Мессия чит-файл №1

Getting Gate 2 Unlocked

Our prime objective in this section is to get a Gun Commander, because this
damsel has the clearance we need in order to make some headway.

The secluded area Bob falls into is a great place to practice
possession/depossession. In the room where you start, begin by placing your cop
under the stairs with his face to the wall. On your way over there you'll get
your first F5 message; read it carefully. Then exit your host and hit your
backup key immediately without waiting for the 'slowcam' to reorient itself.
around the stairs quickly, before your cop host sees you.

Run up the stairs and proceed down the right side of the walkway, being careful
to go to the right of the CIG machine. Be sure not to fall off. Going down
side prevents the welder from seeing you coming. Point yourself towards the
welder; then hit forward, then jump. By hitting jump several times as you go
forward, you can flap over his head, then just drop down on his back.

Go around to the front of the large boxes barricading your way through the door.
Get in front of the hand symbol on the front of the box, then hit your action
key. You'll see a warning and a countdown; don't bother turning around, just
your backup key and go straight backwards back down the walkway a safe
distance....note the pyrotechnics:

When the explosion stops, go to the door and hit your action key. When you go
through the door, you'll see a radiation area to your right and a cop sentry and
stairwell to your left. Go left and down the stairs where you will see
Navigation Control displayed prominently on the wall. Make another left, go
behind the barrels that you see behind the scientist and the console, and you
will see a second scientist. Note carefully the positioning of the two hosts in
the following first example shot.

In this position, you may successfully attempt a back to back host xfer. This
your most public repossession yet. You must be careful here; check out those
cops on the upper floor; there's one on patrol over your head; however, in the
above position, you should be OK.

Save your game at this point, then make the switch:

If you don't make it the first time, don't sweat it too much. Just fudge with
your savegame at this point until you feel confident with setting up back to
back (BTB) host xfers.

Okay, so you've got your scientist. The reason for this is that we need to
unlock Gate 4. Go carefully around the first scientist at the console, or he'll
ask you to take over for him and get himself shot. Run back up both flights of
stairs to get to the floor where the cops are at, like so:

Go thru the barrier, where the third scientist is, go up to the console, and hit
your action key. You'll see a message telling you that Gate 4 is unlocked. Go
back down both flights of stairs to Gate 4 and go on thru. Wait for the
sterilization procedure to complete, then go thru the door. You will receive
another F5 message.

Next, jump on the lowest box next to the door, then jump on the next highest
box. Ignore the weapon that you see there; scientists don't carry weapons.
Translation: Non-workers will kill you on sight if they see you carrying a
weapon. But it will come in handy later.

Now, get close to the edge of the box and aim yourself straight for the stairs,
like so:

Jump forward. You'll get a message about organic contamination. Keep running
forward till the gate with the green lasers goes down; there will be a cop
there. Back yourself up to the rail, like so:

Now, exit your host. Use your backward, then the forward key and tap your jump
key to gently flap Bob to the floor below, keeping close to the wall. You don't
want to fall thru the hole in the floor below, there's two flavors of death down
there...slow and instant. You will see some square protuberances sticking out
from the wall on one side of this room. They are your ticket out of this joint.
Mosey on over there and jump key/forward key onto the first ledge. Another hit
on the forward key will lift you up and you'll be standing on the ledge. Do the
same to the other ledges until you reach the top; watch out for the vapor blasts
coming out of the wall, they'll stunt your growth. You can either slide
past them while you're hanging, or you can wait for them to cycle down, then run
past, if you're already up. They don't stay cycled down very long though, so
move as quickly as you can to get past them if you do it that way.

At the top, check out what's beneath you. You want to jump off and flap
to the floor. While there, you'll see three consoles. Hit your action key once
for turbine #2 then twice for turbine #3. This will arrange them like ladder
rungs; we're going to use them to boost us to the top of this shaft. They will
look like this:

To get on top of turbine #1, we need to climb back up. Go over to the set of
ledges that are in this shaft and start climbing again; when you get to the
highest ledge, you should be on the same level with turbine #1. Forward Jump
over the top of it, and it should boost you up to a level higher than turbine
but only for a while. The best option is to Forward Jump over to #2 while you
are still high and at the apex of a lift, as the longer you stay over #1 the
lower you fly. Same principle for the other turbines. When you get over #3,
you'll find yourself propelled thru some kind of floor force field, and you'll
notice a lot of noise and confusion as you try to grab the ledge, which I hope
you can do, else you'll have to do this routine over again after you flap
yourself to a landing at the bottom.

Unlocking Gate 2 :Part 2

Now quickly run into the back of a radiation worker, preferably one of the guys
without tongs, and jump in. There is a console in the room with a large red
globular thingamajig; ignore that, its a panic switch to shutdown the power
production in case of an emergency which has already occurred, i.e., you were
cause. Your task now is to restore power production. Go to all the other
consoles in the room, even the ones with guys standing at them, and hit your
action key.

When you hit the last one, you will get a notice that power has been restored,
and all the consoles should have ceased to be red. At this point, you're free
leave and go about your business. Hopefully a glance around will show your
friends back at work, like nothing's happened.

There happens to be an elevator here; hop into that buggerbear. Action/backward
will send you down to the lowest floor. When you get there, you'll notice an
exit. Past it will be another door; when you open that, presto, you'll see our
prime objective over to your left; a Gun Commander. Now you can't get over
where she is like you are. If you try, you'll see the following:

If you try harder, her bodyguards will gun you down. So what we have to do is
get into the welder guy, who keeps walking back and forth. You use him as a
with the following xfer setup:

Save your game before you do and then make the attempt. When you get the welder
as the host, run over to the Gun commander's section past the medium cops and
yourself up for another BTB, looking like this:

Now you have a Gun Commander. Woo hoo hoo !! But wait, don't run out yet; your
buddies will ventilate ya. Get some new orders from the tellervision, over on
the wall. Just step on the red rectangular area on the floor and one of your
former compadres will fill you in on what's going on.

By the way, ignore the cute little suggestion about taking your men with you.
that's just a teaser....you can't do that. No extra firepower for you. Next
thing to do is to activate the access control console which is close by. There
is one there that is inactive, the other one works.

Now you're free to go. You can't take your men with you, but you're free to go.
Go to the Gate, into the familiar room beyond, and you'll get your next F5

Get your machine gun on top of the boxes, which you've so thoughtfully saved
yourself. Remember, though...whatever you do, don't arm it yet; tote it by your
side. Else the first cop that sees you will attack.

Congratulations, you now have the means to unlock Gate 2. Now this part is a
little tricky. Go thru Gate 4 and keep on going straight to Gate 3. After you
get back into the room with Gate 2, do a savegame, then position yourself like

Do not face the door. Yet. Approach and step onto the access pad from a
sideways direction. The reason? Facing the door opens it automatically, and
there is a welcoming committee of Chots on the other side of the door ready to
attack. And you don't want to face those guys with your Commander, not even
a machine gun. The machine gun is for just in case you don't need it. Know
I meen? There are three waves of Chots that you have to take out before you can
get past this Gate.

The objective here is to not get your commander injured in any way whilst she
unlocking the gate. she's definitely not the one that you want to fight with;
Commanders are not equipped for frontal assaults.

Make sure she never faces the gate until you are ready for her to do so. You
want her to high-tail it for the seclusion of the wall facing the stairway just
as soon as you turn her to face the door; cause when you do, its going to open.
If the Chots never see her, they won't open fire, you see. So she needs to be
out of sight.

Making It To The Warzone

OK, now the door is closed, the danger is past...Now what? Well, here's the
surprise. Run your commander to Gate 5, back to her office section, where the
radiation worker is at. Do a BTB switch, like with the welder here before.
Hopefully the other welder is still walking his way back or forth to the
commander's section. If not, it's handy to wait till he's out of visual range
you. Once you get your radiation worker, run back thru Gate 4 and up the first
set of stairwells. Head over to the shielded radiation room:

Now what you want to do is get in there and BTB over to the other worker...he's
got a pair of handy-dandy tongs. Do not go into the room while he has the
force field in place. Why? Well, if you've been noticing, the floor in there
actually a transfer pod carrying some sort of cargo, and the worker seems to be
placing radioactive chunks of some kind of material in the center console, maybe
as a power source for the pod. The key thing to notice is that the pods have
large lids, which are lowered into place after the yellow force field goes
up...and anything standing in there when this happens is crushed.

Now set up for the transfer to the rad worker with the tongs. The best position
is where the control console is over behind where the yellow force field was.

When you get the opportunity, preferably when the other worker is over by his
console to the side, go in and stand back to back. A BTB xfer is handy
here..move fast though, cause he doesn't stand still.

OK, so you have achieved your host with the tongs. Now what? Well, there's a
droid that is going to drop down and deposit a highly radioactive chunk of
material on the center console. Arm your tongs with the Weapon key, and after
the droid disappears, go straight for the center console. you'll find yourself
holding the rock:

Now, you might wonder: what in the heck are we doing anyway? Is there a
to this? Well, actually, yes. If you might have noticed, (assuming you've been
following the walkthrough "faithfully") we haven't really exterminated anyone
yet; we've gotten to this point without the use of deadly force. Well, that's
all about to change. Remember those three waves of Chots that are behind Gate
2? It occurs to me that those guys spend way too much time underground...can
imagine how white those guys must be? You know they've got vitamin D
It's about time they got a tan. He he...

