shell Supt Reduces damage from magic attacks

Meteor Forbid Non-elemental attack, hits repeatedly
Ultima Forbid Non-elemental attack, hits all enemies

Scan None View enemy stats
Float None Target floats in the air
Apocalypse* None Attacks all enemies (non-elemental?)

*Apocaylpse can only be obtained by Drawing it in the final battle.


"Spell Name" is pretty much self-explanatory. The other entries are how
much each stat is increased when you junction 100 of that spell to that
stat. Similarly, the Elemental and Status Junction lists are for 100 of
the specified spell.

Note: Unless you use a GameShark or similar device, Apocaylpse can only
be obtained during the final battle, and thus cannot be Junctioned.
Also, Selphie's special Slot effects (including the two GS-only ones)
can be obtained as normal spells with a GameShark, but cannot be

HP Str Vit Mag Spr Spd Eva Hit Luck
Aero 300 17 10 16 10 20 7% 22% 15
Apocalypse 4200 80 80 80 90 30 12% 30% 30
Aura 3400 70 22 24 24 10 2% 50% 40
Berserk 300 13 8 14 8 5 2% 4% 3
Bio 700 24 15 24 15 5 2% 4% 4
Blind 100 6 5 12 10 3 1% 30% 2
Blizzaga 1500 30 16 30 16 14 4% 20% 14
Blizzara 200 15 8 15 8 12 3% 16% 12
Blizzard 100 10 5 10 4 8 2% 10% 8
Break 1000 20 20 34 35 10 4% 10% 12
Confuse 700 22 18 28 18 18 3% 8% 8
Cura 500 8 28 8 28 4 2% 3% 3
Curaga 2200 20 65 20 65 10 4% 10% 10
Cure 200 4 15 4 15 3 1% 2% 2
Death 1800 22 22 38 58 10 4% 10% 38
Demi 1600 34 18 36 18 12 3% 14% 10
Dispel 1000 12 38 16 60 8 3% 8% 14
Double 200 15 6 18 6 10 4% 40% 2
Drain 500 13 30 20 24 6 2% 5% 4
Esuna 500 6 36 12 36 3 1% 3% 10
Fira 200 15 8 15 8 12 3% 16% 12
Firaga 1500 30 16 30 16 14 4% 20% 14
Fire 100 10 5 10 4 8 2% 10% 8
Flare 3200 56 26 44 26 12 4% 26% 12
Float 200 8 15 8 15 16 3% 12% 20
Full-life 4800 20 80 20 85 8 4% 8% 20
Haste 500 12 16 20 20 50 8% 10% 10
Holy 3800 55 28 45 48 10 7% 24% 14
Life 1200 8 50 10 50 4 1% 3% 4
Meltdown 1500 24 80 20 20 3 1% 12% 8
Meteor 4600 70 34 52 34 30 12% 40% 22
Pain 2800 42 38 60 45 4 1% 4% 40
Protect 500 6 40 10 18 3 1% 3% 14
Quake 2600 40 20 40 20 7 3% 30% 12
Reflect 2000 14 46 20 72 10 4% 8% 16
Regen 2600 18 70 18 60 8 3% 8% 8
Scan 100 5 5 5 5 3 1% 3% 3
Shell 500 6 18 10 40 3 1% 3% 14
Silence 100 6 5 12 10 4 1% 3% 2
Sleep 100 6 5 12 10 4 4% 3% 2
Slow 500 12 16 20 20 40 8% 10% 10
Stop 800 18 20 30 24 48 10% 20% 10
Thundaga 1500 30 16 30 16 14 4% 20% 14
Thundara 200 15 8 15 8 12 3% 16% 12
Thunder 100 10 5 10 4 8 2% 10% 8
Tornado 3000 48 24 42 24 33 12% 38% 14
Triple 2400 70 10 70 10 70 16% 150% 30
Ultima 6000 100 82 100 95 60 23% 60% 60
Water 300 20 14 18 14 12 4% 18% 13
Zombie 800 15 24 15 12 2 1% 2% 2

Elemental Junction list:

Aero Wind +80% Wind +80%
Apocalypse -- All +100%
Bio Poison +100% Poison +150%
Blizzaga Ice +50% Ice +50%
Blizzara Ice +80% Ice +80%
Blizzard Ice +100% Ice +150%
Fira Fire +80% Fire +80%
Firaga Fire +100% Fire +150%
Fire Fire +50% Fire +50%
Flare -- Fire, Ice, Lightning +20%
Float -- Earth +50%
Full-life -- All +40%
Holy Holy +100% Holy +200%
Life -- All +30%
Meteor -- Wind, Earth +30%
Protect -- Fire, Ice, Lightning +20%
Quake Earth +100% Earth +200%
Shell -- All +20%
Thundaga Lightning +100% Lightning +150%
Thundara Lightning +80% Lightning +80%
Thunder Lightning +50% Lightning +50%
Tornado Wind +100% Wind +200%
Ultima -- All +100%
Water Water +100% Water +150%

Status Junction list:

Aura -- Curse +100%
Berserk Berserk +100% Berserk +100%
Bio Poison +100% Poison +100%
Blind Blind +100% Blind +100%
Break Petrify +100% Petrify +100%
Confuse Confuse +100% Confuse +100%
Death Death +100% Death +100%
Dispel -- Drain +50%
Drain Drain +100% Drain +100%
Esuna -- All but Dt, Dr, Z +20%
Full-life -- Death +40%
Holy -- P, Dt, Br, Z, Sp, Cf, Cr, Dr +40%
Life -- Death +20%
Pain P, Bl, Sp +100% P, Bl, Sp, Cr +100%
Reflect -- All but Dt, Dr, Z, Cr +25%
Silence Silence +100% Silence +100%
Sleep Sleep +100% Sleep +100%
Slow Slow +100% Slow +100%
Stop Stop +100% Stop +100%
Zombie Zombie +100% Zombie +100%

Key for Status Junctions:

Ps - Poison, Cf - Confuse, Pt - Petrify, Si - Silence, Dt - Death,
Dr - Drain, Cr - Curse, Br - Berserk, Z - Zombie, Sl - Slow, St - Stop, Bl -
Blind, Sp - Sleep

***GF LIST***

Note: "Boosting time" is a relative measure of how long you have to
Boost. The following values are the best Boosts I've been able to get at
each level:

Low- 120-130
Medium- 140-150
High- 150-170
VERY high- 250
N/A - GF can't use Boost

If you can do better than these, good for you.

"Starting abilities" are abilities the GF has when you first obtain it.
"Natural abilities" are abilities the GF learns on its own, without
using items. Some abilities require you to learn other abilities first;
I've tried to make this clear in the lists. For instance,

Mag+20% Elem-Atk-J

means that once you learn Mag+20%, you can learn Elem-Atk-J and Mag+40%.
Other abilities can only be learned once the GF has reached a certain
level; in these cases, the ability is followed by the required level in
brackets. For example: Mad Rush(10) means that the GF must be at Level
10 before you can learn Mad Rush.

To get: Get it and Shiva from the terminal at Squall's desk at the start
of the game.
Effect: Thunder Storm. Thunder attack on all enemies.
Boosting time: Low
Starting level: 1
Starting abilities: Mag-J, Magic, GF, Draw, Item
Natural abilities:
Vit-J Elem-Def-J Elem-Def*2
Card Card Mod
Mag+20% Elem-Atk-J
SumMag+10% SumMag+20% SumMag+30%
GFHP+10% GFHP+20%
T Mag-RF Mid Mag-RF

To get: See Quetzacoatal.
Effect: Diamond Dust. Ice attack on all enemies.
Boosting time: Low
Starting level: 1
Starting abilities: Spr-J, Magic, GF, Draw, Item
Natural abilities:
Str-J Elem-Atk-J
Vit-J Elem-Def-J Elem-Def*2
Vit+20% Vit+40%
Spr+20% Spr+40%
SumMag+10% SumMag+20% SumMag+30%
GFHP+10% GFHP+20%
I Mag-RF

To get: Defeat him in the Fire Cave near the start of the game.
Effect: Hellfire. Fire attack on all enemies.
Boosting time: Low
Starting level: 1
Starting abilities: Str-J, Elem Atk-J, Magic, GF, Draw, Item
Natural abilities:
Elem-Def-J Elem-Def*2
Mad Rush(10)
Str+20% Str+40% Str Bonus
SumMag+10% SumMag+20% SumMag+30%
GFHP+10% GFHP+20% GFHP+30%
F Mag-RF Ammo-RF

