Фантасмагория чит-файл №1

0: Okay, first off: if you are under 17, return this game now. It's NOT
for you. Sure, Sierra put in a "Less Intense" version of some of the
scenes...but if you actually watch them, you are a.) too young to be
playing this, b.) too squeamish to be playing this, or c.) just plain
crazy to have bought it in the first place with that big "WARNING:
EXPLICIT CONTENT!" sticker. Secondly, this walkthrough contains a lot
of "unnecessary" stuff (you don't really have to talk to the rat every
day or look at certain things or call certain people) but given that
this is a psychologically-based game, I figured...why not throw in just
about every piece of psych-out stuff I could find? That said, on with
the show...

Click on the mirror, then go right, and click on the nightstand next to
the bed. Click on the drawer. Take the screwdriver, granola bar (in the
wrapper), and the photo. Exit and go left. Click the left slanted arrow
direction to go to the living room. Click on the photo on the coffee
table, then take it, and exit the close-up. Go left, then click on the
square cage in the middle of the case on the right. Click on the bottom
of the screen (down- pointing arrow). Click on the bookshelf. If you
want (not necessary), take a look at the picture to the left of the
bookshelf; that's Sierra's design crew for the game. Exit that
close-up, then go left and head off on the angled direction (up & left)
to the front door. Click on the basket on the door.

Click the up & right direction to go back to the living room. Use
"Today's Mail" on yourself. Look at the postcard in inventory & click
on the magnifying glass to read the other side...hmmm. Verrrry
interrresting. Exit that & go back to the front door. Click on the
front door. Go back to the living room. Click on the couch. Well,
there's your wallet. Bloody rat... Go left and click on Blob's cage
again. Go right, then use Blob on the couch. Use the granola bar on the
couch. Go back to the front hall and click on the door again. (Note:
Blob's not on your shoulder as you stand in front of the door, but she
IS in the movie when you walk up to the door. Strange...) Travel to
Wyntech (click on the word Wyntech on the map...duh.) Open the door on
the right. Click in the up & right direction.

Click on the boxes, then on the monitor to move them out of the way.
Click on the door, then on the keyhole. Exit (down-pointing arrow) and
Curtis puts the boxes back. Go right, then through the door to exit to
the hallway. Examine your wallet in inventory. Take the keycard out and
click it on the sensor (the box with the light) next to the first door
on the left. Click the water cooler. Go right, and click on the door
you see to the left side of the screen in the little hallway (Curtis's
right). Click the right-angled directional. Then click the left-angled
directional. Click on Tom, then click the wallet on him, then click the
key card on him, then click the back arrow to exit. Click the
right-angled directional. Click on Jocilyn twice (hmmmm....also
interrrrresting). Click the parent photo on her, then the Christmas
party photo on her, then the postcard on her...not from her. Strange.
Okay, click "down" to exit, then go right. Click the right directional,
then the right directional again. Talk to Bob. Ahh, no wonder Curtis
said he was a rat.

Click on him again to give him the ol' one-finger salute. Click down,
then click the left directional. Click on Therese, then click the
postcard on her. Uh-oh...click down, then go left. Click the left
directional. Click on the chair. Exit the closeup, exit your cubicle,
take the right directional. Click on Trevor, then click the Christmas
party picture on him, then the postcard, then the key card, then the
parent photo. Go back to your cubicle. Sit in the chair. If you like
rodentia, click on the picture of Blob. Click on the notepad that's
sitting left of the keyboard. Exit that and click on the phone. To dial
extensions, press the actual button keys. Strange how the same key
makes different tones sometimes...oh well. Call Jocilyn (6992) twice.
You can also call Trevor (6125), Tom (6120), Therese (3038), or Paul
Allen Warner (6996). If you try to call Bob, Curtis refuses. You can
also call yourself for a good little jest at Ed McMahon. Click on the
computer. Type in BLOB and press the LOGIN button, after which you get
punched by something invisible. And a voice calls you "FREAK!" Just
like in the opening movie. Weird...

