Ghostbusters: The Video Game чит-файл №1

Ghostbusters II reference:

* In front of the water fountain in the firehouse is a window looking back into
storage. You can see the "Ghostbusters II" sign and some doors from Ecto 1A.
* When you are in the firehouse just before returning to the closed-up
Sedgewick, play through the phone messages. You will hear a woman asking for the
number to Ray's Occult bookstore.

Fan fiction reference:

Go upstairs at Ghostbusters headquarters. You can find a drawing by a child on
pink paper hanging near some electrical equipment. The text "To Uncle Egon, from
Ed." Appears on it. This is a reference to the fan fiction Ghostbusters videos
"Freddy vs. Ghostbusters" and "The Return Of The Ghostbusters" which features
Egon's nephew Ed Spengler.