To get: Draw from Elvoret on top of the Dollet communications tower, or
from Tri-Point in the final dungeon.
Effect: Silent Voice. Non-elemental attack on all enemies; causes
Boosting time: Low
Starting level: 3
Starting abilities: Mag-J, ST-Atk-J, ST Def-J, Magic, GF, Draw, Item
Natural abilities:
Mag+20% Mag+40% Mag Bonus
SumMag+10% SumMag+20% SumMag+30%
GFHP+10% GFHP+20%
L Mag-RF

To get: Defeat them in the Tomb of the Unknown King.
Effect: Brotherly Love. Earth attack on all enemies.
Boosting time: Medium
Starting level: 7
Starting abilities: HP-J, Magic, GF, Draw, Item, HP+20%
Natural abilities:
Str-J Elem-Atk-J
Spr-J Elem-Def-J
HP+40% HP+80% HP Bonus
SumMag+10% SumMag+20% SumMag+30%
GFHP+10% GFHP+20% GFHP+30%

To get: Use the Magical Lamp and you'll fight him. Defeat him to get him
as a GF. (Note: You automatically get the Magical Lamp.)
Effect: Dark Messenger. Attacks all enemies, does damage based on their
max HP.
Boosting time: N/A
Starting level: 9
Starting abilities: Mag-J, Ability*3, Magic, GF, Draw, Item
Natural abilities:
HP-J HP+20% HP+40% HP+80%
Mag+20% Mag+40%
Enc-Half Enc-None
GFHP+10% GFHP+20% GFHP+30%
Time Mag-RF

To get: Draw from the Iguions near the end of Disc 1, or from Krysta in
the final dungeon.
Effect: Ruby Light. Casts Reflect on all allies.
Boosting time: N/A
Starting level: 16
Starting abilities: Vit-J, Ability*3, Magic, GF, Draw, Item
Natural abilities:
HP-J HP+20% HP+40%
Mag-J ST-Atk-J
ST-Def-J ST-Def-J*2
Vit+20% Vit+40% Vit Bonus
Counter Auto-Reflect
GFHP+10% GFHP+20% GFHP+30%
Recov Med-RF

To get: Draw from NORG after destroying the pod that hides him, or from
Trauma in the final dungeon.
Effect: Tsunami. Water attack on all enemies.
Boosting Time: Medium
Starting level: 17
Starting abilities: Spr-J, Elem-Def*2, Magic, GF, Draw, Item
Natural abilities:
Mag-J Elem-Atk-J
Spr+20% Spr+40% Spr Bonus
SumMag+10% SumMag+20% SumMag+30%
GFHP+10% GFHP+20% GFHP+30%
Supt Mag-RF GFRecov Med-RF

To get: Draw from Fujin when you fight her and Raijin in Balamb Hotel,
or from the Red Giant in the final dungeon.
Effect: Tornado Zone. Wind attack on all enemies.
Boosting time: High
Starting level: 19
Starting abilities: Str-J, Elem-Atk-J, Elem-Def-J, Magic, GF, Draw, Item
Natural abilities:
Spd-J Spd+20% Spd+40%
Str+20% Str+40%
SumMag+10% SumMag+20% SumMag+30%
GFHP+10% GFHP+20% GFHP+30%

To get: Defeat it in Galbadia Garden's main hall near the end of Disc 2,
or Draw it from Gargantua in the final dungeon.
Effect: Counter Rockets. (No, I don't know why it's called that.) Casts
Double and Triple on all allies.
Boosting time: N/A
Starting level: 23
Starting abilities: Str-J, Hit-J, Ability*3, Magic, GF, Draw, Item
Natural abilities:
Mag-J ST-Atk-J
Spr-J ST-Def-J ST-Def-J*2 ST-Def-J*4
Spd-J Spd+20% Spd+40% Auto-Haste
GFHP+10% GFHP+20% GFHP+30%

To get: Draw from Edea at the end of Disc 2, or from Catoblepas in the
final dungeon.
Effect: Holy Judgement. Holy attack on all enemies.
Boosting time: High
Starting level: 25
Starting abilities: Spr-J, Elem-Def*2, Ability*3, Magic, GF, Draw, Item
Natural abilities:
Spr+20% Spr+40%
Med Data Med LV Up
SumMag+10% SumMag+20% SumMag+30%
GFHP+10% GFHP+20% GFHP+30%
High Mag-RF

To get: Get Solomon's Ring at Tear's Point. Use the Ring when you have 6
Malboro Tentacles, 6 Remedy+s, and 6 Steel Pipes; all the listed items
will be used up, and you'll get Doomtrain without a battle.
Effect: Runaway Train. Poison damage + various status ailments on all
Boosting time: High
Starting level: 28
Starting abilities: Elem-Atk-J, ST-Atk-J, Magic, GF, Draw, Item,
Junk Shop
Natural abilities:
SumMag+10% SumMag+20% SumMag+30% SumMag+40%
GFHP+10% GFHP+20% GFHP+30% GFHP+40%
Forbid Med-RF

To get: Defeat him at the Deep Sea Research Center.
Effect: Mega Flare. Non-elemental damage on all enemies.
Boosting time: High
Starting level: 35
Starting abilities: Ability*4, Magic, GF, Draw, Item, Str+60%, Mag+60%, Forbid
Natural abilities:
Move-HP Up
Rare Item
SumMag+10% SumMag+20% SumMag+30% SumMag+40%
GFHP+10% GFHP+20% GFHP+30% GFHP+40%

To get: Defeat Jumbo Cactuar on Cactaur Island.
Effect: 1000 Needles. Hits all enemies for (Cactaur's Level)/10 (rounded
up once Cactaur's level ends in 5) * 1000 damage, regardless of the
enemy's defenses.
Boosting time: N/A
Starting level: 20
Starting abilities: Magic, GF, Draw, Item, HP Bonus, Str Bonus,
Vit Bonus, Mag Bonus, Spr Bonus
Natural abilities:
Eva-J Eva+30% Expend*2-1
Luck-J Luck+50%
Move-HP Up
GFHP+10% GFHP+20% GFHP+30%

To get: Defeat about 20 Tonberrys in the Centra Ruins. (It's easiest if
you beat Odin first.) After this is done, the Tonberry King will appear.
Defeat him for this GF.
Effect: Cooking Knife. Non-elemental damage to one randomly selected
Boosting time: Low
Starting level: 30
Starting abilities: Magic, GF, Draw, Item, LV Down, LV Up, Eva+30%, Luck+50%
Natural abilities:
Move-HP Up
SumMag+10% SumMag+20% SumMag+30%
GFHP+10% GFHP+20% GFHP+30%
Haggle Sell-High
Familiar Call Shop

To get: Draw from Ultima Weapon at the Deep Sea Research Center, or from
Tiamat in the final dungeon.
Effect: Eternal Breath. VERY strong (5 digit-damage!) non-elemental
attack on all enemies.
Boosting time: VERY high; you can easily Boost it to 250.
Starting level: 30
Starting abilities: Spd-J, Eva-J, Hit-J, Magic, GF, Draw, Item, Devour
Natural abilities:
Mad Rush
SumMag+10% SumMag+20% SumMag+30% SumMag+40%
GFHP+10% GFHP+20% GFHP+30% GFHP+40%
GFAbl Med-RF

Note: Unlike other GFs, Eden requires 1000 Exp per level.

Special GFs:
These GFs cannot be junctioned, and either appear randomly or can be
summoned with items after you get them.

Boco the Chicobo
To get: Get a Chocobo at any Chocobo Forest. Chocoboy gives it to you
when you ride out. Once you have it, use Gysahl Greens in battle to
summon it.
Effect: Choco Fire. Pretty weak. If you have the fortune to get your
hands on a Pocketstation, however, you can level up your Chicobo and it
will gain stronger attacks.

To get: Defeat him at the Centra Ruins.
Effect: Zantetsuken. Odin randomly appears at the start of a battle and
kills all enemies. This _never_ fails. However, Odin will not appear in
most boss battles, with the exception of the Propagators.

