Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus чит-файл №1

This walkthrough will be very direct, and will tend to tell you where to move
go on each level to get you through the level as easily as possible. While
reading the walkthrough, I will give directions by telling you to head north or
south, rather than up or down the screen. The reason for this is because, since
you can rotate the screen, it does not make sense to tell you left or right. If
you are not sure which direction is north, then look at the minimap. The little
golden dot indicates which direction is north, and you can align your screen to
have the little golden dot at the top of the minimap by holding down the control
key and pressing N. It is also important to note that NPCs (Non-Player
Characters) will be ignored during the walkthrough unless they are necessary for
completing the quest. Even though they are ignored during the walkthrough
you will want to talk to every one that you see. Many of them have gifts for
Another thing to keep in mind when reading the walkthrough is that it is written
to get you through the level as easily as possible, not to get you full points.
Most people who are seeking a walkthrough look for one because they can't get
past a level. Because of this the walkthrough caters more to the inexperienced
gamer who is having problems, rather than the gamer who knows what he is doing,
but is missing one little thing. This does not mean that the walkthrough will be
useless to the experienced gamer, as there are still maps detailing where most
everything is usually located.

Lastly, not all enemies are always where they should be. Depending upon what
difficulty level you are playing on, or what you have done during the course of
the game, there may be certain enemies that you will not need to fight.

Level 1

Kill the raiders attacking the town
Assist the Neried
Destroy the Raider's camp
When level 1 begins you will have a short amount of time to explore the town
before you are attacked. Use this opportunity to click on the well in town, and
to prepare for the initial assault by striking the enemy before they strike you.
For each of the first 10 times you click on the fountain you will receive $100.
Then, to the east, you will have 2 Axemen and a Golden apple. Move your troops
take out the 2 Axemen then return to town.

Once you are back at town, head along the trail to the north. You will encounter
2 more Axemen right away; take them out. After this there will be 6 Axemen
If you've been able to take out all the Axemen so far without losing any
villagers, then you will receive help as you head for the next 6 Axemen. Before
you take them on, however, you may wish to have someone head west and pick up

When you are ready, attack the 6 Axemen in front of you. Two Swordsmen will
appear and start helping you. Ignore the Axemen who are attacking the Swordsmen
and concentrate on the ones that are closer to you. Once you have taken out the
first 4, assist the 2 Swordsmen who should still be alive. After the 6 Axemen
have been vanquished the 2 Swordsmen will head for town.

You should now notice a little river that heads to the east. Follow the river
take out the eagle that is flying along the river. After you have taken out the
Eagle continue onward and you will find an Icon of Power. Grab the Icon and
continue on and you will find 5 Axemen. Unlike before you will not have any
Swordsmen to back you up, so use your units to the best of their abilities.

After the Axemen have been killed you will find some Ambrosia. After you pick up
the Ambrosia, Neried should drop a Crystal Skull in thanks. Grab the Crystal
Skull; this will be one of the most useful items in the game.

Walking a little bit to the north you should see a trail that heads to the east.
Follow it and you will find a bridge. Cross the bridge and you will find 1
to the immediate north. Kill him and head further east. Continuing on you will
come across another Axeman, and then one more after him.

Head south and you will find a Golden Apple and 2 more Axemen. Kill them and
to the west and you will find a Black Bear. Kill him and head further to the
south until you encounter another Black Bear. After you have dispatched this
Black Bear head south and kill the harpy, as well as grab the Icon of
Restoration, and then proceed east with extreme caution.

At this point you will need to make a choice. You can either keep the Crystal
Skull, or trade it for the Scroll of Valor. Either way it is helpful, however I
suggest getting the Scroll of Valor.

If you decide to go for the Scroll of Valor then select whichever hero is the
most wounded and have them walk forward. Then have your second hero follow the
first, and place the Crystal Skull on the second hero. Set the aggression level
on both heroes to its lowest setting and walk them to the east, with a good
distance between each, and have your troops follow them closely. If you have
Icarus, then choose him as the second hero who holds the Crystal Skull; it is
much easier that way.

