Jagged Alliance чит-файл №1

I don't think I will have time to review any information in
this document for a short time ( fighting the third times for
Jack without Alt-X now ). So, any input will be welcomed, but
I won't update anything here for a short time ( maybe two weeks ).

If nobody feels this document is useful ( only Peter Kuesters had
response ), then I won't bother to update this document.

Please forgive me for any typo or grammar error.



This is not a FAQ. I think a "Mini FAQ" maybe suitable. I think
most of the information are what I want to know when I played it
first time, maybe other people want to know these too. I will
keep this information available until someone crates a REAL FAQ.
Temporary, I will call this document Ver. 1.1.
( The biggest difference between Version 1.0 & 1.1 is part 4 & 5. )

WARNING: For those who just start to play this game, these
information may ruin your game. I won't responsible
for such kind of things. Be warned! At least finish
it once before you read this.

If you are a newbie that just need some advice without ruining
your game, I can provide some help for such kind of thing.

For those who want to provide comments to this document, please
feel free to send e-mail to following address:

[email protected]_PETRO.ENGR.UKANS.EDU ( preferred )
or [email protected]

Thank Peter Kuesters for providing some information. Here is
his address:

[email protected] (?)

Since the game is so dynamic, this document will only provide
some information ( maybe important information ) about the
"Jagged Alliance".

"Jagged Alliance" is a computer game created by "MADLAB",
published by Sir-Tech. I don't understand much about the
copyright. If there is anything that conflict with the
copyright, I will take suggestion to modify the content
in this document. ( Hope this solve the copyright problem. )

Before the document, I think most of the people was asking
one question: how many sectors should I take in 1 day and
how many can you take in 1 day? I think the proper answer
for the first part is 3 to 5 sectors because that will
make your life easier. As for the second part, Peter Kuesters
claims he had taken seven ( 7, not a typo ) sectors twice.
Without using Alt-X. I do believe him because he was playing
the third times in HARD. He should know almost all the
information in this document ( maybe more ). And I had taken
6 sectors once with 2 or 3 Alt-X ( Okay, I am not that good ).
So, I do think that is possible.

And, if you do consider a lot of situation, the computer did
NOT cheat in S28.

There are five parts in this document:
(1) Sector Information: This part includes some important
objects, special notes, traps ( mine & detonator ), and
the best entry position ( according to my own experience ).
(2) The weapon and items list & usage.
(3) Code & Two Encrypted Notes, and that foreign note.
(4) Some questions ( some have no answer yet ).
(5) Miscellaneous stuffs.

General Notes:
(1) The information is not complete. Still need more input from
other people.
(2) "*" in front of a sector means this sector may have important
object(s) or mission(s) in that stage. Which means, the object
may not be important later.
(3) The entry position of the sector is written in abbreviated form.
"N/S" means I think either from "North" or "South" doesn't make
any difference, although I feel N is better than S. "N-W" means
from "North" but had better in the "western" part which means
actually: "NW".
(4) All the Crates and Boxes ( those yellow ones ) will be counted
as "Crates". I did not list the "drawers". Some of the "Crates"
are actually empty, I still list them because it is a little bit
difficult to remember which one is empty :P.
(5) Items list in the sector without "parentheses" means they are
not found in the crates, maybe in open area, maybe in drawer.
Items list in "parentheses" means these items are somewhat
important and I think it should be mentioned even you will
always find them in the crates. I guess you will always open
the crates, won't you? Some important items list in the sector
with "B" in "parentheses" right behind these item(s) means you
may get them from those bad guys. Although sometimes this doesn't
(6) "Traps" means both "Mines" and "Detonators".
(7) Keys are not so important so I did not list any of them.
(8) Please forgive me for any typo.

Part I: Sector Information

S60: Helmet, Tool Kit, Knife, 4 Pocket Vest, Crowbar, S & W .38,
and .38 ammos.

*S59: 9 Crates, Crowbar. ( N )
Note: If you did not find Micropurifier in Sector 50, then
it will be in this Sector.

S58: 3 Crates. ( N )

S57: 1 Crate, Extended Ears ( B ). ( E )
Note: If there are only 3 or less than 3 bad guys, the
Extended Ears may not exist. Also, very dangerous
to open the doors here.

