Paladin's Quest чит-файл №1

Starting Point

Don't forget to buy Magic for the hero. Magic is VERY important in the
beginning of the game. You must us it
to defeat enemies to gain exp and gold. With the gold, buy better armor
and weapons. Level 7 is about the level
you want to be at to face the first boss in the Cave of Rester Island.


Medicine - Fills up the bottles that you have. (Minibl, Highbl, Megabl,
Gigabl, and Bombbl)
Fl Dor - An escape spell from dungeons
Home Dor - Sends you to the nearest town (Not to be used in dungeons)
ProBall - Lowers the amount of enemies you meet
S Tavern - Lets you hire a mercenary from almost anywhere (doesn't work
in dungeons or tower)
Magic Cards - There is Earth Cd, Water Cd, Sph Cd, Fire Cd, Heart Cd,
Sky Cd, Air Cd, and Light Cd. They increase
the strength of your magic permenantly

Items with Special Effects (please report any items with special effects

Sophie's Crown - Heals 800 HPs in battle


Storm - A huge blizzard hits all enemies
FireA - Unleashes fire on all enemies
MGWall - Increases magical defense of all party members
Blowup - A huge explosion damaging a random amount of enemies
MGDown - Increases magical defense of all party members (weaker than
DFDown - Lowers the the enemy's defense
FireS - Casts fire on one enemy
Warp - Sends you to the nearest town (Not to be used in dungeons)
LStorm - Tornados ravage the enemies
BreakG - Breaks a group of enemies
DFup - Increases the defense of one party member
takeHP - Takes HPs from the enemy and heals the caster
Dft S - A black hole appears and sucks the enemies away
Peace - Lowers the alount of enemies you meet
SPup - Increases your agility in battle
Bury - Calls upon the land to send waves of earth hurling towards all
STRup - Increases the Strength on one party member
Wall - Increases the defense of all party member
Spirit - The most powerful spell in the game, the on,y spell that can
defeat Doth the Immortal
Heat - Extreme heat burns all enemies to a crisp
BoltA - Lightning bolts attack all enemies
Freeze - Freeze a group of enemies, they can't attack, cast spells, etc.
FireG - Casts fire on a group of enemies BoltS - A bolt of lightning
hits one enemy
BoltG - Bolts of lightning hit a group of enemies
BreakS - Break one enemy
Escape - An escape spell from dungeons
Daze - Causes Confusion
Hire - Same as an S Tavern, lets you hire a mercenary from almost
anywhere (doesn't work in dungeons or towns)
BreakA - Breaks all enemies
ATback - Causes the enemy's attack to backfire causing damage to the
caster and the enemy. (only works on the caster)
Crush - Crushes the enemies
Dft P - Sacrifices the caster and heals all party members fully
Healup - Heal all aliments such as Paralyze, Confusion, and Freeze
AT S - Causes the enemy to focus all attacks on the caster
AntiPS - Cures Poison


When you hire mercenaries, if they die in battle they leave you and
return to the place where you got them. Here
are a few tips about the mercs. Destry is a thief. If you hire him, he
will steal a lot of gold from you and run away.
MeanMa will not leave when you ask her to. She must be kill out or ran
out of the party by Chill (I will talk about
Chill later in the walkthrough). JRazav and GRazav are brothers. The
strong one, JRazav will not join you without
his weakling brother, GRazav. GRazav is useless! Don't hire them.
Lilie.... Honestly, she is a bitch. She makes you
buy her 29,000G worth of items before she will join you. That is a waste
of money! Nails is cool! And WOW! He
has 3,000 HP! But Nails can't be healed by medicine and I am sure he
cannot be cured in the inn. He is useful for
a while. I have been told that Nails can in fact be healed. When you
attack an enemy with the weapon (eng drw)
in his left hand, it can absorb the enemy's HPs. Hawk, he is the best
damn merc you can hire! Get him in Ratsurk
after you go through Zaygos' Castle!

Finding Items

There are hidden items in the game. You must search the shelves in the
houses. Usually the hidden items are Magic
Cards that increase your magic abilities. The most important item is the
Gigabl (This heals all party members fully. It
is found in the Mayor's Mansion of Grantsurk on a shelf and on the beach
in Naskuot due north of the Northern

The Strongest Sword in the Game???

The most powerful sword for the hero, the Gomutai Sword, can be found
randomly by the ghosts that follow you
(you have to get something to put the spirits at ease, then they end up
being almost taken over). It's 2-handed,
but I found it much better to have than having a one handed weapon and a

*Note: This fact is yet unproven. I still believe the Wind Sword is more
powerful do to the fact that it attacks twice.

