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Secrets Guide - Full Version
Water Realm

Bad Streets Part 1 -- 2 Secrets

1) After going upstairs to grab the Thrornblade, take a look over by one of the
ceiling fans. You'll see some wires you can jump on to get a Blood Rose.

2) After going up the spiral staircase, you'll find a door blocked by crates
a fuse box nearby. Shoot the fuse box to open up the door. Inside this room
you'll find a Hawk Eyes, but that's not the secret. To find the secret look
There are two floors beneath you. Jump down to the middle one, hop on the wires,
and follow them to the right for some Black Diamonds.

Bad Streets Part 2 -- 1 Secret

1) After watching the cutscene introducing the Aranchnoclown, you'll enter an
area with a water tower. Jump in the water to the right of the tower and climb
the ladder on the other side to find a ledge with a Hawk Eyes and a Pamphlets.

Pain Plaza Part 1 -- 1 Secret

1) When you finally come to the staircase leading up to the EXIT, slip under the
steps to grab some Black Diamonds.

Pain Plaza Part 2 -- 2 Secrets

1) In the building where you grab the first key, you'll see a staircase leading
down to the basement. The door is stuck, but if you look at the stairs you just
came down, you'll see they look a little weak. Smash them and enter the basement
that way. You'll find a Blood Rose, Jack-In-The-Box, and some ammo.

2) When you finally make your way across the bookcase to the Armor, DON'T grab
it. Instead go to the edge of the shelf and look down. Jump down to the book you
see sticking out to snag the secret, some health and a pamphlet.

Pain Plaza Part 3 -- 5 Secrets

1) In the area with the two BladeMasters attacking you from elevated platforms,
climb the ladder on the far side and use the ledge with the Black Diamonds on it
to get to the area where one of the BladeMasters was attacking you. Here you'll
find a Jack-In-The-Box and some Black Diamonds.

2) When you get to the warehouse with the MASSIVE horde attack, turn around and
go back down the hall. You'll see a BladeMaster on a ledge with some goodies.
Jump across to it to get the Jack-In-The-Box and the Blood Rose.

3-5) On the staircase on the way up to the exit mirror you'll see three niches
under the staircase. Jump in each to grab the secrets. Contains a pamphlet,
In-The-Box, and Blood Rose respectively.

Cathedral Part 1 -- 3 Secrets

1) After getting the key and finally gaining access to the Cathedral, shoot the
door to your left to get a Rage Orb.

2) As you climb up a ladder, you'll see three sets of wooden beams on your
The middle ones lead to the secret, but it's not open yet. Continue up the
and move into the next room until you see the Gasbags attack you. Now head back
and the wall will be open. Jump down to it and snag the Blood Rose.

3) After the Fat Lady makes her first appearance, look up and to your right.
There's a hook up there which will allow you to get up to the ledge and grab the
Angel Charm.

Cathedral Part 2 -- 3 Secrets

1) After killing the Strutters, retrace your steps. A wall will be open near the
pamphlet you picked up earlier containing a Rage Orb.

2) In the room with Stargaze, make your way toward it. After climbing two
ladders, you'll find yourself on a ledge overlooking the switch the cutscene
showed you. Look at the wall to your right and you'll see that it's cracked. Hit
it with a weapon and hope down to grab some ammo.

3) After the water rises allowing you to get to the EXIT, take a walk keeping
your eyes upward. You'll find a branch that you can grapple to allowing you
access to the rafters above with a Blood Rose and a Chaos Heart.

Cathedral Part 3 -- 3 Secrets

1) Just after starting the level, you'll go through a door, the water level will
rise. Turn back around and you'll find a Rage Orb in one of the corners.

2) After defeating the BladeMaster, a door will open leading to a short hallway.
Look up and you'll see two wooden rafters and a hook. Grapple up to it and hop
the rafter to get the Blood Rose.

3) While in Secret #2 look at the walls around you closely. One of them is a
slightly different color. Make note of it then jump down and continue on your
way. After killing the Fat Lady that breaks the ladder in the next area, make
your way back to secret #2 and grapple up to the rafters again. You'll be able
jump into a niche containing an Angel Charm. Warning: The water level will start
rising up after a minute or two and its touch is lethal.