S56: 7 Crates ( 2 Grenades, Live Plastic, C4, Camo ), Ultra Shield.
( E/N )
Note: May need Grenade or Explosive to open the second door

S55: 1 Crate. ( N-E )
Note: May need at least 1 Grenade to take care of those bad
guys in SE corner. Otherwise, .... Also, have someone
swim to the island from East maybe helpful.

*S54: Third Processing Plant. 2 Crates, Tool Kit, Kevlar Helmet,
Lock Kit ( B ). ( N/E )
Note: Detonator(s)? May need one explosive to open the SE door.
I had taken this plant with ".12G Rifle" without plant
been sabotaged ( only once ).

S53: 5 Crates. Crowbar. Traps in west of bridge and west of island.
( W )
Note: May need explosive to open the door safely.

S52: 4 Crates ( Lots of $$, Spectra Shield ). ( W )

*S51: 3 Crates ( M16 ), lots of Traps ( at least 47 ). ( N )

*S50: Micropurifier ( B ), 6 Crates ( Colt .45 ammos ). ( S )
Note: Sometimes you did not find the Micropurifier in this
sector. In such case, just take Sector 59. It will be

S49: 15 Crates, Chunk of Steel. ( Wall Probe? ) ( E-S )

S48: 12 Crates(?) ( .12G ShotGun ). ( N-E )
Note: There are a lot of traps near the crate of SG.

S47: 3 Crates. Lots of traps in the west part ( at least 19 ).
( E/N/S )

*S46: 2 Chunk of Steel, Crowbar, Sniper Scope ( B ), 4 Gas Tanks,
.12G Shot Gun in an open crate. ( N-W/E/S )
Note: Peter Kuesters says Ver 1.0 has 3 Chunk of Steel.

S45: 12 Crates. Lots of Traps. ( )

S44: 9 Crates. ( S/N )

S43: Nothing important. ( E )

S42: 12 Crates. ( N-W )
Note: You will need a lot of time to get this one. Maybe
use Explosive to open some passway is a good idea.

*S41: 3 Crates ( M16 ). Lots of traps all over the places. ( N )

*S40: 9 Crates ( 9mm Beretta, 9mm ammos, .357 magnum ammos ),
.357 magnum. ( S )
Note: Take this sector on Day 1 will make your life easier.
Safe first Chunk of Steel for this .357 Magnum.
Magnum in open space in the east. Its ammos is in
the crate on island.

S39: 4 Crates, Metal Detectors ( B ). 5 Traps. ( E-N )

S38: Some items in house. ( E )

*S37: 5 Crates ( 4 Silencers, 9mm ammos ), .12G Rifle in woods,
Crowbar, Metal Detector. ( E )
Note: Use a Grenade to subdue the bad guys behind the metal
door then open the door and shoot them.

*S36: 4 Crates ( Camo in a boobytrap crate ). 8 additional Crates
on Day 9 morning. These special items include: .12G Shot Gun,
.357 Magnum, Ammos, 2 Grenades, Mines, and Ammos. ( E-N )

S35: Nothing but traps in South. ( E/N/W )

*S34: 7 Crates ( M14 ). ( S/E )
Note: Need to enter this sector at least twice.

*S33: 9 Crates ( M14 ). 6 Traps in west of island. South bridge
has trap. ( E/S )

S32: 2 Crates, ( 5 ) Canteens. Traps between houses & to the west.
( E )

*S31: Fourth Processing Plant. 5 Crates. ( E )

*S30: Water Poisoning mission. 9 Crates, Gas Tank, Glass Jars,
Extended Ears ( B ). ( W-S )

*S29: Water Poisoning mission. 6 Crates. ( S-middle/S-W )
Note: May need 1 Grenade for the bad guys in the middle.

*S28: Brenda's new lab. $3,000 hidden ( must use metal detector ).
10 Crates ( knife, ammos, medit kit ) ( E/S )
Note: Most annoying sector in the game. Had better take it
later in the game.

*S27: Second Processing Plant. 4 Crates, Camo, Spectra Shield ( B ).
( S )
Note: Need lots of Silencers ( from S37 ). There must be a
second detonator in this sector. May need 2 Grenades.

S26: 9 Crates ( lots of ammos ), Extended Ears ( in crate? ).
Bridges will explode. ( S )

S25: 5 Crates, Compound-17. ( N-E/E/S )
Note: Need a lot of times.