When the first hero gets within distance of the Eagle, 4 Archers, and 3
they will converge on him and, after a little bit, kill him. After he has been
killed rush in your troops to attack the enemy and have your second hero use the
Crystal Skull on the first. This will bring the first back to life, however the
Scroll of Valor that was dropped after the first hero died will still remain.
Simply grab it and your heroes will gain experience MUCH faster than they would
have without it.

By using this exploit your heroes will soon become very powerful, and will be
able to shortly take on most battles without even any need for backup troops.

After you have killed the enemies in this area the mission will begin to end.
Before it is over, however, make sure to grab the Golden Apple in the
southeastern corner.

Level 2
Protect the Village
Defend the second village to the northwest.
During the beginning of this level you will be assaulted by several groups of
bandits. You won't have long to complete your goals, so be prepared to move and
move quickly. If you chose Icarus as one of your heroes, then grabbing all of
items on this level becomes much easier.

Once this mission begins, order your melee troops to defend the narrow path
across the moat, and have your ranged units back them up. You will want to
prevent any of the initial enemies from getting through your blockade, as they
will begin killing villagers. While these are not shown on the map, you can
expect 3-4 waves of troops to come at you.

After you have defended the village from the initial assault you will want to
send a flying troop to the east to make sure. If you do not have one, then send
melee unit. However, if you have Icarus then he is ideal for this position, as
will be able to pick up the Icon of Restoration in the southeast corner. If you
do have Icarus, you will then want to send him to the southwest corner and have
him take out the Axeman that is there, as well as pick up the Golden Apple.

Meanwhile have the rest of your troops head north to the bridge. On the other
side you will see an Icon of Restoration. Be careful when you grab it though,
because a group of 8 skeletons will pop up and attack you.

After you have rousted the skeletons head to the east and you will find Athena's
Temple. Guarding the temple are 4 Axemen and 2 Archers. Kill both the Archers
the Axemen, then grab both piles of gold, and the Icon of Power. After the
enemies are dead Athena will also reward you with Athena's Shield, so grab this

Next head to the west and you will encounter 2 Harpies and a Black Bear if you
keep close to the river. If you had Icarus and had sent him to grab things down
below, he should now be meeting up with you, and he should have grabbed the
Golden Apple at position 12 as well. You will now want to proceed with caution
and speed. If you have been fast enough then none of the villagers should have
been killed yet, however chances are more than a few are dead. This is sad but
necessary if you wished to get Athena's Shield, which I do strongly recommend.

Proceed to the village in the northwest corner of the map and you will find 2
Hun, 7 Archers, and 4 Axemen. This will be a rather vicious battle, but not an
impossible one. Kill them then grab the gold and the mission will end.

Note: If you had done these two sections in reverse order you would not have
able to get Athena's shield. The reason for this is because as soon as you kill
the raiders attacking the northwestern town the mission will begin to end.

Level 3

Protect the town
Protect the Gorgons from the various bands of raiders
Kill the raiders guarding the camp
When this mission starts out, 3 Swordsmen will quickly attack you. Be prepared
take them out by sending your troops to the outer edges of the town ASAP. After
you have killed the 3 closest Swordsmen head to the northeast and you will find
temple with 4 Gorgons surrounding it. You will want to set the aggression level
of your troops to its lowest setting at this point to keep them from killing the

After a little while you will be attacked by the first of three waves of
Kill them, as well as the next two waves. You will not want to let more than 2
Gorgons die. (Meaning that at least 2 Gorgons MUST survive.) If any one of the
Gorgons gets near death, you may wish to consider using a Golden Apple to
some health to the Gorgon.

Order one of your heroes to head west and grab the Icon of power and the Golden
Apple, and have the rest of your troops head north. On the end of a peninsula
will find a stack of gold, grab it and 5 Swordsmen and 4 Archers will attack
Kill them then head west. Have your troops as well as the separated hero
on the raider's camp and kill the raiders inside it. You will need to defeat 2
Swordsmen, 5 Spearmen, and 3 Archers. After they have been killed the mission
will begin to end, but before it does be absolutely POSITIVE that you grab the
Horn of Plenty. This item is supremely useful.