To get: Use a Phoenix Pinion in battle. After using it once, Phoenix
will appear randomly.
Effect: Rebirth Flame. Fire damage to all enemies, revives all fallen

To get: Have Odin before the end of Disc 3. In the last battle of Disc
3, Odin will be replaced by Gilgamesh.
Effect: Gilgamesh appears randomly during battles once you have him.
He'll use one of 4 special attacks:
Excaliber- Damages all enemies
Excalipoor- 1 damage to all enemies
Masamune- Damages all enemies
Zantetsuken- Same as Odin's, but doesn't always work


Junction Abilities: (Do not have to be set)

HP-J Can Junction spell to HP stat
Str-J Can Junction spell to Strength stat
Vit-J Can Junction spell to Vitality stat
Mag-J Can Junction spell to Magic Power stat
Spr-J Can Junction spell to Spirit stat
Spd-J Can Junction spell to Speed stat
Eva-J Can Junction spell to Evade stat
Hit-J Can Junction spell to Hit stat
Luck-J Can Junction spell to Luck stat
Elem-Atk-J Can Junction spell to Elemental Attack
Elem-Def-J Can Junction 1 spell to Elemental Defense
Elem-Def*2 Can Junction 2 spells to Elemental Defense
Elem-Def*4 Can Junction 4 spells to Elemental Defense
ST-Atk-J Can Junction spell to Status Attack
ST-Def-J Can Junction 1 spell to Status Defense
ST-Def*2 Can Junction 2 spells to Status Defense
ST-Def*4 Can Junction 4 spells to Status Defense
Ability*3 Can set up to 3 Character/Party Abilities
Ability*4 Can set to 4 Character/Party Abilities

Command Abilities: (Must be set to be effective)

(Organized alphabetically)

Absorb Same effect as Drain
Card Turn enemy into a Triple Triad Card
Darkside Triple-damage attack, user loses 10% of max HP
Defend Physical attacks do 0 damage, magic attacks halved
Devour Eat enemy; effects vary
Doom Causes death countdown
Draw Draw spells in battle
GF Summon an equipped GF in battle
Item Use items in battle
Kamikaze Heavy damage, kills user
LV Down Halves enemy's level
LV Up Doubles enemy's level
Mad Rush Berserk, Haste, and Protect on all allies
Magic Cast spells in battle
MiniMog ????
Recover Restores all HP to one character
Revive Revives dead character
Treatment Cures most status ailments

Character Abilities: (Must be set to be effective)

(Statistics-affecting abilities listed first, the rest orgnaized alphabetically)

HP+20% Max HP value raised by 20%
HP+40% Max HP value raised by 40%
HP+80% Max HP value raised by 80%
Str+20% Strength value raised by 20%
Str+40% Strength value raised by 40%
Str+60% Strength value raised by 60%
Vit+20% Vitality value raised by 20%
Vit+40% Vitality value raised by 40%
Vit+60% Vitality value raised by 60%
Mag+20% Magic Power value raised by 20%
Mag+40% Magic Power value raised by 40%
Mag+60% Magic Power value raised by 60%
Spr+20% Spirit value raised by 20%
Spr+40% Spirit value raised by 40%
Spr+60% Spirit value raised by 60%
Spd+20% Speed value raised by 20%
Spd+40% Speed value raised by 40%
Eva+30% Evade value raised by 30%
Luck+50% Luck value raised by 50%
HP Bonus Max HP+30 at level up
Str Bonus Strength+1 at level up
Vit Bonus Vitality+1 at level up
Mag Bonus Magic Power+1 at level up
Spr Bonus Spirit+1 at level up
Auto-Haste Always in Haste status
Auto-Potion Use healing items when attacked
Auto-Protect Always in Protect status
Auto-Reflect Always in Reflect status
Auto-Shell Always in Shell status
Counter Counterattacks when physically attacked
Cover Guard ally in critical, take half damage
Expend*2-1 Use up only 1 spell in Double
Expend*3-1 Use up only 1 spell in Triple
Initiative Time gauge full at the start of every battle
Med Data Items heal for double
Move-HP Up Restore HP by walking on the World Map
Mug Steal items when attacking
Ribbon Protects against all status ailments
Return Damage When damaged, heal 1/4 of damage and return to enemy

Party Abilities: (Must be set to be effective)

(Organized alphabetically)

Alert Lessens chances of being surprised by enemy
Enc-Half Random encounter rate lowered
Enc-None No random encoutners (except in certain situations)
Move-Find See hidden Save and Draw Points
Rare Item Easier to find rare items after battle

GF Abilities: (Do not have to be set)

SumMag+10% GF does 10% more damage when summoned
SumMag+20% GF does 20% more damage when summoned
SumMag+30% GF does 30% more damage when summoned
SumMag+40% GF does 40% more damage when summoned
GFHP+10% GF gets 10% more HP
GFHP+20% GF gets 20% more HP
GFHP+30% GF gets 30% more HP
GFHP+40% GF gets 40% more HP
Boost Allows you to raise GF's power during summon animation

Menu Abilities: (Do not have to be set)

Ammo-RF Make ammo from items
Call Shop Call any visited shops
Card Mod Make items from cards
Familiar Buy more items from shops
F Mag-RF Make Fire and Flare spells from items
Forbid Mag-RF Make Ultima and Meteor spells from items
Forbid Med-RF Make powerful medicine from items
GF Abl Med-RF Make items that teach GFs abilities
GF Recov Med-RF Make items that restore GFs
Haggle Buy items at a discount
High Mag-RF Make high-level magic from medium-level
I Mag-RF Make Ice and Water magic from items
Junk Shop Call a Junk Shop
L Mag-RF Make Cure and Death magic from items
Med LV Up Make strong healing items from weaker ones
Mid Mag-RF Make medium-level magic from low-level
Recov Med-RF Make healing items
Sell-High Sell items for more than usual
ST Mag-RF Make status-changing spells from items
ST Med-RF Make status recovery items
Supt Mag-RF Make Support magic from items
T Mag-RF Make Lightning/Wind spells from items
Time Mag-RF Make Time/Space spells from items
Tool-RF Make specialty items


These charts are to be used as a reference when you want to see how to
learn a specific ability. I would have included this with the ability
lists, but there just wasn't enough space per line.

"Ability Name" should be self-explanatory. "Learned By" indicates which
GFs start with the ability or can learn it through AP. If it says
"none", that ability can only be learned with items. "AP" is how much AP
is needed to learn the ability, (N/A indicates that either no GFs have
that ability, or all the ones that do start with it) and "Item" is the
name of the item that teaches the ability. (N/A if no item teaches it)

GF Abbreviations:
Q - Quezacotl Sh - Shiva I - Ifrit Sr - Siren
Br - Brothers Di - Diablos Cb - Carbuncle L - Leviathan
P - Pandemona Cr - Cerberus A - Alexander Dm - Doomtrain
Bh - Bahamut Ca - Cactaur T - Tonberry E - Eden
All - All GFs Not - All but listed GFs

Junction Abilities:
HP-J QIBrDiCb 50 HP-J Scroll
Str-J ShIBrPCr 50 Str-J Scroll
Vit-J QShCb 50 Vit-J Scroll
Mag-J QSrDiCbLCr 50 Mag-J Scroll
Spr-J ShBrLCrA 50 Spr-J Scroll
Spd-J PCrE 120 Spd-J Scroll
Hit-J DiCrE 120 N/A
Eva-J CaE 200 Aegis Armlet
Luck-J Ca 200 Luck-J Scroll
Elem-Atk-J QShIBrLPADm 160 Elem Atk
Elem-Def-J QShIBrP 100 N/A
Elem-Def*2 QShILPA 130 N/A
Elem-Def*4 ADm 180 Elem Guard
ST-Atk-J SrCbCrDm 160 Status Atk
ST-Def-J SrCbCr 100 N/A
ST-Def-J*2 SrCbCr 130 N/A
ST-Def-J*4 CrDm 180 Status Guard
Ability*3 DiCbCrA N/A N/A
Ability*4 Bh N/A Rosetta Stone

Command Abilities:
Magic All N/A Magic Scroll
Draw All N/A Draw Scroll
GF All N/A GF Scroll
Item All N/A Item Scroll
Absorb PDm 80 N/A
Card Q 40 Gambler Spirit
Darkside DiDmE 100 N/A
Defend BrCa 100 N/A
Devour E N/A Hungry Cookpot
Doom Sh 60 N/A
Kamikaze Ca 100 Bomb Spirit
LV Down T N/A N/A
Mad Rush IE 60 N/A
MiniMog None N/A Mog's Amulet
Recover L 200 Healing Ring
Revive A 200 Phoenix Spirit
Treatment Sr 100 Med Kit