*S24: Brenda is HERE! 5 Crates ( 3 Stun Grenades ). ( S/N )

*S23: Head Stone in island! 13 Crates, 4 Live Plastic. Traps in
islands and near bridges. ( E-N then N-W, twice )
Note: Best way to get the "Head Stone" is swim to the northeast
island. May need 2 explosives to take care of the bad
guys staying inside those 2 northeast buildings.

S22: ? Crates, Chunk of Steel in island. Lots of traps near shore.
( S )
Note: May need 1 explosive for the southeast building.

S21: 4 Crates. ( E )

S20: 6 Crates ( Spectra Shield ). 1 Trap (?). ( S )

S19: 8 Crates ( 9mm Beretta ), Explosive, Crowbar, Gas Tank, Oil,
Spectra Shield ( B ). ( E/N )

S18: I don't remember I ever find the replacement. ( W-N )

S17: 8 Crates ( weapons & ammos ), Gas Tank, Oil, Metal Detector,
Tool Kit. 6 Traps in north part. ( W )

S16: Nothing in huts. ( S )

S15: 2 Crates. ( E/S )
Note: May need Explosive to open the padlock door.

S14: 8 Crates ( 6 Mines, Metal Detector ). ( N-E/E-N )
Note: Use Explosive to open the door will be safer.

S13: 8 Crates ( M16? Ammos ). Lots of money ( > $3,500 ) in the
clothes hang on the wall. ( W-N )
Note: May need "Rock" to lure the bad guy out. Beware the
bad guy in the south room! Don't check the 4th cloth
until this bad guy is finished.

*S12: Scientific Journal in NW corner of building! 7 Crates.
( W/S-W )
Note: This is how I got the Journal twice using the same
method. Use Explosive to open the wall next to the
safe. Have "Mike" waiting in the corner and using a
lock kit to open the safe, then move one step away.
The third guy comes and picks up the journal. This
is because I always forgot to bring the combination
with team in that day.

S11: Nothing but bad guys. ( S-W )

*S10: 2 Crates. 3 Traps that will open a passway to another 3
Crates ( M14 & M14 ammo )! ( S )
Note: May need 1 Explosive to open the door.

S9: Nothing but bad guys. ( E )

*S8: 4 Flowers. ( S )

S7: Lots of $$ in the islands. Need at least 2 pocket to
hold them. ( W )

S6: Oil in hut. ( S-W )

S5: 1 Crate. Found 1 M14 or M16, either on the ground or
drop by a bad guy. ( S )

S4: Nothing but bad guys. Never wait until Day 31. ( E )

S3: 8 Crates ( M14? M16? ). Lots of traps outside. ( S )
Note: Trust me, there is nothing worthy outside. Get into
the building and get out of this sector ASAP.

S2: 17 Crates ( 2 M16s, M14, ammos, Comp-17, Chunk of Steel,
etc. ). Traps in the wall switch box. ( E )
Note: I always "open" a door from east, then ambush the bad
guys there.

S1: Enter from East or SE. Need a lot of grenades ( all kinds ),
Explosives and whatever you have. The number of the bad guys
is unlimited unless you mange to get into the Santino's
room. Fallow Sappling in the NW corner. Need a healthy fast
guy to get it. Getting this "Fallow Sappling" is not that

Part II: Items Information

Radio: Not important.

Extended Ears: Hear noise a lot longer. Have those better guys
wear it.

Canteen: Need 5 APs. Increase Breath ( Blue Bar ) significantly
while it is under 80%.

Camo-U-Flage: Put it in body will last about 2 days that enemy
may harder to see you and "shoot" you.

First Aid Kit: Need explain?

Medit Kit: Ditto. Need to put it in right hand on whichever
guy you want him to be a doctor that day. The option
of "Doctor" will only show up in such condition.
Note: Had better use 100% kit every day.

Tool Kit: To repair items. Also need to put in right hand, then
the "Repair" option will show up.
Note: Had better use 100% kit every day. Also, it can
only be used at home for repair purpose.

Lock Kit: To open a locked door. Did not see any difference
between a 100% kit and not 100% kit. Though too low
( like 50% ) might cause problem.

Rock: Throw it to get the attention of enemy. If they did not
find you, they might go to the place of the Rock to check
it out. You can ambush them at that time. A rock can also
throw into a door. Bad guys may come out of the door.
This thing is not that good in HARD level since enemy has
better AI in this level.

