Фантасмагория чит-файл №1

In the first chapter, there is a book visible on the coffee table in your
apartment. Ctrl-Alt-click on the book to see the cover: Wes' Big Book of
Tractors, Book 1. Do the same thing in the second chapter, and you'll see Wes'
Big Book of Tractors, Book 2.

In the third chapter, when you're in the network room in the Wyntech offices,
click the screwdriver on Curtis five times, then click the hammer on Curtis
once for some funny animation.
Here's a great one: in the psychiatrist's office in the fourth chapter, before
you talk to Dr. Harburg, click your wallet on the framed diploma. You will
receive a pop-up box that asks "Who ARE you?" Type batman and press Enter.
After you have spoken to Dr. Harburg, and she has recorded her notes, she'll
say "Next!" You'll see one of the filming crew leap in, dressed as Batman.

When you're in the Wyntech offices in Chapter Four accessing Warner's
computer, log in as Trevor. Use bellybutton as the password. You will gain
access to three arcade games!