Harvester чит-файл №2

Hints (not answers)

Day 1:

* Talk to the Sergeant at Arms first, he will guide you in your quests.
* Examine the burned out ruins in Harvest. Dig for the answers.
* Deputy Loomis is a pervert and doesn't like to sit all day.

Day 2:

* Visit the Sergeant at Arms, he has "assignments" for you.
* Stephanie's house holds the "key" to getting into Johnson's garage.

Night 2:

* You cannot get in the garage during the day, enter through alternate means.
* When you get into the garage, make sure to take all the objects you
can...you will need them later.

Day 3:

* You have to get the fireman to leave the fire station...an urgent fire
* A man's best friend is his dog. A dog's best friend is his meat.
* Don't forget your Dad owns a meat packing plant.
* Dad is in the bedroom...not feeling so well. It is like he is
imprisoned...the house is a jail.

Night 3:

* Dogs love meat!
* Those fancy fireman hide everything!

Day 4:

* Edna's daughter Karin is missing. Find her..or what's left of her and you
will be rewarded.

Night 4:

* Please use caution (as well as tape) when breaking glass.
* Tools come in handy when removing items.

Day 5:

* Where do you take dead people in Harvest? The dead people place!
* Blackmail is a wonderful way to get sticky stuff.

Night 5:
* Edna's Diner is the place for a "hot time".
* Please use caution (as well as tape) when breaking glass.
* Make sure to "disable" the fire alarm before cooking.
* Natural gas is cost efficient as well as burns clean.

Day 6:

* Mr. Pottsdam is hysterical today!
* Without proper and formal invitations what is society to do?
* Dead people smell really bad.
* Ever carry a good old fashioned "spinal cord"?