Silencer: Attached with Colt .45 & 9mm Beretta. Will reduce the
sound of the gun shot. Other enemy might not hear the
battle here. A modified .357 Magnum can use this device

Sniper Scope: Attached with 9mm Beretta, .357 Magnum, .12G Rifle,
M14, and M16. Will provide more precise shooting.

Metal Detector: Can detect items underground ( most of the
time ). Has a limited range ( 2-3 squares
away ).

Wall Probe: Can hear and determine the status of the enemy
in the other side of the wall. May detect enemy
TWO walls behind! Sometimes might hear the
important message! Could make mistake: I once
detect a never exist enemy!

Crowbar: Used to open Crates and Chest. Sometimes for the
door ( not sure about this one ). Need stronger,
healthier, and more breath ( BLUE BAR ) merc
to do it.

2-5 Pockets Vest: Provide the ability to carry item(s).

Helmet: Provide 5% protection.

Kevlar Helmet: Provide 10% protection.

Kevlar Vest: Provide 20% protection on the body. Most of
the time, the hit position is on the body!

Spectra Shield: Provide 40% protection. Prevent damage from
most hand gun and Shot Gun.

Ultra Shield Vest: Provide 20% additional protection. But,
can not wear pocket vest at the same
time. Can not combine with Compound-17.

Compound-17: Combine with Armor will increase the protection
by 50% ( Treated Armor ). Must let those High
Mechanical skill person do it.

Chunk of Steel: Make a weapon a modified one. Must let those
High Mechanical skill person do it.
Note: Beware of the restriction. The low mechanical skill person
not only can't do it, will also damage the weapon.

Sun Goggle: Provide better marksmanship(?).

Gas Mask: Provide protection from Tear Gas or Mustard Gas.

Glass Jar: Use to make "Molotov Cocktail".

Gas Tank: Make "Molotov Cocktail" or "Eagle" items.

Oil: Make "Molotov Cocktail" or "Eagle" items.

Rag: Make "Molotov Cocktail" or "Eagle" items.

Molotov Cocktail: Glass Jar + Gas + Oil + Rag. Need Bomb
dude to do this. Will work like Grenade.

Eagle Fearball: Gas + Oil + Rag + Grenade. Must install like
Explosive. Double Grenade effect.

Eagle Screamer: Gas + Oil + Rag + Tear Gas. Must install like
Explosive. Double Tear Gas effect.

Eagle Silencer: Gas + Oil + Rag + Stun Grenade. Must install
like Explosive. Double Stun Grenade effect.

Eagle Dog: Gas + Oil + Rag + Mustard Gas. Must install like
Explosive. Double Mustard Gas effect.

Grenade: Throw it for explode purpose. Make direct damage. Will
destroy wooden door.

Tear Gas: Throw it to spread an area with tear gas. Will last
1 to 3 turns. Continuously inhale it will cause the
breath ( blue bar ) to decrease. Won't work when Gas
Mask is used.

Stun Grenade: Throw it for slight explode ( -1 HP ) and reduce
about 50% breath! A continuous one will cause the
victim lies on the ground for several turns.

Mustard Gas: Throw it will explode like Grenade. Also, causing
some kind of continuous damage like Tear Gas or
something like that. Gas Mask can prevent the damage
from the second part, but not sure about the esplosion
part. ( Need additional information here. )

Detonator: Will make the Explosive "alive".

Explosive: Must combine Detonator to work.

C4: Like Explosive, must combine Detonator to work.

Live Explosive: Explosive + Detonator. Need to set and wait a
short time. Will open metal door, wall, tree.

Live Plastic: C4 + Detonator. Works like Live Explosive. Can't
tell the difference ( waterproof? ).

Mine: Install to the ground. ( I never use it. )

Knife: Use to kill the opponent next to Grunt. Grunts will use
it when attacked by snake in water.

Combat Knife: Better knife than Knife. ( How good? )

S & W .38: Worst weapon. Need a lot of APs.

.38 ammo: 6 bullets box.

Colt .45: Much better weapon in early stage. But, not good
enough. Can combine with Silencer.

.45 ammo: 6 bullets clip.

9mm Beretta: Good hand gun. Shoot faster and better. Can use
it in short range even in Sector 1. Can combine
with Silencer or Sniper Scope.

9mm ammo: 15 bullets clip.

.357 Magnum: Most powerful hand gun. Can combine with Sniper
Scope. But a modified Magnum can also combine
with Silencer.

.357 ammo: 10 bullets box.

