Sid Meier's Gettysburg! чит-файл №2

By Rock567, Version 2.5

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Version Info
3. Union Day 1 Scenarios
4. Union Day 2 Scenarios
5. Union Day 3 Scenarios
6. Cheat Codes
7. Controls
8. E-mail Me
9. Credits

1. Introduction
OK, this FAQ is under way. Sid Meier's Gettysburg is the
first of two Civil War games made by Firaxis Games and Electronic
Arts. The other is Sid Meier's Antietam. Now there is a third one
called South Mountain which a friend of dad's got for us.

2. Version Info
Version 2.5: added Confederate Codes

Version 2.0: more codes, controls, and scenarios added

Version 1.5: Added codes to site.

Version 1.0: It is the first version. That means everything is
new. When it comes out, V 1.5 will have the controls

3. Union Day 1 Scenarios
Day 1: By selecting Day 1 as your scenario you will command
the Union 1st and 11th Corps and Buford's Cavalry. You will
defend against Ewell and Hill. By choosing the Stonewall
Jackson variant you receive the 12th Corps as well. The catch
with the addition of the 12th Corps, Confederates come down the
Mummasburg Road. Be careful and watch for Trimble's division,
making a flanking maneuver.
If you play the battle, the real battle, you always start
with McPherson's Hill. On Heth, you have five of Lysander
Cutler's Regiments with an artillery battery and Thomas
Rowley's brigade coming up. On Hill, it is the same thing
except you have the brigade commanders. Longstreet gives you
more artillery, Reynolds, Wadsworth, Meredith's brigade and
Gamble's Cavalry. Lee gives you the same but not as much
artillery. NOTE: these advancements in units also have
increasing difficulty Heth being the easiest and Lee being the
hardest. If you are able to hold out and keep McPherson's Hill,
you go to Will's Woods If not, you go to Seminary Ridge.
Will's Woods: Heth gives you the ability to use
commanders for the first time. You also get weak opponents on
all levels that easily retreat. I am not sure about enemy
units, but I know you receive three batteries, Cutler, Baxter
and Stone's brigades and a wooded area to defend. It is the
same with Hill except more difficulty. You must hold Will's
Woods to continue on the regular battle. Will's Wood units for
Longstreet and Lee as well as Seminary Ridge are unknown at
this time.
Barlow's Knoll: the objective: the County Almshouse. The
danger: avoid Early's flanking of your men. The Problem: Your
men are Howard's XI Corps. If you do not succeed in holding the
Almshouse, especially on Longstreet and Lee, you continue with
the normal battle. If you do, your next battle is Warfield's
Culp's Hill: you might be tossed a battle that never
happened. In this scenario only, you will use the 7th Indiana of
Cutler's brigade. Early and Johnson will try to dislodge you.
Only 2 brigades (Meredith and Von Gilsa) and numerous artillery
are available. Soon Cutler's brigade will join the fight and
then McDougall's Brigade of the XII Corps will join you. This
is vital to the standard setup of the correct battle. Lose and
numerous other scenarios will launch. Win, and be rewarded with
Little Round Top.

4. Union Day 2 Scenarios
Day 2-En Echelon Assault: You command the entire Union Army
of the Potomac and defend the fishhook line with the 2nd, 3rd,
and 5th Corps against Longstreet and Hill.
Warfield's Ridge: for holding Barlow's Knoll, you use the
III Corps on an attack against Longstreet's flank at Warfield's
Ridge. If you cannot succeed you probably go back to Little
Round Top, I am not sure. If you do succeed, Plank's Hill is
your next stop.
Little Round Top: you will have 4 brigades including Weed
and Vincent, and numerous artillery, including Hazlett. If you
can keep Hood from over-running you, you advance to the Peach
Peach Orchard: Birney and Humphreys are being attacked by
McLaws. If you can hold McLaws at bay, and keep the Peach
Orchard, you advance to Plank's Hill. If not, Day 2 ends and
you begin Day 3 with Pickett's Charge.
Plank's Hill: the V Corps is supporting Sickles' advanced
line. If you can drive Longstreet away from Plank's Hill, you
can play on the Hagerstown Road (Lee's Last Stand).

5. Union Day 3 Scenarios
Pickett's Charge: You made it to the final scenario of
regular combat. Pickett's Charge is not Pickett's Charge if it
is not on Lee. Stop Pickett, Anderson, Pettigrew and Trimble to
Lee's Last Stand: Sedgwick's VI Corps arrived late on Day
2 and is completely fresh. Using the largest corps of your
army, attempt to roll up as much of Lee's flank as possible. If
you can capture the road before the scenario ends and you have
beaten Lee decisively. He will now surrender his army to you.
Longstreet's Option: Big Round Top is the alternate to
Pickett's Charge. Using the 6th Corps, defend the Union left
from Longstreet's Corps.
Just a note here: E-mail me if you have found numerous 147th New
York units on your field.
6. Cheat Codes
The following are codes that can, at times be vital to success.
To start hold SHIFT and press enter then type:
Hancock/Jackson to relieve all unit stress
Reynolds/Hill to receive all reinforcement
Buford/Stuart to reset the scenario clock
Sedgwick/ to end the scenario
Custer/Harrison to see enemy Order of Battle
Warren/Hotchkiss to see all enemy troops
Sheridan/Lee to rally all units
Mcclellan/Beauregard to raise officer experience
Halleck for AI (Artificial Inteligence) vs. AI
Note: to left of parentheses is Union Code, right is
Confederate Code, except halleck which is same for both

7. Controls
I lied, the controls were not published in 1.5 and I'm sorry. I
only know some of the controls.
Spacebar: halt
F: fall-back
C (on artillery): unlimber
Q: double-quick
O: Oblique (What does it do)
8. E-mail me
I have two emails and would really appreciate your questions.
So, drop me a line at sandrese at the Emerson, NJ School web
site, or chamberlain2426 on AOL. Please, no
viruses or attachments. I will delete your email if you do and
you questions will not be answered.
9. Credits
OK, now for the credits. If you can see this on,
this is a registered, copyrighted, and full product of and Rock567.
Thanks to Firaxis for making the game and EA Games for
distributing it. Remember, if I find any other SMG FAQs with
items of mine in it, I will notify the staff.