Call Trevor (6125) again. Then call yourself again (6100) and NOT quite
have as much fun this time...(heh heh!) Go out of your cubicle and go
to Trevor's. Click on him, then exit & go over to Therese's cubicle.
Click on her, then exit and go back to your own cubicle. Sit in the
chair, click on the computer. Open the CurtisC folder, open the
"Venimen-Sagawa" file. Read the documentation (do NOT click on the
actual file text, just use the scrollbar to read it) Click on the
Archive folder, click the Cancel button, open the other folders...and
read the Venimen documents in there. Read the Employees files. Then
click the E-mai (mailbox) icon on the lower left. Read your mail and
answer when appropriate (Trevor's jokes & Therese's little mush-note).
You can reply however you like to them (doesn't matter). You'll also
get responses to your e-mails if you hang around a couple minutes.
Anyway, click on the leftmost icon at the bottom of your screen.

Open the Venimen file again in your own folder, and click on the
document itself three times. Uh-oh. Now to get REALLY confused, click
on the monitor again. Pick up the phone & call 6125. Go out of your
cubicle and go into Trevor's. Click on him. Hmmm... isn't that strange?
He just told you to get over to his cubicle post haste, and he acts
like he's surprised to see you! (Small Sierra goof, maybe? Or a sign
that Curtis is really going nuts?) Click on the waiter, then click on
Trevor three times. Click on the door on the right (Network room
again). Exit to the right & out, then click on the water cooler

Nice toss, huh? Go to her cubicle and click on her. Go to your own
cubicle, and sit in the chair. Click on the monitor, open your folder,
and click on the Venimen file. Exit the closeup, exit the cubicle, go
to Bob's cubicle and click on Bob. What a jerk. Go to Trevor's cubicle
and talk to Trevor. Hmmm, that promotion thing again. Go to your own
cubicle, and sit in the chair. Click on the monitor. As the letters
cycle through, click on each when it's on the appropriate letter to
freeze it in place. You want the word to spell out "RATBOY", which
unlocks the file...Bob's nickname for Curtis. Exit the computer, then
the cubicle. Go to Bob's cubicle and click on him. JERK. Leave the
cubicle and go right. Click on Warner's door, then go left and look at
the small plaque on the wall at far left. Click on the desktop, then on
the family picture, then on the desk drawer.

Go back to your cubicle, sit in the chair, click on the document for
the Venimen file, then exit the cubicle, and exit out to the hallway
(this is weird; you can't click on the door directly behind you; you
have to actually turn around by first facing the cubicles, then turning
again! Strange...) Click on the door on the right; you wind up back
outside again after an interesting clip with the cables coming to life.
Click "down" to exit Wyntech. Go to the Dreaming Tree. Click on
Jocilyn. Click on Max the waiter, then click on Jocilyn three more
times. Use your wallet on the check that's on the table. Back at the
apartment, examine the business card in inventory for a flashback and
some info. Exit the inventory closeup. Now get any kids out of the room
and click on Jocilyn for the end-of- chapter movie. Hmmm...bet the guy
playing Curtis really objected to this scene, now didn't he? Neat
ending, though...rather gruesome. Then we're off to CD #2...

Speaking of gruesome...bye, Bob. Good riddance. Go into the front hall
and check the mailbox. Go into the living room and click the mail on
yourself. Look at the "greeting card." Click Dr. Harburg's card onthe
phone. Go left. Click on the rat cage. Exit the apartment and go to
WynTech. Talk to Jocilyn, then Trevor, then Therese. Hmmm...not much
conversation here. Click on the main office door, then on the door past
the main office door (on the left)... Warner's office. Click on the
Post-It note on the floor behind you for a close-up. Take it. Exit
through the door behind you. Ooh, boy, Bob REALLY got it, didn't he?
Click on Detective Powell (bitch of the first order, as you will find
out later). Now just wait until she asks about Bob, then when you've
got a free moment (when she's not asking you anything), click on the
left side of the aisle to see our wonderful buddy eating...something.