.12G Shot Gun: Good when opponents are using hand guns.

.12G ammo: 6 bullets box.

.12G Rifle: Better in early stage. Can replace .12G Shot Gun.
Can combine with Sniper Scope. Using the same ammos
as Shot Gun.
Note: As my note in sectors, this thing will show up when you
get the .12G Shot Gun. That makes the SG almost useless.

M14: Next to the best weapon. Can combine with Sniper Scope.

M14 ammo: 20 bullets clip.

M16: Best weapon. Can combine with Sniper Scope. A modified
M16 could make damage even opponent is wearing Spectra
Shield or Ultra shield. Only the Treated Spectra Shield
can prevent the damage ( partly ) from this stuff.

M16 ammo: 20 bullets clip.

Lab Coat: Let you know that Brenda is already been kidnapped.

Blouse: Let you know Brenda is near.

Bloody Bra: Let you know Brenda is here. Don't know why use
a bloody "BRA"?

Note: "Lab Coat", "Blouse", and "Bloody Bra" can use like
"Rag" in those combined items.

Flowers: Rumor these 4 flowers are the cure ( Antidote ) of
the Fallow Trees. I never use them.

Money: $$ will automatically added to your pool at the end
of the day. I never have the problem of someone
disappear with $$. Need someone to tell everybody
about this.

Part III: Encrypted Codes

(1) Code: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Real: C F V H N W P B X L K M E I S A Z D R T O Y

(2) All Personnel,
Stay clear S4 on D31
Stork is a Boobytrap

(3) All Personnel,
Scientific Journal
is not to fall into
enemy hands, first
sign of enemy
presence near my lab-
Journal is to be
destroyed immediately

(4) It's a note from "Hervos". He said Mr. Lucas is making a
baby Fallow Tree. ( You need a native to read this note. )

(5) Thanks/????????????????????? ( Somebody help me here! )

Part IV: Some questions ( some have no answer yet )

(1) How to prevent "Rescue Brenda" mission?
A: There are 2 ways. (1) Don't let enemy take this sector
after you have taken it. Whatever mean method you use
will be fine. (2) Re-take the sector before the day is
over. I did not get this mission once when I re-take the
sector immediately ( I was in the 2nd plant mission at
that time ).

(2) What is the benefit of rescuing Brenda?
A: A lot of $$$$$.

(3) How to know which sector has processing plant?
A: Hit the green "TREE" button at the beginning of the day.
I hate this because the document did not say it. I found
this by accident.

(4) How to take processing plant without being sabotaged?
A: You need a lot of silencers and kill whatever enemy you
encountered immediately. Do not fire while enemy is moving,
the "INTERRUPT" situation. If enemy still have enough APs,
they will let the other guys know you are there. The 2nd
processing plant has either 1 or 2 detonator. One is on
the wall in the island ( I never find it, but a lot of
people know where it is ), I suspect the other one is
in the buildings with the plant. Some people just disarm
the first detonator and keep using non-silence gun. Nothing
happened. But, there is another person ( other than I )
has possession of the first detonator and still has plant
sabotaged with loud gunshot sound. I don't know where is the
3rd plant's detonator. I had shooting the outside guys with
".12G Rifle" and the plant is still there after I took the
sector ( once ). The 4th plant always has less than 8 bad
guys there, so I can take care of them with "Silencers"
without knowing where is the detonator.

(5) What is "Water Poisoning" mission?
A: I heard this before I got the game. So, I always arrange
my team to take the lake before the end of day 3. I don't
know what will happen if you do not take the lake after
day 3.

(6) What is "Fallow Tree Dying" ( Plague ) mission?
A: I never had such kind of problem. I heard people were talking
about "Antidote" for this, but I am not sure.

(7) Can I throw a Grenade over a tree, into a building?
A: You can throw a Grenade over trees. If there is an open path
into the building, you will be able to throw it in. But, be
warned! There is also a possibility that the Grenade will hit
the wall, so ..... I am not sure whether you can throw it
through a window or not.

(8) Why there are not many Natives willing to work for me? What
can I do?
A: Because you are not doing a good enough job, so that the
Native still not trust you. The number of Sectors you have
taken, the bad guys you have killed, the number of Natives
that had died, all these will contribute to the result. If
such kind of situation happened, the only way to do is to
"RAISE" the salary of the Natives. This is a one-way ticket,
so I don't think you want to do this. The better way is
taking more sectors then more Natives will be happy to work
for you.
This is why I said taking S40 on day 1 is so important. If
you are playing in HARD level, take 4 sectors on day 1 will
give you 70 Natives on day 2. After you hire 39 tappers, you
can still have 31 guards on day 2. That is really helpful.

