Лиат: Спираль мира чит-файл №4

Author comments
First of all, I want to tell you that this is not a screen by screen
walkthrough. The way I design this walkthrough will make you understand
the flow of the story while finishing the game itself. You will not be
bothered by questions like: "Why do I have to do this?", "Why should I
take this objects?", etc. So you might think, for example, that this
walkthrough will not tell you to take an object in a certain place at the
first time. Eventually you'll take that object after I'll tell you the
reason behind those actions. So you won't collecting all items first and
wondering about the uses later on.

There are few bugs in the game that will make you stuck for good. You
don't have to worry about it because I'll tell you about the bugs before
you experience it. Not all objects are obvious so sometime you have to
figure it out by yourself.

Big thanks for Gayle Banks for all her notes to make this hint complete.

Now for the game.....

The Story
Criss, Ithena, and Tiche are long time friends. In her last letter to
Criss and Ithena, Tiche invite them to visit her in the town of Azeretus.
Criss know that Azeretus is the land of Darts, an ancient mysterious
civilization. One thing he doesn't know that the ink to write that letter
had dried 300 years ago. Azeretus has big problem with time. It doesn't
settled with the time on the outside world. Criss and Ithena arrive in
Azeretus through a path that will never take them back again to the lake
where they put the boat. This could happen because of this strange time
wrapping. Both Criss and Ithena don't know about this. Meanwhile, Tiche
was forced to exile. Before leaving she write a note to them and hide it
outside the city. Tiche stays in the forest and waits for Criss and Ithena

The Beginning

Q: What should I do now?
A: Just walk out from the screen to the bottom right corner. A guard will
appear and take you to see the major of the city. He doesn't like you
obviously so he'll put you in the jail.

Q: How can I escape?
A: Use the Unlock Spell. The daughter of the major, Tillvana, comes in and
says that his father means well but makes a mistake. She shows him the way
under the castle to King's base. Open the trunk there and pick some items
inside : Map-old map of Azeriliana (this is for your transportation means
later on) and note from Hermit Ernie. Read the note. He is not happy with
Temple of Fire as safe place for key and is either going to take it to his
new shelter or the old graves.... hmmmm ... what key ? This sounds
interesting ..

Q: How can I go to the other side of this broken bridge?
A: Use Illusion Spell. The bridge being gone was an illusion. Go out from
this cave.

The Town of Azeretus

Q: Who should I met?
A: Talk to Thor (The Magic Shop owner), Greg (The Innkeeper), and Leenah
(The Librarian). You will gain lots of information regarding the city and
some of the problems they have. The innkeeper having lots of trouble to
get rid off the ghost from his inn. There is a ghost floating around and
Greg tells you that it is a ghost from the ship and still thinks it is a
ship and won't admit anyone it doesn't like and even made old Dorian go
away. The Governor won't let him renting rooms until ghost is exorcised.
Leenah won't let you in if you don't have a library card.

Q: Where could I get a library card?
A: Dorian should have it because he often visit the library. You won't be
able to visit him until you've visit Tiche. Go to the city gate. Ithena
will meet you there and take you directly to Tiche's place. Hmm... nobody
here. Head back to the city and go straight to Dorian house (it's on the
top left corner of the big statuette in the middle of the city). He'll
tell you that the town build by an ancient mysterious civilization called
DARTHS and very little was left as if someone wanted to erase them. Dorian
wants to know about Command of Secret Lore and what caused Darths demise.
He used to be a clandestine Darth Guild in the Library basement but he
can't find them. Dorian will give you his card if you could translate his

Q: How can I translate the manuscript?
A: You need a translator. Go to Tiche's lab and look on the left shelf.
Take the translator. Too bad it doesn't have any battery in it. Go to the
magic shop. Get the poker by the side of the fireplace. Go over to the
shelf and use the poker to grab the magic recharger battery. Too bad it's

Q: How could I recharge the battery?
A: There's an Electrical Cannon inside Tiche's lab. You can use it to
recharge the battery. There is a power switch and a coolant machine but
there is no noise or sounds of water in tower.You need to turn on the
power generator first before you could use the cannon. Go to the Water
Tower. Use Water Elemental spell to fill the tank with water. Water starts
to flow and turns on the power. Go back to the lab and turn on both the
Water Coolant and the Power Switch. Go in and use the battery on the
cannon. Insert the battery to the translator. Use it to read the
manuscript. You'll be awarded with a Dark Vision spell. Bring the
manuscript to Dorian and receive a library card.

Q: What should I do now?
A: Go to the library and show the card to Leenah. She'll let you use the
library now. Go inside through the left passage.

