KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child чит-файл №2

Walk Through (for Demo version)

Water Realm

Go up the stairs and arm yourself with the Elder Gauntlets, then head back
downstairs and head over to the bar on your left. Slash through the grille with
your Throneblade and flip the switch. A short cut scene will play showing the
opening of a previously locked door and introducing you to the first enemy, the
Headless. Slash through them and make your way down the hall from which they

Along the way, you'll encounter a locked pair of double doors. Ignore them for
now and keep walking. At the end of the hall, a Headless will burst through a
door. Dispatch him, go through the door, and climb the Spiral Staircase over to
your right.

On the top floor, there are three rooms for you to go into. The first room you
encounter is blocked by two crates and is locked. Shooting the fuse box nearby
will open it and allow you access to the goodies inside. The second room is a
freezer where you'll find the Zero Cannon. Grab all the useful items in these
areas, then head to the third room, which lies behind a sliding metal door.

Go through it and hop down through the hole in the floor. Cautiously move over
the edge of the ledge and look down. Below you is a key on top of a crate, jump
down on top of it and grab it. Go through the door and follow the hall in front
of you to the locked doors you encountered earlier. Unlock it to reveal another
set of doors blocked by several exploding barrels. Blast them, and step through
the shattered remnants of the doors to end the first half of this level.

After the second part of this level loads, you'll have two choices as to where
go. Over to your left are The Docks, but there's a locked gate blocking your
passage. Instead, follow the alley to your right to a small courtyard.

There's lots of goodies here (including a Rose), but take careful notice of the
shack to your right holding a key. It looks like you should be able to grab it,
but like Gene Simmons, you've been eating too many Ho-Ho's and it's beyond your
reach. We'll have to come back to it later.

Go to the end of the courtyard and you'll see two sets of steps. The ones
down lead to a lot of useful items, so grab everything (remember to smash
the crates to get the Magma Cannon). Once you've gotten everything, head back up
the stairs and through a couple of wooden doors to a pyromaniac's dream: an
overpass looking over lots and lots of explosive barrels. There's also a
Cathedral here where you'll find the Boots.

The door is locked, but directly across from the Cathedral is a small niche
containing a switch which opens them. Once the doors are unlocked, a couple of
Blade Masters will be released. Take them out and snatch the Boots.

You should notice the Boots improve your jumping ability immensely. These will
come in handy getting that key. Hop back on the overpass and retrace your steps
to the shack which stored the key. Grab it and head back to the entrance to the
Docks (just past the starting point of this level). Head down the stairs and
unlock the door at the bottom.

A short cut scene plays revealing the next villain of the piece, the
He lurks in an abandoned boathouse on the other side of a locked gate. To unlock
the gate, walk down to the end of the dock and pull the switch. Now, all you
to do is go through the now opened gate, climb up the slope, and take out the
Aracnoclown guarding the mirror. Luckily, he's easily dispatched with a couple
shots from the Magma Cannon. Take him out, go downstairs, look in the mirror,
press the "use" key to end the level.

Earth Realm

Walk forward until you're standing next to the building which had the BallBuster
on top of it. To your right is a series of earthen ledges. Use them to hop up to
the top, where you'll find a wooden door. Approaching the door will cause a
Tickler to burst through (note: the smart player will be able to hit him with
whip before the door bursts--it spoils the illusion of the Tickler bursting
through the door, but it'll make your life a little easier). Kill it and follow
the path until you get a stone wall with a hole smashed into the right side. Go
in, watching out for the UniPsycho waiting in ambush, and follow the path to
right to another implement of destruction, the WindBlade. Whoo-Hoo!!! This is
some serious fire power, which is extremely useful in this courtyard of nasties.
Once you thin them down some, head to your right, where you'll find a hole
smashed in the side of a building. Enter the hole and use the bricks on the
side to hop up to the ledge above.

Look over the edge to your right and hop down to the narrow building ledge you
see below you. From there, it's a short hop, skip, and a jump away from a bridge
leading to your next objective. Crossing the bridge, of course, unleashes
ambush with the usual assortment of Headlesses and a nasty little Arachnoclown.
Take them out and search the area the clown was guarding to pull a switch
a wooden door not too far from your current position.

Head back across the bridge and look to your right to see some earthen ledges.
Use these to jump up to the now-opened wooden. Through the door, you'll find a
wooden staircase (guarded by a UniPsycho) leading to the top floor of a
warehouse. On the far side of the warehouse is a door, but I'm afraid it's
locked. You'll have to jump down to the bottom floor and find the key, then use
the ladder to climb back up to the top floor.