Freak Show Part 1 -- 6 Secrets

1) Near the start, hop into the ticket booth for a Blood Rose.

2) Just a little beyond the first secret, you'll see three awning spawning
Stumps. Walk under the 3rd one and look up. Shoot the beams above you to open up
a niche containing an Angel Charm.

3) Walk a few more steps from secret #2 and you'll come to a purple tent with
green stars on it. Inside is a wild looking box. Look up and grapple to the hook
to get inside for a Choas Heart.

4) Across from the tent with the clown mouth entrance is a red stage. Look over
on the right side (facing it from the clown tent) and you'll see a small space
between the tent and the stage. Slip in to grab the Blood Rose.

5) After gaining entrance to the Circus Tent, you'll encounter various baddies
cages. After defeating the UniPsycho, you'll find a few Stumps in an "L" shaped
cage. Slip through the bars and look for a wooden board in one of the corners.
Smash it and grab the Chaos Heart inside.

6) In the final room, once you've gained access to the Exit Mirror, take a look
under the ramp leading up to it. There's a monkey on a tricycle down here. Go up
to it, press the "use" key, and it'll give you a Blood Rose.

Freak Show Part 2 -- 3 Secrets

1) After grabbing the mask, continue on down the ledge, while rubbing against
tent. There's a fake wall here which will drop you down to a health and a Rage

2) After flicking the switch which raises the water level, hop down into the
water and go through the door which opened in the cutscene. Head over to the
ladder leading back up to the wooden bridge. Underneath the water, near the
ladder is a niche containing some ammo.

3) In the room with the Exit Mirror there's a wooden texture with two boards in
a "X" pattern. Walk up to the wood, and while walking toward it, smash the
boards. You'll be teleported over to an Angel Charm on the other side of the

Earth Realm

Earth Rift Part 1 (5 Secrets)

1) After getting the claws, break through the wooden boards in the starting
At the bottom of the ramp will be a room with a flaming barrel. Hop on top of
barrel, then hop up on the ledge for some ammo.

2) After getting the Scourge (whip), drop down and go outside the structure.
up and search for a branch you can grapple to. Up here, you'll find the
and some Black Diamonds.

3) Go to the entrance of the Coventry and to the left (while facing the
is a hook. Grapple up to get the ammo and health on top of the boxes.

4) Okay, this one is tough, so tough I've never been able to do it with a little
cheating (such as, getting the boots through a console command). When you go to
get the key in the starting room, grapple up to the ledge and turn around. In
front of you and to your left is a hole broken in the roof that you can jump
through. Now, here's the tricky part, jumping through the hole. Try as I have,
I've never quite done it (except with that boot cheat), but once through it
you'll find yourself on an overhang on the roof (don't worry, you won't slide
off). Walk around the corner of the roof and get some Black Diamonds. If you'd
like a Blood Rose, position yourself on the very corner of the roof and point in
the direction of the raised platform down below. Run
down the roof and with a well-timed jump, you'll be able to get the Blood Rose
down there--you'll take about 20 points in damage jumping down though.

If anybody finds an easier way to this, please e-mail me at

5) After going through the locked gate, you'll be find yourself on a brick road.
When you come to the wall which crumbles after an earthquake, turn around. Over
toward your right is a short fence you can jump over to get some Jack-In-The-
Boxes and Black Diamonds.

Earth Rift Part 2 (No Secrets)

Move along, nothing to see here.

Earth Rift Part 3 (1 Secret)

1) After opening the second tunnel, you'll grapple up into a building. Before
going up the stairs, peak around the corner and grab the Blood Rose hiding

Morbid Manor Part 1 (3 Secrets)

1) When you come to the wall with the broken section (just before confronting
UniPsycho), you'll see a path leading up to a Spawner. Follow the path up to a
ledge and walk as far as you can, then turn around. Before you is a tower, but
you look closely at the wall you'll see a few bricks missing. Blast it with any
weapon to reveal some ammo and an Angel Charm--it'll
come in handy when dealing with the UniPsycho.

