Турок чит-файл №1


Inhuman difficulty
Successfully complete the game under the Normal or Hard difficulty setting.

Defeating Mama Scarface
An easy way to kill the giant Tyrannosaur is to quickly run to the giant tree in
the middle of the nest site. Make sure you have a shotgun, explosive tip arrows,
and grenades. Once in the tree, shoot a flare so that the dinosaur's head is in
your line of fire. While she is looking at the flare, shoot every explosive tip
arrow you can at or around the eye area. When she jams her head in the trunk to
eat you, shoot her with the shotgun until she retreats. Once she frees her head,
throw grenades. Repeat this until she falls. Then, quickly run over to her and
finish her off with a knife through the eye. If done correctly, you should not
have died.

When facing Mama Scarface in the final battle, you should have the bow and
perhaps another weapon. When the battle starts she will run towards you. In the
direction you are facing are little lights in different areas of the
battleground. To your far right (her left) is a light against a fence or wall
that has the pulse rifle. This weapon is your goal. It is the strongest weapon
you will receive in this battle. It is also far better than the rocket launcher.
As the battle starts if you do not have it already, the shotgun is to your left
near some boxes and a body. The flare helps and she will follow it, giving you
some time to run from cover to cover. Travel the battlefield starting in the
clockwise position, running from cover to cover using the flare as a
distraction. When you finally reach about 4'oclock (the pulse rifle position),
use it on her. Shoot for the head and make sure not to miss. Pay attention to
your overheating. Make sure it does not happen. Circle the nearby box for cover
and just unload the entire weapon. She should drop before it get empty. Run at
her with your knife and press the action button sequence on her.

To defeat the T-Rex after defeating Kane, notice the containers in the level.
Run to the containers and around them you will find dead enemy bodies. Pick up
their weapons and run around the containers shooting at the T-Rex. The ESUS
Blackfly sticky bomb gun works very well. When the T-Rex falls, run over to its
head with the knife to finish the beast off.

At the start of the battle you should have 10 Tek arrows. Use them to shoot the
T-Rex in the head while looking for the shotgun to your left. When you get the
shotgun, circle around the box where the shotgun was found and keep shooting her
in the head while shooting flares to keep her disoriented. When the T-Rex fallsm
go to her head and knife her. If done correctly, you should not have died.

Defeating chaingunners
When fighting enemy soldiers with chainguns, do not attempt to knife them as
they are immune and will always mow you down before you get close. Also do not
use the bow with normal arrows. They have very little effect on the
chaingunners. However, Tek arrows will hurt them a lot. When using a sniper
rifle against them, it is very difficult to get headshot on them. Body shots
tend to take more than two hits on the chaingunners.

Defeating dinosaurs
When fighting most dinosaurs, use the knife instead of guns. The knife is an
instant kill and you will save precious ammunition in the long run. The only
exceptions for this are the Dilophosaurs and giant insects. For those, use some
type of explosive or specific weapon to stun them or knock them off their feet
for a moment before you knife them. Even under the Hard and Inhuman difficulty
you should still use the knife on the dinosaurs. You will die frequently unless
you can get the timing done precisely. Because the game checkpoints before most
fights it should not matter.

Defeating scorpions
Sometimes when you shoot a scorpion with a shotgun or when an explosion is next
to it, the scorpion will flip over. You can run up to it and do a special knife
kill. Sometimes when the scorpion jumps on you and you have to press a series of
buttons to get it off, you will stab it in the head.

Defeating soldiers
When fighting against the enemy soldiers its best to use stealth whenever
possible. They tend to bring in reinforcements and flank your position when they
are aware that you are near. Also, most of the time the fighting will draw the
attention of dinoaurs and insects, causing them to suddenly join the battle.
When stealth is not possible, it is best to try to lure creatures into fighting
enemy soldiers by using flares or by shooting dinosaur eggs from a hidden

Defending against a maul
Whenever you gets mauled by a dinosaur or insect, you can usually defend against
it by beating the creature off Turok. However if you manage to press the correct
buttons quickly and hit only a few or no wrong buttons there is a chance that
instead of simply pushing the creature away, Turok with stab the creature to
death. This can also happen if the creature mauling Turok has already taken a
little bit of damage beforehand.

Run faster
Turok can run faster when holding the knife in place of other weapons.

Stealth tactics
The knife and bow will kill most enemies quickly and quietly. It is best to use
them when doing stealth kills. The exception of course is that you must use
normal arrows with the bow for it to be a silent kill. Tek arrow explosions will
only draw attention unless you can kill all nearby enemies with just one shot.
When stealth killing enemy soldiers, try to kill them in a place that will hide
the body after that person dies otherwise another soldier may see the body and
alert his comrades.

Hiding from enemies
In Story mode, crouch in tall grass. The enemies cannot see you unless you fire
or they look directly at you for a few seconds. They will know where your
teammates are.