Icewind Dale: Долина ледяных ветров чит-файл №3

The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Icewind Dale (Version 0.7)

By Donny "Gamera" Chan (

Current Update: Saturday, 4 November 2000
Previous Update: Wednesday, 1 November 2000
Created: Sunday, 23 July 2000

6.8 DORN'S DEEP (Upper Dorn'S Deep)
10. APPENDIX 1 "The Anarchist's Guide to Icewind Dale"


RTFM (Read The F_cking Manual).
(OTOH, gamers who've read my previous game FAQs will
know my FAQs have very practical (read: cheap)
hints/strategies for gamers who don't or can't >nudge, wink<
read game manuals.)

- Trolls. (Besides, the AD&D Trolls are skinny,
compared to the MERP/Tolkien Trolls.) [000823]
- Yxunomei. (Despite her fan service.) [000826]
- Tower Archers. [000918]
- Belhifet. [000927]

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- A transcript of all the female characters' quotes.
(During combat, or when Fatgiued, or when the player
chooses her as the party leader, or when the player
consecutively clicks her portrait, et al.)
- Practical tactics against Belhifet and its Iron
- What does "Aura Cleansed" mean?
(For example, in Wyrm's Tooth, when a character talks
with Joril, the message window says the character is "Aura


Thanks to these sierra hotel persons/organisations:
- Dan Simpson, for the IWD FAQs at
- Donny "Gamera" Chan, who works in the Design
Department at Casio Hong Kong.
- Marcus Cheng of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for getting
the Icewind Dale Official Strategies & Secrets book (SYBEX,
2000) and New D&D (AD&D3) Player's Handbook (Wizards of the
Coast, 2000).
- Mike Tsui of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
- Murphy, for the Murphy's Laws of Combat.
- Philip In of Hong Kong, for changing the OS of my PC
from WIN98E to WIN98J. I also use a Japanese keyboard that I
got in 1998.
- Roter stomach tablets, by Roter of Holland.

No thanks to these lima delta persons/organisations:
- T$R, Inc.

(I always place the Thanks/No Thanks lists near the top
of my FAQs so people will learn the Netters who contributed
to this FAQ (social democracy in action), or bashed this


In IWD, all new characters begin at Level 1. It claims to have an XP cap
1,801,000 XP for single-, multi-, and dual-class chara.
While I follow the NATO combat pilots' motto of "If you're not cheating,
you're not trying hard enough," I'm not a Munchkin player. But as this is a
CRPG, when creating new characters, it's not practical to create
unsurvivable characters. Eg, I didn't decrease the "Difficulty" option, but
I toggled ON the "Group infravision" and "Maximum hit points per level"
(Veteran gamers may have read a text file about how a Looney player, a
Munchkin player, a normal player, and a Real Man/Woman player would act in
various situations.)


Based on my real AD&D and AD&D2 experience, when rolling a chara's
Scores, re-roll the Ability Scores till all six are 13 or above. This means
when modifying the Ability Scores, the player can increase some of them to
16 or above, and decrease some of them to 9, as an Ability Score between 9
and 12 causes no penalty. If you've the patience, re-roll till all six are
14 or above.
When all six are 13 or above, and if the chara's a Fighter, Paladin, or
Ranger who can have exceptional STR, tentatively decrease some Ability
Scores enough to increase the chara's STR to 18/XX. If the XX is low (but
"00" means 100!), and the chara's race allows the chara to have a high
exceptional STR, consider storing and re-rolling the Ability Scores. The +3
to hit, +6 to damage bonuses of a STR 18/00 are very attractive.
The 18/XX is fixed in a particular set of Ability Scores. Eg, if the
decreases another Ability Score by one point and increases STR from 17 to
18/68, the player can't add another point to STR to increase it to above
18/68. If the player subtracts a point from STR to decrease it to 17, and
adds a point to STR again, STR increases to 18/68. The game doesn't change
the XX, unless the player re-rolls for a new set of Ability Scores.
(I miss the good old days in POOLRAD (Pool of Radiance, the first AD&D
CRPG) when a Level 8+ Fighter could, in one round, theoretically sweep
through eight Goblins or Kobolds that surrounded her because an AD&D1
Fighter had one attack per level, not per round, against monsters with fewer
than one Hit Die, such as Goblins (1-1 HD) and Kobolds (1/2 HD).)
Mage should have maximum INT. Chara who don't use Mage spells don't need
high INT.
Cleric should have maximum WIS. Chara who use Priest spells also need
Only Bard, Druid, and Paladin need high CHA.
Actually, every chara should have high CON and WIS for the hit point and
saving throw bonuses.
I don't think all characters must be Good, but I didn't create any Evil
chara. OTOH, IWD has some magic items that characters of certain alignments
(such as any Good or any Lawful) or races can't use.
Amongst the non-Human races, Dwarfs have the advantages of high CON and
resistances to magic and poison. Elves have the advantages of high DEX and
resistances to Charm, Ghouls, and Sleep.
A single-class Mage is feeble in combat, but a dual- or multi-class Mage
who wears armour can't cast spells. A dual- or multi-class Mage who wears an
helmet or uses non-Mage weapons can cast spells. OTOH, a dual- or
multi-class Mage who doesn't need to cast low-level combat spells can rely
on the armours and weapons of the other class to acquire XP. Eg, an
Illusionist/Thief can use bows. A Magic Missile or two per day don't matter
much to a squad of Goblins or Orcs anyway.
A multi-class Cleric or Druid can't use almost all bows, bladed weapons,
and crossbows.
I don't think warriors should allocate any weapon proficiency to blunt
weapons like flails, hammers, and maces. Because Clerics can't use bladed
weapons, they allocate their weapon proficiencies to blunt weapons, and the
player will probably give the Clerics the magic blunt weapons that the party
acquire during the game. Instead, great swords and large swords are
essential to warriors.
Magic spears are rare in the game, AFAIK.
A Ranger, single- or multi-class, can attack with two weapons
in Japanese), when the Ranger has two suitable melee weapons in the Quick
Weapons slots, and isn't holding a shield. The action figure in the
Inventory screen doesn't show the Ranger holding two weapons, but the specs
in the Record screen show the Ranger's number of attacks as two. I think a
Fighter or Paladin can't similarly attack with two weapons.
Thus, a Ranger can enjoy the offensive special abilities of two high-
magic weapons, when the other classes can enjoy at most the offensive
special abilities of one magic weapon and the defensive special abilities of
one magic shield.
In 1st Play (the first game that I began on Sunday, 23 July 2000), for
convenience, I Imported and used five of the default characters: Cleric,
Mage, Paladin, Ranger, and Thief. For the sixth chara, I arbitrarily created
a Cleric/Ranger.
I gave composite long bow, short bow, and sling to the Mages and Rangers,
and set their AI to mostly Defensive and Ranged Attack. As Paladins can
heal, they can use the Cleric's AI. As Rangers can Stealth, they can use the
Thief's AI.
(I adopt the FSU/CIS and USMC ways of having organic scout-snipers to
soften the enemies while the grunts (warriors) take down the enemies in
close range.)
From my Basic D&D days, I've a mild prejudice against generic Mages, but
know this party lack magic users. If I restart a new game, or replace one of
the current characters, I'll create a Bard, Mage, or multi-class Mage. Eg, a
Gnome Thief/Illusionist.
When a Cleric advances to, for example, Level 3, the Cleric can memorise
spell from all the Level 2 priest spells available to the Cleric. But when a
Mage advances to Level 3, the Mage doesn't automatically have new Mage
spells in the Level 2 page of the Mage's spell book. The Mage must add new
spells to the spell book by copying spells from scrolls found amongst
treasures or bought from Mage NPCs. Successfully copying a spell from a
scroll consumes that scroll.
A Mage can copy a spell that she doesn't have enough experience level to
memorise and cast.

When the Thief in my party levels up and allocates 20% amongst her
I allocate 2% to Pick Pockets and 6% to each of the other three skills. By
saving and loading games, a Thief can "borrow" items, frequently magic
items, from the named NPCs. A Thief can sometimes borrow multiple items from
a NPC, so save and load games till the Thief can't borrow any more items
from that NPC. Eg, in Kuldahar, 'tis too bad Oswald doesn't identify magic
necklaces and rings, or it would be funny if the Thief pays him to identify
his necklace and ring.
(Yeah, sure, the shops sell magic items, but gawk at their prices. When
party completed the quest in the Vale of Shadows beyond Kuldahar, they'd
just about 3,000-something GP in cash.)
When a party have two Thieves, one Thief may, for example, specialise in
two skills, while the other Thief may specialise in the other two skills.
IMO, Find/Remove Traps and Open Locks are more useful than the other two
A Thief's skills, whether modified by magic or not, can exceed 100%.
After an Human Fighter dual-classes into a Mage and when his Mage level
above his Fighter level, he can allocate his Mage weapon proficiencies to
non-Mage weapons, but his Mage weapon proficiencies can't specialise in any
new weapon.

