The Last Express чит-файл №1

For Windows 95/DOS
Written by William Sigler, Jr. ([email protected])
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Revision 1.00: Everything! (1/25/99)
1. Walkthrough
2. Tyler Whitney's Death Theories
3. Secrets And Other Things To Do
4. Credits

For this walkthrough, be sure to know your way around the train fairly well.
Also, this walkthrough is only one of the many solutions to beat the game. I
will try to let you also listen and do some fun things, as well as the plot.

-CD 1-

-Go through the door, then go forward. Turn around, look at the chair, open
the book, and grab the list.

-Then turn around, and ask the conductor where your compartment is. Go to
compartment number 1. Inside, you will find Tyler's body.

-Look at the bed, click it twice, then click on Tyler and put him in it. Then
click on the bed twice more to hide him. Now, click on the green jacket near
the window to get rid of your bloody one.

-Now, look up and grab the suitcase, open it, grab the scroll, and read the
message in the suitcase if you want to get a reply to the one already in your
inventory. Look at the box. Right underneath it is a silk scarf. Also, look at
the matchbox in your inventory, open it, and take out the matches.

-Now go out of your room and go to the dining room. The waiter will show you
to your seat. Now, click on August Schmidt to talk about the merchandise and
the gold. Also, Alexei Dolnikov will be in the corner. Talk to him, and after
he leaves, open the book he left and grab the list.

-Go to the red car to find Francois Boutarel running around. Click on him when
the talk icon is up to take a good look at the whistle.

-If you want, read the newspaper in the parlor, because you are going to wait
for a while, until Anna Wolff comes in.

-Go to the dining room, and Anna Wolff will be there. Talk to her, then show
her your scarf. Then show it to her again. Then wait. A little after the
waiter clears a table and serves Anna, Herr Schmidt will approach her. Go up
to them, and click on Anna, to join in the conversation.

-Go to the parlor and show Alexei Dolnikov the scroll. He will mock you a
little and explain that it is a children's fairytale about a firebird.

-Just wait around until Tatiana and Vassili exit the dining room. Vassili and
Alexei will start to argue, then Vassili and Tatiana will leave. Talk to
Alexei to say "You certainly made a great first impression.", and Alexei will

-Sometime around when the Boutarels leave the dining car, and the conductor is
near the end of the red car making beds, Milos Jovanovic will enter you
apartment. Go in, and you will fight. When he swings his knife, dodge it. When
he does it horizontally, click on him to grab his hand and end the fight. He
will then talk about Tyler, the gold, and the Black Hand.

-Go out, and click on the conductor to tell him to not mess with your bed.

-After Epernay, go to your apartment, grab Tyler's body, and throw it out the

-Somewhere around here, or a little earlier, the conductor will tell you that
Kronos wants you. Go to his car, and knock on the door. Look around, and he
will enter, and you will have a conversation. When done, Kahina will show you

-Sometime around Chalons, go to the place where you started, then try to walk
out. Tatiana will ask you to light her cigarette. She will talk a little about
Alexei, and other things. Give her the scroll. She will give you a translation

-Hurry to the salon, to hear August and Anna talking about English and how
they could talk forever, then leave. Also, you can hear the Conductors talking
about the war, and politics.

-Go back to your room, climb out the window, and watch Alexei build a bomb!

-Now, go back to your room, and make your bed. Now click on the bed to sleep.

-Go out, and come back again. Tyler will pull an egg out of his mouth, say
"Why don't you make it sing?", then you will wake up. Now go outside again.

-Go to Apartment `F', and knock on the door. Anna will invite inside, and pull
a gun on you. She will run outside when she hears moaning, and you will go out
too. Follow her, and watch the brief cutscene of you "healing" Vassili
Alexandrovich. After, you will leave, but stay to hear them talking about
something. Then she will leave, go to her room, and come back out. Talk to her
to say goodnight. Then she will give something to Tatiana and then leave,
going back to her room. Now go back to your apartment and go to bed.