Magic School

You start out in the Magic School. Talk to Duke and accept his proposal
to climb the tower. When you reach the top
of the tower, go to the computer control and turn on the Dal Gren. All
hell breaks loose! You get wasted by the Dal
Gren. You wake up and the Magic School is destroyed. Talk to your master
waiting for you at town exit. Go west to


Talk to a man in the northwest area of the town. He will tell you that
the elder needs your help. Find the elder and talk
him. The elder's house is the house next to the man you spoke with about
the elder. The elder will tell you to go to
Rester Island and save the female hero. Go south over two bridges to
Rester Island. Enter the trees.

Rester Island

Be sure tn get the antidote bottle in the chest. it will come in handy
later. Head through the forest to the house. There
you will meet Fritz. He will join you. Oh no! All of the sudden three
hidious Goblins break into the room. Defeat the
Goblins and exit the house. The hguse and the trees are on fire. The
trees burn dcvn revealing a way to the cave where
thd female hero is. Go to the Cave of Rester Island.

Cave of Rester Island

Go through the cave and reach the boss. The boss is quite easy. Just be
sure to heal if necessary. Now go to the female
hero and save her. Exit the cave and head for Ratsurk. Fritz leaves you.
Go to the town elder. He thanks you and offers
you a place to stay. In the middle of the night, the female hero comes
in and says she wants to go with you. Go
downstair and the elder stops you on the way out. He gives the female
hero Sophie's Crown. Head west of town. You
find yourself at a little hut. Sleep there and save. Go to the Flying

Flying Camp

Talk to tha elder. He wants you to defeat the leader of the Purp Birds
on Denebra Mountain. He tells you to take Tiger
with you. Tiger flys you to Denebra Mountain.

Denebra Mountain

Head up the mountain. The bridge breaks and you fall down the river.
Head up the mountain. A boulder tumbles down,
almost hits you and stops the river. Go down, get the tools. Now go fix
the bridge and head up to the bird boss. Defeat
him and head back to the Flying Camp.

Flying Camp Revisited

Talk to the elder and he tells Tiger to take you to the way to Jurayn.
He drops you off. Head to the Cave to Jurayn.

The Cave to Jurayn

Go through the cave and you end up at the cave town of Hagudo. Hagudo is
plagued by molten lava. Talk to the
elder. He says the mine foreman. Talk to the mine foreman in the tavern,
he will only hel0 you if the piano player plays
a certain tune. Go to the inn to get the dancers. One of the dancers are
sick. You have to get the Glowing Scales. Go
down the well and retreive the glowing scales. (Note: They are not in a
treasure chest.) Give the sick dancer the glowing
scales. She is cured. Head back to the tavern. What's this? The way is
blocked by lava! Go down the well and head east
go up the rope to the tavern. Talk to the piano player, then talk to the
mine foreman. He will join you. Go down into the
well again and go to the lava source. The mine foreman will blow the
hole up and stop the flow of lava. Go back to town.
The lava is gone! Talk to the elder, then head up the stair on the west
side of town. Go to Jurayn.


Go talk to the Mayor of Jurayn. He is in the Floating Temple behind the
tavern. The mayfr wants you to save Jurayn.
Go down into the basement of the Floating Temple. Use the Sophie's Crown
on the idol. Then go upstairs and to the
other idol, but two Renegades block the way! Eliminate the Renegades!
Use the Sophie's Crown on the idol. You saved
the floating temple! Talk to the Mayor and receive the Navdex. Now you
can go past the north checkpoint. It is a long
journey from here. Head northwest to Doubor.


Go to the top house. Cure the boy with the antidote bottle found on
Rester Island. Talk to the man that says he has
nothing to sell you find your own stuff. Press A, A, B, X, Y at the
blank screen after he is done saying that. You will
hear little tones indicating the right button was pressed. A man there
says Daphne went to the equator and it is a long
journey there. Journey southwest to the equator where you will find the
Home of Daphne.

Daphne's Home

Talk to Daphne to find out where the Kormu Items are.

Sword of Kormu: Naskuot
Helm of Kormu: Saskuot
Armor of Kormu: Throne of Immortals

Go through the east door and go to Naskuot's Town of Lagon.


Get ready for the Dragon Cave. Head north to reach it.

Dragon Cave

Go through the cave. Meet Strabo the Monster of Dal Gren. He will help
you. Go get the Sword of Kormu. He will take
you to Saskuot. Strabo then dies... Finally after 10,000 years of
suffering! Go east to Barsas.


