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"I feel its presence, icy fingers upon my throat. I hear its eerie sounds,
unsettling my every
thought. I try in vain to slumber, my reveries gripped by violent terror. My
only Salvation, the
shock of awakening. Something is very, very wrong here..."


Version 3.0 : The last and final version of this FAQ...created Dec.8, 99
Version 2.0 : Totally changed, more information, Now created for newbies to the
game, and
people that have played it for awhile.

Sierra: For making such a great game.
Sierra Insider Guide: Get some information on the game from it.

Introduction to Phantasmagoria
Well if I remember properly Phantasmagoria was released in 1996. When I bought
this game I
thought it was so cool, AMOF I still think that this game is awesome. It has a
very good
storyline and good graphics for the date it was created. In this guide you will
find out
almost everything I know about Phantasmogria..please enjoy.
Author: Skyler Boerens
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Disclaimer: I did this work to help people. By reading this you have agreed to
the following:
- You will not sell this document for profit.
- You will not put it up on another webpage without permission.
- You will not modify the document in anyway shape or form.
- If I give you permission to put my Guide on a Website you will give proper

Table of Contents

I. Introduction to Phantasmagoria
(a)Installing Phantasmagoria
(b)The Phantasmagoria Interface
II. The Quick Walkthrough
III.Things to Try
IV. Phantasmagoria Characters
V. Unfinished Answers to Phantasmagoria
VI. Interviews
(a) Viewing the VMD Videos
(b) VMD Video Descriptions
(c) Zolton Carnovasch Diary

Introduction to Phantasmagoria

Installing Phantasmagoria

Put the Phantasmagoria CD into the CDROM drive
Go to DOS
If your CDROM drive is D then type D:, if it is something else then type that.
Press Enter
Type Install
Follow on-screen instructions

Insert the Phantasmagoria CD and follow on-screen instructions

Insert the Phantasmagoria CD, click File then Run.
Type in your :\Setup
then press enter

The Phantasmagoria Inteface

Watch Introduction - Click this button to witness an introduction video to the
Start New Game - Click this to start a new game, duh!
Continue Old Game - Click this to load a previous game that you have played.
Quit - Click to quit the game entirely.
About - Gives credits of the Phantasmagoria Team.

Taking Objects - Sometimes when you click a highlighted cursor on an object
within the game
area, the item will disappear from the scene when Adrienne takes it and reappear
in an
inventory box at the bottom of the screen. The game is designed so that Adrienne
will only
need a maxium of eight inventory items in her possession at any given time.

Manipulating Objects - When examining an inventory object in the three-dimension
view, be
sure to move the cursor over the object thoroughly. If the cursor highlights,
click on
that spot to reveal the object's hidden secret.

Using Objects - If you want to use an inventory object in the game, click on the
inventory box
to pick up the item. The cursor will change to show your selection. Move the
cursor over the
game screen. It will highlight when passed over an area or object where the
inventory item
can be used.

Viewing Objects closely - Its a good idea to examine all inventory objects you
collect. To do so
click on an item in the inventory box. The cursor icon changes to show your
selection, which
will look like the selected inventory item. Click the inventory cursor on the
eyeball located
on the lower right hand side of the interface panel. The object appears in 3-D
within an inset.
Close the inset window by clicking on the box in the upper left hand corner.
Then click the
cursor in an empty inventory box to store the object.

The control button is located in the middle of the interface panel at the
bottom of the screen. Click this button to access the following game control

Chapter Progress gauge - This bar keeps track of how far along you are in the
current chapter
of this particular game.

Restore - This button gives you the chance to go back to the last place you
dropped a
bookmark (save). Please bear in mind that restoring causes any progress made
since your
last bookmark to be lost. The Cancel option lets you back out of your decision
to restore
and returns you to the game where you left off.

Save - The save option lets you move the bookmark to your current position in
the game, thus
saving your progress up to that point. If you change your mind, choose cancel to
leave the
bookmark where it was and return to the game.

Play - This button closes the options panel and returns you to your game.

Quit - The Quit button gives you several options. You can move the bookmark to
the current
point in the game and then quit. You can quit the game without dropping a
bookmark. If you
do not update the bookmark's position, restoring this game will return you to
the last
place the bookmark was dropped. Canceling returns you to your present position
in the game.