Character Abilities:
HP+20% BrDiCb 60 Regen Ring
HP+40% BrDiCb 120 Giant's Ring
HP+80% BrDi 240 Gaea's Ring
Str+20% IP 60 Strength Love
Str+40% IP 120 Power Wrist
Str+60% Bh N/A Hyper Wrist
Vit+20% ShCb 60 Turtle Shell
Vit+40% ShCb 120 Orihalcon
Vit+60% None N/A Adamantine
Mag+20% QSrDi 60 Circlet
Mag+40% QSrDi 120 Hypno Crown
Mag+60% Bh N/A Royal Crown
Spr+20% ShLA 60 Rune Armlet
Spr+40% ShLA 120 Force Armlet
Spr+60% None N/A Magic Armlet
Spd+20% PCr 150 Jet Engine
Spd+40% PCr 200 Rocket Engine
Eva+30% CaT 150 N/A
Luck+50% CaTE 200 N/A
HP Bonus BrCa 100 N/A
Str Bonus ICa 100 N/A
Vit Bonus CbCa 100 N/A
Mag Bonus SrCa 100 N/A
Spr Bonus LCa 100 N/A
Auto-Haste Cr 250 Accelerator
Auto-Potion LCaT 150 N/A
Auto-Protect Bh 250 Steel Curtain
Auto-Reflect Cb 250 Glow Curtain
Auto-Shell Dm 250 Moon Curtain
Counter Cb 200 Monk's Code
Cover Br 100 Knight's Code
Expend*2-1 CrBhCa 250 N/A
Expend*3-1 E 250 Three Stars
Initiative PCaT 160 N/A
Med Data A 200 Doc's Code
Move-HP Up BhCaT 200 N/A
Mug DiBh 200 N/A
Ribbon None N/A Ribbon
Return Damage None N/A Hundred Needles

Party Abilities:
Alert Cr 200 N/A
Enc-Half Di 30 N/A
Enc-None Di 100 N/A
Move-Find Sr 40 N/A
Rare Item Bh 250 N/A

GF Abilities:
SumMag+10% Not DiCbCrCa 40 Steel Pipe
SumMag+20% Not DiCbCrCa 70 Star Fragment
SumMag+30% Not DiCbCrCa 140 Energy Crystal
SumMag+40% DmBhE 200 Samantha Soul
GFHP+10% All 40 Healing Mail
GFHP+20% All 70 Silver Mail
GFHP+30% Not QShSr 140 Gold Armor
GFHP+40% DmBhE 200 Diamond Armor
Boost Not DiCbCrCa 10 N/A

Menu Abilities:
Ammo-RF I 30 N/A
Call Shop T 200 N/A
Card Mod Q 80 N/A
Familiar T 150 N/A
F Mag-RF I 30 N/A
Forbid Mag-RF Bh N/A N/A
Forbid Med-RF Dm 200 N/A
GF Abl Med-RF E 30 N/A
GF Recov Med-RF L 30 N/A
Haggle T 150 N/A
High Mag-RF A 60 N/A
I Mag-RF Sh 30 N/A
Junk Shop Dm N/A N/A
L Mag-RF Sr 30 N/A
Med LV Up A 120 N/A
Mid Mag-RF Q 60 N/A
Recov Med-RF Cb 30 N/A
Sell-High T 150 N/A
ST Mag-RF Di 30 N/A
ST Med-RF Sr 30 N/A
Supt Mag-RF L 30 N/A
T Mag-RF Q 30 N/A
Time Mag-RF Di 30 N/A
Tool-RF Sr 30 N/A

The "L" column indicates the level of the card. "Card Name" and
"Element" are pretty much self-explanatory. "N" refers to the number on
the North side of the card, "W" is the West side, etc. "Card Mod" is
what you can make from that card using the Card Mod ability; see the
"GF/Abilities" section for more information. The entry in the Card Mod
column will look something like: "1 - 10 Adamantines". The first number
is the number of cards needed. The second is the number of the item
produced. The third is the item name. Also, the line after every rare
card explains where to find it. A "*" next to the level number indicates
that the card is rare.

L Card Name N W E S Element Card Mod
1 Geezard 1 5 4 1 N/A 1 - 5 Screws
1 Funguar 5 3 1 1 N/A 1 - 1 M-Stone Piece
1 Bite Bug 1 5 3 3 N/A 1 - 1 M-Stone Piece
1 Red Bat 6 2 1 1 N/A 1 - 1 Vampire Fang
1 Blobra 2 5 3 1 N/A 4 - 1 Rune Armlet
1 Gayla 2 4 1 4 Thunder 1 - 1 Mystery Fluid
1 Gesper 1 1 5 4 N/A 1 - 1 Black Hole
1 Fastitocalon-F 3 1 5 2 Earth 5 - 1 Water Crystal
1 Blood Soul 2 1 1 6 N/A 1 - 1 Zombie Powder
1 Caterchipillar 4 3 2 4 N/A 1 - 1 Spider Web
1 Cockatrice 2 6 1 2 Thunder 1 - 1 Cockatrice Pinion
2 Grat 7 1 1 3 N/A 1 - 1 Magic Stone
2 Buel 6 3 2 2 N/A 1 - 1 Magic Stone
2 Mesmerize 5 4 3 3 N/A 1 - 1 Mesmerize Blade
2 Glacial Eye 6 3 1 4 Ice 1 - 1 Arctic Wind
2 Belhelmel 3 3 4 5 N/A 1 - 1 Saw Blade
2 Thrustaevis 5 5 3 2 Wind 1 - 1 Shear Feather
2 Anacondaur 5 5 1 3 Poison 1 - 1 Venom Fang
2 Creeps 5 2 2 5 Thunder 1 - 1 Coral Fragment
2 Grendel 4 2 4 5 Thunder 1 - 1 Dragon Fin
2 Jelleye 3 7 2 1 N/A 1 - 1 Magic Stone
2 Grand Mantis 5 3 2 5 N/A 1 - 1 Sharp Spike
3 Forbidden 6 2 6 3 N/A 1 - 1 Betrayal Sword
3 Armadodo 6 6 3 1 Earth 1 - 1 Dino Bone
3 Tri-Face 3 5 5 5 Posion 1 - 1 Curse Spike
3 Fastitocalon 7 3 5 1 Earth 1 - 1 Water Crystal
3 Snow Lion 7 3 1 5 Ice 1 - 1 North Wind
3 Ochu 5 3 6 3 N/A 1 - 1 Ochu Tentacle
3 SAM08G 5 4 6 2 Fire 1 - 1 Running Fire
3 Death Claw 4 2 4 7 Fire 1 - 1 Sharp Spike
3 Cactaur 6 3 2 6 N/A 1 - 1 Cactus Thorn
3 Tonberry 3 4 6 4 N/A 1 - 1 Chef's Knife
3 Abyss Worm 7 5 2 3 Earth 1 - 1 Windmill
4 Turtapod 2 7 3 6 N/A 5 - 1 Healing Mail
4 Vysage 6 5 5 4 N/A 1 - 1 Wizard Stone
4 T-Rexaur 4 7 6 2 N/A 2 - 1 Dino Bone
4 Bomb 2 3 7 6 Fire 1 - 1 Bomb Fragment
4 Blitz 1 7 6 4 Thunder 1 - 1 Dynamo Stone
4 Wendigo 7 6 3 1 N/A 1 - 1 Steel Orb
4 Torama 7 4 4 4 N/A 5 - 1 Life Ring
4 Imp 3 6 7 3 N/A 1 - 1 Wizard Stone
4 Blue Dragon 6 3 2 7 Poison 4 - 1 Fury Fragment
4 Adamantoise 4 6 5 5 Earth 3 - 1 Turtle Shell
4 Hexadragon 7 3 5 4 Fire 3 - 1 Red Fang
5 Iron Giant 6 5 5 6 N/A 3 - 1 Star Fragment
5 Behemoth 3 7 6 5 N/A 10 - 1 Barrier
5 Chimera 7 3 6 5 Water 10 - 1 Regen Ring
5* PuPu 3 1 A 2 N/A 1 - 1 Hungry Cookpot
5 Elastoid 6 7 2 6 N/A 1 - 1 Steel Pipe
5 GIM47N 5 4 5 7 N/A 1 - 10 Fast Ammo
5 Malboro 7 2 7 4 Poison 4 - 1 Malboro Tentacle
5 Ruby Dragon 7 4 2 7 Fire 10 - 1 Inferno Fang
5 Elnoyle 5 6 3 7 N/A 10 - 1 Energy Crystal
5 Tonberry King 4 4 6 7 N/A 1 - 1 Chef's Knife
5 Wedge, Biggs 6 7 6 2 N/A 1 - 1 X-Potion
6 Fujin, Raijin 2 4 8 8 N/A 1 - 1 X-Potion
6 Elvoret 7 4 8 3 Wind 1 - 10 Death Stones
6 X-ATM092 4 3 8 7 N/A 2 - 1 Turtle Shell
6 Granaldo 7 5 2 8 N/A 1 - 1 G-Returner
6 Gerogero 1 3 8 8 Poison 10 - 1 Circlet
6 Iguion 8 2 2 8 N/A 1 - 1 Cockatrice Pinion
6 Abadon 6 5 8 4 N/A 1 - 30 Dark Ammo
6 Trauma 4 6 8 5 N/A 1 - 30 Demolition Ammo
6 Oilboyle 1 8 8 4 N/A 1 - 30 Fire Ammo
6 Shumi Tribe 6 4 5 8 N/A 5 - 1 Gambler Spirit
6 Krysta 7 1 5 8 N/A 1 - 10 Holy Stones
7 Propagator 8 8 4 4 N/A 1 - 1 G-Mega-Potion
7 Jumbo Cactaur 8 4 8 4 N/A 1 - 1 Cactus Thorn
7 Tri-Point 8 8 5 2 Thunder 40 - 1 Rocket Engine
7 Gargantua 5 8 6 6 N/A 10 - 1 Strength Love
7 Mobile Type 8 8 3 6 7 N/A 1 - 10 Shell Stones
7 Sphinxara 8 8 3 5 N/A 1 - 1 G-Mega-Potion
7 Tiamat 8 4 8 5 N/A 1 - 10 Flare Stones
7 BGH251F2 5 5 7 8 N/A 1 - 10 Protect Stones
7 Red Giant 6 7 8 4 N/A 1 - 5 Meteor Stones
7 Catoblepas 1 7 8 7 N/A 1 - 1 Rename Card
7 Ultima Weapon 7 8 7 2 N/A 1 - 1 Ultima Stone
8* Chubby Chocobo 4 9 4 8 N/A 1 - 100 LuvLuvGs
8* Angelo 9 3 6 7 N/A 1 - 100 Elixirs
8* Gilgamesh 3 6 9 7 N/A 1 - 10 Holy Wars
8* MiniMog 9 2 3 9 N/A 1 - 100 Pet Houses
8* Chicobo 9 4 4 8 N/A 1 - 100 Gysahl Greens
8* Quezacotl 2 4 9 9 Thunder 1 - 100 Dynamo Stones
8* Shiva 6 9 7 4 Ice 1 - 100 North Winds
8* Ifrit 9 8 6 2 Fire 1 - 3 Elem Atks
8* Siren 8 2 9 6 N/A 1 - 3 Status Atks
8* Sacred 5 9 1 9 Earth 1 - 100 Dino Bones
8* Minotaur 9 9 5 2 Earth 1 - 10 Adamantines
9* Carbuncle 8 4 4 A N/A 1 - 3 Glow Curtains
9* Diablos 5 3 A 8 N/A 1 - 100 Black Holes
9* Leviathan 7 7 A 1 Water 1 - 3 Doc's Codes
9* Odin 8 5 A 3 N/A 1 - 100 Dead Spirits
9* Pandemona A 7 1 7 Wind 1 - 100 Windmills
9* Cerberus 7 A 4 6 N/A 1 - 100 Lightweights
9* Alexander 9 2 A 4 Holy 1 - 3 Moon Curtains
9* Phoenix 7 A 2 7 Fire 1 - 3 Phoenix Spirits
9* Bahamut A 6 8 2 N/A 1 - 100 Megalixirs
9* Doomtrain 3 A 1 A Poison 1 - 3 Status Guards
9* Eden 4 A 4 9 N/A 1 - 3 Monk's Codes
10* Ward A 8 7 2 N/A 1 - 3 Gaea's Rings
10* Kiros 6 A 7 6 N/A 1 - 3 Accelerators
10* Laguna 5 9 A 3 N/A 1 - 100 Heroes
10* Selphie A 4 8 6 N/A 1 - 3 Elem Guards
10* Quistis 9 2 6 A N/A 1 - 3 Samantha Souls
10* Irvine 2 A 6 9 N/A 1 - 3 Rocket Engines
10* Zell 8 6 5 A N/A 1 - 3 Hyper Wrists
10* Rinoa 4 A A 2 N/A 1 - 3 Magic Armlets
10* Edea A 3 A 3 N/A 1 - 3 Royal Crowns
10* Seifer 6 4 9 A N/A 1 - 3 Diamond Armors
10* Squall A 9 4 6 N/A 1 - 3 Three Stars