On Sunday, 30 July 2000, based on Dan's FAQ and my first week (real time)
of IWD experience, I reloaded to the point where my chara were in the Vale
of Shadows and restructured them to this Mark 1 Mod 2 config:
Female Human Paladin Lawful Good
* Male Human Fighter Lawful Neutral
Female Half-Elf Cleric/Ranger Chaotic Good
* Female Elf Fighter/Mage Chaotic Good
Female Half-Elf Cleric Chaotic Good
* Female Gnome Illusionist/Thief Chaotic Good

The * chara are new Level 1 chara. I removed the Mage, Ranger, and Thief.
plan to Dual-Class the Human Fighter at Level 2 as a Conjurer (Specialist
Mage). I added the Elf Fighter/Mage so she can double specialise bows.
(Since my AD&D days, I've an hatred/respect for Elf warriors who have
maximum DEX and double specialised bows.) I added the Gnome
Illusionist/Thief for fun. (Paladin and Mage aren't amongst my favourite
AD&D classes... except Lawful Neutral Paladins and Diviners. My favourites
are Human Archer-Ranger, Dark Elf Cleric/Fighter/Thief-Acrobat, Half-Dark
Elf Fighter/Thief/Bard, Half-Elf Druid, and the conventional Dwarf
I may remove/replace the Half-Elf Cleric later. For now, I like to have
Cleric types because I'm paranoid about Undead, esp those that drain Levels.
Grr. Now that I listed them, I realise I've too many female and Good
chara... I forgot to set the new Elf Fighter/Mage as Chaotic Neutral. Good
or Lawful chara can't use many of the magic items the party will find.

Righto. On Tuesday, 1 August 2000, I laid off the Chaotic Good Elf
Fighter/Mage and hired a Chaotic Neutral Elf Fighter/Mage. I also
Dual-Classed the Level 2 Human Fighter as a Conjurer. As Marcus suggested, I
allocated the four Fighter weapon proficiencies to bows, crossbows
(specialised), and large sword; and gave him an heavy crossbow. The former
Fighter could've specialised both bows and crossbows, but I figured even
with an high-level Mage's high THAC0, I might as well have another chara who
can use a magic large sword, when the other chara maybe using magic
non-large-sword weapons, like a two-handed axe or halberd. OTOH, because
bows and crossbows are two-handed weapons, thus he can't equip a shield, he
could've specialised in some sort of two-handed melee weapon, like great
swords or halberds. OTOH^2, he could've began as a Ranger, which lets him
attack with two weapons, but only a daft Mage would engage high-Hit-Dice
monsters in melee combat.

After I saw Arundel, the Druid of Kuldahar, in action, I'm intrigued by
Summoning spells. I created and exported an Half-Elf Fighter/Druid template
that I may use later.

On Monday, 14 August 2000, when my party cleared the left (west) half of
Dragon's Eye Level 2, I laid off the CG Half-Elf Cleric and hired a TN
Half-Elf Fighter/Druid, because the Cleric and the CG Half-Elf Cleric/Ranger
were becoming redundant.
In 1st Play, my party leader's a Paladin. If I replay IWD, I'll probably
choose a Ranger (but not a Cleric/Ranger) as the party leader in 2nd Play.
Attacking with two magic swords sounds fun.
WRT naming the chara, I name the one male chara after the male
of the Sotsugyou Crossworld RPG for PlayStation/Sega Saturn/WIN98J. I name
the five female chara after the female protagonists of the Sentimental
Graffiti 1 RPG for Sega Saturn/WIN98J. I considered naming the female chara
after the female protagonists of the Sotsugyou series of ikusei simulation
games, who are in groups of five, but declined.


(A review of the IWD Abilities, Races, Classes, Skills,
Magic, and Spells, based on my 1st Play experience. Now


I set the game to pause whenever a friendly is KIA.
WRT ammo for missile weapons, each chara can carry in their quivers up to
120 units (shots) of arrows, bolts, or bullets. My chara who use missile
weapons carry six slots of ammo (up to 240 units) each.
Slings must use bullets as ammo and can't use stones, which should be
Also, IWD doesn't seem to have the Kenders' staff slings. (I know, different
game worlds.)
Use all of each chara's equipment slots to maximise the space in her
backpack. Eg, even if a chara won't drink a potion or use a wand, put the
potion or wand in her Quick Item slots. Also, even if a chara doesn't use
missile weapons, put in her Quiver slots arrows/bolts/bullets that the other
chara will use.
If the player toggled ON the "Group infravision" option, the party should
sell any Potion of Infravision or Scroll of Infravision they find.
The player can't access a Confused or polymorphed chara's inventory
but other chara can transfer items to a Confused chara.
When a chara tries to pick up an item, but her backpack slots are full,
can do the X-Com trick. When the chara's standing on the item, switch to her
Inventory screen. There, she can transfer some of her items to another
chara, so she can pick up the item on the ground. Or, she can pick up the
item on the ground and directly transfer it to another chara. Or, if the
item is an ammo, gemstone, or potion that she already has in her backpack,
she can pick up the item on the ground and merge it with those that she
already has in her backpack.
(In X-Com and X-Com 2, arming a grenade costs action points, and an
X-Commie may not have enough action points to arm and throw a grenade in one
turn. When an X-Commie sees an alien, another X-Commie may arm a grenade and
throw it to a third X-Commie between the X-Commie who sees the alien and the
X-Commie who arms the grenade. The player then switches to the middle
X-Commie's inventory screen, picks up the grenade, and throws it to the
X-Commie who sees the alien. The alien may have ended its turn in the
X-Commie's visual range, or the X-Commie may have turned or moved one square
when she sees the alien, which gives her enough action points to switch to
her inventory screen, pick up the grenade, and throw it onto the alien. It
sometimes becomes fatally and unintentionally funny when an X-Commie misses
her throw (makes a wild pitch) or the X-Commie who sees the alien doesn't
have enough action points to even pick up the grenade after all. (Sounds
like the Second Earth soldiers in the TV anime Blue Gender...) Also, IIRC,
X-Com has the bug that an armed but unused grenade becomes a dud in the next
My Paladin sometimes Detect Evil an NPC who doesn't automatically talk
the party, to see if the Force that's strong with that NPC is Dark or Light.
When a Druid polymorphs into an animal, in her Inventory screen, the
rectangle that normally shows her humanoid "action figure" is blank.
A magic item that regenerates the wearer's HP doesn't regenerate the
wearer's HP when the party move from one location to another in the world
The bears that Animal Summoning summons are tough, but they are too big
move through some doorways and passages.
A Fire Elemental isn't fiery, and looks more like a Magma Elemental.


(A review of the IWD Equipment, Combat, and
Adventuring, based on my 1st Play experience. Now writing.)



This section is an ad hoc journal of my 1st Play of
Also, this section clarifies details that weren't or
aren't in Dan Simpson's IWD FAQs at



In the first town, Easthaven, in and around the tavern, talk with the
These conversations will lead the characters to some tasks within the town,
which will award the characters some XP.
(BTW, Hrothgar, which means hroth "fame" + gar "spear", is the archaic
of Roger. Yes, in my high school days, I'd a small interest in etymology.
Eg, AEthelbeorht, which means AEthel "noble" + beorht "bright", is the
archaic form of Albert.)
The first task is obviously Grisella's problem in the cellar.
After the characters "debug" the cellar and leave the tavern, they can go
to these spots (places) in the town:
To the east, Pomab's equipment/weapon shop.
To the west, Hrothgar's house.
To the southeast, an inn.
To the southeast corner, the entrance/exit of the town.
To the south, a pier.
To the southwest, two warehouses.
To the southwest corner, an humanoid water spirit.
In order of increasing danger, the party can first talk with the lad in
middle of the town and the water spirit in the southwest corner of the town.
The party can then give a bottle of liquor to the fisher in the building
beside the pier. The party can then clear the wolf in the warehouses. The
party can then talk with Hrothgar about a caravan. The party can then clear
the Goblins in the southeast corner of the town.
Of course, the party should retrieve all the equipment they find on the
monsters' bodies, and sell anything they don't need in the equipment/weapon
In the Inventory screen, the icons of equipment and weapons that a chara
can't use have a red outline. Eg, a Mage can't wear any armour. Magic but
unidentified items have a purple outline. Non-magic but high-quality items
don't have a colour outline, but have a green taint. (I don't think Black
Isle programmed in any contingency for players with colour-deficient
In each house, move the mouse pointer over the furniture to check if the
party can open the furniture and see the contents. I think a Thief can open
locked doors and furniture without decreasing the party's Reputation. When
the party commit a really Evil action, such as murdering the
equipment/weapon shop owner, the message window announces a decrease to
their Reputation.
When the party want to store equipment that they don't want to sell, they
can put the equipment in the cabinets and chests in Hrothgar's house or the
In the wilderness just outside Easthaven, a cave entrance is to the left
the two wagons north of the entrance of the town. I don't think the party
should attempt to clear the cave in one try. Clear some of the monsters in
the cave; then leave the cave to heal, rest, and sell unneeded equipment and
weapons in the town; then clear some more of the monsters in the cave; then
repeat till they clear the entire cave.


After the party join Hrothgar's expedition and seriously leave Easthaven,
they enter a wilderness area, Kuldahar Pass. This area has a tower in the
middle, a cave to the northwest, a mill to the east,Ѓ@and the entrance to
the second town, Kuldahar, in the southeast corner.
I don't think the party need to clear the Ogre in the tower in the
or the Goblin Marshal outside the mill to the east, as they are worth few XP
and carry few GP and no magic item.
In the three rooms in the mill, don't bother to pay any tribute. Clear
the Goblins and Orcs, and search and rescue a lad.


