Here is a complete list of decimal/hex values for the items in Final Fantasy 8.
Make sure to change these values in memory only, the savegame files are
compressed and will fail the CRC check if you modify them without figuring out
how to decompress the file. Included is the value for the item type and amount
the first two inventory slots, from that you can see the pattern.
The magic slots are for the second (middle) characterТs spell list. Just
spells with the other characters after adding them to your list.

Memory Location of 1st Item TYPE: 01CFD77C
Memory Location of 1st Item AMOUNT: 01CFD77D
Memory Location of 2nd Item TYPE: 01CFD77E
Memory Location of 2nd Item AMOUNT: 01CFD77F
Memory Location of 1st Magic TYPE: 01CFD0D8
Memory Location of 1st Magic AMOUNT: 01CFD0D9
Memory Location of 2nd Magic TYPE: 01CFD0DA
Memory Location of 2nd Magic AMOUNT: 01CFD0DB

Dec. Hex Item Description
1 01 Potion Restores HP by 200
2 02 Potion+ Restores HP by 400
3 03 Hi-Potion Restores HP by 1000
4 04 Hi-Potion+ Restores HP by 2000
5 05 X-Potion Fully restores HP
6 06 Mega Potion Restores HP by 1000 to all members
7 07 Phoenix Down Removes KO status
8 08 Mega Phoenix Removes KO status from all members
9 09 Elixir Fully restores abnormal status and HP
10 0A Megalixir Fully restores abnormal status and HP to
11 0B Antidote Cures poison
12 0C Soft Cures petrify
13 0D Eye Drops Cures darkness
14 0E Echo Screen Cures silence
15 0F Holy Water Cures zombie, curse
16 10 Remedy Cures abnormal status
17 11 Remedy+ Cures abnormal status and Magic effects
18 12 Hero-trial Makes character invincible sometimes
19 13 Hero Makes character invincible
20 14 Holy War-trial Makes all party members invincible
21 15 Holy War Makes all party members invincible
22 16 Shell Stone Same as Shell
23 17 Protect Stone Same as Stone
24 18 Aura Stone Same as Aura
25 19 Death Stone Same as Death
26 1A Holy Stone Same as Holy
27 1B Flare Stone Same as Flare
28 1C Meteor Stone Same as Meteor
29 1D Ultima Stone Same as Ultima
30 1E Gysahl Greens Chocobo related. . . ?
31 1F Phoenix Pinion When used in battle. . .
32 20 Friendship When used in battle. . .