Do it again just to see this guy eating an eyeball...lovely. Now, in
the Dreaming Tree (where you wind up), talk to Jocilyn (on the right)
twice...oops. Now talk to Therese three times...this woman is WEIRD. Go
to the living room in your apartment. Click on the rat cage...oh,
great, now your RAT is cursing you! Click on the bookcase. Go into the
bedroom, then click on the mirror. Go back to WynTech. Click on
Warner's door in the main hallway, then go into the main office area.
Go BACK into the main office area and go into TOM's cubicle. Pick up
the phone and dial 6996. Leave Tom's cubicle and go into Warner's
office from the main office area door. Click on the desktop, then on
the computer. Read the document.

Exit the computer and click on the family portrait. Open the desk
drawer and grab the key. Exit the close-up. Go to Bob's cubicle. Click
under Bob's desk on the left. Take the button. Exit the close-up. Exit
the office area and go into the Network Room. Diagonal right. Move the
stack of boxes, then the monitor. Use the key on the lock. Click on the
bottom of the screen (there's a file cabinet there in the dark) to open
it. Take the toolbox, then click on it. Hmmm...not good. Exit the
storage room and go back to your apartment. Go into the living room.
Click the toolbox (in inventory) on yourself. Take the dress (on the
right). Take the file folder. Examine the file in inventory to read it.
Click the tool tray. Bolted in, huh? You could try the screwdriver, but
it doesn't work. Go to Doc Harburg's office. Click on Dr. Harburg, then
use Bob's button on her. Click on the paperweight on her desk on the
left. Now click the following objects on the Doc: Christmas party photo
(Uh-oh... homosexuality alert! Rate it NC-17!), photo of your parents,
Threshold file, lace twice, postcard, greeting card, then her own
business card. Go to the Dreaming Tree.

Talk to the waiter twice, then click on the menu twice. Go to the
Borderline. Talking to the bouncer does no good, and neither does the
postcard...show him the greeting card to get past him. Talk to the
patron at the bar...that's a GUY? (Sorry, I shouldn't have told you to
do that...won't hurt you, but it IS funny...) Click diagonal left.
Click on the left door. Uh...yeah. Now there's something you don't see
every day...do you? Click to go back. Go diagonal up & right. You can
try to go ahead, but the bouncer will stop you. Click back to get back
to the bar. Go left. Talk to Therese three times...and get a drink from
the waiter at the Dreaming Tree. Odd coincidence, don't you think?
Click on the drink, then click on the guy onstage. After that wonderful
experience (and a subsequent...well, more interesting experience), you
wind up lying on your back at home.

To end the chapter, click on the ring in your belly button. AAAUUUUGHH!
Not only is this gross, but the sudden "slimy tentacle coming out from
the bandages to grab the little kid's face" is actually fairly
unsettling (just because you don't expect the thing to come from
THERE...) Welcome to CD #3 (things get faster until we get to the last

When you wake up, the phone's ringing. Go into the living room and
click on the phone. Click on the drop box to get the mail, then go to
the living room and click the mail on yourself. Hmmm, a book
signing...Adrienne Delaney's "How To Cope With Loss," huh? Wonder what
she talks about losing...couldn't have anything to do with her
accidentally releasing a demon that possessed her husband so that she
had to kill him, COULD IT NOW? (For those of you who haven't played the
first Phantasmagoria game...yes, this is an "inside joke.") Walk over
to the rat cage and talk to Blob. Now exit and go to WynTech. Go into
the Network Room, go right diagonal, click on the plastered door. Back
up, and there's a desk to the left side of the screen... click on it
and take the hammer. Go back to the main hallway, then click on the
Network Room again...ah-ha.