In case you haven't quite caught on yet, we are going to sterilize everything
beyond Gate 2. There is no real yardstick to map distances in the game to real
world distances, all you really have in the end is a "feel" for what is what.
There are differences between "game scale" and real world scale. However, if I
was forced to put a measurement on the death radius of the radioactive chunk,
say it feels like between 25 and 35 feet. Hopefully that will help you in some
way. Within that radius, it is unusual for an enemy to find itself able to fire
a weapon for any length of time; they seem more preoccupied with dying.

Check out the pictures below, it is a clockwise pan of the area beyond Gate 2,
starting with your eventual destination, Gate 1. In the second shot you are
looking at your entry door. Further clockwise we are looking at a spot beyond
the furthest two boxes where a Chot resides sometime during the first wave. He
is usually behind the leftmost box. Then in the last shot, we are looking at a
set of innocuous barrels over in the far corner. These will be key to taking
a harpoon Chot, who stays on the boxes in front of Gate 1.

When you enter this area, you are going to need to be in the middle of the Gate
door. From there you will run forward, right past a chot to get to the cover of
the box I'm standing on in shot 2. From there you basically do a clockwise
circuit of the room to get to the innocuous barrels. This will decimate the
first wave of Chots.

Proceed to Gate 2 and save your game. Then position yourself on the access pad,
and start running, even before the door opens. When it does, go straight in
without stopping. Note: do not start at Gate2 either to the left or right of
the access pad; you need to be dead center. don't worry about the chot in front
of you, just run past to the cover of the larger box in the right half of the
picture above. You will hear harpoon fire also; don't worry about that either,
as long as you are running.

You may get shot before the radiation kicks in good, but if you are moving fast,
you shouldn't be below 44 life. Note the harpoon fire coming over from the
sector in the following shot. There is that harpoon Chot over by Gate 1 like I
told you earlier, but he's not a threat unless you stay in his line of fire for
more than one second. You may not see alot of chots in the preceding shot, but
believe me they are all there. You destination is the spot between two large
boxes; don't go further than that because there is an alleyway in the midst of
those boxes that allows the harpoon Chot a clear shot at you. Get between the
first two boxes and turn around two or three times, to make sure the area is
irradiated quite well. You should see Chots dropping like flies.

Make sure you keep those boxes between you and the harpoon Chot. "The Rock"
have a time limit, so we need to be moving fast throughout all this.

Notice that with all your enemies all you have to do is get them within the
radius. To do this successfully with the harpoon Chot, make sure you never
approach him in a straight line. All your movements must be diagonal and
perpendicular to his line of fire, except when you're under cover...thus the
reason for the snaps above. If you approach him directly head on, he will spear

Time is getting critical at this point. Your magic stone is running out. As
soon as you see harpoon Chot start to fall, run for the door you came into, and
the next wave of Chots will drop, this time close to the door. See if they can
smell what "The Rock" is cookin' for just long enough for them to start to
fall...then head for the space between the boxes again. The reason for that is
that there is an annoying chot that lands on top of the box and uses that area
fire from; and he's part of the third wave, by the way.

As soon as the third wave of chots is fully decimated, you'll find that it's
for another F5 message.

Are you ready for Gate 1? Go back thru Gate 2 and back up the stairs. Deposit
your rad worker inside the radiation door and do a depossession and flap
backwards out before the door closes. Go back down the corridor and jump into
the back of the cop with the shotgun:

Now go back to where our chot buddies are and across the room ( look at the
following shot) you will see a bazooka, located behind the small box.

It is perhaps fitting that the first weapon that you fire in the game will be a
bazooka. Why? Because you're worth it! Problem is, you might get spoiled.
hey, what the heck..... Let's go.

When you cross the gate border, you don't want to hang around too long. There
a cutscene that will activate when you are in the area after a certain amount of
time. You need to be in position before that happens; in the second shot below,
you will see your destination in the distance off to the left, a stack of boxes.
It's below a tunnel that Chots will enter from. The cutscene will show this.

There are two riot cops over by the door. To the right of them, note the yellow
force field. That is our eventual destination. For now, run over to the boxes
underneath the blocked tunnel, and wait for the cutscene to stop:

From here take aim at the tunnel and fire ONE shot as soon as you hear chot
noises. Do it again if there's another wave right behind the first one, but
conserve your ammo, the bazooka doesn't come with a tremendous supply of it..
Hopefully, after one or two shots will give you a lull where you can jump into
the chot tunnel.

Normally the hostile cop AI's will start firing on your position if your weapon
is unholstered in this area, even if enemies are about. However from this point
none of the cop hostiles can see you. When you dispose of the first or second
chot wave, try to get into the tunnel above before any more come through. Then
when you are in, take aim on the tunnels above, like so:

Fire on that hole when you hear the Darth Vader sound. Just do one shot per
sound until your bazooka shots run out, or until you get a breather when the
chots aren't coming through. Whichever way it goes, get ready to change host

During a breather period, save your game. Then put your cop at the mouth of the
tunnel, jump forward and depossess at the same time. Flap backwards as soon as
you depossess, and get back into the tunnel room. If the chots are still coming
through, get under the entry tunnel and wait for one to come down. Hopefully
can get in before he shoots you to death...just keep running and jumping at him.
When you do get into this new host, just stand and wait, while the other chots
come through and go to war outside the tunnel with the riot cops and the
commander. Before long, once a few are outside, they'll stop coming thru. At
that time, dispose of your chot host in the same way as you did the cop.

It's time to make like a rat.

If you've been taking note of this little chot paradise, you'll see all sorts of
edibles running around in the form of rats. there's a little trick to getting
into one of these buggers. What you need to do is jump Bob around until he
on one, then you're in.

Note the new perspective, and your status icons at right bottom in the preceding
shots. After you check stuff out, exit the tunnel and scamper on over to where
the riot cops are at. don't try going under the force field, it's too low.
However, there is a hole you can get through at the other side.

The next objective is up at the top of the stairs. You want to get up there and
position yourself behind the cops up there, preferably in the corner away from
the door. Get a cop host, then go thru the door, and you'll see another F5.

After that, the door will close, and you can't get back though. But we don't
need to, either.

These next few steps will be a little grisly. Check out the area thoroughly.
Activate the console over by the worker fellow, and you will see a message about
the grinder receptacle being 25% full. What this means, basically, is that we
are going to have to drop four people into the grinder machine that you see at
the end of this room, where the scientists are.

Now comes the grisly part. Stand in front of the grinder, then save your game.
Jump over the fence into the blades, and depossess as soon as you jump, flapping
backwards. Now we have to dump three more people in.

Why are we doing this? Well, it turns out that the only way to get out of this
room is to activate a switch on a ledge that's too high to get to by normal
means. We are going to produce a barrel of....something....that we can jump off
of in order to reach the high ledge. It has been effectively ordained that
everybody currently in the room needs to die. I don't particularly like it, but
we seem to be in what is commonly called an "ethical dilemma", typically caused
by innocents being in the way of a greater good. The unsavory solution is to
possess the worker next and send him in as well. After that, proceed up the
stairwell and onto the ledge that goes around half the room.

Go to the end of the ledge you are on and jump/flap across to the other side.
Follow the ledge over to where the laser wall is at, then crawl under it. Save
your game at this point, then possess the scientist behind the console and
activate it, sending the other scientist to his doom. Then activate the console
again, and while the floor is gone, jump in and exit your host, backward
at the same time. This should put you on the ledge. The floor will come back
and another scientist will come thru the force door to your left. Possess him
and activate the console one more time, then jump down yourself. It's okay, the
blades should have stopped by now. Jump over the fence and activate the
console. You will see a barrel moved into place at the top of the stairs.

This may be a little tricky. What you want to do is get on the ledge across
you, cause there is a switch up there that activates the incinerator door. Jump
with the scientist and depossess at the apex of his jump, then jump/flap over to
the ledge. If you time it right, you can make it high enough to get over there.
When you do, save your game at that point. Then, activate the switchbox:

Note the barrels over in the far right corner of the room when the door opens.
Take some time to scope the room out before you make your next move; you can
the door as many times as you like. In the right shot, you see the landing
for Bob after you fly thru the door, a set of barrels over in the far right
corner of the room. Needless to say, you are going to need to be a little quick
and agile here; and watch out for the flames, they're not just eye candy.

Welcome to your first platform jump obstacle of the game! Don't fret, they will
get much much more difficult than this, so not to worry. Remember that in this
area, savegames are your friend. In the shot to the left, you want to get on
of the large pipe that you see there. From that point, you'll see a pipe
platform across the room; flap over to that pipe, and then keep flapping over to
successively higher pipes around the room till you find yourself on the pipe.

