Лиат: Спираль мира чит-файл №3

by Exortus and Project Two Interactive (Europe)
Solution by Farah Houston: Version 1.0, April 1999

European Version Walkthrough

Liath is an inventory based point and click adventure. You must search each
screen carefully for "hotspots" that you can interact with, inventory items to
use, and keep in mind that each puzzle could be solved by one of the magical
spells in your arsenal. Sometimes magic is used in strange ways (like Chriss'
inability to bend down and to manually pick things up from the ground, he must
use magic to do so) so you should be prepared to go through all spells you can
cast, as well as your inventory items, to solve some of the more obscure
puzzles. You should also be prepared for the somewhat illogical game flow -
many locations or events in the game are triggered by events that have nothing
to do with the event that triggered them. It is a good idea to constantly
check the world map after solving puzzles to see if new locations have opened
up for you.

The interface is fairly confusing and you usually have to click multiple times
to use items together or pick anything up. But in general, the controls are as
* Left-click to move around the game world and to bring up the Game Menu
when you click on a hotspot or person.
* Right-click to bring up the menu selection options. The one that looks
like a stick man is the Personal Interface Menu that contains the hint
system, day/night toggle, and local map. The circle with a dot in it
brings up the Game Menu for interacting with the game world: magic, take,
examine, use, talk, inventory. The icon that looks like the letter "Y" is
the Main Menu to allow you to save or load the game, adjust the sound or
exit the game.

Be sure to read the description of each object that comes into your inventory.
As the item descriptions scroll by very quickly you may have to let it scroll
by a couple of times in order to read everything - or check the game manual to
see if the item description is in there. Often, a hint is provided in the
description as to how the object may be used.

The conventions used throughout this walkthrough are:
* Locations and objects are all capitalized (Like This) just as they
appear in the game, including misspellings. If Chriss must visit certain
locations multiple times after triggering new events, I have indicated
this by visit number next to the location description. I have also tried
to separate out actions taken in a locations within a location (such as
buildings within the town of Azerethus) by indenting them.
* I'll always provide a link back to where an object was originally found,
in case you missed it!

Some final comments: First, this walkthrough is based on the European version
of the game. There is an American version of this game in the works which may
or may not be different from the European version of the game, thus this
walkthrough may not work on the American version. Second, if you are playing
the European version of the game, make sure to read the game manual. For some
reason, the game chooses to set up the storyline in the manual and not in the
game itself. If you don't read the plot description in the manual you are
guaranteed to be confused.

Also, there is a hint system built into the game which should be consulted
prior to checking this walkthrough. The game provides three levels of hints
whereas this walkthrough does not. However, the hint system does not provide
hints based on location; rather, it seems to have an internal checklist of
events to follow and will only tell you whatever is next on its checklist,
regardless of whether you do have all the items necessary to solve the
location you are in. It also does not indicate special conditions - so it may
tell you "Talk to Tia" without telling you that she is in a completely
different location than you have seen her in before. I should note that this
is the first game I've played where it was critical for me to be able to
access hints. I wouldn't have known how to solve the puzzles otherwise, since
many had to be solved without any hints as to why or how to solve them.

This walkthrough lists events in the order that the Hint System's checklist
expects them to occur in. I have only listed the mandatory actions and
conversations in the order they should occur. I have not included optional
actions, so feel free to experiment with the game. Don't worry too much if you
don't pick up items in the order I have listed them - as long as you can
access the location on the World Map you can always go back and pick them up.


Tikhe's Lab, Visit One

You start the game in Tikhe's lab in the town of Azerethus. After watching her
holographic message play, you are given control of Chriss. You begin the game
with the following objects already in your inventory: Coins, Flute, and a
Flask. You also begin with several spells that I won't list here but can be
read about in the manual. Left-click on the object labeled "Tikhe's Tools" to
bring up the Game Menu. Choose "Take" and proceed to pick up the Acid, Needle,
Candle, and Translator. Pick up the Spelltrap Ring from the floor. Exit the


After a short cutscene, you find yourself shackled in a jail cell. Click on
Chriss, choose "Magic" and cast the "Unlock" spell.