Level 4

Free Medusa
Kill all Raiders (Optional)
Note: It really helps to have 2 flying troops on this level. Because of this you
may want to hire an Eagle or two (depending upon whether you have Icarus or

At first this mission appears to be very direct, however it is not nearly as
direct as it appears. You will need to free Medusa, without letting her guards
escort her away. This is complicated because between you and Medusa and her
guards is a row of sentries who are looking out for you. Your goal is to kill
sentries before they can report to the rest of the bandits that you are in the
area, and to kill all of the other bandits and free Medusa.

The easiest way to do this is to immediately head to the southwest. While yes,
you could just charge straight at the raiders who are holding Medusa, this would
make the battle there very difficult as you would have to deal with more troops
at once than you need to, and it should be much easier to take them out little

Simply head to the southeast and you will see an Archer and a Spearman. There
actually 3 sets like this, consisting of one Archer and one Spearman,
one archer. When any of the raiders is attacked, the archer in the middle starts
running towards the raiders who are holding Medusa. Your need to stop this
at all costs. If you have any flying units send them after the runner, as well
any ranged units. Order your melee units to attack the 3 groups of Archers and
Spearmen to keep them from interfering with your flying and ranged units.

You may wish to order one of your melee troops to head near the southeast corner
and wait there for the duration of this mission. The reason for this is that
is where the raiders flee to when they start to make off with Medusa, and the
troop here will buy you some time if the raiders are tipped off regarding your

After you have taken out the southeast bunch as well as the runner, move all
troops together, and a bit away from the northeast corner. You do not want to
alert the guards who are watching Medusa yet.

At this point have your troops follow up along the mountain to the northwest and
attack the closest Archer and Spearman. After these two have been killed you
find two more groups just like this one: the first is to the north and the
is to the northwest. Be careful, because when you attack any one of these 3
groups 7 Skeletons will appear on the map, near the center.

Once all the raiders who are not guarding Medusa have been killed it is finally
time to free Medusa. Move your troops to the northwest corner. Once you arrive
you should find 1 Swordsman, 5 Archers, 3 Spearmen, and Medusa. After you attack
the Raiders, Medusa will start to flee. Ignore her and focus on the Raiders,
after they have been killed the mission will end.

Level 5

Kill the Minotaur
Unfortunately, in this scenario the enemies repeatedly respawn so don't even
waste your time attempting to kill all of them. Instead focus more on grabbing
the Horn of Plenty and killing the Minotaur.

The quickest way to do this is to keep against the eastern wall and head north.
While you are heading north you will find 6 Golden Apples, if you have any free
slots I suggest packing them full of the Golden Apples.

Eventually you will reach the northeastern most point on the map. When you do
simply turn west and follow until you reach a dead end. At the end of this dead
end you will find the second Horn of Plenty. The sheer usefulness of this, as
well as the other Horn of Plenty, is awesome. Combined you will be able to heal
your units up to 6 times per scenario.

After you have grabbed the Horn of Plenty head back to the east. When you come
the corner turn south, then immediately west, into the first opening that you
come across.

You have now entered the maze. Occasionally you may have to stop and wait for a
gate to open, so expect a few delays.

Walk forward. The path will twist to your players' left twice, then will branch
to their right. Follow to their right then take the first path that leads north,
after a bend to their right. This will keep you along the northern route of the
maze. Eventually you will pass two openings to the south. Ignore them. If you
keep against the northern edge of the map you will eventually reach the
northwestern corner of the map. When you do you should see the Minotaur. Kill
as soon as you see him and the mission will begin to end. Before the mission
end, however, make sure that you grab The Axe of the Minotaur, which the
drops after it is killed.

There is one other side quest that you can perform on this mission, if you wish.
In the center of the maze will be a bunch of blue dots. These are actually
that have been frozen in stone. To free them you will need to walk past them and
destroy 3 colored barrels. You must destroy them in this order: red, green,
Afterward they will join you. Their ranks consist of 2 Cavalry, 2 Hun, 2 Axemen,
1 Swordsman, 1 Harpy, and 1 Cyclops. These will permanently be your troops, just
remember that when you get to the planner that you will need to select a few to
put into the reserves because chances are your Heroes will not have the command
points for them all.