Go through the previously locked door and drop down through the hole in the
floor. Going through the door down here leads to a scene of pointless automotive
destruction that almost brings a tear to the eye. Take out the monster that did
it, then hop down into the smoking crater that was the car and exit the level
through the door down below.

Air Realm

Enter into the Rock City Nuclear Power Plant and look around. To your left
see a corridor blocked by some nasty looking electrical beams. Not to worry,
because the button to turn them off is just down the corridor to your right. So,
head down there and turn them off, and you won't have to worry about
singing "Shock Me" for real (sorry, couldn't resist). Once that's done, head
the newly opened up corridor. It won't be long until you stumble across another
electrical barrier. Looks like this is going to be a recurring theme in this

No worries though, the button to shut these off is behind the door to your left.
Once your beyond the second barrier, you'll find yourself in a somewhat large
Control Room. Both the exits are blocked with those damnable electrical beams,
but luckily they left you a handy shut off button. Hitting it opens up the area
leading to the Elder Vest, definitely something that'll come in handy. Grab it
and head down the steps into another control room (this one overlooking your
starting position). Take out the two Spawners, and take a good look around.
You'll see two exits from the room. On the right, there's one leading to a dead-
end with a Ball Buster duel (might as well take them out now to save yourself
trouble later). Once that unpleasant
task is completed take the left exit.

You'll find yourself in a hallway with a Blade Master reigning terror from the
other end. Kill the insolent fool and run down to the end of the hallway below
his ambush point. Looking down, you'll see a Containment Tank filled with some
electrified wate--definitely not safe for swimming, so we won't be jumping in.
Turn around and you'll spot a rather smallish looking passage to your right.
Enter it, climb the stairs, and follow the hallway to one of those cackling
Arachnoclowns. Banish him to the bowels of hell, and search the corridor behind
him. Here, you'll find two switches which will drain a pair of Containment Tanks
(as well as unleashing a couple of Spawners). Hit them both and retrace your
steps to the now-drained Containment Tank you encountered earlier.

From hereon out, everything is pretty linear, but you'll be involved in some
pitched battles to get to the mirror at the end of the level. Simply make your
way through both of the Containment Tanks. I suggest using a well-placed
WindBlade blast (the electrical rocket launcher type thing) to take out the
Spawner before climbing down either of the ladders. After traversing the second,
you'll encounter another Arachnoclown on top of a spinning machine. Kill him and
follow the catwalk around to another corridor, where lurking around the corner
one of the hardest battles in the demo--you'll be facing a Stump Spawner, a
Tickler, and a Blade Master. Once they're out of the way, head up the steps and
follow the hall to the exit mirror.

Fire Realm

Before you is a fiery chasm which you have no hope of leaping across, but fear
not. Look up and you'll see a glistening piece of metal. Use your Scourge (whip)
to grapple up to it. On the other side, you'll have to take care of some
ambushing Stumps, then take a close look at the pipes above you. You'll see
another hook, so grapple up to it to get the ledge above you. Make your way up
the top using the rafters and ledges. Hop across a small gap and go up the slope
to a new area.

You'll immediately be attacked from your right by a Headless Spawner. Take it
to stop their assault then head in the other direction. Before you, you'll see
two sets of explosive barrels (along with some Fire Strutters who'll be blasting
hot magma at you). Shoot one of the barrels on the right hand side and you'll
blast a hole in the wall before you. Climb up the slopes to your right and leave
the area through your newly formed "door."

Turn to your right and follow the rocky ledge down to a factory. On the left
of the factory is a lava pool with some crates floating in it. Make your way to
the other side by jumping from crate to crate--you'll have to look up and shoot
couple of support beams to have enough boxes to make it all the way around.
the ladder on the other side and claim your Elder Armor. Toward the end of the
transformation cutscene, you'll see the furnace behind you opening. Climb the
ladder in the furnace, being careful to avoid the flames shooting up from the
floor. Then jump across the chasm to another ladder and climb it up to at least
one Spawner and a Fat Lady guarding a wide metal door.

Kill the Fat Lady to open the door, then follow the hallway to a ledge
overlooking a room with a wide circular pillar. Jump down and all hell breaks
loose. Take out all the nasties, then jump onto the walkway in the pool of lava.
Climb the stairs and go through the doors to the tracks of the Nether Railroad.

To get to the end of the level is simplicity itself. Simply follow the tracks to
the station at the end of the line. Of course, it's not going to be that easy,
there's lots of adversaries between you and station, and you have to be careful
not to be on the tracks when the train goes roaring by. If you happen to fall
the tracks into the lava below, don't despair, there's a ladder leading back up
to the tracks.

When you do get to the station, you'll be confronted by an assortment of
but, again, there's a Fat Lady guarding a door. Once you kill her, you'll be
to leave the level at your leisure.