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Kane and Lynch Easter Eggs

In the "Welcome To Hope" mission, you will get the "Get To The Bartender"
objective early in the mission. You can find Kane at the bar, standing in front
of the Jukebox and smoking. If you shoot him, he will pull out a submachine gun.
Kane is a reference to the two Kane & Lynch games developed by Io Interactive.
The following dialogue can also be heard between the bartender and Kane:

Bartender: Hey boy, something I can help you with?
Kane: Just waiting for my associate. He's back in town buying equipment.
Bartender: Is that so? Well, what kind of equipment would that be?
Kane: Just equipment. Business equipment.
Bartender: I see, big businessman. Well you just watch yourself now 'cos we
don't care much for strangers out here.
Kane: I'm not looking for trouble.

In the "Birdie's Gift" mission, you can find Lynch at the shooting range during
the "Get The Silverballers!" objective, which takes Agent 47 to a gun store. The
following dialogue can also be heard between a worker at the shooting range and

Lynch: Stop staring at me, you twisted little fairy! Goddamn little fairies.
Imps. Trolls. [Lynch shoots lawn gnomes set up to the right of the range.]
Worker: Hey! Hey, hey, hey — Hey! Listen to me. What did I tell you about my
gnomes? You just stop it, ok? Or I'll kick your crazy ass outta here! And I'll
do it! You just watch.
Lynch: I'd like to see you f***ing try. F***ing midgets ain't what you
think! Staring at me... rolling around those little eye sockets. What am I
gonna... Twinkly little eyes... f***in'...
Worker: Well if you don't like the gnomes, you can take your business
elsewhere. Now I am serious. You just keep shooting my gnomes and we got
troubles, you and I. You understand?
Lynch: Yeah, yeah... whatever, you f***ing asshole. F***ing gnome f***er.
F***ing troll f***er. You... ah you f***er.

Later in the game, when you visit the Courthouse, look at the cells underneath.
You can see Kane writing a letter to his daughter through one of the vents.

Mini Ninjas

In the Orphanage, look for a desk with a lit green lamp in a side-room on the
first floor. Near the lamp is a Mini Ninjas figure, which is another
stealth-action game developed by Io Interactive.
Easy "Silent Assassin" achievement

Start the "Fight Night" mission, which requires you to kill a fighter in the
ring. Look for a fighter called "The Patriot", take his outfit, and use it as a
disguise. Then, meet Sanchez in the ring, kill him with your bare-hands, and
escape the level to get a "Silent Assassin" rank on the mission, and the "Silent
Assassin" achievement. Even if you are caught or make mistakes, you will still
get the "Silent Assassin" rank as long as you kill Sanchez with your bare-hands
dressed as "The Patriot".