Hint: Draw, draw, draw. Always take the opportunity to siphon some of your
enemy's power with at least one of your party members during a battle. You
never know when your opponent is going to have something vital or cool.
Hint: When you get a new party member, remember to junction a GF to him or her
and try to give the new member some abilities that will help you out in
fights. For example, it helps if at least one person in your party can use the
Item skill in combat.

Hint: When you're fighting the big monster boss at the top of the communication
tower, don't forget to draw on him. He has Siren, an important GF, and if you
don't draw it from him in that fight, you won't find it elsewhere in the game.

Lots of Items, Little Work
Beat the game up to the point when you can get Boko (the baby chocobo in the
first chocobo forest). Run the sidequest game until you have a lot of items.
on FF8, and go to the save menu. Press ctrl-esc. Go to c:\program
files\squaresoft\final fantasy VII\save and make a copy of the file chocorpg on
your desktop. Go back into FF8 and bring Boko into your world, getting all of
items he collected in the side quest. Put him back into his world, and save.
Press ctrl-esc. Copy your copy of chocorpg over the one in the save file. Go
into FF8. If you try to get Boko back into your world, you will get more items
without having to let the side quest run, and if you let it run for a long time
the first time, you can get a lot of good stuff over and over without much work.

Instant view of the exciting ending when fighting Sorceres Ultimacia
Use Squall's Lion Heart in battle with her first form and then use Diablo which
will not damage her much but will bring her accuracy down to nothing and your
luck up to 99 and use his lion heart once more. If you do not get a lionheart
second time on his second attacks, start the process over. If you get it
correctly which is very easy since your luck is at 99, the screen will start
turning black and blinks for a few times, it is not broken or anything but you
will then see the ending.