In Kuldahar, the other exit of the town is near the middle of the east
of the map. Loitering about this exit are a few Yetis. No, not YATIs.
(Back in POOLRAD, Lizard Men were awesome against low-level chara
when unarmed, Lizard Men attacked three times per round (the familiar
claw/claw/bite routine). Now in IWD, Level 1-2 chara get to fight Ogres and
Yetis. >Sigh< OTOH, another AD&D CRPG had the infamous Mulmaster Beholder
Corps that, literally, I didn't bother.)
In the house on the right side of the tavern, the party can store items
the cupboard.
In the Mage Gerth's shop, the party can read the books available for sell
by right-clicking them, so the party don't need to buy them. Book-browsing
("tatiyomi" in Japanese) is one of the few things in this CRPG that resemble
real life. (OK, so women are also beautiful in real life.)
Depending on the party's levels and progress into the game, the Mage
changes the spells he sells to the party.
In Aldwin's inn, after the party find Eidan's Legacy Ring upstairs, they
can talk with Aldwin about the ring. They get some XP whether Aldwin
confesses to the elders, or he lets the party freely rest at the inn for
unlimited times. Either way, he remains as the innkeeper. If a Paladin talks
with him, he'll explicitly comment about the legality of an holy warrior's
"breaking and entering."
In the blacksmith Conlan's shop, don't worry about unlocking his chest.
Later, the party will get the key from his relative.
After Sheemish returns to Kuldahar, his label still says "Captive
Villager". (I think his aggression is from watching too much MMPR on TV.)
After the party unlock and open Conlan's chest, one chara in the party
carry Conlan's Key for any chara in the party to open the chest again. My
party once put the key in the cupboard in the house on the right side of the
tavern, and they can't open the chest. The Thief attempts to unlock it many
times and fails.
If a Thief fails to pick Arundel's pockets (the Druid), Arundel becomes
If a Thief fails to pick Brother Ferg's pockets (the Priest outside the
church), Brother Ferg attacks the Thief.
If the party murder both male Priests, they find only a small amount of
on them. The female Priest has a Morning Star +1 on her.
If the party attack any of the Priest, the Priests counter-attack, and
Arundel also comes to counter-attack the party. Against low-level chara,
Arundel's insect-summoning spells kick arse.
If the party murder Conlan (the blacksmith), they find a leather armour,
war hammer, and some GP on him.
If the party murder Mirek (townsperson), they find the same necklace they
got from the Yeti Chieftain.
If the party murder Whitcomb (the barkeep), they find some bolts, a
crossbow, and some non-magic stuph on him.
If the party murder the barmaid or other townspersons, they may find a
club, a dagger, or some GP on them.
If the party murder Oswald's cows, Oswald doesn't become hostile, and
Arundel doesn't come to avenge them.
Though the Neo Orogs concentrate on the party, I wonder if they can
a few townspersons for the party? Also, I wonder if the party can collateral
damage the townspersons with a Fireball or two, and not damage their


East of Kuldahar is the next wilderness area, the Vale of Shadows. In the
Vale of Shadows, near the centre of the map, and along the north and east
edges of the map, are entrances of different crypts. Between the centre and
the south edge of the map is a caveful of Yetis.
(To paraphrase an ancient Canadian proverb: "When I walk in the valley of
death, I shall fear no evil, for I am the meanest mother f_cker in the
In the crypts, some Skeletons use non-magic but high-quality weapons.
amongst the treasure are some keys, holy symbol, and talisman that open
locked double doors and gates in other crypts or other areas of the same
Reminder: Ghasts and Ghouls can't paralyse Elves.
In the crypt in the southeast corner, I think the party must KO the
armoured Skeleton, Therik.
In the crypt in the northeast corner, the party can debate with Mytos the
Bone Dancer for some XP, but I think they must KO Mytos. (OTOH, I didn't
return to Kuldahar and ask if the Druid and the Priests know any pacifist
way to bypass Therik and Mytos?) Engage Mytos in melee combat, so he can't
cast offensive spells.
In Level 2 of Mytos's crypt (it's actually Kresselack's crypt), against
first squad of Tattered Skeletons, retreat to the room outside the doorway,
so only one Tattered Skeleton at a time can attack the party. Then, move
towards the hall slowly to attract a small batch of Undead before retreating
to just inside the doorway. Repeat this two to three times till the party KO
both Wights. Near the doorway, the party are far enough from the hall to
rest. Then, engage the Skeletal Mage in melee combat, so he can't cast
offensive spells.
If the party attack Kresselack, he doesn't counter-attack. But he seems
immune to magic weapons and has Magic Resistance against spells.
If the party already cleared the Yetis' cave before they began to clear
crypts, when they enter that cave to talk with Lysan, the cave is empty. But
when Lysan engages the party, four or five Yetis materialises to complement
After the party murder Lysan in self-defense, and before they talk with
Kresselack again, when they go to Kuldahar and talk with Arundel, they and
Arundel sound like they haven't murdered Lysan.
When the party talk with Whitcomb (the barkeep), they can convince him to
give them Lysan's belongings: Mantle of Coming Storm (cloak) and scrolls
(Cure Critical Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, and Protection From Fire).
To be honest, I didn't recognise or remember Lysan as one of the barmaids
in the tavern, because the NPCs don't have portraits. Other CRPGs show at
least portraits of the NPCs' heads when the protagonists talk with them.


At the entrance, if five chara block the entrance to prevent the Verbeeg,
Red Toe, from disappearing, I think a Thief still can't borrow anything from
him. If they murder him, they find an halberd and a large shield (yellow) on
In Level 2, near the far end of the hallway are two Acolytes and three
Verbeegs who wasted a lot of my real time. The Verbeegs cause big damage,
and the Acolytes soften the party for the Verbeegs. I tried hit-and-run,
which didn't work. Then I tried low-and-slow, which didn't work. Then I
tried to divide the party, counter the Verbeegs with warriors, and counter
the Acolytes with the Clerics and Mages' Acid Arrow, Chromatic Orb, Colour
Spray, Hold Person, Miscast Magic, and Scorcher, which didn't work. One of
the problems is, even when the Mages are apart from the warriors, their
Colour Sprays and Scorchers, which pivot to track their target, sometimes
hit the warriors. I deduced the Verbeegs are causing more damage than the
Acolytes, but the party need to disable the Acolytes first, so the party can
clear the Verbeegs before they clear the Acolytes.
The tactic that works is stop the party just before they and the Verbeegs
see each other. I've two Mages on the left side of the hallway, and four
Clerics and warriors on the right side of the hallway. One Mage casts three
Stinking Clouds between the Verbeeg's brazier and the party. Then both Mages
move slightly forwards to see and Scorcher the Verbeegs. The Acolytes
naturally move into the Stinking Clouds. The warriors engage the Verbeegs,
but now the Scorchers don't hit the warriors because the Mages are some
distance away and behind the Verbeegs. The Acolytes may cast a spell or two
before the Stinking Clouds disable them. When the Verbeegs are moderately
wounded or worse, the Mages continue to Chromatic Orb and Colour Spray the
Verbeegs and Acolytes. After the party clear the Verbeegs, and whether the
Stinking Clouds are active or not, the Acolytes are almost sitting ducks.
In the cave where the Heartstone Gem was, get the green potion and give
to Arundel in Kuldahar.