Q: There's nothing here. What should I find here?
A: There is one book written by Kondor, the magician long time ago about
magical stuff. Cast the Dark Vision to make the room bright. Now you could
see another passage on the bottom left corner. Go there and take Kondor's
book. It will explain lots of magical stuff. Read the book. On the first
page you'll a way to make magic talisman. You could banish the ghost at
Greg Inn !!! But first you need to find all the reagents to make it.

The Spectre Talisman

Q: Where can I find the reagents to make the Talisman?
A: Go to Tiche's house and ask Tiche about them. She'll tell you about the
Azthemus Curse and some places where you could find reagents. You could
access several new places. She tells you about time difference and some
religious freaks who came to town and cause the magic went out of order.
She told him that she did not send letter asking him to come (Hmmmmm)
because she knew if he came he would get in same trouble as she was in.
The reagents for the talisman are: Silver Plate, Lump of Wax, Needle, Pot
of Acid, Silk scarf, and Jeve's Water. You'll receive a Light Step spell

Q: Where can I find a silver plate?
A: Go to the Smithy and give him your silver coins. He'll tell you to come
back later to pick it up.

Q: Where can I find a needle, acid, and lump of wax?
A: Go back to the town and enter Tiche's lab. Look on the left shelf. Pick
up needle, pot of acid, and the candle. Use the candle on the flamer. You
got your wax now.

Q: Where can I find silk scarf?
A: This is a little bit tricky. Go to Tiche's House. Examine her bed
closely. You'll find an ark stone. It could uncover all the secret inside
someone heart. Go to the library and show it to Leenah. She'll tell you
the story about her and her sister, Miranda. She's cursed into a statuette
in the middle of the city.

Q: Where can I find Jeve's Water?
A: Go to Jeve's lake. Use Light Step spell to get to the island in the
middle of the lake. Use the flask in your inventory get the Jeve's water
(it's under the tree). Now you could go back again to the Smithy and take
the unfinished talisman and silver strip.

Notes: Smithy will tell you a tale of warrior who wanted a magical sword.
He went walking and talked with a very old hag who he later found out was
Coganna the Witch. She almost got him by tricks but he managed to ran
away. He found out from others that she was evil and killed others to make
her live longer. The warrior never came back for sword. Talking with the
smithy will open Coganna Place in your map.

Q: How can I make the talisman?
A: Follow this steps:

1. Use Lump of Wax to the Talisman. The Talisman will now have a coating
of wax on it

2. Use Waxed Talisman Medal with Needle. You should have the markings
needed now on the Talisman.

3. Put the Talisman into your Pot of Acid to seal or set the markings.

4. Wipe the Talisman with the silk scarf you picked up at the library

5. Put the Talisman in the Flask of Jeva Water to complete the magic.

Now you could bring the talisman to Greg's inn. Give it to him and the
ghost will disappear. He tells you to come back later on if you want to
rent a room there.

Q: What happened with Miranda, Leenah sister?
A: Go to the statuette in the middle of the city. Change your personal
setting into night. Use the Dispel spell on the statuette. It's alive.
She'll thank you and give you a shell horn. She told you to contact her
anytime you need a help.

Notes: If you walk to the inn during night, you'll see the spirit fly away
from the inn.

The Temple of Fire

Q: What should I do now?
A: It's time to visit Kondor, the magician and lighthouse keeper. He knows
about the Secret Lore. On Initiation-Krondo tells Criss to find Attana,
the former Temple of Fire leader. Attana will tell you lots of things
about the initiation. Kondor said that Adella grew angry with humans and
destroyed as many as possible she didn't like. The remaining ones becam
dark and evil. Adella said that until the evil was uprooted the land would
not have her mercy. The Darths forsaw the downfall and espersed knowledge
throughout the temples. An evil presence (not a Darth) grew to oppose and
he would change the world. Try to visit Temple of Fire. The guard will not
allow you to come inside the temple before you could return The Key of
Fire on its place.

Q: Where could I find The Key of Fire?
A: Remember the note from Ernie, the Hermit. Now it's time to find his
hideout. Visit the swamp. Ernie's hideout is at the other side of the

Q: How can I cross the swamp?
A: You need a special magic for that. Visit Coganna the witch. Enter her
hut and talk with her. She'll get furious and kick you out. Notice how she
could transport you with a magic. You'll need that kind of spell to visit
the swamp. You need a container to trap that magic. Go to Ticke's lab in
town and take the Spelltrap Ring on the floor. Go back to Coganna and
enter her hut one more time. This time as soon as she kicks you out, use
the Spelltrap ring to trap her Teleportation Magic. Go back to the swamp
and use the ring to teleport to the small island in the middle of the

Q: Where is Ernie?
A: Climb that wooden ladder to the top of the tree house. Pick up two
notes on the floor. Those notes contain two recepies for important spells:

* Teleportation Spell: 2 parts swamp root, 1 part Driade flower and 1
part spiral branch.