Observe the door right above us. But it's still out of reach, unfortunately.
Flap over to the next highest pipe, in the opposite direction from the door,
behind where Bob is standing in the right shot. From that point, you can jump,
then flap around the obstacle in the center of the room and reach the ledge.

From there you are looking down on a narrow catwalk. Save your game here, then
jump and glide down to it. You see a door at the end of the walk, that's our

Go thru the door and follow the narrow catwalk into the new room. Glide
down to the transparent ceiling. Take a good look at this room; things can get
nasty in here; and real fast, too. Notice the light cop in the center of the
shot below; he's your new host. This is because he's basically the only one in
the room that you can access easily. The trick there is to flap over his head,
turn around in midair, then drop on his back.

There's an elevator console in the middle of the room. Put your weapon on the
floor and take the elevator up.

Save your game. Position yourself as in the shot to the right. When you walk
forward, notice the door closes. What you want to do here is get into that room
as Bob by yourself. You can accomplish this by simultaneously walking forward
(to activate the door), depossessing and backward flapping into the room, before
the door closes, of course. The cop across from you is capable of shooting you
through the barrier, so you must position yourself so that he can't see the

After you get into this room alone, it's time to make like a rat again. Do the
jump around routine until you make it into one of the buggers..

Head up the little rat ramp and into the tunnel. Following that, you'll pass
thru a door, then you'll come out into the scene below....

This area is not only nasty, it's pretty deadly as well. Avoid the red liquid
all costs; also, note that the liquid level rises and falls. You don't want
stuff to catch you at high tide.

In this shot, above and to the far right, you will see your destination, the
other tunnel. We have to cross this crap in order to get there. Fortunately
you, at the first bridge, someone has lent you a helping hand. (oops..) Cross
over that, then check out the other cross points in the shots below.

Basically there's two more bones to pick (oops...I mean cross) before you get to
your exit tunnel.

After you reach the tunnel, follow it until you come out onto a ledge. Save
game! Below you will be a chot; see if you can get down there and exit the rat
while his back is turned. And remember: rats can be stepped on. You will see
some explosive boxes in this room. Activate them....

Now there will be an exit from this room. Pick up the grenades on the floor,
then jump through that tunnel and into the room beyond. There will be another
opening. Hop through that. Congratulations! you've just entered the Warzone.

Destination: Lab or Bust

A few comments about the warzone. First, don't be a hero. If you can manage
your low profile serves you better here perhaps than many other places in the
game. Second, there is no one particular way to make it through here. It can
go just about any way . Third, avoid crossfire; in other words, let the chots
and cops battle it out amongst themselves.

A few general pointers and overview are in order. My first pointer is, save
game. You have perhaps noticed that I have mentioned that same thing previously
many times, at key junctures; if you've been keeping up. The fact is, this game
is save intensive; that's another way to say that you can die alot. The
objective of this walkthrough is not only to get you past sticking points, but
actually minimize the amount that you do need to save by keeping you alive more.

There are three objectives in this area. The main thrust is to get the lift
working; it's located against the same wall that you came through. In order to
do this, we have to get to an access control panel in the cop section. that's
our first objective.

Here are some views of the area. The first shot is the back of the chot area
close to a laserwall; it's to your left and behind you. The other is a semi-
closeup of the cop area. To the far left in the cop area over in the corner
against the far wall is the access control panel; it's hidden behind two stacked

The next two shots show your objectives in order to get the lift working. One
good way to get things going would be to start a skirmish with your chot by
chunking three grenades over the cop wall, then backing off. I recommend
into a cop host as soon as possible, perhaps while the existing cops are all
involved in a battle. Replacement cops do not come thru the barrier in the cop
area until all cops currently working are dead. This is a good thing to
if you are a chot in cop territory. I did a host switch to a cop that was alone
after some others had gone back over the wall by letting the cop shoot my chot
host. If it's time for more cops to come thru the barrier and you find yourself
in a chot host during that time, attempt to hide behind the boxes near the

As far as the laserwall area is concerned, I recommend waiting until the cop
has decimated all or most of the chots in the area before you go that way. If
you're lucky, the chot at the top of the laserwall stairwell will be wiped out;
if not, you may have not only him to deal with, but a few others that drop out
the sky.

In the second shot above, notice the stack of boxes behind the cop. There is an
explosive box at the top of that stack. We're in the area behind the laserwall,
which has been deactivated (at the far end of the chot compound). Note the
above the force field wall in the first shot below (which has already been shot
out). You can either shoot it out with a weapon, or you can activate the
explosives and back off. Either way, that's how you get into this place. Climb
to the top of the boxes and jump over into the room.

Once you're in the first thing you need to do is activate the first weapon
dispenser. Grab your bazooka. Then turn on lift power with the console in this
area proper. Then you need to get out of this place; deactivate the force wall
with the console in the second room. Observe the Bob propaganda while you're in

Now when you deactivate the wall, check to make sure the coast is clear. If so,
run to the lift and activate. At the top you will be at a door; open that and
get your next F5 message.

I've got a bazooka targeted on the ventilation shaft that we need to go thru,
actually it's better if you use the explosive box at the top, in case you need
your ammo later on. After you get thru the shaft, there's another vent cover
have to blow. This time you will need to use your bazooka.

Run back to the room with the holo's of the droids, and deposit your bazooka on
the floor. You will be back.

Run back to the hole in the second shot above and drop through. you'll see a
chot pak weapon. Get that, and blow the center glass out. Look down and
a pipe down below you; this is your destination. here's a shot of it:

When you jump out, hit and hold the jump key to activate the chot weapon's
parachute capability. In the first shot above, you see a window down below the
pipe you're on; that's where you're going. When you're inside the room in the
second shot above, drop your weapon, get behind the commander and do a fast BTB
switch. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like they have a faster recovery time
in this spot.

After you're a gun commander again, go thru the door into the next room.

Interesting tableau. Somehow I doubt the other commanders are checking out this
guy's good looks. In any case, proceed to your right, where you'll see a set of
stairs going up. Enter the room at the top, and you'll be back where you left
your bazooka. In addition, we can also retain the services of one "defense
droid" from one of the consoles, since we now have clearance to do so.

There are two bots here; offensive and defensive. After going thru scenarios
involving both, it seemed to me that damage control for the gun commander under
fire was more valuable than the offensive fire provided by the other bot. The
gun commander and a bazooka can be much more efficient for offensive capability,
while the defensive ability provided by the defensive bot complemented her lack
of armor, making for a much more effective combination.

In the first shot above, you see the console in blue that provides the defense
bot. After you make your choice here, go back down the stairway and across the
commander meeting room to the opposite stairway and up to the door. When you
open that you will find yourself on a wide concourse. I suggest that you don't
stray too far from the door just yet.

I suggest that you take careful note of the last 4 shots below. Position
yourself according to shot 1, on top of the box in the shot above, which happens
to be the furthest one from the other end of the corridor. This gives you
maximum visibility and time flexibility; you're going to need it.. There are
multiple chots behind the boxes in shot 2. There is a procedure here; fire at
the target point in pic 2, then swing left and get the target in pic 3. You
have chots left over; swing immediately to the target point in pic 4 and fire;
don't wait. Note: don't use maximum zoom, back off one notch. If a chot gets
by your last shot, it's handy to leave zoom, but throw your grenades before you
do anything else if that does occur.

A tip for handling bazooka targets that are running towards you: Do not aim for
the body or head. Aim for the feet, and the floor.

Before you do any of this, save your game.

After the chots are disposed of, you will notice a door down on the right, and
also another bazooka in that same area to the left. If you don't see one, blow
the box(es) up that are in front of the door on the right wall as shown below,
and trade your weapon for one with plenty of ammo. You are going to need it.

When you open the door, you'll find yourself looking at a small bridge that goes
over to an armored gun post. Check out the area. Then activate the gun, and
swing around to where you see those yellow force fields across the way. A
cutscene will activate as soon as you arm the weapon. As soon as that finishes,
take out all the supports that you see, as shown in the first and second shots

There will be incoming fire. The faster you take those supports out, the

The laserwall that was over to the left when you came in should be deactivated
now. At the end of that walk go thru the door there.

Once inside this room, you'll see a call for help coming in on the wide screen.
When that's over, the power will go out and you'll get your next F5 message;

After you get the message, go to the access console in the room and activate
to open the gate. Drop your bazooka behind the boxes in that area. Then
position yourself as in the following first shot. Exit your host and run around
the corner to get out of sight as fast as you can, then edge around the boxes up
behind the medium cop, and jump in. Then do a BTB to the heavy cop and get your
bazooka back.

Open the door and get ready to rumble. Note the first two shots below. There
are some stacked boxes to the left right after the barrels; there's a chot
that. Also behind the boxes at the end of this new area are a few more chots.
From where you are standing, follow the target sequence that begins in pic
2 below. If you hit those points with your bazooka you should be able to wipe
the chots out.

The second target above is a box of grenades, which causes a secondary cascade
explosion. That last target is the floor, where the feet of the chots will be
about the time you get your reticule aimed there. The chots may be closer than
that; if you're timing is off; adjust accordingly.

