Mad Dog McCree чит-файл №1

Target Practice
This scene is used to familiarize the player with the game and the light gun or
d-pad. Points can be
scored, but overall performance has no effect on the game. The scene has one
screen that shows
two fences meeting at right angles to each other. Green glass bottles appear for
the player to shoot.
Each bottle is worth 50 points.

To introduce the scene the Prospector says:

"Let's see what kind of a shot you are. Take a crack at that bottle."

There is a total of five bottles that appear in the different places, but
allowing the player plenty of
time to aim and fire. There is no limit to the number of shots used. There are
only five places that the
bottle will appear in (on top of the nearest fence post on the left, on the left
hand side of the bottom
beam of the nearest fence, on the right hand side of the same beam, on the
middle post of the
furthest fence and on the furthest post of the furthest fence).

After each bottle has been hit the Prospector will say either:

"Nice shooting, try another one.", or "Try another one."

If the bottle was missed, the Prospector will say:

"You missed."


Entrance To Town
This level starts with the Prospector running up and saying:

"Stranger! Howdy stranger. We need your help, Mad Dog McCree's gang have
over the town. The Mayor and his daughter have been taken hostage up at Mad
hideout and the Sheriff's been locked up in jail, we're gonna have to get
him out to help
with the gang. Can you help? Good. Just one more important thing..."

Shoot the cow skull above the wagon wheel on the left side of the screen to get
extra bullets as the
Prospector talks. The Prospector will be interrupted by one of Mad Dog's gang
who appears on the
right side of the screen saying:

"Hey, old codger! Don't tell him a thing."

The gunman tries to shoot the Prospector. Shoot him before he can fire.
Immediately after he dies,
another gunman will appear in roughly the same location. After both gunmen are
killed the view will
shift back to the Prospector. He will get up, dust himself off, and say:

"That's good shooting stranger. As I was saying, you gotta get the Sheriff
out of jail.
The keys are with One-Eyed Jack and he's drinking over at the Saloon. Go
get him."

At this point four small pictures of various locations in the town will appear.
Each one is a separate
scene. All of them must be completed in order to progress in the game. You are
free to choose any
scene to play; however the Saloon must be completed in order to get the keys to
the Sheriff's
Office. Shoot a location to select it. Once a location has been completed, it
will be dimmed and can
not be selected again.


This is the most difficult location in town due to the number of possible random
gunmen. The scene
begins outside the Corral with two men walking towards you on the right side of
the screen. The man
on the left says:

"You looking for trouble stranger?"

Aim at him as he walks towards you. Fire as he starts to speak. When he dies,
his companion will
try to shoot you. Immediately open fire on him. When he falls, quickly reload
and start shooting at
the dark window on the far left. An unseen gunman is behind this window.

You will enter the barn that has an upper and lower level. Shoot the skull
hanging on the wall for
additional bullets. The following targets will appear in random order:

There are two gunmen that will appear behind the hay bales on the upper level on
the left. These are
the hardest to hit because they are the smallest targets and are difficult to

There is another gunman on the upper level on the right behind the hay bales.

On the lower level there is a man in black who steps out from behind the wall
just off center on the
left, and a man who appears crouching under the ladder just to the right of the
center of the screen.

Another gunman will appear on the far right, next to the lantern at the edge of
the screen.

Once sufficient targets have been hit, the final gunman will appear. He starts
on the upper level
behind the hay in the center. He will stand up and shoot. Wound him when he
stands and he will fall
to the lower level where he will slowly roll over and try to shoot a second
time. Shoot him in the
back as he rolls over.

The scene will switch to the main street in town. A single gunman will ride in
from the right side of the
screen. Begin shooting when he appears and track him across the screen. Aim
carefully to avoid
hitting his horse.


The scene begins the Saloon is approached from across the town. A gunman is in a
small room that
is off center to the top-left of the screen. Open fire on him when the scene
begins. If he is hit, a close
up view of him falling of the roof will appear. If you miss, he will shoot and
miss. A closer view of
him will appear, at which point he must be killed.