Volume - Click on the up and down arrows to adjust the volume accordingly.

Screen Size - Depending on your computer's capabilities, you may have the option
seeing the movie sequences as half or full screen. Full screen movies are the
best, but
if they appear slow or out of sync, try the half-size videos.

Rating - Phantasmagoria automatically defaults to the uncensored version. You
can decide
to switch to the censored version of the game, in which scenes have been edited
to screen
out adult content. Restoring an uncensored game will require typing in the
password again.

The >> Button - The Fast forward button allows you to skip ahead to the end of a
controlled movie sequence. Caution: if you havent already played a section of
the game, the
fast forwarding button may make you miss an important part in a movie sequence.

The Hintkeeper Icon - To the left of the interface panel is a helpful skull
known as the
Hintkeeper. If you find yourself in a desperate situation and need a tip on how
to proceed,
click on the Hintkeeper. but beware, he makes no bones about his assistance. It
would be
wise not to ask for help unless you need it desperately.

The Quick Walkthrough

[Chapter 1]

+ Stand up from the kitchen table.
+ Go to the locked door in the Library by the fire place.
+ Walk out to the driveway, through the front door.
+ Drive the BMW to the village.
+ Go talk to the realor in the realtor Office.
+ Get the key from the file cabinet.
+ Drive back home.
+ Go to the Library use the Key.
+ Go inside the Library. and select the fireplace, realize that it is fake.
+ Look again at it, to see the secret room.
+ Find the Black Onyx Figure on the desk in the library.
+ Look at it, put the object to the eye on the right. (On the Command Bar)
+ Use the knife on the Fireplace.
+ Go through the hole she makes.
+ Notice the stand straight ahead of you, take off the bible from it and then
open the little box.
(You then see the "Spirit" flying up the stairs, suddenly you hear don yell, you
rush to his aid, he says a lamp fell on him, Don wants to rest)

[Chapter 2]

You are typing on your laptop when don comes in screaming at you saying you
do anything for him, and that you never got the drain cleaner he asked for,
says she'll get the drain cleaner.

+ Open dresser Drawer in the bedroom and get the 5 dollars.
+ Walk out of the house jump in the BMW.
+ Drive to the village.
+ Go to the General Store.
+ Talk to the clerk.
+ He says he has some, give him the 5 dollars.
+ Drop 25Є into Help the Helpless, Clerk will talk about the house a bit.
+ Go into the carriage house, give the talk to don.
+ Give the cleaner to don.
+ go into the house, go to the second floor, and knock on the darkroom door.
(You knock on the door and ask him about dinner, he tells you to go make it.
If you didnt give him the drain cleaner it will automatically give it to him,
then he shuts the door on you)

[Chapter 3]

You and Don are outside having a picnic, Don suddenly has a bad headache, he
leaves to go take a rest in the bedroom, you see a figure peering over to look
at you while you clean up the picnic stuff.
+ Walk to the tree where you see the strange figure.
+ He says that his ma needs help in the Carriage house.
+ Go into the house, get the poker by the fireplace.
+ Walk into the kitchen.
+ Get the matches out of the drawer by the Kitchen Table on the right side.
+ Go into the patery (right to the leftside of the table)
+ Turn on the light, and move the carpet
+ Use the poker on the trapdoor.
+ Use the matches to see, go down the stairs.
+ Pick up the hammer on the ground
+ Go back out to the carriage house.
+ Go up the ladder onto the hayloft. (by the lady that is stuck)
+ Take the pitchfork from the right on the wall.
+ Okay use the Pitchfork on the Pulley You will automatically pull it over to
+ use it on the lady stuck in the haylift. Have Cyrus pull on it.
+ After she is out of the hole, look at it, use the hammer to get the nail out.
+ Go off the hayloft, and go talk with Cyrus and Harriet until you hire them.
+ Leave the carriage house, go back home.
+ Go to Floor 3 (Floor with the Nursy and your bedroom)
+ Off to the right is a door (from the nursy room)
+ Use the newspaper and put it under the door.
+ use the nail on the door lock.
+ get the newspaper with the key.
+ Go all the way to the top, and look at the books (you discover that it is from
+ Leave the house
+ Drive your car down to the town.
+ Go to the General Store, get a bone from the complimentary Soup Bone Barrel.
+ Walk back to your car, look to your left, there is a house go over there.
+ Notice the mailbox
+ Give the bone to the Dog
+ Open the gate and proceed to the door.
+ knock on it.
+ Let her see the book you found in the tower room.
+ See will let you talk to malcolm.
+ After go back to your Car and drive home.
(Don will then approach you and to make a long story short, will tell you he
want you to talk to the towns people anymore)