After these chots have been disposed of, proceed to the next door and advance to
the position in the next pic. I highly recommend that you don't go any further
than that into this other room.

From your (safe) position above, aim at the target in the second shot above.
That's a bazooka chot; one of three bazooka chots in this room, to be exact.
Strafe right very slowly (if you have to) till you can just make out his arm or
shoulder, then fire. The backblast will take him out, even if a direct hit

A little pointer; all strafes should be done with your zoom on so you don't
inadvertently cross into your opponent's field of view, thus allowing him to
blast you. This is really easy to do if you are not approaching with zoom.
will keep the element of surprise on your side.

Now in the shots above number one shows the blue force field (oops, guess I just
blasted that....hehehehe); then take aim at the edge of those boxes. There's a
machine gun chot there behind the lower box, but don't strafe until you see him,
he'll open fire. Do a back blast off the wall as in the second shot above.
of those shots are kill shots.

In the number one shot above, you're looking at the number two bazooka chot. No
need to strafe any further than this; the backblast will take this guy out too.
In the number two shot above, note how we start a very careful strafe left to
a bead on our next target.

Now when you get a narrow crack view of the far corner of the door between the
wall and the boxes, let a bazooka shot go. There's one already on the way in
first shot above. This will take out the last bazooka chot over behind the
boxes, but we've got one more machine gun chot to go. Strafe slowly and
carefully to the left until you see what's in pic number two at close to maximum

Take this guy out, and you're almost through the gauntlet.

After you open the door you've fought so hard for, you'll see a small skirmish
taking place down at the end. Wait till it's finished, then do a zoom scan for
who the victors were. If you're lucky, and the game is following the script,
there will be cops patrolling the end of the street. On the left side, you'll
see some green lights against the wall a ways off; that's your destination.

Enter the door and go down the stairwell. It might be a good idea to leave your
weapon at the foot of the stairs for the time being. You'll see a welder doing
his thing in the next room; get in position for a BTB. There are two light cops
on patrol in the next room over; time your xfer accordingly. Then, when you're
in the welder, run down to the elevator in the next room and climb in. Send the
elevator up; at that point you'll get the message.

Now you must depossess to escape the elevator. Fortunately, you're in a non-
hostile host, so that's not a problem. You will, however, have to observe the
patrol pattern of the cops below. When you see your opportunity, jump out and
possess the other welder working on the floor below. After you do that, jump
down into the elevator shaft and position yourself over at the gearbox. Hit
action key;

The first shot below shows where you come out at when you leave the elevator.
the right you've got a force field that eventually leads to the lab. We have to
go to the left, since our current mission is to get the power station working

When you do go through the door, you'll see a skirmish between the cops and
chots. Keep your distance, close to the light cop with the bazooka. Then when
it's over, proceed up the stairs that you will see across the bridge. When you
get to the top of them you'll see another flight going up, plus another elevator
to your left. Ignore that for the moment and concentrate on the other stairs.
When you get to the top, keep going until you get to the first corner.

Notice we're armed and ready. There's a reason for this, of course. Hit your
zoom and start strafing right, very slowly, until you see the view in shot 1
below...then shoot. Continue until you reach the vantage point of shot 2 above:
be careful here, there's dwarf chots above you. It wouldn't hurt to take some
pot shots at the ceiling above the pipes before you turn the corner in the last
shot below. Zoom and strafe slightly left until you can barely see the chots
around the corner, then target an arm or leg. As soon as you fire, run back
the stairs, then check to see if you have been followed.

If you have, they usually stop at the stairs, as in below. You probably can't
make out the target in that dark shot, but it's a dwarf chot.

When you've made sure the way is clear, head on back up there and over to where
you blew the second complement of chots away, as in below. You task now is to
away with the remaining chots on the bottom floor (usually two). In order to do
this, you have to do what you've been doing the whole game: jockey for

Now head on back down the stairs again. Underneath the stairs, you'll find a
to get onto the floor where the last chots were. Follow that corridor on around
until you see a drop off. Say a fond farewell to your bazooka, and pick up a
chot pak weapon. Yeah, I know, it sucks, but there's no other way. Save your
game. Hop up on the edge of the drop off and jump, again using your pak weapon
parachute down a level. On your second or so descent, be careful that you don't
go all the way down to the bottom; there's a chot on patrol down there. Here's
what you should see:

If you can make it out in this bad snapshot (I'll be so glad when we get out of
the sewer), we're standing on an incline. there's a chot on patrol down on the
lower level where the grating is. We are going to use some grenade action here
to get past these obstacles. In the shot below, we are over to the left of this
opening, and I just waited until the chot had walked to the left past the pipe
before I slid down and threw the sticky grenade. When the chot came back within
range, I detonated it.

In the second shot above, throw a sticky grenade a ways down this corridor, then
back up to this position. If you went down far enough, it should have attracted
chot activity. Blow the grenade when they come your way.

The two shots above are showing one move; it's a little tricky. This is a good
savegame point. The chots can see you between the pipes and the wall, IF you
too slow. If however you strafe quickly to the right to the position in shot
above, they are none the wiser. From there, throw a sticky grenade between the
barrels and the large pipes. When they come a - runnin, detonate. Presto, the
way is clear to the next door.

Save your game. Now go thru the door at the end, where the chots were standing.
Open that, and you'll be looking across at an area patrolled by three cops.
Since you are a cop, this isn't a problem. However, if you were by chance in a
chot body, you'd have a real real interesting time of getting over there. Walk
over there (ignore the catwalk to the right for now), and position yourself as
the first shot below. Chunk a sticky grenade over the rail onto the stairs, and
detonate it when they are all within range. You should get the majority of
if not, wait for one to shoot you, then jump in until the situation stabilizes.
In the end, there should be only you left in a cop body. Pick up the machine
that the medium cop had, if you don't already have it.

Now go back onto the catwalk and take the path to the left. Follow it until you
run up on another cop. it's hard to get around him, so just jump over his head.
don't go too far after that, cause there's a chot around the corner. Advance
slowly until he attacks, then machine gun him down.

When you reach the part of the catwalk that curves to the right, position
yourself for a jump towards the first piston. Jump out over the nasty stuff and
exit your host at the apex of the jump. Flap over to the piston and climb up.

You are going to jump from one to the other until you come within reach of the
catwalk at the other end of this chamber, as in shot 2. In the first pic, note
the position of the pendulum; also, the piston is at max height, and your
point is at it's lowest. that's the secret to getting thru this platform jump;
take off high, land low, and don't get hit.

In the first shot below, we're looking out over the straight portion of catwalk
after you get off the pistons. It looks deceptively safe, does it not? Don't
fooled. There is a fall - away section that will plummet you into the gook
below. Save your game, then jump and flap over the entire section of straight
catwalk till you get to the curve, then glide to a landing.

Follow the walk until you get to a tee; there will be a door to the left and to
the right you'll see the laserwall for the power station, as shown in the second
shot below. Crawl under the laserwall, and ease around the control panel to get
to the chot that has his back to you. You'll see another chot in the room
an unsavory meal. Jump into your new host, and you may have to let the other
chot wipe you out if he sees the xfer.

Activate the center console in the room, and you'll receive your next F5
message. After that, deactivate the laserwall from the other console switch in
the room, and proceed directly across the catwalk to the other door. When you
thru that, you'll find yourself back in the area across from the cop room.

Go under the stairs as in the first shot below, and proceed down that corridor
till you reach the room with the chot behemoth. A cutscene will activate at
time. Deposit your weapon outside the door, then position yourself behind the
pipes as in the second shot below.

Take careful note of the dwarf chots. Do not underestimate these guys; they can
make short work of even a chot behemoth in a minuscule amount of time. When you
possess the behemoth, the first thing you want to do is get out of this room as
soon as possible. Get ready to move fast; save your game at this point.

Position yourself behind the set of pipes that the chot behemoth has his back
towards. Exit and flap along a curved path to his back.

As soon as you enter this host, run out of the room to the right, then right,
then left and up the stairs, which is where the first shot shows. At the top of
the stairs go thru the door and to the left. Mash any cops that get in your
but don't forget to put your fists down when you are finished, or your chot
bretheren will pak you to death. In the second shot below you see where we have
reached a junction. The door to your left is the one that we want to take.
Follow that corridor until it comes to a right turn.

There is a bazooka medium cop at the end of this corridor. You do NOT want to
approach this guy head on at any time. As always, follow a zig zag path to this
type of target, crossing his line of fire at angles. This of course keeps him
from getting a bead on you. Use the bulkheads extending out of the walls for
cover as you make progress. In the second shot below, it might help you to not
run for any more cover at that point, but to just head for the corner of the
ahead, beside where the cop is. Alter direction at the last moment and bash him

Now try to open the door. It only opens a little, which is good for you,
actually. When you exit the chot behemoth, stand there and let him see you.
That's right.... make sure he sees you.. As soon as he does, strafe left and
to the door. Go under the door and stay there until the cops arrive. you'll be
safe there.