(9) I am running out of MONEY, what can I do?
A: Please refer to the information of the sectors. Make sure you
get all those $$ in each sector. Once again, you had better
take more sectors and gain more trees so that you can get
more incomes. Beware, more trees means more processing plants.
And, this is the other thing you need to think about it.

(10) "Dynamic Lab" just drop the price of the sapping, what can I
A: There is nothing you can do to prevent this to happen. I
suspect this event is triggered by the fact that you own the
second processing plant. After couple days, with all the info
Jack told you, they will drop the price in 2-3 days. The only
thing you can do is getting more TREEs. The more trees you
own, the better chance that "Dynamic Lab" will raise the
price again. I don't know how many trees will trigger the
first raise. But one thing is for sure: get more trees!
They will raise the price for $20 each time.

(11) Is there any good strategic about the order of taking the sectors?
A: I don't think so. One thing is for sure, if you are not taking
some sectors, some events will happen that force you to take
certain sector later. At that time, you will know what sector
is important that you should take them ASAP.

(12) Is the number of enemies unlimited in Sector 1?
A: YES! You need to get into the building ASAP. One person claims
the number is limited, this is not true. Although the "Enemy
Turn" sign will be quicker for some time, that is because
computer is "Generating" more enemies.
BUT, the number of enemies seems still follow the "8" rule.
If one enemy did not die, the other one will not generate.
One time I happened to "Stun" 5 enemies just across the
river for more than 10 turns, that one was so easy that
I only need to take care of 2 enemies in each turns. Those
5 guys just keep lying there. ( Of course, I keep using
Tear Gas & Stun Grenade to keep them there. )

(13) Is there a good strategic to save Brenda?
A: Here is one I heard in News Group. Let Magic swim across
the water. Sneak to the back of the south building. There
is a door there. Let him open it. There will be a Crate
with 3 Stun Grenades and another door. Open this door, then
you will find Brenda. I did not use it, but I think this
should work. ( I entered from North, killed 3 bad guys, then
the sector is clear. )

(14) Why my guys can not open a Crate?
A: The crate is nailed too tight. You will need a Crowbar to
open it. Furthermore, the merc is not healthy, not strong
enough or tire ( BLUE BAR low ) will not do the trick.
The condition of the Crowbar will also influence the chance
of opening it. BTW, there are some Crates that are so tight
that only certain mercs with almost full health can open
it. In such condition, make sure the BLUE BAR is in the
highest position.

(15) What is the max. sectors taken in 1 day? Which level?
A: 7 by Peter Kuesters. He did it twice without using any
Alt-X. In HARD level. I wish he will provide the info
about the sector number he took in those two days.

My record is 6 ( S17 -> S18 -> S8 -> S5 -> S4 -> S14 )
with about 2 'Alt-X' on Hard level. I guess that is
the best I can do.

(16) How many game days do you need to finish the game?
A: Peter Kuesters can do it in 15 days. But, not everybody
can do this. According to the "average 3 sectors per day",
you should be able to finish it by day 20. Of course, the
more experience you have, the better you can do it.
My first game took 27 days. Second one took 20 days. I
think this should be normal for veteran players.

(17) What is the best start team?
A: Don't think there is an answer for this. Almost everyone
pick Ivan at the beginning. But, there are still some
person did not do it.

(18) Who will not work with whom? What are the interaction between
these Mercenaries?
A: Somebody post a limited information about this couple
months ago, but I did not keep a copy of this. I just
know "Sparky" doesn't want to work with her brother
"Gary". I heard that "Hurl" will quit if you have "Fidel".
"Fox" will quit if you have too many casualties. She will
not come back if you fire her. "Wolf" can't stand you raise
salary of any other people. A lot of mercs will quit if
you can not paid the salary of any merc.

(19) How can I determine whether my merc can shoot at the bad guys?
A: There is a basic principle: If you can see him, you can
shoot him! If that is in an wide open area, you can shoot
whoever your team can see ( not the shooter ). But, range
too far may not cause any damage ( especially the handgun ).
If this is in the woods, then the best way to determine
whether you want to shoot him => "Interrupt"! In "Interrupt"
situation, that means your merc has a pretty clear line of
sight, so you can guarantee he has a chance to hit him.