The disease that a Wraith Spider's attacks cause is temporary.
Against the Lizard King & Co, my tactic is: Stop the party south of the
steps. Cast a Web on the steps and another Web north of the steps. Send one
chara to talk with the Lizard King, then retreat that chara down the steps.
When the Lizard King's on the steps, the warriors engage it. The Mages and
snipers concentrate on the Lizardman Shamans, which probably have time to
cast Strength of One. Unlike the Stinking Clouds that I previously used
against the Acolytes and Verbeegs, the Webs don't bother my warriors who
wear Rings of Free Action borrowed in Kuldahar. Besides Stinking Clouds and
Webs, other players may also use Invisible chara.
I tried the "Dead Lizard King" answer mentioned in Dan's FAQ, but the
Lizardmen didn't commit regicide.
In Level 2, beyond the Lizardman Shamans, when my party fight the Wraith
Spiders, the message window says a Captive Villager attacks a chara or a
Wraith Spider. (Bug?)
In Level 2, when a female chara talks with the captive villager Sheemish,
she'll point out she's definitely not Sheemish's Papa, because she's a
Against the Trolls and Wraith Spiders (I wonder why they don't eat each
other), my tactic is: Attract one of them far away from its position and
clear them one at a time. The party can sometimes kill a Troll (1,400 XP) by
keep hitting a knocked-down Troll, but against an especially stubborn Troll
that rebounds for 3+ times, and to save real time, my Mages sometimes
Scorcher it. Also, seems the 1 point damage per round that a Diseased
Halberd causes can kill a Troll.
Against the Talonite Priests and Trolls, my tactic (inspired by the USMC
Force Recon (special ops capable)) is: Stop the party at the rubble north of
the entrance of the cave. Choose a scout sniper. (In my party, she's an Elf
Fighter/Mage who specialises in bows and has an Huge Long Bow.) While the
balance of the party switch to melee weapons and wait at the rubble, the
scout sniper enters the cave, two to three steps at a time. When she spots a
Troll, she leads it back to the party. Together, they clear the Troll, and
the scout sniper re-enters the cave. Or, when she spots a Priest, she stops
and clears that Priest. Each Priest can endure three to four shots, but when
the scout sniper misses a shot, the Priest possibly has time to hit her with
a spell. (I don't trust the USMC's "One shot, one kill" jingo, but I trust
the USAF's "First look, first shot, first kill" jingo.) This tactic
fortunately works because, unlike the Lizard King & Co, the Priests and most
of the Trolls stand far apart. To decrease surprise, other players may send
in an Invisible chara to preview what monsters are where in the cave.
In Level 2, in the right (east) half, I'm trying another tactic, because
forgot snipers work in pairs - one as a spotter and the other as a shooter.
That is, while I stop the party somewhere safe, I send ahead two snipers.
When the snipers spot something suspicious (bridge, cave opening, steps,
&c), one sniper stops and the other continues ahead. If they spot a monster
that they can clear, they clear it. If they spot one or more monsters that
they can't clear, both lead it/them back to the party. Or, when the leading
sniper's far enough from the stopped sniper, the party move to the stopped
sniper's position. This tactic needs some patience, but IMO
pausing/unpausing the game is more convenient than saving/loading the game.
My party return to Kuldahar when the snipers have depleted their arrows and
bolts. (Yes, of course I've read the legendary USMC scout sniper Carlos
Hathcock's biography.)
The Shield Ring is useable by a Cleric/Mage, Mage, or Mage/Thief, but NOT
useable by a Specialist Mage! (Bug? Quirk?)
When the party talk with them, the Captive Villagers share a common pool
The party can murder the Captive Villager adults and find nothing on the
bodies. OTOH, the party can't murder the Captive Villager children. Even
when Mages Scorcher them, the children's worst status is Badly Wounded.
After Sheemish returns to Kuldahar, he's equally immortal. (If the party
attack Sheemish, and when they return to Kuldahar, I don't know if he and
his relative will thank the party?)
Capitalism in action: After the party save Egenia's life, she still
them hundreds of GP for her curing and healing. Also, when the party returns
to Kuldahar now, they don't tell the Priests that the party searched and
rescued Egenia.
If the party murder Egenia, the nearby Captive Villagers don't become
InЃ@Level 3, the party must immediately clear a Blast Skeleton/Undead
Lieutenant and its squad of Cold Wights. Retreat the party towards the
entrance, because when they move between the snake statues, they may attract
more Cold Wights. When they destroy a Blast Skeleton, it explodes like a
certain race of Draconians. Against the Cold Wights, I recommend Entangle,
Fireball, and Web. Animate Dead and Monster Summoning I are useless, because
the summoned monsters aren't durable.
Level 3 has more such squads of Undead. Move slowly to spot and clear two
to three Cold Wights at a time, instead of an entire squad.
Against Presio & Co, I stop the party on the bridge, Animate Dead to
some Skeletons as decoys/drones, stop the Skeletons a few steps west of the
entrance of Presio's room, and send a sniper (after clearing the east half
of Level 2 and the west half of Level 3, when my party reached Presio's
room, the only sniper who had ammo was the Druid/Fighter with a sling +1...)
to bait the Undead. If the sniper attracts a Wight, the sniper and the
Skeletons retreat to the party. If the sniper attracts two to three Poison
Zombies, the Skeletons delay them while the sniper stops a few steps behind
the Skeletons and help clear the Poison Zombies. During this process,
Presio's spells might hit the sniper, who returns to the party for healing.
(Presio doesn't cast Stinking Clouds. She casts Cloukills!) After the party
clear most of Presio's roommates, I send two Cleric, Druid, or Mage to the
entrance and cluster-bomb the area just before where Presio's standing with
the dumb area-effect spells Entangle, Fireball, and Web. These spells are
"dumb" because they don't aim at specific targets, unlike "smart" spells
such as Hold Person and Scorcher. If Presio's Magic Missiles hit one of the
chara, she can't interrupt the other chara's spell. Then, my Mages cast some
more dumb offensive spells, like Burning Hands and Colour Spray, at Presio's
position. Even when Presio's Mirror Imaged, she can't move. Then, if Presio
and any of her roommates are still functional, the party roll in and clear
them. BTW, her treasure chests are very trapped. (I don't remember which
chara are responsible for Mytos and Therik in the Vale of Shadows, but my
Human dual-class Fighter/Conjurer's Record screen says he's responsible for
Presio. Mark 1 Mod 4 party in 1st Play, on Friday, 18 August 2000.)
When the party rest outside Presio's room, I wonder if Presio also
re-memorises her spells?
Now that Marcus mentioned it... In the dungeons, I guess some especially
compassionate players, who are in a hurry, can ignore some Chaotic or Evil
NPCs who aren't directly in the party's way and don't give the party an
extra XP award when cleared. Eg, some players can live and let live Presio,
who doesn't exit her room unless disturbed and doesn't continually harass
the party with Lizardmen and Trolls like the High Summoner. Her magic dagger
is an useful weapon though.
Between Presio's room and the northeast corner of Level 3, use a Thief to
detect and disarm the many traps on the floor. (I miss the bad old "10 feet
deep pit" trap.)
In Level 4, use a non-Paladin to talk with Albion. (My party
and politely didn't ask him about the Heartstone Gem and Kuldahar
villagers.) Find Geelo the Librarian, talk with him about books and magic
texts, and buy all his spells. Find Sharra the Healer for healing (if
necessary), or at least know her location. Yomp all over the level to admire
their banners, carpets, and indoor swimming pools.
If a Paladin scans (Detect Evil) Albion, Geelo, et al, they squawk Evil.
The Eldathyns ("Love and peace" Hippies, IMO), their guests, and the more
guests they summon won't harass the party when a non-Paladin talks with
Albion and not belittle their banners and carpets, or a Mage casts Web on an
Eldathyn, or a Paladin talks with Geelo and Sharra, or a Priest casts
Animate Dead.
The Eldathyns, their Yuan Ti guests, and the Lizard Men and Trolls they
summon will harass the party when a Paladin talks with Albion about their
masquerade, or a Mage casts Monster Summoning, or a Thief unlocks a locked
door, or the party talks with Albion about their banners and carpets. As
soon as the natives are restless, all locked doors automatically open.
If a Mage casts Monster Summoning II and gets Lizard Men, these Lizard
remain friendly to the party.
As Dan's FAQ suggests, I eventually station my party in Geelo's library.
The Mage casts Web in the area outside the doorway, and casts Monster
Summoning II. Albion and Geelo immediately declare war on the summoned
monsters, and the party legally defend the summoned monsters. (My Half-Elf
Druid/Fighter's Record screen says she's responsible for Albion. Mark 1 Mod
4 party in 1st Play, on Saturday, 19 August 2000.)
After the party clear the Eldathyns and monsters that line up outside the
library to borrow Geelo's new shipment of Harry Potter, I send a sniper to
clear Sharra. (I chose the chap with the M-60 GPMG, ie, the heavy
crossbow-specialised Human dual-class Fighter/Conjurer, because Sharra heals
herself.) Then, the party clear the Diners Club in the room north of
If the party clear the High Summoner, then liberate Cristiana, Iholikan,
Marchon, and Reise from the room northwest of Sharra's, these four MIAs
don't become homicidal and exit their room. The party may murder them, with
no apparent damage to the party's Reputation, and get their Arrows +2,
Arrows of Fire, Chain-Mail Armour +1, Flaming Long Sword +2, Long Sword +1,
Mage Dagger +2 (memorise one extra Level 1 and one extra Level 2 spells),
Morning Star +1, and Potion of Extra Healing. (Only the Arrows of Fire,
Flaming Long Sword, and Mage Dagger look interesting, IMO.)
Or, I guess the party may liberate them before the party clear the High
Summoner, Entangle or Web them, let the High Summoner's Lizard Men and
Trolls change the four MIAs into four KIAs, and get their magic items.
(Can't blame them for losing their heads after they are locked for weeks in
a room full of corpses, and waiting to be Huamn sashimi.)
After Presio and during the Eldathyns, because of the traps, I changed
tactics. The party have two chara primarily tasked with melee weapons, and
four chara primarily tasked with missile weapons. (Fighter/Mage and
Illusionist/Thief with bows, Fighter/Conjurer with heavy crossbow, and
Fighter/Druid with sling.) The Thief moves ahead and alone to detect and
disarm traps. When the Thief sees a monster, she and the other three snipers
target the monster. (The other three snipers probably move ahead to a
position between the Thief and the two chara with melee weapons.) When the
monster moves into the Thief's melee range, the Thief moves back to behind
the other snipers. If the monster moves into the snipers' melee range,
everyone target the monster. Or, when the Thief sees multiple monsters, the
Thief attracts them and moves back to behind the other snipers, while the
other snipers target the monsters. If the monsters move into the snipers'
melee range, everyone target the monsters. Optionally, like when the party
have expended their healing spells, the Mages Fireball or Web the incoming
In Level 5, the corridors have traps on the floor, even corridors where
some Yuan Ti are waiting, but the Yuan Ti don't activate the traps when they
move through them. Thus, if the party boldy charge towards some Yuan Ti, one
or more chara might activate a trap and get poisoned.
Yxunomei the Proprietress is reasonably tough and has a bit of fan
According to Ken's HP, she's vulnerable to Arrows +2, Conlan's Hammer, +3 or
better weapons, and fire-based weapons (Arrows of Fire, Flaming Oils, Oils
of Fiery Burning, &c). She has Magic Resistance 70%, but fire-based spells
can penetrate her MR. Before the party engage her, and (to quote an ancient
Canadian proverb) "the bird dropping hits the propeller," they should
appropriately configure their memorised spells and weapons. (Sounds like a
Pyromaniacs Anonymous meeting.)
Against the Proprietress, each chara in my party has some Flaming Oils or
Oils of Fiery Burning as her Quick Items, and Antidotes in her backpack. The
Mages memorise mostly fire-based spells, such as Burning Hands, Fireball,
Flame Arrow, and Scorcher. The bowyers have Arrows +2 or Arrows of Fire, the
crossbowyer has Bolts +2, and the slinger has Bullets +2. The Cleric/Ranger
has Conlan's Hammer as one of her two weapons. The party cast Animate Dead
and Monster Summoning to create some drones just before the door of her
room. Then, the party wait in the doorway west of her room.
The Fighter/Mage, with some Oils, a magic bow, and Arrows +2, opens the
door of her room and moves into the room far and straight enough to see the
Odd Little Girl (aka Child Yxunomei) and a Yuan Ti near her. The F/M bluntly
tells the Odd Little Girl that the party have come to rip off the Heartstone
Gem. (The first time my party attempted to clear her, the herald talked with
her and learnt her ambitions.) Even as the Odd Little Girl's transforming
(but not into Sailormoon), the F/M throws Oils at her. When the Proprietress
is immobile and casting Animate Dead, Cloukill, or Dispel Magic, the F/M
still throws Oils at her. The F/M riskily ignores the Yuan Ti and low-level
Undead because the priority is to soften the Proprietress. When the
Proprietress is mobile and chases the F/M, the F/M retreats into the
corridor, to a position behind the friendly drones (who can delay the
Proprietress because she doesn't Dimension Door or fly), and shoots at the
Proprietress. Even as the Proprietress is exiting her room and engaging the
drones (who are unfortunately expendable), I pause the game, order the Mages
to Fireball, Flame Arrow, or Scorcher her, and order the other chara to
throw Oils at her. Fire-based missiles and spells that hit the Proprietress
can momentarily stagger her. Each time a chara finishes casting a spell or
throwing an Oil, I pause the game and order them to cast another fire-based
spell or throw another Oil, so their Scripts don't order them to cast
Burning Hands or Chromatic Orb (which can hurt the other chara or is
ineffective) or to attack with melee weapons. When she clears the drones and
moves towards the Mages (by now, she was Hurt to Badly Wounded), the
Cleric/Ranger and Paladin engage her, supported by the Mage's spells, the
snipers' magic bullets and arrows, and the regular healing spells.
After she buys the farm, save game and carefully clear the Proprietress's
room. Finally, the party find about 2,000 GP in cash in one of her chests.
On second thought, I could've Hasted the party when the Odd Little Girl's
transforming. I tried sending two Mages to talk with her and Scorcher her,
but they didn't have enough AC and HP to survive the first few rounds. (My
Human dual-class Fighter/Conjurer's Record screen says he's responsible for
Yxunomei. Probably with a Flame Arrow. Mark 1 Mod 4 party in 1st Play, on
Friday, 25 August 2000.)
When the party return to the Eldathyns' store room, Marchon & Co are
Then, when the party return to the Talonite Priests' cave, Egenia and the
captive villagers aren't there.