Here's the explanation: When the chot behemoth raises his fists, it immediately
somehow attracts cop activity on the other side, and they will temporarily
you. Only temporarily, however. As soon as they get to the door, possess the
one that is closest to you. You may have good luck walking under the door to
to them. As soon as you are in the cop, lower your weapon or you will get shot.
There's something different about us brandishing a weapon in the game and the
AI's doing it; at least in this spot, anyway.

You really need the heavy bazooka cop. If he's not the closest, then get into
the medium and then try switching over to the heavy cop.

Notice in the first shot below, we have three doors, the one we came in,
in red; then there's another one as you pan left, then a corridor, then another
door on the far left away from us. Head over there and you will be in a tank
garage. Position yourself in the corner of that room as shown in shot 2. There
are two cops here; one in this room and the other up the stairs. Both of them
have to go.

Target the cop in the room, then when the other comes down the stairs, fire
of his feet.

Now proceed up the stairwell, and you should see the force wall to your left.
Target the object in shot 1 below. After you blow that with a bazooka shot,
there is a room view in the second view; the elevator you need is barely visible
to the right of this shot.

When you reach the top, you'll notice that the exit door opens only slightly.
That's OK, you don't need your cop any more. Run under the door, and to the
right; you'll see two scientists over that way. Congratulations, you have just
entered the Lab....

To The Moon

When you come out of the elevator into the Lab, you'll see two scientists over
the right some distance. Jump into one of those guys, then proceed down the
corridor past the blue laserwall to some consoles in a raised area. Activate

You'll see stuff start to happen. You'll also hear the behemoth starting to
cause a ruckus behind the lab doors. Follow the corridor on around through the
second laserwall to the lab door. Here you want to be kind of careful, cause
want a prime opportunity to get into a behemoth host. If it goes bad, the
behemoth goes on a rampage, with Bob as a prime target, and it's mighty dern
to possess the behemoth after that.. This is how you do it the painless way.

Open the lab door, and wait for it to get fully open before you attempt to use
your action key on the second security door. You are going to have to move fast
here. Hit your action key on the second door, then run to the left back where
you came. If you watch as you run away, you might see the door get dented at
bottom as the behemoth bashes his way out. It is noteworthy that he does not do
this unless someone attempts to open the security door.

Another thing that you want to be aware of is that if the behemoth does not see
anyone around when he comes out of the door, he will attempt to go back in.
Hence the reason we run away. The thing is, he can't get back in because the
door is shut by the time he tries to return. So he just keeps walking against
the door.

There are some body containers against the wall on your way back toward the
laserwall, strategically placed. Back up to them on the far side away from the
lab doors; exit your host while moving backward. This should put you on top of
the containers

If you've bothered to take a peek around the corner since you got away from the
door, you should see the behemoth attempting to walk into the big lab door. His
back is semi-towards us, so we make our move. Jump and flap as high as you can,
and follow a curved path to the behemoth's back. This should put you in prime
position. When you are there, you'll get another F5 message

Now, it is time to dispense with Father Prime. Facing away from the lab door,
you will see a door to your left. Head that way; and when you open the door to
get into the elevator, a cutscene will activate your battle with Father Prime.

At the end, you'll be privy to a conversation between Bob and God, a snap of
which is in shot 1 below. There will also be a television show starring Satan,
broadcasting direct from the moon, no less. Hey, I guess you could call
that "via satellite," eh? Oh well, anyway...

After that, Bob exits stage left, and we get yet another F5 message.

In the next two shots, positioning is critical, since there are two cops on
patrol in the next room. In shot 1 note we are to the right of the door; that's
important. Then, when it opens, we run to the right quickly and hide behind the
column shown in shot 2. From there, observe the positions of the two patrolling
cops and await your chance for possession when one is alone.

After you get a cop host, proceed to the other side of the room and through the
door there. In the next room, you'll see a console area behind a glass.
Activate that, and you see YET ANOTHER F5 message. Boy, it's our day for F5's
isn't it? Satan is unusually talkative these days.

Now that you've opened the door, go thru into the next room. Shot 1 gives you a
view of this, and your next objective is to get elevator power activated, so
you can navigate around the rooms you need to go to. From the first shot you
want to make a right, go to the end and there will be an elevator there that you
take up. The weapon dispenser in the second view is kind of important.

First thing you need to do when you get up there is to take out the cop on
patrol, or he'll shoot you as soon as you push the button. After you dispense
with him, go to the weapon dispenser and get the flame thrower. You are going
need it. Activate the console and arm your weapon. A warning will tell you
cops are on the way. Count to one thousand three and then blast the elevator;
don't even wait for it to open. View 1 below shows the cops stopped at the
door. Beware any of these guys getting close to you; it will catch you on fire
as well.

After you have dispensed with that threat, open the other door that goes out
a balcony. There's a worker guy there; do a BTB switch, then do an action key
the panel he's working on. You'll see the message in the second view above. Go
back thu the door, and take the elevator back down to the tank garage. Hop in
the elevator.

Ride the elevators up to Level 3 storage. You'll have to switch elevators to
to the top. When you get to Level 3, go over to the console that controls the
radiation bot (shown in the second view above) and wait for the cops to have
their backs turned. As long as they don't see you push the buttons, they won't
open fire.

In case you are wondering what we are all about here, the objective is Gate A,
which is locked until we generate a faux pas with the nuclear power center
located below the basement area. In order to do that, the rad bot must be sent
to that facility.

After you get the job done on the top floor, ride the elevators to Level 2. We
are going to do the same "behind the back" trick here, but it's going to be a
little tougher. But just a little. When you get to Level 2 storage, place your
worker at the console as in the first view below. Save your game, then wait
carefully until the medium and heavy cops are turned away, and activate the
console. Congratulations, you've just solved another problem without killing
folks. Notice that in the second view, the cops are not paying us any
but the rad bot console has been activated.

The last rad bot console won't be this easy. That one is down in the basement.
The only good thing about all this is that we don't have to mess with the tank
garage at all; we just forget about that place. To take care of the last
though, we are going to have to annihilate a crew of cops; it's a little too
tough to get past that room with the "behind the back" trick. Our objective is
the medium cop. Get behind the boxes at the end of the room opposite from the
flamethrower cop and exit your host. Look around the corner at the cops as
in view 1 below. Make sure the flamethrower cop is headed for the boxes and the
medium cop is turned either away or looking straight ahead. Run DIRECTLY for
destination shown in view 2 below. If you cut for the door first, the cop will
see you. Head for the green lights surrounding the door. In that position, you
are set for your final run. Your only worry at this moment is the flamethrower

Take the elevators down to the basement area and have a moment to scope the area
out before you assume the position in view 1 below. Unfortunately, all the cops
in this area have to go. You want to keep your bullets at head level, cause if
you don't, you'll wipe out the worker at the other end. In the second view
notice the worker guy whom we are going to transfer to. Make the switch, wait
for the cop to turn his back and then activate the rad bot console.

Now that we've got the rad bot in the nuclear power center, let's head down
there. Hop in the elevator with the rad symbols on the front and when you open
the doors at the bottom, exit your host in the elevator and go backwards into
power center. Jump into one of the radiation workers, then activate the main
console. You'll get the message as shown below.

There will be a radiation leak. This unlocks an evacuation route from the
facility, which just happens to include Gate A in the tank garage area. Run
radiation worker back up to the tank garage quickly and open the doors to the
room with Gate A. This will clear the air, and save everyone's lives in the
facility. While you're here, go to the right side of Gate A and open it, then
run backwards. Let the cops wipe out the chot that's there. Generally the
will ignore non-cops if they have a choice between the two. If you step through
the gate after the chot goes down, you'll get your next F5 message.

Go back to Level 3 and assume the position in view 1 below. Wait till the heavy
cop is directly below you, then exit and drop right down on his head. Ride the
elevators down to the basement area and get a machine gun from down there, then
go back to Gate A. When you go back through, you'll see a corridor to your left
and stairs to the right. Go to the right, but stay left, because you may need
fire on some chots to help your cop buddies out, while they wage a little
skirmish in the corridor to the right. There's a bazooka heavy cop at the far
end of the corridor that the cops occupy.

If the cops are unsuccessful in eliminating the chots from the corridor to the
right in view 2 above, then strafe left, keeping to the right so the bazooka cop
can't see you, then gun the remaining chots down; we need that area clear. Now
go up the stairs at the end of the corridor with the bazooka cop, where you'll
see a light cop. Go into the room beside him and activate the second weapon
dispenser. You'll get a bazooka. Grab that and position yourself at the
opposite end of the room from the console. Wait till the two patrolling cops
have their backs turned, then fire at the floor between them, as in the first
view below. Activate the console. Then run your heavy cop back over to where
the chot skirmish was, and aim as in the second view below. There's a chot down
there behind the boxes, and he needs to get gone.

We've had Gate A unlocked for awhile now, so what are we doing? There's a door
at the end of the corridor when you make a left out of Gate A. That's what we
have to get unlocked next; these steps will allow us to do that.