[Chapter 4]

(Its early in the morning you are brushing your hair, Don comes in and starts to
kiss you,
It seems as though he wants to make up, but then he becomes aggressive, a little
later you
finish dressing in the bedroom)

+ Go downstairs and meet Hariet ,you will give her some chores for her to do.
+ Leave the house through the *Dining* room door.
+ You see Cyrus teasing your cat, you yell at him for that, he runs off.
+ go inside then come back outside.
+ you will see Cyrus choping wood.
+ Talk to him.
+ Walk south of the crypt, to the pace where part of the trail has been washed
+ Cyrus will be there and he will automatically make a path for you.
+ cross to the other side.
+ Pick up the small metal device on the trail.
+ continue on, discover the greenhouse, you can go in there to see a gruesome
+ Go passed the greenhouse use the metal device on the scope.
+ Look through the scope discover that there is another room by the tower room.
+ Go back to the house, go right up close to the tower room.
+ Use the hammer on the Wood.
+ Explore the new room.
+ Go back to the reception hall.
( As you come down to the reception room you see Don fighting with the telephone
and accusing him of flirting with you. Eventually the Phone man leaves, Don
gives you
a look and walks off)

[Chapter 5]

(You are having a dream, blood coming down your face, you walk up in a frantic,
and look
around making sure everything is alright)

+ Go downstairs to the reception hall, Cyrus will come in the door and say that
his ma
wants you in the carriage house.
+ go to the carriage house.
+ Talk to Harriet.
+ After the scene happens, go to the house.
+ Walk to the conservatory.
+ Look at the wall to the right.
+ Go through the secret passage.
+ Follow the secret passage.
+ Follow the passage inside of the passage.
+ Follow the first floor secret passage straight ahead until you see the button
on the
+ Press the button, go through the new secret panel.
+ Go straight and you will enter the theatre.
+ go through the door on your right.
( in the reception hall, you spot Don on the couch drunk, you decide to leave
him alone
and go to bed upstairs)

[Chapter 6]
(You go downstairs and see Don back where he was last night, you beg him to
leave the house
he acts as if he is going to hit you, but a knock on the door interupts it, Don
answers the
door and tells the phone man to hurry up and finish his job)

+ Walk into the theatre.
+ Go to the make up room (the only other door in there)
+ Open the armoire in the makeup room discover the photograph, and take it.
+ Examine the photo.
+ Walk out of the house, and drive your car.
+ Walk to Malcolm's house
+ Knock on the door, give the photo to the housekeeper.
+ you will get all the information on the house that you have been dieing to
know from
Malcolm, after the conversation is over go back to the house.
( The phoneman just finishes up, when he leaves, Beyond sight Don axes the Phone

[Chapter 7 - The Final Chapter]
(You are packing up, you look at the photo which shows you and don at a beach,
it also
shows don puting on makeup all over himself, and laughing hystically)