Note: Items in brackets can only be purchased if you have Tonberry's
Familiar ability. Also, if you have Haggle, the price will be 3/4 of the
listed price.

Timber Pet Shop:
G-Potion 200
G-Hi-Potion 600
G-Returner 500
Pet House 1000
Magic Scroll 5000
GF Scroll 5000
Draw Scroll 5000
Item Scroll 5000
Amnesia Greens 1000
(HP-J Scroll) 10000
(Str-J Scroll) 10000
(Vit-J Scroll) 10000
(Mag-J Scroll) 10000
(Spr-J Scroll) 10000
Pet Pals Vol.3 1000
Pet Pals Vol.4 1000

Esthar Shop:
Hi-Potion 500
Phoenix Down 500
Eye Drops 100
Soft 100
Remedy 1000
Tent 1000
Fuel 3000
Normal Ammo 20
Shotgun Ammo 40
Dark Ammo 300
Fire Ammo 500
(Demolition Ammo) 800
(Fast Ammo) 100
G-Potion 200
G-Hi-Potion 600
G-Returner 500

Esthar Pet Shop:
G-Potion 200
G-Hi-Potion 600
G-Returner 500
Pet House 1000
Amnesia Greens 1000
HP-J Scroll 10000
Str-J Scroll 10000
Vit-J Scroll 10000
Mag-J Scroll 10000
Spr-J Scroll 10000
Pet Pals Vol.5 1000
Pet Pals Vol.6 1000
(Giant's Ring) 20000
(Power Wrist) 20000
(Force Armlet) 20000
(Hypno Crown) 20000

Esthar Book Shop:
(Weapons Mon 1st) 50000
Weapons Mon Mar 1000
Weapons Mon Apr 1000
Weapons Mon May 1000
Weapons Mon Jun 1000
Weapons Mon Jul 1000
Weapons Mon Aug 1000
Combat King 001 1000
Combat King 002 1000
Combat King 003 1000
(Combat King 004) 1000
(Combat King 005) 30000
Pet Pals Vol.1 1000
Pet Pals Vol.2 1000
(Occult Fan I) 35000
(Occult Fan II) 35000

Esthar Shop!!!:
Potion 100
Hi-Potion 500
(X-Potion) 5000
(Mega-Potion) 10000
Phoenix Down 500
(Mega Phoenix) 10000
(Elixir) 50000
Antidote 100
Soft 100
Eye Drops 100
Echo Screen 100
Holy Water 1000
Remedy 1000
Tent 1000
(Cottage) 1800
G-Potion 200

All other shops:
Potion 100
Hi-Potion 500
Phoenix Down 500
Antidote 100
Eye Drops 100
Soft 100
Echo Screen 100
Holy Water 100
Remedy 1000
Tent 1000
Fuel 3000
Normal Ammo 20
Shotgun Ammo 40
G-Potion 200
(G-Hi-Potion) 600
G-Returner 500


Note: This does not include the items you can get with Card Mod, since
it seemed better to put that info in the Card List. # means the number
of that item/spell needed for refinement.