Level 6

Kill Prince Cassius
Find Athena's Fountain
Kill the Huns (Optional)
Athena's Fountain is a very easy level. If, however, you wish to receive full
points it is rather precarious. When the mission starts you will immediately be
attacked by 3 Hun and 3 Spearmen inside of a tiny maze. After you are free of
maze head to the northwest and kill the 2 Hun and 4 Spearmen that await you.
they have been slaughtered you will find a large building. Continue north along
it and then you will come to a wall in front of you, however the building does
not meet the wall and you can slip to the west here. Head west then take the
first available passage north (after turning south, then west again). You will
have a building on your left, keep this building to your troops' left by turning
to the west as soon as you are able, then the south, then to the east.
you will be facing the Minotaur of this level. Kill the Minotaur and click on
fountain and the mission will end. If you want to get full experience from
clicking on this fountain then click 10 times. It appears as if Invictus works
multiples of 10… after all, that's also the number of times you had to click on
the fountain in the scenario The Raider's Wood.

Since there aren't really any objects of power on this level worth considering
is not a big problem that you have come directly for the goal. You will not get
full points this way, however. If you wish for full points then you will need to
kill all of the other enemies on this level without allowing any of the innocent
villagers to die. The map of this level should make it very easy to carry this
out, if you desire to take the time. If, however, you have been having any
problems with this level, then do not worry about it.

Level 7

Kill all enemies
Important Note: While not included on the map, I picked up 3 Icons of Power that
were dropped by various enemies I killed. Also, the map does not reflect how
enemies are in each group. The reason for this is because due to the nature of
this map it made getting an accurate head count very difficult.

This mission begins with you IMMEDIATELY coming under attack. Approximately 9
units run down at you and begin to attack you. After you kill about 4 of them,
the remaining units retreat northward. Your units follow them automatically if
they are not set to the lowest aggression level, so watch out. After a little
ways, if your units are chasing them, 12 more units will come at you from the
side, nearly behind you, and 14 more will come down at you from the north (part
of these are the ones who ran away).

After surviving this assault head west, from where the 12 units came at you. You
should find Ambrosia here. After picking it up, head back to where the major
assault just ended, then head north.

Once you get to the far north end you will need to turn west, and head through
several choke points. After a way you will hit 13 more troops who tend to hit
at one of the choke points. When they do pull your troops back, let them rush at
you, then surround them and finish them off.

Finally we are ready for the major confrontation. Walk forward to the west, and
it will bend to the south. You will then enter a large courtyard with a fountain
in it. Once you are here there are 3 enemies to your east, 20 to your southwest,
and another 10 to the southeast. These enemies will rush you as you close in, so
proceed with caution.

There are also 2 more sets of 4 enemies further to the southeast. Normally they
join in the major battle that takes place here, but if not, you will need to
enjoin them in battle. After all enemies have been killed the mission will end.

Level 8

Kill all Enemies
This mission is VERY easy. There is no way to stress how easy it is. Just take
your time and take care and you should do just fine.

When the mission starts out head south, keeping to the east. Eventually you will
run into an Archer. Kill him and then head to the west and you will find a Black
Bear. Kill this too. While there was a 2nd Archer in-between these two, he
have headed for camp.

Next head southeast and kill the second Black Bear, then head south for camp.
When you reach camp you will need to kill 4 Axemen, 3 Amazons, and 2 Archers.
After they have been taken out head west and grab the Icon of Restoration.

Head north now, and when you reach the bridge cross it in force. You will see 4
Axemen and 3 Amazons that rush at you; kill them.

Next have one of your heroes head west to where the Nereid was before. The
should drop a set of Dragon's Teeth and Ambrosia. Grab these then follow along
the river and grab the Icon of Power, and kill the Eagle. Then rejoin the rest
your party where the river meets the trail.

Finally head into town and kill the 6 Axemen and 4 Amazons that have staked out
the town. While the battle is taking place you will want to have one of your
heroes head to the east, however, and grab another Icon of Restoration.

Once all enemies on the map are dead the mission will end.

Level 9


Recover the Scroll for Athena
This level is rather difficult, largely due to the fact that the enemies keep
respawning, and you need to pay such close attention when a dead enemy drops a
very small scroll. Since the goal of this mission is to recover the scroll, it
essential that you watch for it. While the enemy starts near the north side of
their fort, he can move around, so when you kill him… he can be anywhere. The
scroll can be very hard to spot, also, because it is brown… just like the color
of most of the ground that you will be fighting on.

