Ghostbusters: The Video Game чит-файл №2

Player awards:

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award:

- The Real Ghostbuster: Most ghosts trapped or destroyed.
- Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost: Least amount of knockouts.
- Medic: Most revivals of teammates.
- Most Revived: Most times revived by a teammate.
- Marathon Runner: Longest total distance traveled in the match.
- Slowpoke: Shortest total distance traveled in the match.
- Slime Magnet: Most times slimed.
- Rollin In Dough: Most cash earned in the match.
- Broke: Least cash earned in the match.
- Tech Head: Most power-ups collected in the match.
- Purist: Fewest power-ups collected in the match.
- Itchy Trigger Finger: First Person to shoot in the round.
- Nice Shootin Tex: Highest accuracy with the Proton beam (including the Boson
- Light Show: Lowest accuracy with the Proton beam (including the Boson Dart).
- Dead Aim: Most ghosts hit with the Meson Collider (including alternate fire).
- Darkest Matter: Most ghosts hit with the Shock Blast (including the Stasis
- Ghosticle: Most ghosts frozen with the Stasis Beam.
- Slimer: Most shots with the Slime Blower (including the Slime Tether).
- Befriender: Most ghosts turned into good guys with Pink Slime.
- Duckin and Dodgin: Most dodges and jumps.
- Slammer: Most wrangled ghost slams.
- Long Time Wrangler: Longest ghost wrangle.
- Demolitions Man: Most ghosts damaged in a single explosion.
- Keeping An Eye Out: Longest period of time in PKE goggle view.
- My Ghosts My Trap: Most ghosts trapped in your own trap.
- We Came We Saw: First person to trap 10 ghosts.
- Destruction Master: Most Evil Relics destroyed.
- Smashy Smashy: First player to destroy 10 Evil Relics.
- Blink Out: Most ghosts eliminated by destroying Evil Relics.
- Rampager: Shortest period of time between destroying two Evil Relics.
- Soul Survivor: Longest run without getting knocked out.
- Team Savior: Revived each teammate at least once.
- First Death: First knockout of the round.
- Commando: Highest ghost defeat to player knockout ratio.
- MVP: Most points in Slime Dunk.
- Slimer Wrangler: Longest amount of time wrangling Slimer.
- Slimer Dodger: Least number of times knocked down by Slimer.
- Gloop Dreams: First person to perform 5 Slime Dunks in the match.
- Best Rescuer: Most Artifacts returned to the safe zone.
- First Rescuer: First player to destroy an Artifact thief.
- Red Handed: The player who destroys the most Artifact thieves.
- True Protector: Trap three ghosts in a row while the active PKE Disruptor
remains undamaged.
- Comeback Kid: Trap three ghosts in "Sudden Death".
- Vendetta: Be the first to destroy or capture a ghost after it has damaged a
PKE Disruptor.