In Levels 1 to 3, groups of Goblins (including archers), Orcs (including
shamans), and Skeletons (including Bladed (Guyver-like), Burning, and
Serrated ones) will suddenly materialise around a chara and attack.
I forgot to check if a Druid or Ranger can Charm the Shadowed Wargs?
A Burning Skeleton's first attack is a Fireball. Gnarly.
Though the floor looks uniform, a lot of traps are on the floor.
In Level 4, Lethias's level, the party can go:
- Northeast to Valestis's Arboretum.
- East to Kaylessa's tower, with a bridge to Custhantos's library and
- South to Denaini's tower.
- West to Larrel's Sending.
The nameless Shadowed Elves in the cafeteria disappear after the party
After the party liberate the Shadowed Ogres and Shadowed Orcs from the
behind Kaylessa, Kaylessa doesn't attack them. I thought Kaylessa's duty is
to protect Severed Hand from Goblinoids?
My party eventually hit Kaylessa with multiple Chromatic Orbs to
her, then realise her wish.
On the bridge between Kaylessa and Custhantos's towers, slowly move west
separately see and engage each row of Shadowed Elves.
Custhantos's library isn't your neighbourhood Barnes and
Noble/Chapters/Coles World's Biggest Bookstore/Yurindo. The party can't get
his books from the shelves. They must talk with him to get his books.
Raise Dead has no apparent effect on a Shadowed Elf.
With this and that named NPCs in Kuldahar and Severed Hand wanting the
party to find and bring them this and that items, IMO the party are more
like couriers than adventurers.


Any relation to the actor Michael Dorn, who plays the Klingon Worf in
In the Round Table Room, remember the runes on the round table.
Through the secret door, in the room with the three rings of runes, send
one chara to move around the room. The chara can step on the outer ring of
red and white triangles, but if she steps on any incorrect rune, a lightning
bolt hits her.
Without stepping on any rune, go to the northeast and step on the "hammer
and anvil" rune in the outer ring. Now, the chara can step on the other
runes in the outer ring.
Next, without stepping on any rune in the middle ring, go to the
south-southwest and step on the "crossed axes" (or "crossed hockey sticks")
rune in the middle ring. Now, the chara can step on the other runes in the
middle ring, and on the inner ring of red and white triangles.
Next, without stepping on any rune in the inner ring, go to the northwest
and step on the "overlapped circles" rune in the inner ring.
Next, re-enter the Round Table Room, and activate the hammer of the
beside the secret door.
Next, re-enter the room with the three rings of runes, and now it has a
The six badges that Saablic Tan mentions are:
- Krilag's Badge, in Dorn's Deep, from the Neo Orog Chieftain southeast
Saablic Tan.
- Joril's Badge, in Wyrm's Tooth, from the Frost Giant leader in the cave
southwest of the aquarium building.
- Plus four more badges from four NPCs in Lower Dorn's Deep (see below).
Behind Norlinor the Ghost, the three doorways lead to the same area map.
that area, waiting above the stairs are a Lich and some Undead. Like a
Troll, the Lich is vulnerable to magic weapons, can be stunned by magic
weapons that stun, and re-appears with 100% HP a few seconds after the party
"kill" it. Unlike a Troll, the Lich casts spells. Behind the Lich is a
locked door. The key is in a coffin northwest of the Lich. So, while the
party engage the Lich with melee weapons to hinder its spells, send a Thief,
preferably wearing Boots of Speed, to find/remove traps, open the coffin,
get the key, unlock the door, and let the party enter the doorway.
The doorway leads to a corridor with crypts (rooms) on both sides. In
area, waiting in the corridor are a Lich and some Undead. The statues before
the crypts probably identify which crypt is whose. Waiting in some crypts
are more Undead.
In the fourth crypt on the left is Terikan's Phylactery. The second crypt
on the right is Jamoth's. So, while the party engage the Lich with melee
weapons to hinder its spells, send a Thief, preferably wearing Boots of
Speed, to find/remove traps, get Terikan's Phylactery, and take it into
Jamoth's crypt.
After the party clear all of Upper Dorn's Deep, they can return to
and brag.

My Half-Elf Cleric/Ranger's Record screen says she's responsible for the
Lich. Mark 1 Mod 4 party in 1st Play, in September 2000.


Outside the aquarium building, southwest of the building is a broken
Yokohama Bay Bridge. To repair it, the party should go to the lower floor of
the aquarium, go to the west end of that floor, and talk with Soth to get a
book about Dwarven civil/mechanical engineering (ERTW). Then, when the party
re-examine the bridge, they will automatically repair it. The bridge leads
to a caveful of Frost Giants (see below).
In the aquarium building, the monsters don't attack the party when: a
or Ranger tries to Charm a Winter Wolf and fails or succeeds; or a Mage
casts Web on the monsters; or a Mage or Priest casts Summoning spells; or a
Priest casts Entangle on the monsters.
After a Druid or Ranger successfully Charms a Winter Wolf, if the party
exit and re-enter the aquarium, that Winter Wolf disappears. IMO the party
don't need to remove the Winter Wolves by this trick, unless the player's a
(Communist) Gre_npe_ce supporter, because when a Winter Wolf buys the farm,
the party get a Winter Wolf pelt.
After my party get Dugmaren's Key from Kerish, and before they liberate
slaves, I decided to execute a pre-emptive strike against the monsters in
the aquarium. (To quote an ancient Canadian proverb, "Do unto them before
they do unto you.") I thought of stationing the party in the boiler room
northeast of Vera, and attracting the monsters to them, as in previous
dungeons, but this doesn't work because the monsters are waiting all over
the aquarium. So, the party go to the lower floor, and the Mages memorise
acid- and fire-based spells and rest. Then, beginning from the boiler room,
after the Druid and Mage summon some bears and a Fire Elemental, the Thief
(who uses a bow) leads the bears and Fire Elemental out of the boiler room.
The Thief needs to lead the bears and Fire Elemental because they can engage
only monsters that the Thief can see. When the Thief sees a monster or two,
the bears and Fire Elemental engage it/them, and the Thief moves back to
behind the bears and Fire Elemental. When the bears and Fire Elemental are
engaging the monster(s), I designate the monster(s) as the Thief and the
other snipers' target(s). That is, the other snipers also move out of the
boiler room to provide fire support, while the bears and Fire Elemental's
large size probably prevents the monster(s) from engaging the snipers. OTOH,
when the Thief sees three or more monsters, the Thief moves back to behind
the bears and Fire Elemental, and the entire party, including the Thief and
the grunts who don't use missile weapons, engage the monsters. With a Fire
Elemental as a Big Brother, the Trolls don't pop up again because the Fire
Elemental's punches are fire-based.
In the Frost Giants' cave, except the Winter Wolves near the entrance and
the monsters in the enclosed sub-cave, the monsters don't attack the party
when: the party clear the Black Ice Knights (no relation to the beer),
Kontik, and monsters in the enclosed sub-cave; the party get magic items
from the monsters' bags and shrines; or the party murder the slaves. (Feels
like the neighbourhood Toys R Us or Wal-Mart, except the murder part.)
The party don't need to fight the Frost Giants and White Wyrms. When the
party talk with Jarl Joril Frostbeard, even when the party leader is a
Paladin, they can do a Captain Kirk and convince Joril that they work for
The Master (no relation to Dr Who), that he lend them his Joril's Badge, and
that he explain how he conspired to murder his father.
(Clearing the Frost Giants and White Wyrms a few at a time is painful and
slow. IMO, they are strong (damage), but not very tough (HP). Also, they
seem immune to Entangle and Web. I plan to return and clear them later, when
the Mages and Priests have more top level spells. My reluctance to murder
named NPCs in CRPGs mostly applies to human-size named NPCs.)
The Frost Giant Guard northeast of the slaves is named Gorg. He doesn't
flamebait the party like the other Frost Giant Guards, and the party can
constructively talk with him.
(My party eventually cleared all the monsters in Joril's caves before
talked with Davin, so the party's Journal said the party already done this
and already done that.)
Outside the aquarium building, northeast of the building is a cave. That
cave leads to a small area. In that area, the centre passage (northeast)
leads to the world map. The right (east) cave leads to Lower Dorn's Deep
(see below). Before the party enter Lower Dorn's Deep, re-configure the
Mages and Priests with cold- and ice-based spells.
Vera evidently isn't as good a Thief as she thinks. My Gnome
Illusionist/Thief borrowed her Amulet.
A deceased Salamander's energy field doesn't damage a chara.
Seems a Thief can't pick a Frost Giant's pockets. My Gnome
Illusionist/Thief couldn't anyway.

