SoulTrap чит-файл №1

Soul Trap is no cakewalk. The first level you encounter is the Training
Ground, a sort of beginner/tutorial level. It shows you a bit of mercy, but
not much. You can die during this level. But Soul Trap is at its toughest
when you are fighting creatures on small, moving platforms. Some levels even
have a timer.

Before you commit yourself to leaping around like a Jedi on a tiny little
brick, take a look around your environment. Some levels have platforms where
you can jump to and the monster can't reach you. You can then take the
critter out at your leisure.
Also keep in mind that there is an advantage to dying and restarting a
level. You can save the game at any time, which I thought at first made the
five lives you are given rather pointless. If you die, you will restore your
game, not start at the beginning of the level, right? Well, think about it.
You do start the level again, but any monsters you've fought are still dead,
or as damaged as you left them. You've got to decide which is more
worthwhile, restarting or restoring. How far the clock has counted down in
your saved game should be one of the considerations. The optimum controller
for Soul Trap is a combination of the mouse and keyboard. You can adjust
mouse sensitivity so that you don't fling Malcolm off a platform with a
slight twitch. It takes practice to get it right.