2) On the bridge where you confront the Arachnoclown, you'll see a building over
your right (this is where the baluster was at the beginning of the level). Take
good running jump to get on this ledge, then follow it around to a pamphlet.
Note: before jumping down on the bridge, follow the narrow ledge around to a
Blood Rose--not a secret, but certainly worth finding.

3) After getting inside the building, you'll find yourself in a warehouse with a
key. To get to the secret, simply climb the ladder all the way to the top of the
building and hop into the rafters. Simply work your way across to the Jack In
Boxes on the far side.

Non-Secret) Just above the cool car the BallBuster destroys is a hook usable
your trusty Scourge. Zip up and grab Blood Rose on the rafter.

Morbid Manor Part 2 (5 Secrets)

1) In the room with the three fireplaces, walk into the unlit one and grapple to
the hook at the top for a Blood Rose.

2) When you enter the vents, head to your right and drop down to a position near
the beginning of the map. Head to the kitchen, and you'll find a cabinet open
revealing a Rage Orb.

3) Head back to the vents and find your way through them to an area with a
ladder. Just before the ladder is another spot where you can drop back down into
the manor. Do so, and make your way back to the kitchen where another cabinet
will be open revealing a Blood Rose. The third cabinet opens naturally.

4) Again, head back to the vents and make your way all the way through them.
Before opening the painting and jumping out, take a close look at the wall near
where you came out of the vent. Smash those bricks to get a Blood Rose.

5) Throughout the level are three Purple Demon Heads (two on either side of the
entrance to the vent, one in the room after you exit the vents). Shoot them all
and when you face down the Arachnoclown in the EXIT room, there'll be a painting
opened on the wall revealing a Spiritlance.

Morbid Manor Part 3 (3 Secrets)

1) On the other side of the trophy room is a hallway with a Spawner and a key at
the end. In order to get this secret, don't take out the Spawner right away.
Instead, kill the Stumps it spawns until you hear a chime (you can now destroy
Spawner). Head back to the trophy case with the Chaos Heart in it and you'll
notice a painting has opened revealing a Blood Rose. Special thanks to Hurricane
for this one. e-mail address

2) After getting the Armor, you'll come to a room filled with vents and a
Just to the left of the switch is a ramp which lets you get a Hawk Eyes on a

3) In the room with all the crates and the UniPsychos shooting at you from the
rafters, look around for a breakable crate (note: there's an Angel Charm hidden
between some boxes very close to it). Use the smaller box inside to hop up to
rafters for some Health and a Blood Rose.

Unholy Ground Part 1 (3 Secrets)

1) Just past the starting point is a grave for the unholiest of all man's evils,
Disco. Desecrate the headstone and a mausoleum will open containing a Chaos

2) Just before going through a gate, a BallBuster will break through a mausoleum
door. Go in there and jump in the mural for a Blood Rose.

3) Go through the gate and look up. Grapple up to the branch and grab the Rage
Orb you see up there.

Unholy Ground Part 2 (3 Secrets)

1) In the room where you fight the Arachnoclown there's a tomb you can "use." A
wall will open revealing an Angel Charm.

2) After the cutscene plays showing all the breaking rocks, make your way to the
area shown in it with the two grappling branches. Below you is a quicksand pit,
and a wooden ledge perilously placed near the bottom. Hop down to the ledge and
smash through the differently colored rock. Move toward the rock and once the
ledge breaks from your weight, you'll slip into the secret passage where you'll
find a Chaos Heart and a Blood Rose.

3) Near the end of the level are two sets of mashers. After going through the
door after the second set, retrace your steps a bit and you'll find a wall has
opened up in between the mashers containing a Blood Rose.

Unholy Ground Part 3 (3 Secrets)

1) In the first mausoleum is a tomb you can "use." Do so and a wall across from
the mausoleum will open up leading to a Blood Rose.

2) In the mausoleum with the two vials of health, look up. You can grapple up to
a ledge with a Rage Orb.

3) In the courtyard with the organ, search the tomb on the lower level. There's
grave you can "use," which opens up a section of wall with some Health and a
Chaos Heart.

Beast Pens Part 1 (3 Secrets)

1) Just before jumping on top of the Tickler's cage, jump on the "Hideous Demon
Creature" sign to your right, then up onto a ledge with a Chaos Heart.