When this mission starts out, have all of your melee troops rush to an opening
the wall to the northwest. Guard this spot, as a bunch of enemies will come at
you rather quickly. After you have secured this area, have your ranged troops
prepare to backup your melee troops, and defend the rear. The reason for
this one spot is that it controls how many enemies can come at you at a time,
when you feel the need you can simply pull back a damaged troop, and reinforce
him with another.

While your melee and ranged troops are guarding the opening, order any winged
troops to head to the north, alongside the western wall of the map. At the very
top you will find a couple fountains. Click on the one to the right, and 8
skeletons will appear. While you are unable to control them, they fight for you,
and will give the enemies some serious trouble.

Now that the Skeletons are attacking the enemies from the north, and diverting
attention away from your blockade to the southwest, have your flying troops head
for the northern area of the map, but keep within the walls of the enemy fort.
You should find a group of enemies here. One of them holds the scroll, so as
as you see them DO NOT attack them, but instead entice them to following your
flying troops to the southwest, into your blockade. This will bring the enemies
into the bulk of your forces, and should make finding the scroll easy.

If you end up killing most all of the enemies on the map, except for the
respawning groups, and you still do not see the scroll then take time and look
over the whole map to make sure that it's not there. It took me 10 minutes to
find it once, simply because it is brown, and was on a brown background.

Level 10

Retrieve Pandora's Box
For the most part, in this level you should not have to worry about ANY of the
enemies but one. Because of this the enemies in this level will be glossed over,
as they should pose no real threat whatsoever.

At the very beginning of the level there will be an Amazon named Evadne. Talk to
her and she will join your party. By looking at her stats you should be able to
tell that she is too good to be real; that is because she is. But since she
fights for you until the end of this level, have her run into all of the enemy
groups alone, as she should have no problems at all.

After Evadne has joined your party send one hero to the far southeast, and have
them grab the Hand of Glory. They may have to deal with 6 enemies, but that
should not be a problem. If you need God Points, have another Hero head to the
far northwest and grab the Icon of Restoration there. While these two parties
on their way have the rest of your troops head to the northeast, and grab the
Icon of Power, then continue to the far northeast corner.

Upon reaching the northeast corner you will find a hero (one of the heroes who
not with you to this point). Before you talk to him or her, surround them with
your troops as TIGHTLY as you can, keeping Evadne away. Once you are ready, talk
to the hero and, after the conversation, the hero will drop Pandora's Box and
Evadne will try to attack them. The nice thing is that, since you've packed your
troops against the Hero, and Evadne is concerned only with the hero, you should
not have to fight anyone at this point. Simply have Icarus, or another hero,
Pandora's box and the mission will end.

Level 11

Destroy the Pillars allowing the Skeletons into the world
Kill the Raiders at the mines
Kill the Raiders guarding the fort
While this mission has caused several people some problems, it is rather easy if
you know what you are doing.

When this mission starts out have your melee troops head to the opening in the
town wall immediately, so that they can defend it. While they are defending the
city talk to the various merchants and purchase as many upgrades as you can.
After this mission there will be no more in-game shops for you to spend money
so spend as much as you have now.

After the initial attacking force has been destroyed have your forces keep on
east side of the river, and head to the north. When they get far enough you will
need to have them destroy 9 Skeletons, then head further and you will find
another group. Order your melee troops to shake it up with this 2nd group, while
your Archers focus on the pillars. Be sure NOT to let any of your melee troops
walk past the pillars; if the pillars get destroyed your melee troops will be

After the pillars are destroyed first have one of your heroes head to the north
and grab the Icon of Restoration, then have your troops head south, back to the
town. Do not worry if you see skeletons on the cave side of the pillars, as they
will be trapped and will not cause you any harm.

Once you reach the village have your troops head to the west. Almost immediately
you will find 3 black bears, then a little further on you will find 2 more black
bears and an Icon of Restoration. Once you grab the Icon of Restoration head
north until you come to a stream. Turn to the east at the Stream and you will
find two groups of bandits, one consisting of 3 Axemen, and 3 Amazons, while the
other has 4 Axemen and 2 Amazons. After you kill them order one of your Heroes
run into the maze behind the mines here and find Hades. When you find Hades talk
to him and he will give you his cloak.

