Get Fit with Mel B чит-файл №1

Feel The Burn (Bronze): Complete your first Workout.

Drop And Give Me 1000 (Bronze): Done 1000 press-ups on toes.

Abs Of Steel (Bronze): Done 1000 long-arm crunches.

Bring It On (Bronze): Raised any category's Fitness Level by 10.

99...100 (Bronze): Complete 100 reps.

499...500 (Bronze): Complete 500 reps.

999...1000 (Bronze): Complete 1000 reps.

Flash Dancer (Bronze): Collected over 350 Stars in a Dance Aerobics Workout.

Going Up? (Bronze): Climbed the equivalent of the Empire State Building.

Pumped (Bronze): Lifted the equivalent of a SUV in Pump and Tone.

20 Run (Bronze): Done 20 good reps in a row.

Perfect 10 (Bronze): Done 10 perfect reps in a row.

First Gold (Bronze): Won a gold medal in a workout.

Just A Snack (Bronze): Burned off a chocolate bar.

One Large Pepperoni (Bronze): Burned off a pizza.

Party Season (Bronze): Burned off a Christmas dinner.

What's For Lunch? (Bronze): Followed the menu every day for a week.

Practice Makes Perfect (Bronze): Practiced five different exercises.

Variety (Bronze): Completed at least one workout of each workout type.

My Workout (Bronze): Created a Custom Fitness Workout.

My Aerobics (Bronze): Created a Custom Aerobics Workout.

Fit Crowd (Bronze): Complete a Fitness Workout.

Dance Off (Bronze): Complete a Dance Workout.

Fat Burner (Bronze): Complete a Cardio Workout.

Front Runner (Bronze): Complete an Advanced Cardio Workout.

Best Foot Forward (Bronze): Complete a Step Workout.

Warrior (Bronze): Complete a Combat Workout.

Toned (Bronze): Complete a Pump 'n' Tone Workout.

Fitness Monster (Bronze): Complete 20 Fitness Workouts.

Last Dance (Bronze): Complete 20 Dance Workouts.

Sweet Dreams (Bronze): Complete 20 Cardio Workouts.

Athlete (Bronze): Complete 20 Advanced Cardio Workouts.

Escalator (Bronze): Complete 20 Step Workouts.

Ultimate Warrior (Bronze): Complete 20 Combat Workouts.

Pump 'n' Throne (Bronze): Complete 20 Pump 'n' Tone Workouts.

Newcomer (Bronze): Reach level 60 in any category.

Amateur (Bronze): Reach level 70 in any category.

Semi Professional (Bronze): Reach level 80 in any category.

Flexible (Bronze): Reach level 70 in three categories.

25 Levels Up (Silver): Raised any category's Fitness Level by 25.

Driven (Silver): You have exercised every day for two weeks.

Full House (Silver): Got a gold medal for all challenges.

60 Min Burn (Silver): Completed a 60 minute Aerobics Workout of any type with a
score over 90%.

Professional (Silver): Reach level 90 in any category.

Hat Trick (Silver): Reach level 80 in three categories.

Triathlon (Silver): Reach level 90 in three categories.

Perfectionist (Gold): Reach level 100 in any category.

The Triple (Gold): Reach level 100 in three categories.

My Body is a Temple (Platinum): Collect all other Trophies on Get Fit With Mel

Additionally there are two secret trophies.

Dance The Night Away (Bronze): Completed an Aerobics Workout between 12:00am
and 2:00am.

Early Worm (Bronze): Completed a Fitness Workout between 5:00am and 7:00am.