+ Go to the nursery pick up the glass behind the door.
+ Go to the chapel and go to the left, there will be a secret panel go through
+ Follow the tunnel, and get the rosary beads on the top of the sarcophagus.
+ Go back to the house where you came from.
+ Go into the makeup room in the theatre, get the snowman on the ground from
+ Go to the darkroom.
(You see photos of yourself, with the photos cut at the head of your body, Don
+ Don will try to choke you, use the acid by the counter.
+ Get the spellbook off the center table, Don will get you.
+ The Next thing that will happen is that Don will put you in a torture chair in
the theatre. As soon as you can use and object use the snowman on don.
+ Grab the lever on your side, and the blade will hit don.
(You run to don, crying, he says your name before he dies, suddenly the house
to shake, Dons body falls through the floor, then araises a demon)
+ Go through the secret passage on the right side of the entrance.
+ Go to the right.
+ you will notice a big hole where there is nowhere to go, click on the
pipe, you will automatically jump on it and climb over to the otherside.
+ Run down the stairs, open the door and then close it, and bolt it.
+ Turn and you will notice Carno's Secret chamber.
+ Notice Carno's Corpse, get the Talisman from Carno.
+ Place the book on the panel, use the talisman on the book.
+ use the glass to cut yourself.
+ Use the rosary beads or the curcifix and place it on the spell book.
(The story will do the rest, I hear there is a second ending in which
Don comes out alive, if anyone has information on this please email me)

Things to Try

[ Chapter 1 ]
- look in the dining room mirror and notice that the reflection is different of
the portrait
over the fireplace.
- go behind the counter in the reception hall notice the bottle of absinthe
- pet the cat on the couch in the reception hall
- get your fortune from the fortune-telling machine
- play the player piano in the reception hall
- lie down on the bed in Carno's bedroom
- open the wooden jewelry box in Carno's bedroom to see Carno's ruby ring
- open a dresser drawer in Corno's bedroom and notice the cigarette case
- open the vanity drawer in Marie's bedroom and see the letter written from
- Have various conversations with Don in his darkroom on the second floor
- turn on the water in the darkroom sink while Don is underneath it
- examine the strange contraption in the collectibles room and notice a wierd
arc emanating from it
- examine the small cloud hovering above the crib in the nursery
- try to get the teddy bear in the nursery
- look more closely at the small painting lying on the floor of the conservatory
- examine the large painting on the easel in the conservatory and find nothing
streaks of paint
- look in the large vase on the floor of the conservatory and find a
gardening apron with a large H embroidered on it
- use the various toiletries by the sink in the bathroom
- try to enter Carno's Tomb from outside
- try to opeon the locked Carriage house door
- open the mailbox in front of Malcolm's house and notice a letter addressed to
Malcom Wyrmshadow
- open the desk drawer in the library and notice a letter written from Carno to
his friend
- open the old magazine lying on the library table and read an article about
Carno's Magic
- open the Bible in the chapel and notice Carno's family tree

[Chapter 2]
- get your next fortune from the fortune telling machine
- notice the dropping level of absinthe
- check the strange phonograph music coming from up in the collectibles room
- check on the eerie baby's cry coming from the nursery
- examine the large painting on the easel in the conservatory and notice more
- give drain cleaner to Don in the carriage house
- enter antique store
- ask the proprietress of the antique store about Carno
- look into the display case of the antique store about Carno
- go into the realty office and notice the realtor with the slinky blonde
- knock on the door of Malcom's house
- open the wooden box on the altar in the chapel and notice the bizarre spell
[Chapter 3]
- talk to Don while he is lying on the bed
- look more closely at the monitor of the laptop computer in the bedroom
- notice again the dropping level of absinthe
- get your next fortune telling from the fortune-telling machine
- go down into the basement and hear sounds of a woman sobbing
- examine the large painting on the easel in the conservatory again
- talk to Harriet while she is sitting peeling potatoes in the carriage house
- talk to Cyrus while he was sitting and skinning a rabbit in the carriage house
- give the tarot cards to Harriet while she was sitting and peeling potatoes
- use the newspaper to catch the key when you poked it with the nail on the
third floor
- read all five of the articles in the scrapbook of old newpaper clippings that
the proprietress
of the antique store showed you
- go into the realtor's office and talk to the realtor about the phone man
coming to your house
the next day