My Elf Fighter/Mage's Record screen says she's responsible for Kontik.
1 Mod 4 party in 1st Play, in September 2000.


Northeast of the entrance are some bridges, guarded by Salamanders and
Tarnished Sentries. IMO, from the entrance, it's advantageous for the party
to move south, then east, then approach the bridges from the southeast.
North of the entrance is an elevator to Tarnelm's Oubliette.
Northeast of the elevator is an entrance to the Artisan's District, with
boarded up houses and eye-like graffiti on the ground.
In the southeast corner is a cave that leads to Guello and Shikata's mine.
In the east half, don't approach the watchtower from its southwest,
its door is on its southeast side. The party should cross the bridge west of
it, move northeast, get Fengla's Watchtower Key, and approach it from its

Unnamed Svirfneblins wear brown. Named Svirfneblins, who will talk with
party, wear grey.
My party ignored Seth and didn't see or talk with him. After the party
cleared other Lower Dorn's Deep areas, exit Fengla's doorway, and talk with
Fengla, Seth seems to have disappeared?
Norl and Tarnelm attack with axes. IMO, hammers and picks are more
appropriate to miners like them.
One of the Tower Archers is named Kelly. (Grr. Was forced to cast Raise
Dead on my Illusionist/Thief after the battle in the tower, even though my
Druid and Priest successfully summoned some animals to distract some Tower
Archers. I thought Raise Dead decreases the unfortunate chara's CON by one,
but it evidently doesn't.)
While fighting the Salamanders and Tarnished Sentries, if the party's
area-effect offensive spells fatally collateral damage a nearby Svirfneblin,
other Svirfneblins don't attack the party.
A deceased Salamander's energy field doesn't damage a chara.
Boneguard Skeletons and Elementals can be stunned.
When the party try to rest and Umber Hulks awaken the party, these Umber
Hulks don't give Umber Hulk hides.
In the Oubliette, casting a Cure Wounds spell on an Unconscious Deep
doesn't awaken him.
The magic sword Pale Justice is exactly at Area AR8009, X 852, Y 1488.
Rhino Beetle shell and Umber Hulk hide are heavy. Fortunately, a chara
STR 18/XX and a Ring of Dwarven Bone (+1 STR) for STR 19 can carry 500 lb.

In the Artisan's District, some boarded up houses contain monsters that
come out and attack the party when a chara walk near those houses.
The Graffiti are traps and aren't Sentimental. If a chara moves into the
circle around an eye, the trap petrifies and kills the chara. But animals
summoned by Druid or Priest seem immune to the graffiti?
(No, I don't play Sentimental Graffiti 2 for Dreamcast because I don't
a Dreamcast.)
In the Artisan's District, the southern exit leads to Callard's garden.

In the Artisan's District, in the green Malavon's Dome, in a room
of the entrance are Malavon, Iron Golems, and Umber Hulks. Whether a chara
sees an Iron Golem and provoke it without seeing and talking with Malavon,
or a chara talks with Malavon, the Iron Golems and Umber Hulks exit the room
and attack the party.
A Stealthed Thief can move into Malavon's rooms and the monsters don't
and attack her. But when the Thief tries to get items from the containers in
Malavon's rooms, the monsters see and attack her.
The Malavon whom the party first see is actually his clone. Against
Malavon's clone and his monsters, my party wait in a room west of Malavon's
clone's room, and switch to melee weapons. Then, one of my chara moves step
by step towards Malavon's clone's room until she sees one immobile Iron
Golem. Then, that chara retreats, and the Mages and Priests summon some
Elementals and monsters and let the monsters wait outside the doorway of
Malavon's clone's room. Then, my three Mages simultaneously cast area-effect
spells, such as Fireball, Ice Storm, and Skull Trap, into the room to
provoke the Iron Golem. (These spells unfortunately collateral damage the
Svirfneblins, which causes the party to consider the other Svirfneblins in
Malavon's Dome as enemies @ 420 XP.) When the Iron Golems and Umber Hulks
exit their room, the party and summoned monsters target the Umber Hulks,
because the Umber Hulks can Confuse the party and summoned monsters. Then,
they target the Iron Golems. Then, the party and summoned monsters wait in
the circular room outside Malavon's clone's room, beyond Malavon's clone's
visual range. Then, the summoned monsters enter as far as possible into
Malavon's clone's room. One or more chara switch to missile weapons and move
into Malavon's clone's room until they see him. Then, the summoned monsters
and snipers target Malavon's clone. After they clear Malavon's clone and
Malavon appears, everyone target Malavon.
Malavon casts Dimension Door to teleport from one spot to another, and
casts Cloudkills and Webs at the party. But the party's AI are smart enough
to chase Malavon from spot to spot.
After the party clear Malavon, they find many potions and scrolls in the
containers in Malavon's rooms. DO NOT use the Oil of Null Effect! Reserve it
for Malavon's sister, Ginafae.
If the Mages in the party can't cast more than one Level 7 or above
I recommend the Mages don't copy Malavon's scrolls into their spell books.
Use those scrolls in the final battle in the Cryshal Tirith, in Destroyed
My Gnome Illusionist/Thief and Half-Elf Druid/Fighter's Record screens
they are responsible for Malavon. Mark 1 Mod 4 party in 1st Play, on Sunday,
24 September 2000.

In Callard's garden, the exits are:
- North to Marketh's Palace.
- Northeast to Brother Perdiem's Temple.
- Southeast to Guello and Shikata's mine.
- Southwest to Fengla's doorway and the main entrance of Lower Dorn's
- Northwest to the Artisan's District and Malavon's Dome.
To stop the endless monsters, destroy the circle of Shriekers around the
statue. Unless the party destroy all Shriekers, monsters from areas that the
party has cleared still appear. Eg, Salamanders still appear even after the
party has cleared Maiden Ilmadia and Shikata's areas.

In Guello and Shikata's mine, the two entrances at and near the southeast
corner lead to Maiden Ilmadia's Great Forge.
The entrance in the northwest, between two statues, leads to Callard's

In the Great Forge, the party can honourably talk with Maiden Ilmadia to
learn her mission objectives before she attacks them.
Against Maiden Ilmadia the Elf "Woman", my party and some summoned
wait at the rightmost bridge between the four vats of pure water. My
Illusionist/Thief, wearing Boots of Speed, moves towards her house. Just
before the I/T sees her and she talks with the I/T, the I/T casts Web
between her and the Fire Giant southeast of her. Then, the I/T casts
Improved Invisibility on herself (I/T) and talks with Maiden Ilmadia. Even
as Maiden Ilmadia uses an Oil of Speed on herself, the I/T dodges the Fire
Giants and moves back to the party. As the Fire Giants need to cross the
bridges to attack the party, the party clear the Fire Giants one at a time.
But when Maiden Ilmadia is in visual range, the party concentrate on her.
Warning! The Fire Giant bodies may prevent some chara from crossing the
bridges, even after the party rest and the bodies have disappeared. Saving
and reloading the game may solve this "undocumented feature".
In the Great Forge, the entrance in the north leads to Brother Perdiem's

In Marketh's Palace, in Level 1, Fleezum and Ginafae aren't Evil. Cook
Flozem are Evil, but they don't automatically attack the party. Fleezum and
Flozem are brothers, and are mercenaries employed by Marketh.
(Though Dark Elf is one of my favourite AD&D PC races, I initially
helping Ginafae. After my Paladin scans her and confirms she isn't Evil, my
party might help her after all.)
Cook's room has a Sack of Potatoes.
Before the party talk with Marketh, if the party talk with Fleezum, he
attacks the party. Then, if Flozem sees the party, he also attacks the
In Level 2, Darth Marketh is in the northwestern room. If a non-Thief
with him, he surrenders only his badge. If a Thief talks with him, he
surrenders his magic armour, badge, magic ring (don't bother), and magic
sword, but the party lose 500 GP (?). OTOH, if the party threaten to murder
him, he attacks the party, and Fleezum, Flozem, and Seth come and attack the
After the party talk with and don't threaten to murder Marketh, if the
party talk with Fleezum, he attacks the party. Then, Flozem also attacks the
The party should go to the Oubliette and give the Sack of Potatoes to
Tarnelm. Then, when the party are ready for a battle with a crowd of Umber
Hulks (full HP, memorised spells, summoned some monsters, &c), move to the
northeast corner of the Oubliette. Then, after some Umber Hulks pop out, the
party may move to somewhere between Ternelm and the Umber Hulks, and clear
the Umber Hulks a few at a time.
(Earlier, anticipating more Umber Hulk hides, my party deposited some
Hulk hides in one of the three containers in Maiden Ilmadia's house. Then,
after they acquired Marketh's Badge, they deposited more Umber Hulk hides in
a container in Marketh's Palace.)
Even when the party are blocking the doorway of Ginafae's room, after she
gets the Oil of Null Effect, she can still disappear.

