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Additions Guide
By - Gamer003
1 - 22 - 00
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Jeff Veasey - We cannot say enough about him. He is the sole runner of Gamefaqs,
an enormous job by itself, and then he even writes some FAQ's too. I mean, the
guy even works when he has Pheunomia.

Michael Mason - He helped a lot with the whole FAQ.

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This FAQ tells about all of the new additions to Eagle Watch from Rainbow
Six. Eagle Watch is the sequel to Rainbow Six, so it has all of the same guns
and operatives your used to.
But, there are some new operatives and guns, this is a guide that will tell
you all about them. This is not a walkthrough, only a new character and
equipment guide.
Please do not email me asking for a walkthrough, I have not written one yet,
because I am half way through my walkthrough for Rainbow Six.
So with that said, on to the new additions.

1). Basic Controls
2). New Characters
3). New Weapons
4). Old Characters
5). Tech Support
6). Gear/planning
7). Closing Thoughts
Basic Controls

Planning Controls
Left Button Click: Move Forward ( mouse )
Right Button Click: Move Backwards ( mouse )
Delete: Delete selected waypoint, Advances to next waypoint
Backspace: Delete current waypoint, go to previous waypoint

Map Controls
Up Arrow: Move map up
Down Arrow: Move map back
Left Arrow: Move map left
Right Arrow: Move map right
Home Button: Zoom in
End Button: Zoom out
Page up: Rotate map right
Page down: Rotate map left
[ button: Change level up
] button: Change level down
S button: Toggle 3d view

Action Controls
Delete: Change Magazine
0,/,0,KPD,middle click: Change Environment
Left Click: Use item
1: select primary item
2: select secondary item
3: Extra item 1
4: Extra item 2
.: Change rate of fire

Recon Controls
/: Toggle through recon groups
>: Next recon entry