[Chapter 4]
- examine the large painting in the conservatory again
- look in the mirror in the collectables room and notice the vision of Carno
killing his Wife
- examine the gold necklace that magically appeared in Carno's bedroom and hear
voices of a man
and woman agruing.
- notice again that the level of absinthe has lowered again
- pet the cat on the couch
- get your next fortune telling
- give the tarot cards to Harriet when you first meet her at the bottom of the
- give the taror cards to Harriet while she is washing the dishes in the kitchen
- notice Harriet cleaning in various places
- talk to Cyrus in the carriage house after Harriet is through cleaning in the
- enter the old greenhouse at the end of the trail
- pick up the trowel lying on the greenhouse and witness Carno killing yet
another wife
- look in the large clay pot in the greenhouse
- talk to the telephone man in the entryway of the parlor
- ask Lou, the proprietress in the antique store some more questions
- try to see Macolm again
- look in the mirror in tha attic and notice a shimmering of a strange wooden
object behind you
- look closer at the portraits of four women in the attic
- open the trunk in the attic and look at various items within it

[Chapter 5]
- look closer at the monitor of the laptop
- examine the large painting in the conservatory again and notice a partial
picture forming
- look in the mirror in the attic to witness Carno kill his wife Leonora
- open the dresser drawer in Carno's room and notice one cigarette is missing..
- notice again the dropping level of absinthe
- get your next fortune telling
- look in the mirror in the dining room and see the vision of Carno killing
another wife
- look closely at the fishpond in the yard and discover the dead body of spazz
- pick up a red rose that appeared by the gazebo in the yard and then see the
vision of
Marie and Gaston plotting Carno's death
- discover the secret panel leading into Marie's room from the secret passages
- discover both secret panels lending into the chapel
- find recently-discarded cigarette butt in the secret passage
- discover the underground tunnel leading to Carno's crypt
- eventually make your way to Carno's Crypt
- Use poker to pry open the lid of Carno's sarcophagus
- Use poker to pry opeon the lid of Marie's sarcophagus
- examine the strange chair sitting on the stage of the theatre

[Chapter 6]
-look at the absinthe bottle that is missing
- get your next fortune
- talk to the telphone man
- look closely at one of the wine casks in the basement and see a horrible
vision of
Victoria's corpse bobbing in wine
- look into the flip-card machine on the stage that shows Marie trying to kill
- look into the mirror in the make-up room and see Carno's disfigured face
- Notice the broken laptop
- examine the almost complete drawing in the Conservatory again
- take the cameo brooch from the attic
- find the empty absinthe bottle in the secret passages
- talk to Harriet and Cyrus in the carriage to find out that they are leaving
- trade the cameo brooch for the crucifix in the antique store

[Chaper 7]
- examine the large painting in the Conservatory room...notice the face of a
- take the shard glass from the nursery
- get the roasy beads lying on top of Marie's sarcophagus in the crypt
- try to open the front door of the house to leave..but it wont let you
- use various weapons on windows, etc.
- go through the secret panel into Marie's room and discover the dead telephone
man's body.
- go into the theatre and discover dead Harriet while Don is chasing you around
the house
- run into the underground tunnel while Don is chasing you to discover Cyrus's
- run into the crypt and hide in Marie's sarcophagus while Don is chasing you
around the house

Phantasmagoria Characters

Adrienne (The Heroine)
Adrienne is the only controllable Character, and is the star of the Game.
Adrienne is a
powerful character that explores and gains knowledge throughout her discoveries.
she gets a little too curious of things...which is her weakness that gets her
into some
major trouble situations, But hey what would be the point of the story without
Adrienne is married to Don and is a magazine writer.

Don (The Husband/Demon Possessed)
At the beginning of the game, he is a caring and loving husband. However later
in the game
Don becomes possessed...thus making him mean,evil,jealous, everything negative
you can think
of. Don is only "normal" in chapter 1.

Carno (Evil Magician/Demon Possessed)
Corno was a famous magician back about a century ago, Carno got dissappointed
with his tricks
he used when he was preforming. So he turned to Black Magic to create real
tricks, However,
Carno became possessed and became a Serial Killer. Killing five wives, each in
there own
gruesome way. Eventually, Carno is killed and his past killings are still in the

The Demon
Created somehow by Carno, Phantasmagoria revolves around the demon of the house.
The Demon
possesses people into Evil,Crude, and Vengeful killers. The Demon can be
destroyed but Adrienne
must find the way to destroy it.

