Halo: Combat Evolved чит-файл №1

Silent Level Shortcut
These Halo cheats will help if your annoyed by always having to go back because
the yellow dude locks the door. First find a warthhog and get some people
inside. Go where the place where there are lots of guys and where kortana says
the covenant are putting up a real fight. Go down completely with your warthhog
and go at full speed directly where the yellow dude is. If you did it right then
your warthhog will be half way through. Press forward and get out. Then pass the
level like you usually do and come back where the warthog is stuck. You may
think it is impossible to get out but just press back and then get out. You will
be in back of it and now you're done the hard part!

Sniping technique
Here's a cheap sniping tactic to aggravate your friends with next time your in a
deathmatch. Turn on all vehicles, weapons on normal, and play on the sidewinder
level. Grab a sniper rifle and a tank, drive it up to the outer cliff on the
blue light side where the rocket launcher is located, drive the tank around the
cliff past the rocket launcher towards the outside of the portal. Now back it up
the hill next to the portals outside door, the tank should be facing straight at
the tree out in the middle of the level. Soon as it's been back up that it cant
go any farther (enough that you could get under it) go get a ghost and go off
the tank like a ramp. This is a very stressing trick, it will take a while but
you'll know you have gotten in the sniping spot when you fly off the tank out
beyond the boundaries of the level. Now you can walk around the whole level and
pop out whenever you want and snipe your friends and then pop back out so they
cant hit you. (it looks like your flying and sometimes you can keep the ghost up

Easy Way to Kill an Elite
It's simple, if you have a plasma pistol charge it up and fire it at an elite
(if it tries to dodge it, the shot will follow it) and that should take out its
shield, then pull out any other weapon (assault rifle works best) and waste em!

Good tactic for legendary
Get a needler and some ammo and just unload it on an elite and watch the show
--NOTE-- You have to get in close enough for the needles to find their mark, and
the delay until they explode leaves you wide open for their plasma rifle, so
bring a backup weapon. For the hunters, unload an entire clip at their backs so
the shot doesn't reflect off their shield and start shooting at them with
another weapon while waiting for the needles to explode (or just sneak up on one
and smack him in the back, and if you cant to that...a well placed plasma
grenade to the head should weaken it, but it will most likely just piss it off.)

Having Some 'FUN' With Hunters
It is like playing with a bull (a bull with a fuel-rod gun and a bad attitude)
with a red flag. Wait for it to melee you and right before it hits you move out
of the way and hit it in the back. Then jump out of the way so it doesnt kill
you. This trick is very hard to do however, try and get behind one hunter so the
other one shoots at you and hits the other one in the side...or head..or
wherever it might hit it. i did this once and it killed the hunter.

Plasma Grenade
If you're going to use a plasma grenade, try throwing the grenade on the alien
where it sticks onto them. It will blow up on them making sure it will kill the
alien. Also the aliens can do this to you if you don't move.

Driving Warthogs in Halo
When driving a warthog before you drive off a cliff spin right away to the side
and the warthog won't tip but will stay horizontal and land from and
height,(this won't work if the cliff goes off that certain level). Also, when
turning to make a perfect turn, only do lots of little movements on the right
thumb stick. Do this so that the warthog doesn't skid out from big turns and you
can control it better.

Secret Cave
There is in level 5 a secret cave at the button of the map entrance. It comes
out on the side where they are not expecting a side attack from that side and it
shall be easier.

Get New Ending Sequence
Finish the game using legendary difficulty setting in Campaign Mode.

Shoot enemy through wall
This is a glitch, not a Halo cheat. In multi-player mode, drive any Warthog
close to a building so that the side of it is touching. Get in the gunners
turret and turn it towards the wall. If done correctly and you are close enough,
you should be able to to shoot at an enemy through the wall and not receive
damage from them if they shoot back.