With the chot eliminated, we need a worker. The best area is probably Level 3
because of the seclusion. The AI of this cop host is a little odd, at least it
was in the scenario I played. You can do a BTB switch, but the cop will still
attempt to attack you at some point. So we cruise up to Level 3 and hide behind
the tank that's shown in view 1 below, exit your host, then run back to one of
the workers and jump in. Then go back down to Gate A and go to the chot
area, which should be clear by now. Jump down into the low area and activate
console as shown in view 2 below.

Now we are going to remove an obstacle and get a better host all at the same
time. Head back over to the bazooka heavy cop at the end of the right corridor
by going up the stairs and through the access console room. This fellow is
tricky to get into, but if you can get him pointed in the right direction, then
manage not to bother him again, you can do it easily. Get in front of him as in
view 1 below, then carefully strafe left as in view 2. Go backwards till you
the wall, then strafe right, keeping your distance at maximum. Exit your host,
then run and jump into your new heavy cop host, like in view 3 below. As soon
you get this host, go back thru the room and to the base of the stairs, and take
out the light cop as shown in view 4 below; he's got to go.

After you do that, we're all set for the next stage in the door unlocking game.
Go back to the console in the chot skirmish area, the low room, and position
your host as in the view below.

Exit and head back for the stairs again. Go up the stairs and get on the box
the top. Hop on the pipe and follow it to the end; aim yourself for the lower
section of pipe, like in view 1 below. (brightness was boosted in view 1 to
increase visibility) You're in another platform jump obstacle. Follow the pipe
on down, being careful not to get burnt. Watch out for the flames; time your
progress accordingly.

When you enter the door, you'll see some ports gushing flame. Time your
and get past those obstacles; you'll come out onto a ledge, below which there is
a chot crouching behind a box. Jump and glide down to his back. Fortunately,
this chot has a machine gun. Crouch and strafe right, until you start getting
hit by shotgun fire, then start shooting at the cops across the chasm from you
until you mow them down. If you aim at the boxes behind them, they'll explode,
perhaps saving you some time. After they are disposed of, park your chot in the
corner face to the wall and exit your host. Go backwards around the corner of
the box and glide downwards to the area under the laserwall, as in view 1.
There's a worker down there who will be kinda handy. Glide down right into his
back, then jump up on the little platform towards the console area. Don't jump
too far or you'll get tied up with the yellow energy stream, which aint
pleasant. When the energy stream stops, hop over to the console area and
activate it. Then jump on the railing, jump again and exit your host in midair,
flapping towards the platform you see in view 2 below.

This platform lifts you up to another one, which you can jump onto; when you do,
it will carry you over above an exit door, which you can glide down to before it
closes. Follow that corridor till it comes to a door, which you go through.
will be back where you left your bazooka cop at; make sure he doesn't see you
when you possess him.

From here we head over to the other door that was locked before, in the Gate A
area. Go through that and you'll come out into an area that has an armored
behemoth behind a blue force wall. Ignore that and go for the door in view 1
below. Follow that corridor down some stairs to an access console. Activate
that, and a door to your left will open; and welcome to the conveyor area !

Save your game. Go to the edge of the door and jump onto the pipes there before
the door closes. If you wait a little too long and it starts to close, don't
to go through. Just do the console again.

You will see some boxes being lifted up to be blasted with fire at the top of a
vertical conveyor. You want to jump on those as shown in view 2 above, then
onto a horizontal conveyor that's a little above head level from where you're
standing. It's carrying large metal ingots. Jump onto one of those, which at
that time you'll notice yourself headed for a laserwall, and wait till you are
uncomfortably close to it. Then, jump over. A tip: watch the ingots as they
get closer to the bottom laser beam to get an idea of how close you really are.
There will be one more laserwall obstacle, then you'll find yourself dumped onto
a conveyor area that has a platform to the left that you can climb onto, as
in view 1 below. ( Be careful there, or you could be drawn into some flattening
rollers that happen to be mashing the metal ingots.) Activate that, you'll be
taken down to a narrow corridor. Follow that till you reach two consoles, one
with a yellow arrow. Ignore the red console; it just kills two cops on a
platform in front of you with fire. ( It's one of those choices that the sadism
critics of the game choose when no one is around.) When the door opens, get in
and take that elevator to the top, where you'll be presented with a trolley and
white switch. Hit that...and welcome to the Weapons Factory. You receive
another F5 when the trolley cutscene stops.

If you check out the stairs, you'll see two scientists coming your way. Place
yourself at the corner of the wall shown below in view 1 below, then exit your
host. Get one of the scientists and use the access console there. Get your
heavy cop back, and go thru the door. Note: any non - cops in the area beyond
the door will be shot on sight.

First thing we have to do is get elevator power. In order to do this, make a
left as you go thru the door and go down and up the stairs. Follow this on
around till you come to a door. Open that and you'll be treated to the view in
shot 2. In here we have a large gun that is activated by the console on the
right of our heavy cop, which malfunctions and kills everybody in the room
for those few smart enough to crouch beside the gun pedestal; so carefully avoid
that. ( This is another one that the sadism critics secretly love to use.)

Exit your heavy cop from the position above in view 2 and drop over the edge.
Flap down to a scientist below you and use him to activate the elevator power
console, which is up a stairway in his section. Proceed to the door at the end
of the walk and back up to the scientist standing at the console. Do a BTB
there, then activate. You'll get a message about a weapon being built. Go down
the stairs to the other console in the room and wait for it to turn green.
Activate that and grab the gun when it becomes available. Here you'll get an F5

Get in the elevator behind you and take it up to the next floor. Before you
the door, make darn sure you put the weapon down first. Go thru, and you'll see
a corridor with three doors, including the one you just exited. Go down to the
next one, and it should look like the one in view 1 below. Use that elevator to
go down to the lower factory. When you come out down there, proceed to the
and up the stairs. A cutscene will commence showing the scientist welcoming
committee. Be sure to thank him, he just costed you a platform jump obstacle.
What a guy. Place yourself behind the boxes at the top of the stairs, so the
cops on patrol in the area adjacent to our scientist friend won't get any ideas.
Keep an eye on the light cop on patrol in your area, also...then when the coast
is clear, exit your host and flap down to the door to the right of the dropout
bridge, as shown in view 2 below.

Not much to say about the platform stuff, except take off high and land low, as
always. When you reach the end, you should be on some pipes with a view of a
door, such as in snapshot 1 below. When you get to the door, expect some sparse
gunfire from the patrolling cops, but don't worry too much about it...just run
the other side of the room and prepare a jump into the scientist. When that's
done activate the console, and that will raise the bridge. Cross that and take
over the light cop in the corridor. Run back to the big gun test room where you
left your heavy cop, and get him back. Now head back towards the elevator
and take it down a floor. Go back to the elevator door where you left the
bazooka and grab that, then take the other elevator down to the lower factory
again. Head back to where you exited the platform jumps to the console area.
Deposit your maser on the white pad and activate the console as shown in view 2

Now it's going to get kinda interesting. Cock your gun one time and check out
your ammo. Heh....

Anyways, it's time to rock and roll. Go back to the courtyard elevator and take
it up. Go to the exit door on that level. When you go thru, follow a flight of
stairs down and go out the door; you'll pass a scientist at a nonfunctional
console. On the other side of the door, you'll encounter a wide concourse and
F5 message will appear.

Now follow the concourse on down to where you'll see two light cops kicking a
chot. Make a left and go thru the small door; ignore the large one for now.
Take the elevator up and you'll come out into a hall with red light. Go to the
end of the hall and activate the switch you see there. Go back to the elevator
and go down, then go to the big doors. When you open them, you'll see an
behemoth, as in view 1 below; watch as he salutes you. This is the behemoth you
saw earlier in the game when you passed a blue force wall, which we just took
down. Proceed directly forward to the corridor ahead, where you'll go up a
flight of stairs. Go right, and you'll hear machine gun fire. DO NOT go past
the corner of the wall. You have four armored hostile behemoths to get past
here. The one before was friendly; these are not. Stop and aim your weapon as
in view 2 below.

No, the picture is not wrong, you have targeted the wall. Aiming in this
should put your shot right on the behemoth. Your shot will go thru the wall,
believe it or not, as long as you are very close to it.. However, it won't work
for the other two behemoths further down, for some reason; you'll have to go
around the wall for them. When you see the screen bounce up and down, you know
that your behemoth here has fallen.

Now it's zoom-strafe time. Proceed around the corner, being careful to stay
close to the wall. Take out the last two behemoths as shown in views 1 and 2
below by slowly strafing the corners of the vehicle till you get an arm in view;
that's all you need. (Shooting thru the vehicle gives mixed results.) Take out
the last behemoth at the end of the hall in the same manner, and we are ready to
proceed to the next phase.

Now that you've decimated the hostiles, proceed down to the door where the last
behemoth is. Open the door, but don't quite go thru yet, to receive your next
message below.

Turn your back, and say a fond goodbye to your heavy cop, (who has quite a bit
mileage to have 95 or so life still.) Exit and go backwards thru the door; hide
to the right until it closes ( the maser weapon can actually do damage to a non
behemoth, but not as much as a standard weapon.)