After you have Hades' cloak head back to the bridge across the river and have
your troops head north. To the north is the Raiders' Fort. You will find 4
Amazons, 4 Harpies, 10 Axemen, and 1 Cyclops here, so be prepared. The nice
is that they will have a very limited avenue to get to you through, so you
not have too much trouble killing them all. After they have been dealt with the
mission will end.

Level 12

Kill the Cyclops (Lystis)
This mission is very fast and easy.

At the start of this mission order your war party to the northwest. Kill the two
Archers that block your path and then head to the west. After a way you will run
into a group of 6 Skeletons and another group of 4 Archers and 9 Spearmen. After
you have killed them cross on the land bridge and head west.

While going west 2 Hun, then a group of 16 Skeletons that are guarding a
will confront you. Kill the Skeletons and grab the Talisman. After you have the
Talisman, head south and grab the Icon of Power and the two Icons of
When you grab the Icon of Restoration in the middle you will be attacked by
6 Eagles.

Next head north, grab the Ambrosia, then kill a group of 4 Archers and 3
Spearmen. After these have been killed you will see a flock of 5 Eagles guarding
an Eagle's Egg. Grab the Egg and then kill the Eagles.

Finally head to the east, but DO NOT cross the row of rocks that you will see.
Instead head for the two fountains. One of them should give you an Icon of
Restoration, and the other will give you advice. Listen to the advice if you
to pay the price, but for full experience you will need to.

When you are finally ready, use the Talisman on one of the rocks that is forming
the barrier, then head in. You will find a group of 6 Archers, 6 Spearmen and a
Cyclops, as well as another group of 2 Archers. If you wish to, take the time to
kill all of the infantry and Archers first, then the Cyclops, otherwise just
the Cyclops. After the Cyclops is dead the mission will end.

Level 13

Recover the Fire Gem and the Vial of Naptha
Note: While you only need to recover one of these, it is far better to recover
both of them.
Be prepared for HORDES of Cyclops. Because there are so many, and they
regenerate, they aren't even mentioned on the map.

When the mission first begins have your troops head to the north. When you see
area where there is only a little river separating the two landmasses walk
and head to the east. At the far edge you will find the Vial of Naptha.

Leave one of your Heroes, and 3-4 melee troops, next to the Vial of Naptha. You
should have long enough before the Cyclops that were here regenerate that you
should not have any problems. Order the rest of your troops south. When you find
the Fire Gem have one of your Heroes pick up the Fire Gem, while the ones that
were back at the Vial of Naptha pick up the Vial of Naptha.

If you are having too many problems with this level then simply stop at the Vial
of Naptha, and pick it up. The mission will end as soon as you pick up EITHER
item, but you get more experience and cooler items if you pick both up.

Level 14

Free the Prisoners
Destroy the Cyclops Sentinels
Kill the Cyclops retribution party
At the beginning of this level head south and kill the Cyclops there, then
continue to your left and kill the next Cyclops. From here send a few troops
north to kill the Cyclops up there, then head back down and continue on to point
11 and kill the Brown Bears and Cyclops that await you there.

Next walk up into the village and kill the Brown Bears and Eagles, then further
on to kill some more Cyclops and Brown Bears. Further north you will see two
Brown Bears that are guarding the jail. Kill the Brown Bears but do not yet open
the jail. Instead head further north and kill another Brown Bear, and the
guarding the Ambrosia up north. Then send your party down to the southwest
of the map and kill the various enemy parties along the way, and grab the gold
and Icon of Restoration down here.

Finally head up to the jail and attack the gate. Once the gate is destroyed move
your units into the jail and attack the Cyclops that will come after you, and
when they are all dead move the villagers to where you started the level.

Level 15

Kill the Hydra
Break the Curse on the Tree
When the scenario begins head northwest and kill the Hydra, then grab the Gold,
Bow of Artemis, and Charm of Artemis. Make sure the bow is on Electra or Orion
you have one of them, and head back to the start of the level. From here head
northeast and kill the 4 Elementals that you will come across, then approach the
tree and use the Charm of Artemis on the tree and the scenario will end.