Harriet/Cyrus (Bums)
Harriet(woman) and Cyrus(young man) are bums that, sadly found the Carriage
house to stay in.
Later on Adrienne discovers them and Harriet/Cyrus get sucked up into the


Victoria Morsell
Lorelei: You played the role of the herione, Adrienne. Could you tell me a bit
about your
Victoria: Adrienne Delaney is a successful novelist, married to a photographer
named Don. At
the start of the story, they're very much in love. Adrienne's a pretty strong
person. Because
she's a writer, she's very inquisitive.....and if the player plays her right,
she's a hero.
If not, she dies.
Lorelei: I get the impression that she is in no way a typical ditzy horror movie
Victoria: Not at all-she's very smart. She doesn't do incredibly stupid things,
you don't see
her screaming in her underwear. The character isn't about decoration. She's a
very real
Lorelei: How Refreshing!
Victoria: Isn't it? (laughs)
Lorelei: What was your experience prior to working on Phantasmagoria?
Victoria: I've done quite a bit of TV; mostly sitcom work. Most recently, I was
on the new
Wayans brothers Show. I had a recurring role on "Martin" for the first season.
Oh, and I just
finished a film called "The Random Factor."
Lorelei: What a great title! What is the Genre of movie is it?
Victoria: I guess you'd call it a sci-fi/drama/comedy.
Lorelei: Sounds like fun! Speaking of science fiction, what did you think of
acting on a
virtual set with the blue screen?
Victoria: I've never done anything like it. It was weird! You knwo the sort of
feeling like you
don't know where you are. There's no set at all. You place yourself in the
environment by
looking at the monitor. You get used to it, but it's like being in a limbo at
Lorelei: There are a lot of special effects in this game. Were you in many of
those shots?
Victoria: Not as many as you might think. Most of the really extreme effects at
the end of the
game were filmed with models of my head and body. Unlike David and Robert, I
didnt have to wear
too much makeup, either. At one point I had to get all muddy and wet...it was
kinda gross! It
was really weird to get the plaster cast of my face done. The special effects
guys kept saying
You might panic once your face is covered, but I said nah, I'll be fine. Yeah,
Right. When they
put the last layer over my face, it was an awful sensation, like being buried
alive. To tell
you the truth, it was pretty scary. It made me get all paranoid.
Lorelei: Had you worked with animals before?
Victoria: I had never worked with animals before, but I have three cats at home.
The movie cats
where great. There were actually two of them, playing the same cat. One was
better at jumping
and leaping around, and the other was really mellow.
Lorelei: Did you work with rats much?
Victoria: No, I didn't have to work with rats directly, but I used to have mice,
so I wouldn't
have minded, I saw them in their cage. They were pretty cute!
Lorelei: Was working on a multimedia project different from other acting
Victoria:In a way it was really filmlike, but it was more technical. I found it
because it was more physically constructive. You had to stay within the shot or
you'd find
yourself walking through couch. It was strange to do so many different versions
of the same
Lorelei: Ah, the glamour of the silver screen. Other than offscreen kibitzing,
what did you
find the most challenging about the project?
Victoria: When we were filming the final scene, and I'm strapped into the chair
pleading for my
life. It was a difficult scene to start with. I had to work up a lot of geniune
then we had to film several different versions. It was hard to keep that up for
take after
Lorelei: I'll bet! What are you working on now?
Victoria: I'm taking a break. I have lots of things in the works, though.
Lorelei: So, I've heard rumors of an offscreen romance with your Phantasmagoria
co-star, David.
Victoria: That's right! We just hit it off from the very start We're together
Lorelei: That's wonderful. Is there anything you'd like to add?
Victoria: Just that I had a great time working on this project. Cindy, David and
I were the
three musketeers. We all had a lot of fun. The Sierra people were all so nice.
It was better
than working on film. There was much less ego.
Lorelei: Would you want to do another multimedia project?
Victoria: Yes, Definitely!

