The Last Express чит-файл №1

The Last Express is a game that was designed for a great amount of player
flexibility, however there are certain steps you can take that will speed you
towards the conclusion. This guide is intended to give you those basic steps
needed to finish the game. By no means does this walkthrough give you all the
clues to the plot line, only the most essential ones. It should also be said
that this ending is not the only one for the game - only the most complete, so
much of the flavor of the game is still left for you, the player, to explore.
This guide does however give away critical spoilers so proceed at your own

7:14pm July 24, 1914

After the introduction you (in the role of Cath) have made it on the train.
Steal the passenger list from within the Conductor's copy of L'Illustration.
(It sits on his chair when he is not there.)

Make your way to Compartment 1 before the Conductor and find Tyler Whitney's

Either throw Whitney's body out the window or hide it in the Compartment 1
bed. (This can be done by first opening the top half of the bed and then the
bottom half of the bed, now place the body in the bottom part)

Note that if you throw the body out the window at this point you will be
confronted by [and have to avoid] the police at the Epernay stop later, if you
dispose of the body after Epernay you can avoid this

Switch Cath's bloody tan jacket for Tyler Whitney's green jacket.

If you hide Tyler's body, stop the Conductor before he enters the compartment
and discovers the corpse.

Search the compartment, specifically the wooden chest (it's empty - hmm) and
the chair underneath it - take the scarf. Look in the duffel bag on the
luggage rack and you will find a scroll written in Russian, the Firebird poem,
and a telegram. (It is very important that you take both items!)

Meet August Schmidt in the Dining car.

Fight and disarm Milos in Compartment 1. Move the cursor over him, it should
become a back arrow, and dodge whenever he lunges. At some point he will try a
sideways slash - dodge backwards and when the cursor changes to a hand grab
his arm.

9:16pm July, 24

The train pulls into Epernay.

If you threw Whitney's body out the window already it will have been
discovered and the police will search the train - you will need to avoid them.
You have 3 choices - 1. Climb out the window of Compartment 1 and hang to the
side of the train until the police are gone, 2. Go to Compartment A and when
the Conductor is busy sneak into the washroom until the police are gone, 3.
Visit Prince Kronos until after the train leaves Epernay.

If you hid Whitney's body throw it out the window after the train pulls away
from Epernay. Now make your bed.

Follow Tatiana to the rear platform and ignore her. When you start to leave
she will start a conversation by asking for a light (to her cigarette), talk
with her and then give her the Firebird scroll to translate.

Sleep twice, both before and following Vassili's seizure.

8:25am July, 25

Cath wakes up. Wait outside Milos's compartment and listen in on the
Trainmaster and the Conductor - the Conductor has lost the master key which
opens every compartment.

Visit Milos and Vesna, this will give you important clues about the Firebird
and Tyler Whitney's intentions.

Get the Firebird Scroll translation from Tatiana in the Dining car at

Go into the Salon and capture the beetle with your matchbox. Later trade it
with the little boy, Francois, for his whistle.

It is very important that you 'bump' into Schmidt at approximately 9:40 am in
the corridors.

2:30pm July, 25

Climb out the window of Compartment E and enter Anna's compartment. Check out
the Jewelry box and find the 3 rubies. Press the center ruby and discover the
master key.

During the concert climb on top of the train and break into Kronos's
compartment through the skylight. Find the hidden button in the portrait of
naked ladies to open the safe and take the briefcase of gold. To escape just
walk out the door to the salon and through the concert - past Kahina! Go
straight to your compartment and stash the briefcase under the seat. (You can
not access other items in your inventory or pick up new stuff if you hold on
to it)

Note that you can only go after the briefcase during the concert not after.

Now you need to get the Firebird. Go to Tatiana's compartment and enter it
with the master key. Go to the washroom she shares with Vassili and open the
compartment under the sink. Take the Firebird and exit through Vassili's

Like the briefcase you need to hide the Firebird in order to access your
inventory again. (As well as keep it away from others - namely Kahina) Go to
the baggage car when the Trainmaster is absent and release Max from his
kennel. Now simply place the Firebird in the rear compartment of the kennel.

While the concert is still playing go to August Schmidt's compartment and
search it. In the suitcase you will find an envelope - open and read it for an
important clue.

4:25pm July, 25

At 4:25 when the concert ends catch Schmidt as he exits and set up a meeting
in his compartment.

After the concert Kahina will catch up to you in the corridor and threaten you
with a gun. (She does want her gold back you know) At this point a game timer
will start, represented by music that will intensify towards a climax. At the
end of the music if you have not returned the briefcase to Kronos she will
kill you.

Go back to your compartment, get the briefcase and meet Schmidt in his
compartment. Now show him the gold.