Castle Catacombs

After another cutscene, you will find yourself in the Castle Catacombs. Click
on the chest to the right of Chriss to receive the Map(which now becomes your
World Map), Note, and Knife. Go ahead and read the Note by opening up the
inventory, clicking on the Note, and choosing "use". Make note of where the
key is, you will need to get it later in the game.

Walk through the doorway to the broken bridge. Cast the "Illusion" spell. Walk
across the now-restored bridge. Exit the next screen by clicking at the bottom
of the screen. This will bring up the World Map.

Dock, Visit One

Talk to the dock worker. He will tell you that the docks are closed. This will
open up ...

Town of Azerethus, Visit One

One comment about this location - you can short cut having to walk around by
choosing "Local Map" from the Personal Interface after you have already
visited a location once. The Local Map is a map of Azerethus that allows you
to instantly arrive at any of the destinations.
Magic Shop

Enter the Magic Shop immediately behind Chriss. Talk to Tor, the shop owner.
When you are done talking to him, click on him again and give him the Coins
from your Inventory. This will get you a Pot and a Stick. Pick up "the most
common poker" from the side of the fire in the hearth. Turn around and use
the Poker on the Magical Energy Accumulator (aka Accumulator, once it is in
your inventory) which is on the shelf. This will knock it down into Chriss'
inventory. Leave the magic shop.

Go to the right of the magic shop, then right again at the next screen. Make
note of the statue that is standing there, then go to the right again. This
will put you in front of the Library, but there is no reason to go in there
yet. Exit on the upper left-hand path to go to an intersection. Head left to
find yourself in front of the Inn. Go inside.

Inn, Visit One

Talk to the Innkeeper Greg. Once you have exhausted all conversation with
him, leave the Inn.

Now head back to the Library. You can use the map at this point if you would
like to transport there quickly.

Library, Visit One

Talk to Leena, the Librarian. Once you are done talking with her, exit the

Now that you have spoken to everyone you could at this point, walk to the Town
Gates. An event should be triggered, although it may take several walks back
and forth through the gate to make it happen. The gate entrance is located
immediately to the left of the Magic Shop.

Tikhe's Place, Visit One

After a brief cutscene, you find yourself in front of Tikhe's house. Enter the
tree and click on the bed to receive the Arkh. Access the world map and head
back to...

Town of Azerethus, Visit Two

The visit to Tikhe's Place has opened up a new location, Dorian's House. Head
to where the statue is and exit the screen on the upper left-hand path.

Dorian's House, Visit One

Talk to Dorian. When you are done talking to him, you will find a
Manuscript. It is called something else in Chriss' inventory, but I couldn't
make out what the description actually was. It looked like "WEH" or
something along those lines. Once you have the Manuscript, leave Dorian's

Exit the screen with the statue by going on the right hand path and make your
way to the Watertower. You can either use the map to transport there or can
find it by going left at the Library, then clicking on the tower.

Water Tower

Cast the "Water Elemental" spell on the Watertank. With this done, leave the

Make your way back to Tikhe's Lab, either by heading left on each screen until
you find it, or by using the map to transport yourself there.

Tikhe's Lab, Visit Two

Outside the lab, operate the Cooling System. After doing that, use the Power
Switch. This should activate the machinery outside of the lab. If you see
the radar next to the cooling system begin to spin and generate electricity,
enter the lab. Use the Accumulator with the Magical Energy Cannon to charge
it. Once Chriss has picked the Accumulator back up and placed it back in
inventory, combine it with the Translator by clicking on the Accumulator,
choosing "Use", then clicking on the Translator, and clicking "use" again.
Once this is done and the Translator is active, use it with the Manuscript
that Dorian gave you. Doing this will add a "Dark Vision" spell to your
spell list. As long as you are there, use the Candle on the Flamer in order
to get the Wax. Once you have done this, return to Dorian's House.