Nobody likes you in Barsas because you stink. Go visit the Traveling
Minstrels in their tent.

Minstrels' Tent

Talk to the girl. She says she wants to see the Helm of Kormu. It is
east. Go east to the Temple of Kormu.

Temple of Komru

Go get the Helm of Kormu. Here you will face The Guardian. Freeze the
Guardian to stop him from calling for help. When
you defeat the Guardian and bring the Helm back to the girl.

Minstrels' Tent Revisited

The girl is amazed that you have the Helm of Kormu. She gives you the
actor clothes some you can use the rope network
to go to Rekuon. Use the actor clothes, talk to the guard. He will let
you through.


Rekuon is the location where the Throne of the Immortals is located.
Climb the Throne of Immortals for 100G. Talk to the
Guess where the canoe takes you! Daphne's Home at the equator.

Daphne's Home Rev)sited

Talk to Daphne. She will tell you of Zaygos' Plan. Go through the west
door and head through the cave. Upon exiting the cave,
go southeast to Misiuto.


Talk to Joyce in the upper right hand house. She will tell you of the
grain called Kaiyowa. It will mask the stink. As you exit
Joyce's house you will be attacked. Zaran is easily defeated. Go
northeast to the Kaiyowa Cave.

Kaiyowa Cave

In the cave you will see plants growing. You assume that you must search
all of the plants to find the Kaiyowa seed. If you
try to take the green plants a Fake will attack you. The Real Kaiyowa
grain is brown! This will save you a lot of time. Now,
I will give you exact directions through the cave. Go north until you
reach four green plants. Head west until you can no longer
go west, then travel north. Now go east until you reach the rock. It is
a small path, barely noticable. Now, go south! Get the
brown Kaiyowa grain and go back to Joyce.

Misuto Revisited

Give the grain to Joyce. She will cook it and you will no longer stink!
Take Rope Network from Mishuto. Oh no! It is cut and
you are captured by the resistance. They take you to the Resistance

The Resistance Cave

Talk to Grunt. He is the leader of that resistance group. He says his
girl, Wind was captured by Zaygos troops. He must
hold the female hero captive to make sure you are not spies. He joins
you. Go to the town of Corshiuto.


Chill meets you at the entrance of the town and forcefully enters your
party. This kicks out one of your mercs. Head to
the prison where Wind is captive. Break her out. Chill is a Zaygos
supporter. She attacks you and calls the guards. Battle
your way through the town, exit and head back to the Resistance Cave.

The Resistance Cave Revisited

Talk to Grunt. He thanks you and gives you a Scout Message. Talk to the
female hero. She will rejoin you. Go back outside.
The resistance fixed the rope network. Now go west to Karon.


Talk to the girl at the inn. Hey it's Joyce! She tells you to show the
scoout message to the inn keeper. The inn keeper asks you
to get the glow seeds in the Southwest Tower. Go get the glow seeds and
return to Karon. You give the glow seeds to the inn
keeper and he laughs at you and tells you he is one of Zaygos' minions.
Go outside the inn to the center of town and beat Garana.
After he is defeated go southeast to the Resistance Hideout.

The Resistance Hideout

Give the guard the scout message. He will let you in the hideout. Talk
to the leader there. He will give you a canoe to go to


Talk to the Mayor of Roki. You need to get Ragni's spirit. Go to the
temple in the south. To empty the water, use the computer
controls. On the last computer control you will fight Bubbley. He is
tough. Attack with the Sword of Kormu and lots of magic.
Heal often! Bring the Ragni's spirit back to the mayor and he will let
you join the parade. Go east to the castle of Zaygos.

Castle of Zaygos

Talk to Zaygos. He greets you by dropping you in a pit, taking the Kormu
items and your medicine, along with your mercenaries
Then the Noi Gren Monster appears. He will easily bury you in three
hits. When you wake up you are in prison. Talk to the
people there. Go to the east wall and BOOM! Fiery has come to save you.
Don't forget to invite Chen to join you. He is one of the
prisoners. Go through the wall, fill up your medicine bottles, and save.
Dkn't go south it is a dead end. Go east. Follow the path.
Don't go in the first room. There is nothing there. The next room will
contain the Kormu Sword. Continqe on and go in each room
and retreive the Kormu helm and armor. Now, face the Noi Gren Monster.
The Sword of Kormu is the only thing that damages him.
Use the others to heal and to suffer the horrific damage that the Noi
Gren Monster unleashes. It will hit you for a minimum of 250
damage and a maximum of 650. It can also attack all party members for
about 300 a piece. So heal away and destroy him! After the
Noi Gren is dead. Zaygos will try to attack. Fiery protects you and
tells you to go down the hole behind the Noi Gren. Now to
explore the large Castle of Zaygos. Use the Sophie's Crown on the Fire
Door. Head to the large room with the Item and Save Robots.
Go straight up to the stair and go up them. Find the Sophie's Ring,
Sword, and Gown. Sophie's Gown opens the Water Door
(Door #2), Sophie's Ring opens the Wind Door (Door #1), and Sophie's
Boots opens the the Earth Door (Door #3). Go through the
Wind Door (Door #1). Find Sophie's Boots. Go to the Water Door (Door
#2). You end up at the Magic School. Talk to the Master.
Go back through the Water Door in Magic School. Now go to the Earth Door
(Door #3). Go through to Reiyold.