2) Just past the fence with the "No Admittance" sign, go into the Beast Pen to
your right. There's a wooden panel up above that you can shoot. Use the boxes to
get up on the cage's fence and hop up into it for some ammo.

3) In the same area, hop back up on the fence. To get to the third secret will
require quite a bit of ledge walking, so head out over to the red tents over to
your right (if facing the entrance to Secret #2). Above where you acquired the
key from the Arachnoclown will be a Blood Rose.

Beast Pens Part 2 (3 Secrets)

1) In the tent past the See-Saw are some explosive barrels on some crates. Shoot
them and the boxes up top will smash. Hop up there for some ammo.

2) In the Meanie Beanie room, take a look up at the top of the tent behind the
hammer. There's a hook you can grapple to which will yield you an Angel Charm.

3) Also in the Meanie Beanie room. This one seems to appear after killing a
certain amount of enemies, and it appears in the cage to the right of the
entrance (when coming into this area). What I did to get it to appear was to
all the correct buttons, except for the final one with the Blood Rose on it. I'd
step on an incorrect button to reset the cages, and I'd repeat this until the
Rage Orb appears in the cage. Special thanks to xxzen for this one. e-mail

Air Realm secrets

Waste Wharf Part 1 (4 Secrets)

1) After making your way through both pipes, you'll be in a hall with some Black
Diamonds up on a ledge. Across from the Diamonds is a long grille with a few
items. To get to those items, you'll need to lob a Windblade grenade into the
corner (almost directly in front of you as you enter this area) to break a wall.
The entrance to the secret area is to the right of the EXIT door--just search
stacks of boxes to find the panel you broke open and you'll pick up some ammo

2) In the chemical waste area, there's a very noticeable Rage Orb sitting on top
of a crate. To get it, you'll need to find the boots first. Once you have them,
you can use an explosive barrel to hop up to the Rage Orb.

3) Near the second secret are some boxes leading up to a fenced in area. If
you've got the boots, you can hop up into that fence and snag a Zero Cannon.

4) After you grab the key, take a close look at the brick wall across from it.
There are a few bricks sticking out of the wall, which you can use to hop up on
the roof to grab some ammo.

Waste Wharf Part 2 (1 Secret)

1) In the Bathroom, flush both toilets and the secret area will open up behind
you. Use the bricks sticking out of the wall to get up to the Ammo and Rage Orb.

Poison Plant Part 1 (Zero Secrets)

Ain't nothing here, although searching the various nooks and crannies will gain
you some goodies.

Poison Plant Part 2 (2 Secrets)

1) After turning off the first set of electrical beams, there are three doors,
one of which is jammed. To get into this room, find the vent in the left room
follow it around to this otherwise inaccessible room. You'll get some ammo and a
Jack In The Box.

2) In the area where you drain the two containers, there's a vent on top of the
stack of computers. Hop up and follow the vent to a bunch of goodies: Black
Diamonds, Jack In The Boxes, and some ammo.

Acropolis Part 1 (4 Secrets)

1) From your starting position, look over to your right at the Dynasty Nightclub
sign. Get under that sign and look over the ledge, there's a fire escape below
you with a Rage Orb on it.

2) Also near the start is a billboard with an "S" on it. Climb onto it, then hop
on the ledge to get the Jack-In-The-Boxes behind the billboard.

3) When you get to the building with the pyramid top, jump to the ledge circling
that building and look down as you walk around it. Down below you is a ledge
a Blood Rose on it.

4) When you finally get to the ledge overlooking the EXIT door, go the opposite
way. Look over the ledge to find a Jack-In-The-Box on a fire escape.

Acropolis Part 2 (5 Secrets)

1) Above the start is a ledge with a Blood Rose on it. Use the grappling hook to
get up there.

2) After going through a narrow space between buildings, you'll see a Deuce
billboard over to your left. Don't go that way. Instead, follow the ledge to
left and look over the side for a fire escape with a Jack-In-The-Box on it.

3) Just past the hotel sign, you'll be ambushed by a Tickler. If you didn't
the bottom boxes in the fight, you'll be able to hop up to a ledge with a Rage

4) Find the Deuce billboard with the UniPsycho patrolling under it. In the same
area is also a Cold Gin billboard, where the secret area lies. To get there,
climb up onto the Deuce billboard and grapple to the hook behind the Cold Gin
billboard. The Angel Charm makes it worth the trip.