You have little time left to get the briefcase back to Kronos - go directly to
his compartment and knock. That stops the timer and keeps you alive awhile

5:05pm July, 25

Go to Anna's compartment and follow her to the Baggage Car, the door is now
open. Go in and turn right 3 times. Open the wooden shipping crate and look
inside, Anna sneaks up behind you with a gun.

Disarm Anna and then fight Vesna - who has snuck up behind both of you with a
knife! To beat Vesna you just need to keep dodging her until Anna can retrieve
the gun and drive her (Vesna) off.

7:45pm July, 25

Go to Alexi's compartment and find the case on the luggage rack. Open it and
steal the detonator.

Go back to your compartment and sleep.

10:30pm July, 25

After you wake up you need to find Alexi's bomb. (He has built a new
detonator) Go to the sleeping car with the red carpet and open the door to the
electrical compartment beside the Conductor's chair. Click on the fuse box and
then on the fuse box door - see the cigar box?

Defusing the bomb.

Click on the cigar box ONCE! If you click on it again you will detonate the
bomb as you break some connecting wires. Highlight the match in your inventory
and then move the cursor over the pipe in the electrical compartment. When it
turns into a match click to 'strike' and light it. This will burn through the
wires and Cath will tie them off, allowing him to remove the box. (This is
done for you - just watch)

Don't open the box but rather turn it until you see the hinges. Click on the
hinge to pull out both pins.

Highlight the telegram in your inventory and move the cursor over the relays
at the far right of the cigar box. Click when the cursor turns into a telegram
to place it between the relays. You're safe!

Now go to Anna's compartment. (This is optional but adds to the story of the

In any event the train will be hijacked and Cath knocked unconscious. When you
come to you will be tied up. To free yourself turn in any direction, then look
(click) down, followed by clicking up - this will knock the matches free. Look
down and move the cursor until it turns into a hand and click to pick up a
match and light it. Click up again to remove the ropes and escape.

Fight Ivo. Wait for him to throw the first punch and move the cursor to a low
position so you can duck. When Ivo misses quickly move the cursor over him and
put his lights out.

Go to the platform between the Restaurant Car and the red carpet car. Turn
left and exit through the door to climb atop the train. Move forward towards
the front of the train.

Fight Salko. Again wait for him to swing first (discretion really is the
better part of valor!) and jump back. Like before quickly move in for the kill
when he misses and hit him a few times. Shortly the cursor will change from a
fist to an open hand, use it to grab the crowbar from Salko and push him off
the train.

Now you're clear right? Not likely bub. Vesna unsheathes a sword behind you,
turn and fight her. If she attacks low move the cursor low to block with the
crowbar and alternatively if she attacks high move the cursor high. This will
go on for a while, both sides fighting to a standstill, but when you see Vesna
duck - DUCK! You are about to go through a tunnel, click downwards to hit the
deck. On the other side of the tunnel Cath will be hanging off the side of the
train with Vesna stepping on his hands. In dramatic fashion he grabs her foot
and pulls her off the train. (This is done automatically)

Now climb down to the Restaurant Car and free the other passengers.

You must now unhook the passenger cars. Go to the platform between the red
carpet car and the Restaurant Car and look down. Click on the floor plate to
reveal the hook attachment and then click on it to release the cars.

Note: Be sure you have the whistle on your person and the Firebird stowed in
Max's kennel before you unhook the cars!

Climb back atop the train and make your way to the locomotive.

You find Milos at the locomotive but Anna quickly shoots him. The train will
slow to a halt. She wants to stop the train but you need to ignore her and
keep going - so pull the lever on the left and start the locomotive again.

After you break through the Serbian border another train will chase you. (The
Serbian army) Go as fast as you can over the upcoming decrepit bridge, which
will collapse behind you and stop the Serbian's.

Go to the Baggage Car and meet Anna.

Leave Anna and go to the salon and meet Kronos. Somehow he is now holding Anna
hostage and demands the Firebird. Go get the egg and bring it back to Kronos
quickly. If you delay Kahina will crack you over the head and you loose.

Open the Firebird for Kronos. You can figure it out on your own if you have
the translation from Tatiana of the Firebird poem, if not here's how:

Opening the Firebird

Notice that it has a strangely wrought map of the world with gems in key
locations. Press each in the following sequential order.

Where Australia should be click on the bluish colored gem.

There's another blue gem in England, click on that one now.

Now click on the red gem in Asia.

The fourth is off the coast of South America. It's the purple gem.
The fifth and final gem is the green one in the Middle East. Click on it and
an opening appears towards the bottom of the egg.

Click on the opening and Cath places his finger in the hole. The egg
transforms into a mechanical bird - the Firebird.

Kronos forces Anna to play her violin and make the bird sing. He then orders
you to close it - instead highlight the whistle and move it over the bird.
Click to blow the whistle, which starts the end game movie!

You have just brought about the end of the Last Express - in more ways then
one! (I won't spoil the end scene, you can see what I mean for yourself)