Sid Meier's Gettysburg! чит-файл №1

Press SHIFT-ENTER, enter one of the following codes appropriate to side you're
playing, and press ENTER:

(U=Union and C=Confederacy)
* Advance clock to end time: U: Sedgewick; C: Pickett
* Bring in all reinforcements immediately: U: Reynolds; C: Hill
* Computer vs. Computer mode (it's a toggle): U: Halleck; C: Halleck
* Eliminate all stress: U: Hancock; C: Jackson
* Fortify everyone: U: Hooker; C: Longstreet
* Increase experience: U: Mcclellan; C: Beauregard
* Rally all routed troops: U: Sheridan; C: Lee
* Reset clock to start time: U: Buford; C: Stuart
* View all troops: U: Warren; C: Hotchkiss
* View enemy order of battle: U: Custer; C: Harrison