Now you find yourself in a room that begins the next platform jump obstacle. In
the voice of the Clear Eyes guy, repeat with me, in harmony: Wow.

View 1 below shows us pointed towards the first jump point you need to be on to
start your historic exodus.

Now you can glide down thru the open door in view 2 above. When you get there,
you'll be at a door that opens only partially. Thru that, there's a door to the
left, and in the room beyond that there's a worker at the top of some stairs
working at a set of consoles. Get the worker and check out each of the
then go back down the stairs and back to where you landed. Jump up in front of
the big doors and open them, thus treating yourself to view 1 below. Now exit
your host, leaving him at the open doors. Flap onto one of the platforms that
are descending, get off at the second opening, then cross that to the other

Speaking of that, note some blue lights in view 2 across the way. There's a big
heavy object that moves on a trolley to the right, baiting you to use that, but
ignore it and flap over to the slanted walkway where the blue lights are. Use
that to walk to the other end, where you'll see a triangular platform. Use that
to scope the area out. At the end, you'll see a laserwall; your actual
destination is the hole below that. Flap across the various resting points and
glide down to that opening. Here we have phase two of your exodus; a platform
jump across what appears and acts like molten slag. View 1 below shows where
should be.

Jump up on the barrels and get to the room above. There's a rad worker in
get him and proceed thru the door that you see. You'll be in a loading zone;
view 1 below shows an overview of the area. Proceed to the other side of the
room, watch out for the trolley, the barrels will kill you. There's a gun
commander at the other side of this room on a downramp. Place yourself
strategically and do a BTB switch. Now go to the console and activate that.

Now get ready for the grand finale. There is a massive cutscene coming that
somewhat compensate you for all your efforts during your historic exodus. Take
your commander and go to the bottom of the downramps to the loading vehicle
there. Hop in and take the controls. Prepare to say goodbye to your gun

A word of warning here. First, save your game, and if you haven't got a clean
windows boot at this point, I suggest you exit the game and restart windows
without having run any other programs. It might be a good idea anyway, if
been playing for awhile. Occasionally the video does hang and we crash, but
of the time it seems to run ok. This will reduce the chances even further that
it will happen to you.

Now activate your vehicle controls.

When you exit the vehicle, you'll find yourself in what looks like (and actually
is) a seedy downtown district. View 1 below shows your next F5 message. When
you have a look around, be careful cause there are some cops at the other end of
the street. Hop into a dweller and get behind the easy cop at the end of the
street, like in view 2 below. Run that cop back to the other end of the street
around the corner and exit him. Run back around the corner before he comes to.
Now get another dweller and do a back to back with the remaining cop at the
end of the street, then run him around a corner out of sight of the first cop,
then depossess and go quickly back. Now you want to get up on the ledges with
the yellow energy fields, over where the cops were. Look carefully at view 2
below and you'll see the yellow off in the distance; that's your destination.

Hop up on the railing, then jump and flap over to the ledge. Jump over the
energy fields until you get to view 1 below. The second shot shows how you get
past this barrier.

Do some jumps over the remaining energy fields and you'll come out on the scene
in shot 1 below. A little care is in order here, the cops are thicker. Note
view 2 below; that's where you go to get the medium cop. Make real sure that
light cop's back is turned down at the end of the street when you do this.

Now, in possession of a medium cop, go to the other end of the street and follow
the stairwells all the way up till you can't go any further. You will be in an
area like in shot 1 below. There are three doors in this area proper; take the
second green one down from the lady in blue. There you will find a heavy cop
playing video games; sheesh, what a waste of time. Switch to that host and then
go down one floor to where there's a major load of police officers. Mosey on
over to the other end of the street, and you'll get the scene in shot 2 below.

With clearance to the sub girl's territory, we are now in somewhat of a pickle.
To be specific, we are severely undergunned. There is a major crew of sub girls
past the airlock doors at this police line. Unfortunately, the game script does
give you an alternative approach. There is a worker manning the airlock behind
window, where there happens to be a bazooka. It is possible to blow the door
down, but this is only possible from behind. The short story is, you have to
wipe out the worker to get the bazooka. This is unfortunate, but the reality is
that even with a bazooka you are going to be hard pressed to get thru the next
area without a slew of savegames. It is possible to get a prostitute past the
sub girl territory, but in order to do that you have to slaughter the entire cop
team at the police line, plus all the other cops on this floor, which is a whole
nother story. So it's six of one and a half dozen of the other. Honestly,
from the final fight of the game, this is the toughest battle in the game.

Even with the bazooka, the odds are that you are going to end up with a dead cop
and doing an in-battle host switch. I particularly don't like this decision,
in this case I recommend doing away with the worker and getting yourself a
(barely adequate) weapon; although of course you can try different scenarios. I
wish you luck...

If you do decide to try the bazooka way through, you have to shoot the glass
then throw a sticky grenade in the room.

Chances are your back will be turned to this last one as you get into the last
fourth wave sub girl, so just remember to turn around as soon as that happens.
Get close to her fast and you can probably make it.

Now we go down the stairs at this end as far as we can go, where we come to an
airlock door. Go thru that, and you find yourself in the piston room. Descend
to the bottom where you will see a switch. Activate that and you'll see the
piston crank up. Take the elevator as high as you can go, get off on that
then jump onto the top of the piston. Ride that to the next floor then jump
off; you'll be up there with two other sub girls. The one on patrol has to go.
Catch her at the other end, away from the one behind bars. View 1 shows where
should be. A grenade toss should take out the patrol, and if the other sub girl
does not fire at you for whatever reason, hop on the rail and do a backward exit
from your host as you jump over. Avoid fire from the girl behind bars, and
possess a rat at the end you see in view 1. Then go into the vent in the same

You'll eventually come out where she is...depossess behind her, take over, and
thru the door. Congratulations, you have made it to Pimp Daddy's hangout.

Put your sub girl behind the stone column where the movie is being shot, then
exit your host and run over to Pimp Daddy, shown in view 1. After you jump in
PD, go over to the safebox area on the wall and get the VIP password to Club
Kyd. View 2 shows this.

Now go to the center console in the middle of the room and activate that.
be carried straight to the entrance of Club Kyd. Go past the bodyguard and
your password at the terminal. This will allow you access to another elevator
and you'll be transported to the club entrance. There, you'll get a message
relating to your recent activities (?) and also another F5 message after that...

There is a break in the railing to the left as you are walking towards the club.
Put PD thereabouts and depossess. Go thru the break, and you'll be looking down
on a worker at a console some ways down. Glide down there, jump in, activate
console, then depossess. From here you can jump on the railing, then flap over
towards the other console in the area. Now you should be where we are in view 1
below. From there, activate the other console, then quickly fly thru the
electrical doors that open when you do that. After you succeed there, you'll
find yourself at view 2 below. This is YAPJO, or Yet Another Platform Jump

Now we are presented with a lot of rising and falling metallic platforms.
your way thru them until you get to a high point above a medium cop on a
concourse. View 1 shows us taking over. Aim for the window that was in view 2.
After you shoot that out, jump down there and make sure your weapon is
holstered. Turn the corner and point your back so that you can go towards the
worker. Take him over and activate the console there twice.

You'll see a little power accident happen with the energy beams after you
the console. Now, exit your host, and flap over to one of the turbines, where
are going to ride the updrafts. Keep going from fan to fan until you reach a
door, then go thru and keep going until you come to a platform. View 1 shows
where you should be now. When the elevator comes your way, jump on top and ride
it up. View 2 shows your getting off point, and the broken bars that you need
fly through to get to the next phase.

When you glide down thru the bars, you'll see a door open, then you'll see the
scene in view 1 below. A worker will notice you and a cutscene will introduce
him to the grim reaper. Avoid the heavy slamming metal objects as you make your
way forward. You'll finally come to a room where you have to possess an injured
worker, as you painfully crawl across the room to get to a panel so that the
walls won't crush you. After that, a door will open, and when you go thru, wait
for the elevator. When it comes, you'll encounter a dweller, so possess him and
wait for the door to open, as shown in view 2. When it does, you'll be at a
entrance to Club Kyd.

You'll have to put your hand on the console, and lose your weapon when the scan
stops, like in view 1 below. Then, you're clear to go. When you go through,
you'll get the F5 message in view 2.

Welcome to Club Kyd, at last.

Now that we're in the club, we need to move our way up the food chain. First
access to Bar 2. Do this by finding the door in view 1. There's a clergy girl
in there; you want to take her over. At the other side of the club there's
another bar, and another door in red; but it's not closed to you now. Head up
those stairs and when you get to bar 2, go for the ladies bathroom. You'll see
girl in there checking out a broken mirror, as shown in view 2. Switch hosts

Now we are ready for the dance contest. Find the curtain in view 1 below and
proceed thru and up the stairs. Win the dance contest, and you will end up at
elevator shown in view 2. This will run you up to the VIP lounge.