In the Svirfneblin hamlet, when the party are carrying some Rhino Beetle
shells and talk with Dirty Llew (sexist), they can pay him to change a Rhino
Beetle shell into a shield. This takes 10 days. After the party get the
shield, put it in a container, and talk with Dirty Llew again, they can't
pay him to change another Rhino Beetle shell into a shield.
Dirty Llew and Nym are Evil.

In Brother Perdiem's Temple, even when a chara stands behind or beside a
Brother or Sister, a Searing Orb flies through the Brother or Sister to hit
the chara. Also, when the player pauses the game and changes the chara's
waypoint to try to dodge a Searing Orb, it tracks and guides towards the
chara like a Romulan plasma torpedo.
Warning! The Idol casts Finger of Death.
Against The Idol, stay beyond its visual range and clear the Undead
it one to three at a time. After the party clear all the Undead around The
Idol, it's a sitting duck... as long as the party don't fail their saving
My Gnome Illusionist/Thief's Record screen says she's responsible for The
Idol. Mark 1 Mod 4 party in 1st Play, on Saturday, 23 September 2000.
After the party climb the stairs north of Brother Perdiem, the party
immediately talk with or fight Revered Brother Poqueline on the upper floor.
But between this fight and the two final fights in Destroyed Easthaven, the
party can heal and rest, but they can't resupply. Thus, before they fight
Poqueline, they should return to Kuldahar or wherever, and carry the most
effective and useful magic items the party have gathered, even magic ammo.
Against Poqueline & Co, my party stop at their initial positions. The
Druid, Mages, and Priest summon some Elementals near the party. One chara
moves north and causes Poqueline to talk with her. After the dialogue ends,
as that chara moves south, the Druid, Mages, and Priest simultaneously cast
area-effect spells (Entangle, Fireball, Ice Storm, Silence 15' Raidus, &c)
at Poqueline. The Elementals and chara with melee weapons move north to
engage Poqueline and to block the incoming monsters, while the Mages and
Priest continue to consecutively cast single-target spells (Acid Arrow,
Chromatic Orb, Flame Arrow, Ice Lance, Magic Missile, Magic Stone, &c) at


Seems the party can't exit the town by the southeast passage.
The party can rest in the cellar of Grisella's pub, near the northeast
corner of town.
The Cryshal Tirith is at the northwest corner of town, beside the party's
initial positions. Move the pointer onto the wall of ice and the pointer
becomes a door icon.
Against Pomab & Co, ignore his Lightning Bolts and Sentries, and target
of him until he and his Sentries buy the farm, and the party can climb the
ladder. If the party can climb the ladder, and Pomab and his Sentries are
immobile on the floor, but a False Pomab is still alive and distracting the
party, ignore that False Pomab.
A False Pomab has Magic Resistance and isn't Evil.
Whether or not Poqueline's Searing Orb blinds Everard, Everard closes the
Stargate anyway.
Against Belhifet's Iron Golems, try to cause one or both of them to
a chara, so the other chara and friendly summoned monsters can concentrate
on Belhifet, while the Iron Golems chase that chara.
An high-level Chromatic Orb can Hold or Stun Belhifet... if it penetrates
Belhifet's Magic Resistance and saving throw. While Belhifet's Held/Stunned,
Belhifet obviously can't attack, cast spells, or teleport. The party can
attack and cast enough low- to medium-level offensive spells (Acid Arrow,
Chromatic Orb, Flame Arrow, Ice Lance, Magic Missile, Magic Stone, &c) to
destroy Belhifet before Belhifet becomes mobile again!
(To quote an ancient Canadian proverb: "It's better to be lucky, than to
After the party destroy Belhifet, the game plays another page-flipping,
voiced movie like those between Chapters, then plays the credits (staff
list). It has no Game Over screen that reviews the chara's final attributes.
Disappointing, IMO.


IWD category in Yahoo! USA.
- http://DLH.Net/
By Bernd Wolffgramm of Germany.
Ice Winds of Dale.
- Guide to Video Game Strategies, by Al Amaloo.
Tales of Shadowdale, by Ken of Japan. An AD&D (computer and
paper) fan page in Japanese.
IWD official homepage in the Interplay USA HP.
-, by Peter Judson.
IWD official advertisement in the Sega Enterprise Japan
HP. Sega distributes the IWD English version in Japan. Its
scheduled release date is 22 September 2000. Its recommended
price is 9,800 Yen, but some on-line shopping Websites offer
a lower price.

Be reminded that I send the newest version of this file
to only four Websites:
- http://DLH.Net/
If you download or read this file at other Websites,
the SysOps of the other Websites probably leeched it from
one of the above Websites, albeit this file is public
domain material. [001022]
It's also possible that, after the date this file is last
updated, I authorised other Websites to archive this file.


The game might hang when, in a dungeon, a fast chara sees a monster that
will talk with that chara, the screen greys out, but the player causes that
chara to move away from the monster, and the monster disappears because it's
beyond that chara's visual range. The message window doesn't change into
dialogue mode, the player can't click the party's portraits to choose them,
and the player can't designate a spot to which the party should move.
After a summoned monster is destroyed and leaves behind its weapon, a
who tries to pick up the weapon might stand beside the weapon and hesitate
for a while before she can pick up the weapon, esp Goblin/Skeleton Archers'
arrows and bows.
Before the 1.06 patch, for a chara who has STR 18/XX, a Ring of Dwarven
Ring increases the chara's STR from 18/XX to STR 19 (500 lb). After the 1.06
patch, the ring increases the chara's STR from one rank of 18/XX to the next
higher rank of 18/XX. I presume it increases the chara's STR to 19 only when
the chara already has STR 18/00?
In Severed Hand, Shatterd Souls' spells hit both the party and the Bladed
and Serrated Skeletons.
My party found Evayne's Diary in Severed Hand, before they met Gelarith
Larrel, brought it to Larrel, and gave it to him for some XP. Unlike what
the party's Journal reports, the Diary only says she decided to go to Dorn's
Deep, and doesn't say anything about The Doom That Came To Dorn's Deep (not
Sarnath). Later, my party found Journal of Evayne in Dorn's Deep, brought it
to Larrel, and got some more XP. This time, Larrel didn't take the Journal.
It stays in the chara's backpack.
In Severed Hand, Gelarith says "My name is 'Geralith'." The item
descriptions have more spelling and typing mistakes, which I expect in
Japanese games, but not in English games.
In Upper Dorn's Deep, everytime my party enter or re-enter Level 1, the
Blue Myconids and Ettins re-appear, as if my party haven't cleared them. But
the monsters in the caves in Level 1 don't re-appear. The 1.06 patch doesn't
cure this feature... which is might as well, because when my party cleared
Lower Dorn's Deep and before they engaged Poqueline, some chara had almost
1,200,000 XP. I want to challenge the 1,800,001 XP cap before I challenge
the final three battles.
In Wyrm's Tooth, outside the aquarium building, if the party explore the
cave and passages northeast of the building, the game plays the voiced
introduction of Chapter Six, and the party's subsequent exploration is
recorded in Chapter Six of their Journal.
In Lower Dorn's Deep, after the party destroy The Idol and liberate the
Brothers and Sister, Brother Perdiem charges 0 GP for Cure
Light/Moderate/Serious Wounds, Heal, Cure Disease, and Neutralise Poison;
but charges 1,000 GP for Cure Critical Wounds.
In Lower Dorn's Deep, in the upper floor of Brother Perdiem's Temple, the
party moved north far enough to see some animals, but not enough to see
Poqueline. The Mages and Priests estimated his position and launched
area-effect spells at the animals. Even as the spells hit Poqueline, the
game switched to dialogue mode. After the dialogue with Poqueline ended, the
battle happened normally. But after the party re-appeared in Destroyed
Easthaven, the game was apparently stuck in dialogue mode, ie, the commands
and portraits were greyed out, and the pointer was a pointing hand. I had to
quit the game.
In Destroyed Easthaven, in the Cryshal Tirith, after the four Sentries
(I assume) the True Pomab were KIA, a False Pomab kept re-appearing. I
became suspicious when I noticed the True Pomab's body on the floor, and the
party could climb the ladder. So the party switched to melee weapons, esp
those that can Poison or Stun, I got something to eat, and watched as the
party chased the False Pomab all over the room while he fumbled around like
Michael Jackson and his wand launched Lightning Bolts that missed the party,
until the party were all Fatigued. The False Pomab was still there after the
party left the room, rested, and re-entered the room, and after I saved and
loaded game. (Reminds me of an ancient Canadian proverb: "Join the army, go
to interesting places, meet interesting people, and kill them.") He finally
disappeared when a Mage Disintegrate him for all of 35 XP. (Klingon
disruptors rule the galaxy.)
Amongst the built-in cheat commands, Ctrl-Y works on Belhifet's Iron
Golems, but not on Belhifet.

