Homeworld чит-файл №2

Hint: After you play a few missions in the single-player game, save and then
cut your teeth on some skirmishes against the computer in multiplayer mode;
this will help to build your tactical skills in battle.

Hint: Major battles can be very chaotic, so pregroup your forces into strike
teams first. You can then rapidly cycle through various combat groups to
change your field of view and modify orders.

Hint: Get to know the hot keys for the combat formations. Experiment with
different formations against different ships, and make notes on what works
best for you. Changing formations mid-attack can also give you an offensive

Hint: Always try to have a few larger ships set up to guard the mothership--set
their stance to aggressive so that they'll do their best to protect your
central ship.

Hint: Build at least two research ships as soon as you can, and always make
sure that you're advancing through the tech tree.

Hint: In the single-player game (or Skirmish vs. CPU), remember that you can
pause the game (press P) and issue orders and formation changes while paused.
This is very helpful in a large-scale battle.
Hint: If you've got a ton of fighters, set them all up in the Broad
formation--from here, it's far easier to select the fighters you want and
assign them to flight teams.