* Ernie's Joke: 1 part swamp root, 2 parts spider web, 1 part Jeve's

But ... wait a minute ... maybe that cave with that ugly looking serpent
guarding it ... Yeah, maybe Ernie is hiding there.

Q: How could I get pass that ugly serpent?
A: You need to create spell called Ernie's Joke. This will drive that
serpent away. First, you need to create your own magic staff, buy a magic
pot and stick, and collect all the ingredients.

Q: Where could I get the swamp root?
A: It's under the tree house. Use Magic Hand spell to pick it up.

Q: Where could I get the Spider Web?
A: Go to Coganna house. You could pick the web on the right side of the
main door by using Magic Hand spell.

Q: How could I create the Magic Staff?
A: Go to the lighthouse. You'll see a branch in front of Kondor house. Use
your knife to cut it then apply silver on it. Your magic staff is ready.

Q: Where could I get the pot and stick?
A: Buy them at the magic shop in town. Give the merchant some silver coins
to pay for them.

Q: How could I create Erni's Joke spell?
A: First, take out your magic pot. Put all the ingredients inside (1 part
swamp root, 2 parts spider web, 1 part Jeve's water). Stir it with your
magic stick. Then apply the spell on your magic stick to your magic staff
(it will create some kind of symbol on it). Every time you want to use
this spell just examine your staff in your inventory and click on the
appropriate symbol on it. Use this spell on the serpent and go in.

Q: Where is Ernie?
A: That poor guy didn't make it. He's just lying dead there on the right
corner. Pick up some kind of a key on his body. Could it be ....

Q: What is this key?
A: You need to find Attana. He'll tell you about the key. The bad news is
he's dead already. You'll find his coffin at the graveyard inside the city.
Q: How could I talk with him if he's dead already?
A: Open Kondor Book. There's recipe to create Spirit Calling spell. Use
that spell to invoke Attana.

Q: How could I make this Spirit Calling spell?
A: You need spider web, swamp root, Driade flower, and Jeve's water. You
already have 3 of them. You need to get Diadre flower. Go to Driade place.
Use your Magic Hand spell to pick up the flower on the bushes.

Bugs: Beware on this ... On some game, you need to use the flute to call
Driade first before you pick up the flower. She'll give you a special
gift: a special mystical branch. Sometime it won't allow you to use the
flute if you pick up the flower first. You'll be stuck for good if this
thing happen.

Now mix all the ingredients inside your pot, stir it with your stick, and
then apply it on your staff. Use this spell on Attana coffin. It opens and
Attana will sit up. Attana talks about how he used to be a supreme Priest
of the Temple of Fire and that he could have chosen immortality liked
Kondor but chose to be mortal. He also says that Criss has one of the keys
(The Key of Fire). You get your ritual card (remember initiation need 5
keys and a ritual card). Now you could go to the Temple of Fire and show
the key to the guard. He'll allow you to enter the temple.

Note: You could create the teleportation spell also right now. Now you
could use your staff to travel to the island in the middle of the swamp
instead of the Spelltrap ring. Pick up the spiral branch near Smithy's
house to complete the ingredients.

Q: How could I do the initiation?
A: Go to the circular main chamber with 4 doors on the wall. Doors (from
Left to Right) 1, 2, 3 will open and door 4 remains closed. There is
nothing behind Door 1 and 3. Behind Door 2 you'll find a symbol (go in and
take the symbol on the bottom right side behind the metal column).

Q: How could I open Door 4?
A: Use the poker on Door 4 to pry it open. Go in and this time get another
symbols on the left side and in the middle back of room. Combined all of
those three new symbols into one (very forgiving game, after you do this,
the individual symbols are there plus the combined one). Put your new
combined symbols on the Altar followed by taking back your Ritual Card
from the altar. You are now a Darth!!!! You'll receive Destroy Matter

Q: What should I do with the cog with a hole outside this main room?
A: You need something to help you climb down the hole. Go back to the inn
and rent a room. Open the trunk inside and pick up the rope and the pick.
Back at cog in Temple of Fire. Use rope to climb down. You'll find an ugly
worm inside the pipe.

Q: How could I kill this worm?
A: Use Destroy Matter Spell on Worm, it disappears.

Q: How could I cross that rolling bridge?
A: Use Light Step on the rolling bridge are and then go forward.

Q: How could I take that crystal?
A: Use the pick in inventory and smash the middle group of crystals (the
interface is picky in spots and I had to be exactly right way facing
crystal before the pick would work). This is called Attana's crystal (it
could absorb large amounts of energy). Leave (use Light Step again on
rolling bridge) the temple.