Ooh, what NICE eyes you have, Mr. Demonic Entity Thingy...NOW go to the
main office area. Well, we know Warner's a jerk, but this sequence is
further proof of just how much fun Detective Powell is to be around.
Click on your computer. Click on CurtisC, type in "BLOB" and Log In.
Now, if you're working on the computer, you may notice that
occasionally, your "arrow" cursor turns back into the WynTech Logo
cursor. When this happens, watch folder and file names...they start
changing (briefly) to words like "MURDER" or "DIE" or "CANNIBAL" or a
couple dozen more. How nice... Click on the e-mail icon and read all
your mail (reply to those that allow you to).

Also notice the wonderfully friendly messages from "your father" and
from "Hell" (that one will appear shortly), not to mention the message
"from you" with the title "ME" sent to all employees. This should all
add up to one thing...Mr. Demonic Entity is somehow tied into the
computer system. That's what they get for going to Windows 95, I
guess... Click on the document icon, open the CurtisC folder, and open
the Alotharia9.doc file. Click on the document. Open the Archive folder
and type in "CARPE DIEM" then hit the OK button. Open the Threshold.doc
file. Open the Memos folder, and read the three documents. The
passwords are the words you found on the memo in Warner's office...to
open Access.doc, type INFECTION. To open Energy.doc, type REVELATION.
To open Curtis.doc, type DESECRATION. Leave your computer, and use the
phone to call 6125, 6992, then 6114...uh, Bob? Aren't you supposed to
be dead? The phone will ring in a couple seconds.

Click on it to answer it...BOB, I TOLD YOU, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!
Call 3038 twice...uh...yeah. Then call 6100...great. Okay, leave the
cubicle and go to Trevor's. Talk to him three times, then go to
Therese's cubicle. Talk to her twice. Uh...yeah. She...er...it...wants
more, huh? Great. Exit her cubicle and go to Bob's cubicle. Click on
the box. Ah, goody...more blood. This game's got more blood than your
average WHALE has. Go to Jocilyn's cubicle and talk to her
twice...typical male. Exit her cubicle and click on Warner's door. Go
to your own cubicle. Crazy hallucinations. Exit the cubicle and click
on Warner's door again. Uh-oh. Flashback...and now you're in a loony
bin. I love the "music" for this section...it bugs the hell out of me.
Click on the nurse, then on the two patients rolling the ball back and
forth. Talk to the woman under the table towards the bottom on the
right twice. Uh, yeah...would you mind NOT biting your own wrists,
thank you? All right now click on Curtis, then on the strap buckle.
When the two nuts in front of you roll the ball back and forth, click
on the ball. Click on Curtis, then on the buckle, go right, and hit the
right diagonal to close out this nightmare...go to the Dreaming Tree
and talk to Trevor four times.

Go to your apartment and go into the living room. Click the toolbox on
yourself, then examine the hammer in inventory. With the hammer
close-up still open, grab the screwdriver from inventory and click it
on the hammer to make "combined tools." Click the "close" button on the
inventory window and click the "combined tools" on the toolbox tray.
Take the letter and read it...whoa. Not good. Exit the letter, then
exit the toolbox, click the letter on yourself. Go over to Blob's cage
and click on it...gee, thanks, Blob. Go to the bookshelf and click on
it...nice library, huh? Go to the bedroom and look in the mirror.
Lovely effects...now go to Doc Harburg's office. Click on the Doc, then
click the following objects on her: Photo of parents, Christmas party
photo, postcard, greeting card, Threshold file, letter from your father
twice, lace, and finally Bob's button. Go to the Borderline.

Talk to the guy at the bar...hmmm, Curtis's attitude certainly is
changing, isn't it? Right diagonal, then straight ahead...note again
Curtis's changing attitude. Exit the Borderline and go to your
apartment. Click on Therese three times to close out this chapter...and
get not only a weird hallucination of your father as a zombie going to
bite your neck, but a view of the rather tragic death of Tom
Ravell...now that sucks. I LIKED him! On to CD #4, I guess...