David Homb
Lorelei: What projects have you worked on before Phantasmagoria?
David: I've had a lead role in seventeen different movies, and I've done some
guest starring on
TV, and quite a bit of theatre.
Lorelei: Tell me a little bit about the role you played in Phantasmagoria.
David: Well, I play a photographer, the husband to Adrienne. We buy this
incredible house in
the country, and she happens to let out a bit of a bad spirit. It takes me me
over, and I go from
a loving, nice, hardworking husband to an extremely dark, sinister, manipulating
Lorelei: Was that a different kind of role for you?
David: Yeah. I'd never done anything heavy like that at all.
Lorelei: You'd never played a bad guy before?
David: No!
Lorelei: What did you think of working on a multimedia project?
David: It was wonderful. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had in the
entire entertainment business.
Lorelei: Why was that?
David: Working in a new medium, first of all. Second of all, I had a lot of
freedom with the
part. Roberta and the director Peter gave me a lot of freedom. And of course,
since the game
has different pathways, sometimes we'd film four different responses to question
from one of
the other characters, ranging from polite to psycho. That was a lot of fun.
Lorelei: That must have been different.
David: It was. It was very technical. Even more technical than film, with the
blue screen and
all. We'd be in the middle of a scene, and they'd yell "Cut! David, your arm is
going through
the living room wall!" (Laugh) Keeping that stuff in mind kept you on your toes.
Lorelei: What are you going to be working on next?
David: Im going to be co-starring in Orion's next picture, then Im going to
Texas to star for
six weeks in a medieval action-adventure.
Lorelei: How Wonderful! Would you ever work in a multimedia project again?
David: Oh, abosutely!
Lorelei: Anything else you wanted to add?
David: Just that I really enjoyed this whole experience. Roberta and everybody
were really,
really good to work for. Im looking forward to playing the game! My little said,
" So when we
play, will we be able to kill you?" and I sad " Oh, Sure, Several Ways!" and she
said "Well,
good bubba!"
Lorelei: Thats great!
David: Youll have to catch me first though.

>>If you want all the interviews...you will need to buy the Phantasmagoria
Stradegy Guide<<

Unfinished Questions/Misc. to Phantasmagoria

1. Where is the Real Entrance to the Chapel?
2. Why didnt Adrienne tell Don about the gruesome discoveries?
3. Phantasmagoria resembles the 1980 show The Shinning in many ways
4. Why was the rooms so oddly placed? (Carno, Marie, Victory, etc. were all in
seperate rooms)
5. Did Don and Adrienne Sleep in the same bed after all the situations that were
6. How did the Key on the third floor get on the otherside of the door?
7. How in the world could a letter opener take of the motor from bricks?
8. Why is the Fortune Machine off limits in Chapter Seven?
9. How did the hole get in the secret entrances in Phantasmagoria?
10. In the Beginning of Chapter Two what happened to the Picnic Basket?
11. Where did Carno's Body go after Adrienne kills the Demon?
12. If you use the VMD Video Trick...why is there old Videos of the Game?


Viewing VMD Files

Windows 95/98
- Edit Resource.win and change the movieDIR to a directory that is blank.
- Close and save changes
- Copy the VMD files you would like into that empty Directory.
- Rename the VMD that you want to view to 10.vmd, this will allow you to have
the selected
video play as the Introduction.
- Run Phantasmagoria and select Introduction, if done correctly you should see
your selected

VMD List
HUGE THANX TO: Anthony Larmy for this
Note: I only did the Videos that I feel that are important

Disc #1
10 = Introduction to Phantasmagoria
30 = Introduction to Chapter 1
740 = Carno's Bed Grabbing Adrienne
1540 = Romantic Kitchen Scene
2100 = Removing Bricks from the Library
2140 = Picking up the Bibel in the Chapel
2170 = Chapter 1 Ending
2905 = Paranoma of Reception Hall from front door
3005 = Paranoma of Reception Hall from second floor

Disc #2
745 = Adrienne Getting grabbed by Carno's Bed without Don
2290 = Introduction to Chapter 2 (a)
2291 = Introduction to Chapter 2 (b)

Disc #3
3070 = Introduction to Chapter 3
3970 = End of Chapter 3
5460 = Attempted Murder on Carno

Disc #4
4550 = Murder of Hortencia in greenhouse
3980 = Introduction to Chapter 4

Disc #5
4970 = Found Dead Cat
5030 = Marie/Gaston Plotting
5440 = Victoria's body in Cask
5030 = Malcom's tale

Disc #6
4950 = Death of Victoria
5850 = Death of Phoneman
5855 = Introduction to Chapter Seven