Large Room Doors

Door #1 Stairs
Door #2

Door #3
Door #4


Talk to you mother. She says the to talk to the captain to get a boat.
Get the boat and go south to the little island.

Dasdan Island

Go in the hole. Get all the items there. Go back to Reiynold.

Reiynold Revisited

Damn that Zaygos! His men are attack the town. Go to your mother's
house. Kill the boss. Talk to your mother. She tells you
to look under the bed. Hey! A secret passage! Take the ship and head
east. Use the map by pressing Y. Go to the large island
out in the eastern ocean. Go to the Unknown Island.

Unknown Island

Enter the Tower. Go to the top. Talk to the man. He has been waiting
10,000 years for you. He will send you 10,000 years in the

Lennus - 10,000 years ago

Go in the hut. Talk to Sophie and Kormu. Kormu will transport you to
Grantsurk. Talk to the Mayor of Grantsurk. He says Gabnid
is psycho. Go to the Tower and talk to Gabnid. Gabnid revives Strabo!
Fight Gabnid on Strab/. After you defeat him, stab Strabo
with the Kormu Sword. He will crash near Kormu's hut. Talk to Kormu and
Sophie again. Sophie sends you to the Labyrinth of
Crystal. You need to use strategy here.

Labyrinth of Crystal

Hahahahaha.... Now it is time to use your head! This Labyrinth is hard.
You can defeat it on your own! It is possible. Avoid Doth
and head to the end of the maze. The answers to the two questions are:
Question #1: F and Question #2: E. Now it is time to defeat
Doth. Cast Spirit on him. He is dead instantly! Talk to Sophie and
Kormu, then leave on the Time Traveler. Go back to the Tower on
Unknown Island.

Tower of Unknown Island

Talk to the man at the top of the tower again. He tells you about
Kaymat. Get in the Time Traveler and fly around to find the Dal Gren.

The Dal Gren

The Dal Gren is located at the Throne of Immortals in Rekuon. Go back to
the Magic School talk tn the Master. Remember Zygos'
Castle? The one with all of the passage ways? Enter the Water Door in
Magic School with the Sophie's Gown. Now enter the large
room. Go up the stairs. Find your way through and you will end up at the
top of the Throne of the Immortals! Enter the Dal Gren. Hey
it is your old friend, Duke. What is god's name is this crap!? It was
Zaygos all along! He wanted you to activate the Dal Gren. Now,
you must fight Zaygos! After, you defeat Zaygos, he joins with Kaymat
and they attack. Tha Zaygos/Kaymat team are quite powerful.
Once you defeat them, the Dal Gren is destroy and victory is yours!

*Note: For defeating the game I recommend about level 55 or higher.
These last battles are pretty tough. Cast tons of Defensive
Magic such as ATback (This will cause the enemy's attack to backfire),
SpeedUp (This will insure that you get the first attack), Wall,
MGWall, DefUp, etc... ATback, SpeedUp, and Wall are the most important.
The others are optional. Attack with the spell of Spirit and
heal every round with Gigabl (This heals all party members fully. It is
found in the Mayor's Mansion of Grantsurk on a shelf and on
the beach in Naskuot due north of the Northern Checkpoint). And last but
not least, you need some better weapons and armor.
Remember the town earlier in the game where people said they had the
best weapons and armor in the world. Alas, you couldn't buy
them because the shop owners said you smelled like you were from
Naskuot. Now, go to Barsas and buy the Storm Armor, Good
Shield, and Rage Helm. These items will increase your defense +50 from
the Cosmo items! Don't bother getting the Rgn Sword. It may
be more powerful than the Wind Sword, but the Wind Sword can attack
twice making it the strongest sword in the game.