Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas чит-файл №1

Go to the location where the game is installed e.g. C:\Program Files\Tom
Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2\KellerGame\Config

Before proceeding further please make a Backup.

Open the 'config' folder located under the 'KellerGame' folder. Now look for the
following .ini file 'KellerWeaponsConfig'. Open it with notepad.

Now search for the following lines under each Heading for the weapon names like
[R6Game.ConfigR6PistolMK23] [R6Game.ConfigR6Assault552Commando] .. etc


And then change them to:


This will Kill all the enemies with 1 shot at any range.

You need to edit ALL the values for ALL the weapons in the entire file for this
effect to take place or you can choose which weapons you like most. Search for
the weapon names in the file.

For the AMMO, look for the lines 'm_iDefaultAmmunitionCasual' ,
'm_iDefaultAmmunitionNormal , 'm_iDefaultAmmunitionRealistic' and change the
last value to 999 or any higher amount you wish.

IF you are playing on CASUAL difficulty, then edit only
'm_iDefaultAmmunitionCasual'. So change the lines according to the difficulty
level of your choice. This change takes place when you Select and start any new
game SCENE or level.

Also look for the following 2 lines, which are 'm_iNormalMagSize'
'm_iHighCapacityMagSize' and change the end values to 999. This change takes
place only when you go for the OUTFITTING screen/Menu in the game and select the
weapons of your choice and the attachment (if any).

For UNLIMITED ammo look for the line 'm_bUnlimitedAmmo=false' and change it to
'm_bUnlimitedAmmo=true'. So this gives unlimited ammunition.The clip never goes
down. This seems to work only when you select weapons in the OUTFITTING Menu.

Like this we can change other weapon properties like 'Recoil' 'Rate of Fire' etc
in the same file.

For the Explosives and Grenades look for the .ini file 'KellerGadgetsConfig'
located under the same 'config' folder and search for the lines:


and change them to :


So this gives the player 999 grenades. Change the values for each Grenade Type
in the file.

IF you want to edit the Grenade DELAY explosions for the player as well as of
the Enemies, then open the 'KellerProjectilesConfig' file. There we can see we
have 2 lines for the Explosion delay, which are 'm_fPlayerDelayExplosion' and

INCREASE the values for 'm_fTerroDelayExplosion' as you wish to any high value
like 8 or 10, so that you can avert the enemy grenades easily.

Increase or decrease the value for 'm_fPlayerDelayExplosion', depending on your
personal choice.

Please note that If you are using the TRAINER for this game, make sure to
deactivate the 'Unlimited Ammo' option, else you won't see any changes made for
the Ammo.