You will approach the Saloon. Shoot the cow skull that is hanging on a barrel
for additional bullets.
Once inside you will walk up to the bartender who says:

"...that's Mad Dog's boys over there..."

The view switches to that of the entire Saloon, with the bar on the right.
One-Eyed Jack is leaning on
the bar, with his gang behind him at the table. One-Eyed Jack will say:

"You looking at my keys, stranger? You wouldn't be trying to get the
Sheriff out of jail
would you? Jacky, show him what we mean."

The man sitting at the left of the table will get up and try to shoot the
bartender. Shoot him first.
When he goes down shoot at One-Eyed Jack, then reload and get shoot the man at
the table on the
left (he will not get up, but simply draw his gun). When he is dead, shoot the
man at the table next to
him, and finally the man at the back on the stairs. When all the gunmen are dead
you will talk to the
bartender again, who says:

"...Mad Dog wears a bullet proof vest... Here's the keys..."

It is possible to finish this scene without saving the bartender (One-Eyed Jack
will shoot him, then
you will shoot One-Eyed Jack). If this is happens, the showgirl that is first
seen when entering the
Saloon will give you the keys without mentioning the bullet proof vest.


Sheriff's Office
This scene begins with you approaching the Sheriff's Office. A woman and child
will pass in front of
the Office. Shoot the cow skull on the left side of the building before they get
in the way or after they
leave. Shoot the man that steps out from the behind the right side of the
building. If you miss there
will be another chance to kill him from a closer position. You will enter the
Office. The door to the
cells will swing shut and the Sheriff will shout:

"Behind the door, he's got a gun."

Shoot the gunman that will look through the window in the door before he can
fire. When he falls
you will open the door and enter. The Sheriff will get up and cross the cell
towards you saying:

"Thank God you're here with the keys. I gotta get out of here."

The scene switches to the Sheriff walking out of the Office and turning right,
immediately saying:

"Mad Dog! You don't stand a chance."

You follow him out in to the street. A gunman will stand behind two barrels in
the center of the
screen. The Sheriff will shoot the gunman and say:

"I got him."

Another gunman will stand up on the end of the balcony across the street. The
Sheriff will shoot him
but will be shot in the process. Shoot the gunman on the balcony. When he has
falls, the view closes
on the dying Sheriff, who says:

"The map to Mad Dog's hideout is in the mine, but you've got to talk to the

It is impossible to get into the mine without talking to the Prospector.


The scene begins with a view of the front of the bank. The door on the right
will burst open and a
man will run out. Do not shoot him, he is not a gunman. Shoot the man in the red
shirt that follows
him out. Then, quickly shoot the man that steps partially into view.

The view will change to a close up of a barrel. A young man will appear and say:

"There's more inside."

Inside the bank is a counter running across the middle from side to side, and a
smaller counter
against the back wall. Shoot the spittoon for extra bullets. Gunmen will appear

Two gunmen will appear behind the left hand section of the main counter (one
close to the edge of
the screen) and three will appear behind the right hand section.

Another gunman will roll from behind the right hand section to behind the left
hand section, pausing
to shoot you in the middle.

The main gunman will appear from behind the smaller counter. Do not shoot at him
if he appears
with a hostage. Shoot him when he appears by himself to complete this sequence.

The young man behind the barrel will appear again. Listen to him to determine
which direction to
approach Mad Dog's hideout:

"Mad Dog will get me for telling you this, but if you get to the hideout
don't approach
from the (front/rear)."


After completing one of the town scenes, one of three possible gunmen may appear
in a showdown.
Your gun will not be loaded until he draws his weapon. Aim at the man and
continuously pull the
trigger until your gun reloads and a shot is fired. The gunman that appears in
front of the Corral (with
a wagon and hay bales) must be wounded and shot a second time.