Dorian's House, Visit Two

Give the manuscript to Dorian. This will make a Library Card appear in
Chriss' inventory. Once this is done, return to the Library.

Library, Visit Two

Use the Library Card with Leena, the Librarian. Once she is done talking,
use the Arkh on Leena to get her to talk about her sister. Right after she
is done talking about her sister, a Silk Scarf will have magically appeared
on the table, so pick it up. Go left by where Leena is sitting. You will
enter a dark room. If Chriss hasn't already cast the Dark Vision spell
automatically, you should do so now. With the room lit, you should be able
to enter a secret passage on the left side of the screen. Ignore the Library
rules and take the Book from the stand. Read the Book and make note of all
of the spell recipes in it. These recipes will be crucial later on in the

Exit the library and return to the statue of Leena's sister Mirande. Somehow,
Chriss has figured out that this isn't a statue, it is actually Mirande under
a spell. He also somehow knows that to dispell the magic, he must wait until
the evening. So choose the Day/Night option from the Personal Interface to
make it become dark, then cast "Dispel" on the statue of Mirande. After a
short cutscene, Chriss will be left with the Shell in his Inventory. Change
night back into day. There is nothing left to do in Azerethus now, so go to


Notice the spiral branch to the side of the road. Get the Spiral Branch by
casting the "Magic Hands" spell on it. Enter the Smithy. Talk to Peter, the
Blacksmith. When you are done talking to him, give him the Coins. This will
prompt another conversation. When Peter is done talking, exit the Smithy. Turn
it into night, then into day again. Re-enter the Smithy, and Peter will have
the Silver and the Incomplete Talisman for you. Once you have these items, it
is time to visit Tikhe again.

Tikhe's Place, Visit Two

This time when you enter Tikhe's place, she is actually there. There is
something different about the conversation with her that has not been
important thus far - you must click on the "Reagents" conversation option
twice in order to open up a crucial location and gain a new spell, "Light
Step". Once you are done talking to Tikhe and you have the "Light Step" spell,
you should leave to start gathering those "Reagents".

Teve's Lake

Click on the island located across the lake and cast the "Light Step" Spell.
Once across, use the Flask with the water under the bridge to fill it with
Teve's Water. Even though it is still called "Flask" in the Inventory, I will
refer to it as Flask with Teve's Water. You should now have all the
ingredients you need to make the Spectre Taming Talisman as described in the
Book you found in the Library. You must exactly follow the steps outlined in
order for this to work.

Creating the Spectre Taming Talisman

1. Use the Wax with the Incomplete Talisman.
2. Use the Needle with the Incomplete Talisman.
3. Use the Incomplete Talisman with the Acid.
4. Use the Silk Scarf with the Incomplete Talisman
5. Finally, use the Incomplete Talisman with the Flask with Teve's
6. You should now have the completed Talisman.

Town of Azerethus, Visit Three

Inn, Visit Two

Give the Talisman to Greg the Innkeeper. After the conversation, talk to him
again and choose the "Rent a Room" option. Greg will give you a room, so you
should now be able to click on the hallway to enter Chriss' room. Once in
there, you should take the Rope and Pick from the chest.

Lighthouse, Visit One

Every magician needs a magic staff, and now it is time to create one for
Chriss. First, use the Knife to get the Branch from the tree at the base of
the Lighthouse steps. Now, follow the instructions from the Library Book to
create the staff.

Creating the Magic Staff

1. Combine the Branch with the Silver.
2. You should now have the Staff.

Go up the steps of the Lighthouse and click on the Lighthouse Power Switch to
turn on the power. Enter the Lighthouse and speak with Kondor. Again, you must
click on the "Initiation" dialog option multiple times in order to proceed
with the game. You should keep clicking on that dialog option until he repeats
himself. After he has told you about the runes, Attana, and the Initiation, it
is time to gather more Reagents.