Talk to Detective Powell four times...see what I mean? This woman is a
BITCH! Look in the mirror; nice, Curtis. Wonder what the doc'll say
about you flipping yourself off. Go to the front hall and get the mail.
Go to the living room and click the mail on yourself. Invitation to the
Borderline and a letter from Mom that turns into a squished eyeball.
ACK! Go over to Blob's cage and click on it three times (the third time
is just for cuteness' sake). Go over to the bookshelf and click on
it...Curtis is REALLY losing it, isn't he? Use the Doc's card on the
phone, then go to WynTech. Go into the main office area and go to Tom's
cubicle. Oh great...more chewing-out, and a zombified Tom. How sweet.
Exit WynTech and go to the Dreaming Tree. Talk to Trevor four times. Go
to Doctor Harburg's office. Click on the Doc once, then on the
snow-globe twice, then twice more on the Doc. Hmm, "psychotic episode,"

Gee, that was a brilliant observation...he only said he HATED being in
the mental ward, so what do you do? Suggest they put him in one again,
huh? BRILLIANT! Where'd this woman get her psychiatry degree, Sally
Struther's learn- by-mail school? Go back to your apartment. Wait a few
moments. When the door is knocked on, open it. Click on Jocilyn
twice...oops. Click on the mirror (NICE sequence with the "zombie" eyes
and the lightning bolts!), then go to the living room, and click on the
hairpin on the cofee table...take it, then go to WynTech. Use the
hairpin on Warner's main hall office door. Click on the desk, then the
computer. Select CurtisC, type "BLOB," click Log In, click on the
E-mail icon, and read Trevor's mail message that says "READ THIS!" Hit
the Log Out button, exit the system, then click on the computer again,
and pick PWarner for the login name.

Type in CARPE DIEM and hit Log In. Click on the two-computer icon at
the bottom of the screen. Select CurtisC and click the Up Arrow next to
Security Level. Type in BLACKLOTUS and hit OK. Exit the computer
interface after you get done with our buddy, Mr. Entity. Click on the
desk drawer, then use the screwdriver on the drawer. Take the piece of
paper on the left, then the book on the right. Examine both in
inventory (open 'em). Exit the desk close-up by going left. Click on
the door in view to go back to the hall. Go down the hall to the back
door. Use your key card on the sensor to the right. Use the key card on
the sensor that's left of the elevator doors.

Click on the double doors, then on the strait- jacket on the
floor...then on the second doorway, then on the toy on the floor...then
on the third doorway, then on the blanket on the floor. Apparently,
Warner threw YOU into this Threshold thing when you were a child...and
SOMETHING happened to you there. This is NOT good. Go to the door at
the end of the hall on the right. Click on the door. Save your game
here, because this is a timing trick, and if you don't do it fast
enough, you die. Click on the keypad to the right of the door. It has
five buttons. The timer starts as soon as you touch one. Clicking a
button cycles the number on it down by one each time you click.

So, QUICKLY click the buttons so the display reads "1" for the first
number, ignore the second number (it stays "0"), "9" for the third
number, "5" for the fourth number, and "8" for the last number.
(October 9, 1958...you go that from Warner's speech). If you make a
mistake or don't do it FAST, you're dead. End of story. Do it right,
and you're in a computer room. Click on the Computer. Type in the
password "ROSETTA" (you got that from the codebook). When you get asked
about the Twin, click the "WHY" button, then "YES," then "WHY," then
any button-the aliens ask you to enter the Threshold chamber. Press
Exit, then click on the little panel to the right of the big door.
Another key sensor? But do NOT use your own card on it, or you're dead
(found that one out the hard way).

Exit the computer room and wander all the way back to the
elevator...then click on the buttons next to the elevator to go back up
to the upper floor. Go down the corridor, exit WynTech, and go to the
Borderline. Talk to the leather-woman at the bar. For an interesting
sound, click diagonal left to get to the restroom door closeup and try
to go in...uh, nope. Go back to the bar and turn left to sit down with
Therese. Talk to her twice, then click on the drink in front of you.
Diagonal right. Try to go through the back door, then click the
invitation on him. You go up to the door. Click on the puzzle below the
door handles.