Bomb Fragment 1 20 Fire Ammo
Cactus Thorn 1 40 Demolition Ammo
Chef's Knife 1 20 AP Ammo
Energy Crystal 1 10 Pulse Ammo
Fuel 1 10 Fire Ammo
Laser Cannon 1 5 Pulse Ammo
Missile 1 20 Demolition Ammo
Normal Ammo 1 1 Fast Ammo
Poison Powder 1 10 Dark Ammo
Power Generator 1 20 Pulse Ammo
Red Fang 1 40 Fire Ammo
Running Fire 1 40 Demolition Ammo
Screw 1 8 Normal Ammo
Sharp Spike 1 10 AP Ammo
Shotgun Ammo 1 2 Fast Ammo
Venom Fang 1 20 Dark Ammo

F Mag-RF:
Bomb Fragment 1 20 Firas
Bomb Spirit 1 100 Firagas
Flare Stone 1 1 Flare
Inferno Fang 1 20 Flares
Magic Stone 1 5 Firas
M-Stone Piece 1 5 Fires
Phoenix Pinion 1 100 Firagas
Phoenix Spirit 1 100 Firagas
Red Fang 1 20 Firagas
Wizard Stone 1 5 Firagas

Forbid Mag-RF:
Dark Matter 1 100 Ultimas
Energy Crystal 1 3 Ultimas
Meteor Stone 1 1 Meteor
Star Fragment 1 5 Meteors
Pulse Ammo 5 1 Ultima
Ultima Stone 1 1 Ultima

Forbid Med-RF:
Adamantine 5 1 Vit Up
Aegis Amulet 2 1 Speed Up
Doc's Code 1 1 Megalixir
Elem Atk 1 4 Elixirs
Elem Guard 1 4 Elixirs
Gaea's Ring 1 1 HP Up
Hundred Needles 1 1 Spd Up
Hyper Wrist 10 1 Str Up
Jet Engine 50 1 Spd Up
Knight's Code 1 1 Vit Up
Luck-J Scroll 1 1 Luck Up
Magic Armlet 10 1 Spr Up
Med Kit 1 2 Megalixirs
Mega-Potion 20 1 Elixir
Monk's Code 1 1 Str Up
Rocket Engine 5 1 Spd Up
Royal Crown 10 1 Mag Up
Status Atk 1 4 Elixirs
Status Guard 1 4 Elixirs

GFAbl Med-RF:
Adamantine 20 1 Steel Curtain
Barrier 50 1 Aegis Amulet
Bomb Fragment 100 1 Bomb Spirit
Cactus Thorn 100 1 Hundred Needles
Dark Matter 1 1 Luck-J Scroll
Diamond Armor 5 1 Elem Guard
Dragon Fang 100 1 Med Kit
Dragon Skin 100 1 Glow Curtain
Elixir 10 1 Doc's Code
Energy Crystal 50 1 Samantha Soul
Force Armlet 10 1 Magic Armlet
Giant's Ring 10 1 Gaea's Ring
Glow Curtain 2 1 Monk's Code
Gold Armor 5 1 Diamond Armor
Holy War 5 1 Knight's Code
HP-J Scroll 10 1 Giant's Ring
HP Up 2 1 HP-J Scroll
Hypno Crown 10 1 Royal Crown
Jet Engine 10 1 Rocket Engine
Lightweight 100 1 Accelerator
Luck Up 2 1 Luck-J Scroll
Magic Armlet 20 1 Moon Curtain
Mag-J Scroll 10 1 Force Armlet
Mag Up 2 1 Mag-J Scroll
Malboro Tentacle 100 1 Moon Curtain
Orihalcon 10 1 Adamantine
Phoenix Pinion 20 1 Phoenix Spirit*
Power Wrist 10 1 Hyper Wrist
Ribbon 1 1 Status Guard
Royal Crown 20 1 Status Atk
Samantha Soul 20 1 Elem Atk
Shaman Stone 1 1 Rosetta Stone
Silver Mail 5 1 Gold Armor
Spd-J Scroll 10 1 Jet Engine
Spd Up 2 1 Spd-J Scroll
Spr-J Scroll 10 1 Hypno Crown
Spr Up 2 1 Spr-J Scroll
Str-J Scroll 10 1 Power Wrist
Str Up 2 1 Str-J Scroll
Vit-J Scroll 10 1 Orihalcon
Vit Up 2 1 Vit-J Scroll
Whisper 100 1 Healing Ring

*It says Phoenix Downs in the Information section, but you actually need 20

GFRecov Med-RF:
Diamond Armor 1 16 Pet Houses
Gold Armor 1 4 Pet Houses
Healing Mail 1 1 Pet House
Healing Ring 1 20 G-Mega-Potions
Healing Water 1 2 G-Hi-Potions
Life Ring 1 2 G-Returners
Mesmerize Blade 1 2 G-Hi-Potions
Pet House 1 2 G-Returners
Phoenix Spirit 1 40 G-Returners
Regen Ring 1 6 G-Returners
Silver Mail 1 2 Pet Houses
Whisper 1 4 G-Hi-Potions

High Mag-RF:
Aero 10 1 Tornado
Blizzara 5 1 Blizzaga
Cura 5 1 Curaga
Double 10 1 Triple
Fira 5 1 Firaga
Thundara 5 1 Thundaga

I Mag-RF:
Arctic Wind 1 20 Blizzaras
Fish Fin 1 20 Waters
Magic Stone 1 5 Blizzaras
M-Stone Piece 1 5 Blizzards
North Wind 1 20 Blizzagas
Water Crystal 1 50 Waters
Wizard Stone 1 5 Blizzagas

L Mag-RF:
Chef's Knife 1 30 Deaths
Cottage 1 100 Curagas
Dead Spirit 1 20 Deaths
Death Stone 1 1 Death
Healing Mail 1 20 Curagas
Healing Ring 1 100 Curagas
Healing Water 1 20 Curas
Holy Stone 1 1 Holy
Holy Water 1 2 Zombies
Life Ring 1 20 Lifes
Magic Stone 1 5 Curas
Mesmerize Blade 1 20 Regens
Moon Stone 1 20 Holys
M-Stone Piece 1 5 Cures
Phoenix Spirit 1 100 Full-lifes
Regen Ring 1 20 Full-lifes
Saw Blade 1 10 Deaths
Tent 1 10 Curagas
Whisper 1 50 Curagas
Wizard Stone 1 5 Curagas
Zombie Powder 1 20 Zombies

Med LV Up:
Elixir 10 1 Megalixir
Hero 10 1 Holy War-trial
Hero-trial 10 1 Hero
Hi-Potion 3 1 Hi-Potion+
Hi-Potion+ 3 1 X-Potion
Holy War-trial 10 1 Holy War
Phoenix Down 50 1 Mega Phoenix
Potion 3 1 Potion+
Potion+ 3 1 Hi-Potion
Remedy 10 1 Remedy+
Remedy+ 10 1 Elixir
X-Potion 3 1 Mega-Potion

Mid Mag-RF:
Blizzard 5 1 Blizzara
Cure 5 1 Cura
Fire 5 1 Fira
Thunder 5 1 Thundara

Recov Med-RF:
Cottage 2 1 Mega-Potion
Healing Mail 1 6 Hi-Potions
Healing Ring 1 20 Mega-Potions
Healing Water 1 2 Hi-Potions
Life Ring 1 2 Phoenix Downs
Mesmerize Blade 1 2 Mega-Potions
Phoenix Spirit 1 100 Phoenix Downs
Regen Ring 1 8 Phoenix Downs
Tent 4 1 Mega-Potion

ST Mag-RF:
Antidote 1 1 Bio
Betrayal Sword 1 20 Confuses
Cockatrice Pinion 1 20 Breaks
Curse Spike 1 10 Pains
Echo Screen 1 2 Silences
Eye Drops 1 1 Blind
Magic Stone 1 5 Berserks
Malboro Tentacles 1 40 Bios
M-Stone Piece 1 5 Silences
Mystery Fluid 1 10 Meltdowns
Ochu Tentacles 1 30 Blinds
Silence Powder 1 20 Silences
Sleep Powder 1 20 Sleeps
Soft 1 3 Breaks
Steel Pipe 1 20 Berserks
Venom Fang 1 20 Bios
Wizard Stone 1 5 Bios

ST Med-RF:
Betrayal Swords 5 1 Remedy
Cockatrice Pinion 1 3 Softs
Curse Spike 1 1 Remedy
Dragon Fang 1 1 Remedy
Malboro Tentacle 1 2 Remedies
Med Kit 1 20 Remedies
Ochu Tentacle 1 3 Eye Drops
Poison Powder 1 3 Antidotes
Silence Powder 1 3 Echo Screens
Sleep Powder 5 1 Remedy
Venom Fang 1 10 Antidotes
Zombie Powder 1 3 Holy Waters

Supt Mag-RF:
Aura Stone 1 1 Aura
Barrier 1 40 Shells
Dragon Fang 1 20 Esunas
Dragon Skin 1 20 Reflects
Fury Fragment 1 5 Auras
Giant's Ring 1 60 Protects
Glow Curtain 1 100 Reflects
Magic Stone 1 5 Dispels
Med Kit 1 100 Esunas
Moon Curtain 1 100 Shells
M-Stone Piece 1 5 Esunas
Protect Stone 1 1 Protect
Remedy 1 5 Esunas
Rune Armlet 1 40 Shells
Saw Blade 1 20 Dispels
Shell Stone 1 1 Shell
Steel Curtain 1 100 Protects
Turtle Shell 1 30 Protects
Vampire Fang 1 20 Drains
Wizard Stone 1 20 Dispels