Driade, Visit One

Use the "Magic Hands" spell on the Driade Flower, or "Flower" as it is known
once it is in your Inventory. When you have collected it, use the Flute on the
hole in the tree to entice the Driade out of hiding. She will automatically
give you the Gift.

Coganna's Place, Visit One

Use the "Magic Hands" spell on the Spider's Web to get the Web. Enter
Coganna's house and speak with her. When you end the conversation, she becomes
annoyed and teleports you outside. Immediately use the Spelltrap Ring to
capture the "Teleport" Spell.


Click on the Island in the distance and use the Spelltrap Ring to teleport
onto the Island. Once there, use the "Magic Hands" spell to pick up the Swamp
Root. Head up the stairs into Ern's Hideout. Pick up the two pieces of paper
on the ground to get the Ern's Joke and Teleportation spell recipes. You have
all the ingredients to create both. You will need them both to get off the

Creating the Ern's Joke Spell

1. Use the Pot from Chriss' inventory. It should appear hovering in
front of him.
2. Use the Swamp Root with the pot.
3. Use the Web with the pot.
4. Use the Web with the pot again.
5. Use the Flask with Teve's Water with the pot.
6. Use the Flask with Teve's Water with the pot. It should glow for a
moment if you did this correctly.
7. Use the Stick with the pot.
8. Use the Stick with the Staff.

Creating the Teleportation Spell

1. Use the Pot from Chriss' inventory. It should appear hovering in
front of him.
2. Use the Swamp Root with the pot.
3. Use the Swamp Root with the pot again.
4. Use the Flower with the pot.
5. Use the Spiral Branch with the pot. It should glow for a moment if
you did this correctly.
6. Use the Stick with the pot.
7. Use the Stick with the Staff.

Exit the treehouse. Use Ern's Joke spell on the snake. To do this, click on
the snake, enter the Inventory and examine the Staff. You then cast spells
from the Staff by clicking on the proper icon. This should scare the snake
away temporarily so you can enter the Tomb of the Ancients. Click on the body
to the right of the door inside the tomb to take the Fire Key. Use Ern's Joke
spell on the snake again, then exit the Tomb. Once outside, click on the
swampland on the south of the Island and use the Teleportation Spell from the
Staff to get back across the swamp.

Town of Azerethus, Visit Four


Use the "Magic Hands" spell on the Mandrake Root. Head north of the Mandrake
Roots to see a large Masoleum, then go to the right. You should see a coffin
lying on the ground, and notice that there is a Charm scratched on the lid
of the coffin. Cast the "Clone" spell on the lid to receive the Chaos Charm.
Now it is time to talk to Attana, but to do so, you must first cast the
"Spiritcalling" (aka Spirit Calling) spell that is described in the Library

Creating the Summon Spirit Spell

1. Use the Pot from Chriss' inventory. It should appear hovering in
front of him.
2. Use the Web with the pot.
3. Use the Swamp Root with the pot.
4. Use the Flower with the pot.
5. Use the Flask with Teve's Water with the pot. It should glow for a
moment if you did this correctly.
6. Use the Stick with the pot.
7. Use the Stick with the Staff.

Use the Summon Spirit Spell on Attana's Grave. Attana will sit up, then
proceed to speak with him. When the conversation ends, you should find
yourself with the Card. It is time to visit the Temple of Fire to finish the
Dart Initiation.

Temple of Fire

Chriss will automatically enter the temple and be stopped by the spirit of a
guard. Use the Fire Key with the guard to cause him to disappear. Exit this
screen, pass through the next, and enter the room where the Altar is. Use the
Card with the Altar to open the doors. Three out of the four will open. Ignore
the room on the far left and the one immediately to the right of the Altar,
since those rooms are empty. Enter the door immediately to the left of the
Altar and remove the Symbol from the right hand wall. Exit the room to go back
to where the four doors are. Use the Poker with the closed door on the far
right to open it. Enter the room and pick up the remaining two Symbols. Now
that you have all three, combine them in the Inventory to get a fourth Symbol.
Go back to the altar and use that fourth Symbol you created on the Altar.
After Chriss has placed it on the Altar, take the Card back by clicking on the
Altar and using the "Take" option. You have now gained a new spell,
Annihilation Field.

