Kimimon чит-файл №1

Quick Kimimon Growth
I found this out while mucking about with my iPod time and date setting. If you
set the date as far back as you can, then leave it to scroll to the 1970
something date automatically, it should help you with your glitch. Now if you go
on to kimimon it will have full stats (if it's working hopefully) then muck
about for a bit. Then set the date to the farthest date in the future it can go,
until it once again automatically sets itself back to whatever date it can go
farthest to. Now back out and go onto Kimimon. You should have a ridiculously
high score and if your kimimon hasn't went into it's cocoon yet it will show it
in it's cocoon (putting the time back and then forwarding it again should make
kimimon come out) Then you should have a kimimon adult with A LOT of score. But
while attempting this you must be patient; sometimes you may have to repeat the
time changes until it works. Note: You can change the time and date back to the
real time after without any changes made.