Clicking on any of the four pieces will rotate it. Clicking too MANY
times will rotate ALL the pieces. So, start at the top left and rotate
all four pieces so that the green quarter-circles are facing the
center...then click on the center of the puzzle. Click on the rack on
the right. The Gimp! (Sorry, that's a Pulp Fiction joke...) Now click
on the curtains to end Chapter Four...note (if you're able to) what
you're lying on during your...er ...experience with Therese. Note the
handle on the left (this will come in handy later, believe it or not).
Curtis drops into bed and finds the bondage hood, and then...well,
let's just say that's all she wrote for Therese, as she gets manacled
up with an apple stuffed in her mouth, then gets stabbed in the gut and
electrocuted in her own blood...now THAT is cool! Sick, but cool! And
we're on to the last CD and the hardest part of the game...

Click on Detective Powell...oh yeah, NICE woman. Now click on the rat
cage. Click on Powell twice more...ARRGH! BITCH! Look in the mirror
twice (once for the axe scene, once to relive Therese's death). Go to
the front hall and click on the drop box. When something is delivered a
moment later, click the box again. Go to the bedroom, go right, click
on the nightstand, take the wallet, exit the closeup, and go to the
living room. Go over to Blob's cage and click on it. Click Dr.
Harburg's card on the phone...after the sequence (uh-oh) you wind up at
her office. Click on the phone. The Doc's screaming her head off. Save
your game here, then move the cursor across the desk until you get a
down-arrow cursor, then click. This part takes timing...the security
guard shows up and holds you at gunpoint. When he looks at the melted
Doc, click on the doorway to escape (wait too long and you get shot).

Go to WynTech. Go to the main office area. Click on the water
cooler...ick! Now go to your cubicle and sit in the chair. Click on the
computer...damn entities! Exit your cubicle and go to Bob's. Click on
the magnifying glass. Exit that cubicle and go to Tom's. Click on his
computer. (I know, I know, I shouldn't be putting you through all this
garbage, but isn't it EVIL?) Go to Warner's office, click on the
desktop, then on the computer. Choose CurtisC, type "BLOB" and Log In.
Click on your E-Mail icon and read it all...uh-oh. Trevor's in trouble
now...and the letter from your dead mother is NOT nice. Log Out, then
click on the computer again, select PWarner, and type "CARPE DIEM" to
get in. Open the PaulW folder and open the goldmine.doc file.
Ah-ha...crazy bastard. Click on the "Graphic" button. Click on the
Print button. Exit out to the main hallway. Go to the Network
Room...and Trevor gets killed by the Network Cables (gonna have to talk
to MIS about that one), and you finally meet Mr. Entity!

He's the Hecatomb, and he's just NOT a nice guy, is he? Click on Trevor
to get his card key. Go to the glass doors, use Curtis's card on the
sensor, then on the sensor at the elevator. Go through the first set of
doors for another flashback... hey, WHY are you covered with slime?
Hmmmm...go through the other sets of doors to the underground computer
room and click on the computer. Type in "ROSETTA" and hit random
buttons until whoever's on the other end suggests you enter the
Threshold. Click the Exit button, click on the key sensor, then use
TREVOR'S card on it (not your own!) Push the second button from the
left. Welcome to the Threshold. Click on the console...and Warner shows
up and points another gun at you (that's two so far this chapter).
Click on Warner; now THIS man is an asshole! Click on him again to find
out some truly fascinating information...YOU are an alien! THEN, the
Hecatomb shows up...click on HIM to find out HE is the real Curtis
Craig. Whoa, MAJOR wackiness here, folks...click on the Hecatomb again
to get zapped with green lightning from your mom's severed head (no,
this guy is NOT nice).