T Mag-RF:
Coral Fragment 1 20 Thundaras
Dynamo Stone 1 20 Thindagas
Magic Stone 1 5 Thundaras
M-Stone Piece 1 5 Thunders
Shear Feather 1 20 Aeros
Windmill 1 20 Tornados
Wizard Stone 1 5 Thundagas

Time Mag-RF:
Accelerator 1 100 Hastes
Aegis Amulet 1 100 Hastes
Black Hole 1 30 Demis
Dino Bone 1 20 Quakes
Dragon Fin 1 20 Doubles
Lightweight 1 20 Hastes
Magic Stone 1 5 Hastes
M-Stone Piece 1 5 Slows
Rocket Engine 1 50 Triples
Samantha Soul 1 60 Triples
Spider Web 1 20 Slows
Steel Orb 1 15 Demis
Three Stars 1 100 Triples
Wizard Stone 1 5 Stops

Circlet 1 2 Aura Stones
Curse Spike 100 1 Dark Matter*
Dark Matter 1 1 Shaman Stone
Dead Spirit 1 2 Death Stones
Diamond Armor 1 50 Cottages
Draw Scroll 1 10 Wizard Stones
Energy Crystal 1 2 Ultima Stones
Magic Armlet 1 30 Shell Stones
Fury Fragment 1 2 Aura Stones
Gambler Spirit 1 10 Wizard Stones
GF Scroll 1 10 Wizard Stones
Healing Ring 1 30 Cottages
Healing Water 1 2 Tents
Hungry Cookpot 1 1 Shaman Stone
Hypno Crown 1 10 Aura Stones
Inferno Fang 1 2 Flare Stones
Item Scroll 1 10 Wizard Stones
Magic Scroll 1 10 Wizard Stones
Mega Phoenix 3 1 Phoenix Pinion
Mog's Amulet 1 1 Shaman Stone
Moon Stone 1 2 Holy Stones
Orihalcon 1 30 Protect Stones
Hyper Wrist 1 10 Aura Stones
Regen Ring 1 5 Tents
Rosetta Stone 1 1 Shaman Stone
Rune Armlet 1 10 Shell Stones
Shaman Stone 1 1 LuvLuv G
Star Fragment 1 2 Meteor Stones
Steel Pipe 1 1 Aura Stone
Strength Love 1 2 Aura Stones
Turtle Shell 1 10 Protect Stones
Whisper 1 1 Cottage

*Siren must be at Level 100 before you can make Dark Matter.


Compiled by Matt Hobbs.

(Note: Selling prices of the items will be added at some point in the

[CW] means the item can only be obtained through the "Chocobo World"
minigame, which requires a Pocketstation. Since the Pocketstation hasn't
been released in North America, this means you'll either have to import
one or use a GameShark or similar device to get those items.

Recovery Items:
Potion Restores 200 HP
Potion+ Restores 400 HP
Hi-Potion Restores 1000 HP
Hi-Potion+ Restores 2000 HP
X-Potion Restores All HP
Mega-Potion Restores 1000 HP [All]
Phoenix Down Revives a dead ally
Mega Phoenix Revives all dead allies
Elixir Restores All HP and cures status
Megalixir Restores All HP and cures status [All]
Antidote Cures Poison
Soft Cures Petrify and Slow Petrify
Eye Drops Cures Blind
Echo Screen Cures Silence
Holy Water Cures Zombie and Curse
Remedy Cures all status ailments
Remedy+ Cures all status ailments and negative magic effects

Battle-Only Items:
Hero-trial Makes one ally invincible, may fail
Hero Makes one ally invincible
Holy War-trial Makes all allies invincible, may fail
Holy War Makes all allies invincible
Shell Stone Casts "Shell" in battle
Protect Stone Casts "Protect" in battle
Aura Stone Casts "Aura" in battle
Death Stone Casts "Death" in battle
Flare Stone Casts "Flare" in battle
Meteor Stone Casts "Meteor" in battle
Ultima Stone Casts "Ultima" in battle
Gysahl Greens Summons GF Boko when used in battle
Phoenix Pinion Summons GF Phoenix when used in battle
Friendship Summons GF Moomba when used in battle [CW]

Non-Battle Recovery Items:
Tent Restores all allies' HP and cures status
Pet House Restores all GFs' HP
Cottage Restores all allies and all GFs
G-Potion Restores 200 GF HP
G-Hi-Potion Restores 1000 GF HP
G-Mega-Potion Restores 1000 GF HP [All]
G-Returner Revives a dead GF
Rename Card Allows you to rename a GF
Chocobo's Tag Allows you to rename the Chicobo
Pet Nametag Allows you to rename Angelo

GF Ability Items:
Amnesia Greens Makes GF forget an ability
(Junction Abilities)
HP-J Scroll GF learns "HP-J"
Str-J Scroll GF learns "Str-J"
Vit-J Scroll GF learns "Vit-J"
Mag-J Scroll GF learns "Mag-J"
Spr-J Scroll GF learns "Spr-J"
Spd-J Scroll GF learns "Spd-J"
Luck-J Scroll GF learns "Luck-J"
Aegis Amulet GF learns "Eva-J"
Elem Atk GF learns "Elem-Atk-J"
Elem Guard GF learns "Elem-Def*4"
Status Atk GF learns "ST-Atk-J"
Status Guard GF learns "ST-Def*4"
Rosetta Stone GF learns "Ability*4"
(Command Abilities)
Magic Scroll GF learns "Magic" command
GF Scroll GF learns "GF" command
Draw Scroll GF learns "Draw" command
Item Scroll GF learns "Item" command
Healing Ring GF learns "Recover" command
Med Kit GF learns "Treatment" command
Phoenix Spirit GF learns "Revive" command
Gambler Spirit GF learns "Card" command
Bomb Spirit GF learns "Kamikaze" command
Hungry Cookpot GF learns "Devour" command
Mog's Amulet GF learns "MiniMog" command [CW]
(GF Abilities)
Steel Pipe GF learns "SumMag+10%"
Star Fragment GF learns "SumMag+20%"
Energy Crystal GF learns "SumMag+30%"
Samantha Soul GF learns "SumMag+40%"
Healing Mail GF learns "GFHP+10%"
Silver Mail GF learns "GFHP+20%"
Gold Armor GF learns "GFHP+30%"
Diamond Armor GF learns "GFHP+40%"
(Character Abilities)
Regen Ring GF learns "HP+20%"
Giant's Ring GF learns "HP+40%"
Gaea's Ring GF learns "HP+80%"
Strength Love GF learns "Str+20%"
Power Wrist GF learns "Str+40%"
Hyper Wrist GF learns "Str+60%"
Turtle Shell GF learns "Vit+20%"
Orihalcon GF learns "Vit+40%"
Adamantine GF learns "Vit+60%"
Rune Armlet GF learns "Spr+20%"
Force Armlet GF learns "Spr+40%"
Magic Armlet GF learns "Spr+60%"
Circlet GF learns "Mag+20%"
Hypno Crown GF learns "Mag+40%"
Royal Crown GF learns "Mag+60%"
Jet Engine GF learns "Spd+20%"
Rocket Engine GF learns "Spd+40%"
Steel Curtain GF learns "Auto-Protect"
Moon Curtain GF learns "Auto-Shell"
Glow Curtain GF learns "Auto-Reflect"
Knight's Code GF learns "Cover"
Monk's Code GF learns "Counter"
Doc's Code GF learns "Med Data"
Hundred Needles GF learns "Return Damage"
Three Stars GF learns "Expend*3-1"
Ribbon GF learns "Ribbon" [CW]

Normal Ammo Ammo for Irvine's "Normal Shot" Limit
Shotgun Ammo Ammo for Irvine's "Scatter Shot" Limit
Dark Ammo Ammo for Irvine's "Dark Shot" Limit
Fire Ammo Ammo for Irvine's "Flame Shot" Limit
Demolition Ammo Ammo for Irvine's "Canister Shot" Limit
Fast Ammo Ammo for Irvine's "Quick Shot" Limit
AP Ammo Ammo for Irvine's "Armor Shot" Limit
Pulse Ammo Ammo for Irvine's "Hyper Shot" Limit

Blue Magic Items:
Spider Web Quistis learns Blue Magic "Ultra Waves"
Coral Fragment Quistis learns Blue Magic "Electrocute"
Curse Spike Quistis learns Blue Magic "LV?Death"
Black Hole Quistis learns Blue Magic "Degenerator"
Water Crystal Quistis learns Blue Magic "Aqua Breath"
Missile Quistis learns Blue Magic "Micro Missiles"
Mystery Fluid Quistis learns Blue Magic "Acid"
Running Fire Quistis learns Blue Magic "Gatling Gun"
Inferno Fang Quistis learns Blue Magic "Fire Breath"
Malboro Tentacle Quistis learns Blue Magic "Bad Breath"
Whisper Quistis learns Blue Magic "White Wind"
Power Generator Quistis learns Blue Magic "Ray-Bomb"
Dark Matter Quistis learns Blue Magic "Shockwave Pulsar"

