Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six чит-файл №1

Hint: To minimize the odds of fatal crashes, keep the game set at 640 by 480
resolution and use the "typical" installation. Although you might think a full
install would be more stable, it isn't.

Hint: As you approach doorways and corners, don't just peek around--the enemy
is a pretty good shot. Instead, get a good angle and then slowly sidestep
through the door or around the corner. If you see just a small part of the
enemy, take careful aim and fire. A shot through the elbow takes down a bad
guy almost as well as a shot to the chest.

Hint: For easier first-person control, make one of your teams a single soldier
and take control of him right away in combat. This will allow you to scout for
danger without risking a whole team and maneuver without worrying about
getting stuck by your soldier's decision to follow the leader mindlessly.

Hint: When you go for a kill, always aim for the head. One bullet will do the
trick if you hit the head, while it takes several shots to the rest of the
body to take the enemy out--giving him time to pump a few rounds into you.

Hint: If you're having gameplay problems, download and install the Rainbow Six
patch. It fixes loads of multiplayer bugs, makes map changes, and improves
combat by getting rid of gameplay problems. Note that the patch does not
replace the Voxware release of 8/24/98, so if you're planning on using voice
communications in multiplayer and have not already done so, you will need to
download and install that file separately. Keep in mind that version 1.04 is
not multiplayer-compatible with any prior version of Rainbow Six. Also, if you
have installed any third-party mods that update your data files, this patch
may fail to install. Reinstall your game from the CD, then reapply this patch.

Hint: The heartbeat sensor is a mission-critical piece of equipment. Equipping
your team with them means you won't need to change back and forth to it all
the time.

Hint: Use your heartbeat sensor judiciously--if you have it on but someone gets
near you without being detected, you're defenseless. Use the sensor to check
out your environment, then switch back to your primary and secondary weapons.

Hint: When you're in the field, concentrate your efforts on the weakest players
on your team--your best guys really don't need much help from you.

Hint: Type DEBUGKEYS in the message box to enter debug mode. Here are some of
the debug mode keys:

A: AI on/off
V: rotate view
B: return to normal view
o: zoom in from F1 view
p: zoom out from F1 view
keypad 1: shrink screen resolution
keypad 3: grow screen resolution
F6: see through another player's eyes
F10 : switch from debug mode to normal mode
F12: level skip
, (comma), . (period), and / (slash): adjust elevation [ and ]:
brighten/darken screen : float player up or down

Hint: When picking your weapons, the CAR-15 is your best all-around
gun--powerful and good for up-close shooting. Second choice is the M16, a
great sniping gun.

Hint: The shotgun is the most powerful gun, but it's not a good choice for most
players. It's heavy, not very precise, and you can only fire one round before
you have to reload.

Hint: Your gun is your best key for locked doors. Set the gun to full auto, and
aim for the door handle. It may take as many as five shots, but you'll get it

Hint: Always use silenced weapons in hostage rescues--otherwise, you're toast.
Hint: Take advantage of the mission-planning phase--giving yourself at least 15
minutes to get to know your mission, the setting, and the enemy before you
start can make a big difference in your success.