UFO: Extraterrestrials. Последняя надежда чит-файл №2

Savegame Editing
First unpack the save game using the command:

ProjectX.exe saveeditor.xscr unpack slot{n}

where {n} is the save slot you want to use.
This creates 3 text files.
Open globeSave.xsv in a text editor.
Change the value after 'actualFinance' to 2,000,000,000 to get that much money.

Search for all instances of:

agilityACT/agilityMAX, braveryACT/braveryMAX, perceptionACT/perceptionMAX,
shootingACT/shootingMAX, strengthACT/strengthMAX, throwingACT/throwingMAX,

and change to 100 to max out stats.

Change all instances of 'rank' to 12 for highest rank.
(Note: when units are promoted they get bonus points to spend and if your stats
are all = max, it will not let you proceed. Setting rank to max should avoid the
The value for 'Technicians' and 'Scientists' can be changed to speed up research
and production.
Finally, to build base facilities instantly you can change the corresponding
'build' value to 'true', but this can cause issues in the game.
The values in the 'storeItems' section correspond to all the items in your
bases, make sure you already have at least 1 or research items may not trigger
Note: Combat mission saves when unpacked have missionSave.xsv and you can win
missions easily if you replace all 'stunned false' to 'stunned true' which will
stun all the aliens.
When done, repack the save game with:

ProjectX.exe saveeditor.xscr pack slot{n}