BTW, I played enough BGII-SoA (Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn) to clear
the first floor of its first dungeon, and I don't like it as much as I like
IWD. The BGII-SoA interface looks more oppressive than the IWD interface,
and the BGII-SoA icons look more blurry. The BGII-SoA protagonist begins at
Level 7. The dialogue between the BGII-SoA chara are voiced, but I don't
like the protagonist's three comrades' personalities.Ѓ@Your preference may
OTOH, BGII-SoA has more classes, kits, races, and spells. I like the
Paladin's Undead Hunter kit, with its immunity to level drain.


- My grandfather, who passed away on the night of
Sunday, 30 August 2000.
- The 118 sailors and officers on the Oscar II-class
submarine, Kursk, of the Northern Fleet, Russian Navy.
- The 39 wounded and 17 killed personnel on the Arleigh
Burke-class (Block I) Aegis guided missile destroyer, DDG-67
USS Cole, of the 5th Fleet (Atlantic Fleet), US Navy.


The Anarchist's Guide to Icewind Dale

In these towns and from these "*" persons, a Bard or Thief can "borrow"
ЃiPickЃ@PocketsЃj these items. If the party murder these persons, the party
might find different or more items on the bodies.
(IMO, the IWD Bard and Thief aren't cheap enough. They borrow only items,
not cash (GP) from NPCs who carry cash.)


Apsel (Scrimshander): Nothing.
Churin (Warehouse Foreman): Nothing.
Damien (Scared Boy): Nothing.
Gaspar (Fishmonger): Nothing.
Grisella (Barkeep): Nothing. (Reputation -2. 15 XP. GP.)
* Everard (Priest of Tempus): 2 Potions of Healing. (Reputation -1. 5,000
XP. Boots of Avoidance (+5), Full Plate-Mail +1, Warhammer of Sparks +2.)
Hildreth Highhammer (Dwarf): Nothing. (Reputation -5. 120 XP. Battle axe,
chain-mail armour, Potion of Frost Giant Strength.)
Old Jed (Old Jed): Nothing. (Reputation -5. GP.)
Quimby (Innkeeper): Nothing.
Townsperson (Townsperson): Nothing. (Reputation -2. 15 XP. Club, dagger,
and/or GP.)

In Grisella's pub, if a Level 1 party murder both Grisella and Hildreth
Reputation -7, a Paladin becomes a Fallen Paladin, and a Ranger becomes a
Fallen Ranger. A Fallen Paladin or Fallen Ranger needs 2,000 XP for Level 2.
Seems a Fallen Paladin can still Cure Disease. I don't know if an Human can
Dual-Class out of the Fallen Paladin or Fallen Ranger pseudo-class?
Outside the buildings, if the party attack a child or Townsperson,
comes to attack the party.
After the party clear Lower Dorn's Deep and return to Destroyed
if they attack Everard, his HP begins at Uninjured and he casts offensive


Aldwin (innkeeper): Nothing. (Reputation -5. 270 XP. Leather Armour +1,
Amelia (barmaid): Nothing. (Reputation -0. 15 XP. Nothing.)
* Arundel: Ring of Free Action. (Reputation -2. 3,000 XP. Boots of Speed,
four Fire Seeds, Ring of Free Action.)
Brother Ferg: Nothing.
Conlan (blacksmith): Nothing. (Reputation -5. 120 XP. Leather armour, war
hammer, GP.)
Cows: (Reputation -0. 1 XP. Nothing.)
Gerth (shopkeeper): Nothing. (Reputation -2. 0 XP. GP.)
Mirek (frightened townersperson): Nothing, even after the party gave him
his Mirek's Family Heirloom. (15 XP. Mirek's Family Heirloom.)
* Orrick the Grey: Amulet of Metaspell Influence (memorise an extra Level
spell), Ring of Free Action.Ѓ@(Reputation -5. 4,000 XP. Bracers of Defense
AC 6, Dagger +2, Potion of Absorbtion, Robe of Neutral Archmagi, Wand of
* Oswald Fiddlebender (Gnome): Necklace of Missiles (one charge), two Oil
of Fiery Burning, Potion of Firebreath, Ring of Protection +2.
Sheemish (captive villager): Nothing.
Townsperson: Nothing.
Urnst (townsperson): Nothing. (Reputation -5. 15 XP.)
Weenog (Goblin): Nothing. (Reputation -0. 15 XP. Battle axe, scroll
Missile), small shield.)
Whitcomb (barkeep): Nothing.

The party's progress into the game doesn't seem to affect a Paladin or
Ranger's Fall. Eg, after the party have cleared some of the dungeons beyond
Kuldahar, if they murder enough of the NPCs in Kuldahar for Reputation -7,
their Paladin and Ranger still Fall.


Lysan (Priestess): Nothing.


Albion (Eldathyn): Nothing. (Reputation -0. 1,000+ XP. Albion's key.)
Captive Villager: Nothing.
Cristiana Knight: Nothing. (Reputation -0. 500 XP. Magic items.)
EgeniaЃ@(Priest of Ilmater): Nothing. (Reputation -0. 1,100 XP. Nothing.)
Geelo the Librarian (Eldathyn): Nothing. (Reputation -0. 2,000 XP.)
Iholikan Quinval: Nothing. (Reputation -0. 500 XP. Magic items.)
Marchon of Waterdeep: Nothing. (Reputation -0. 500 XP. Magic items.)
Reise Coppersky: Nothing. (Reputation -0. 500 XP. Magic items.)
Sharra the Healer (Eldathyn): Nothing.
Sheemish (captive villager): Nothing.

Cristiana, Iholikan, Marchon, and Reise's magic items are: Arrows +2,
Arrows of Fire, Chain-Mail Armour +1, Flaming Long Sword +2, Long Sword +1,
Mage Dagger +2, Morning Star +1, and Potion of Extra Healing.


Gelarith (Gelarith): Nothing. (Reputation -0. 100 XP.)
Kaylessa (Kaylessa): Nothing.
Larrel (Larrel): Nothing.
Lehland (Lehland): Nothing. (Reputation -0. 100 GP.)
Lethias Enaril, Bladesinger of Seldarine (Lethias): Nothing.
Sehriya (Sehriya): Nothing.
Telanis Songbender (Telanis): Nothing.
Valestis (Valestis): Nothing. (Reputation -0. 100 GP.)

If the party attack Larrel the Baelnorm, seems Larrel is immortal, ie,
seems Lethias's worst status is Almost Dead, even after tens of points of
damage and spells.
If a Thief fails to pick Lehland or Valestis's pockets, they attack the
If the party murder Valestis, on his body are the items that the party
have given him. Also, the party can murder the squirrels, but not the exotic
If the party attack Lethias, seems Lethias is immortal, ie, seems
worst status is Almost Dead, even after tens of points of damage and spells.
If a Thief fails to pick Telanis's pockets once, he doesn't attack the


Bandoth (Bandoth): Nothing. (Reputation -0. Nothing.)
Norlinor (Ghost): Nothing. (Nothing.)
Saablic Tan (Umber Hulk): Nothing. (Nothing.)


Davin Berenson (Davin): Nothing. (Reputation -0. 15 XP. Nothing.)
Gareth (Gareth): Nothing. (Nothing.)
Slave (Slave): Nothing. (Nothing.)
Soth (Soth): Nothing. (Nothing.)
* Vera Elles (Slave): Amulet of Protection +1. (Amulet of Protection +1,
Dagger +2, Leather Armour +2.)


Beorn (Beorn): Nothing.
Brother Adson (Brother Adson): Nothing. (Nothing.)
Brother Harken (Brother Harken): Nothing. (Brother Perdiem's Badge.)
Brother Perdiem (Brother Perdiem): Nothing. (Brother Perdiem's Badge.)
Cook (Cook): Nothing. (5 XP. Nothing.)
Dirty Llew (Duergar): Nothing. (2,000 XP. GP.)
Fengla (Slave Girl): Nothing.
Fleezum (Fleezum): Nothing. (Bathed In Blood (plate-mail armour), helmet,
Large Shield +1, Long Sword +1.)
Flozem (Flozem): Nothing. (Girdle of Stromnos (STR 19), helmet, Large
Shield +1, Long Sword +1, plate-mail armour.)
Ginafae (Dark Elf): Nothing. (2,000 XP. Nothing.)
Guello (Guello): Nothing.
Norl (Norl): Nothing. (Battle axe.)
Nym (Dark Elf Merchant): Nothing.
Sister Incylia (Sister Incylia): Nothing. (Nothing.)
Svirfneblin (Svirfneblin): Nothing. (420 XP. Battle axe.)
Tarnelm (Tarnelm): Nothing. (420 XP. Battle axe.)

If a Thief fails to pick Brother Adson, Brother Harken, or Sister
pockets, they don't attack the Thief.
Despite a Brother or Sister's energy field, the party can murder him/her.
After the party destroy The Idol, if the party murder Brother Harken,
Brother Perdiem attacks the party. After the party murder Brother Harken and
Brother Perdiem, Brother Adson and Sister Incylia don't attack the party.
If the party attack Dirty Llew, the Svirfneblins don't attack the party.
The party can't find Dirty Llew's goods on his body.
If a Thief fails to pick Flozem's pockets once, he doesn't attack the
Thief. If a Thief fails to pick his pockets thrice, he attacks the Thief.
If the party attack Ginafae, she calls for Flozem, but Flozem doesn't
or become hostile when the party subsequently talk with him.
If a Thief fails to pick Norl's pockets once, he doesn't attack the Thief.
If the party attack Nym, he casts Dimension Door and disappears. If the
party cast spells on him, he has Magic Resistance.