From here, we need to get into a commander. There is one here on the dance
floor; just do a BTB. Now find the elevator door as shown in view 1 below.
you get into that, a cutscene will activate, and the door will open; but don't
get out of the elevator. Get her to face the wall, then exit your host and run
out to a safe distance as shown in view 2 below, where you'll get your next F5.

The next step is a little tricky. There are two cops down below; you have to
down there when they are not looking. Wait till both of them are in the open
part of the courtyard below, when one is walking back under your platform, and
the other has his back turned. If you wait until one of them is directly below
you and the other has his back turned, your host won't see you coming and
will his partner, thus avoiding a firefight.

With a medium cop host in hand, go thru the next two doors, and you'll find
yourself on an open concourse with an elevator to your left. Activate that and
when your new gun commander comes out, do a BTB switch. Hop back in the elevator
and send it up. Activate the weapons console and you'll see the camera view
a real nice gun, shown in view 1 below. Note where the gun is pointed at. This
is the other gun turret, and you must lay waste to it in order to continue. The
secret here is to keep your fire continuous while you keep your target. The gun
has a tendency to go right as the fighting starts, so counter that and keep your
fire concentrated on the other turret until it is destroyed.

Now swing your weapon around to view your position in the elevator, and you will
be treated to view 2. Yes, there's your welcoming committee, all your loving
adoring fans. You have two choices here; I'll let you guess which one you need
to choose.

After your quiet evening with your fans comes to a close, head on over to the
door on the other side of the concourse and thru the door on that side. You
get a locked message in this area when you're passing thru these double doors,
but a second attempt to open the door works. Open the other door, but turn your
back to it, move forward and depossess at the same time. With a backward move
away from the elevator and your host in a more forward position, the door will
separate you two and you'll find yourself near an open red room with a scientist
and some rats. Possess one of the rats and head for the vent in that room.
your first left in there and go till you come out to a broken vent cover. When
you come out there, a bird will take you to the armored behemoth storage area.
Here you'll be on the same level with a medium cop; depossess behind him, and
note how you're being shot at by your buddy on the lower floor. Send him some
metal presents in return until he's taken care of, then activate behemoth switch
number 2 as shown in view 1 below. Go around to the other side of the platform
and jump on the railing, then jump on the storage box beside your behemoth,
positioning yourself as in view 2 below.

Note that we're already xferred in that shot. Now it's time to rock and roll.
Go to the door which you are now heavy enough to go thru. Proceed to the next
set of doors and open the last one, but do not go thru. Do a zoom and note the
three heavy cops straight ahead, as in view 1 below. The middle one has a maser
weapon. Concentrate your fire on him till the count of three; for some reason
takes awhile to put him down, probably cause of the distance. Next, you'll see
the other two heavies on the way to see you, aim low and take them out as well.

Your next threat is on the other side. Face the chasm and slowly strafe left
until you see this cop as in view 2 below. If you strafe to the point that you
activate the cutscene, you've gone too far; a little more to the left in view 2
is enough to remove this obstacle.

Now you've got two more maser cops to deal with. This is as easy as one-two-
three: one, disarm your weapons, two, strafe to the right to the position in
1 below, ( why, you ask? Well, because it reduces your number of maser targets
to one.) and then three: pull the trigger.

Now disarm your weapons again and go over to the door and open it. Don't go
thru, however; you'll get shot at. Instead, what we are looking for in this
are skull symbols; specifically, in your reticule. That's the key to getting
past this room. Place your screen in a way that you think you'll get a skull
target on your maser cop, then arm and run continuous fire around the head area
until you score; then swing to the behemoth's head ( don't even stop firing) and
hunt for another skull reticule. When you have one, you'll see your target

Now go to the door, and open it. Turn around, and move slightly forward while
you depossess backward like you did with your gun commander before. You'll find
yourself in the moon transporter center. Congratulations!

Take over one of the scientists and activate the console. The energy beam to
transporter will crank up and it's time to be on our way.

Well, here we are, we made it; we're on the Moon. Now all you've got to do is
clean Satan's clock, and you've got it made...no problem. Well, hope you've
enjoyed the trip here, and good luck to ya. Be seeing ya....

Heh, just kidding. Guess it's time to offer some pointers for the biggest fight
of all, the battle with Satan himself, in the flesh. Or everybody else's flesh,
as it where. In any case, this guy really deserves to get flogged, if anybody
does; he sure has pissed a lot of people off. At the very least, he's got the
local lady's bridge club really mad.

So it's just you and me, now. We've got to take this guy out, once and for all.
So you go first.

Heh, just kidding again. Ohh well, let's check out where we are here...in view
we get an F5 message, and a look around reveals a locked door and some consoles.
If you explore around you'll find three consoles in this area, two of which are
on the other side of a container conveyor belt. Activate all those, and take
note of the messages that you get. In the process of doing this, the door that
was locked before will come unlocked. When you enter that room, the last of the
scientist's messages will be presented to you. If you missed them, they are
shown below.

Whether this info can help us or not, remains to be seen. Now proceed to the
door with the pentagram, and go thru that. View 1 shows what this looks like.
Depossess your scientist and jump into the transporter beam. Why? Well, it's
useless to take anything with you anyway; hence the reason why we did'nt try to
get the armored behemoth in the moon transporter (which you can't do, anyway).
It's a you and Satan thing.

I don't need to tell you that things are going to get pretty tough after this.
Before you go that far, there are some things that you need to know.

1. The four valves in this area are supplying Satan with his blood supply.
Only workers can operate these...cut them off and the yellow force field goes
down, allowing you to run in and beat the crap out of him. NOT....

2. Workers and cops continuously materialize through transporter gates into
this area. They are targeted for possession...not just by you, but by a finite
number of "Satan's helpers". It looks like there are three of these baby
which after they are dispensed with, don't reappear.

3. If you grab all the cops when you come in and depossess, that will do away
with the guns in the area and allow you to more easily dispense with the demon
possessed that are left. How? Well...

4. One way is to get them to chase you as workers, letting them get pretty
on your heels, then fly off the edge of the plateau, thus baiting them off the
edge ( then fly back) and they'll plummet into the lava below. It's darn hard
do that with cops, though...they are not trying to hit you with their bare
they are trying to shoot you at range. That's why it's easier to try to get rid
of all the cops first before the bad babies get to them. It's not impossible to
bait them off the edge, it's just harder to do. Check out tip # 7.

5. Do not try to cut the valves off when you first get in. You objective
should be to rid yourself of all the demon possessed in the area first, then
after that you can go get the valves at your leisure.

6. Every twenty seconds or so, Satan blows an expanding perimeter of what has
got to be hellfire from his central position. He doesn't do this after his
supply is cut off, however. You must avoid this stuff at all costs. One way is
to get on the other side of a valve where there will always be a rise. A few
feet beyond the rise you are OK. You don't have to go near the edge of the

Another way is to hop in one of the blue transporter pads in the area just as
perimeter of the fire gets close, and transport to another pad just as it passes
over the pad areas. This can serve two purposes at once, especially if you're
being chased by a demonized cop.

Yet another way is to jump flap out over the lava if you're not near the
of a valve, then fly back in before you start to drop.

One way that I suggest you don't try unless you don't have any other
is to fly over the hellfire. I've had very little success with that one.

7. If it's you and a possessed cop, try going with hand to hand combat. They
can't shoot you if they're getting punched in the face. And the cops will
try to shoot. Keep them on the ground if you can.

8. When you get to the point where Satan is loose, and there's a host handy, I
highly recommend that you do not try to outrun him as Bob. A worker or a cop
do this, but Satan will catch up with you otherwise. Even in a host you will be
hard pressed to increase distance between him and you.

9. The way to keep Satan from catching you is to keep running around the
central "blood bank". Do this three or four times, then turn to face him, and
depossess. Which brings up another pointer...

10. The data from the scientists is actually true, lucky for you. The
is that you must be facing Satan directly in order for the depossession blast to
hit him. Otherwise, your depossession is wasted. This makes it critical that
you put sufficient distance between him and you so that you have time to turn,
aim, and depossess, then possess another host. Which reminds me...

11. Never depossess if you do not have a host behind you ready to go. You have
to turn, aim, exit your host, repossess, and start running again all in one
step. If you don't, Satan will be on you and he will chew you up and spit you
out. No no...I mean that literally. He actually chews you up and spits you

Now you don't actually get killed all in one chew. You're probably worth two or
three chews. There is a small cutscene while Satan has you, and of course your
keyboard and mouse are useless while that's going on. Until, that is, you are
thrown on the ground, at which time you have perhaps two seconds to run. If you
don't have a host to jump into at that time and then take off, you are demon

12. When you are running around the blood bank to increase distance, make sure
that you do not run around too many times. There comes a point where Satan stops
and waits for you to run right into him. More than four or five circuits around
is pushing it.

Don't worry if you end up burning your savegames right into ashes here with
reloading. As far as I can tell, that seems to be normal with this fight; it is
a tough one.

Below is a view of where you come out at in the lava crater. The second view is
after all four valves have been shut down, and Satan is loose. Note the red
indicator in the upper left of that screen. It probably takes four or five
to get that down to nothing.

Good luck with the fight.