-CD 2-

-Go out, and go to the red car. After Milos goes into his room, the
Trainmaster comes, and talks to the conductor. They say there is a master key
that opens all the doors, that was lost in the confusion of the Count. They
suspect you of stealing it, but that's not true!

-Open apartment `G', and Milos and you will have a conversation about Tyler,
the Firebird, the `merchandise at Munich', and other things.

-Go to the Parlor, sit down in the chair to your right, look at the table, and
catch the bug with the empty matchbox.

-Go to the Dining room, talk to Tatiana. She will talk about her grandfather,
then give you the translation to the poem.

-Talk to August Schmidt. He will say that he didn't wake up with the shouting.

-Listen to what Tatiana and Alexei say, then when he leaves, go to the Red
car. Wait by Francois' room, until he comes out. Show him the beetle. He will
return later. Follow him. He will go to the harem, come out, go to his room,
and give you the whistle in exchange for the bug.

-Go to Prince Kronos' Car. Knock on his door. Kahina will shut the door in
your face. Knock it again, and they will let you in. You will have a brief
conversation about the Firebird, then he will leave. Look at the book, `The
Sick Man of Europe', on the couch, briefly to get some history of the

-At Munich, August Schmidt will talk to you in the corridor, then the
merchandise will be loaded onto the train, as well as a new passenger.

-You will be in the salon. Tatiana and Alexei are playing chess.

-Follow the Trainmaster to the Dining Room, and listen to his conversation
with George Abbot, the new passenger.

-Talk to August when he enters to discover he is waiting for a "lady".

-Later on, after the Trainmaster gets away from Abbot, Anna Wolff goes to
August Schimdt and they have a brief conversation.

-Go to compartment `C', where Mr. Boutarel and George Abbot are staying. They
will talk a little, then the Boutarels will leave to the dining car.

-Follow them, and listen to their conversation about their soon-to-be new
home, which drowns out Anna and August's conversation.

-Soon after, Abbot comes in, and sits in the corner. Click on him to have a
rather long conversation about various things on the train and politics.

-Now go to the parlor, and listen to various people talk. Read the newspaper
if you want. Notice that August and Anna move into the parlor later.

-Kronos will soon enter, announcing a concert with him and Anna Wolff, as a
duet in his private car.

-Sometime later, Sophie and Rebecca will enter and go to the dining car, to
talk about their `getaway'.

-In the corridor, August will tell you he will take the merchandise (Guns if
you still don't know) off the train at Vienna if you don't have the gold.
Also, Madame Boutarel will complain about the dog some more.

-When Anna leaves, quickly go inside the `E' compartment, go through the
window, and into Anna's. In the bottom drawer of her dresser, there is a
letter. Grab and read it to find out she is an Austrian Spy! Then, go look at
the front of her jewelry box. Push the bottom ruby to open it, and grab the
key. Now exit.

-Go to the Green car, and the conductor will invite you to the concert.

-At 3:00, go to Kronos' car to start the concert, then exit, and go through
another door to where you started. Get out the key, and open the right door.
Climb up the ladder.

-Head away from the smoke, and go until you see the glass, then look down, and
click it to enter.

-Look at the painting with the nudes, then click the button on it.

-Go over and grab the suitcase, open it to find lots of gold, close it, and
walk through the concert, and out of his car. Go to your apartment, and slide
it under your bed.

-Now when the conductor is busy or his view is blocked, sneak into apartment
`A'. Go into the washroom, open the door underneath the sink and grab the
Firebird. Go into Vassili's room, and he will say that maybe it will sing for
you. Now go out of the room to escape. Go to the dining car, and wait for the
Trainmaster to come out. Quickly go in, and go to the end of the baggage car.
Look at the kennel. Click on it twice to let the dog it, the look inside, and
click in the storage area to put the Firebird inside it.