Non-Secret) In the stairwell at Ozone Corp, look up. There's a grappling hook
which grant you access to a Blood Rose and some ammo.

5) Across from the EXIT, you'll see an overhead light fixture. Look above it and
you'll see a grappling hook inside of the niche above it. Grapple up to the
overhead light to get a Blood Rose.

Acropolis Part 3 (4 Secrets)

1) After pulling the first switch, look up. There's a grappling hook leading up
to a couple of goodies, including a Blood Rose.

2) Just before jumping down to a vent where two BladeMasters were, explore the
mass of vents behind you. There's a smashable vent with a ladder inside. Smash
the vent at the top of the ladder and hop down to some Black Diamonds. Before
is another smashable vent. The ladder inside this vent leads to a Blood Rose.

3) Past the Tickler spawn area is a narrow ledge leading to an Angel Charm.

4) After killing all the spawning Ticklers, the final secret appears where they
were spawning: A Blood Rose and a Rage Orb.

Midway Part 1 (2 Secrets)

1) After facing the Grinder, you'll be overlooking the area where you picked up
the Mask. Head to the right climb down the ladder to find a Jack-In-The-Box,
Health, and Ammo.

2) Also in the same area overlooking the Mask Head to the left and all the way
around is a wall you can open, reveaving a Jack-In-The-Box, Health, and Ammo.

Fire Realm secrets

Doom Forge Part 1 (2 Secrets)

1) When you enter the room with the Jukebox, jump up on the Wicked Jester poster
to get to the remnants of the staircase. You'll find some Black Diamonds and

2) From Secret #1, look down and you'll see a Blood Rose on a ledge below. Jump
down and get it.

Doom Forge Part 2 (2 Secrets)

1) After grabbing the boots, walk down to the end of the ledge and look to your
left. There's some Black Diamonds and a Jack-In-The-Box on a ledge. Jump on top
of one of the furnaces to get to it.

2) When you get to the girders above the warehouse full of crates, walk onto the
first grey thing connecting the girders and look down to your right. You'll see
Rage Orb and a Pamphlet in the middle of some boxes. Jump down to get them.

Doom Forge Part 3 (Zero Secrets)

No secrets here, folks; just some crazy UniPsychos.

Molten Vein Part 1 (4 Secrets)

1) Shortly after the start, you'll be in a room with some boxes. There's a
breakable box along the right wall which hides a niche with a Blood Rose.

2) In the area where you're looking down on several pipes with Black Diamonds on
them, hop down to the ledge below and search behind the pipe for an Angel Heart.
Now, hop into the lava and to your right there will be a ladder leading up to a
Blood Rose.

3) After starting some machinery, you'll come to a room with lots of crates and
an ambushing BallBuster on a ledge. To get up to that ledge, you'll need to jump
up on the crates onto another ledge, then onto a pipe, then finally onto the
BallBuster ledge. For your trouble, you'll get a Rage Orb.

4) In the same area are some breakable crates which reveal a valve. Turn it and
in the next area, behind another valve will be an open niche containing a Blood

Molten Vein Part 2 (4 Secrets)

1) Directly above the start is a hook. Grapple up and get the Blood Rose.

2) Before jumping to the platform with the ladder leading up to the Vest, take a
look around and you'll spot a hook right above the Draco (the Ultimate Weapon).
Grapple over, then go up the slope to your right go find the secret area with a
Rage Orb.

3) After grabbing the vest, a bunch of Headless will drop out of some pipes.
under the pipe they drop from and straight ahead will be a breakable wall
revealing some ammo.

4) After killing a FatLady, you'll jump on a pipe with a pamphlet. Turn around
and you'll see an Angel Charm on the same pipe.

Molten Vein Part 3 (4 Secrets)

1) Near the beginning is a BallBuster up on a ledge. Climb the ladder to get to
the ledge directly under his position and jump onto a pipe leading to another
platform with a Blood Rose and a switch. Hitting this switch will temporarily
open a metal door near where you'll grapple up onto a pipe. The metal door
hides... nothing.