Exit the Altar Room. Use the Rope with the hole in the ground to enter the
Vaults. You will need to pass the worm in the wall, and Ern's Joke just won't
cut it this time. Cast Annihilation Field on the wormhole. Once the worm is
dead, pass through to the right. Cast the "Light Step" spell to stop the
motion in the moving floor so you can cross it. In the next room, use the Pick
on the crystal to get Attana's Crystal.

Celectial Portal

This location is also known as the Celestial Portal when spelled correctly. At
any rate, you must pass through it. Chriss will reappear in front of the
Temple of Chaos.

Temple of Chaos, Visit One

You can't do anything until the Altar has regained energy. To recharge it,
cast the "Enforce" spell on the Altar. After you have cast the spell, place
your Card on the Altar. Then use the Chaos Charm on the Altar. Click on the
Altar and choose the "Take" option to receive the Chaos Key. Now that you
have gone this far, perhaps it is time to check on Coganna again.

Coganna's Place, Visit Two

When you enter Coganna's House you will notice that she has taken a prisoner.
Use the "Energy" Spell to kill Coganna. After she is dead, cast "Dispel Magic"
on the prisoner to release her. Chriss will automatically take the prisoner,
Tilvilla, to the Driade's location. However, his magic is not powerful enough
at this point to bring her back. Perhaps now that he is a Dart he can get
additional help from Kondor.

Lighthouse, Visit Two

Go inside the lighthouse and talk to Kondor. Choose the option to "witch back
Tilvilla" and Kondor will strengthen your "Dispel Magic" spell.

Driade, Visit Two

Cast "Dispel Magic" on Tilvilla. After a short cutscene, you will find
yourself inside...

Khekath's Castle, Visit One

Enter Tilvilla's room which is the one located on the left from where you
regain control of Chriss. Click on her bed to receive Tilvilla's Mirror. There
is nothing more you can do here now, so leave to go to the Elven Settlement.

Elven Settlement, Visit One

Knock on the gate to have the guard let you in. Once inside you should enter
the tree on the middle right of the screen to talk to Tinos, the leader of the
Elves, and Tia, his mage. Leave Tinos and enter Chriss' room located in the
tree to the left to talk to Tilvilla. She will leave and Nameless will appear,
speak to you, and disappear. Now one might be tempted to immediately follow
Tilvilla, as Nameless suggested, by casting the "Search Person" Spell
described in the Library Book. DO NOT DO THIS! If you do, you will no longer
be able to access the game hints a little later in the game. Finding her
triggers an event that destroys up the game flow the hint system expects, with
no way of undoing it.

So simply leave Chriss' room and go right back up to talk to Tia. Somehow,
your fairy has unexpectedly become ill and Tia takes her to attempt to heal
her. One catch, Tia is missing a vital ingredient that you need to get for
her. But you must use a boat to get there - and to use the boat, you must talk
to Khekath first.

Khekath's Castle, Visit Two

Enter Khekath's Throne Hall to talk to Khekath. If you want his permission to
use a boat you must find Tilvilla for him. NOW it is safe to cast the "Search
Person" Spell to find Tilvilla.

Creating the Search Person Spell

1. Use the Pot from Chriss' inventory. It should appear hovering in
front of him.
2. Use the Swamp Root with the pot.
3. Use the Flask with Teve's Water with the pot.
4. Use the Mirror with the pot.
5. Use the Spiral Branch with the pot.
6. Use the Silver with the pot. It should glow for a moment if you did
this correctly.
7. Use the Stick with the pot.
8. Use the Stick with the Staff.

Cast the "Search Person" Spell located on the Staff to find Tilvilla. You will
automatically appear in front of:

Adella's Temple

Enter Adella's Temple to see a short cutscene involving Tilvilla. Nameless
will then appear to you and make some cryptic comments. Well, you've found
Tilvilla. Time to let her father know where she is.