Compatibility-Raising Items:
Bomb Fragment Compatibility with Ifrit +1
Red Fang Compatibility with Ifrit +3
Arctic Wind Compatibility with Shiva +1
North Wind Compatibility with Shiva +3
Dynamo Stone Compatibility with Quezacotl +3
Silence Powder Compatibility with Siren +3
Dino Bone Compatibility with Brothers +3
Steel Orb Compatibility with Diablos +3
Dragon Skin Compatibility with Carbuncle +3
Fish Fin Compatibility with Leviathan +2
Shear Feather Compatibility with Pandemona +1
Windmill Compatibility with Pandemona +3
Dragon Fin Compatibility with Cerberus +3
Moon Stone Compatibility with Alexander +3
Poison Powder Compatibility with Doomtrain +1
Venom Fang Compatibility with Doomtrain +3
Cactus Thorn Compatibility with Cactuar +3
Shaman Stone Compatibility with Bahamut +3
Chef's Knife Compatibility with Tonberry +3
LuvLuv G Compatibility with all GFs +20

Stat-Boosting Items:
HP Up Raises Max HP by 10 points permanently
Str Up Raises Strength by 1 point permanently
Vit Up Raises Vitality by 1 point permanently
Mag Up Raises Magic by 1 point permanently
Spr Up Raises Spirit by 1 point permanently
Spd Up Raises Speed by 1 point permanently
Luck Up Raises Luck by 1 point permanently

Refinement Items:
Betrayal Sword Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Cockatrice Pinion Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Dead Spirit Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Dragon Fang Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Fury Fragment Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Healing Water Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Life Ring Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Lightweight Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
M-Stone Piece Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Magic Stone Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Mesmerize Blade Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Ochu Tentacle Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Saw Blade Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Screw Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Sharp Spike Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Sleep Powder Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Vampire Fang Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Wizard Stone Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons
Zombie Powder Used for Refining/Upgrading Weapons

Weapons Mon 1st Info on Lionheart, Shooting Star, Exeter,
Strange Vision
Weapons Mon Mar Info on Revolver, Metal Knuckle, Flail, Chain Whip
Weapons Mon Apr Info on Shear Trigger, Maverick, Pinwheel, Valiant
Weapons Mon May Info on Cutting Trigger, Valkyrie, Ulysses,
Slaying Tail
Weapons Mon Jun Info on Flame Saber, Gauntlet, Morning Star,
Red Scorpion
Weapons Mon Jul Info on Twin Lance, Rising Sun, Bismarck,
Crescent Wish
Weapons Mon Aug Info on Punishment, Ehrgeiz, Cardinal, Save the Queen
Combat King 001 Teaches Zell the "Dolphin Blow" Duel skill
Combat King 002 Teaches Zell the "Meteor Strike" Duel skill
Combat King 003 Teaches Zell the "Meteor Barret" Duel skill
Combat King 004 Teaches Zell the "Different Beat" Duel skill
Combat King 005 Teaches Zell the "My Final Heaven" Duel skill
Pet Pals Vol.1 Allows Angelo to learn the "Angelo Strike" skill
Pet Pals Vol.2 Allows Angelo to learn the "Angelo Recover" skill
Pet Pals Vol.3 Allows Angelo to learn the "Invincible Moon" skill
Pet Pals Vol.4 Allows Angelo to learn the "Angelo Reverse" skill
Pet Pals Vol.5 Allows Angelo to learn the "Angelo Search" skill
Pet Pals Vol.6 Allows Angelo to learn the "Wishing Star" skill
Occult Fan I Hint about Steel Pipes...
Occult Fan II Hint about Malboros and UFOs...
Occult Fan III Hint about Solomon's Ring and "666 Items"...
Occult Fan IV Hint about Doomtrain, Full Status Recovery Medicine,
and an alien...

Miscellaneous Items:
Fuel Needed to drive a car
Sorceress' Letter Edea's letter; Show to White SeeDs
Girl Next Door Trade to Zone for a Rename Card and Shiva's Card
Magical Lamp Starts battle with GF Diablos
Solomon's Ring Summons GF Doomtrain if you have the necessary items


-Section under construction-

Normal monsters are listed in alphabetical order; after that, bosses are
listed in roughly the order you can fight them in.
A "*" by a non-boss monster's name means that the Card ability will not
work on it. Other monsters can be turned into their own cards.
"HP" just gives a relative measure of how much HP the monster has in
comparison to other monsters of the same level; at, least, it will when
I finally get this list done.
"Range" is the level range of the monster; at different levels, monsters
have different Draw lists and different items to steal/win.

Actually, I'm really not entirely sure how I'm going to organize this
list, but I may as well get started on it...

Key for Elements:
F = Fire
I = Ice
T = Thunder
A = Air
W = Water
E = Earth
H = Holy
P = Poison
Element with no symbol: Monster's weakness
Element with +: Monster absorbs
Element with *: Monster takes half damage
Element with -: Monster takes no damage
All other elements do normal damage.

Monster Name HP Elements Boss Card Range Draw Mug Win
Abyss Worm Abadon
Adamantoise Sphinxara
Anacondaur Mobile Type 8
Armadodo Catoblepas
Belhelmel Tri-Point
Behemoth BGH251F2
Bite Bug Elvoret
Blitz Propagator
Blobra Granaldo
Blood Soul Abadon
Blue Dragon Mobile Type 8
Bomb Krysta
Buel Krysta
Cactaur Gerogero
Caterchipillar Trauma
Chimera Red Giant
Cockatrice Oilboyle
Creeps Sphinxara
Death Claw Granaldo
Elastoid Ultima Weapon
Elite Soldier* N/A
Elnoyle Catoblepas
Esthar Soldier* N/A
Esthar Soldier(C)* N/A
Fastitocalon Tonberry King
Fastitocalon(F) N/A
Forbidden Red Giant
Funguar Wedge, Biggs
G-Soldier* N/A
Geezard N/A
GIM47N Oilboyle
Glacial Eye Jumbo Cactaur
Grand Mantis BGH251F2
Grat Shumi Tribe
Grendel Tiamat
Guard* N/A
Hexadragon Tiamat
Imp Gargantua
Iron Giant Fujin, Raijin
Jelleye Fujin, Raijin
Lefty* N/A
Malboro Tonberry King
Mesmerize Propagator
Ochu Elvoret
Paratrooper* N/A
Red Bat X-ATM092
Righty* N/A
Ruby Dragon N/A
Slapper* N/A
Snow Lion Wedge, Biggs
T-Rexaur Shumi Tribe
Thrustaevis Gargantua
Tonberry Iguion
Torama Tri-Point
Tri-Face Ultima Weapon
Turtapod Trauma
Vysage* N/A
Wendigo Jumbo Cactaur

Fake President
Base Leader
Base Soldier
Left Orb
Right Orb
Tonberry King
Jumbo Cactaur
Ultima Weapon
Mobile Type 8
Left Probe
Right Probe
Red Giant
Omega Weapon


This FAQ is not to be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the
permission of the author, yada yada yada. All bad titles are the sole
responsibility of the author and nobody else. This FAQ copyright 2000
Kenneth Nearey.


Thanks to:

Matt Hobbs, who gets taken out of alphabetical order for being so
helpful. He sent me the item and Junction lists, as well as info I
needed to finish up the character and card lists. In addition, he gave
me info on the Triple Triad rules for the various regions. Also, he told
me some of the items that bosses in the last dungeon drop, and where to
find the first three Occult Fan magazines. Plus, he proofread this whole
damn thing, giving me suggestions on the format of some lists as well.
He's also written up most of the walkthrough for Timber, and told me
where to find most of the stuff in FH. Overall, he's saved me a _lot_ of

Dragonmaster, for helping me get through the game and giving me a more
or less complete list of side quests.

Ellcrys, for giving the clearest directions for Chocobo Forest 4 of
anybody I asked, and a place to find Adamantoises.

Mandoric, for helping me get through the game and telling me how to get
the Ragnarok back on Disc 4.

Roric, for looking for some information I needed and providing tips for
the Triple Triad section.

Seigfried, for telling me to put in the Punch Rush/Booya method of using
Zell's Limit Break. I knew the trick, I just didn't put it in. =P

Sir Aronar, for verifying some information.