A sign post with three signs nailed to it will appear. The top one reads
"Prospector", the middle
reads "Mine", and the bottom reads "Hideout". Each location must be completed in
the order
displayed (from top to bottom). Once the "Prospector" and "Mine" portions of the
game have been
completed, a map to the Hideout will appear.


Save the Prospector to learn how to avoid the booby trap when entering the mine.
He has been tied
to a keg of gunpowder and is begging Mad Dog not to light the fuse. Mad Dog will
light the fuse,
which must be shot to save him. Wait for the close up view of Mad Dog to
disappear and for the
Prospector to appear again. Shoot at the fuse at the bottom of the screen. Do
not shoot the keg or it
will detonate immediately. The prospector will tell you how to get into the mine
safely after he is


Shoot the lantern and (on the right side of the screen) the other item
instructed to by the Prospector.
The other item will be the gold mining pan (on the left), "Shaft No 1" sign
(above the mine shaft),
pitch fork (on the right), or pick axe (to the right of the mine shaft). A map
to Mad Dog's hideout will
appear. It is marked with a large "X" to represent the hideout (which is placed
randomly). Memorize
the series of left and right turns to reach to the hideout. There are only two
or three junctions on the


Shooting Practice
The Prospector will throw bottles up in the air in front of the mine that may be
shot for



Hideout Trail
A sign post with an arrow pointing left and another pointing right will appear.
This is the first junction
of the map. Shoot in the direction that you wish to travel. A similar sign will
appear at the remaining
junctions on the map. If the wrong direction is chosen, a large group of gunmen
will all open fire at
once resulting in the loss of a life.


First Shoot-out
After the first junction, a small pool of water with a rocky background will
appear. A man with his
back to you will be standing directly in front of you. Start shooting at his
back when he starts to turn.
The remainder of the scene consists of random gunmen appearing one at a time
from the rocky
section of hillside. After all the gunmen are killed, another sign will appear.
Shoot in the next direction
(left or right) to be traveled.


Second Shoot-out
A scene similar to the previous scene will appear. It is more difficult to do an
increased number of
targets and smaller target size. After all the gunmen are killed, another sign
may appear (depending
on the number of junctions on the map). Shoot in the next direction (left or
right) to be traveled.


Third Shoot-out
This scene may be skipped depending on the number of junctions on the map. There
are only three
targets in this scene. However, the gunmen are more distant and will open fire
sooner. The gunmen
will appear on the middle-left above the grassy area, the middle-right above the
rocky area and on
the far right around the side of the rock. This last gunman is the hardest to
hit because he is the
smallest target.


Hideout Approach
At the hideout, shoot to choose to enter from the front or the rear. Select the
option that was given
by the young man at the bank.


Hideout Exterior
A small building with a low wall in front will appear. The first gunman will
appear from behind the
wall to the left and fire very quickly. The second gunman will pop up just to
the right of the first man,
where the top of the wall rises slightly, and will also fire quickly. The scene
scrolls around to the
actual hideout. There is A gunman will appear from behind the barrel on the left
side of the screen.
After he falls, a long view of the hideout will be displayed. Shoot the cow
skull hanging from the
chimney to get additional bullets. The door to the hideout will burst open and
four gunmen will flood
out. Each man must be hit with only one or two shots since there is no time to
reload. Do not shoot
the Mayor, who will be the last man to leave.

Hideout Interior
You will enter the hideout, that is densely filled with smoke. There is one
gunman that can not be
seen just to the left side of the center of the screen. Shoot at him when the
door opens. Inside the
hideout is a note from Mad Dog that reads: "Meet me in town, Mad Dog."


A three story building with five open windows will appear. Shoot the cow skull
hanging next to the
door for additional bullets. Carefully shoot the gunmen that will appear in
these windows one at a


Mad Dog
Mad Dog McCree will walk in from the right side and stand facing you in the
center of the screen.
You gun will be empty. Quickly reload the gun when allowed and shoot at his head
to force him to
drop a gun. Shoot him in the head a second time to finish him off.