33 21 Tent Fully restores abnormal status and HP to
34 22 Pet House Restores HP to all GF
35 23 Cottage Same effect as Tent plus restores all GF
36 24 G-Potion Restores 200 HP to GF
37 25 G-Hi-Potion Restores 1000 HP to GF
38 26 G-Mega-Potion Restores 1000 HP to all GF
39 27 G-Returner Revives GF from KO
40 28 Rename Card Changes GF's name
41 29 Amnesia Greens Makes GF forget an ability
42 2A HP-J Scroll GF learns HP-J ability
43 2B Str-J Scroll GF learns Str-J ability
44 2C Vit-J Scroll GF learns Vit-J ability
45 2D Mag-J Scroll GF learns Mag-J ability
46 2E Spr-J Scroll GF learns Spr-J ability
47 2F Spd-J Scroll GF learns Spd-J ability
48 30 Luck-J Scroll GF learns Luck-J ability
49 31 Aegis Amulet GF learns Eva-J ability
50 32 Elem Atk GF learns Elem-Atk-J ability
51 33 Elem Guard GF learns Elem-Defx4 ability
52 34 Status Atk GF learns ST-Atk-J ability
53 35 Status Guard GF learns ST-Defx4 ability
54 36 Rosetta Stone GF learns abiltyx4 ability
55 37 Magic Scroll GF learns Magic ability
56 38 GF Scroll GF learns GF ability
57 39 Draw Scroll GF learns Draw ability
58 3A Item Scroll GF learns Item ability
59 3B Gambler Spirit GF learns Card ability
60 3C Healing Ring GF learns Recover ability
61 3D Phoenix Spirit GF learns Revive ability
62 3E Med Kit GF learns Treatment ability
63 3F Bomb Spirit GF learns Kamikaze ability
64 40 Hungry Cookpot GF learns Devour ability
65 41 Mog's Amulet GF learns MiniMog ability
66 42 Steel Pipe GF learns SumMag+10% ability
67 43 Star Fragment GF learns SumMag+20% ability
68 44 Energy Crystal GF learns SumMag+30% ability
69 45 Samantha Soul GF learns SumMag+40% ability
70 46 Healing Mail GF learns GFHP+10% ability
71 47 Silver Mail GF learns GFHP+20% ability
72 48 Gold Armor GF learns GFHP+30% ability
73 49 Diamond Armor GF learns GFHP+40% ability
74 4A Regen Ring GF learns HP+20% ability
75 4B Giant's Ring GF learns HP+40% ability
76 4C Gaea's Ring GF learns HP+80% ability
77 4D Strength Love GF learns Str+20% ability
78 4E Power Wrist GF learns Str+40% ability
79 4F Hyper Wrist GF learns Str+60% ability
80 50 Turtle Shell GF learns Vit+20% ability
81 51 Orihalcon GF learns Vit+40% ability
82 52 Adamantine GF learns Vit+60% ability
83 53 Rune Armlet GF learns Spr+20% ability
84 54 Force Armlet GF learns Spr+40% ability
85 55 Magic Armlet GF learns Spr+60% ability
86 56 Circlet GF learns Mag+20% ability
87 57 Hypo Crown GF learns Mag+40% ability
88 58 Royal Crown GF learns Mag+60% ability
89 59 Jet Engine GF learns Spd+20% ability
90 5A Rocket Engine GF learns Spd+40% ability
91 5B Moon Curtain GF learns Auto-Shell ability
92 5C Steel Curtain GF learns Auto-Protect ability
93 5D Glow Curtain GF learns Auto-Reflect ability
94 5E Accelerator GF learns Auto-Haste ability
95 5F Monk's Code GF learns Counter ability
96 60 Knight's Code GF learns Cover ability
97 61 Doc's Code GF learns Med-Data ability
98 62 Hundred Needles GF learns Return Damage ability
99 63 Three Stars GF learns Expendx3-1 ability
100 64 Ribbon GF learns Ribbon ability
101 65 Normal Ammo Normal Ammo
102 66 Shotgun Ammo Ammo that attacks all opponents
103 67 Dark Ammo Ammo with status changing effect
104 68 Fire Ammo Ammo with Fire element
105 69 Demolition Ammo Ammo 3 times more powerful than Normal Ammo
106 6A Fast Ammo Ammo for rapid fire
107 6B AP Ammo Armor-piercing ammo
108 6C Pulse Ammo Ammo that contains powerful energy
109 6D M-Stone piece Stone with a little Magic power
110 6E Magic Stone Stone with Magic power
111 6F Wizard Stone Stone with strong Magic power
112 70 Ochu Tentacle Strong, flexible tentacle
113 71 Healing Water Water with life force
114 72 Cockatrice Pinion Feather with petrifying power
115 73 Zombie Powder Powder with Zombie effect
116 74 Lightweight Shoes to makes you light on your feet
117 75 Sharp Spike Long, sharp claw
118 76 Screw Used to remodel weapons
119 77 Saw Blade Serrated blade
120 78 Mesmerize Blade Long, sharp blade
121 79 Vampire Fang Fang that makes Vampire attack
122 7A Fury Fragment Stone that contains morale
123 7B Betrayal Sword Sword that betrays allies
124 7C Sleep Powder Induces sleep
125 7D Life Ring Ring with life force
126 7E Dragon fang Dragon's fang with recovery force
127 7F Spider Web Quistis can learn Blue Magic, Ultra Waves
128 80 Coral Fragment Quistis can learn Blue Magic, Electrocute
129 81 Curse Spike Quistis can learn Blue Magic, LV?Death
130 82 Blake Hole Quistis can learn Blue Magic, Degenerator
131 83 Water Crystal Quistis can learn Blue Magic, Aqua Breath
132 84 Missile Quistis can learn Blue Magic, Micro
133 85 Mystery Fluid Quistis can learn Blue Magic, Acid
134 86 Running Fire Quistis can learn Blue Magic, Gatling Gun
135 87 Inferno Fang Quistis can learn Blue Magic, Fire Breath
136 88 Malboro Tentacle Quistis can learn Blue Magic, Bad Breath
137 89 Whisper Quistis can learn Blue Magic, White Wind
138 8A Laser Cannon Quistis can learn Blue Magic, Homing Laser