-Now, go to Compartment 3. Of course, you cannot get in with the conductor,
but when he is distracted or his view is blocked, take the key and enter. You
can check out his gun and cigars, and even more important: a letter that
proves that he is a spy! (Another one?)

-Check out Tatiana's compartment, (`B') or maybe Sophie and Rebecca's (`E').
If you do, check out Tatiana's book and suitcase, as well as her ballerina
picture. Check out Sophie and Rebecca's diary to see what they've been

-Now get the briefcase, and enjoy the concert. Also, to annoy people, look at
the audience, and click on them to cough.

-Once the concert is over, follow August to Anna's compartment, who gets his
face full of door. Then go back with him to his own. Enter, and you will show
him the gold, then leave.
-Kahina will threaten to kill you. Follow her back to Kronos' car, and you
will give back the briefcase, and the scarf (Which really IS Anna's).

-Go out, and now Milos will come, and be extraordinarily happy with you, and
thank you for helping them.

-Go into Milos' room when Vesna leaves, and you will have another discussion
about Tyler and other things.

-Go to the salon, and talk to August about various things.

-Wait for Abbot to come in, and have an extremely long conversation, as usual,
with August about various things. Be sure to note that Anna walks by during

-Once they stop talking, go into the dining car, and past the curtain. Keep
going until you get to near the end of the baggage car, and there is a room.
Find, and examine the box with the merchandise, then open it. Anna will pull a
gun on you, and you will knock it away and question her. Then, Vesna tries to
kill her, but you save Anna. Then you get into a fight.

-To defeat Vesna, just keep dodging until Anna pulls a gun on her. She runs
away, and you tell Anna to let her go. Then the train reaches Vienna, and the
second CD is over.

-CD 3-

-Go to the red car, where you hear Anna Wolff tell the conductor that she
cannot meet with August for dinner. If you follow August to the dining car,
you will hear the waiter tell August the message. Then, hurriedly go to the
green car, and wait outside the door, and when Alexei and Tatiana go inside,
listen to their conversation. When Tatiana leaves, they are done.

-Go in front of Tatiana, and go into Alexei's room. Now, look up, and grab the
suitcase, open it, and grab the detonator. Now go out, and Abbot will inform
you that you are in the wrong compartment, and you say he is too.

-Now go to the dining car, and listen to Sophie and Rebecca talk.

-After their brief conversation, go and talk to August. He will talk about
Anna, and then get drunk and dance with you.

-Go to the red car, and listen to Abbot briefly talk to Mr. Boutarel. Then, go
to Anna's compartment and talk a bit.

-Go to your compartment. A little after, Tatiana will knock on your door. Let
her in, and you will talk about her grandfather, Alexei, and a bomb.

-Once she leaves, just go to sleep. You will have a dream. In it, you go down
a railroad, and see a castle. Inside, are Cath and Anna, getting romantic.
Someone knocks on the door. Anna tells Cath not to answer it, but you say that
you have to. You go to the door, Anna disappears, you open the door, and
Alexei steps into Tatiana's grandfather's room, and says that "...this is our
farewell meeting.", which they misunderstand, and Vassili Alexandrovich kills
Alexei by stabbing him multiple times. Then you awaken.

-Go to Apartment `A', and enter. Alexei is laying on the bed dying. He tells
you to take Tatiana away, talks about a clock, then right before dying, "Long
live Anarchy!" Then you will leave. Abbot will talk to the Trainmaster, then
invite you to a drink in the smoking car. DO NOT GO!!!

-Go to the end of the car where the conductor's seat is. Turn around, and open
the panel. Examine the fuse box for a close-up, then close it. Pus up the
cigar box, get out your matches, and click them on the wires to burn them.
Now, turn the box around twice. Now, click on the hinges. Then finally, grab
your telegram, and put in in-between the relays to stop the bomb.

-Now go to Tatiana's compartment. Read the letter in her book to learn about
the lighter he gave her, and the usual things.