Princess Tillvana

Q: What should I do now?
A: Go to the Celestial Portal. Walk in between the right archway. You'll
be transported to the Temple of Chaos.

Q: How could I re-activate this altar?
A: Use Enforce spell followed by your Ritual Card. This will reactivate
the altar. Use your Charm spell (the spell says to use on the main altar
at the Temple Chaos on Sky Island). Now you could take the second key from
the altar.

Q: How could I enter the Elven settlement? They won't let me in...
A: You need to be one of them or worthy enough so they will accept you.
Visit Coganna, the witch, again. Oh my God, she caught Tillvana and cursed
her into a statue !!

Q: How could I free Tillvana?
A: First, you have take care the witch. Cast Energy spell on her. That
will remove her for good. Then use Dispell spell on the statue. You'll
take her body to Driade tree. Go to Kondor and ask his help to increase
your power. Go back to the tree and use Dispel spell on her. This will
free her. You'll meet Khekatt, the Governor (Tillvana's father). He'll
thank you and give you a special place in the castle. Now you could visit
the Elven settlement without any problem. Go to the chief hut and talk to
Tia and Tinos. They tell you that Tillvana is in her hut. Go visit
Tillvana's hut. Meet Tillvana and the Nameless. After the speech, go out
for a while and come back again. Tia will be there and tell you that your
fairy companion (Ithena) is very ill and that she can cure her but needs a
special seed/grain. Tia says she will freeze the fairy until you return
with the cure. She will tell you to go to Jeve Island for the dry seed.

Q: How could I reach Jeve island?
A: You need a ship to do that. Go to the dock. Too bad the sailor said
that you couldn't use the ship without a special permit.

Q: Where can I get the permission?
A: Go to Castle. Go to Throne Room (no problem now on getting in). Tell
Governor about your fairy and ask for a Dock Permit. He is also going to
tell you that his daughter Tillvana has disappeared and ask you to find

Q: Where could I find Tillvana?
A: Open Kondor book. On one of the page you'll see a Search Man spell.
Hmmm.... you need to find Tillvana's belonging. Go to her room on the left
side (below the observatory). Get her mirror on the bed. Now mix the
ingredients in your pot (1 swamp root, 1 Jeve water, 1 mirror, 1 curly
branch, 1 silver strip). Stir with Magic Stick and transfer to Magic
Staff. Icon should appear. Now click on the icon. You'll be transported to
Adella's temple. You'll see her vision and the Nameless one more time. Go
back to the castle and tell the governor about it. Some kind of meteor
strikes the castle and destroys it.... Walk out from the castle and see
another cut scene with The Nameless. He promises to help and protect him
in the future for a small favor. He asks Criss to meet him on Sky Island
at Chaos Temple. Go there through the Celestial Portal.

Q: Should I make a deal with him?
A: You got no choice. Give him the Ritual Card. He'll tell you that your
name is Liath and reward you with two powerful dark spell: Shock and
Zombie. Now you need to find the cure for Ithena first before you could
find Tillvana.

Q: I have the permission already but the dock man still won't allow me to
go. What should I do?
A: Use Shock spell on him. That should knock him out for a while. Go to
the pier and you'll see a boat there.

Q: How could I use the boat?
A: You need some kind of device to operate it. Go to Kondor place and take
the Navigation device on the floor. Go out and turn on the Lighthouse
switch. This will help you guiding your boat on the sea. Use the device on
your boat. Go to Jeve island.

Q: The lady of the tree won't help me. What should I do?
A: Show her Driade's gift. She'll give you the cure. Go back to your boat.
No... your boat is sunk. Am I stuck forever in this small island ??

Q: How can I get back to the main land?
A: Blow the shell to call Miranda (use it on water). Ask her to show you
the way to the main land. She'll give you Morph spell. Use it to go back
to mainland. Take the cure back to the Elven Settlement and head straight
to Tillvana hut. Give the cure to Tia.

The Land of Midnight Sun

Q: What should I do now?
A: Go back to the dock and use the shell again to call Miranda. This time
ask her about the key. She'll open your way to The Land of Midnight Sun.
At the entrance, use Attana's crystal on the guard sensor. Talk with Sill.

Q: How can I make Sill to give the third key?
A: Use Ark stone on her. She'll reveal her heart to you. Tell her that the
guy she loved already dead. You'll meet a man with a wooden mask. He ask
you to meet his man near the town gate. Go there (in front of the magic
shop). You'll see his man dying.

Q: How can I talk with this dead messenger?
A: Use Zombie spell on him. He'll take you to Kron place. After the
conversation choose to go to the root of the world and face your destiny
(click on the exit).