Click on the Threshold control panel at the center of the screen.
Welcome to the alien's dimension. You've got to move quickly, or a
bunch of aliens show up and kill you. Click on the big stalks right in
front of you. Grab the red slime in the closeup. Exit that closeup and
go down. Click on the creature to your left. Take it. Go right twice
and click on the creature behind you. Take it. Go right. Click on the
starfish-shaped creature to your right. Click on the creatures on the
left. Take the fungus in the closeup. In inventory, look at the
starfish-shaped creature, then click the "D"-shaped creature on the
starfish closeup to get a very weird looking "combined creature." Now
turn right and go diagonal left.

Click low on the electrical wall, save the game, click HIGH on the
electrical wall (if you click low again, you're toast...almost
literally). Turn left. Click on the bubble-thingys. Click the pink
fungus in inventory on the remaining bubble-thing. Grab the bubble
thing in the closeup. Go back to the electrical wall and click the
"combined creatures" on it. Click on the plume on the far right side of
the screen. Welcome to "your" home. Walk up to the encased body. Save
your game here...you're about to go through a series of actions that
leave you little time to think...

Click on the encased body. Click on the surgical tray. Click on the
syringe on the left of the tray. When you wind up with Jocilyn, click
on the GUN (not on her!) Now you're back at WynTech. As soon as you
can, click "down," then grab the card key IMMEDIATELY, exit the
closeup, then IMMEDIATELY click on the elevator door on the right, then
as fast as you can, use Curtis's card key on the sensor...if you don't
do this fast enough, the zombies of Bob, Trevor, and Tom kill you. Now
you're on that bondage rack again...remember how I mentioned the handle
on the left side of the screen? Pull it NOW, and you wind up in your
back yard with Mommie Dearest. Click on her, and you wind up back in
the Hecatomb room. Click on the encased body twice, then click on the
gold slime, turn left, and click on the cave opening. Go left, and
click on the pipe to your right. In inventory, examine the "alien
slime," then use the "alien glop" on the slime closeup to get "alien
ooze." (Great descriptions, huh?) Use the ooze on the pipe. Climb up
back to the Threshold.

Click on the green globes to the left side of the gate. Use the
"electric alien" on the unlit globe. Back away from those and click on
the circuitry hanging above you on the right. Click on the viewscreen
in the middle of the console. Now for the weird part. In the weird
"control panel" you see, look at the extreme lower right. See the four
disconnected plugs and the "sockets" just above them? Connect the
purple plug to the green socket, the orange plug to the blue socket,
the green plug to the purple socket, and the blue plug to the red
socket. Now look directly up from that...see the three disconnected
wires and three sockets?

Connect the orange plug to the purple socket, the green plug to the red
socket, and the purple plug to the green socket. Now look up at the
left top corner. See the spiky buttons to the right of the four- plug
arrangement? Click on that. This fires a laser into a ball just below
it. Click on that ball. Click on the spiky button again. Click on the
ball again. Click on the spiky button again. Now, look right of the
spiky button and right of the relatively large sphere. See the circular
knob almost directly over the "heart?" Click on it. Then click on it

Click on the spiky button one more time. Note there are three switches
that flash just down and to the left of the "heart." Push them in the
order they flashed...first red, then yellow, then blue. Now then, see
the triangular button on the left side near the bottom? Click twice on
it. NOW, just to the right of the spiky button is a relatively large
sphere. Directly connected to that (below and left) is a spherical
button. Push it. You wind up going through the Threshold device. Save
your game here if you like. Now you've got two choices...stay as a
human (click on Jocilyn) or return through the Threshold and become an
alien once more (click on the Threshold). It's your choice. Personally,
if you think about it, you stand accused of murdering four people, your
girlfriend will probably never accept the fact you're an alien, that
detective hates you, your job is gone, your best friend is
dead...personally, I'd be an alien and tell Jocilyn to go pound sand.
But, that's up to you. Oh yeah, and be sure to watch all the way
through the credits to find out what happens to Warner...GAME OVER MAN!