KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child чит-файл №2

Secrets Guide (for Demo version)

Water Realm -- 3 Secrets

Part 1--2 Secrets

1) After grabbing the sword, look near one of the ceiling fans. You'll see some
wires that you can jump on. Hop on and grab The Rose for a quick infusion of hit

2) After going up the Spiral Staircase, you'll find a door blocked by two crates
and a fuse box nearby. Shoot the fuse box to open the door. In here, you'll find
a Hawk Eyes, but that's not the secret. Look down. All the way down, you'll see
the entrance to the club, but between you and the entrance is another floor. Hop
down to it and you'll be able to hop on top some power cords. Simply follow them
to the right to the secret and a few Black Diamonds.

Part 2--1 Secret

1) After viewing the cutscene showing the laughing Aracnoclown, you'll be in an
area with a water tower over to your left. Jump into the water and on the other
side of the water tower you'll find a ladder up to the secret ledge, where
find a Hawk Eyes and a Pamphlet.

Earth World -- 3 Secrets

1) When you come to the wall with the broken section (just before confronting
UniPsycho), you'll see a path leading up to a Spawner. Follow the path up to a
ledge and walk as far as you can, then turn around. Before you is a tower, but
you look closely at the wall you'll see a few bricks missing. Blast it with any
weapon to reveal some ammo and an Invulnerability Talisman--it'll come in handy
on the UniPsycho.

2) On the bridge where you confront the Aracnoclown, you'll see a building over
your right (this is where the baluster was at the beginning of the level). Take
good running jump to get on this ledge, then follow it around to The Rose.

3) After getting inside the building, you'll find yourself in a warehouse with a
key. To get to the secret, simply climb the ladder all the way to the top of the
building and hop into the rafters. Simply work your way across to the Jack In
Boxes on the far side.

Non-Secret) Just above the cool car the baluster destroys is a hook usable with
your trusty Scourge. Zip up and grab The Rose on the rafter.

Air Realm -- 2 Secrets

1) After turning off the first set of electrical beams, there are three doors,
one of which is jammed. To get into this room, find the vent in the left room
follow it around to this otherwise inaccessible room. You'll get some ammo and a
Jack In The Box.

2) In the area where you drain the two containers, there's a vent on top of the
stack of computers. Hop up and follow the vent to a bunch of goodies: Black
Diamonds, Jack In The Boxes, and some ammo.

Fire Realm -- 4 Secrets

1) In the first area, you'll need to make a couple of whip jumps across some
pools, then you'll walk up a variety of rafters and ledges. Just before you make
a jump across to a ledge taking you out of the area, look down. You'll see a
tiled area with a rusty silver door. Jump down and open it to get some ammo.

2) When you blow the hole in the side of the cavern using the explosive barrels,
you'll find a ledge leading down to a differently colored piece of rock. Smash
to get access to a Rose and some ammo.

3) After grabbing the Armor, you'll be facing a machine sliding back and forth
into a furnace. If you make your way forward onto this machine and look up,
you'll see a small square of fire which lights up your cross hairs. Shoot it to
open a secret compartment containing an Invulnerability Talisman and a Rose.
Note: it might be safer to shoot the square from the floor, the machine really
hurts sometimes.

4) Also after grabbing the Armor, you'll notice the furnace opening up behind
you. After making your way up the ladder on the far side, you'll have to jump
across a fiery chasm to a ladder. Climb it up to the top and when you kill the
Fat Lady, you'll notice the door next to her open. DO NOT go through it yet.
Instead, return to the ladder and look down. You'll see a secret ledge has been
revealed containing a Rage Talisman, some ammo, and some health.