Exception: When your merc is behind a lot of Bushes, you
may want to forfeit this chance. There is a lot
of chance that you will hit the bush than the
bad guy.

(20) Can I shoot through the wall, trees, bushes?
A: This part is a little bit tricky. If you find you can not
shoot through the wall, but the bad guy(s) can, you might
be frustrating. BUT, you can shoot him back! If you find
you was hit behind the wall ( bad guy shoots through the
wall ), then you shoot back immediately and don't move this
merc. You can get him in the same way. But, if you move,
this condition will not happen and you will be still shooting
at the wall. Don't know about the trees, but the bushes
have the same condition. If the bad guy can shoot you,
you can shoot him. Of course, bad guy will take the first
move and your merc(s) has better chance to get hurt.

(21) How can I use Fidel more effectively? He always refuse to take
A: He always refuses to move IF HIS TARGET DID NOT MOVE. So,
you have to make sure he is in a well covered place before
you can take that shot. When his target moves, he is willing
to move again, so move him before shooting. Somebody said
hitting "esc" will let him regain conscious. I am not sure
about this.

(22) Is "Max. Aim" necessary?
A: Yes in some cases. In wide open place, "Max. Aim" will have
better chance to hit the target. Also, in "Interrupt"
situation, "Max. Aim" is better because you will have a
pretty good line of sight, and this "line of sight" maybe
very precious in the woods. But I really doubt it when the
enemy is behind a cover or wearing a good body armor. In
such case, sometimes 1 or 2 APs less than "Max. Aim" will
have a better chance than "Max. Aim". But, this is not
guaranteed because "not Max. Aim" also means "Chances to
miss". But if you hit, the damage is usually larger than
"Max. Aim" in such case. There are a lot of variables
here and I don't know exactly how they work.

(23) Is "Crouch" necessary?
A: YES! Although this always take 2 APs, but it worth it.
But, be sure your mercs are wearing a Helmet. "Crouch"
also means the chance of "Hit on the head" is increased

(24) How come the condition of my equipments drop so fast?
A: Two reason. (1) Staying in the water for a longer time.
(2) Hit by explosive or grenade.
Keep using it ( gun ) will drop the condition too, but
not that obvious.

(25) What to do with those "Useless" items?
A: You will need to fix it at home before you want to
use them. Gun, Grenade, Wall Probe, Metal Detector,
Armor are all fixable. Don't remember what else can
be fixed.

(26) What happen with the equipments with those fire/quit
A: If you fire him/her, you keep all the equipments. If
he/she quits, he/she will bring them with him/her.
So, fire him/her before he/she quits.

(27) What's the difference between "M14" & "M16"?
A: Peter Kuesters made a little experiment with this once.
He has "Magic" using Mod. M14, "Scully" using Mod. M16.
"Scully" has slightly better armor. "Magic" wins all the
times. But, my own experience shows the difference between
these two things are difficult to tell. In sector 1, most
of the time, M16 is better than M14; BUT, sometimes, M14
has better effect than a M16. Who knows, both weapons are
GOOD! Sometimes, I think a direct hit at the "Bulleyes"
( heart, maybe ) with good body armor maybe worse than
a hit at the other part of body ( say, arms, legs ).

(28) When will the gun becomes "Jammed"? How can I fix it?
A: Not sure about this. The only thing I know is a perfect
condition gun ( 100% ) never "Jammed". I had a 98% mod.
Beretta "Jammed" once. And it takes about 7-8 times of
re-firing to fix it. And I had used a 70% gun about 10
shots without "Jammed". Maybe firing too many times in a
short time ( too many bad guys, huh? ) will increase the
There is no better way to treat a "Jammed" gun in the field.
As manual said, continuously firing it might do the trick.
The most times I used was about 7-8 times ( for that 98%!
condition mod. Beretta ). There is a person in the net
said he fired more than 20 times before it worked again!
I think this is purely depends on your luck. Of course,
a mechanical at home can always fix it for you, but you
won't be able to get it until the next day.