Level 16

Kill all enemies
If you have Icarus with you, send him to take out the 8 Doppelgangers at point 6
on the map (north by northwest of your starting position). Otherwise simply have
your troops head north and take out the 8 Archers, 8 Swordsmen, and 8 Spearmen
that you will face there. Providing you have not disturbed the doppelgangers,
proceed by sending just your heroes down to take them out so that you don't have
to worry about your upgraded troops counting against you. Then head up north and
take out the 4 Spearmen, 4 Swordsmen, and 6 Archers that await you, they will be
rather difficult to get at, however, because you will have to maneuver your
troops carefully around some obstacles.

After you are clear of the obstacles continue forward and take out Talos, then
proceed south and kill the 4 Swordsmen. From here head north, then east, then
down the next southern passage to kill 6 Spearmen, 8 Archers, and 7 Swordsmen,
and then north, east, and down the next southern passage yet again and take out
more Swordsmen. Finally, to finish off the level, head north and take out the
last 4 Swordsmen.

Level 17

Kill the Dragon
On this level you will not have the luxury of your units aiding your Heroes, as
they must fight alone. If you still have any Dragon's Claws don't use them yet
though, as you will want them on Level 24 since the Dragon is harder to kill on
that level. If you simply have your troops gang up on the Dragon it should not
difficult to kill.

Level 18

Destroy the Pillars
Obtain Ring and return to Homah
There will be a multitude of Skeletons respawning on this level, so do not worry
about seeking them out. Instead have your troops head slightly to the northwest
and destroy the first pillar, then head south and destroy the next. Finally,
your troops head east and take out the next pillar, then north for the fourth.
Once all the pillars have been destroyed have all of your troops head back to
northeastern most corner, except for one of your heroes (Icarus preferably).

Have your hero head to the western edge of the map and pick up the Ring, then
head up to the place where you started the level and give the ring to Homah.
While it is possible to get the Flame of Aphrodite, do not bother as it
apparently does not do much of anything.

Level 19

Leave Bone World
Whether or not you have Icarus will make a big difference on this level, as well
as whether or not you have the Cloak of Hades. If you have Icarus then kill the
Cyclops guarding the bridge to the north of you as well as to the west of you,
cutting off your troops. Then simply have Icarus fly to Hades, obtain the
Dragon's Head, and continue over to Cerberus, kill him (using the Fire Gem if
possible-- it makes it faster), and grab the Amber Amulet. Once you have the
Amber Amulet simply head into the cave if you have the Cloak of Hades, or return
the Amulet to Hades if you do not.

If you do not have Icarus, then this will be a bit more difficult. First head
west, DO NOT kill the Cyclops, and get the Dragon's Skull. Once you have the
Skull head back east, and across the bridge to the north. You will have a bunch
of skeletons spawning around you so be careful. Anyway, continue north again,
then to the east, and kill Cerberus. Once Cerberus is dead grab the Amber Amulet
and head through the cave, again, if you have the Cloak of Hades, otherwise
return the Amulet to Hades.

Note: It is important to remember that if you kill a Cyclops next to a bridge,
the bridge will collapse. Therefore plan well before executing this level.

Level 20

Keep the Cyclops away from the Forge
Kill Atephemus
Use the Hammer on the Forge
This level is fairly easy whether or not you have the Cloak of Hades, but if you
do have it then simply make yourself invisible and walk around gathering all the
treasure, then head to where the Cyclops are, at position number 5. Kill the
middle Cyclops here, grab the hammer, then return and use it on the box near
where you started. Be sure, however, to have the troops that you leave behind
guard the box so that the Cyclops do not reach it.

If you do not have the Cloak then have your heroes head northeast and kill the
first group of doppelgangers, then leave 3-4 melee troops behind to kill
Cyclops, while you have the rest follow you out. Once you are past the point
where the Doppelgangers were head northwest and take the Icon of Restoration,
then head east and go through the opening, killing the Doppelgangers, then head
north to the Cyclops. Kill the one in the middle, take the hammer, and head back
to where you started (making sure to send someone for the Icon of Restoration at
point 8) and use the hammer on the forge to end the scenario.