139 8B Barrier Quistis can learn Blue Magic, Mighty Guard
140 8C Power Generator Quistis can learn Blue Magic, Ray-Bomb
141 8D Dark Matter Quistis can learn Blue Magic, Shockwave
142 8E Bomb Fragment Stone with Fire element
143 8F Red Fang Dragon's Fang with Fire element
144 90 Arctic Wind Contains Ice element wind
145 91 North Wind Contains strong Ice element wind
146 92 Dynamo Stone Stone with Thunder element
147 93 Shear Feather Bird's feather that flies on wind
148 94 Venom Fang Poisonous monster fang
149 95 Steel Orb Steel orb with gravitational power
150 96 Moon Stone Holy moon stone with monsters living
151 97 Dino Bone Large dinosaur bone
152 98 Windmill Windmill containing wind energy
153 99 Dragon Skin Durable dragon skin
154 9A Fish Fin Fish's fin
155 9B Dragon Fin Very hard dragon's scale
156 9C Silence Powder Powder containing Silence
157 9D Poison Powder Powder containing Poison
158 8E Dead Spirit Contains Death
159 8F Chef's Knife Tonberry's Knife
160 A0 Cactus Thorn Cactuar's thorn
161 A1 Shaman Stone Stone with mystical power
162 A2 Fuel Fuel for a rental car
163 A3 Girl Next Door Naughty Magazine
164 A4 Sorceress' Letter Edea's introduction letter
165 A5 Chocobo's Tag Change's Chocobo's name
166 A6 Pet's Nametag Change's pet's name
167 A7 Solomon Ring Mysterious old ring
168 A8 Magical Lamp You should Save you game before using it!
169 A9 HP Up Raises HP
170 AA Str Up Raises Strength
171 AB Vit Up Raises Vitality
172 AC Mag Up Raises Magic
173 AD Spr Up Raises Spirit
174 AE Spd Up Raises Speed
175 AF Luck Up Raises Luck
176 B0 LuvLuvG Raises compatibility with all GF
177 B1 Weapons Mon 1st Weapons research Magazine
178 B2 Weapons Mon Mar Weapons research Magazine
179 B3 Weapons Mon Apr Weapons research Magazine
180 B4 Weapons Mon May Weapons research Magazine
181 B5 Weapons Mon Jun Weapons research Magazine
182 B6 Weapons Mon Jul Weapons research Magazine
183 B7 Weapons Mon Aug Weapons research Magazine
184 B8 Combat King 001 Magazine for fighters
185 B9 Combat King 002 Magazine for fighters
186 BA Combat King 003 Magazine for fighters
187 BB Combat King 004 Magazine for fighters
188 BC Combat King 005 Magazine for fighters
189 BD Pet Pals Vol.1 Magazine for dog lovers
190 BE Pet Pals Vol.2 Magazine for dog lovers
191 BF Pet Pals Vol.3 Magazine for dog lovers
192 C0 Pet Pals Vol.4 Magazine for dog lovers
193 C1 Pet Pals Vol.5 Magazine for dog lovers
194 C2 Pet Pals Vol.6 Magazine for dog lovers
195 C3 Occult Fan I World's Mysteries Magazine Scoop Issue
196 C4 Occult Fan II World's Mysteries Magazine Photo Issue
197 C5 Occult Fan III World's Mysteries Magazine Magic Issue
198 C6 Occult Fan IV World's Mysteries Magazine Report Issue

Dec. Hex Spell Description
1 01 Fire Fire magic damage/one enemy
2 02 Fira Fire magic damage/one enemy
3 03 Firaga Fire magic damage/one enemy
4 04 Blizzard Ice magic damage/one enemy
5 05 Blizzara Ice magic damage/one enemy
6 06 Blizzaga Ice magic damage/one enemy
7 07 Thunder Thunder magic damage/one enemy
8 08 Thundara Thunder magic damage/one enemy
9 09 Thundaga Thunder magic damage/one enemy
10 0A Water Water magic damage/one enemy
11 0B Aero Wind magic damage/one enemy
12 0C Bio Poison damage + status change/one enemy
13 0D Demi Magic to reduce one enemyТs HP by 1/4
14 0E Holy Holy magic damage/one enemy
15 0F Flare Non-elemental magic damage/one enemy
16 10 Meteor Non-elemental magic damage/all enemies
17 11 Quake Earth magic damage/all enemies
18 12 Tornado Wind magic damage/all enemies
19 13 Ultima Non-elemental magic damage/all enemies
20 14 Apocalypse Non-elemental magic damage/all enemies
21 15 Cure Restores HP
22 16 Cura Restores HP
23 17 Curaga Restores HP
24 18 Life Revive from KO
25 19 Full-life Restore HP fully, revive from KO
26 1A Regen Restore HP at regular interval
27 1B Esuna Remove abnormal status
28 1C Dispel Remove magic effect
29 1D Protect Reduce physical damage temporarily
30 1E Shell Reduce magic damage temporarily
31 1F Reflect Reflect magic temporarily
32 20 Aura Able to use Limit Break more often
33 21 Double Use magic successively
34 22 Triple Able to use magic 3 times
35 23 Haste Increases speed temporarily
36 24 Slow Reduces speed temporarily
37 25 Stop Stops temporarily
38 26 Blind Cause Darkness
39 27 Confuse Cause Confuse
40 28 Sleep Cause Sleep
41 29 Silence Cause Silence
42 2A Break Cause Petrify
43 2B Death Cause Death
44 2C Drain Absorb HP
45 2D Pain Cause Poison, Darkness, and Silence
46 2E Berserk Cause Berserk
47 2F Float Floats
48 30 Zombie Cause Zombie
49 31 Meltdown Non-elemental damage + make enemy Vit 0
50 32 Scan Scan enemyТs HP and weakness
*51 33 Full-cure Restores HP and abnormal status to all
*52 34 Wall Shell and Protect on all party members
*53 35 Rapture Removes enemy
*54 36 Percent Put enemies near death
*55 37 Catastrophe Major damage to all enemies
*56 38 The End Defeats all enemies

* These spells disappear whenever the spell list is sorted automatically.