MiG-29 Fulcrum чит-файл №1

Hint: Air-to-ground weapon use is poorly documented in the manual. The unguided
fuel air bombs can be tricky to deliver. Faster speeds and steeper approaches
help them fall more accurately to the targeted area.

Hint: Uneven payload distribution will make your aircraft unstable in flight.
Drop bombs in even numbers to keep the load balanced. If ammunition
conservation is a concern, the autopilot and autolevel features are handy for
keeping unbalanced aircraft under control.
Hint: It's hard to see incoming missiles, since there's no missile padlock.
Instead, use the threat warning instrument (press 3 on the keypad) or the
radar overlay (press function key F9) to see the direction the missile is
coming from. Keep your speed low enough to allow tight turns, and listen for
your MiG's automatic discharge of countermeasures. This tells you the inbound
missile is close, so turn in the direction of the threat.