Khekath's Castle, Visit Three

Enter the Throne Hall to talk to Khekath. The minute you enter it, Adella will
destroy the Castle with a huge fireball and Chriss will only barely escape
certain death. This is the event that would have been triggered had you found
Tilvilla prior to speaking with her father - the hints would have been stuck
at "Talk to Khekath about the boat", which is difficult to do once the man is
dead. At any rate, Nameless will appear and make Chriss an offer of
protection. You have no choice but to investigate Nameless' offer.

Celectial Portal

Walk through the Celestial Portal to get to the Temple of Chaos.

Temple of Chaos, Visit Two

When you enter the Temple, Nameless makes you an offer - his protection for
your soul. You must take Nameless up on his offer, so give him your Card to
indicate that you accept his terms. He gives you the name "Liath" (which
explains the title of the game) and two new spells - Shock and Zombie. At
this point, Chriss can continue trying to help his terminally ill fairy.
Time to get that Reagent Tia needs, but one pitstop first.

Lighthouse, Visit Three

Make sure that the lights on the lighthouse are on. If they are, then the top
of the Lighthouse will be glowing blue. If they are not on, use the power
switch at the entrance of the Lighthouse to turn them on. Once they are on,
enter the Lighthouse. Kondor is gone now, and there is a Navigation Device
where he was standing. Take it.

Docks, Visit Two

Since Klekath isn't around to give his permission, you will have to force your
way past the dock worker. Use the Shock Spell on him to get him out of the
way. Walk to the end of the dock. Use the Navigation Device on the boat and
sail to Teve's Island.

Teve's Island

Walk to the left to talk to Eve, the woman on the Island. She doesn't like you
because of the minor detail that you sold your soul to an evil god. Well, we
know that you were forced into it because the game didn't give any other
option, so prove to her that you aren't as bad as she thinks you are. Show her
the Gift given to you by the Driade. Eve will now give you the help you need
and give you the Grain. Of course, this triggers your boat to sink. How
inconvenient! This is a good time to use the Shell you got to summon Mirande.
Talk to her when she appears from the water and she will give you the Morph
Spell. Use this spell to get off the island.

Elven Settlement, Visit Two

Enter Chriss' room to automatically give the Grain to Tia. She will return
your fairy to you. Now you need to start collecting the rest of the keys.

Docks, Visit Three

You must talk to Mirande again. Head to the end of the dock and use the Shell
on the water to the left of the dock. Talk to Mirande when she appears in the
water to find out that she knows the key is located with Sill in the Lands of
the Midnight Sun.

Lands of Midnight Sun

First order of business is to get rid of that laser. Use the Crystal on the
laser to bounce the beam back onto itself and destroy it. Walk through the
now-unprotected gate to see Sill. Talking to her doesn't seem to do much good,
so use the Arkh on her to get her to be more communicative. After she is done
talking, click on her again to talk to her. Tell her about Rotmor's Grave. A
short cutscene later, you will find yourself...

Town of Azerethus, Visit Five


...at the graveyard with Sill. She will give you another of the Great Keys
after seeing Rotmor's grave. Automatically, a man who appears to be wearing
a wooden hockey mask speaks to you and asks you to meet his messenger at the
main gates of the town.

Main Gates

Once you arrive at the main gates you will find the messenger dead. Well, he
was supposed to provide important information, so we can't have him dead.
Cast Zombie on him to revive him. He will walk to the left, start to follow

You will automatically appear in a room with Cron, the guy in the hockey mask,
and after some time, Adella, Tilvilla, and Nameless will all appear. This
isn't a time to wimp out and give the keys to either Tilvilla or Nameless, so
when you get a chance, click on "Go to the Roots of the World and Face your
Destiny". Don't ask me what that ending means, but enjoy it nonetheless.

The End!


Thanks to Steve Metzler for his help with this Walkthrough, and the use of his
Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy Walkthrough as a template.