2) Near the room with the two big pistons is a ladder. About halfway up the
ladder on the opposite wall is a niche with a Chaos Heart.

3) Over-looking the two big pistons is a ledge where a BladeMaster was shooting
at you. There's some bricks knocked out of the wall up here, revealing a
differently colored bit. It's a fake wall and you can walk right through it to
get a Blood Rose.

4) Near where the Arachnoclown attacks you is a Fat Lady up on a ledge. Climb up
here and look down on the other side to spy a Hawk Eyes resting on a pipe. Jump
down and grab it for the secret.

Nether Station Part 1 (4 Secrets)

1) In the first area, you'll need to make a couple of whip jumps across some
pools, then you'll walk up a variety of rafters and ledges. Just before you make
a jump across to a ledge taking you out of the area, look down. You'll see a
tiled area with a rusty silver door. Jump down and open it to get some ammo.

2) When you blow the hole in the side of the cavern using the explosive barrels,
you'll find a ledge leading down to a differently colored piece of rock. Smash
to get access to a Blood Rose and some ammo.

3) After grabbing the Armor, you'll be facing a machine sliding back and forth
into a furnace. If you make your way forward onto this machine and look up,
you'll see a small square of fire which lights up your cross hairs. Shoot it to
open a secret compartment containing an Angel Charm and a Rose. Note: it's
and safer to shoot the square from the floor, the machine really hurts

4) Also after grabbing the Armor, you'll notice the furnace opening up behind
you. After making your way up the ladder on the far side, you'll have to jump
across a fiery chasm to a ladder. Climb it up to the top and when you kill the
Fat Lady, you'll notice the door next to her open. DO NOT go through it yet.
Instead, return to the ladder and look down. You'll see a secret ledge has been
revealed containing a Rage Orb, some ammo, and some health.

Nether Station Part 2 (3 Secrets)

1) Directly in front of your starting position is a ticket counter. Open it to
grab a Hawk Eyes.

2) In Carr Station, smash the subway map to get a Blood Rose and a Rage Orb.

3) After leaving Frehley Station, you'll see a ladder leading down into some
lava. Below the lava is a niche with an Angel Charm and a Blood Rose. Be quick
about it and you won't get too hurt getting them.

Gloomvale Part 1 (5 Secrets)

1) As the level starts, look up and you'll spot a hook just around the corner to
your right. Grapple up and jump to a narrow ledge, which will lead to the secret
area with some Jack-In-The-Boxes and Ammo.

2) Also near the starting area, you'll fight some BladeMasters in the courtyard.
Look up near the lavafall and you'll spot a grappling hook. Zip up and grab some
health and ammo.

3) After opening the bars, enter the room with all the stumps. Look up near the
steaming pipe for another grappling hook. Grapple up to snag some Ammo.

4) After passing through the clown's mouth, you'll get attacked by several
monsters. Kill them all then face the demon head with the tongue. To its left is
a hook, zip up and drop down on the other side of the fence to grab an Angel
Charm and some Health.

5) Near the area where you throw the switch giving you access to the ticket is a
small room with a Meanie Beanie and a Strongman in it. Kill them and drop down
the hole below the Angel Charm. Pull the lever down there, grapple back up, then
head back to the courtyard you were in at the beginning of the level. Here,
you'll see a niche (some monsters came out of it way back when) with a
destructible panel inside. Smash it to reveal a door. Open it to get a Blood
and some Ammo.

Nightmare Realm Part 1 (4 Secrets)

1) After hitting the clown switch, you'll be in a courtyard with a pit of
quicksand in it. Look down into the pit and you'll see a ledge down there. Hop
down to get a Rage Orb.

2) In the same courtyard, near the Fat Lady is a differently colored bit of
stone. It's a disguised ladder, which you can climb to get some health and ammo.

3) After going up the retractable stairs and through the corridors with all the
vines, you'll see a ledge you can hop to. Do so, then look around. There's a
niche above you with a Chaos Heart.

4) When you first enter the Air Section of the map, don't head to the platform
with the buttons right away. Instead, use the ledges to hop to your right, where
you'll find a niche with a Blood Rose.