(29) What is the difference between the different level?
A: One thing I am sure, the starting fund is different.
"Easy" gives you $25,000. "Normal" gives you $20,000.
"Hard" gives you $15,000. Cash flow handling becomes
very important early in the game. The price for the
chopper is different. $600(?) for "Easy", $800 for
"Normal", and $1,000 for "Hard". Same for delivering
a dead merc back. The AI is different. But I can not
exactly describe this part. The enemy will tends to
hide behind cover, come out to spot you and hide again,
so that the other bad guy can come and shoot you or
throw a grenade on you. The tendency of enemy using a
grenade is increased too. The number of bad guys in
S49, S50, S59 ( for your first day mission ) is different.
"Normal" only has 4 in each sector, "Hard" has 6!
On day 2, "Hard" always has 8 bad guys in every sectors,
"Normal" still has 6 on day 2. That's all I know.

(30) Can I re-hire the merc who takes the money and run away?
A: ?

(31) Can I prevent Santino from suicide so that I can let
somebody kill him with knife?
A: Probably not. Someone ( I don't remember who ) in the
net said something like that:
Guess he is like the Obi-wan in Star War. Once he
decide to suicide, nobody can stop him. I tried to sneak
to the other side of the wall and use those "Eagle" stuffs
and there is no damage to that wall! Nothing can break the
wall with the switch.

(32) How can I get the baby Fallow Sappling tree?
A: This is a little bit tricky too. The bomb will explode
while you are moving your guys. The sequence of the
bombs to explode seems to be fixed. You will need some
practice or "Alt-X" to do this. You only have about 2.5
turns to do this. Otherwise, the baby Fallow Sappling
tree will be destroyed. Use those quick guys. Don't
forget one thing, there are two traps in that room too.

(33) What does Ivan say?
A: ?

(34) Can I buy equipments? Is there enough bullets to use in
the game?
A: No and Yes. You can not buy anything so use everything
cautiously. The amount of the ammos will be more than
you need if you are not shooting anything like crazy.
Furthermore, if you planned on how to kill enemy when
you see one, that will save some bullets. To prove my
statement, I had these ammos right before I attacked
Sector 1 ( on HARD level ):
.38 ammos box: 62 .45 ammos clip: 18
9mm ammos clip: 19 .357 ammos box: 17
.12G ammos box: 11 M14 ammos clip: 23
M16 ammos clip: 21
Like these should be more than enough to finish S1.

Part V: Miscellaneous Stuffs

Comments for those high Marksmanship mercs:

Mike: Perfect! ( 23 APs )
Lynx: Good one, and well worth the price. ( 18 APs )
Leech: ( Don't know )
Kelly: Not that good. His response ( "INTERRUPT" ) was bad. I am a
little disappointed about him. ( 22 APs )
Magic: Very Good! Well worth the price. ( 22 APs )
Hitman: OKay. But he is too slow. ( 16 APs )
Spike: ( Don't know )
Ivan: Good one. What can I say, almost everyone has him at the
beginning. He is very strong too. ( 19 APs )
Sidney: Not good. Like Ivan at the beginning, but a little bit
slower. ( 18 APs )
Scully: Good one, worth the price. ( 22 APs )
Ice: Good one. Easy to improve Marksmanship to about 88. Also
very fast and healthy. ( 19 APs )
Fidel: Good one. Best Bomb dude. A little bit slow. ( 17 APs )

Attribute of all four Native Guides:
( From "[email protected]" in newsgroup )

sal hp ag mk wis med mec dex exp
Elio 0 83 84 23 58 0 0 81 1 ( 17 APs )
Native # 2 0 66 68 74 35 0 2 66 1 ( 14 APs )
Native # 3 0 74 62 24 74 0 70 88 1
Native # 4 0 68 55 11 82 46 0 88 1

Note: I did not list the attributes of all the mercenaries because
this information is in the manual. I feel like listing this
information will help those pirated copies. Unless many people
feel it is much helpful to read it here than manual, I might
change my mind.

The ending words of each Mercenary:

Mike: We showed them!
Scully: Some people just never learn!
Magic: One day, Metavira will come up in a conversation, and I'll
be able to say I was there! ( Good one. )
Lynx: Success! This island belongs to us!
Fidel: We do it! We do it good!
Ivan: ??????
Hitman: We showed'em, Ace! We showed'em real good!
Sidney: We've beat him! This island belongs to Jack!
Sparky: Like that was awesome... Real awesome ...
Elio: It be quiet in Metavira again.
Kelly: What a way to put it away!
Ice: We showed them, man! We showed'em good!
Boss: That was a job well done!