Level 21

Use the Nectar on the Neried
Kill the false Homah
Escape to Styx 2
When this level starts head east, take out the Spearmen and Archers, then turn
south and take out the Harpies you will encounter, and cross the bridge. You
be attacked by 11 Eagles now (who might have already been heading for you), kill
them then proceed south and get the Icon of Restoration from the fountain. Next
head to point 12 and talk to Homah, which will turn into 10 Harpies. Kill the
harpies then head up north to point 11 and kill the two Minotaurs. Once they are
dead head north and kill the Archers, Skeletons, and Harpies, then bust the box
with the Icon of Restoration, and head to point 14 and bust open the box with
Archer's Hood, and make SURE that you grab it in time.

Level 22

Return Castor his sword
Restore Ajax's memory
Get out alive
When preparing for this mission it is important to leave all but your necessary
items behind, as you will need several of your item slots free.

At the start of the mission have your troops move east and use the fountain to
get the two Waters of Lethe. While you will have to contend with 10 Eagles they
should not be a problem. After you have the Waters, move west back across the
bridge, then head north and cross the bridge up here, killing 2 more Eagles
the way.

When you get to the top you will first have to face a group of 4 Spearmen, then
another of 10 Skeletons and a Harpy. Kill them all and you will be able to pick
up some Golden Mistletoe. Once you've killed them destroy the box at point 16
take the Dragon's Teeth, then head up north through the building, and turn to
your right and destroy the box there, grabbing the golden mistletoe from it too.

Next head back below the building, walk east, and to the eastern side of the
building you will find a statue. Use one of the Waters of Lethe on the statue,
and you will be able to safely cross the river. Next continue east and kill two
Archers and Gorgon, then head north and you will be able to kill 3 more Gorgons,
a Harpy, and two more Archers. Once these are all dead take the next bough of
Golden Mistletoe that is dropped, and destroy the box next to where they are to
grab the fourth bough of Golden Mistletoe.

Head south, across the bridge, and to the southern end of this island and you
will find Ajax. Use the second Waters of Lethe on him, then continue south and
you will come to a whole hoard of enemies. If you need some help click on the
northern fountain and you will receive 9 skeletons that will fight for you. The
southern fountain here has a bunch of stuff in it, peppered with enemy
If you take them out one by one you can really collect a lot of items. Once you
are ready to leave use the 4 boughs of Golden Mistletoe on Charon and the level
will end.

Level 23

Kill Nestor's group of troops
There are two ways to play this scenario. Unlike previous trials, you only need
to kill the group at position 2 on this map, instead of everyone. This means
you can bypass Talos altogether. To do this, however, you will need to have the
Cloak of Hades equipped, so that you can get past the rest of the units, and
simply engage in a sneak attack, killing the 5 Spearmen, 7 Archers, and 7
Swordsmen that are there. If you do this, make sure to grab the Icon of
Restoration and the Icon of Power so that you will be ready for the next, and
last, level.

If, however, you do not have the Cloak of Hades on you, then head up and you
be attacked by 8 Swordsmen, 8 Spearmen, and 8 Archers. Take them out, then go to
position 8 and kill the last Archer. After they are dead continue north, and
the path bends to the west you will encounter 8 Harpies. Kill the Harpies and
continue west until you run into Talos. Talos is rather anchored to his
so if you simply pepper him with ranged units, he will die after quite some
If, however, you use your ground forces you may suffer severe losses, but he
die faster. Remember, however, that this is the last level you will have the
support of your units on.

Once Talos is dead head south and kill the 4 Swordsmen, and grab the Icon of
Restoration and the Icon of Power. Then head east, then south and kill the 5
Spearmen, 7 Archers, and 7 Swordsmen and the mission will end. If you really
you can kill the enemies at position 1, but this is unnecessary.

Level 24

Kill the Dragon
This mission is much like The Dragon Attacks, simply kill the Dragon. You will
only have your Heroes on this one though, so be careful. If you have saved the
Dragon's Teeth this whole time, use them and you will gain a strong melee
contingent. Having Cadmus helps here as well, as the reinforcements will
definitely help. Use everything you have on this level though; don't hold back
all, as this will end the game.