Regiment. Британский спецназ, The чит-файл №1

Cheats can be activated by typing "MONKEY" at anytime during the game. (Within
the 3D) You can unlock levels by selecting them in the menu and pressing the
Page Up key. You will also have access to the console by pressing the "~ #" key
or TAB. From the console you can access some cheats:

- GOD: Activates god mode on the player giving him infinite health
- GODSQUAD: The player and his squad become invulnerable
- TIA: Gives the player infinite ammunition
- KT: Kills all spawned terrorists on the map
- fly: you can fly
- ghost: you can fly trow the walls
- teleport: you will teleport
- stat all: All stats
- stat none: no stats
- allweapons: All weapons
- allammo: Ammo
- loaded: all weapons with ammo
- playersonly: Bots are "frozen"