-Now go to the salon, and talk with George. He will talk a little about
himself, and a lot about you, but after Anna leaves, you will excuse yourself.

-Follow Anna, and click on her. She will say she is tired. When she is going
into her door, go up to her and she will repeat that she is tired, and kiss
you. Now go into her door, she will start kissing you, until the train goes
crazy. Now Vesna and Salko come in, with weapons, and lead you out. Ivo knocks
on Mahmud's door, then ducks. Mahmud draws a sword, but is shot. Cath grabs
Vesna, but is hit from behind by Salko, knocking him out.

-When you awaken, turn in any direction to wake up and struggle with the
ropes. Now, look down, then up again, to struggle to get free again, and make
the matches fall out of your pockets. Look down, then click when it becomes a
hand to grab a match, light it, then burn through the ropes. Now look up to
get rid of the ropes, and go out to run into Ivo.

-To defeat Ivo, let him swing, then click when your cursor is a down-arrow to
dodge, then quickly move the cursor over him to make it a fist, and click.
Repeat until you knock him out, then go forward to free Anna and talk about
different things, including the guns, governments, and war. Then she will

-Go forward, and into the green car, then go to the red car, then go forward
until right before the restaurant car. DO NOT GO INTO THE RESTAURANT CAR!
Instead, turn, and go through the door, and go up the ladder. Then, head
towards the front of the train until you reach Salko.

-To defeat Salko, let him swing, then click your cursor when it is a down-
arrow to dodge, then quickly move the cursor over him to make it a fist, and
click. After a few hits, the fist will be a hand, and you will grab his
crowbar and throw him off the train.

-Just wait a bit, and when you hear a sword being unsheathed, turn around to
meet Vesna. To defeat Vesna, when she thrusts low, click when the cursor is a
down-arrow to dodge, and when she slashes high, click the cursor when it is an
up-arrow to block. Also, you can hit her with the crowbar when you dodge, by
clicking the cursor when it is a fist icon over her. Then, when she ducks,
click the cursor when it is a down-arrow, to duck, and when you come out of
the tunnel, you will be hanging off the train, and when Vesna tries to stomp
your hands, you will grab her foot and pull her off the train.

-Go down, and into the dining car to free the passengers. The Trainmaster
tells everyone to stay in their compartment and calm down. Also, listen to
Claude Boutarel, it's hilarious. Plus, there are more conversations from other
passengers. Also, if you want, knock on a few doors to get some interesting

-Go to the dining car, and try to talk to Tatiana, to have a brief
conversation about her life.

-Now, go in-between the salon and the red car, and look down, click once to
uncover the hook that keeps the train together, then click it again to unhook
the train. As you do so, August accuses you of stealing his merchandise. You
explain that Anna is a spy, and that his government set him up to get caught.
August is stunned, and as you leave, you tell him your real name, Robert Cath.

-Now, go through the door, and climb the ladder. Head towards the locomotive
to spy on Milos, then go again to hop down. Milos argues with you, and then
Anna shoots Milos, who falls off the train. Anna tells the guard to stop

-Turn left, and click on the lever. Anna will pull a gun on you, again, and
then she will see that it is too late, and start shoveling. You will be chased
by another train, then switched onto an old track, with an old bridge. You
will barely cross the bridge, getting onto the other side, and stranding the
train behind you.

-You will now be on top. Go back to the locomotive to hear Abbot tell you to
get some rest. Then, go to the end of the train, climb down, and go into the

-Now, go into the dining car, past the curtains, and into a room to your left,
where Anna is waiting. You will kiss and talk a bit. When she leaves, go into
the salon.

-Kronos will hold Anna hostage, and demand the Firebird. Go get it from the
baggage car, and bring it back. Then he will want you to open it.

-To open the Firebird, turn it to Australia, and click the gem. Then turn it
to where England is, and click that gem, too. Now click on the red gem where
Mt. Everest is, then Easter Island, west of South America, and finally the
green gem where Jerusalem is, near Europe and Africa. Now, click on the hole
that forms.

