Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six чит-файл №2

Version 1.0
Gamer003: He helped with some of the mission walkthrough's.

< Tim Nyugen >: He helped with the gun manual.

< Mike Mason >: He helped tremendously with the walkthrough.

< Dan Mason >: Helped with basic controls and planning section.

< Dingo Jellybean >: Helped me send it in txt. form.

< Dallas >: Explained txt. form to me.

< Tom Clancy >: Wrote the games story line, and the books.

< Myself >: I typed the Faq

< Jeff Veasey >: He is the guy who runs Gamefaqs.

TEEN 13+
Animated Blood & Gore
Animated Violence

System Requirements
Operating System - Windows 95,98
Hard Disk - 138 MB Free
Ram - 16 MB Minimum, 32 MB Preferred
2D Video - 16 bit SVGA Minimum
3D Video - Direct 3D compatible hardware is recommended
Audio - Sound Blaster 16 compatible or better
CD-ROM - Quad (4x) Speed or better
Display - 640x 480 x 16 or better
Network Play - TCP/IP Connection at 28.8 kbps or better

Hello, I as you can already see this FAQ is for Rainbow Six. This is
One of the best SF games around,SF meaning special forces. The game has won
countless awards, and ranks right up with the best of them.
But the reason I decided to write this FAQ, was because nobody else did, and
I think it's a shame. A shame that no one bothered to work on this awesome
game, because they would rather copy someone elses wok for an old game. But
I don't want to get into that know so, lets change the subject back to the
The game is actually about a team of operatives, RAINBOW, which you get to
control through all of the missions. You go up against the terrorist group
known as FREE EUROPE. They are seeded by the cold war which they didn't want
to end.
It is your job to go into Terrorist held grounds, in small groups. You will
rescue hostages on a number of occasions, such as the ambassador in the
first mission. But becareful, one shot kills. Yep, one shot.
That is why you have a team of other highly trained operatives watching your
back for you.
Well I don't want to give away the game completely, so I will leave you with
this final note. " Man down, Man down!"

Table of Contents
1. Basic Controls
2. Training Mode
3. Weapons Guide
4. Gear Guide
5. Equipment
6. Character Guide
7. Planning a Mission
8. Walkthrough
9. Multiplayer
- Options
- Tips & Secrets
- FA Questions
- Helpline #

Basic Controls

Planning Controls
Left Button Click: Move Forward ( mouse )
Right Button Click: Move Backwards ( mouse )
Delete: Delete selected waypoint, Advances to next waypoint
Backspace: Delete current waypoint, go to previous waypoint

Map Controls
Up Arrow: Move map up
Down Arrow: Move map back
Left Arrow: Move map left
Right Arrow: Move map right
Home Button: Zoom in
End Button: Zoom out
Page up: Rotate map right
Page down: Rotate map left
[ button: Change level up
] button: Change level down
S button: Toggle 3d view

Action Controls
Delete: Change Magazine
0,/,0,KPD,middle click: Change Environment
Left Click: Use item
1: select primary item
2: select secondary item
3: Extra item 1
4: Extra item 2
.: Change rate of fire

Recon Controls
/: Toggle through recon groups
>: Next recon entry