-The Firebird will open, and Kronos will force Anna to make it sing with her
Violin. Then, Kronos will order you to close it.

-Instead of closing it, grab the whistle from your inventory, and blow it.

-The whistle will come to life and walk around, and the Firebird will kill
Kronos and Kahina, which also leaves the same marks as Tyler Whitney's on
their faces, if you look carefully. Then you and Anna will jump out, as well
as Anna's dog. Then, Tatiana will take the lighter Alexei gave to her, and
make the guns explode, as well as the train. Others escape just in time. The
Firebird flies away, and Cath finds out that there is going to be a war. Then,
you ask Anna to come with you to Jerusalem, but she says she won't, but after
the war is over, (Which she mistakenly thinks will take only a month) she
will. Anna gives her dog to Cath, and then walks away.


Here are some suggestions as to how Tyler might have died. If you have any
more to add, e-mail me at [email protected]

-Anna took the Firebird, so maybe she killed him.
-Kronos knows about Tyler, Cath, and the Firebird, so maybe him or Kahina.
-Maybe Milos or one of the others in his group killed him, because Tyler might
have betrayed them.


-Read the translation of the Firebird poem (Which I have corrected a bit):

Every night in a far off land, the Firebird stole golden apples from the royal
garden. The old king said to Prince Ivan, "Go speak with the grey wolf and
bring the Firebird to me, for I must hear it sing."
Grey wolf, where shall I go? Climb on my back and I will take you.
In the desert heart of a southern land hangs a cage of silver bells on the red
rock painted with the old shapes of dreamtime. The bells rang out when Ivan
seized it; but the Firebird had flown.
Grey wolf, where shall I go? Climb on my back and I will take you.
A world away lies a colder kingdom, ringed with blue, In a circle of ancient
stones the Firebird guards a horse with a golden mane. The Firebird vanished
in a bright flash as Ivan grasped the reins.
Grey wolf, where shall I go? Climb on my back and I will take you.
On the Rooftop of the World Elena sleeps, under the Firebird's wing.
One look at her and Ivan forgot his quest. He kissed her and she rose. The
Firebird watched them go.
Grey wolf, where shall I go? Climb on my back and I will take you.
They turned toward home and tired, on the wayside slept. His jealous brothers,
seeing them, cut Ivan into a hundred pieces. "Grey wolf" cried Elena, "We must
find the waters of life and death."
Grey wolf, where shall I go? Climb on my back and I will take you.
In the warm seas, under a cross of stars, on a grassy island, stand the heads
of silent gods, looking ever outwards.
There Elena found the waters of life and death, and made Ivan whole.
Grey wolf, where shall I go? Climb on my back and I will take you.
To the city of the temple built by the son of David.
When the blue doors opened, Ivan and Elena entered in. And there the Firebird
waited, to open his throat and sing to them.
And so they dwelt in harmony all their lives, and each night the Firebird sang
his story to them, until Death the Destroyer came and overtook them as they
ran, and turned their bones to fire and then to dust.

-Sneak into compartment `E' every once in a while, and read the diary.

-In a fight, if you keep losing, click the right mouse button, and then return
to the game, until you proceed as if you won the fight.

-Once you get the matches, click on it, and Cath will smoke.

-Read the newspaper in the salon.

-There is an alternate ending that doesn't let you win the whole thing, but
still is cool. To get it, during the concert, steal the briefcase and the
Firebird, and put the briefcase under your bed, and the Firebird in the chest
in your room. Take the briefcase, and after the concert, show it to August,
and then put it back under your bed, and take the Firebird to Kronos. You will
not be able to proceed further, but you keep the briefcase, with a fortune in

William Sigler, Jr. ([email protected]) I made the FAQ!

If you have anything else for my FAQ, or some questions, e-mail me at
[email protected]